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Edward Namerdy

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“A human being is part of a w hole, called
by us the Universe, a part limited in time
and space. He experiences himself, his
thoughts and feelings, as something
separated from the rest - - a kind of optical
delusion of his consciousness. This
delusion is a kind of prison for us,
restricting us to our personal desires and
to affection for a few persons nearest us.
Our task must be to free ourselves from
this prison by widening our circles of
compassion to embrace all living creatures
and the whole of nature in its beauty.”

Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

American Theoretical P hysicist

“… It is a treasure of a book that I will

always cherish.”

Sarah Estep, founder of AAEVP

DEDICATED to everyone and everything
that I have been exposed to, within this
realm… and beyond… All of which have
helped to kindle my imagination.

Twenty years have passed since the birth of

“ANOTHER PLACE IN SPACE”. Within this time
structure I have facilitated the material herein.
“ANOTHER PLACE IN SPACE” is a novella, a
compendium, somewhat pocket-sized, having kept
words to a minimum. This was done for a special
reason, so that one can reflect upon and ponder
over THIS again and again.
I liken “ANOTHER PLACE IN SPACE” to a gem
of a sort… precious, at times… other times,
semiprecious. There is an opportunity present to
creatively, collectively, and/or individually, chip
away, facet and polish THIS to whatever likeness or
understanding that one desires or chooses to
On a Spiritual Level, not to be confused with
religious indoctrinations that have been passed
down through the ages, I often feel that “ANOTHER
PLACE IN SPACE” can be summed up, indirectly, in
twenty-two words.

“I came forth from the Father,

and am c ome into the w orld:
again, I leave the world,
and go t o the Father.”
St. John 16:28

… through Eternal Waves of ethereality (e-the-

reality) I share THIS with my counterparts.
, 1752'8&7, 21
...begotten with mystical insights of having
lived before, then after… inside and outside
dilemmas of time…
The memories of Christopher and Marcus are
of two men who chose not so much to “Believe
What They See”, but rather, “See What They
Believe”… and they still do.
Let them share their Befores and Afters with
See what you believe! SEE WHA T YOU



“The soul should always stand ajar,
ready to welcome the ecstatic
 Emily Dickinson (1830-1886)
American Poet

$3/$&(«, 163$&(«
Imagine a place… the location… neither here
nor there. This “place” is absolutely untouched by
time. It is, use the word, “Devoid” of any kind of
problem or imperfection that can be perceived by
man. This “p lace” is so attuned to perfection that its
inhabitants are totally fulfilled. Love is its strongest
ingredient. Everyone and everything that occupies
this “place in space”, from big to small, are in
harmony with one another. This “place in space”
encompasses all of the good qualities that are
present on Earth and then some. This includes the
unique entities that reside there. In this “place in
space”: There is no pain, only joy. There is no
disease, only health. There is no war, only peace.
There is no death, only life.
These qualities do not relate to mankind as
we know it, and so it would be more appropriate to
use a name other than “man” when referring to or
describing some of the inhabitants of this other
“place in space”. Refer to them as “Immortals”.
These Immortals appear to have physical
bodies. However, theirs are not subject to the same
restrictions as yours. The Immortals appear to be
able to energize, or manifest, and de-energize at
will. In other words, if they wish to make their
presence known, for whatever reason, then it is
known. If they choose not to, for whatever reason,
then they are gone. They travel freely and at will,
unrestricted by time or dimension. They rest and
they eat for pleasure and not out of necessity. It is
very hard to imagine and yet, very simple.
These Immortals seem to exert an abundance
of energy, when engulfed in meditation, and what
you could call chanting or vibrational attunement.
The feeling present is that these Immortals are
“Blending as ONE with the Eternal Universe”.
Please keep in mind that to give true
meaning and significance to this “place in space”, it
is much easier for one to imagine this place than it
is to put it into words. For words are limited by
convention. The imagination is not.
From what has been described so far, you
may already have a small inkling of how beautiful…
how divine… how sacred and spectacular… this
“place in space” really is! You might want to take a
few minutes -- just to ponder over this place --
using your own mind, in your o wn way. Be
creative… See it… Let loose… Become it…

,0$*, 1(-867,0$*, 1(

Now is the time to attune, totally, to this
“place in space”, although, just for a while. So, free
yourself from troubles, fill your heart with love…
and let’s go.
The air is filled with a brilliant sound of music
that can be seen and felt, as well as heard.
Everything here is so fresh, so alive and so pure.
The Immortals are so beautiful! They are
sovereign, evincing and magnificent, giving out an
aura that is brighter than you ever thought possible
and yet not in the least way blinding. You see them
so clearly. You are so close and yet you are distant,
in the sense that you do not feel totally at one with
them. They do not see you. They are unaware of
anything that is less than perfect. A nd yet, they are
aware, because deep-down, you are perfect. Their
love overwhelms you! The words escape you! You
are there! You are really there! Fascinating! Truly
Oh, the sights, the sounds, the sensations!
A ll the wisdom, every meaningful bit of knowledge
is here. It seems to be flowing through you at a
rate that is indeed, without a doubt, indescribable.
The infinite Love, the infinite Truth. Words can not

