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Should Be
ALL About Jesus!
What is the first thing you think about when
Christmas comes to mind?

Gifts – giving and receiving – Shopping, shopping and more

shopping – Holidays – Feasting and parties – Tinsel and
decorations – Christmas trees – Silver bells – Santa Claus –
A time of joy – Visiting with family and friends.

I am all for people celebrating the birth of our Lord in the

traditional way and enjoying this time of the year with their
family and friends. HOWEVER,

Jesus is the Reason for the Season!

David M. Williams
Program Director “And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call His
name JESUS: for He shall save His people from their
Larry Aldrich “Neither is there
Operations Manager sins”.
salvation Matthew 1:21
Randy Hess
Maintenance Supervisor in any other: The Angel said unto them, “Fear not: for, behold I bring
you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.
for there is none
Larry O’Connor For unto to you is born this day in the city of David a Savior,
Greg Mann other name under heaven which is Christ the Lord”. Luke 2:10-11.
Roger Klein
Neil Givens given among men, “….whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall
Client Supervisors be saved” Romans 10:13
whereby we
David McKnight must be saved”. I would like to take this space to wish all a very
Van Driver happy holiday season and to thank all of you that
Acts 4:12 contribute to this ministry. We love you in
Solomona Talivaa the Lord. We depend on you to keep our
Maintenance services available to the poor, needy and homeless
Donn Baker people that come to us for help.
John Lofquist

Mark McKinnon
Intern Merry Christmas and a

happy and prosperous New Year to all!

0 7

our front lawn just to end up with The reality of the Alaska winter,
a scrawny little snowman that like Mississippi, is not as
stood all of three feet high. It was picturesque either. Especially
t e exhausting and not very rewarding. when you remember there are
da I can remember watching this silly people who are forced to sleep
up s little pile of snow, creatively named out in the elements. I’ve often
am iam Frosty, hang on for all of two day wondered if the homeless men and
gr ill in the Mississippi sun shine. WE women feel the same way as I do
ro d
W WERE ROBBED! Our Frosty about the snow. Do they sit around
p i
D av didn’t look anything like the ones
we saw on TV. I never looked at a
and wish for a white Christmas?
It is no secret our beds here at
snowman again without imagining the Mission have been cut in half
our little sickly Frosty standing because of code and zoning issues.
White Christmas beside it. Unfortunately he never We have been butting heads with
measured up. the city for over two years trying to
As a child growing up in find a solution. As I left my warm
Mississippi I can’t remember ever home and walked to work this
having a white Christmas. The morning I couldn’t help but reflect
truth is there wasn’t a lot of snow on those who have no home. I also
at all. I clearly remember my first find myself wondering if I, like the
experience with snow; I must have city, put more importance on silly
been four or five at the time. I can things like codes over human life.
still see my brother jumping up I hope not.
and down with excitement at what
greeted us as we crawled out from It is my Christmas prayer all
under the quilt. The farm seemed the homeless men, women, and
so clean in the blue tint of dawn children in Alaska have a warm
and the front lawn sloping down place to go. A place that affords
toward the pond didn’t seem real at Now I live in Alaska where a white them the opportunity to experience
all. There was a crispness in the air Christmas is the order of the day. the joy of the season. A place
that complimented our excitement The snowmen are robust and the where they are treated with dignity,
as we dashed out the front door scenery harkens your thoughts to respect, and loved. A place where
into this magical world. Psalm 19:1 “The Heavens declare value is placed on them as caring,
the glory of God; the skies proclaim feeling, human beings instead of
The reality of it all was not as the work of his hands.” I’m sure more value being placed on some
picturesque. This was, after all, you could search the world over code or imaginary zone line. A place
Mississippi. There was maybe, and and find a dozen places that match like the Anchorage Gospel Rescue
I stress, maybe, a quarter of an inch the winter beauty of Alaska but I Mission where a white Christmas
of snow. We worked harder than dare say you will never find a place means a Christ Christmas.
the seven dwarves to build a snow “more” beautiful. This is truly a
man. We cleaned every square winter wonderland!
inch of the six acres that made up
We invite you to visit us on the web or
drop us an E-mail with your comments

2 and suggestions
Living Memorials Volunteers Needed
. . . .touch lives as they honor the memory
of loved ones and friends. To Help With Christmas Dinner!

