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By Fadrian Bartley
This collection of poetry is based upon the author own observation of
Nature, in most theme of poems there is a mix genre of fantasy included

1. The voice of nature

2. Falling leaves
3. The sea is at war
4. Land of devastation
5. Nature shedding lights
6. Horses in the open field
7. Land of dreams
8. Earth quench
9. Earth speaks
10. Nature like to give
11. Memories from the waves
12. How the winds speaks
13. The world with frighten eyes
14. A place of complex nature
15. The name of it is
16. Contagious beauty
17. The tree that grow stones
18. Drastic measure
19. Crumbling hills
20. The river is young
21. Winter expressing itself
22. Two of a kind
23. Razor blades through the crowd
24. Running on tiny feet
25. Breath again
The Voice Of Nature
The Voice Of Nature



I travelled to a mountain
And experience the beautiful creations with curving fountains,
The trees that dances with the traveling winds
And flying fowls, how lovely they sings,

I sit upon a rock

And all the things that crawls, have me flocked,
The birds with beautiful colors
With sunshine in the evening hours,

All the trees of different characters

Are resting places of the flying vultures,
Running waters slipping through cave rocks,
With blast of thunder above the mountain tops,

The river stood still where ducks and lilies rest

With vine and thorn between clutches that’s where they Make their nest,
The view of cities and bloomy field with grains
Expression of fog that rest above open plains,

Cows and goats all gathered in heaps

The Voice Of Nature
Are like a bundle of a thousand merry sheep’s
The fountain of waters settled by the brooks remain Shallow
I then realized that nature expressed itself with the sounds of sparrows,



Of things manifested as trees crying out

Unable to speak as no voices they have,
But tears of running stain from cutting trees,
Unable to operate, fighting to suppress disastrous effect
But growing within the likeness of nature,
Offering the pure substances
From fertilization of greens becoming radiant

The trees stand tall like men

With the powerhouse of strength,
And life imprinted on their appearances
Breathing life and care for its dependents,
Ecosystem generate kindness to living health
And smile upon nature’s beauty whenever they glow,

The wild flourish from the cruelty of human invasion

Living in solitude with only the company of nature itself,
Carbon dioxide will fight for them, inviting recreation
And all these colors in green relieve eye strain,

Falling trees are like the end of battles

And laid waste with the perpetual devastation
The Voice Of Nature
When nature proclaim its loss,
Let them grow with a chance to revive
From the bad habits which regularly seem to opposes them
To live and flourish a fruitful atmosphere of production.



The sea is beautiful and quiet

Always at peace if not disturbed,
Enjoying the sporty waves
With the blue reflection matches the sky,

Looking down with the smiling sun

Upon its salty healing crystals, filled
With the lives of fins, scales, shells and reefs
Showing off their beauty scattered in the deep,

But the sea is at war

Like we ourselves fighting foreign bodies
Beneath our notice
Behind the rare beauty of this settled water,

Is pollution to repel this beautiful nature

With sunken dump of cans and paper,
Buried debris from deforestation
A vision not granted to embrace the future,
The Voice Of Nature

But I walk beside the splashing waves

And saw how well the sea behave,
With dead carcasses buried in the sand
I know the sea is at war in this dreadful land.



I came from a world

Of observation
And settled in the land of the living,
Seeing the struggles of nature
The fight to withstand
And still defeated by the works of human hands,

Over populated
Lead this land to massive demand of constraint,
And nature becomes the weakling
Buried their hope for prosperity,
Into the soil of depleted nutrients
And reduction of good health,

Humanity intense from the effect of pollution

Penetrating the deepest core
Cutting through the delicate defense,
Environment crowded with the
Saddens tale of resources
Loss their lives from deforestation,

Jeopardizing the health of all living things

The Voice Of Nature
Here we must survive,
Reducing life’s consumption of toxic, resulting from bad habit
The soil becomes lifeless
From the depletion of nutrients
Caused by nuclear waste and reactors,
Plans set in motion to participate
In the invention of reforestation
Earth need greens, and this they must do by all means.