,0$*, 1(-867,0$*, 1(

Even the flowers, the trees, and the
mountains… everything here is thriving. It is
electrifying! The communication with one another!
The giving… all of the sharing… Words just don’t
appear to be of any importance. Words are
obsolete here, because there is this total
understanding that is present. Everyone and
everything seem to be conversing without the use
of words!
You know you have been here before,
because you are here now. Yes, YOU are here and
there is no such thing as time or space. You only
perceived that there was. We are all here and yet
we are not! It is so hard to explain, and yet it isn’t.
Overwhelmed, as to be expected, your
emotions are now beginning to subside. You, for
some reason, are beginning to feel attuned to this
“place in space”.
You don’t have any idea as to how long
you’ve been here, with time no longer having any
meaning or importance whatsoever. Perhaps
you’ve always been here? You are trying to
comprehend your indescribable surroundings. It
seems that although everyone and everything
exudes a brilliance of light, some of the Immortals
seem to have a difference in aura about them. This
is not to say that any ONE’s light is more brilliant
than another’s… only that there seems to be a
difference that you can not describe in words. It’s
just a feeling, a very strong feeling indeed.
Now that you notice that the Immortals
appear to be chanting and totally preoccupied in
meditation, you suddenly realize that this is very
important to their well-being. They are one with
each other, and yet so separate… so individually
unique. It’s all so incredible! Your observations
and your immersion in all of this, are now to the
point where you are beginning to sense that
although the Immortals are here meditating… they
are also somewhere else…
Your thoughts and perceptions are
changing so drastically, that what you are
witnessing, simply a short meditation period, could
be, at the same time, a “lifetime” or more, in
worldly terms, if there were such a thing as time.

$0$=, 1*6,03/<$0$=, 1*

The Immortals, while thoroughly absorbed in
their meditating and their chanting, are not only
here… they are someplace else… in “A NOTHER
Yes, they are here… yet, they are there. One
of these “places” in “space” that your Immortal
friends mentally travel to is not so perfect at all. It
is governed by time and mortality. Pain and
suffering are commonplace. There is greed and
lust, envy and fear, anger and hatred, and other
traits of imperfection. There is a great need for
improvement in this other place that the Immortals
travel to. There is enormous discord.
Battlegrounds abound, a working ground, a testing
ground, for its inhabitants. The inhabitants seem to
be temporary residents and even the place itself
seems only temporarily to exist.
“A NOTHER PLA CE IN SPA CE” is not all strife
and turmoil. It has its splendors too, and here and
there one finds pockets of love and harmony. Yet, it
seems as though the strife and turmoil predominate
so much. But there, there is happiness mixed in
with the unhapp iness.
You will journey there along with a few
Immortal volunteers. These Immortals have a very
important reason for their journey: To imbue the
inhabitants of “A NOTHER PLA CE IN SPA CE” with
Love, Wisdom, and Truth. To up lift them; their
spirits, their consciousness, and to increase their
perceptivity in order to amplify the significance and
the meaningful purpose for the inhabitants’
existence in their dimension as well as to help them
get in tune with their True Inner Selves… to bring
about a positive change!
The Immortals journey into what they call
“time” so that they can help shed light, to soothe
and to heal. Your reason for the journey is because
“A NOTHER PLA CE IN SPA CE” is where you currently
reside. You know it as EARTH!


“Throw your dreams into space like a

kite, and you do not know what it will
bring back, a new life, a new friend, a
new love, a new country.”

Anais Nin (1903-1977)

American Writer
 Throughout this adventure, you will pass by
the many other places to which these Immortals
journey in the universe. “A NOTHER PLA CE IN
SPA CE” is complicated enough. You will
concentrate on this tiny corner of the cosmos. You
must be wondering… how will these Immortals
travel to Earth? Even more bewildering, how will
they remain where they are at the same time?
Well, sit back and relax, as you travel along with
them, and see if you can comprehend this utterly
astonishing transformation.

When you r eally think about it!
There is no ONE that is better than YOU.
(Perhaps they are just mor e attuned …)
There is no ONE that is worse than YOU.
(Perhaps they are just less attuned...)
So, b etter or w orse…
Mor e or less …
Deep d own WE are all the same…

Here is a brief rundown on the setting: A self-

selected group of the Immortals is heavily engaged
in their ritual of chanting while deep in meditation.
They are scattered about, occupying their own
“place in space” and yet they are grouped together
as one. While pondering over “A NOTHER PLA CE IN
SPA CE” they seem to mold to a universal kind of
law which requires certain rules that are
systematically obeyed. This is not a problem, by any
means. It is just a necessary procedure, a very
natural occurrence.
With the intensity of one, although
completely separate from one another, the
Immortals choose their own surroundings. They
carefully select an existence in “A NOTHER PLA CE IN
SPA CE” that is suitable and significant. They do not
neglect to assure themselves that a specific setting
in time, and a designated location, is of the utmost
importance. The people that will be surrounding
them in “A NOTHER PLA CE IN SPA CE”, parents,
friends, are extremely important as well. This all
requires great attention and assimilation. It would
take you a lifetime or more, within the limits of
time, to even begin to put all of the pieces together
and fully understand what has transpired. Yet, for
the Immortals, it just seems to all happen and come
together in an instant.
The Immortals are incarnating here in the
same way you did. Yes, they are being born on
Earth. Yet they haven’t left their “place in space”.
They are still home meditating. Remember? A so-
called lifetime, for the part of them that is present
here on Earth, but at the same time, only a "blink of
an eye", or a mere thought from their true selves
that are still home, in their "place in space"!
To simplify things, you will focus on your
time, what you call the 21st Century.
Simplify further by concentrating on one
A s the Immortal journeys into his conception
on Earth, he appears to travel through a different
level of vibration. Different sights, sounds, and
sensations are very much a part of this experience.
Now that he is semi-attuned to your “wave length”,
it is easier to put into words some of the
extraordinary events that the Immortal is
The visual effects are indeed stupendous!
The sounds! The music! It is all so unquestionably
aesthetic. Sensations of warmth and security begin
to take shape and form.
A s his conception continues to nucleate,
there now appears to be an inner voice present
through this electrifying journey... a soothing and
definite guiding voice that is now becoming
understandable in words. This voice, or sonnet,
continues to remain separate from the Immortal.
Yet, at the same time, it is a part of him. How
Tune in on some of the words that are being
said. Or is it some of the words that are being
heard? Whichever! Listen! Just simply listen!

