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Anchorage Gospel Rescue Mission

u e A Ministry of
s c Rescue & Discipleship

a publication of the

Anchorage Gospel Rescue Mission • Anchorage, Alaska

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5 Happy Valentine’s

BRINGS Some examples from the Romans 13:10—Love worketh
scriptures that we as Christians no ill to his neighbour:
Larry Aldrich
Operations Manager THOUGHTS should practice! therefore love is the fulfilling of
David Williams OF LOVE John 13:14—A new
the law.
Program Director
commandment I give unto you, These are only a few of the
Someone said, “Love makes
Randy Hess That ye love one another; as many scriptures that could be
Maintenance Supervisor the world go.” This is a great
I have loved you, that ye also used to show our obligations as
saying but it is put into practice
Larry O’Connor love one another. Christians to show love.
so little in this day and time.
Greg Mann People are so rude, impatience, John 15:12—This is my Back to celebrating Valentines’s
Roger Klein inconsiderate, selfish and self- commandment, That ye love Day and love. Don’cha just
John Lofquist centered that there is never a one another, as I have loved enjoy all the symbols of love—
Guest Supervisors
thought of the other person, it you. the hearts, the flowers, Cupid
David McKnight is just ME or I and what I can and his bow and arrow, all of the
Van Driver do or get for me without any Matthew 5:44—Love your red, white and festive colors.
consideration for those that are enemies, bless them that curse It is a great day to celebrate
Solomona Talivaa in need or less fortunate than you, do good to them that hate this time together with your
themselves. you, and pray for them which loved one. My, my a long life
Darlene Whaley despitefully use you, and together with the one you truly
Kitchen Manager
I know that the world will persecute you….”. love is beyond compare to
Anthony Boone never observe or adhere to the
Intern Romans 12:9-10—Let love anything you can imagine. One
type of love that was spoken
be without hypocrisy. Abhor day you may be able to recall
by Jesus and the other writers
that which is evil; cleave to all of the good times and bad
of the Bible—but what about
that which is good. Be kindly times that the Lord has brought
Christians—when will we
affectionate one to another you through; but they were all
ever put the principles of this
with brotherly love; in honor glorious times because your
love that we learn from the were with the one you love.
preferring one another….
scriptures into practice.
From the Disciple Dorm Some of the instruments we were using in the band were
just temporarily loaned to us and had to be returned to
the owners. Now we find ourselves with an obligation
There are many things in Gods Word that shows His to play for a local church without the proper equipment.
unfailing love for mankind. This is especially true We also have a desire to continue with this ministry.
with music. With music we can worship God, and with
music we can spread Gods word. Sometimes we use We are asking the community for help in this matter.
music to speak to God, and sometimes God uses music If you have any used equipment that you could donate
to speak to us. to the Anchorage Gospel Rescue Mission, it would be
greatly appreciated. We are mostly in need of a drum
Here at the Anchorage Gospel Rescue Mission we have set. We also could use sound equipment such as a pre-
an evening chapel service every night of the week, 365 amp and microphones. We are always open to more
days a year, between 7:30 P.M. and 8:30 P.M. In that musical instruments such as bass guitars and other
evening chapel service our ears welcome a wide range stringed instruments. All donations to the Mission are
of music meant to inspire the thoughts and minds of tax-deductible. And most important, we make sure that
Anchorage’s homeless and other guests. No matter all donations are directed to where they are needed
what the reason for the visit to the chapel service, we most.
are hopeful that all present in the congregation will be
lead to a saving knowledge of, and a closer walk with Thank you and may God bless you,
our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Jerome Estes

As a member of the “NewLife” discipleship training

program, I am, on occasion, called upon to lead the
worship portion of the chapel service. This happens
when the scheduled church cannot show up, or when the
scheduled church did not pre-arrange a worship portion
of their service, and desires to have one. Whatever the Rock bottom boys
case may be, without notice, I am called to fill this
portion of the service.

Being called upon to lead the worship portion of the rg www.anc

chapel service happens so often, I have called upon ue.o ho
sc r
others in the “NewLife” discipleship training program
e rager


to help me with this service. With one thing leading to w

another and other disciples stepping up to the plate to


We invite you to visit

help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we have now
us on the web or drop
formed a gospel music band called the “Rock Bottom
us an e-mail with
Boys”. We are all honored to be able to serve the

