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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

To: Renuka Mair[NANRA], Clinical-Naturopathic Ecologist

From: Sareeta Webra[BHARAJ], Biomedical Scientist

Re: A discussion on The Magnificent Deception, based on the script of

lectures given by Robert-Arthur: Menard “A Freeman on the Land”

1.0 What is a Freeman on the Land

‘A Freeman on the Land is a human being in a Common Law Jurisdiction

(where Equality before the Law is paramount and mandatory i.e. United
Kingdom), who has revoked consent to be represented and thus governed,
and therefore is not subject to any Statutory obligations, restraints, by-Laws,
Orders, etc or the like otherwise’.

i.e. Those who can now Lawfully say: “what, you (those inside the social
security system {with an NI No.}) call a law has nothing to do with me!”. And
on such a persons digital profile with the police, for instance if stopped on the
roadside, it would say:
“Freeman on the land. No statutory charges without the
express written consent of the Lord Chief Justice”.

Men and Women can apply for a ‘Freeman on the Land’ Certificate which
allows them to opt out of a social system governed by the Law Society [of
which the fictitious characters of the House of Hanover (German) & Windsor
are the ‘heads’]. This system based on your national insurance number does
not provide you with any justice or true freedom. The Common Law is the
one that protects you and your claim to rights and justice.

The system of Justice available to you under your Common Law Rights
obtaining prominence of ‘Freeman on the Land”. This is referred to as
‘Freeman because it applies, historical to both the “Wareman and Woman”
collectively. To obtain this status, which is your God given Right as a Free
Human Being on Earth you need to File the following:

1.1 The following list of papers can be signed and Witnessed under Oath in
the presence of Notary Public to Register yourself with “Freeman on
the Land” status using an official government Financing Statement:

1. Notice of Understanding and Intent And Claim of Right

2. Security Agreement/Common Law Copyright Notice With Number
3. Hold Harmless And Indemnity Agreement With Number (HHIA),
4. Private Agreement With Number (PA)
5. Security Agreement With Number (SA).
6. Security Agreement/Common Law Copyright Notice
7. Attachment Sheet
8. Declaration Of Sovereignty Deed
9. Deed Of Evidence
We will discuss what each of the points above mean, and how to file
the same in the United Kingdom at the end of this paper. We will also
discuss how this ‘adopted’ social security system was formed and why
it stops people from being able to , for instance seek justice for medical
malpractice and negligence, within it.

2.0 The Social Security System in the United Kingdom

2.1 When you were born you were issued with a Birth Certificate, (your
best friend!);
2.2 And then when you turned 18; the government issued (after
Registration) you with a social security number for you to become
2.3 A “government employee” that could therefore be part of their
corporation and artificially-controlled and fictitiously-monopolised State
system and all its associated services, such as:
2.3.1 Inland Revenue; Job Centre; Law Society Legal Services
(includes almost all Lawyers); Debt Collecting Agencies; Police,
Prison and Court Services
2.3.2 The National Health Services and other associate corporations
that they can control you with such as Banks; Credit
Companies; Insurance & Life Assurance Companies;
Ombudsman and Commissions
2.3.3 Immigration & Passport Service; and all
2.3.4 Telecommunication, Internet Service Providers, Satellite
Television and Advertising companies;
2.3.5 This same government system of which you are an integral
part, creates and owns all the statutory legislation and by laws
controlling you by the following services: The NHS Postcode Lottery and The pharmaceuticals upon which treatments; drugs and
services are given, and The hospitals; primary care trusts; coroners offices;
places of worship and burial, etc; etc And all the education establishments such as research
universities; schools and any other training facilities Driving License, etc

3.0 You, “the Office of the Person”, as opposed to “you, the Human

Also, at that time (18), the government opened up a Corporation in your name
as a ‘Person’; which is based solely based on registration into their State
system, as their employee and therefore makes anything pertaining to that
fictitious “Person”, (who has a name remarkably similar to yours!)

This is why you have so much difficulty wading through these matrices with
your eyes “wide shut”. This is why, the enslaved UK society has become
miserable and diseased. This society is not free and is not living in the
democratic framework available to it under Common Law but instead as a
society, which is registered to be governed by the Laws of The Law Society
and its counterparts.

It is only when you try to truly exercise one of your God given freedoms e.g.
seek justice and truth, do you begin to realise why you are so effectively
“beaten back-down” to ground level!

