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Chapter 2.

The principles of the CRC
A project or a programme based on CRP must reflect the four main principles of
the CRC. These principles must be taken into consideration throughout the whole
preparation phase. Below is a list of what to consider.

• Is the programme likely to benefit boys and
girls from different social identities/groups in
different ways? If yes, how?

Survival and development:
Is a multi-sectoral approach being taken in
order to address and strengthen physical, cog-
nitive, emotional, social, cultural and spiritual
• Does it have an inclusive approach, ensuring development?
20 full participation and access for all? Are • Are children’s evolving capacities recog- 21
empowering strategies included? nised? Are parents and the extended family
• Will the programme address discrimination? recognised as primary caregivers?
(Age, disability, sex, ethnicity, class, HIV/ • Are there any possible negative consequences
aids status, etc.) Think about attitudes, prac- for different groups of boys and girls in rela-
tices, laws and policies. tion to survival and development?
• Does the programme aim to provide one group
of children with rights not enjoyed by other Participation:
groups of children? If so, is it appropriate?
• Are the government and other actors being • Are the views of boys and girls being incor-
Photo : Michael Myrdal lobbied in order to mobilise the resources porated in all stages off programming, iden-
needed to prevent and combat discrimination tification, planning, design, implementation
and stereotypes? and evaluation?
• Are governments being lobbied to provide • Are the views of different groups of girls and
information about how budgeting, spending boys being taken into consideration and given
and impact are related to the sex, class, age equal weight?
etc. of children? • Is relevant and accessible information provided
and are their evolving capacities respected?
• Are any special measures being taken to
Best interests: encourage all children to speak out? What
• What is the vision or the understanding of kind of support is being provided in order to
the best interests of the child in the field of help girls and boys to develop their capacity
intervention? Who formulated this vision? for informed choice?
• Are the best interests of girls and boys being • Are government and other actors being lob-
bied to take children’s views into considera-
fully considered during project planning and
tion on any matters that effect them? Are
implementation? How?
children being provided with relevant infor-
• How is the budget allocated? Is it in the best
mation in a form they understand?
interests of all the children in the target group?
• Is the government and other actors being lob-
bied to undertake child/impact analysis before
taking decisions, passing new laws, etc.?

Chapter 2 A Tool Kit on Child's Rights Programming