In Memory of Our Volunteer Coordinator Jeanne Lutz—Phone 278-9679,

Esperanza and Ernesto Cases needs volunteers of individuals and families that can make
by Martha Cashen the following commitments of time on Friday December
22nd, 2007.
In Memory of
Mike Howerton Team 1 – Prepare food and decorate facility for the
by Mustangs of America, FDN Christmas meal – To be served on Friday December 22nd.
Need a commitment of 4 consecutive hours beginning in the
In Memory of morning.
Lei Ann Hunter
by Dolores Hyer Team 2 – Serve the refreshments, meal. desert and clean
up of facilites at the close – Friday December 22nd. Need
In Memory of a commitment of 5 consecutive hours beginning in the
Susie Kaigelak afternoon.
by Archie and Edith Greene
Both teams require children
In Memory of to be a minimum of 8 years of age.
Jerry Kelm
by Leslie and Berniece Kelm Jeanne will do the scheduling of the teams. You may
reach her at her home telephone after 6 P.M. and weekends
In Memory of or by leaving a message on her telephone recorder. Please
Alvin Syren leave an evening number and speak the number slowly.
by Claris Syren She will give you specific details about team assignments
and schedule your time to work.
special needs for our
Christmas dinner
Lots and Lots of Turkeys Our Solicitation Policy!
Stuffing Mix The Anchorage Gospel Rescue
Cranberry Sauce Mission does not solicit funds door
Green Beans to door or by telephone. If someone
Corn contacts you in this way on behalf
Instant Mashed Potatoes of the Mission, please call us (563-
Onions – Celery 5603) or the proper authorities at
Fruit Cocktail once.
We do permit children and churches
Canned Sweet Potatoes
to collect food or clothing door to
Dinner Rolls door. They will identify themselves,
Marshmallows and will have a badge or letter
Pumpkin, Pecan, Apple Pies on Mission letterhead stationary.
However, we never allow anyone
Christmas Dinner Will Be Served On
to collect money. We appreciate
Friday December 22nd---3 to 5:30 P.M.
Special Chapel Service at 2:00 P.M.
your support and do not want
donations getting into the wrong

Wednesday. When I called my A seed has been planted and I
brother to give him my itinerary he know the Holy Spirit will continue
was close to tears. to draw him into the fold.
t e
da Never did he expect me to come
s h all the way to Idaho for him. His God’s Protective
n r ic surgery was going to be a day
t l d procedure and he had no idea how Bubble
a A (Continued)
er y he would get home or how he
op rr
would take care of the wound for
that matter. Now he didn’t have
Never once during that week did my
to worry about it anymore. His
God’s Protective brother was coming to help him.
brother drink any alcohol or us any
drugs. Never once did people stop
Bubble by and interrupt us. My brother’s
It was now time for me to face
house had been a peaceful place.
I have experienced God’s the giant of my past! You see
protection so many times in my my brother and I were drinking
When I came home my wife shared
Christian walk that, if I would buddies. We would party together
with me her fear of me going to
list them all, we would all have to and Boise was my old stomping
Idaho by myself. She prayed for
grab a Snickers because we’d be ground. I knew my brother’s house
my protection and Jesus gave her a
here a while. However, I do want as a place of chaos and drama.
vision. She saw my brother’s house
to share with you how God, last
and saw He had put it in a bubble.
month, blessed my family with I was going to meet my past. Was I
Nothing could get in and she knew
His faithfulness. ready for this?
that I was safe.
The only family I have, other My wife and I prayed for God’s
What an awesome week; my
than my wife, is my brother who protection and we ask for prayer
wife and I grew again in our trust
lives in Idaho. I received his call coverage from our church. I
and faith in Jesus provision; two
on a Monday evening telling me knew that God would not give me
brothers finally got to know each
he would be having surgery on more than I can handle and that
other in the light of God’s love and
Thursday. The doctors had found this whole situation didn’t catch
my brother did get introduced to
Melanoma on his back. Him by surprise. I felt that God
Jesus Christ.
was calling me to minister to my
Fear griped my heart. One of the brother by showing him God’s
Oh by the way, the reason this all
fastest acting cancers there is and love in a practical way.
started, the doctors are confident
he calls me two days before he
that my brother is cancer-free at
goes into surgery. I was a little O what a wonderful God we serve!
this time. Praise God!
irritated at him. He, being the His faithfulness – it is too awesome
older brother, belittles the whole to put into words.
Cancer scares us, but our God is
situation and said he has it all The week I spent with my brother
bigger than cancer. He can use it to
under control. He doesn’t need any has been a week of emotional
bring His children closer to Him,
help. What a mask! We all wear healing. We bonded in a way I
to take them home, or to lead yet
one. We don’t let anybody know never dreamed possible. We prayed
another lost lamb home.
how we are feeling. Let’s not ask together. We talked about Jesus
for help because that could be seen and the Bible. I told him about the
Thank you Father God!
as a sign of weakness. Roman Road and about receiving
Jesus as our Lord and Savior. By
Well, God was going to break that the time I left he was still wrestling
wall down. I was able, on short with the simplicity of believing in

