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Sisters High School Mr.

1st Trimester, 10-11 (mull-in-check)
Math 1B—Course Syllabus
e-mail: phone: 541.549.4045 x1034


Math 1A is a course designed to assist students in their comprehension of basic algebra skills. It
emphasizes the process of solving equations, as well as the relationships among tables, graphs, and
equations of linear functions.


 Organization of student work is critical for success. Students will be given a spiral notebook
for use in this class and will be stored in the classroom. NO CALCULATORS.

 Students will use their spiral notebooks for warm-ups, notes, practice problems and journal

 At the end of every unit in the course, students will have a “notebook check” where they must
verify they have successfully completed all of the required items for the unit. A handout will
be given in advance for students to evaluate the items to be completed in their notebooks.

 For students who are absent from class – you can obtain any notes or practice problems you
missed by checking the course binder.


 Homework may be given on a daily basis, if necessary. Students who work diligently during
class hours may not be assigned any homework. However, students can expect multiple
projects to be assigned outside of class where students may use videos, podcasts, slideshow,
posters, etc. to demonstrate concept mastery. Additional details on projects will be distributed
later in the course.

 PLEASE DO NOT spend more than 30-35 minutes a night working on a math assignment. If
you are stuck on a problem, copy it down and seek help in any of the following ways: during class
homework review, lunch by appointment, or before/after school.

 No late work will be accepted after the notebook checks have been completed.

 If you are absent, check the designated course binder for worksheets/handouts given in class.


 Students will be allotted 4 bathroom/locker passes for the entire trimester (12 weeks). Each
pass that is unused at the end of the trimester may be turned in for extra credit points at the
end of the term. Students must have their student planners to sign out of class.

 Every Friday (or the last day of the week) students can expect a 15-20 minute quiz that will
consist of problems related to the topics covered from Monday thru Thursday. The idea here is
to encourage students to complete daily work and provide them with familiar problems in a
testing environment. Performing at a minimum of 75% on weekly assessments typically
demonstrates competency of the content covered, and also indicates students are prepared for
the unit assessments and final exam.


Unit Tests 30%

Notebook Checks 30%
Weekly Assessments 20%
Final Exam 20%

A (mastery of standards) 90 - 100%

B (above average) 80 - 89%
C (average) 70 - 79%
D (meets only some standards) 65 - 69%
F (does not meet standard) Below 65%


 Please no candy, energy drinks, or annoying gum chewers. ALL liquid containers (water, juice,
pop, etc.) MUST have a lid/cap on it in class. No lid/cap = thrown away.

 MP3/IPOD’s may be allowed in particular class sessions - only with instructor approval. It is
expected that you will be on-task and working diligently if given this privilege in class.

 Refer to student handbook for policies in regards to attendance and cell phones.


 In this course, students may be able to retake weekly assessments and/or unit tests as
necessary. Retake scores will be limited to 80% for the specific test/quiz.

 It is highly encouraged to get additional instruction and practice with me if you have questions
or become frustrated with the course content. There is no substitute for practice – whatever
you spend your time doing, you will likely become good at!

Please sign below that you understand the terms of the syllabus. Questions – contact me!

DO NOT CUT THIS PORTION – simply return entire sheet to class so I can verify the signatures.

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