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Smartling Translation Management

Quick Start Guide

Version 1.0 - October 2014 | 1

1 Create a new translation project
2 Manage context
3 Translate
4 Download & review translated files

Version 1.0 - October 23, 2013 |2

New Translation Project
Provide us with basic information such as project type, source and target language, then
upload the files you want translated and you are on your way to localization.

Version 1.0 - October 2014 | 3

Select a Project Type
Why can’t i
localize my word
Only Smartling Enterprise
accounts can currently translate
business documents (DOCX,

The more Smartling knows about the content you are

localizing, starting with the project type, the better we can
help you. Select from
• A website or web application where you have
externalized your content into one of our supported
resource file formats: JSON, Gettext, XML, YAML, XLIFF,
Java Properties.
• A mobile application: iOS, Android, or Windows
• Other software: Any kind of software localization
using any of of the file format listed above. Version 1.0 - October 2014 | 4
Pick your languages
What languages
should i choose?
If you are unsure about the
languages into which you should
be translating, you might want to
consider the following:
• What markets have a potential
• What markets do you already
have an audience in.
Select both your source language and your target language: • What are the most widely
• You can pick more than one target language. used languages.
• The most widely-used languages are marked with a star.
• You can add target languages to your project at anytime.

Version 1.0 - October 2014 | 5

Upload your files
Do i need to
prepare my files
uploading them to
It depends on your file type:
• iOS, .strings, Android XML,
Gettext and Java Properties
work as-is: we capture content
and create placeholders from
standard variable syntax.
When you upload a file, Smartling captures the translatable • XML and JSON files must be
content within the file as strings and moves it to the In integrated so that the right
Progress queue, located under Translations in the right- content is captured, including
hand menu. You can upload new files at anytime under Files placeholders.
> Resource Files. • Smartling handles HTML
automatically. HTML is
“hidden” from translators so
they don’t have to translate
it. Check our documentation
to see options for handling
HTML in your strings.
Version 1.0 - October 2014 | 6
Manage Context
If you provide your translation team with contextual information, they will be able to produce
better quality translation, faster.

Version 1.0 - October 2014 | 7

Translation Interface
Is the translation
interface only for
the translation
resources team?
Although the Translation
Interface was built as a
workspace for the translators,
it can be accessed by project
managers, account owners, and
the translation resources team
All of the contextual information you provide, such as For more information on the
Glossary, Style Guide, and Visual Context is displayed to Translation Interface, watch the
the translation resources team in the Translation Interface. Translation Resources training
As translators enter their translations they’ll use that video.
information to make better and faster linguistic decisions.

Version 1.0 - October 2014 | 8

The glossary
Should i provide
my own
translations for
glossary terms?
Translators will provide
the translation. To ensure
appropriate and consistent
translation throughout your
project, just make sure that each
glossary term has a definition or
background information relating
to your company or industry.
A Glossary is a set of unique words or phrases that are
important to your content. By adding terms to the Glossary i already have a
you highlight them to translators, no matter where they glossary. Can i
appear in your content. You can also instruct the translator import it to
that a term shouldn’t be translated. smartling?
Note that special syntax like variables should be integrated Currently you can not import a
when you upload your file, so that you don’t have to turn them glossary. Send it to our support
into glossary terms. team who can help you getting it
into your account.
Version 1.0 - October 2014 | 9
The Style Guide
Does Smartling
provide a style
guide template?
Yes! Smartling guides you
through a few questions about
your company and/or product
offering. You’ll also be asked to
set certain lingustic guidelines
such as language formality.

A Style Guide is a collection of rules about your preferences

for content formatting, writing tone, and style that you want
translators to follow so that your users and customers have
a consistent experience across all languages. The Style guide
explains punctuation, spelling, formatting, adaptations, and
language-specific preferences or errors to avoid.