The autumn journey seem captivating

Looking out on the plain across the mountain side,
Windy grass and waving branches from coconut trees
Where woodpecker making sounds to build a home for sleeping babies,

There’s a house on the corner

With lovely garden of chrysanthemum
Occupied with colorful butterflies in the autumn,
Like fairies shedding their magic in the golden sunlight

The land reviving it’s thirst

With dew of rain droplets is the first morning burst
Dripping from hanging leaves
And branches crooked,
Making amends with the ground from fruitful trees

In the momentum,
I stand beside the flowing spring
I enjoy the crisp autumn wind
As I inhale life’s energy
Through my body capacity
The Voice Of Nature

I watch the river flowing

Going down where it’s patrolling
Through rocky stream it is overpowering
The expression is breath taking
Looking to see where it settled but I couldn’t,
Because the beauty of nature continues elsewhere



Going across wild country

Into the west side of the desert,
Where dust from the galloping feet of horses
Evaporates into thin air,

Trampling the ground with their strength

Like wild fire,
Their passionate expressions
Stretched across the open field

Demonstrating the will-power

Embedded in nature's form,
Genuine spirit of sophistication
Flamboyant species who tramples weakness under foot,

Captivating to the eyes

Seeing them in motion,
Tremendous beings, exceptional above others,
Lightning speed explodes within the atmosphere,
The Voice Of Nature
Lengthy hair blowing in the wind
Striking colors in appearance,
Creatures of uniqueness in the form nature's granted
We observe and delighted, because the taste is wild.



Roses by the river

Roses by the sea
Magic is in the air
And beauty is what I see,

Rainbow curves the mountain

Snow beneath the fountain,
Lilies floats on water
And beauty is what I see,

The rushing of the mighty winds

With the sounds of eagles wings,
I am accompanied with nature
Since beauty is what I see,

Like butterflies in summers

In these gardens of flowers,
The expression of nature
Is the beauty that I see,
The Voice Of Nature

Fairies are like angels

Emerging from the moon,
Their wings are magnificent
With such beauty that I see,

The herbs are for healing

And all fruits are for free
Is this the place call paradise?
Because beauty is all I see.


I went into the woods, in the summer of its humidity

To accompanied nature on a weary journey,
Seeing the grass withered
And the flowers fade
Natures itself refuse to give birth,

Then rain poured upon the earth forcefully

Embedded its crystal flow into the thirsty soil,
Replenishing the depletion
From the effects of deadly drought,

Restoration gives the applause

That nature revive itself from the sad expectation of its loss beauty,
Trees and herbs shed their blossoms from the weary journey
With cracks and burns and dust disturb
By troublesome winds in the humid rays,

The cloud overcast with lightning’s

The Voice Of Nature
Piercing through its surfaces
Like razor blades with cutting edges
Making way for the rolling thunder

Then the winds blow life into the breathless of things

Bringing back
The trapped debris of what refuse to grow
Now the sprang of stalk grew out of proportion for all to see



A long time ago I climb a hill

And there I saw the beauty thrill
Where the opening display the glow
And few tall trees with the whistle crows

I could breathe the air of life

That flow above the highest high
Then look below on flowing falls
And see how nature give it’s all

The sun was smiling at the handsome day

Shedding the glow of the humid rays
Till all the creatures of the earth
Watched mothers nature gave its birth

From the tedious bored all have sighed

When the night appears with the owls eyes
The dawn was vexed for the absent glow
And the moon presented through and fro
The Voice Of Nature

The gloomy beam through the thickest dark

Stretching forth like an ark
Then the stars told their stories
Scattered above in the highest glory

The thunder itself gently roars

And the earth depletion was fully restored
All the creatures of the sea
Shout the applause they are now free



To a quiet place I like to chill

Below the bottom of a hill
I linger there for a while
Until the sun begin to smile

Plants are fresh with the morning dew

And different colors in shades of hue
Then I wrote what seems to be fun
And watched the fog erase by the sun

Inspiration I felt its flow

And poetry itself began to grow
I look across the river
And saw few ducks floating together

