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Technical Handy Guide

September 2008
Handy Guide

Information contained within this guide is subject to change without prior notice.

This Handy Guide is not a substitute for the official Sharp Service manuals.
It is for use by Sharp qualified service technicians with the intention of improving
the efficiency of Sharp MFP Devices.

All the latest fault finding information, firmware and printer drivers
can be found on the SHARP Support Website:-


C/ Sena, 2-10
08174 – Sant Cugat del Vallés
Tel. 935.819.700
Fax. 935.842.911

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Handy Guide


1 Machine Specification 4 Updated

2 Machine Options 6
3 Initial Set-up 7
4 Maintenance & Consumables 9
5 Interface Functionality 11
6 Operating System Support 12 Updated
7 Parts Compatibility 13
8 Product Key Registration 14
9 Firmware Upgrade:-
USB Driver Installation 17
Engine Firmware 20
Network Expansion Kit 23
10 Firmware & Print Driver Revision 26 Updated
11 Test Simulation 27
12 Trouble Codes 30
13 User Program 31
14 “Repair Hints” 35 Updated
15 Technical Bulletin Index 36 New
16 Notes 37

SHARP Document Solution Centre 3

Machine Specification

General AR-M201
Type: Desktop
Original paper size: Max. A4
Printed paper size: Max. A4 – Min. A6
Standard paper capacity: 250 sheets with Bypass (50 sheets)
Maximum paper capacity: 2 x 250 sheets + 50 sheets Bypass
Paper weight: 56-80 g/m2 (Bypass 56-128 g/m2)
Output capacity: 200 sheets (Face down) with job shifting
Warm-up time: 0 sec. (Auto start)
Resolution: 600 dpi
Memory: 64MB
Duplex: STD (56-80 g/m2)
Power Consumption: 1.0 kW (Max.)
MCV (Average/Max): Copy+Print: 800 (Max.2000)
Life: 120 k or 5 years
Copy Speed: 20cpm (A4 Continuous)
E-Sort: Yes
First Copy Time: 8.0 sec.
Continuous Copy: Max. 99
Scan Resolution: 600 x 600 dpi
25 – 400% with 7 preset ratios (O.C.)
Zoom Range:
50 – 200 % with 5 preset ratios (SPF/RSPF)
Document Feeder
Type: Opt: AR-RP9 [RSPF]
Capacity: 50 originals (56-90 g/m2)
Replacement Speed: 13 opm
USB Printer
Requirement: Std:
Print Speed: 20ppm (A4 Continuous)
PDL (Emulation): SPLC (GDI with JBIG compression)
Interface: USB 2.0
Memory: 64MB
Supported OS: USB2.0: Win98/ME/2000/XP/Vista
USB Scanning
Requirement: Std (Colour Scanning)
Resolution: 600 x 1,200 dpi (Setting range : 50 to 9600dpi)
Interface: USB 2.0
Duplex: Opt. R-SPF (AR-RP9) required (via Twain Scan only)
Destination: Desktop
Bundled Utility Software: Sharpdesk 3.2 (without NST), Button Manager, Twain

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Machine Specification

Network Printer AR-M201

Requirement: Opt: AR-NB2A
Print Speed: 20ppm (A4 Continuous)
PDL (Emulation): Std : PCL5e, PCL6 Opt: Post Script3 AR-PK1N
Interface: 10/100BaseTX
Protocol: TCP/IP, IPX/SPX(NetWare), NetBEUI, Ether Talk
Memory: 64 MB (1 slot : up to 256MB)
Win/95/98/Me, Win2000/XP/2003/Vista
Supported OS: Mac OS 9.x, Mac OSX10.1 to 10.4.11, Mac OSX 10.5 to 10.5.4
(with AR-PK1N)
Bundled Utility Software: Sharp Printer Administrator Utility, Status Monitor
Network Scanning
Requirement: Opt: AR-NB2A
75/100/150/200/300/400**/600** dpi
** Additional RAM required for AR-NB2A
Interface: RJ45 only
Duplex: Not capable via network cable – USB only
Destination: Desktop (Sharpdesk), FTP, E-mail
Sharp Status monitor, Administrator utility software,
Bundled Utility Software:
Sharpdesk 3.2 (with NST - 3 licenses)
Requirement: Opt: AR-FX13
Communication Formula: Super G3
Speed: Max. 33,600 bps
Document size: Max. A4
Dial Registration: 18 rapid, 100 speed dials
Broadcast transmission: Yes, Max. 100 destinations
PC Fax: Not supported
Inbound Routing: Not supported

