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Creating Jobs.

Changing Lives
Our Focus: Job Creation and Job Fulfilment

Creating Jobs Changing Lives Scaling Impact

Through Creating high-value Through technology,

entrepreneurship, jobs networks and
innovation and skills and empowering Govt. partnerships
development individuals to across Asia, Africa and
command such jobs Latin America
Our Initiatives




National Entrepreneurship Network

National Entrepreneurship Network

(NEN) supports startups and SMEs to
accelerate their growth and inspires and
educates student entrepreneurs to start
NEN Programs: Creating Entrepreneurs

Inspiring, educating and skilling young entrepreneurs at campus

Creating next-gen entrepreneurial leaders and innovative thinkers

Cloud based LearnWiseTM platform Wadhwani E-Cells on campus
offering several semesters of support dozens of Practicums
blended entrepreneurship courses

1 2

4 3
Mentor Student Startups Campus Companies, Startup

Student Entrepreneurship Programs

YUVA: A joint initiative with Government of India to scale NEN Student Programs to 3000 institutes
NEN Programs: Supporting Entrepreneurs

Accelerating business growth for early-stage and growth-stage entrepreneurs.

Supporting entrepreneurs with mentoring, learning tools and investor connects.


• Videos • Helpdesk for • Investor Network
entrepreneurs •
• Courses Pitch Labs
• Mentor Network
• Blogs • Loan Connect
• Workshops
• Events • Angel Investor
• Mentoring Clinics Enablement
• Q&A
• Mentor Enablement
• Bootcamps
NEN - Global Impact

600+ Networked

Size of Investor & Supported
Mentor Network

700+ Created/year

Students Engaged
NEN Impact: Creating Thousands of Companies

225+ Customers 400 Customers 2000+ Customers 500+ Customers

500+ Customers
400+ Customers 12000+ Customers 50+ Customers
NEN Through The Eyes of Entrepreneurs

“NEN is the SALT in Entrepreneurial Curry” “NEN is an ENTREPRENEURIAL GARAGE”

Ashish, Flit Webs Santhosh, UMM Studios

“NEN imbibes NEVER DIE spirit” “NEN is the GUIDING LIGHT for
Vaibhav, Ways & Means entrepreneurs” – Kshitij, Del Medix

“NEN makes Entrepreneurs out of ORDINARY “NEN is a 3D PRINTING MACHINE manufacturing

PEOPLE” - Madhuri Ruia, InteGym entrepreneurs” – Sushil, Morphedo

“NEN was a GPS for my startup journey” “NEN mentorship was like a DOCTOR to our
Akash, Flit Webs financial health” – Gaurav, Intelivisto
Entrepreneurship: Partners’ Speak

“NEN is a network which brought entrepreneurs, “This model covers 100% of my expectations for “This training is magnificent, I will increase my
educators, students and instructors on a common implementation in Mexico, the adaptation for students panorama on entrepreneurship to help
platform.” countries like ours and will allow us to really them push their dreams.”
implement and make an impact in our society and
Prof. Madhavi Lokhande community.”
Welingkar Sr. Associate Dean, Welingkar Institute of Juan Jose Cynthia Pimentel
Management. CECATI 13 CECATI 158

“WF NEN program is being offered to all students as “The training is truly an icebreaker to boost your “WF entrepreneurship programs are very well
a free package to enhance their abilities and to small dreams towards critical and unique high pitch designed to provide practical knowledge for the
become self-reliant at the close of their campus life.” business ideas.” three core elements that I believe; development of
individuals, their products/services and their
businesses, I loved it!.”
Prof. Stanley Waudo Dr. Rolly E Mendoza
The Vice Chancellor, Mount Kenya University Dean, College of Business Management, Taguig City Ramesh K S @ Mohd Zaidi Abd Rozan
University, Philippines UTM Technology Entrepreneurship Centre, Malaysia
Global Skills Network

Global Skills Network (GSN)

empowers youth with vocational
skills that command family supporting
GSN Programs

Employer Collaboration Student and Employee Education

Collaborate with industry partners for
Bringing video based world-class soft skills
curriculum design & development, provide adjunct
across all job roles and job-centric
faculty and student internships/apprenticeships
vocational training in schools and with employers
along with upskilling their existing employees

Research Outcome
Identify current and future
Measured in terms of
high-demand job roles, locally
placement rates & wages
GSN Impact

80+ 3,000+ 3,200+ 280,000+ 1,500+ 15,000+ 47,000+

E-content Secondary Hours of

Vocational Scaling
partnerships and Post Students high-quality Students
Teachers schools by
with Secondary enrolled multi-media Placed
trained 2020
Employers Institutes e-content
GSN Impact: Students Placed (Partner Network)
Skills Development: Beneficiaries’ Speak

“I chose a course in Community College as it is job- “This has given us an insight on how a real interview is
oriented and I have an opportunity to get a job both in and what are the areas he need to prepare for before the
the government and private sector.” interview.”
Emama Kumari
Student, Government Women’s College, Patna Student, Rift Valley Technical Training Institute