Let me know
And understand!

So that I may teach

At your command!

Let me show others

What is true!

So w e may all
Come back to y ou!

The Immortal, while in the stage of an

embryo, appears to be embarked on a kind of
worship. He is being guided by a powerful energy
and yet he is guiding himself. Listen for a little

When in doubt
Let us b e directed!

When we ar e wr ong
Let us b e corr ected!

When we ar e right
Let us b e prot ected!

God b e with us
Let us never be neglected!

The fetal state is approaching. The voice is

beginning to fade. The beautiful “place in space”
that he knows so well is no w d istant in thought.
His concentration is focused on an illusion of
mortality. What seems like an endless journey is
now ending in birth. A n Immortal is born.




 “The illusion that we are separate

from one another is an optical
delusion of our consciousness.”

Albert Einstein (1879-1955)
American Theoretical P hysicist

$127+(53/$&(, 163$&(

 Eighty some years have now passed since the
birth of Marcus, a retired minister who has, in the
past, devoted over thirty years of service to his
beloved church. Marcus has surely had his ups and
downs in his life. He has slowly managed to adjust
to the loss of his deceased wife. Mary A nne was
very dear to Marcus during the thirty-four years
they shared together. With his only son long s ince
out on his own Marcus has become somewhat
concerned with how to keep his life as productive,
and as meaningful as he had been accustomed to
for so many years.
During his productive years, Marcus had
always lived life to the fullest. But, with his failing
health, Marcus was beginning to feel somewhat
confined and slightly tormented inside. There was
this enormous desire for a positive change in his
life. Just sitting around the house writing poetry,
reading a few books here and there, and taking his
daily strolls through the park, just weren’t enough.
He would surely wither away if he didn’t take some
action to turn his life around!

Was it merely by chance, or wasn’t it? The
decision is yours!

It was early morning and, as usual, Marcus
was combing through the daily newspaper. He
spotted a clipping in the Food Section, of all places!
The heading of the clipp ing read:
The rest of the unusual message read as

Christopher is my name!
Philosophy is my ga me…

I seek a place t o stay!

And for r oom ‘n’ board I’ll pay…

I’m seventy-four years old!

And I have stories t o b e t old…

I’m g ood at heart and I’m kind!

So, please, k eep that in mind …

My numb er’s listed here!

So call if you’re sincer e…

This message sent chills through Marcus’

tired bones. He read the message a second time….
“In the Food Section? Who is this guy?”
Marcus uttered, curiously.
“A companion, that’s what I need,” Marcus
thought for a few minutes.
“I’ve lived alone for over fifteen years. I’m
used to being by myself and besides… a total
Marcus pondered over all of the thoughts that
were racing through his head.
“There is something about this guy,
Christopher. It’s an eerie feeling, like I already
know this man… and this message, it’s directed
towards me. That is impossible.” Marcus admitted
to himself, now completely dumbfounded.
“Should I be fool enough to answer an ad like
that?” Marcus wondered to himself, his eyebrows
raised an inch above their normal position, as they
often were when he was deep in a debate with
“Yes, I’ll at least call the guy!” he said
affirmatively. “Christopher must either be a total
nut or a heck of an interesting person.
Furthermore, he’s a poet! So we do have something
in common.”
Upon settling his singular debate, Marcus
prepared his breakfast.
“I must be going senile,” he jokingly
It was just short of noon when Marcus picked
up the phone and proceeded to dial the number that
would fulfill the course of his destiny.


That night while settling into bed, after a
most unusual day, Marcus briefly reevaluated the
phone conversation that he had earlier with
“He surely does seem a bit out of the
ordinary. He strikes me as a down-to-earth and
genuinely sincere guy.” Marcus reached over to
shut off the light by his bed and yawned, “It’s late!
I’m tired! Tomorrow should be different for a
change. I’m looking forward to meeting this guy. I
really am!”
With his mind still very much at work, Marcus
uttered aloud, “But how did he know that my name
was Marcus before I even made mention of it?”
“‘Words are only a tool’, he tells me!
‘I’m a pro’ with many, many tools’, he says.”
A s the minutes passed by, Marcus drifted off
to sleep.
Later, the next morning, while sorting
through the walk-in closet in the guestroom,
Marcus ran across his printing kit that he had not
touched in years. Marcus had used this handy kit
for printing up poems, and pamphlets back when he
used to conduct his sermons in church. The
printing plate still contained the poem he handed
out to the congregation after his last sermon, years
“Forever forgive!”
“I remember that one well!” he said, as he
lifted his kit out from the closet to perch it on the
oak cedar chest that was positioned at the foot of
the bed.
Marcus then got out his bottle of ink and a
sheet of paper and pressed out a flyer.

Help me f orgive
The thoughts of men
Whose actions are untrue

They are just misled

And need guidance instead
Of punishment and ridicule
The gr eatest of men
Share pasts of when
They wer e not gr eat at all

We all are blessed

With nothing less
Than God’s love – it’s in us all

This being true

A bond is her e
That links us all as one

With this in mind

There’s no r oom, nor time
To hate another one

Why can’t we learn

To und erstand
The answer’s all so clear

I guess the reas on’s

Nothing less than Friends
That’s why we’re her e.

“Gosh!” he thought.
“I really loved those days of caring and
sharing.” Sigh!
“So many people whose lives I touched will
remain in my heart forever. God bless them all.”
Reminiscing, as he often did, Marcus was
losing track of the time. Christopher was due to
arrive at one o’clock. They had agreed, the day
before, to have lunch and get better acquainted
with each other.
A s he returned the printing kit to its former
place, on the shelf, in the walk-in closet, it suddenly
dawned on Marcus what Chr istopher had said!
“‘Words are only a tool.’” he recalled.
“Sometimes a good tool and sometimes a bad
tool, but that’s what they are!” said Marcus with his
eyebrows, raised.
“I never looked at it that way before!”
“A ll my sermons and all of my poems were
merely tools to express what was in me!”
“Interesting!” he thought.
Slightly past one o’clock there was a knock at
the door. Christopher had arrived.

