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5010 Fairview Lane, Skokie, IL 60077 | 847-561-7807 | | https://zoyanudelman.myportfolio.


Zoya Nudelman
Adobe Creative Cloud WORK EXPERIENCE
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator Freelance Creative Art Director/ Graphic Designer/ UX/ UI 2009 - Present
Adobe Indesign Clients: Everlast, ZS Fabrics, DMP, Limitless Lifestyle, Avon, Crayola, Pantone
Adobe XD Prismacolor, BashBidder, American Family Insurance, and others
Corel Paint
Sketch - Managing, producing and designing projects for various clients on web, print, email, and fashion-related projects from brief to fulfilment.
Keynote - Collaborated with clients to understand goals and design strategic as well as artistic
PowerPoint approach to web and print presence
- Conducted audience analysis and focus group interviews to identify user needs
- Created functional and static web page mockups using Sketch, Adobe CC, Keynote,
Excel PPT prototype tools as well as designing Storyboards
Publisher - Logo Design and Branding using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop
Google Docs - Implemented web pages using HTML, CSS, as well as WordPress and AdobeXD
WordPress - Print: Designed brochures, flyers, posters, advertisements and one-pagers using
HTML/CSS Adobe InDesign, Illustartor, Photoshop
GetResponce - Designing & creating marketing & e-marketing materials on a range of projects ( online
Storyboarding graphics, presentations, banners, brochures, magazines, newsletters, and etc.) using
Prototypes Adobe CS, PowerPoint, Prezi, Keynote, Google Docs, MailChimp, and GetResponse
MailChimp - Apparel Design: Created mock-ups and print-ready design templates, Presentations,
supervised photo shoots and printing processes.
- Working with a range of media, including photography, to create final artwork.
Typography Associate Professor- Design Illinois Institute Of Art- Chicago, IL 2007-2015
Windows/ Mac - Instructed classes: Graphic Design, Illustration, Layout, Trends and Concepts,
Concept Development, Product Development, Research and Sourcing, Digital Media,
Adobe Creative Suite, Digital Fashion Design and Illustration, Business/
SOFT SKILLS Entrepreneurship, Digital Textile Design, Portfolio preparation.
- Held Adobe Creative Suite workshops for 15 Design Instructors.
- Held workshops and tutoring sessions to help students with Illustrator and computer
skills to perfect their Portfolio Preparation.
Prototypes - Developed numerous marketing programs for Fashion Department (logos, posters,
Problem solving brochures, newsletters, info-graphics, presentations, postcards, advertisements, and
Thinking creatively edited all the Fashion show photos) by combining my expert knowledge of Adobe
Attention to detail Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign.
Communication skill
DIRECTOR- FASHION DESIGN International Academy of Design & Tech. 2004-2007
EDUCATION - Managed and supervised the Fashion Design Department
- Recruiting and supervising new faculty, evaluating all faculty
Bachelors of Fine Arts - Regularly collaborated with other Academic Departments in creating interdisciplinary
Major: FASHION DESIGN programming for students.
Columbus College of Art & Design - Delegated tasks to the Faculty team and provide counsel on all aspects.
Columbus, OH 1999-2003 - Instructed classes: Graphic Design, Illustration, Layout, Product Development,
- Digital Media Adobe Creative Suite, Digital Fashion Illustration, Portfolio.
MBA - Secured over $10K in Donations and Sponsorships for the Senior Fashion show.
Major: BUSINESS MARKETING - Got the Department through a successful accreditation audit.
Ellis College of New York - Hired and trained 30 Department faculty.
Institute of Technology - Designed all Fashion Department Posters, brochures, pamphlets, post cards,and
New York, NY 2004-2006 edited all the Fashion show photos.