SHARP Document Solution Centre 5

Machine Options

Reversing Single Pass Feeder Postscript Option

Fax Option Network Box

250 Sheet Cassette

Product Code Description / Contents Comment/Note

AR-D33 250 Sheet Paper Feed Unit

AR-RP9 Reversing Single Pass Feeder (RSPF)

For PCL Printing &
AR-NB2A Network Box
Network Scan
AR-PK1N Postscript 3 Kit AR-NB2A required

AR-PF1 Bar Code Font Kit AR-NB2A required

AR-PF2 Flash ROM for additional Font AR-NB2A required

AR-U11M Additional 1 User License kit Sharpdesk 3.2

AR-U15M Additional 5 User License kit SharpDesk 3.2

AR-US10 Additional 10 User License kit Sharpdesk 3.2

AR-US50 Additional 50 User License kit Sharpdesk 3.2

AR-FX13 Fax Kit

MXAR128SO Expansion Memory (128MB) For AR-NB2A Network Box

MXAR256SO Expansion Memory (256MB) For AR-NB2A Network Box

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Initial Setup


Sim 25-01 Developer Cycle/stir (once)

Sim 26-02 SPF/DSPF installed 0 = None, 2 = ARRP8
Sim 26-03 Second Cassette Setup 0 = None, 1 = Enable
Sim 26-04 Duplex Mode setting 0 = No Duplex, 1 = Duplex
Sim 26-06 Destination setup. AB Series(EX) = 1
Sim 21-01 Maintenance Cycle setting Set to 4 = 25K


Activation of Optional Product.

Sim 22-14 Check Firmware version(s):-Upgrade to latest version.


Adjust cassette paper guides.


Sim 64-01 Image Writing Adjustment.

Select 1 = Grid Pattern


Sim 50-10 Image Off Centre Adjustment. Check All Cassettes


Sim 50-01 Lead/Rear Edge, Image Loss &

Void Adjustment.
Sim 50-12 OC & SPF Off Centre Adjust.


Sim 48-01 OC Magnification Adjustment.

Print Mode Lamp = Main Scan
Scan Mode Lamp = Sub Scan

SHARP Document Solution Centre 7

Initial Setup


Sim 46-01 Copy Exposure Adjust. (300dpi)

Sim 46-02 Copy Exposure Adjust (600dpi)


Sim 53-08 SPF Document Scan Position.

Sim 41-06 Float Level Calibration.

Sim 48-05 SPF Magnification Adjustment

Sim 50-06 SPF Lead Edge Adjust.


Sim 66-02 Fax SW Setting (Destination).
Sim 66-10 Fax Memory Clear (For Extended Memory).

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Maintenance & Consumables

The AR-M201 consumable system is SRU – Service Replaceable Units. The toner unit is
supplied as a cartridge that the customer can change, and the technician changes the Drum and

Product Code Description / Contents Approx. Life Note
AR-208T Toner cartridge (10 x AR-208T = AR-208LT) 8K 6% A4
AR-208DV Developer (10 x AR-208DV = AR-208LD) 25K
AR-152DM OPC Drum (including Fixing plate only) 25K

Note: The initial toner cartridge supplied with the machine has a life of approx. 2,000 sheets.
Toner life

Life 8K

Remaining quantity About 12.5% Empty

LED ON Flash

Machine Operation allowed Stop

Life 25K

LED ON at 25K of developer count

Developer Selection is from Not Stop to Stop by SIM 26-37

(If Stop is selected, the LED will flash
Machine and stop at 25K)
Default Setting: Not Stop
Reset by SIM 24-06

Selection is from 25K, 13K, 9K, 6K, 3K and

Free (no lighting) with SIM 21-1.
Maintenance Default: 25K
Reset by SIM 20-1

Machine Not Stop

SHARP Document Solution Centre 9

Maintenance & Consumables

Maintenance Schedule:
: Clean : Replace

Section Parts 25K 50K 75K 100K 125K

Developing Developer     
DV blade  
DV side seal (F/R)  
Process Peripheral Drum     

