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Choose the best answer to complete each sentence

1. His rise from the shop floor to the management was_______
A. supersonic B. meteoric C. lightning D. overnight
2. She is an excellent_______model for children to follow.
A. type B. success C. role D. work
3. The athlete was_______by his desire not just to be good, but to be the best.
A. pushed B. driven C. impelled D. forced
4. His_______for the future is to retire at fifty and buy a house next to the sea.
A. sight B. outlook C. view D. vision
5. His behavior was always beyond_______
A. criticism B. recrimination C. fault D. reproach
6. The decor was out of_______with the architecture of the building.
A. style B. design C. match D. keeping
7. The controversy has been_______ by the arrival, of foreign businesses which are seen as a threat to the local
A. spurred B. charged C. fuelled D. inspired
8. The trekkers were_______on reaching the village by the evening.
A. determined B. bent C. persevering D. persistent
9. As development of remote areas continues, adventure holidays for the_______ traveller are harder to set up.
A. intrepid B. undaunted' C. undismayed1 D. intensive
10. The courier was always_______to deal with any problems that might arise.
A. on hand B. to hand C. by hand D. in hand
11. As 1 stepped off the bus on to the snow-covered pavement, 1 fel _______my back.
A. flatly on B. flat to C. flatly to D. flat on
12 _______we missed our plane.
A.The train is late B. The train was late C. To be late D). The train being late
13.. It’s time we had a_______ talk with each other as you used to be such good friends.
A. eye-to-eye B. heart-to-heart C. face-to-face D. cheek-to-cheek
14. It’s strange that you _______such a thing.
A. would say B. should say C. will say D. said
15. The zoo_______ by the time we reach there.
A. closes B. will close C. will have closed D. is closing
16_______are famous for their cheese and butter.
A. The Dutch people B. Dutches C. The Dutches D. The Dutch
17.1 had to pay _______on a carpel I brought in through Customs today.
A. taxes B. rates C. fines D. duty
18.1 find his behavior towards me quite_______He treats me like an idiot.
A. offending B. insulting C. crude D. ill-mannered
19. This university's programmes_______those of Harvard.
A. come second to B. are first C. are second only to D. arc in second place
20. The cattle _______in the field now.
A. is grazing B. graze C. are grazing D. has grazed
21. At least 200 people have been persuaded to ante _______big money for the charity event.
A. for B. up C. on D. forward
22. I know you look on me as a good friend, so I just don’t want you to dam _______your feeling like that.

with B. out D. In those days doctors ladled_______antibiotics to patients. The more cues a person is given (such as pictures). off C. however. this type of memory maintenance only succeeds if there are no interruptions. If the doorbell rings or the dog barks to come in before a person has the opportunity to make a phone call. B. They get chunked when they enter the brain. At the last minute. in Read the passage and answer the questions Most people can remember a phone number for up to thirty seconds. a reader engages in elaborate rehearsal when he brings prior knowledge of a subject to a text. up C. A. out of 27. A. How did the information get there in the first place? Information that makes its way to the short term memory (STM) does so via the sensory storage area. By organizing information. This is why multiple choice tests are often used for subjects that require a lot of memorization. one is able to keep a memory alive. example. many people engage in "rote rehearsal". When making a conscious effort to memorize something. forward D. and improve the chances of a memory being passed on to long term storage. Humans can easily recall memories that arc stored in the long term memory and used often. As soon as a person stops rehearsing the information. on 30. When a pen and paper are not handy. The brain has a filter which only allows stimuli that is of immediate interest to pass on to the STM. They are filtered from the sensory storage area. out D. in for B. a cognitive psychologist who suggested that humans can remember approximately seven chunks of information. There is much debate about the capacity and duration of the short term memory. A. Therefore. how do memories get transferred to the STM? A. upon . For . away B. away from C. for C. A. the more likely a memory can be retrieved. Retrieving information can be done by recognition or recall. in D. up B. C. off D. he will likely forget the number instantly. A chunk is defined as a meaningful unit of information. The head teacher was eased _______ his job after students and parents accused him of autocratic. away 23. It’s getting late and I have an important test tomorrow. in D. away 29. When this short amount of time elapses. off B. off C. away B. We have been really busy. By repeating something over and over again. Twenty-five senators have admitted they are still uncommitted_______ the taxation question. into D. They revert from the long term memory. on D. He fell_______the wagon after his wife died in a car crash. 1: According to the passage. one can optimize the STM. A. on C. people often attempt to remember a phone number by repeating it aloud. rote rehearsal is not an efficient way to pass information from the short term to long term memory. with 26. or classifying similar information together. such as information for an exam. The most accepted theory comes from George A. Unfortunately. the numbers are erased from the memory. C. A. Miller. on 28. up B. beyond 25. it may eventually be retrieved by prompting. Encoding information semantically also makes it more retrievable. . such as a word or name rather than just a letter or number. it has the tendency to disappear. A better way is to practice "elaborate rehearsal". into C. about B.A. This involves assigning semantic meaning to a piece of information so that it can be filed along with other pre-existing long term memories. . on 24. but things are starting to slacken_______now. against D. I’d better sack _______ A. Modern theorists suggest that one can increase the Capacity of the short term memory by chunking. they tacked_______a couple of visits to my schedule. out C. however. up B. if a memory seems to be forgotten. also known as the working memory. We had an argument about it and she got all fired_______ A.

