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Thesis, January 2017
Winda Lestari

Effect of Giving of Rosella Flower Tea Tea to Blood Pressure Drop on Hypertension
Patients At Puskesmas Rawasari Jambi City

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Hypertension is a major cause of morbidity and mortality. Hypertension

disease in Jambi province entered into the number 2 of 10 most diseases that reached the
number 36.649 per 355,884.Treatment of good hypertension can help the process of
prevention or delay the occurrence of health problems due to hypertension. One way of
treatment of hypertension is by using non-pharmacological therapy (herbal plants).
Among the plants are rich phytochemical rosella flowers are efficacious for lowering
blood pressure . The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of rosella flower
tea on the decrease of blood pressure at Rawasari Community Health Center in 2017.
This type of research is Pre Experimental research with One group Pre Test
Post Test Design. The population of this study is hypertension patients as many as 4846
and the number of samples of 34 people by using accidental sampling. Univariate and
Bivariate analyzed in this research using Wilcoxon test. This study uses an observation
sheet as a tool in collecting data.
The results showed that before intervention there were 52.9% of respondents
with Hypertension Degree 2. After the intervention there were 50.0% of respondents with
Hypertension Degree 1. From bivariate analysis there is influence of rosella flower tea to
decrease blood pressure in hypertensive patients with value p-value = 0,000 (p <0.05).
It is expected that health workers, especially nurses can handle hypertensive
disease by giving counseling about alternative herbal treatment of rosella flowers in the
management of blood pressure in hypertensive patients and provide treatment for
hypertensive patients.

Reading List : 45 (2002-2016)

Keywords : Hypertension, Rosella