your comments and


Lord with this ministry. We also have been


nc suggestions
blessed to be asked to play at other local hor

2 churches.
Living Memorials
….touch lives as they honor the memory Down Memory Lane
of loved ones and friends
This old hymn has been one of my favorites ever since
In Memory of
I have been saved. When I was a music director and
Elise Marcia Carmichael
could carry a tune I would sing it as my testimony
by Kevin and Melissa Breeland
whenever I had the opportunity.
Gale Dulack
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver M. Carmichael The Haven of Rest
James and Marcia Whitcomb My soul in sad exile was out on life’s sea,
Nutels and Gwen Fournet So burdened with sin and distress,
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Carmichael Till I heard a sweet voice saying,
Ronald and Janet Fales “Make Me your choice,”
“Boo” and Rachel Jeyusi And I entered the haven of rest.
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Carmichael I yielded myself to His tender embrace,
Joseph and Maria Zajacz And, faith taking hold of the Word,
Michael and Nancy Carmichael My fetters fell off,
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Davidson And I anchored my soul:
Louise Santangelo The Haven of Rest is my Lord.
Ralph and Shirley Nobrega
In Memory of The song of my soul,
Ann Cavanagh Since the Lord made me whole,
by Charles and Susan Casper Has been the old story of blest,
In Memory of Of Jesus, who’ll save whosoever will have
Eugene T. Harrison A home in the Haven of Rest.
by Nathan Harrison
In Memory of Oh, come to the Savior, He patiently waits,
Edna Lucille Loudon To save by His power divine;
by Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mac Donald Come anchor your soul
In Memory of In the Haven of Rest,
Kerrie and Danielle Marlow And say, “My Beloved is mine.”
Chorus: repeat after each verse.
by Truman and Carolyn Woods
I’ve anchored my soul, In the Haven of Rest,
In Honor of I’ll sail the wild seas no more;
Linda Harrison The Tempest may sweep
by Nathan Harrison O’er the wild stormy deep,
In Jesus I’m safe evermore.
In Honor of
Jim and Sally Copen UNBELIEVABLE!
Pat and Laurie Marifjeren A Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life survey
Larry and Bette Ross showed that 65 percent of the people that
John and Tammy Reading identified themselves as “religious” believe
Zig and Muff Zellmer there is more than one way to heaven. Also,
Thom and Elaine Hathaway 52 percent of “Christians” said those of other
Ken and Sharman Collins faiths—Jews, Hindus, Muslims and those of no
by Vickie Turner faith may very well find eternal life.
What a challenge for Evangelical Christians.
Your Will
Please include the Anchorage
Gospel Rescue Mission !

was taken out of public school in the tenth grade and
placed in the Forestry Department program for troubled
Youth. I liked being in this program but was kicked out
for fighting a kid who blamed me for drinking his soda.
es The school officials had warned my mother if I got into
o ni anymore trouble I would be kicked out of school. They
m were true to their word I was kicked out nine months
s ti before I graduated. I felt life was forcing me between
te a rock and a hard place. At the time I was lost in a
forest of lies right out of the twilight zone. The only
voice I felt I had in this wilderness was violence. The
insecurity, deceit, and fears, brought to the surface in
One of the most popular features of our newsletter is this forest, consumed me like a forest fire being driven
the personal testimonies of the men in our “NewLife” by the wind. It grows stronger consuming everything
Discipleship Training Program. The only other articles in its path respecting neither life nor property. I felt
receiving more feedback are the pressing need appeals. controlled by this fire forced to move in directions I
The popularity of these testimonies creates a dilemma never wanted to travel in. I found myself taking on
for us in that we want to continue to share them with our the personality of the very fire that threatened me. The
readers yet at the same time we do not require the men flames of hate and anger lashed out leaving a path of
to share them. It’s completely voluntary. Consequently destruction in its wake.
the more successful we are at encouraging the men to
remain in “NewLife” the fewer testimonies we have In 1989 I was arrested and sent to the California
available to share. The only conversations we allow Department of Corrections where my bound and captive
ourselves to have with the men concerning printing character matured into a finished product. Although I
their testimonies are to ask them if they are interested. started my prison career in minimal security it didn’t
Some are some aren’t and there are those who are take long for me to advance to maximum security
interested yet don’t feel ready to share their names. This status. In 1991 the classification board decided I needed
is one of those testimonies. We’ve agreed to allow this to be with my own kind. I walked around with a chip
article to be added to the newsletter anonymously only on my shoulders and a really short fuse. After being
because the Disciples reluctance to share his name is transferred to the maximum none program facility I
motivated more by humbleness than pride. Had pride found myself right back in the forest of lies I knew so
been the motivating factor we would have asked him to well. Perhaps the reason I couldn’t see good in others is
wait until his personal journey of healing had him in a because I saw none in myself.
place where pride was no longer an issue. So enjoy this
wonderful testimony from a member of our “NewLife” In 1994 I was involved in a fight while out on the prison
family. Your support has made it possible for him to yard I remember hearing what sounded like Bumble
make this journey in a safe healing environment. Bees. After they had us laying face down the officer
D. Williams who identified me to the sergeant as being one of the
Hello America, offenders in the altercation looked me in the eyes and
said, “I shot at you three times with an M16 rifle”.
I’m a 38 year old recovering alcoholic and recovering It was then I realized the Bumble Bees were bullets
drug addict who is currently in my fifth month as a whizzing by my head. The gun tower was 50 yards
member of the Anchorage Gospel Rescue Mission’s away and about 40 feet high add to that these guards
“NewLife” Discipleship Training Program. I would were trained marksmen and I don’t how he missed me!
like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about Because there were shots fired the guard would have to
myself. find the bullets using metal detectors and write lengthy
reports explaining why shots had been fired. This upset
I started getting into trouble early in life. I him more than the fact he had just tried to take a human
was fighting other students as far back life. I realized then my life wasn’t worth very much.
Realizing you’re worthless makes you do a lot of