Interval Checklist
25K 50K Interval:
Process Section:
Replace Developer [AR-208DV]
X Replace DV Blade
X DV Side Seal F & R [PSHEZ0029QS11] & [PSEL-0096QSZZ]
Clean MC Grid & Transfer Corona Wire
Check & Clean DV Blade

Replace OPC Drum [AR-152DM]

Replace Drum Cleaner Blade [CCLEZ0013QS01]

Sim 24-06 Clear Developer Counter

Sim 24-07 Clear Drum Counter
Sim 20-01 Clear Maintenance Counter
Sim 25-01 Developer/Toner Stir (& Main Motor Check)

Paper Feed & Transport:

Check/Clean/Replace PF Rollers
Sim 24-01 Clear Jam Counter (if required).

Fuser Section:
Check/Clean Fuser Separation Pawls
Check/Clean Upper Thermistor

Check/Clean/ PF Rollers (replace when necessary)
Clean all RSPF/DSPF sensors.

Clean all optics, CCD, and white reference plate.

Image Quality:
Sim 46-01 Adjust Copy Exposure Density (300dpi ).
Sim 46-02 Adjust Copy Exposure Density (600dpi)

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Interface Functionality

When the AR-NB2A Network Expansion Kit is connected, the following functionality is available:-

Print / Scan Function

PCL5e Network
PCL6 Scan

Standard Machine (USB 2.0)

USB 2.0 X X X X

AR-NB2A installed via USB2.0 Port

USB 2.0 RJ45 (LAN) X X

Note: For PS Support, the AR-PK1N is required (soft key activation).

SHARP Document Solution Centre 11

Operating System Support

Windows Win 2003 Win. 2008
Mac OSX Other
Vista Server Server
32 64 32 64 32 64 10.4 10.5 Linux SAP

GDI n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a

SPLC n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a

PCL5 *1 n/a *1 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a

PCL6 *1 *1 *1 *1 *1 *1 n/a n/a n/a

PS *2 *2 *2 *2 *2 *2 n/a n/a n/a

PPD *2 *2 *2 *2 *2 *2 *2 *2 *2

GPD (PCL6) n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a


PC-FAX n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a

n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
SCANNE Scan to
R *4 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a

Scan to SMB n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a

Scan to FTP *1 *1 *1 *1 *1 *1 *1 *1 *1

PAU V4 *1 *1 *1 *1 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a


*1 ARNB2A is required.
*2 ARNB2A & ARPK1N are required.
*3 ARM155 or ARM205 SAP Device Type can be used.
*4 Sharpdesk Composer is not supported (ARNB2A is required).

12 SHARP Document Solution Centre

Parts Compatibility

PWB Section AR-M155 AR-M201

High voltage power supply PWB RDENC0018QSPZ
DC power supply PWB RDENC0014QS118 RDENC0034QSPZ
Operation PWB CPWBF0151QSE4 CPWBF0209QS33

Paper Feed & Transport

Main drive unit CPLTM0042RS57 CPLTM0042RS64
Manual paper feed clutch spring MSPRC1316FCZ1 MSPRC1316FCZ1
Paper feed shaft unit CSFTZ0068RS72
Paper feed roller rubber PGUMM0012QSZZ
Manual paper feed roller NROLR0922FCZ2
Manual Feed PU Roller NROLR0105QSPZ

Process Section
Drum Cleaning blade CCLEZ0013QS01
Process unit CDRM-0002RS7F CDRM-0002RS7J
DV cartridge unit DUNT-0221RS12
DV Unit Side sheet FN PSHEZ0029QS11
DV Unit Side seal RN PSEL-0096QSZZ
TC Unit CHLDZ0010RS52

Fuser Section
Heater lamp(200V) RLMPU0011QSZZ
Thermistor RDTCT0128FCPZ
Thermostat unit CTHM-0019DS52 CTHM-0006RS51
Fusing Bearing F NBRGP0567FCZZ NBRGP0029QSZZ
Fusing Bearing R NBRGP0567FCZZ NBRGP0567FCZZ
Separator Pawl Upper CTME-0034QS01
Lower Separation Pawl n/a PTME-0036QSZZ

Carriage unit (Copy Lamp Ass) DUNT-0404QSPZ DUNT-0647QSZZ

SHARP Document Solution Centre 13

Product Key Registration

AR-PK1N Postscript Level 3 kit

The front of the operation manual details a unique code which when registered, provides
an activation key which unlocks the Postscript function within the device.