“I want to be successful because in today’s era “It was always my dream to do fashion technology
people do not salute a person, but his identity. That’s course. Teachers here supported me and I learnt a lot.
the reason for me to create my own identity.” Now I have confidence to open my own boutique.”
Rakhi Fashion Technology Student
Retail Student, Government Women’s College, Patna JD Women’s College, Patna

“Field visits and expert lectures on Healthcare have

“It is a very big thing for me that I got a job at 10+2
given me skilled knowledge to such an extent that I can
level – a rare opportunity that I will always cherish.”
take care of my health and also that of my family.”
Shalini Thakur
Harshdeep Kaur
Student, GGSSS Portmore, H.P.
Student, GSSS Portmore, H.P.
Skills Development: Partners’ Speak

“I compliment WF for bringing the entrepreneurship "Wadhwani Foundation has done a great job in creating “Wadhwani Foundation (WF) has done a lot for the
program to MKU. This will enhance ability of students to the training modules. I am sure in the years to come, education department particularly in Level 1 to Level 4
fit into the market and enable them become their own these tools will be available to every nurse of this programs. With their active participation, we will be in a
bosses, thus creating jobs for future generations.” country and the world.” position to start the flagship programs of HP Kaushal
Vikas Nigam implemented by the HP education
Prof. Peter Wanderi Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty Rajesh Sharma
The MKU NEN Program Patron Chairman, Narayana Health MD, HP Kaushal Vikas Nigam

“It forms a basis for the faculty to reach a greater “Our experience with Wadhwani Foundation is such that “I would like to congratulate Wadhwani Foundation for
audience of learners and makes it easier for the students their modules were absolutely customized to our shaking hands with Ashok Minda Group. Along with the
to undertaken revision after a class.” requirement and the feedback is quite positive.” Govt. of Delhi, we are doing industry-academia
partnership exposure visit and exchange of learnings.”

Ms. Pauline Kamau Dr. Bhushan Narula Praveen Karn

Lecturer, Thika Technical Training Institute AVP, Centre of Excellence, Dr. Lal Pathlabs Group Head CSR, Spark Minda, Ashok Minda Group
Global Innovation Network (GIN)

GIN aims to accelerate innovation that

leads to creation of global companies
and ecosystems in critical sectors for
the nation
GIN Programs


Shanta Wadhwani The Wadhwani Building world-class

Center for Cardiac and Research Centre for national ecosystem in
Neural Research located Bioengineering at IIT critical sectors through
at NCBS, Bangalore Bombay is focused on Startup and Small
aimed at understanding low cost bio-sensors and Business Innovation
the role of stem cells in devices & drug delivery grants proposed to
neuroscience and and bioinformatics 25,000 companies over
cardiomyopathies five years
GIN Impact

2 41 25
Research Centers Ph.D. and Post Investigators
(WRCB & NCBS) Docs
Policy Research Network

Policy Research Network (PRN) drives

data-driven research inputs for informed
policy action towards accelerating
economic growth

Focused on innovation,
entrepreneurship, skill development
leading to large scale job creation and
job fulfillment
PRN Programs

Global Best practices in

scaling startups

Playbook on connecting local
Global Best practices
in scaling SMEs 03 05 skilling ecosystem to market

Global best practices in Technical

Vocational Education and Training
02 06 Research on Jobs and future of

Insights on improving research and

Global best practices in small
business innovation research 01 07 innovation in India's top 25
universities through collaboration
PRN Impact

Partnership with Ministry WF worked with Indian Assessment of SBIRI and The CSIS Wadhwani Chair
The CSIS Wadhwani
of Skill Development and Ministry of Human BIPP led to evidence- is the global leader in
Chair was given
Entrepreneurship (MSDE) Resource Development based recommendations tracking state-level
leadership of US-India
to massively scale (MHRD) and University for policy makers to business regulatory
Innovation Forum in 2015 developments in India.
entrepreneurship Grants Commission improve impact and scale
to build a work plan for the CSIS prepares a weekly
education & exposure in (UGC) to draft a of innovation programs in
2 governments, CSIS is legislative/ regulatory
India across 3000 community college small and medium-scale
organizing a series of tracker, coordinates U.S.
colleges, ITIs and schools scheme that led to a industries
sector-focused innovation engagement with Indian
MHRD funded pilot of 200
workshops in the U.S. and states, and now leads a
Community Colleges in
in India on topics like program funded by the
India and introduction of
Innovation in Healthcare, U.S. Department of State
vocational education in
Transportation etc. to shape U.S. energy
over 4000 schools
engagement with Indian
About Dr. Romesh Wadhwani

• Silicon Valley entrepreneur and philanthropist

• Built three successful companies, the last of which sold for over $9 billion
• Member of the Gates Buffet Giving Pledge
• Board Member of Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington, D.C.
• Founding Chairman and CEO of $3.5 billion Symphony Technology Group
• Appointed by President Barack Obama on Board of Trustees of the John. F.
Kennedy Center
WF Leadership Team

Javier Campos Varsy Wanjau Sunita Singh

MD – Latin America MD – East Africa Co-founder NEN & EVP, WF

Ajay Kela
President & CEO

Austin Thomas Atul Raja Sashi Chimala Swati Mittal

EVP, Impact Management EVP, Global Marketing EVP – Products & Platforms Financial Controller
WF Spokespeople: Providing Thought Leadership
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