Recalling a long term memory that is often used is easy. pretty D. continues 3: All of the following are mentioned as places in which memories are stored EXCEPT the: A. D. By giving it a name D. 2: The word elapses in paragraph 1 is closest in meaning to: A. the Bay Hotel is a place to get (9) _______ from the stresses of everyday life. lies the sleepy village of San Lorenzo. complex B. an unnecessary interruption 7: The word it in the last paragraph refers to: A. ineffective in the long run D. C. Off the beaten (1)_______. The working memory is the same as the short term memory. commanding breathtaking views of the four miles of white sand. while forgotten memories often require prompting. information 8: The word elaborate in paragraph 3 is closest in meaning to: A. Multiple choice exams arc the most difficult. By organizing it B. maintenance area 4: Why does the author mention a dog's bark? A. To give an example of a type of memory C.(2) _______Bay Hotel. appears D. By drawing it 6: The author believes that rote rotation is: A. that is apart from the magnificent five . STM B. A memory can be retrieved by prompting. Famous throughout the island for the outstanding quality of its accommodation and the excellence of its cuisine. (8) _______. To compare another sound that is loud like a doorbell 5: How do theorists believe a person can remember more information in a short time? A. C. long term memory C. semantics D. nestling in the shadow of Mount Machu. efficient C. each with a charm and character of its own. efficient and unobtrusive service.D. Each suite looks (5) _______ Falmer Beach. They enter via the nervous system. To provide a type of interruption D. D. sensory storage area D. more efficient than chunking C. (7) _______staff anticipate your every need in an atmosphere of quiet professionalism and genuine friendliness. Incorrect answer choices leave out essential information or change the meaning of it A. and whether it is (10) _______away the hours soaking up the sun or taking advantage of the wide range of . as it is known locally. adds up C. A memory is kept alive through constant repetition. 10: Which of the following best provides the important information in the underlined sentence from the passage. regular 9: Which of the following is NOT supported by the passage? A. B. At the heart of the Bay Hotel is personal. It's easier to remember short term memories than long term memories due to regular prompts. Read the passage and choose the best answer to complete the text In the north-west corner of the island paradise Isla Perlita. encoding B. passes B. By repeating it C. To prove that dogs have better memories than humans B. there is nothing out of the ordinary about this quaint little village -nothing. the Bay (4) _______30 guest suites. is a recent development catering for (3) _______travellers who enjoy luxury holiday-making. the best way to remember something B. Cues help people to recognize information. in a case where it has been rarely used. B. which gently shelves into the (6) _______clear waters of the Crepuscan Sea. STM C. The Bay. Prompting is the easiest way to retrieve short term memory after an extended period of time.

back on B. crystal B. Concentrated D. boast A. A. you can be sure that a holiday at the Bay truly is the holiday of a lifetime.announces B. star D. Preoccupied B. winding . whiling B. starring A. discerning C. discriminated A. For all C. track C. into D.recreational activities that the hotel has on offer. way A. asserts D. Attentive C. away A. stars C. distinctive D. path B. sky C. diamond D. off D. road D. Above all D. All over B. starred B. down A. over C. pearl A. wending D. onto C. Undivided A. wearing C. disconcerting B. All along A. claims C. out B.