3.1 All persons born or naturalized in the UNITED KINGDOM, and subject to
the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the UNITED KINGDOM and of the
county wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law,
which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the
UNITED KINGDOM; nor shall any State deprive any person of life,
liberty, or property, without due process of law, nor deny any person
within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.
3.2 You become a state-created statutory "person" by taking up residency
with the state and stepping into the office of "person". You must hold
an "office" within the state government in order for that state
government to regulate and control you. First comes the legislatively
created office, then comes their control. If you do not have an office in
state government, the legislature's control over you would also be
prohibited by the Declaration of Rights section of the Great British
3.3 The most common office held in a state is therefore the office known
as "person". Your state legislature created this office as a way to
control people. It is an office most people occupy without even
knowing that they are doing so.
3.4 The legislature cannot lawfully control you because you are a flesh and
blood human being. God alone created you and by "Right of
Creation", He alone can control you. It is the nature of law that what
one creates, one controls. This natural law is the force that binds a
creature to its creator. The way the state gets around God's law and
thereby controls the people is by creating only an office, and not a real
human. This office is titled as "person" and then the legislature claims
that you are filling that office.
3.5 Legislators erroneously now think that they can make laws that also
control men. They create entire bodies of laws, motor vehicle code,
building code, compulsory education laws, and so on ad nauseum.
They still cannot control men or women, but they can now control the
office they created.
3.6 The registered social security and national insurance numbers makes
us all agents of the government. There is a huge difference between
working “in” the UK and working “for” the UK!
3.7 When one is bitching about the state of affairs in the UK; you are
complaining as an employee about and employer and not a citizen
regarding a country!

4.0 The British Constitution and the Constitution Acts of Parliament

Every time you fill in an application or registration form you are asking for
permission to engage in a completely LAWFUL activity that makes you a
child asking the nanny if it can go outside and play. Requesting permission
makes you legally a “Child of the Province!”.

Did you read the Motor Vehicle Act before applying for your driving licence?

4.1 The British Constitution restricts and constrains all statutes,

regulations, orders and by-laws.
4.2 And the Constitution Acts of Parliament applies to everything contained
within it such as federal; provincial; municipal agents and employees.
4.3 This the way in which your SS&NI registration numbers and your “office
of Person” is used against you.
4.4 These rules were never meant to be used by governments to control
its sovereign people but so that the people can control their

5.0 Income Tax – ‘Tiger in the cage scenario’

Did you read the Income Tax Act before paying? Why not? The remedy is
within the Act!

5.1 Imagine a tiger (government) in a cage scenario whereby you are

locked in (i.e. NI no), and the bars of that cage represent the
Constitution; its Laws and Regulations imposed on you such as Income
5.2 As an employee having an NI number; you are an agent of the
government and therefore have a “Contract for Service”; whereas
5.3 A Freeman (outside of the cage) does not pay Income Tax and
uses/has a “Contract for Hire” when he is employed privately in the
UK, etc
5.4 Purpose of Law (the Call to the Bar!) is to separate us from the tiger
with all the claws and help us step outside of the box.

6.0 The Legal Profession Act

There is a maxim in law that says “let he who be deceived, be deceived…”

The Legal Profession Act stipulates that:

6.1 The Legal Profession Act only applies to members of the Law Society
6.2 Only members of the legal profession may produce documents for
use in court or create papers for filing at Court.
6.3 That Orders and Statutes are words that are created by Lawyers.
6.4 That a statute is a legislative rule of society which has been given
“The Force of Law” and that the only way there can be a force of law
over you; is if it is given over you BY YOU because you are able to stop
this process at anytime and abandon that NI number! [They will still
try their hardest in everyway to control and manipulate you and your
Common Law Rights; but you can now change that forever!
6.5 The members of this law society use words that sound very similar to
English but are in fact slightly different and hold their own meanings.
These words apply to the members of the Law Society – NOT YOU!
6.6 When dealing with them; you need to ask them the meaning of those
words without questioning their intelligence; integrity or intent.
6.7 You have the power already under Common Law! So treat them (the
government, lawyers, etc) like children and not the other way around!
6.8 Question the meaning of words that they are using to claim authority
over you and ask for the knowledge or what those mean. If they
cannot give you that then remember – they will finally back off!
6.8.1 This is why when you ask them questions, they don’t answer for
ages or can’t help you. It’s because the service that you are
trying to access is just a front to actually collect money under
your NI no for a bunch of government officials that have you
listed. The power to do what you actually need to do is already
with you.
7.0 Public services provided by the government - the example of the
parking ticket

A parking ticket is only a BILL OF EXCHANGE and is not the original. When
you send it back with your payment; to them that is double the money i.e. the
monetary value of owning the original and your cheque for the same amount.
Ask for the original and see how quickly the “record” of your fine disappears!