 The two of them seemed to hit it off great
from the beginning. With Christopher’s inherent
flair for in-depth and long-winded conversation, it
wasn’t long before Marcus began to feel like he had
known Chr istopher for ages.
They shared much in common. Both men had
been dedicated throughout their lives to serving
mankind, and thereby fulfilling their o wn true wants
and needs.
Christopher had traveled extensively, never
taking the time or having the desire to stay in one
place too long. Due to a sizable inheritance, left to
him at a very young age, money had not been
something he had needed to work for.
Christopher had led a simple, yet meaningful
life, with a trail of individuals, whose lives he had
enriched in a multitude of ways.
It was a beautiful morning, early and brisk.
While walking through the park, Christopher
decided to start the day off with one of his series of
“Think about it,” he said.
“Think about what?” Marcus responded.
“The more you think about it, the more there
is to think about!” he said, as he aimed his silver-
handled walking stick into the air, then, gently
rested it upon his shoulder.
“Let me guess,” said Marcus.
“You are about to go off into one of your
hour-long philosophical viewpo ints. A m I right?”
Marcus asked, somewhat sarcastically.
“No! I’m serious,” said Christopher.
“Look! Do you see that tree over there?”
asked Christopher with a distant look in his eyes.
“What about it?” asked Marcus, while coming
to a slow halt, “Is there something special about
that tree?” Marcus asked good-naturedly,
anticipating what he knew was going to be another
one of Christopher’s far-out concepts.
“Well, yes! Everything is special in its own
way. But that, my friend, is indeed a whole other
They resumed walking and headed over to a
nearby park bench to rest their feet and conserve
their breath for talking.
“We can learn from nature, Marcus! We
really can!” he added.
“A nd, since you and I aren’t getting any
younger and haven’t anything better to do at the
moment,” he raised his hand, pointed towards
Marcus, then winked, “Let’s learn.”
Marcus settled down on the old gray park
bench alongside Christopher. He then pulled out a
bag of peanuts from his coat pocket to feed the
squirrels as he listened curiously to his friend
ramble on…
“Now, Marcus, do you notice how every
single leaf on that tree is blowing toward the
”Yes, Christopher, I see!”
“That is because the wind is blo wing to the
northwest, of course,” said Christopher, as he
tipped his hat and smiled.
“So, what else is ne w?”
“Wait a darn minute, Marcus. Let me finish!
Let me finish!” he repeated.
“The leaves are too intelligent to fight the
flow,” he said.
“They simply go with it… for better or
“What are you trying to say, Christopher?”
“I’m trying to make a point, Marcus! Don’t
take me literally. Okay? Do you notice how all of
the leaves remain in harmony with one another?”
he asked persistently.
“Not a single leaf is out of tune with one
A s Christopher rambled on, Marcus listened
patiently while trying to grasp what his friend was
getting at.
“If only people could blend together in such
perfect harmony. Think what a better place,” as he
paused to draw a deep breath…
“… a better place this world would be,” he
“When it rains, each leaf protects one
another! When the wind blo ws, each leaf shields
one another! They stick together! Each leaf living
for the other but, at the same time, each leaf living
for themselves! What harmony! Marcus, will you
just look at the harmony?” Christopher’s eyes
sparkled, reflecting the glowing sun, rising in the
Marcus, somewhat amused, was finding it
difficult to disagree.
“That all makes sense! But… ,”
“Wait a minute, Marcus. I’m not finished with
that tree yet! Hear me through!” Christopher cried
“So much for the ‘one big happy family’ part.
Let’s look at it in another light. Let’s pretend each
leaf is a person, like you and me, for example,
okay? Each leaf is born and each leaf dies.”
“A ll right!” agreed Marcus.
“Now, Marcus, while in their present form
they never fully understand their true energy
source, in the tree, that is… the very same way you
and I don’t fully understand ours. Now, do we?” he
said, still smiling… smiling a way.
“A sk me why, Marcus.”
“Why, Christopher?” Marcus was still
struggling to digest all that was being said.
“Because… while in the form of a leaf, it is
meaningful to be that leaf. When it is no longer
meaningful to be that leaf, that energy moves on.”
“Moves on? Moves on to what?” asked
Marcus, with a somewhat perplexed look on his
“… To whatever is meaningful. The same
goes for you and me,” Christopher bellowed out.
Marcus was by no means accustomed to such
analogies. It had not been his practice in life to
compare such things… leaves to people… tree
trunks to true energy sources…
“That’s all too heavy for me,” said Marcus,
while scratching his head quite nervously.
“Perhaps you are right,” agreed Christopher.
“But, do you want to know what I really like
about those leaves?”
“What’s that?”
“They can’t understand their true energy
source, yet they are in perfect harmony with it!
They let it shine through.” Still rambling on and on,
Christopher sighed.
“They don’t shut off its brilliant po wer. They
simply let it shine through.” He went on and said,
“Even more than that, they let it flow back to their
energy source. Forever giving and forever
After rolling out what he felt was enough,
Christopher took a deep breath and sat back in his
“I think I get it. I see what you mean,
Christopher. Maybe trees are a whole lot smarter
than I thought they were.” Marcus lifted himself to
his feet.
“Let’s walk some more. A ll right?”
When evening came, Christopher prepared an
exquisite dinner. Cooking was one of his
specialties, and he had acquired many recipes in his
Later on, while relaxing after a stimulating
game of chess, Marcus was drawn back to thinking
about what Christopher had said earlier.
“You know, it is interesting, Christopher!”
“Oh, ugh,” Christopher mumbled, half dozing
off to sleep, while seated in a cozy chair next to the
“What you said this morning… ” Marcus
pressed on. “How we can learn from nature.”
“Yes, it is true. We can!” Christopher replied
Marcus continued. “Looking back, in all of my
years of preaching, I was always stressing the need
for harmony… of our fellowman… our selves…, I
never stopped to look at a tree from that
standpoint. Sure, I saw the beauty, but I -- oh well
-- I don’t know what I mean, exactly!”
“Yes, you do indeed!” Christopher stated.
‘Words are a tool.’ Remember? Put them away from
time to time. Simply know! To kno w is to grow!
Just simply know, Marcus.” Christopher was sitting
up straight by now and very much alert.
Marcus remained seated for a while,
pondering over what Christopher had said. Then,
after collecting his thoughts, he said:
“I gave a sermon, oh, I guess it’s been
twenty years or more. The topic that day, however,
I remember very well. It was entitled ‘Love for
Harmony’s Sake’.”
“Yes!” Christopher urged Marcus on.
“Yes, it kind of reminds me of what you were
saying… about trees being in harmony more than
people are. Isn’t that what you said?” Marcus
“Something like that, Marcus, something like
that.” Christopher replied, softly, as his hazel eyes
seemed to penetrate to the very core of his friend.
“Would you like to hear the poem I passed
out that day to the congregation after the sermon?”
Marcus asked enthusiastically.
“Sure, I’d love to hear it!”
Marcus was most excited! He really, truly,
loved those days, since past.
“It has been so long. Let me see if I can still
remember how it goes.”
Marcus cleared his throat and began to