For AR-M201, the AR-PK1N Postscript Option is registered against the ARNB2A
Product Number, not the ARM201 or ARNB2A serial numbers.


1. Open the webpage of the AR-NB2A by entering the IP Address of the device.

Example Shown:

2. Select Product Key Setting.

Note: The ARNB2A administrator username and password will be required.

Default Username: admin
Default Password:- Sharp

3. Make a note of the AR-NB2A Product Number

14 SHARP Document Solution Centre

Product Key Registration

4. Note the Application Number from the front of the AR-PK1N Operation Manual.

5. Send an e-mail to :

SHARP Document Solution Centre 15

Product Key Registration

16 SHARP Document Solution Centre

Firmware Upgrade

In preparation for downloading the new firmware from a PC to an AR-M201, it is necessary to
install a software driver on the PC to allow the transfer of the firmware via USB.
Once the driver has been installed, it will then be possible to connect to the copier using
the Integrated Maintenance (Download) program

Note: The USB driver does not need to be installed each time the Maintenance Program
is required.

USB Driver Installation Procedure:

The following procedure shows the USB driver installation on Windows Vista.

1. Put the copier into “Download Mode”.

This can be done by entering Simulation 49-01 or by switching on the copier whilst
holding down the following keys:

AR-M201 CA and < (Download Mode should be displayed on the copier)

2. Connect an “A to B” type USB cable between the PC and Copier USB port.

3. The “Found New Hardware” wizard will identify “DOWNLOAD” as a new device and will
request to install the driver software – select Locate and Install driver software:-

4. Windows Vista will prompt to insert the disc that came with your Download.
Select I don‟t have a disc. Show me other options.

5. Select Browse my computer for driver software (advanced) and navigate to the
folder/location that contains the correct USB driver for the Operating System being used:-

Windows 98/ME:- Win9xMe folder

Windows 2000 & XP:- 2kXp folder
Windows Vista Vista
Click Next.

SHARP Document Solution Centre 17

Firmware Upgrade

6. If Windows cannot verify the driver publisher, the following message will appear.
Select Install this driver software anyway.

7. The DOWNLOAD USB driver will now be installed:-

18 SHARP Document Solution Centre

Firmware Upgrade

8. When the DOWNLOAD USB driver has installed successfully, click Close.

Confirmation of the Integrated Maintenance Program v4.01 generic USB driver installation
will also be displayed from within the task bar (as shown below):-

USB Driver Installation is Complete – It will now be possible to run the Maintenance Program.

SHARP Document Solution Centre 19

Firmware Upgrade

Engine Firmware

• PC with USB Port using compatible Windows OS that supports USB (not 95 or NT).
• USB “A to B” type cable.
• USB Driver Pre Installed.
• Integrated Maintenance Tool V4.18 (or higher) & Updated Firmware.

1. Presuming the USB driver is already installed, put the copier into “Download Mode”.
This can be done by entering Simulation 49-01 or by switching on the copier whilst
holding down the following keys:

AR-M201 CA and < (Download Mode should be displayed on the copier panel)

2. Connect an “A to B” type USB cable between the PC and Copier USB port.
Note: If you connect the USB cable before entering Download mode on the copier,
Windows „plug and play‟ will request appropriate printer drivers.

3. Launch the Integrated Maintenance Tool v4.18.

Highlight theAR-M201 model series and click Select.

20 SHARP Document Solution Centre

Firmware Upgrade

4. Select Download DWL Data Area from within the Special (MCU/IMC2/Fax) drop-down

5. Navigate to the location of the required firmware and click Open

SHARP Document Solution Centre 21

Firmware Upgrade

6. The following „download‟ window should appear.

7. Once the transfer of the firmware is complete, the following warning message will

8. When “Off” is displayed on the copier panel, power off the machine and remove the USB

Do NOT power off the copier or remove the USB cable until “Off” is displayed on the
copier operation panel.