Also, remember when dealing with people in this government service industry
that CONFLICT GENERATES REVENUE whilst resolution doesn’t.

They are trying to provide you a service regardless of whether you think it is
satisfactory or not e.g. commissions, ombudsman, etc, etc. So accept
everything that they are giving you as crap. Then you will have power over
them because you are accepting without generating conflict.

Provide them with a Conditional Acceptance. In other words, say to them that
you will accept their conditions under certain terms; then make these two
difficult to fulfil.

8.0 Acceptance for Value

When you accept for value; they hear that “You accept it AS VALUABLE”. And
now that you have said that, it means that you can go to a third party. And
now that you have 2 party’s that can Claim that a certain document has
value; this translates that it is accepted as valuable.

This is true of any kind of third party service and the trick is knowing what and
when not to accept.

9.0 Notices, Remittances and the like…

If you get presented with a Notice from court or any official; you can just turn

If you get a Remittance – this is a “species of money” sent by one merchant

to another but must be signed for in order to stand. This is no different than
the money in your pocket that clearly shows that it has two parties accepting
it as valuable.

As with the example of the parking ticket; this is the “twining of a stream of
revenue” and is highly UNLAWFULL whereby you have sent back a cheque of
£80.00 parking charge and the original copy which is also worth £80.00. And
now the agent has £160.00 in total thus “adding value”.

10.0 Orders

When you go to a restaurant and you order food; you receive your bill
afterwards. Therefore, whenever you are given an official Order remember
that you must present them back with a bill for the value that you deem to be
appropriate. They are liable for any bills that you present to them the
moment that they issue you with an Order. Bill = Order to pay.

11.0 Transaction of a Security Interest and the Law & Equity Act
A “Security Interest is anything that is tangible or intangible, that can
generate or create an obligation to either make payment or perform a
service”. If it is not a security interest; you have no obligation to pay or
perform. A transaction of a security interest cannot be made either in
ignorance or without your full and valid consent.

If it is a security interest then you have 3 days within which to act in the
appropriate fashion such as to “rendered void ab initio” by anything that
would invalidate a contract at Law such as Fraud; Deception; Duress; Mistake;
Coercion; Evidence that you didn’t want to enter into that contract or
lack of full & valid Consent, etc.

You are a Sovereign on this land and you have a Common Law Right not to
pay or perform. When you claim your Rightful office of Sovereign, the State
lacks all jurisdiction over you. If there is any type of force being used against
your will then you can say to them:
11.1 “Please note for the record that I do not want a transaction with you;
and I don’t want a contract with you of any nature. I also do not want
you to have any power or authority over me!”
11.2 “Whilst I understand that this is a transaction of a security interest,
please note for the record that I am operating under protest and
duress; and that I will be voiding it!”.
Any power that you allow anyone to have over you is because of the fact that
1) they are deceiving you and 2) because of your own ignorance and one
doesn’t happen without the other.
You can also say that you are “Not a Child of the Province” and that any of
those arguments won’t work with you.

12.0 Notice of Intent and Notice of Understanding [NUI] and the Claim of
Right [CR]

Be mature, Serve a Notice on them! If you do not operate under a Notice of

Intent and Notice of Understanding [NUI] and then a Claim of Right [CR] – You
will lose your battle every time.

Once served with a NUI; it is their opportunity to open talks with you, within
ten days. If they refuse; then they are accepting your understanding
and sharing the fact that they understand you. Now you can share with
them your Intent because they have accepted your terms even by refusing to

On no further response, you can hit them with a Claim of Right. And whatever
is mentioned on your NUI you are now operating under your Claim of Right
and acting your Rights.

The Claim of Right allows you or your authorised agent or representative to

use whatever level of force or violence necessary to protect whatever
property you have; even against those who are legally entitled to seize and
possess it, such as cops; lawyers etc. The existence of one excludes the
other. Which means that you cannot have two parties with the right to seize
and possess. The fact that I can use violence to protect my property means
that no one else can use violence or threaten me for my property or removal.