as the third grade. This continued until I
thinking. I went to the Chapel services I’d told remember it hated me first.” As the trees in the forest
myself time and time again I would or should attend of lies fall one by one I begin to see God without the
someday. I remember repeating the Preacher’s words filters of this world obstructing my view. I am now
as though he was my attorney and I was testifying in living in the joy of the Lord. It no longer matters to me
a court room. I was praying for the very first time in what the devil wants out of me for I “FULLY TRUST
my life? The Preacher was leading us in the sinner’s THE LORD!”
prayer and although I thought I was saved I didn’t act
like it. After my release from prison I remember my “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified
life just tasted bad. In 1999 I became an alcoholic. My because of them, for the LORD your God goes with
whole existence became dependent on alcohol and my you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”
behavior reflected that dependency. Deuteronomy 31:6

In 2004 I walked into God’s house. The Anchorage

Gospel Rescue Mission is where I found the love of God
in an overwhelming way. Here I received knowledge of Corrections
and fellowship with God. I learned what it really means
to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I came “OOPS”
to realize the forest of lies is where the father of lies
resided. He used this forest to separate me from my true When you publish a newsletter there is this interesting
Father, God! My salvation is like a woodsman with an phenomenon that takes place I lovingly refer to as blind
ax of truth. He chops down the lies in order to restore in one eye and can’t see out of the other one syndrome.
virtue and truth. I desire to be a child to my loving, Like most abnormalities this syndrome raises its ugly
caring, merciful, righteous, almighty Father. head after the damage has been done. The damage in
this case is on the cover of our January newsletter we
In June of 2006 I turned my eyes away from God mistakenly published January 2008 rather than January
and began walking in my will rather than staying in 2009. Keep in mind the newsletter went through at least
the protective shadow of God’s Perfect Will. It should four proof readings before it was sent to the printers.
come as no surprise this decision led me right back into The reason I refer to this syndrome as a phenomenon
the forest I had spent a lifetime trying to escape. It was is because this along with the many other mistakes we
worse than I remembered and I was miserable. make goes unnoticed until the newsletters return from
the printers. The day we get them back, aka the point of
In August of 2008 I returned to God’s House and was no return, the mistakes stand out as though they have
welcomed back to the Mission with open arms. I was been highlight with a radio-active highlighter pen. All
wounded in body, confused in mind, and weak in spirit of this to say we are not professional writers or proof
but more importantly I was back in my Father’s Will! readers therefore we depend on your forgiving eye
I’ve been convicted and know God is my father who when you run across the many mistakes within the
is the same today as he was yesterday and as he will pages of our newsletters.
be tomorrow. I’ve found forgiveness in the name of
my Lord. I have found faith through trust in my Father “OUR APOLOGIES”
who stands by ready to restore souls. Matthew 21:22
tells me, “Believe and you will receive whatever you In last month’s article, “A Voice for Those Who Have
ask for in prayer.” Christ is my way back to the Father. None” I stated we were 100% supported by Christians.
He leads us out of the forest assuring us safe passage This is not accurate! There are many people who donate
through greed, hate, pride, and all the lies Satan tries to to the Mission and some are not Christians. It was not
destroy us with. “For the weapons of our warfare are my intentions to mislead our readers. My intentions
not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down were to spotlight the difference between a voice who
of strong holds.” II Corinthians 10:4 has no governmental dependencies and those who
don’t. My ineptness is noted and I will strive to do a
I use to hate this world and believed the world hated me better job in the future.
I find comfort in John 15:18 “If the world hates you,