9. Power on the machine. To check the firmware has updated successfully, enter
Simulation 22-14 to view the firmware versions installed.

Firmware Upgrade is Complete.

22 SHARP Document Solution Centre

Firmware Upgrade

Network Expansion Kit AR-NB2A:

• Updating the Network Expansion kit takes place via the RJ45 connection only. The
update can be performed by either using a suitably equipped PC and network crossover
cable or directly across the network from a connected PC.

1. Open a web-browser application and enter the IP address of the AR-NB2A, followed by

Example Shown below:

Note: If the copier has a DNS name, then it can be used in the same way:-
Example: http://AR-M201/firmware_upload.html

2. Click Switch to Firmware Upload Mode - the following screen should appear.

3. When the “Firmware Upload” screen appears, click the Browse button to select the
firmware file which is to be transferred from the PC.

SHARP Document Solution Centre 23

Firmware Upgrade

4. Click Submit

5. The Firmware Update, now processing screen should appear.

6. During the update, the web page may refresh several times. When the update is
complete, the following message should appear.

Note: Do not power off the PC or Copier until “Firmware Update completed” is displayed.

24 SHARP Document Solution Centre

Firmware Upgrade

7. Power cycle the copier and confirm that the firmware has updated successfully by
either taking a Printer Settings List on the copier (press and hold the small black button
on the side of the AR-NB2A for 5 seconds) or by opening the main webpage:-

Example shown below:- Unit Version Number 01.01.00 (AR-NB2A)

Firmware Upgrade is complete

SHARP Document Solution Centre 25

Firmware & Print Driver Revision

Engine Firmware:

Firmware ROM AR-M201

MCU 03.05

IMC 03.00

LCD 04.01

Network (AR-NB2A) 01.01.00

Print Driver:
Windows 32bit OS Windows 64bit OS
XP, 2003, Vista (XP, 2003, Vista)

SPLC ** n/a

PCL5c [WHQL] n/a



PPD 01.00 (CD v1.10) 01.00 (CD v1.10)

Note: ** Not supported on Windows 2003 or 2008 Server.

For the latest Firmware and Print Driver version(s), please refer to the
SHARP Support Website.

26 SHARP Document Solution Centre

Test Simulation

The following pages contain information regarding test simulations. For a more detailed
description for each test simulation, please refer to the AR-M201 Service Manual.

AR-M201 # C
* *
1 Scanner Self Test 9 Duplex Operation & Test
1 Scanner operations test 1 Duplex motor normal rotation check
2 Scanner home position status display 2 Duplex motor reverse rotation check
6 Scanner operation aging 4 Duplex motor rotating speed adjustment

2 SPF Self Test 10 Toner Motor Operation & Test

1 SPF aging - Toner motor operation check
2 SPF sensor status display
3 SPF Motor operation check
RSPF resist clutch operation check
14 Clear / Cancel
8 SPF paper feed solenoid operation check - Trouble cancel (excluding U2 trouble).
9 RSPF reverse solenoid operation check
16 U2 Clear / Cancel
3 Finishing Operation & Test - U2 trouble cancel
3 Shifter operation check
20 Maintenance Counter Clear / Cancel
5 Lamp Operation & Test 1 Maintenance counter clear
1 LCD/LED test
2 Fusing lamp cooling fan operation check 21 Maintenance Cycle Configuration
3 Copy lamp check 1 Maintenance cycle setting

6 System Load Operation & Test 22 Data Output & Check

1 Feed output check 1 Maintenance counter display
2 Fan load check 2 Maintenance preset display
4 JAM total counter display
7 Device Aging Operation & Test 5 Total counter display
6 Developer counter display
1 Paper feed ageing test setting
8 SFP counter display
6 Interval ageing cycle timer set up
11 FAX related counter display
8 Warm up time display setting
12 Drum counter display
13 CRUM type display
8 High Voltage Operation Test 14 ROM version display
1 Developing bias output 16 Duplex counter display
2 Main charger output (Grid HIGH) 17 Copy counter display
3 Main charger output (Grid LOW) 18 Printer counter display
6 Transfer charger output 19 Scanner mode counter display
21 Scanner counter display
22 SPF JAM counter display

