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Anchorage Gospel Rescue Mission

news r e s c u e A Ministry of Rescue & Recovery

is all
December 2005
a publication of the Anchorage Gospel Rescue Mission • Anchorage, Alaska

What is the first thing that you think about

when Christmas comes to mind?
Gifts, giving and receiving—Shopping , and

more shopping—Holidays—Feasting and
parties—Tinsel and decorations—Christmas
trees—Silver bells—Santa Claus—A time of
jesus joy—Visiting with family and friends.
I am all for people celebrating the birth of our
Lord in the traditional way and enjoying this
time of the year with their family and friends.
“And she shall bring forth a son, and thou
shalt call His name Jesus: for He shall save
e 2
Pag His people from their sins.”
ia l s
r Matthew 1:21.
M emo
2 The Angel said unto them, “Fear not: for,
sP behold I bring you good tidings of great joy,
N ote
ogram which shall be to all people. For unto to you
e 3 is born this day in the city of David a Savior,
D esk Remember— which is Christ the Lord”. Luke 2:10-11.
to r’s

or mP
3 Jesus is “….whosoever shall call upon the name of the
Lord shall be saved”. Romans 10:13.

io nF
nat We take this space to wish all a very happy
e 4 holiday season. And to thank all of you that

el Sch
e du l e
Reason contribute to this ministry with financial and
in-kind gifts. We love you in the Lord. We
For The
e 4 depend on you to keep our services available
Needs to the poor, needy and homeless people that
si on
Mis come to us for help.
Merry Christmas and a
Happy and prosperous New Year to all!
let love live THANKS!
I am so thankful for faithful friends and supporters
It is a special way of remembering a departed loved of this ministry who make it possible for us to do the
one or friend by giving a living memorial gift to the things we do. I wish I had the words to express my
Anchorage Gospel Rescue Mission in the name of that heart felt appreciation to each and every one of you.
person is a very personal, lasting expression of your Sometimes we get a little down and anxious over
love. Your thoughtful remembrance can have eternal things that happen or things that are needed, but
value when invested in the lives of people. God will touch your heart and you respond. Then,
Living Memorials the need is met or we have the resources to attend to
the problem. All because YOU have been faithful.
….touch lives as they honor the
There is no way we could shelter folks, provide
memory of loved ones and friends.
meals and other services that are provided by the
In Memory of
Mission without your help.
Esperanza M. Casas
We have seen many come to know Jesus as
by Martha Cashen
their Lord and Savior this last year. Also, we have
In Memory of witnessed many homeless people reunited with their
Alvin Syren family. People are homeless for many different
by Claris Syren reasons, but what ever the reason Jesus Christ is the
A.O and Evanne Syren answer to their problem. This is the reason for our
being and our being is made possible by you.
In Memory of the most I would like to meet each and
Kathryn L. Topel important every one of you and thank you
William F. Topel
by William M. Topel
thing you personally for your in-kind gifts
can do for and financial support of this
ministry. But please remember the
* * * * * * * us is to most important thing that you can
Open Your Heart PRAY do for us is to PRAY for us, that
To----Jesus the things that are accomplished
here at the Mission will bring glory and honor to our
Open your heart to Jesus—
Lord Jesus Christ.
Let His Spirit enter in—
Remember, Jesus said, “ Give and it shall be
And, forever, be your Savior
given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and
From life’s struggles and their sins;
shaken together, and running over, shall men give
Let Him be your true Companion, into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye
On each road you choose to trod, mete withal, it shall be measured to you again”. Luke
And your Guide to Christian glories 6:38. –Bro. Don
On this earth and unto God.