Act on your Claims of Right! Go to your employer and tell them – don’t ask.
It’s a Claim not a permission. It is good enough to say “my Notice of
Understanding and Intent is that I do not understand any of the words that
you have used”.

Remember, that you will never find the words Love, Compassion or Truth in
their Laws. So, their body of words has nothing to do with you because you
live in Peace and Harmony.

As well as your NUI and CR you also need to have constructed your fee
schedule. This is a bill value issued by you when asked to perform an Order
or pay i.e. if they ask you to pay a £1000.00 fine; you present them with a bill
for £2000.00 for your time and having made false claims against your rights.

When they are enforcing something against you; you are operating under
protest and duress and have the right to offer them a bill. You can demand to
be shown a contract that should clearly state that you have an obligation to
do anything and that they have a lawful right to ask you to do that. This can
be the performance of anything and includes all doctors treating practices as
well. Tort i.e. personal injury is a Criminal Act. If they say that they won’t
make a note for the record that you were operating under protest and duress;
then they will get into serious shit! This includes medical malpractice.

13.0 Office of Notary Public

For a Notice of Understanding and a Notice of Intent (and even for Claim of
Right) you will require a Notary Public to help you AVOID CONFLICT.

You can use a Lawyer to win a conflict; and use a Notary to avoid it. They
have a protest stamp under license to an Oath Certificate and they have to do

When you protest against such legal Instruments; you are protecting the
Faith. You are protecting Jesus and the Faith.

Notaries are bound by the Notaries Act. They are empowered to perform
anything under any statute or any duty that is required to be performed. If
you need a Judge or a Senior Police Officer – get a Notary on your side. If you
need a Notary, get a Notary! If a Notary refuses to serve you then you serve
them with a NUI and a CR by using an 3 members of the community that are
witnesses and are of good-standing. Make sure that you add the fact that you
will contact the Notary Society. Its good to note that the Notary Society
hates the Law Society!
If a lawyer calls a Notary to say to them that they shouldn’t do such and such
for you and your case; then ask for that in writing and report them.

14.0 What is the name of your society?

Ask yourself this question: what is the name of my society? When you hear
Court Rulings you hear them say: “In a free and just society... blah, blah, etc”.

There is a maxim in law that says that “if you know not the name of a thing,
then all knowledge of that thing must perish”.

A statute is a ‘Legislative Rule of Society’ that has been given the force of
law. And seeing that you do not have a society; then these acts do not have
any force over you. All of the rules, are the rules of the Law Society. As it is
only the Law Society that can make statutes; orders or regulations – and NOT

And in Courts; they claim that they can use and file these documents; and
that only they can use these words, not you. They confirm that only they
have complete understanding of these words and their secret meanings.
Obviously, if you are not a member of the Law Society; then you cannot
possibly understand these words. And it is the Society, that has the powers.
As a society you can create a new language and generate rules that no one
else outside that society can have a say on. And therein lies the
magnificency of their deception!

You take an existing language like English and change a few words around
and put a secret meaning to those words; and tell nobody else accept your
anointed buddies; (even though the language still appears to be English!).

For us; that’s great! That therefore means then that anything outside of
Common Law is only applicable to them! And seeing that they are bound by
these rules and not us – we are now outside of the tiger cage! This is just like
how the wheat gets separated from the chaff in the Bible; and the basis of our
Rights and Freedoms.

People of the deception; the lawyers; the doctors; the drug company reps; etc,
etc are not free of the deception and IT IS THEY that must pay the Income
Tax. They are the ones that are not allowed to smoke pot or own it. They are
the government employee. They are the one that is bound by another set of
regulations not you. You can act out your Rights whenever you like because
you are free.

When we step out of the cage, the tiger also turns into a kitten. The lawyers
will question: “oh, you don’t need us anymore?”, and you will reply: “No! We
saw what you tried to do. If you step out that cage which encapsulates you;
you will face our charges in our courts of fraud!”. People that seek benefit at
our expense; always have a nastier comeuppance!

If you ask a lawyer, whether something is the law; he will say “yes, I am
bound by this… blah, blah, etc”. They are the laws of his society i.e. The Law
Society. If you ask; “who can these laws be applied to?”, then you will be told
that they are ONLY APPLICABLE TO THE LAW SOCIETY and it is they that
have to beg for permissions, not you. This gives Common people the freedom
and ability to create your own system, giving you your own powers and they
don’t like that!