SHARP Document Solution Centre 27

Test Simulation

24 Data Counter & Clear 46 Copy & Image Density Adjustment

1 JAM total counter clear 1 Copy density adjustment (300 dpi)
4 SPF counter clear 2 Copy density adjustment (600 dpi)
5 Duplex counter clear 12 Copy density adjustment in FAX mode
6 Developer counter clear 13 FAX mode density adjustment (normal)
7 Drum copy counter clear 14 FAX mode density adjustment (fine)
8 Copy counter clear 15 FAX mode density adjustment (super fine)
9 Printer counter clear 18 Image contrast adjustment (300 dpi)
10 Fax counter clear 19 Exposure mode setting (AE mode)
13 Scanner counter clear 20 SPF exposure correction
14 SPF jam counter clear 29 Image contrast adjustment (600 dpi)
15 Scanner mode counter clear 30 AE limit adjustment
31 Image sharpness adjustment
32 Copier colour reproduction setting
25 Toner Monitor & Polygon Check
FAX mode sharpness adjustment
1 Toner sensor output monitor (Process)
10 Polygon motor operation check
48 Magnification & Motor Adjustment
1 Main scan magnification ratio adjustment
26 Device Configuration
SPF Sub scan magnification ratio adjust
2 (R)SPF setting
3 Second cassette setting
4 Main unit duplex setting 49 Firmware Upgrade
6 Destination setting 1 Flash ROM program writing mode
7 Machine conditions check
20 Rear edge void setting
CE mark support control
50 Image Position Adjustment
Cancel of stop at developer life over 1 Image lead edge adjustment
Memory capacity check 6 Copy lead edge position adjustment (SPF)
Polygon motor off time setting 10 Paper off-centre adjustment
Transfer ON timing control setting 12 Document off-centre adjustment
Side void amount setting 18 Reverse position adjustment (duplex copy)
Life correction setting 19 Duplex copy rear edge void adjustment
62 Energy-save mode copy lamp setting
51 Resist Roller Adjustment
30 Sensor Operation & Test 2 Resist roller adjustment
1 Main unit sensor check
53 Document Feeder Adjustment
41 OC Cover Operation & Adjustment 8 Document scan start position.
6 OC Float detection level adjustment
7 OC detection margin setting 61 LSU Writing Adjustment/Test
1 LSU test (Polygon motor & BD signal)
43 Fuser Setting & Adjustment
1 Fusing temperature setting (Normal copy)
4 Fusing temperature setting in multi-copy
5 Fusing temperature setting in duplex copy
14 Fusing start temperature setting

28 SHARP Document Solution Centre

Test Simulation

63 CCD Operation & Adjustment

1 Shading correction data display
2 Black level automatic correction
12 Light quantity stabilization wait time setting
13 Light quantity stabilization band setting

64 Self Test Print

1 Self print test

66 Fax Control Settings & Adjustments

1 FAX soft switch setting
2 FAX soft switch initialising
3 FAX pwb memory check
4 Signal send mode (max value)
5 Signal send mode (soft SW set value)
7 Image memory content print
10 Image memory content clear
11 300 bps signal send (max value)
12 300 bps signal send (soft SW set value)
13 Dial test
17 DTMF signal send (max value)
18 DTMF signal send (soft SW set value)
21 FAX information print
24 FAST SRAM clear
30 TEL / LIU status change check
32 Receive data check
33 Signal detection check
34 Communication time measurement
37 Speaker sound volume setting
38 Time setting / check

SHARP Document Solution Centre 29

Trouble Codes

00 Network communication error 10 Fax board error
01 Network card is not installed or defective
02 The specified server is not found
03 Specified server does not correspond H2
during transmission 00 Thermistor open
04 The FTP account/password is invalid
05 The FTP server directory is invalid
09 Image file size exceeds upper limit set. H3
10 TX method assigned cannot be used.
00 Heat roller high temperature
11 Memory full (Scan Data):-
12 Quantity result for LDAP search
exceeded the maximum quantity:- H4
00 Heat roller low temperature
Door Open L1
Flash Developer cartridge not installed
00 Scanner feed trouble.

00 IMC communication trouble
10 IMC PWB trouble 00 Scanner return trouble.
11 IMC ASIC error
13 IMC flash ROM error
81 Communication with IMC PWB (Parity)
82 Communication with IMC PWB (Overrun) 01 Main motor lock detection.
84 Communication with IMC PWB (Framing) 32 Exhaust fan motor lock detection trouble.

