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The Mochin de Peh de Rosh

The mind builds a self concept. This self is not inherent to what we are. Rather, it
gets constructed each moment, out of our need to be something other than

Our identity is built out of mental components, riveted together and fastened to
the body form. The Life Power then pores a sense of “I” into the construct and
imbues it with a life that only faintly mirrors its essence. This is the egoic self. It is
a temporal, physical identity construct, replete with its own characteristics, made
from accumulated beliefs, values and memories.

The sense of “I” lives inside and animates the identity construct, but has neither
the need nor the ability to be defined by its vehicle. The function of this construct
is to contain the Life Power inside of it, providing the context that gives beingness
the boundaries that it can then use as its material foundation. The contents that
make up the structure of the self, are each based in subjectivity. Separated by a
feeling of autonomy, and individualized by permutations of criteria, person hood
erects the perspective lens through which it views all things.

The Life Power, poured in to the mind made structures, is a manifesting agent,
giving the inanimate components of thought a reality they do not possess. The
criteria that specify the selfʼs uniqueness, become the framework that the “I”
props itself up by. The beliefs, and values it keeps, design the events and
characteristics of its experience. The perception generator the Life Power
activates, is also a reality decryption mechanism, projecting out in to the world itʼs
understanding of what it is. There is no thing outside of its sight. All the world is
made up of the internal components of the perceiver, verified by the power of her
own image making capacity.

Not one thing exists beyond the boundary conditions of the self concept, except
for everything that fails to sufficiently define it and verify its material significance.
There is a freedom for the self concept within its structured framework, because
outside of it, the expansiveness dissolves its self hood into the undifferentiated,
and so the fence of limitation is also the hedge of protection.
The body form identity is incompatible with the Life Powerʼs expansiveness,
being forever a part of the congealed limitation of separateness. Flesh on bone
and robed in time, the Life Power wears the mask of life and death, joy and
sorrow, pleasure and pain as its countenance.

This chamber of identity is but the chariot for the rider. Her destination, an
awakening of the presence of the true Self as the livingness of the
undifferentiated. The structures that define the chariot, tether the rider to what is
untrue but makes it real according to her experience of it. Her awareness rides
on it now. Should the frame part from its wheels and skid to the earth, the dome
of stars above it would also plummet, having their fires put out in the sea. This
condition is fatal to the egoic self, as it mistakes the chariot for the rider, and
cleaves to it for survival.

Should the bottom drop out from beneath her, her orientation to herself would
also escape, having no thing by which to compare her meaning. To prevent this
ever pending catastrophe, a security mechanism is embedded in to this dynamic.
That security mechanism, is the vigilant and ceaseless activity of self
measurement. The perceiver is programmed to order, define, and categorize all
of its perceptions in vertical hierarchies, placing value in descending sequences
of meaning and significance. Each measurement of significance, evaluated
according to its ability to verify the existence of the concept of self it holds to be

A hierarchy of meanings, and values up hold the ever dissolving chariot, in a

scaffolding that pins it together on the inside. This frame, its form and properties
are used to define what it is. They can and do change, becoming more intricate
and more complex with time, but to undo the structures entirely would be
disastrous to the egoʼs agenda of self perpetuation. There can be no self concept
without a hierarchy of meaning and value. What is the self, but one belief, one
memory, one value stacked upon the next into a tower of autonomous identity?

Sameness and equality expands the Life Power, while differentiation condenses
and constricts it. But, the Life Power without the differentiation of ordered
thoughts, has no self to stand on where the sense of “I” can emerge as
individuality. Without a sense of “I” being tethered to its vehicle, its aimlessness
prohibits its completion, and so it must reduce what it is, in order to perform its
function and arrive at completion.

And, because the essence of the sense of “I” is the conjunction of its origin and
function, ceaselessly spinning in the direction of its destination, the cost of its
expansiveness is the immediacy of its experiential limitation.

The heavy load that the self carries as its limitation, is the burden of its own
weight, carrying all of time and space with it, like the Atlas holding up the world. It
would indeed fall if it were to be let go, but where the self believes death awaits
in the falling, is actually the perfection of its beingness, unbound and indefinable
by what was before the source of its meaning and significance.

What significance can be derived from Unity, where not one measurement
exists? What is the Life Power without the meaning derived by the comparison to
what presses up against it and holds itself apart from it? If there is nothing
between the sense of “I” and the Life Power that animates it, can there be a
reference point by which it measures a self and define meaning and value?

All preferences dissolve…

All beliefs are over turned…

All values erase their criteria...

All meaning is relinquished into the Unity of Wholeness…

And the tower of isolation is dismantled, that not one stone is left standing on

Asa Idoni