notice, to catch a flight to your heart and confessing with
Boise the next your mouth and you shall be saved.
spread Christmas cheer to others. do physical blessings make the top
Of the sad comments I frequently of the list anymore. Although that
hear, none is more tragic than, list would change drastically if I
e “Chaplain, I am so hurt; I don’t did not have enough food to eat or
t have any means in which to buy I didn’t have a warm place to sleep
up ry Christmas presents for the children at night but, I do. So, what makes
l w e this year.” Thank goodness, our the Blessings List today? Family?
a p Bo heavenly Father, would never make Friends? Steady job? These things
ch o n that comment, for His resource are huge blessings to be sure. But,
D bucket is never empty. And thanks what else constitutes a blessing
e v. to many of you, and your gifts to in my life today? Recently, I was
R the mission, we have the resources sharing some of my daily struggles
to at least meet some of the basic with a friend of mine (which is
needs that the homeless have. a nice way of saying that I was
Thank you for your support and complaining) and he shared with
Christmas indeed may you have a very Happy
Christmas, and New Year.
me a thought that has helped him
when he experiences difficult

2007 times. “At least we don’t have a

bunch of Roman soldiers trying
to nail us to a cross for spreading
As I was thinking of what one the gospel.” Freedom of religion is
could say about Christmas, which a very big blessing that we enjoy
has not been said before, I came to here in this country. The blessing
the conclusion that such an attempt
is an impossible thing. Christmas,
“I’m that I usually think of first is the
teaching of the Holy Spirit. That is
that is, the real meaning behind
the season can never be exhausted. Blessed” to say; “when I read the scriptures
the words come alive to me.” God
No one could objectively say, “I is teaching me His truth by His
have the last and final word on Spirit through reading His word.
Occasionally, when I ask someone
Christmas.” Almost anything There is more….Just the other day
“How are you?” or “How you
one could say about Christmas I was thinking of all the people that
doing?” they respond “Oh, I’m
has been said before. But still the pray for me on a weekly basis, if
blessed.” Now that’s true enough,
power, purpose, peace, and pardon not a daily basis. What a blessing!
for certainly we are all blessed in
it offers through the grace of God Praise God. If I made another list,
various ways. If nothing else, we
is a new thing though it is an old a list of just the people who pray
are blessed just for the fact that
thing. Much like the truth about for me, it would be longer then
we are alive. Life itself is a gift
our personal salvation, which has my Blessing List for sure. Now if
from God. But, when I think of
three dimensions: “we have been someone were to walk up to me
whether or not “I’m blessed” what
saved, we are being saved, and we and ask; “How you doing, John?” I
sort of things do I consider to be
will be saved when the Lord Jesus would not have to even think about
a blessing. In the past, material
returns in power and great glory,” the answer to that question. “I’m
things were usually what came
to mind first. Circumstances, and blessed.”
Christmas also has many
whether or not they were they were
dimensions. One aspect of the Written by John Lofquist
acceptable to me, were what came
Christmas season that we see
to mind next. Today, these sort
here at the mission is the daily Your prayers for the Anchorage
of blessings are not what usually
encounters with those who are Gospel Rescue mission are deeply
comes to mind first. As I’ve grown
less fortunate, and have no home appreciated. Thank you.
in the Lord and have begun to
in which to celebrate Christmas,
reach for maturity in Christ, my

