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1/26/2018 Jim Hall

Jim Hall and Red Mitchell - Valse Hot

Conversations - Duo
1/26/2018 1:45:06 PM - The latest release as part of the with Joey Baron
ArtistShare Remembering Jim Hall project is here! The
CD includes both an audio CD and 24|96 hi-resolution Bag's Groove - the first
audio files. It is available now on ArtistShare. track from the innovative
new duo CD featuring
Valse Hot - Sweet Basil 1978 master drummer and
Guitar - Jim Hall percussionist Joey Baron.
Bass - Red Mitchell [Buy it!]
Engineered by David Baker and Chip Stokes
Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound
Recorded live at Sweet Basil, NYC on January 18th and
19th, 1978
Produced by Brian Camelio and John Snyder

New York Times Review Experience the creative
process behind the Jim
The New York Times featured Jim during his recent appearance at the Blue Note in
Hall and Joey Baron's
NYC with Julian Lage, Scott Colley and Joey Baron. Read the full review here.
unique collaboration with
a downloadable CD-
quality (320 kbps)
recording of their
collaboration along with a
download of the...
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Official Discography, Videography, and
Click here to check out my fan-funded Live project on ArtistShare®. Bibliography
Blues on the Rocks Trascription Page 1
Trascription List and info
Blues on the Rocks Trascription Page 2
Body and Soul Trascription Page 1
Bill Frisell Duo Album now doubled Body and Soul Trascription Page 2
Body and Soul Trascription Page 3
Click here to see "The Art of Listening" ArtistShare project, and participate in the Body and Soul Trascription Page 4
Jim Hall, Bill Frisell Duo recording, augmented by Scott Colley and Joey Baron on
Im Getting Sentimental Over You Trascription
disc two!
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Jim Hall and Ron Carter - Alone Together, Again: Playing together at The Blue Note clubs in New York
and in Japan. Check the Events list and click here to read a review.

Jim Hall Honored by the French Ordre des Arts et des Lettre
Guitarist and ArtistShare artist, Jim Hall, has been appointed Chevalier, the highest
rank in France’s prestigious Ordre des Arts et des Lettres (Order of Arts and
Letters). This is a highly selective award given to Frenchman as well as people all
over the world. The award distinguishes eminent artists and writers that are to be
recognized as having significantly and positively impacted art and its development. 1/3
1/26/2018 Jim Hall

FREE ASSOCIATION - The new Jim Hall and Geoffrey Keezer Duo Recording
Jim has joined pianist Geoffrey Keezer in a new Duo Recording Project which is
entitled Free Association. If you have not yet heard this amazing new recording
you owe it to yourself to check it out.

"When two musicians come together for the first time, they rarely know how things
will turn out, but in terms of sheer intuitive interplay, Free Association may well be
Hall’s best piano duo to date."
All About Jazz


Magic Meeting
Jim's latest ArtistShare project Magic Meeting - recorded live at the Village
Vanguard - is now shipping with most participant levels. Featuring Scott Colley and
Lewis Nash, Magic Meeting is one of the best Jim Hall Trio line-ups yet.
Experience the entire creation process of Magic Meeting exclusively through

participate now>>

Click here if you are you looking for Bio and Discography information.
On the Downloads page you will find a long and short bio as well as a lengthy
'Ographies listing of my recordings, videos and print materials fom the 1950s to the

Interview With Chris Potter

Renowned saxophonist Chris Potter has been working with Jim on and off for the
past few years. In June Chris will hit the road with Jim for a tour of Japan. We
caught up with Chris last week and here is what he had to say. read more >>

Jim Hall - A life in progress

There is a great documentary film available from Rhapsody Films. "A life in
progress" presents a very unique inside look into Jim's life past and present.
Written by Devra Hall and produced by Jane Hall and Jon Snyder it is a truly
personal experience and a must for any Jim Hall fan. Now available on DVD!

Vanguard Rehearsal and Set Up

04/28/2004 - The first photos from the week at the Vanguard are in. Jim, Scott and
Lewis loaded in at 4pm on Tuesday and rehearsed some new music with Jim.

Practicing the music for the recording

04/26/2004 - The first in a series of streaming audio presentations have been

posted and are available through Player Participant levels and higher. The 45
min. streaming audio presentation consists of Jim practicing and talking about the
tune "Sam Jones". It is very insightful and it provides a rare opportunity to hear
how Jim approaches practicing for a performance. 2/3
1/26/2018 Jim Hall

Backstage at the Village Vanguard

A series of photos taken backstage in the kitchen of the Village Vanguard during
the week of the recording.

Jim Hall Radio

Jim Hall Internet radio gives you access to music, interviews, and news 24 hours a
Featured Radio Show: Listen to an excerpt from an interview which focuses the
concept of keeping the listener's attention. This interview is one of the many things
available to project Participants.

Exclusive Download

Download the liner notes for the Jim Hall/Pat Metheny that were never included
with the CD. Read this very insightful and entertaining feature written by Devra
Hall. Only available as an exclusive download at

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