15.0 Directions that can be given to a Notary

A Notary can:
15.1 Issue a Default Judgement
15.2 Witness a process which is evidence of you trying to avoid conflict
15.3 Mediate before going to court, which is very important
15.4 Witness an affidavit
15.5 Open a file in your name in their office, where all the original
documents will be kept. These have to be certified true copies of those
documents (NUI & CR) and must:-
15.6 Serve them on your behalf; or cause them to be served or give them
back to you to be served on a particular said party – IDENTIFY PARTY
15.7 The issued (by you) Certificate of Service must then be given to
Notary, and you must both wait 10 days for a response and give the
party a chance to a) Accept the Claim Silently or b) Produce a sworn
and attested affidavit created upon their Full Commercial Liability.
And no government agent is going to touch that!
15.8 Notary will then contact you either with a Contest or an Absence of
Contest after the 10 days is up.
15.9 Then Notary will create and sign a Default Judgement and send to
15.10 A good Notary will see that this is very positive for the government and
one particular Notary is known to have said: “I wish I could operate
outside the cage!”.
15.11 The Notary is the Joker in the deck! Don’t be surprised when the
other party comes back with: “Your offer to discuss… has been

16.0 Affidavits

An affidavit is a formal sworn statement of fact, signed by the declarant (who

is called the affiant or deponent) and witnessed (as to the veracity of the
affiant's signature) by a taker of oaths, such as a notary public. The name is
Medieval Latin for he has declared upon oath. Uses of affidavits include:

16.1 To allow evidence to be gathered from witnesses or participants who

may not be available to testify in person before the court, or who may
otherwise fear for their safety if their true identities are revealed in
16.2 To obtain a declaration on a legal document, such as an application for
voter registration, that the information provided by the applicant is
truthful to the best of the applicant's knowledge. If, after signing such
a declaration, the information is found to be deliberately untrue with
the intent to deceive, the applicant may face perjury charges.
16.3 Affidavits may be written in the first or third person, depending on who
drafted the document. If in the first person, the document's component
parts are:
16.3.1 a commencement which identifies the affiant;
16.3.2 the individual averments, almost always numbered as
mandated by law, each one making a separate claim;
16.3.3 a conclusion generally stating that everything is true,
under penalty of perjury, fine, or imprisonment; and
16.3.4 an attestation, usually a jurat, at the end certifying the
affiant made oath and the date.
16.4 If an affidavit is notarized or authenticated, it will also include a caption
with a venue and title in reference to judicial proceedings. In some
cases, an introductory clause, called a preamble, is added attesting
that the affiant personally appeared before the authenticating

17.0 Playing the Game

1. The first move of any game such as chess is that you put your pieces
on the board i.e. you have to “be in it to win it. And remember you
have EVERY RIGHT to put your pieces on the board; where you want to.
This means that they can’t make a move because they don’t know
your rules or your game and why your pieces are where they are; if
you have done this correctly and they “can’t see you coming”, you will
guarantee that they will lose.

2. Remember that you are dealing with human beings that don’t know
the law anymore than you do. And that usually any people that choose
to benefit from a society mechanism rarely choose to understand that
mechanism. Especially if, understanding that mechanism LIMITS their
power over you! They will always use words that maximises their
claim of authority over you. They will interpret these words to have
more power than they actually do; if any power at all over you. Treat
them with love and compassion.

3. If demands are made of you by the way of actual Orders to pay or

perform, then you can use your own fee schedule that is in the
possession of the Notary. You can have a Notary Judgement issued
that is accepted by the Courts, Police, etc. If it is regarding property
then the police will accompany you to seize property that belongs to

4. If a cop were to ask you your name, then you would reply: “legal or
lawful?”. As a freeman you do not have a legal one. Ask them under
what authority they are acting. Do not accept answers, ever under any
circumstances like “I am lawyer” or “It is against the law”.

5. If anyone quotes an Act or statute to you, then you reply that that is
not the law and say: “Are you aware that that is gross negligence, and
is equal to fraud?”. Even quotes like the “controlled substances Act
blah, blah, blah…” is not law. If you are not part of a society or under
licence then those laws do not apply to you.

6. When playing the game with police officers; remember to ask for
proper ID. No one knows who is liable under what if you can’t ID the
“person” in anyone; the officer or yourself. The officer ought to have 3
things:- an ID Card Signed by the Solicitor General same as on 2) their
Badge for the purposes of validity. And 3) they must have a business
card that matches their Badge and ID Card. [n.b. Rules for Canada].
Always ask a police officer or other official if they are giving you an
order; and if they say yes, remember to present them with a bill.