E7 L6
01 Duplex model memory setup error 10 Polygon motor lock detection.
02 LSU trouble
10 Shading trouble (Black correction)
Shading trouble (White correction)
12 Shading trouble 03 Fax battery abnormality.
16 Abnormal laser output

F2 04 EEPROM communication error
02 Toner supply abnormality. 11 Counter check sum error (EEPROM)
04 Improper cartridge (destination error). 40 CRUM chip communication error

02 Copy lamp abnormality

30 SHARP Document Solution Centre

User Program

User Program Entry

1. Press the [MENU] key and then press the [ENTER] key.
For Printer mode, press the [MENU] key only.

2. Press the [<] key [v] or [>] key [^] to select the item that you wish to configure in the USER
PROGRAM, then press the [ENTER] key.

You can also select a program by directly entering the program number with the numeric keys.

3. Press the [<] key [v] or [>] key [^] to change the setting of the selected item.

If you select the wrong item, press the [CLEAR] key [C] and repeat the procedure from

To cancel a setting for a user program, press the [MENU] key.

4. Press the [ENTER] key. Your selection appears briefly and then the previous screen appears.

When "AE LEVEL ADJUST" is selected in the user programs and the [ENTER] key is pressed,
the automatic exposure adjustment screen appears. Adjust the exposure and press the
[ENTER] key.

Audible Signals

The machine sounds three different types of beep signals: a key entry beep that sounds when a
valid key is pressed, an invalid key beep that sounds when an invalid key is pressed, and a base
setting beep that sounds when a setting is the same as the base setting (base settings are
explained below). The base setting beep is initially disabled. If you wish to enable the base setting
beep, see "SOUND AT DEFAULT". If you wish to change the volume of the beep signals or
disable them, see "KEY TOUCH SOUND".

The beep patterns of each type of beep signal are as follows:

Key entry beep: One beep

Invalid key beep: Two beeps
Base setting beep: Three beeps

Base settings

The base settings are preset standard selections for each copy setting.

The base settings are as follows:

Copy ratio: 100%

Light and Dark level: Centre
Paper feed location: Tray 1 (Upper paper tray)

SHARP Document Solution Centre 31

User Program

Program Program Setting
Number Name Codes
1: 10 Sec
Auto clear time automatically returns the copy settings
2: 30 Sec
to the initial settings if no keys are pressed for a
3: 60 Sec
4: 90 Sec
preset period of time following the end of a copy job.
This program is used to select the period of time. Auto
5: 120 Sec
clear time can also be disabled.
6: OFF
This function automatically switches the machine to a
1: 30 Sec.
low power consumption state if the set duration of
2: 1 Min.
time elapses without the machine being used when
3: 5 Min.
PREHEAT the power is on. The power save indicator lights up,
4: 30 Min.
however, the keys on the operation panel can be
5: 60 Min.
used. Normal operation automatically resumes when
6: 120 Min.
a key on the operation panel is pressed, an original is
7: 240 Min.
placed, a print job is received.
AUTO SHUT- 1: ON Use this setting to enable or disable auto power
3 OFF 2: OFF shut-off mode.
This function automatically switches the machine to a
state that consumes even less power than preheat
mode if the set duration of time elapses without the
1: 5 Min.
machine being used when the power is on. All lights
2: 30 Min.
AUTO SHUT- except the power save indicator go off. To resume
3: 60 Min.
normal operation, press the [START] key. Normal
4: 120 Min.
operation also resumes automatically when a print job
5: 240 Min.
is received or scanning is begun from a computer.
While in auto power shut-off mode, no keys (except
the [START] key) can be used.
LAYOUT IN 1: Pattern 1 Use this setting to select the layout pattern when two
7 2IN1 2: Pattern 2 original pages are copied onto a single sheet of paper.
When enabled, this function offsets the position in the
paper output tray of sets of copies during copy job,
and print jobs when using the printer function.
This setting is used to change the copy resolution in
1: 300dpi
AE/TEXT AUTO and TEXT mode from 600 x 300 dpi to 600 x
2: 600dpi
600 dpi (high-quality mode). Scanning is slower when
high-quality mode is used.
1: 5mm
MARGIN 2: 10mm
12 WIDTH 3: 15mm
Use this setting to set the margin width.
4: 20mm
1: 30%
MEMORY 2: 40%
Use this to change the proportion of machine memory
13 FOR 3: 50%
used for printer mode.
PRINTER 4: 60%
5: 70%
Use this setting to select whether or not holding down
a key causes repeated input of the key. For keys that
AUTO KEY 1: ON normally cause a set value to increase when held
14 REPEAT 2: OFF down (for example, holding down the [<] key [v] or [>]
key [^]), this program can be used to have the set
value not change when the key is held down.

