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Problem Recycle 1.

Ten metric ton of a 28% (by weight) solution of KNO3 in water sheet
is fed into an evaporator-crystallizer recycle system. In the
evaporator the mixed solution is concentrated to 54% KNO3 at 0
150°C. During cooling in the crystallizer, salt is separated out as
wet crystal with 4.0% water as a carry off. The mother liquor left
the crystallizer at 100°C and contains 0.6 kg KNO3 per kg H2O.
{a} What weight of KNO3 crystallizes out?
(b) What is the weight of water evaporated?
(c) What is the weight of the mother liquor?
(d) What is the weight of the thick liquor?

Fresh feed
28% KNO3

M Thick liquor R
54% KNO3 Mother liquor


Carry off 4% H2O