Nature is love in the blossom field

Expressing itself from the way it feels
Horses scattered on the land
I felt they trampled from where I stand
The Voice Of Nature

The sun is in its humid rays

And still I would stay here for many days
Just to write what natures create
And what it gives will appreciate



We never alone sitting beside the sea

Watching the waves playing with our memories
Until it handed us things forgotten

Out there is the subtlety

Of peace, flooding our tensity
When the shores brush against feet standing on slippery sand

It is not quite clear

What ducks quacks over head
But the expression is pleasant

Seeing wings spreading above

Sleeping waters
Until they are folded and pitch in groups

They share love in the presence of nature

A sight for sore eyes, their expression reminded us
Of the solidarity we lost and need to recapture from the playful waves
The Voice Of Nature



When the nights

Rest upon my mood
Sitting inside a lonely house
With solitary confinement

I went outside to hear what the wind says

What did it say?
Let my skin tell you,
The epidermal celebrate
The goodness of tingle chills

Oh, also my mind

How it ease with the brush of fresh air
That I sometime close my eyes
Enjoying the gentle bliss of the evening breeze

Natures have its way to greet you

When it becomes attached
Reviving us from all tensity
The Voice Of Nature
Massaging unrelax minds
This will happen when the peaceful element embraces our soul



The forest is another bountiful place

Where the world itself hardly embrace
The wild, the trees
Herbs and birds
Becomes one to create their world,

Like a city of many gods

With vines that wraps
Around massive rocks,
Carve with the signature
Of earthquakes cracks,

And strips like marks from the fingers

Of gods in the ancients world,
The gentle bees build their homes
On lonely trees fill with honey combs,
This we need to cheer
And tame the wild which have us fear,
The Voice Of Nature

The creatures found a world of their own

Out of place everything grown,
From yellow-bellied sapsuckers
Chases away with salamanders,
Here is a part of the world to care
The wild themselves have something to share,



I wish I could understand your historical existence

Why you remain the monotonous,
No flowers bloom upon your body
To decorate your very self, and why is it so?

Why is it vines are not wrapped

Around your rocks
Instead pricks and thorns
Seem to be your only allies

There are no greens for your sore eyes

But those stalk remain tough and wiry
With crust and cracks
Your history this is,

No trees give labor

Because of your humid tantrum
Unable to germinate
Upon your lifeless soil
The Voice Of Nature
The supplication for fruitfulness
Kept elusive
Secluding their beauty from your mirror
Nothing bloom or blossom upon your body
A place of barrenness is your name



Lovely creature from the metamorphosis

Not before my eyes but soon they will fly
A little tiny creature with sixteen feet
With only one duty and that is to eat

Upon green leaves shedding their skin

And by tomorrow they will have wings
I study their ways to observe and understand
How such delicateness crawls upon the land

With the increase body size to a thousand times more

You will find them everywhere except sea shores
Out of their eggs they consume as well
Devouring every bits and pieces of shells

The little I have learned from the biology class

Is that most of them is as green as the grass
I became an entomologist with few eyes
To look at every plants where they resides
The Voice Of Nature



From the garden of chrysanthemum

A flower grown without prickled sprung
Freshly thrive in the spring of green
And now these gardens have a beauty queen

Beware, beware these leaves are luscious

Scented petals are the precious
But never to touch fatally obnoxious
Persuasive beauty can be contagious
Like whispering command from voluptuous lips

These beautiful stalk are like deadly kiss

Like poison oak in their fairest form
A seed of nature grown with a charm
These vines of nature are beautiful and shiny
From the garden of colors this one is deadly
The Voice Of Nature



I was sitting at the root of a tree,

A tree which tend to grew a few hard stones
Round circles and the resemblance of nutshells,
Coated with thick skin of husk
Which need to chopped off to its second core of solid base
Before the fresh liquid become accessible,

The wind blowing very hard

Seeing them bouncing from side to side
Swinging recklessly,
I thought the possibility
One will slip from its stem,
Unfortunately my head wouldn’t be able to open none of them,
So why was I sitting there?
The Voice Of Nature




