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8th District Legislator
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January 25, 2018

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Bruso Fights for Gun Owners

Supports extension of deadline for pistol permit recertification

Erie County Legislator John Bruso (D-Lancaster) has thrown his support behind the push to extend the looming deadline
for recertification of pistol permits in New York State.

Prior to the passage of the SAFE Act, New York pistol permits did not have to be renewed. However, the SAFE Act
imposed a five year renewal cycle. There is currently a deadline of January 31, 2018 to recertify pistol permits issued
prior to January 15, 2013. As of the beginning of this month, less than half of the more than 50,000 affected permits
have been renewed here in Erie County. The recertification issue is a problem across the state, with many county clerks
warning of huge backlogs on recertifications in their counties.

An inadvertent failure to finalize a recertification of a permit prior to the last day of January could lead to the imposition
of criminal charges for possession of an unlicensed firearm.

Responding to the problem, the Erie County Legislature recently approved a resolution calling on New York State to
review the pistol permit recertification deadline and to consider holding law-abiding pistol owners harmless if they
cannot recertify by the end of January due to the backlogs. Legislator Bruso supported the resolution and is urging the
state to act.

“We need to ensure that law-abiding gun owners are not unfairly harmed by the recertification deadline contained in
the SAFE Act,” said Bruso. “This is an entirely new process for both gun owners and the officials who have to process the
applications. We should give citizens who are simply trying to fulfill their obligation under the law adequate time and
support to do so.”

However, Bruso emphasized that permit owners should understand that there is still time to complete the
recertification process by the deadline. He stated: “Pistol owners subject to the January deadline should do everything
they can to meet the deadline by visiting the Erie County Clerk’s office at to understand the process, hours of operation and

Computers stations have been set up at the Erie County Clerk’s office on Franklin Street to help with the online process.
The Clerk’s Office is recommending pistol owners recertify online at the State Police website at Otherwise, pistol owners can download a
paper version and mail the completed form to New York State Police, Pistol Permit Bureau, Building 22, 1220,
Washington Ave., Albany, NY 12226-2252.


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