“To dr eam of a world

I might never s ee

Where ther e is p eace

And Love and Harmony
And everyone
From big t o small

Respect each other

Everyone and all

Where everyone’s right

And no one is wrong

And all stand united

Loving and strong

Doesn’t that seem

Too g ood to b e true?

But is that really

So hard to d o?

The day will come

I Hop e and I Pray

I feel it is soon
But not today

So until then
I will do my part

And when that is done

I will depart.”

With Christopher not only being a

sentimental old guy, but a dreamer as well, he
choked up slightly.
“That was beautiful, Marcus! Really nice.”
“Thanks. I am glad you liked it. But, you
know what troubles me?”
“No, what’s that?” Christopher asked.
“Well, I wonder, with all my sermons, the one
I was just referring to, how many people really
remember what I ever said, or meant?”
The look of compassion on Christopher’s face
was most intense, so intense that it seemed to fill
the entire room.
“Each to his own way -- With hopes that his
and other’s ways are just,” Christopher snapped
“Marcus, my friend, I am sure that many did
and many did not…, but it really doesn’t matter how
“It doesn’t matter?” said Marcus, with a
distinctive tone of disagreement.
“No, Marcus, you gave it your best shot! Your
best go! That is all that really matters!”
“Uh oh,” Marcus muttered to himself.
He was beginning to get the feeling that he
shouldn’t have asked. He sensed that Christopher
was ready to go off into one of his mini sermons
again. It was almost midnight and they had already
had a long day.
“It is in the best interest of each and every
one of us to become attuned to love in our hearts.
However, it is not always best to overindulge in our
ways to the point of becoming unaware of the
different ways and means in which others may be
seeking the same.” Preached Christopher, in a
manner that brought back memories to Marcus of
when he had done quite the same.
Marcus sat there listening as his friend
Christopher rambled on…
“True wisdom is becoming attuned to what
you already know deep, deep down inside. I sense
that you are troubled over your own troubles -- not
Christopher was, now, out of his chair, on his
feet… “Life is both too long and too short for that,
depending on ho w you choose to look at it. So what
do you say we stop troubling ourselves and get
some sleep?”
“Now, it’s simple as that, huh? I can’t sleep
now! You’ve got me all worked up, with all this
talk.” replied Marcus.
“I’m troubled over my own troubles, true
wisdom.” Marcus thought.
“Troubles! Troub les!” Chr istopher shouted.
“You spent so many years teaching others
what you already knew that you haven’t taken the
time to go inside yourself and see how much more
you really know,” Christopher observed.
“What did you mean?” Marcus asked, in
“Growing pains! You are troubled by
‘growing pa ins’!” Christopher answered. “For the
time being, your days of teaching are over and it’s
time to learn some more. A nd that’s your only
trouble. A nd that really isn’t any trouble at all.
Now is it?” he assured his friend.
It seemed to Marcus that his head was now
spinning! Everything being said to him was making
sense, but it was all too much -- too fast -- or so he
thought at the time.
“Hey, Christopher,” Marcus cried out.
“Yes!” replied Christopher.
“What do you say we stop troubling ourselves
and get some sleep?”
“Good enough!” said Chr istopher, by this time
stretching, then, rubbing his tired eyes.
A s Marcus drifted off to sleep that night, he
found himself unconsciously repeating to himself,
“True wisdom is what I already know deep, deep
down inside. ZZZZZ.”