Open your heart—and heartaches

To His mercy and His care
And be blessed with saving graces PLEASE
In your life and in your prayers; Remember the
Anchorage Gospel
He is waiting to endear you,
Rescue Mission in your
With the love that He imparts,
When you open up the shutters
It can have eternal
To the closets in your heart.
blessings for you
Except a man be born again,
He cannot see the kingdom of God. John 3:3
Director’s Desk
Don Bettis
christmas needs Turkeys Cranberry Sauce
Onions Canned Corn
VOLUNTEERS Marshmallows Celery
Are Needed For The Following: Turkeys
Fruit Cocktail
Green Beans
Stuffing Mix Pumpkin Pies
Team 1 Debone twenty or more turkeys and other food Apple Pies Pecan Pies
preparation – on a weekday Canned Sweet Potatoes Turkeys
(tentatively Thursday, December 22nd. Turkeys Instant Mashed Potatoes
Need a commitment of 4 consecutive hours beginning in
the morning.
Let Us Keep Christ
Team 2 Serve refreshments, meals, desert and clean
up facility at the close of the dinner served on Friday, In Christmas
December 23rd . Need a commitment of 4-1/2 consecutive I know that it is an old cliche’ and we have heard it
hours beginning in the PM. so often that for the most part it has lost it’s meaning. But
would it not be wonderful if we could take this time of the
year that has been designated as our Lord’s birthday and
If “you” want to help us with
just worship and praise God for giving us the greatest gift
these very important tasks, of all – Jesus, His beloved Son. Someone has said, “that
Please Read The Following: God bankrupt heaven when He sent Jesus to earth’. In
other words, God gave His best when He gave Jesus, that
Call our volunteer coordinator Jeanne Lutz, 278-9679. we through His sacrificial death on the cross, may have
She needs individuals and families that can make the life eternal. If we will put our faith and trust in Him and
above commitments of time. repent of our sins – He will then become our Savior and
His mission will not have been in vain.
Ages for all children is 8 years old minimum. So let us get in the real Christmas spirit and celebrate
in a way that will be pleasing unto the Lord. May
Jeanne will do the scheduling of the teams. You Christmas not become a time of frustration, confusion,
may reach her at her home telephone weekdays after cynicism or a time of bad or sad memories. May we put
6 PM and weekends or by leaving a message on her all of these things behind us and keep this time holy and
telephone recorder. Please leave an evening phone sacred. Let us not make it a time of commercialism but
number and speak slowly while recording. She a time when we can share with those less fortunate than
ourselves. May we give as much to the Lord as we spend
will give you specific details about team assignments
on each other and our loved ones. May it become a time
and schedule your time for work. when we truly put Christ back in Christmas!

Anchorage Gospel Rescue Mission P.OB Box 230510 Anchorage, Alaska 99523-0510
Here is my support gift: For Credit Card Donations:
Food and Shelter: $_____ I would like to charge my total donation of $__________________
Check One: Visa ˆ M/C ˆ Am/Ex ˆ Discover ˆ
Facilities Maintenance: $_____
$46.25 For 25 Meals ______
$74.00 For 40 Meals ______ Card Number __________________________________________
$132.20 For 72 Meals ______
Exp. Date: ______/______ Signature _______________________
$277.50 For 150 Meals ______
______Other: All credit card information is kept in strict confidence
______ I Will Pray for this Ministry. Make checks payable to the Anchorage Gospel Rescue Mission
You will receive a receipt.

Address: ______________________________________________
Please send this coupon with your donations.
Our Ministry of Chapel Services for December
u e Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
e s c Merry 1 2 3
r is to Rev. First Calvary

Ben Presbyterian Baptist
the least Sherbahn Church Church
the last 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
the lost God’s
Abbott Loop
“URGENT” Church Nazarene Singers Church of God

Our supplies of these 11

Church of
items is constantly in Place God Assebmly Point Evangelistic Evangelistic Christian
of Prophecy of God Team Team Fellowship
need of replenishing 18 19 20 21 22 23 24
† Prayer Grace First Baptist Anchorage Christian Evangelical In His Name Southside
Victory Church Native Evangelical Covenant Sandy Church
† Paper Towels Fellowship Eagle River Assembly Church Church McCollum of God
† 45 Gallon Trash Bags 25 26 27 28 29 30 31

† Fresh Meat New Light

by the
Rev. Ben
† Coffee Church Church Grebe Sea Church

† Bathroom Tissue Special Chapel Services

Friday, December 23, - 2:00 P.M.
† Laundry Soap Special Guest Speaker

† Disposable Shavers STATEMENT OF FAITH

† Cleaning Supplies The Anchorage Gospel Rescue Mission is a Non-Profit, Non-Denominational
† Liquid Dish Detergent organization. We received NO municipal, state or federal funds. We are not a
† Dinner Napkins United Way Agency. Your financial support and In-Kind donations makes it possible
for us to provide for the poor, needy and homeless people in our community. Also,
† Shampoo
your donations allow us to provide a Drug and Alcohol Recovery program. All
“URGENT” Donations are fully tax deductible. We will give you a receipt for your donation.

Anchorage Gospel Anchorage Non-Profit Org.

U.S. Postal
Rescue Mission Gospel PAID
s c Anchorage, AK
Board of Trustees reMission
Premit # 290

Mark Soquet, President A Ministry of

Bob Collins, Vice President Rescue & Recovery
(and acting treasure)

Ed Shelton, Secretary u
Enoch Adams sc
Dr. Bonnie Hemry

P.O. Box 230510•Anchorage, AK•99523-0510•(907) 563-5603
Rev. Willard leisy
Advisory Board:
Paul Kelly
Dr. Byron Perkins

Rev. Don Bettis, Exec. Dir.

Charlotte Bettis, Asst. Dir.
Association of Gospel ue
sc Missions
An association of Rescue Ministries