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is visible when thickness of the Proof Course. A continuous layer of an impervious mati he walll. It is generally provided at the plinth level. Sill. The lower horizontal frame of a window. ty Lintel. Lintel may be defined as a beam (of generally R.C.C.) to support the bri Ee door and window opening. Generally the width of the lintel is same as that 0 wall. Ceiling. The lower level of the roof slab exposed to the room. Balcony. The covered portion on the first floor just above the verandah. Poreh. A roof supported on pillars in front of a verandah or in front of a building to park: a car for a short while. GENERAL CONVENTIONS FOR SHOWING DIFFERENT MATERIALS IN SECTIONS MATERIAL ‘SYMBOL, MATERIAL sYMGOL REINFORCED. CEMENT CONC. AGC. FLOOR FINISH RAMMED KHOA aass LIME TERRACE { SSatbiot. ot PLASTER 2 rwwee | GEERT | erenace Fig. 1.5 Corridor. A narrow verandah or a gallery or open communication to dif building. Lime terrace. A weath a action. dd “Ashort wall provided on top of roof ofa building, The 1 rat requirement of the building. n of a pafapet wall provided on olling throughout the wall. aricx sworuns | beret an z cewenr Goncnere| {os nouno eve. | 7 —ae—are ree {race} i i ‘ i i ering course given at the roof slab to prot