“For he is God’s servant to do you good.”
If I were to leave the Mission today, never to return, you who are spiritual should restore him gently. But
these snapshots of these two men would be the watch yourself, or you also may be tempted. 2Carry
memory I would carry in my minds eye of them. The each other’s burdens, and in this way you will
photo of Larry is how he appears early in the morning fulfill the law of Christ. 3If anyone thinks he is
when he arrives at work. You see, Larry walks to, and something when he is nothing, he deceives himself.
from work every day; Monday thru Friday. The route 4
Each one should test his own actions. Then he can
between his house and the Mission take him through take pride in himself, without comparing himself to
a portion of Anchorage’s greenbelts that follows our somebody else, 5for each one should carry his
city’s streams. I imagine it is a peaceful way to start own load.
the workday and make a smooth mental transition
from homelife to worklife. Then back again, from “Carrying each others burdens” and “each one
worklife to homelife. It also is a good way to stay in carrying his own load” seem like God is contradicting
touch with many of the homeless who are “camping Himself in His Word to us. Since God can not
contradict Himself what does this mean? To me it

David Williams-Program Director

Larry Alderidge—Operations Manager
out.” The term “camping out” is a nice way of saying:
“living in a tent out in the woods.”
means that as a community of believers we need
The other photo of David is not how he usually all the others in the group to love and support us.
appears at work. Usually, he is a much snappier We each need the patience and tolerance of the
dresser then this, and as a Program Director he group. We need encouragement and at the same
should be. But it is well known that David will not ask time accountability. In short, grace and mercy
someone to do something that he isn’t willing to do must never be in short supply. Unfortunately, these
himself. In this case he is showing a new janitor the essential qualities do not come naturally to us.
ropes. Most often he can be found sitting in front of They must be deveolped and nurtured and allowed
a computer screen with an intense look on his face, to grow in our characters. As for “each one carrying
deep in concentration. How many computer geeks his own load,” we as individuals must consistently
do you know that can buff a bathroom floor to a strive to do our best each day in what ever we do,
spit-shine polish? Seriously though, working at the and not giving up when we fail. Failure is a part
Mission requires a person to be flexible. No one here of life and here again we need our brothers and
at the Mission can afford to “forget where they came sisters’ acceptance and encouragement.
from,” and that means everyone. When we begin to
forget where it is that we have come from God is not Perseverance is going to be my watchword for this
slow in reminding us. year. Perseverance with others and perseverance
with myself. Romans 5:3-5 says: “3Not only so,
When I look at these pictures and some of the group but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we
photos that I have of us, both staff and the “NewLife” know that suffering produces perseverance;
Disciples in the program, I am reminded of a section 4
perseverance, character; and character,
of Scripture that I wish to share with you. hope. 5And hope does not disappoint us, because
Galatians 6 God has poured out his love into our hearts by the
Holy Spirit, whom he has given us. I am confidant
Doing Good to All that no one who is in Christ Jesus will be put to
shame on the last day. We have His Word on it.

6 1
Brothers, if someone is caught in a sin, Written by John Lofquist.
ct or


is prayer
di .D I have always believed in and practiced prayer for every aspect of my life. But
e v over the past few months PRAYER has become more of a reality to me when I
R have seen what God has done in my own life and in this ministry. Even though
we have been limited by those in authority over us we continue to see God’s
hand on this ministry by providing for our needs and by sending those to our doors that we may be able to help
in other ways beside shelter. We are serving more meals, giving out more clothing and household items than ever
before and our “NewLife” Disciplining Program has been constantly full with a waiting list for those that want and
need a program such as ours.

I have some notes on prayer I would like to share with you. Please read and study them and perhaps someday I can
come and present them to your church.


1. Be Persistent – The parable of the widow 9. Pleading the Promises—There are 7,487
and the unjust Judge. promises concerning prayer in the Bible also,
2. Be Insistent—In spite of our soft modern see Psalms 37.
ways, the Bible speaks of storming heaven 10. Do not Dictate—to God how He should answer
and praying all night. your prayer.
3. Be Dissident—Do not try to answer your 11. Realizing—God’s resources are limitless.
own prayers. 12. Pray according to God’s will—we do this
4. Be Resistant—We fight against satan. He by seeking wisdom. Paul told the church at
knows when we pray and he knows when to Colosse to be filled with the knowledge of His
let the phone ring, dog bark or baby to cry. will.
5. Pray in Secret—Tell God alone. 13. Pray until you can praise—Him for the
6. Be Specific—Exact need. answer.
7. Pray in Jesus Name—that what you are 14. Pray—with a desire to please and obey Him.
praying for will bring glory and honor to 15. Pray with Authority—Upon the authority of
Him. God’s word and past answers to your prayers.
8. In Faith—Mk. 9:23, If thou can believe, all 16. Pray for Others.
things are possible.

Anchorage Gospel Rescue Mission P.O. Box 230510 Anchorage, Alaska 99523-0510
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