It was Wednesday night, just past six o’clock.
With a few exceptions, Wednesday had slowly
evolved into being the night that Marcus and
Christopher enjoyed spending down at the “local
pub” -- a quaint sort of place -- filled with a variety
of interesting local people.
“The usual?” asked the waitress, as well
poised as she could be.
“No! I’d like Rose’ for a change,” replied
Christopher. “It’s been a rosy day.” he added, with
a wink.
The pretty, young waitress chuckled to
herself, then, looked towards Marcus for his
“Yes, the usual!”
They both sat at the table soaking up the
atmosphere, feeling quite at home. A s time passed,
Marcus blurted out:
“One thing leads to the other!”
“What do you mean, Marcus, ‘One thing leads
to another’?”
“Well,” he glanced at the corner of the ceiling
for a second. “I’ve lived right up the road from here
for years. Until I met you, I had never set foot in
here. Now, once a week, it’s almost like an
extension of my living room. It’s funny, that’s all!”
Marcus said, while toying with the saltshaker that
was on the table.
“One thing surely does lead to the other. It
does indeed,” Christopher said, as he began to
mentally multiply -- then divide -- Marcus’ simple
“Got a minute?” asked Christopher, with a
silly grin on his face.
“Sure.” said Marcus, knowing that a “minute”
was a lot longer than a “minute” to his friend
“Do you remember the movie ‘Star Wars’?”
asked Christopher.
“Yes. What about it?”
“Do you remember the ‘bar scene’ where
there were all of those creatures, or whatever they
were, from all over different galaxies and planets?”
asked Christopher.
“A ll of them were gathered in this neutral
place and drinking at the bar,” he went on.
“Pretty bizarre, wasn’t it?” asked Marcus, in
“Well, please don’t think I’m crazy, but, when
I look around the room here, that’s what I see, only
we are wearing human masks, so to speak.”
“What?” bellowed Marcus, perplexed as ever.
“They were from different planets, different
worlds, with different states of consciousness.
Think for a minute. Look around you! We all have
different levels of perception, different abilities, the
same as they did. The only difference is, we are
human, in flesh, and were born on Earth. When we
are through with this planet which we are enjoying
right now, we will travel to our Heavens and our
Hells according to our own individual concepts of
reality… according to whatever is meaningful to our
true selves… this can vary as much as that ‘Star
Wars’ bar scene. Don’t you see what I mean?”
Christopher avowed.
Marcus folded his hands, then unfolded his
hands to rub the back of his tense neck.
He paused briefly, “Yeah! I mean, I guess so!
But you sure have a strange way of putting things.”
“Marcus,” he said, as he stared deeply into
his friend’s eyes, “Technically, we are all from
‘outer space’… where do you think Earth is?”
“… and we have all been in ‘other places’…
not necessarily ‘outer space’, either. What about
‘inner space’? It’s just that it’s not meaningful for
us to remember everything that there is to
remember at this time.”
Christopher sat back for a minute, wondering
how much of what he had said made sense to
Marcus as he took a few sips of his wine.
Marcus was baffled, without a doubt,
“First, let me say there is only so much, for
various reasons, that we choose or allow to filter
through to our conscious minds. We only
comprehend and we only learn what is meaningful
for us as individuals to learn, in order to fulfill
ourselves.” he said, while brushing back his hair,
away from his forehead.
“Second, let me say, earth is merely a
working ground, or a ‘tool’, if I may use that word
again. A place that has inherited, as well as
created, good and evil… a place where one can aid
and be aided without affecting our permanent
domain. Marcus, my friend, we have no beginning.
We have no end. However, there is much in
between.” Christopher rambled.
“I know one thing.” said Marcus, with a big
smirk on his face.
“What’s that?” urged Christopher.
“One thing surely does lead to the other.
How do you ever manage to sleep at night?”
Marcus laughed.
“Well, when you get to be my age, you’ve had
plenty of practice!” he joked to his friend.
“A nother one, guys?” asked the waitress.
“Sure, why not!” said Marcus.
“Oh, ah, Sally.”
“Bring us a quarter-loaf of the delicious
home-made pumpernickel bread that you have back
there… and a slab of cheddar cheese too, please.”
said Christopher.
“I just love that crust,” he added.
“Got it!” she said, as she scurried away,
toward another table.
“He’s calling Earth a tool now!” thought
Marcus, about Christopher’s last profound remark.
“So this ‘permanent domain’ -- I guess you
mean Heaven,” said Marcus and then asked, “How
do you feel we get there?” He reached for his drink.
“Love! It’s the most powerful force there is.
Learn to Love and Love to Learn. Heaven isn’t a
place that’s ‘there’! Marcus, it’s a state of
consciousness. It’s here, just as much as it is
there?” Christopher said sternly.
“Hey, buddy! Yeah, you!” said an irate young
man who had been overhearing the conversation
and was now standing by the table, looking
Christopher right in the eye.
“I’ve heard about enough of your mumbo
jumbo. You are off your rocker. Do you know
that?” snapped the young man.
“I’m sorry you feel that way.” Christopher
returned an equally intense stare.
“Sorry for you that is!” said Christopher, in a
cool calm voice.
“Why you… if you weren’t such an old man,
I’d knock your foolish block off,” the young man
yelled, before storming out the front door.
“Some people!” said Marcus, while shaking
his head.
“Is everything okay?” the waitress asked
after rushing over to the table.
“No problem at all.” Christopher answered,
as relaxed as could be.
In less than a minute, the unforeseen
commotion had subsided.
“Why did you tell that guy you were sorry for
him?” Marcus wanted to know.
“Because Love is Eternal Life and hate is
Internal Death and he doesn’t see that… the road
that lies ahead of him is probably going to be a long
one in the event he does not change his ways.” he
sighed. “No w! Was that a perfect example of
‘different states of consciousness’, or what?” asked
Christopher, cracking a smile.
The seconds, the minutes, ticked by into an
hour or more, before Marcus asked: “Where do you
get all of your information? How can you be so sure
that what you say is true?”
“I don’t have to be sure, Marcus. I merely
have to believe.” Christopher responded, as he
signaled the waitress for their check. “Remember…
‘Each to his own way’. It’s late, Marcus, we had
better be off.”
The night grew late and, while the friends
were now in their rooms preparing for bed, both of
their minds were at work.
“Earth is a tool… then maybe my body is a
tool? My soul is a tool? I’m getting as deep as
Christopher!” Marcus thought to himself, and then…
“There are ‘new souls’ and ‘old souls’
engrossed in the dilemma of time. Within this time
it could take many lifetimes to become attuned to
one’s true and Eternal identity. The way out of the
dilemma of time, if this is what you choose to
transpire, is to become attuned to Love and
Harmony with the dilemma. To live life to the
fullest extent possible! Some call this evolution;
others call it becoming awakened. Still others
simply call it life. In any case, the end result is the
same. In math, science, medicine, law, music, and
religion, all the way down the line to just simple
everyday living, there is the opportunity for Peace,
Love, and Harmony. If this is not possible in one’s
surrounding or you lack the power to change your
positions, it is at least possible to go within yourself
and be at peace.” Christopher’s mind raced.
“Words, words, words!” Christopher thought
as he fell asleep. “ZZZZZZZZZ.”

