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To determine the amount of dissolved oxygen in the given water sample


+ +
In alkaline medium, dissolved oxygen oxides to . In acidic medium, it oxides
Iodide ion to free Iodine. The amount of iodine released which can be titrated with a
standard solution of is equivalent to the dissolved oxygen.

+ −
+ + → (Brown precipitate)

+ − +
+ + → + +

− − −
+ → +

Apparatus Required:

Stoppered bottle, burette, pipette

Reagents Required:

Conc. ,� ,� , , Starch


Standardisation of thiosulphate

Pipette out of 20 ml of std. � . Add 5 ml of Conc. and 10 ml of 10% KI. Titrate
this against until the solution becomes straw yellow in colour. Add 3 drops of
starch solution and continue the titration. Appearance of green colour is the end point.
Repeat the titrations for concordant value.

. =� /� Amount of dissolved oxygen present in the given sample = × × �/ = …….………………… �/ . Vol. � =� Therefore. No.Table: Estimation of Dissolved Oxygen S. of Indicator sample (ml) Initial Final (ml) Starch Calculation: Volume of Oxygen Sample (� ) Normality of the Oxygen sample ( ) Volume of solution (� ) Normality of solution ( ) As we know that. of water Burette reading Vol.

Stopper and mix well. After 2 minutes. take and titrate against standardized solution and add 3 drops of freshly prepared starch solution and continue the titration till the disappearance of blue colour. . Add conc. Result The amount of dissolved oxygen prese t i the gi e sa ple of ate =…………………. Allow it to stand.pp . again shake well and allow the precipitate to settle. Add of solution followed by of alkaline KI solution. Repeat the titrations for concordant value. From this solution. drop by drop until the precipitate is completely dissolved.Determination of DO Take the water sample in a stopped bottle.