7. Remember they always act presumptuously and on assumptions. If

stopped on the motorway, and asked “Drivers License, Registration
and Insurance please?”. There is nothing stopping you from replying
with “apples, bananas and pears to you to!”. No doubt, you may
continue with: “are you will to claim, under full commercial liability that
I have an obligation to have such a thing to exercise my common law
rights? Now, probably quite annoyed they will try to establish evidence
of “the person” by asking for your ID. If they do not do this then there
cannot be any claim as there was no person. If you are asked: “when
were you born?”; you may reply “sorry, but I wasn’t counting then!”.
And it continues; “so when do you celebrate your birthday?” and you
could reply with “I do that every day!”.

8. Until ID is established there is no evidence that anyone is dealing with

anyone bound by any regulations or act; and there for there is no
power of authority. The legal fiction of the person must be
determined; and as you know, there are two of you! It’s may seem
strange but when speak to officials again and again who know that you
know; and because they know; you often see them get promoted
quicker. This is because they don’t actually want to be your nanny.
They want you to grow up. One guy said: “if there were more people
like you; then we wouldn’t have to enforce these bullshit laws”. Most
cops, would rather this any day. They want peace and love too. They
would rather be revered as heroes like firemen instead of being seen
as the bad guy.

9. It’s good not to take any ID with you on any day unless you are using
“your office of person” that day. Remember any search or touch to
you or your person, must be a lawful one; and that includes doctors
who are subject to criminal law for maltreatment. If you abandon your
sin i.e. stop hitting your girlfriend by the time they arrive and there is
no evidence to the contrary or you throw your joint in the dark
undergrowth whilst pulling up – then you cannot be lawfully searched/
touched unless someone makes an accusation against you.

10. Most officials also love for you to see the good in them. Police officers,
for instance are firstly officers of the peace and secondly officers of
enforcement. If you entice them to live up to their best, then they will
appreciate it as this means that they can go and fight real criminals.
This is the same for most government departments that would rather
be dealing with the serious stuff. [n.b. what is serious to you is not
necessarily serious to them].

11. Never accuse yourself by identifying yourself. If you don’t then on the
record it will go down as: “X was in the room, but X’s person was not”.
No full ID of both you and your person. No accusation can be held
against you.

12. They will refuse to ID you as an accused party for any statutory or
summary action. They can’t and wont do it because it is ‘against the
fictitious person’ and it exists in association with you. And that
association must be lawful and voluntary on your part. This can be
acted out in a court room setting if you say that you are simply there
to “deal with that number”, and point to the document. There is no
liability if there is no identification of the fictitious person on record;
and this is what makes many successful prosecutions so difficult to

13. When presented to swear on a bible you can answer by saying; “but I
don’t know the whole truth?”. Keep hold of the bible, and if they ask
you about any legal jargon; you can pretend to look it up in there and
say “which bit is that in then?”. The bible on which people take an
oath is a very powerful instrument. The bible is your protection. Keep
it between you and them. No body has the right to enforce
adjudication services upon you of any kind without your consent and
that of the other party. You can present a bill on service or at
cessation of a service that you have been ordered to do. Remember
we are all equal regardless.

14. It is just a transition of a security interest to them. They may be a bit

sneakier but that doesn’t make them morally better than you, so that
they can order you around and dictate your actions. You always have
the right to respectfully decline their judgement. Remember that in
the “just and free society…”, the society is hypothetical. You are not a
member of this the Law Society and are not bound by these rules.
Lawyers are. Take the Law & Equity Act with you to court. They hate

15. You can clear any judges bench with the “monopoly and law of equity
act bat” and he ends up liable. They are human too and they cannot
give full freedom from liability for their actions if they are committing a
fraud. They too are in a common law jurisdiction. The remedy you
have as a plaintiff is to bring action against them. Get things on
record. And label things as to whether they are security interests
(such as your name) or a transaction.

16. Judges hate it when you are if something is a security interest (i.e.
anything that generates an obligation or duty to perform). If a Judge
says that something is not then you can walk straight out of the court
room. If they say, yes, then you have them over a barrel; with your
legal entity or “upon your legal fiction”. You are acting assurity for the
charged party for the accused if you answer to them in court.