The summer was most intense, in more ways
than one; long, hot, muggy days, before blending
into autumn. Marcus’ health was no w to the point
where he had become unable to enjoy his life. He
missed the long walks he once shared with his
friend, Christopher. He missed the “local pub” that
was just do wn the road.
“Christopher!” said Marcus, in a defeated
tone of voice.
“Yes, my friend!” he replied.
“I’m just not what I used to be!” sighed
Marcus, with a saddened look upon his weary face
that made it more than obvious that Marcus’
presence of body was falling fast and thin.
Christopher just sat there for a minute in his
cozy chair, brushing back his silky white hair and
rubbing his forehead.
“Sometimes when you’re troubled the most,
that’s when you’re learning the most,” said
Christopher, with a warm, compassionate smile.
Marcus shrugged his shoulders, as if to say
“That’s easier said than done…” Christopher was
trying his best to soothe his dear friend.
“Did you write that one this morning?” asked
Christopher, noticing a poem that lay on the table
next to Marcus.
“Well, sort of. I originally wrote it a long time
ago. I rewrote it this morning out of memory,” said
“Do you mind?” asked Christopher, as he
reached over so as to read the poem.
“No, by all means, be my guest,” he said.
Marcus remained laying on the soft cushioned
sofa. His concentration was now geared towards
Christopher’s reaction, to the poem that he was
about to read.
Marcus was cur ious. Marcus was tired.
A s Christopher began to read the poem, a
gentle whisper from the lips of both Marcus and
Christopher filled the air… filled the space… in

“I know not what my mission is,

But this I know for sure…

I must endur e the pain I have,

And struggle on s ome more…

I’ve not yet bloomed; my time will come,

God willing this, I trust…

Until this day, I’m her e t o say,

I trust in thee, I must …

The light is here; it’s always been,

My eyes are clos ed, s o blind …

Just waiting to be opened wide,

I guess it’s just not time…

So, until then I must endur e,

Being patient every day…

And know the truth is her e with me,

Forever and a day…”
“Marcus,” Christopher said, clearing his throat.
“Yes?” Marcus replied softly.
“A ny true idea is not yours alone! If it is not
yours alone, then it is meant to be shared! That’s
what you’ve done all of your life with your poems…
your sermons… your loved ones… don’t ever forget
that. You’re full of True Ideas!” stressed
“I hope I am.” Marcus said earnestly.
“You are! You have done your ‘homework’…
your ‘lifework’… very well! You have utilized your
‘tools’ wisely, Marcus!” Christopher continued…
“Let me also tell you something that I’ve been
meaning to say for a long time. A ll my talks, about
Love being so powerful and all of that… Well! I
LOVE YOU, Marcus!”
Christopher proceeded to give Marcus a
warm, quiet hug.
“You do!” Marcus uttered with tears
beginning to build.
“You know I do!” said Christopher. “Of
course I do.”
“A nd I love you, Christopher!” he said, “You
have made my life very happy!” He paused to shift
his uncomfortable body, continuing, “I’ve had many
friends in all of my days… but I can honestly say,
that you are the best of all the friends I have ever
Christopher smiled, “Your best friend for
now, Marcus. You will have many best friends after
me.” he assured Marcus.
“Too much! You’re too much!” Marcus
laughed softly, “I have to rest now, Christopher.
Christopher went to bed that evening with his
perceptivity attuned, as ever. His thoughts were
taking him back through the last seventy-five years
that he had lived, happily. For some reason, he
sensed that his life would soon be coming to an
“Why do I have this feeling?” he thought, as
he lay in bed.
“I’ve never had this feeling before” he went
on thinking as he drifted off to sleep.
In the wee hours of the following morning, a
fire quickly spread through the entire house.
Neither Christopher’s life nor Marcus’ life were
spared. The cause? Unkno wn.



“It is the mind that makes the man,

and our vigour is in our immortal

Ovid (43 B.C. – A.D. 18)