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User Program

Program Program Setting
Number Name Codes
Use this setting to select how long a key must be
2: 0.5 Sec.
KEY PRESS pressed for the input to be accepted. By selecting a
3: 1.0 Sec.
longer time, you can prevent settings from being
4: 1.5 Sec.
changed by the accidental pressing of a key.
5: 2.0 Sec.
1: LOW
2: HIGH This sets the volume of beep signals.
3: OFF
SOUND AT 1: ON Use this to sound a beep when a base setting is
17 DEFAULT 2: OFF selected.
This mode reduces toner usage by about 10% when
18 MODE 2: OFF
copying. Toner save mode is effective when the
exposure mode is AUTO or TEXT.
This is used to adjust the exposure level.
The automatic exposure level can be adjusted
separately for the document glass and the SPF/RSPF.
The factory default setting for the exposure level
is "center".
1: US ENG.
This is used to set the language used in the display.
RESET 1: YES This is used to return all settings to the factory default
21 FACTORY 2: NO settings.
SORT AUTO 1: ON Use this setting to enable or disable sort auto select
22 SELECTION 2: OFF mode.
You can set the operation that takes place if the [Start]
24 OPEN 2: OFF
key is pressed when the RSPF is not completely
Set the allowed paper sizes when copying from the
VALID COPY 1. 8.5 X 11 bypass tray. When 5.5x8.5 is selected, a copy of the
25 WIDTH 2. 5.5 X 8.5 letter size original will only be printed up to invoice
1: ON Select whether copying is allowed when the polygon
2: OFF motor is rotating or stopped
Set the temperature of the fusing unit when the
29 PAPER TYPE bypass tray is used. Normally, “Heavy Paper” should
be used.
3.NORMAL Sets the contrast of the display.

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User Program

Program Program Setting
Number Name Codes
When this function is enabled, printing in printer mode
FORCED 1: ON will automatically continue using a different size of
1 OUTPUT 2: OFF paper if the specified size of paper runs out in all
trays. This feature does not function in copy mode.

This sets the USB 2.0 data transfer speed. To obtain

the fastest speed when using the USB 2.0 connector,
USB 2.0 1: FULL- first verify that your computer meets the system
2 MODE SPEED requirements (operating system and driver), and then
SWITCH *1 2: HI-SPEED use this program to change the USB 2.0 mode to "Hi-
Speed". Note that the setting should not be changed
while running a TWAIN driver. (For the system
If the paper runs out during printing and there is paper
AUTO TRAY 1: ON of the same size in another tray, this function
3 SWITCH*2 2: OFF automatically switches to that tray (excluding the
bypass tray). The function can be disabled.

*1: The scanning speed increases when the USB 2.0 mode is set to "HI-SPEED", however, the printing
speed does not increase considerably.

*2: When the 250-sheet paper feed unit is installed.

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Repair Hints

Symptom Advice
The AR-FX13 has 2MB of memory as standard and can hold
How many A4 sheets can be stored in
up to 120 pages at 5% coverage. It is not possible to expand
the AR-FX9 memory?
the memory capacity.

Power off the copier.
How to reset the Network Box Hold down the small black button next to the USB port on
(ARNB2A) back to Factory Default the Network Box (ARNB2a) and power on the machine until
the Network Box emits a bleep.
What is the part code for the USB A-to-
B type cable for connecting the QCNWG0012QSZZ
AR-NB2A to the copier?

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Technical Bulletin Index

Note: Excludes Part Change/Correction Information & ROM Version Upgrades.

Reference Description
COP1373 Measures to prevent an RSPF jam, when operating under a high humidity
COP1365 Maintenance software version update

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