Version 1.0 - October 2014 | 10

Web Context
Visual context is
not just pretty
Visual context is more than
meets the eye; it’s also used by
translation resources to
• Make linguistic decisions
based on where a term
appears on your site or app.
• Make decisions based on
layout constraints: add
If your project is a web site, Smartling allows you to capture breaks in their translation,
context via the Smartling Context Capture Chrome or use an alternate
Extension. When you use the extension on your site, translation that fits the
Smartling matches visible strings on your site to the strings space better.
in your project. Read about the Smartling Context Capture For you, it means better
Chrome Extension or install it now. translations from the get-go, and
Don’t have HTML content? Upload Image Context. less QA time.

Version 1.0 - October 2014 | 11

Image Context

Image context in a
If your website or application
has an interface that is hard
to get to, maybe it’s password
protected or still being built,
then use screenshots or design
mockup images and upload
them as Image Context so that
the translation resource team
To add image context to your translation, go to Files has some context to work with.
> Image Context and upload screenshots of your But the fastest and easiest way
application. to contextualize web based
context for resource file projects
After you have uploaded your image you can associate
is to use the chrome plugin when
strings with elements of your screenshot, so that
you can.
translation resources can see exactly where the string they
are translating appears in the app.
If you have HTML content, use Web Context.

Version 1.0 - October 2014 | 12

Invite resources to your project to provide translations. Don’t have anyone to translate your
content? You can order translations from one of our translation partners, directly from the
dashboard. Just add the content to your translation cart, and then purchase the translations
at check-out.

Version 1.0 - October 2014 | 13

Add Users
Build your
translation team
Smartling allows you to invite
any resources you want to
build your translation team:
Content people to put together
the style guide or add terms
to the glossary, developers for
advanced integration, even
project managers so that they
can access localized files quickly.
Purchasing translation from us is optional: if you already
have resources available to provide the translations, then
go to Team>People to set them up with access.
• User roles and Access

• Translation Resources Training

Version 1.0 - October 2014 | 14

We estimate it takes 2 business
days to translate 2,000 words
in one language (multiple
languages are done in parallel).
That said, Smartling cannot
To purchase translations: guarantee turnaround time,
• Go to In Progress and simply click “Purchase even if you set a deadline.
• Select the languages you want your content to be
translated in before you place your order.
• To manage your account, billing information and/
or upgrade your plan, click your name to access the
Account pages.

Version 1.0 - October 2014 | 15

Smartling automatically extracts
instructions for .iOS/Mac-OS
.strings, Android XML, and
gettext files.
To add instructions for specific
strings, go back to In Progress
and use the drop-down at
the right of teh string or the
Instructions functionality in
Translation Resources will flag any issues using Smartling’s the Actions menu.
Issues feature. Whenever an issue is added, you’ll get an Instructions are displayed to
email notification. Make sure to monitor incoming issues for Translation Resources in the
questions that might be directed to you. In Progress View and the
You can also manage notifications by clicking your name to Translation Interface.
access your Profile.

Version 1.0 - October 2014 | 16

Download and Review
Now that your file is translated, you are ready to download your localized file.

Version 1.0 - October 2014 | 17

What are “Pseudo
We get that question a lot! A
pseudo translation file contains
the original strings with added
characters so that it can be used
for QA or layout purposes.
As soon as you upload your file
you can download a pseudo-
translated version of it. It’s a
Once translations are completed, you’ll get an email great way to get a head start on
notification. Go to Resource Files. There, click Download localizing your content.
(published translations) to get the localized version of
your file.
After downloading, integrate your localized file with
your app and test it. If you run into any issues with layout
or placeholders, go back to the dashboard to reject the
translated string and add an issue to communicate the
problem to the translation team.

Version 1.0 - October 2014 | 18

Smartling Best Practices
Localise your web or
phone app: this set of help center
best practices walks
you through a check • For more information visit the Smartling
Help Center.
list of considerations
• Contact the Smartling Support Team at
when localizing an app.
• Subscribe to Smartling Updates .
• Smartling Dashboard Status page.
• Get the latest localization news on
Smartling Blog.
Localise your website:
find out how to build
a site as a template for
future localization.

All training materials are for your own
personal and not for commercial
+1 866.70.SMART use. They may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed,
published or broadcasted without the
prior permission of Smartling.