17. Equality before and under the law is mandatory. That’s when you say:
“I am confident to administrate my own affairs”. If you say that you do
not consent to this then they have no power to do anything or change
that. “I am not the assurity for the accused” means that you are not
the accused or the assured, but can add that your names are similar.
You can also say that you object to the judge sitting on his high chair in
a common law jurisdiction where all people are equal. You can reply
that your name is not important and that it is none of their business.

18. You can ask to see a copy of their Oath and their Bond information if
they are an officer of the court. You can ask to see the value of that
Bond and who is holding it in trust for redemption. Think of any official
as standing on an imaginary physical bond. If they step off that; then
you can pick it up and take it for collection to the issuing agency. And
they have to value the honor of that. If the Oath and Bond is not on
record after your request then they are holding office unlawfully.

19. There is a maxim in law that says: “he who distinguishes well, learns
well and he who questions well, learns well”. The assumption in law is
that you are asking because you don’t understand and that because
you don’t understand their language as discussed. And that however,
you want to understand because you want to uphold the law. You
cannot obstruct justice or violate the law if you keep asking questions.
“What does that word mean and where did you get it from?”.

20. Distinguish between statutes and laws. There are only three laws that
can be broken:
a. To bring harm to another human being.
b. To damage someone’s property
c. To use fraud or mischief in your contracts

21. And remember that “I am walking in London City” doesn’t mean the
same as “I am a person in the corporation of the city of London”.

22. Distinguish between driving and travelling. A driver is someone who is

engaging in commerce on the highway and is paying for it. And there
is a big difference between a driver, and vehicle owner, and a guest in
your car and a passenger.

23. Distinguish between a peace officer and an enforcement officer who

can enforce court orders or statutory compliance. Both aspects of the
officer are broken if the ID status of the person cannot be made.

24. Anything described as “De Facto” means “OK, we are there but we are
fraudulent. i.e. we are fulfilling these duties because no one else is”.
And “De Jur” which is a proper lawful court.

25. You can question whether this is a fraudulent court or not. The
“person associated to or in the human being” is not the “owner” or
“limited access user” of the court … so who’s courts are these? Really,
are they mine? “in that case, do I have full and complete access?”. An
owner of a property has full and unconditional access.

26. You do not have full access to these courts because firstly, you cannot
file documents and secondly, you don’t make their rules or create the
acts that are used within them. And you are barred from acting as an
agent in court for anyone.

27. These are therefore the private courts of the Law Society. It is through
their deception that they get you in there. They make the cage; and
then tell us that it is the law for us; but really it is the law for them.

28. If you abandon that corporation; it is the corporation that is liable not
you or the legal fiction.

29. Whenever in your life have you benefited from a deception that was
opposed upon you?

30. If what they are selling is such a good thing then why the deception?

31. These are the rules of government agents. These rules exist so that
we can have a measure of control over the government.

32. They have hooked us into getting a social security and national
insurance number so that we are all part of their government and we
are all bound by their rules. But we can stop this at ANYTIME. And this
makes us free of these rules that they are still bound by. It is our God
given right and this very remedy is written into The Constitution… can
you believe that if people actually acted our their rights; they never
need pay any taxes?

33. If or when there is a conflict with them; put them on notice! Create
and sign a NUI and draw up your CR.

34. Give them back their social security number and ask them for the
whole of your pension as a lump sum at anytime!
35. Do what the government does to you through deception but do it
lawfully for yourself. Understand that whatever the problem is; they
are just providing you with a number of services. And those services
can be terminated at any time.

36. Passport? You don’t need one. It is the false flag terrorism that has
convinced you through their mass media channels that such an ID is
required. Many countries still work on sponsorship letter programs and
in fact that is usually how any Ambassador & entourage are invited for
state visits. Simply, engage in an agreement with the host country and
serve them a NUI and tell them that you are a “freeman” and want to
visit please?

37. Just because they define something as a requirement doesn’t mean

that it is an obligation for you. That is the deception. That is the spin-
doctoring and the fear. That is their false flag terrorism.

38. There is nothing stopping you from asking the passport office to
consider giving you a passport as a freeman; and if it doesn’t exist,
then in a country like ours we are able to make it happen!

39. Customs have no right to deny you access.

40. You cannot serve a NUI or CR on a foreign corporation or foreign

jurisdiction; but you can make a Bond of a certain value or serve a NUI
on the department of airside border control. Not so long ago people
used their family bible as their ID.

41. Law is all about remedy.