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Unit Paper: Students will turn in five (5), double-spaced papers of each Unit. Please limit the paper to
two paragraphs on one-page, excluding references. Format the paper using APA 6th edition; learn more at
the Purdue OWL website (

25% of final grade


Synthesis (first paragraph): summarize the
relationship between the given Big Idea and related
21st Century Approach of each unit (see the Course
Calendar titles for guidance), using at least two
sources. Format the citations and references
(provided at end of syllabus) using APA 6th edition.
Learn more at the Purdue OWL website

Adaptation (second paragraph): discuss the ways in
which you would modify the content learned during
this unit with your future population in mind.
Adaptation areas could include: essential questions,
key concepts, lesson objectives, content integration,
Common Core State Standards and/or California
Visual and Performing Arts Standards, etc. Learn
more about these terms by reviewing past studio PPTs
and/or clicking here:

Higher Order Issues

• Thesis Statement
• Purpose
• Clarity
• Coherence/organization
• Unity

Lower Order Issues

• Uses traditional grammar and punctuation rules
• Reflects careful proofreading and eliminates
spelling errors
• Utilizes APA formatting and citation style

If your reading and writing skills need attention, please go to the University Reading and Writing Center

Amber Ward
ART 133: Art Education for Children
California State University, Sacramento