no family with which to celebrate
priorities have changed. No longer
Christmas, and no resources to
Merry CHRISTmas
t e
d a
up on So, once again that glorious time of year is upon us. Although as a child,
en i nn Christmas always seemed to take forever to get here, it seems to roll around
tc c K faster and faster the older I get, as I am sure it does for everybody. We hardly
i M have time to recover from our Thanksgiving meal before Christmas is upon
k k
ar us, and since we all know that the weekend after Thanksgiving is usually one
M of the busiest for retailers, most of us do not even take the time to relax and
digest our Thanksgiving meal!

In general, the month of December is when people start thinking about

giving gifts to family and friends and donating to organizations that help
others during the holidays. It has been said that Christmas is the time
when we treat each other the way we are supposed to treat each other all
the time! We are very fortunate here at the Anchorage Gospel Rescue
Mission because we recognize that we are funded by people who think
about those in need all year round, not just in November and December.
Thank you and God bless all of you.

Despite all the hectic activity of the holiday season and the frustration
of going to the overcrowded stores and malls, the reason it gets done is
because of the joy involved in giving a gift to someone else. The joy
is not just in receiving the gift, but also in the giving. If you have ever
watched a child open (demolish) the wrapping of a gift or given the perfect gift to your spouse or one of your
siblings or friends, you feel as much joy from giving the gift as they do from receiving it.

Of course, the reason we give gifts is to celebrate the fact that God has given us the perfect gift in Jesus Christ.
I can remember the joy I felt when I finally ‘unwrapped’ the free gift that God had for me. Although it took far
too many years for me to accept the free gift of salvation I know that God still took joy in the fact that I accepted
the gift that He had set under the Christmas tree for me so many years ago. In Luke 15:10 Jesus said, “Likewise,
I say to you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.” Even all the angels
in heaven celebrate!

So, on December 25th when you unwrap your Christmas presents to celebrate Gods special gift to all of us, I
want you to stop for just a moment and take special joy in the fact that you are helping people to unwrap their
gift of salvation from God, and not just on Christmas Day, but all year long!!

God Bless You

To visit our new travel page go to
or go to the Mission’s web page at

6 and click on the menu item Travel.

’s t is
o r e t
ct B
re on From A Very Thankful Heart!
di .D
e v
I am so thankful for the faithful friends and supporters of this ministry who make it possible for us to do the things
we do. I wish I had the words to express my heart felt appreciation to each and every one of you. Sometimes we get
a little down and anxious over things that happen or things that are needed, but when our need is the greatest God
always touches someone’s heart and sends them by to meet that need. It is so exciting to watch God work through
you and this ministry. Then the need is met or we have the resources to attend to the problem. All because you have
been faithful. There is no way we could provide shelter and meals or provide the other services we do for so many
without YOUR help.

We have seen many people come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior this year (total through the end of the
year will be more than 250). Also, we have witnessed many homeless people reunited with their family. People are
homeless for many different reasons, but what ever the reason Jesus Christ is the answer to their problem. This is the
reason for our being (to present Jesus to those that come to us for help) and our being is made possible by you.

Most of you know that in addition to providing a homeless shelter, that we have the “NewLife” Recovery
Disciple drug and alcohol program. This program is designed to introduce the men that come into this program to
Jesus Christ and lead them to accept His as their personal Savior. Then, to help them overcome their additions. After
that we take them through the educational facilities teaching them how to develop a personal relationship with Christ,
how to study the Bible, attend Bible classes also they are required to attend computer classes and other classes that
will help them to adjust to society when they graduate the program.

I would sure like to meet each one of you and thank you personally for your financial support of this ministry. But
please remember the most important thing you can do for us is to PRAY for us, that the things that are accomplished
here at the Mission will bring glory and honor to our Lord Jesus Christ. Remember, Jesus said, “Give and it shall be
given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom.
For with the same measure that ye mete withal, it shall be measured to you again.
Luke 6:38
Remember The Most Important Thing You Can Do For Us—Is to PRAY!

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