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Operating the easYgen-3000

* Brief Information *
This is only a brief operator information. Refer to the manuals 37223, 37224, and 37225 for
detailed information about installation, configuration and operation of the unit.
Visit to download all manuals.

The Stop button is ALWAYS active and stops the

engine when pressed. *

1 2 3 The push buttons on the front panel are assigned to

1 5 5 6 7 softkeys on the display. Each softkey is assigned to
8 9 10 a function depending on the mode of operation.
2 6

3 7 12 The LC display contains softkey characters,

measuring values, operating modes, and alarms.
4 8

13 14 The left LED indicates that the unit is in STOP

13 9 10 11 14 mode. The right LED indicates that alarm
messages are active / present in the control unit.

Acknowledge horn Alarms may only be acknowledged if they are not active anymore, i.e. their
Softkey 8 cause has been removed.
Display alarm list The easYgen stores a list with all active alarms, which may be read out by
Softkey 5 the service personnel. The symbol indicates that an alarm condition is
Acknowledge alarm in list still present.
Softkey 8

Operating Modes
AUTOMATIC operating mode The operating mode is selected by pressing the , or softkeys. The
Softkey 2 active operation mode is displayed in the lower left corner:
MANUAL operating mode The symbol indicates that AUTOMATIC operating mode is enabled.
Softkey 3 The symbol indicates that MANUAL operating mode is enabled.
STOP operating mode The symbol indicates that STOP operating mode is enabled (LED 13 is

MANUAL Operating Mode

Start engine The "0" symbol indicates that a stop command is active.
Softkey 9 The "1" symbol indicates that a start command is active.
Stop engine The symbol indicates that monitoring functions are enabled.
Softkey 9 The symbol indicates that speed is detected and the engine is running.
Close breaker The symbol indicates that voltage is detected at the respective
Softkeys 10 or 11 measuring point (generator, busbar, or mains).
Open breaker The direction of the circular arrow indicates, if the generator or mains
Softkeys 10 or 11 rotating field is clockwise (CW) or counter-clockwise (CCW).

Voltage display
Toggle voltage display The voltage display softkey changes the type of voltage display.
Softkey 1 The index of the "V" symbol indicates whether delta or wye voltage is
displayed and which phases are displayed.
* Dependent of the settings, this button may also be out of function (operating mode selection via LogicsManager)

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