Publius Ovidius Naso
Latin Poet
7+(5(78517+(5(81, 21
You are now witnessing Christopher’s and
Marcus’ transformation from their temporary life
here on Earth, to their destiny as Eternal Beings…
The encompassing sounds that contain “breath-
taking” music are once again becoming an Eternal
A beautiful light, containing every color
imaginable, is now coming into their view. Thrilling
sensations that seem foreign, although
unquestionably familiar, are in existence as well.
There is this recognizable presence surrounding
This guid ing FORCE is encompassing your
Immortal friends with LOVE.
A lthough they are fully aware of the Earth
that they love so much, they are now becoming
attuned to what lies ahead. The Immortals
continue to venture onward…
“I’ve gone through Hell and back only to find
that Heaven was always here.” uttered Marcus, as
he marveled over the surroundings that were
somewhat similar to those on Earth, although
different as well.
“Not ‘always’! A LL WAYS! Heaven is
A LL WAYS here, as it is there on Earth!” said
Christopher, very much attuned to his present state.
Christopher knew that the time had come for
him to say farewell to his friend, Marcus. Marcus
had spent most of his life on Earth teaching others…
it was almost time to resume his career.
“Marcus!” Christopher said firmly.
“Yes?” Marcus responded, curiously.
Christopher went on, “In this dimension you
will continue to teach… with fewer restrictions…
you have earned everything that is around you…
everything that you see… you will soon reunite with
your wife, Mary A nne. You will be very happy…”
Christopher flowed on, as they stood in what
seemed to be a valley of some kind.
Marcus soaked in what was being told to him,
with a keen, refreshing sense of alertness that was,
indeed, a new experience.
“Mary A nne will come to greet you… right
here, very soon. She will guide you from here,” he
paused, momentarily. “Mary A nne has been
expecting your arrival here, your passing into this
dimension. She is well prepared to be of the utmost
assistance to you.”
Marcus was overwhelmed with the events
that were taking place and in anticipation of the
events that were yet to come. Christopher stood
there talking… as if he had not very much more
time left to talk.
“Do you remember how, on Earth, they have
Pharmacists… so as to help people… when they’re
sick… or out of tune with them selves?”
“Yes.” said Marcus, still somewhat
disoriented after the transition that had recently
taken place. “Yes! I remember… Pharmacists.”
“Well, in this dimension, they have a similar
occupation, one that you will eventually become
involved with. Quite successfully, I might add!”
Christopher stated, in a confident tone of voice.
“What occupation is that?” asked Marcus,
“Not a Pharmacist, Marcus… a ‘Dharmacist’!”
he said to his friend.
Marcus’ eyebrows, once again, were raised.
He put his hand upon his chin. A “Dharmacist” was
a word… a tool… an occupation… that was indeed,
entirely new to him.
“A nd what, may I ask, is a ‘Dharmacist’?”
Marcus wanted to know, being more curious than
“Instead of helping… by prescribing or
dispensing medicine, you will prescribe/dispense
wisdom… true ideas. You will help troubled souls to
go forward… similar to what you did while on Earth.
There is no line between prescribing and dispensing
at this level we are on.”
Christopher paused. He seemed to be
pulsating… vibrating… attuning to yet, another
higher frequency level of consciousness faster and
faster than witnessed before… in front of Marcus’
Christopher continued, “It’s a very popular
occupation here, where we are. In fact, there are
more ‘Dharmacists’ here than there are Pharmacists
on Earth.
Marcus was, by now, astonished… utterly
“You will have your renewed body that your
have now… for as long as you desire… for as long
as is meaningful! You are not old. You are not
young. You are simply free… you are eternal. A ge
was merely a ‘tool’ that you utilized very well…
very, very well indeed.”
Marcus listened, knowing that his days of
earning and learning were not yet over! Words of
wisdom came into his consc iousness:

Help me, God,

So that I might help others.

Give me Joy,
So that I might pass it on.

Let me see,
So I might shed light.

$1'7, 0(52//('21

 “Good-bye, for now, my dear friend. I must
be on my way. My work here is over! There are
higher wor lds, as there are lower worlds. My time
has come… as it has gone,” said Christopher, with a
solemn look on his face that blended perfectly with
his warm, soft smile.
To Marcus’ surpr ise, he stood there… in this
valley… watching Christopher’s glowing face and
figure change into that of a thousand people. He
could sense that within the compounds of time…
Christopher had lived many, many times and was
much more than just Christopher.
“I LOVE YOU, Christopher! OH, GOD… How I
LOVE YOU!” Marcus shouted, with tears streaming
down his cheeks.
“I LOVE YOU too, Marcus.” He went on…

, 1<28
6+, 1(7+58´

… echoed Christopher… and then, Christopher

$1' 7, 0(52//('21

Christopher silently put into words a poem so
as to help himself venture forward. He had a strong
desire to put down his tools of words… of space…
and venture onward… and that is precisely what he

“I’m not sure why I’m her e,

But I know it’s for a reas on.

I don’t know where I will go,

But I know it leads to g ood.

So, I’ll be thankful now,

I’ll learn to c ount my blessings.

I’ll fill myself with joy,

And give thanks for all with LOVE.”
The timeless venture continues. This guiding
FORCE that is made manifest in ways that are
unexplainable in words leads your friend HOME
once again. A s the incredible journey nears its end,
the Immortal’s concentration is focusing on HIS
Engrossed in thoughts of TRUTH, LOVE &
HARMONY, there is no longer even a minute’s
realization of “A NOTHER PLA CE IN SPA CE”… and
yet, there is a realization.
The Immortal is home where he has always
been. He is surrounded by loving and giving
friends. Some are new and some are old and yet
everyone and everything is timeless. The hereafter,
or is it the herebefore? Very hard to imagine, and
yet, very easy.

,0$*, 1(-867,0$*, 1(



(3, /2*8(
I sincerely hope that you have enjoyed
sharing this incredible journey with me, as much as
I have with you. If any part of this journey has
been too mind-boggling for you, my suggestion is
that you need not attempt to thoroughly digest
everything that was touched upon. I don’t feel that
it is necessarily imperative that we put all of our
thoughts and our feelings into words, in order to
arrive at conclusions.

The mor e w e analyze,

The mor e there is to analyze…

Furthermore, even if we live to be 200 years

of age, or more, we will still be on our o wn journey
sooner or later! Perhaps YOU and I are here in
“ANOTHER PLACE IN SPACE”, and at the same time,
in an OMNIFIC kind of way… we are HOME, in some
other “place in space” as well!
Talk about mind-bogglers… Here is one I like
to play with. Did we correlate this Journey
together, using our Creative Imagination? Or, did
this Journey correlate us?
Peace, Love and Happiness to each and every
one of you and long may you live on…
Edward Namerdy coined both “Dharmacist”
and the definition of the word in February of 1984.
The definition of Dharmacist: a living soul, in
flesh or beyond, that dispenses wisdom or high
ideals and teachings to help others become
Spiritually attuned to One’s greater purpose and
ultimate destiny.

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