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This is a study of feasibility for the production and marketing of a refreshing

drink based on corn juice and fruits in the city of Cartago Valley. It is a business

project that allowed the determination of the technical, administrative, economic and

market feasibility for the creation of the Company drinks SANKLERS; Taking as

support the guidelines of the business plan theory of authors such as Varela (2001),

Peteraf (1993) and Mincomercio (2011)

The development of this work compiles the results obtained in each of the

studies; For the market analysis a survey was applied, whereby questions were asked

about the market variables or 4 P's to the previously identified target market, which

allowed to know the preferences of the population regarding the product; In addition,

a competitive analysis was carried out through the comparative benchmarking

matrix, making possible the establishment of marketing strategies for the marketing

of SANKLERS beverages.

In addition to the above processes, through a technical and administrative

study, the physical and human resources needed to start up the business idea were

identified. Finally, based on an economic and financial analysis, the amount of money

required to start the project was established, and a projected cash flow statement was

drawn up, which allowed us to determine that the operating expenses from the second
year onwards are higher than the income. This shows that the project is not

considered financially viable.

Keywords: Business plan, non-alcoholic beverage, production, marketing