Falling falling,
The earth trembled all around
Drastic measures erupt below the ground

Fear and panic

Cannot be ignore
Natures make a will at the earth core

Not for the better

But leave us the worst
To all understanding, magma overworked

Natures act with splits and cracks

And many lives ruined from crumbling rocks
Some remain to tell the tale
That nature itself will sometimes fail
The Voice Of Nature




I heard a sound across the hills,

Gravity crumbling down as it will
Rocks and trees laid waste below the hills,

Massive debris
Scattered on the ground,
All that was on top
Below they were found,

No grip was found

To hold the timber down
Like Jericho the wall
I saw natures fall

A blockage in the way

The journey ends here
Go no further until the road is clear
A few lives ruined, and their sorrow we share
The Voice Of Nature




The river is humility

Peace always settled there,
The tweet of many birds cuddled in tall trees
Lovely is the atmosphere,

Sitting on broken down tree trunks

Hearing the flow of heavy liquid
Running between slippery rocks,
Surround by greens unattached,
Left by themselves to live free by all means,

Like metaphor
Changes make choices,
From the touches of seasonal dissatisfaction
A time to choose which path they will take
Running through different directions,

Migrating itself with the company of ducks, geese, and birds

To keep the spirit of rivers alive,
The river is youth, it never age but fresh and resilient
Possessing strength to carry itself with determination,
The Voice Of Nature
And through the tangled surfaces of debris it keeps going




The winter sleeps

Beneath the blanket
Of white frost,
Descending purity as an expression
Of expectation,

A message for the ending

Of old habits bringing new attitude,
Appreciating the thank you
Wrapped inside a gift box,

Memories to create
Putting them inside an album,
Changing colors on house walls,
Using light to represent stars
Some stands others wink,

The ones unable to lit

Are like falling stars,
Removing them
From the palm tree they wrapped around,
The Voice Of Nature
Leaving only the ones which even shines from the ground

My favorite place to sit

Is the window,
Where i chase memories
And use my thumb to carve my name
From the effect of my breath




Two sides of nature

Not allow to see each other
And still it is paramount
To appreciate and accept both altogether

No matter what their differences

Neither of the above is evil
Both are beautiful
Exceptional resourceful and meaningful

Like two people of the same culture

With different color of skin
One is dark and the other is light
Both cannot be presented

At the same time

Inside out one will shine
Your eyelid slumber
With the other approach
The Voice Of Nature




Often times the clouds

Are pierce with razor blade
Cutting through the surfaces
With illuminating grandeur

Fire sparks
Created from floating rocks
When they brushes against each other
Creativity prove itself for all to see

Atom celebrate
When they are free from captivity
To combine themselves with oxygen
And hydrogen forming nitrates

Splendor electrify its beauty

Above the firmament
The rain being envious and proved itself
Carrying the new compound to the earth

Enriching soil with nitrates

For building blocks of protein
The Voice Of Nature
Somehow nature balance itself
With this treasure by all means




The creeps who lives above the roof

Cuts and scratches the nights
Sleep deprivation have its proof
Whenever they refuse to take a flight

Running on tiny feet’s

Sometimes they give me the creeps
With little fang cuts so sharp
I even become afraid of the dark

Behind the door

Running on the floor
Leaving damage goods
If you have them ignore

Many nights I haven’t slept

Disturbances are hard to accept
The scratches and scrapes had me up so late
And before daybreak
I normally set the bait
The Voice Of Nature




I throw few grains

Outside from my window
Flowers seeds that is,

They grew with many colors like the rainbow

The garden was beautiful, breath taken chrysanthemum,
Illuminating the environment with their lovely presence

But the storm came

Flushing their wholesome fairness out of existence,
The ground became a cemetery for dead leaves,

Vines and stalk stand firm with crisp appearance like x-ray images
With doubt their flesh will return
Upon dry bones made from the cruel humidity,

The compassionate environmentalist

I was, breathing life into the lost
Reviving their soulful existence at all cost
The Voice Of Nature

The Voice Of Nature

By Fadrian Bartley