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This section is about conclusion for this report, what have been learn during
internship for 10 week and also the suggestion for their final year project. Last
but not least the suggestion will be propose whether suitable for final year

3.1 Conclusion

During the 10 weeks of industrial training at Rapid Team Solution

(M) Sdn Bhd, I have learnt a lot of new engineering works and also learnt
about how to be a product designer. I utilized my time and energy to acquire
as much knowledge and skills as possible. I managed to adapt myself to the
working environment with the support from the supervisor and department

I had encountered several difficulties during the industrial training

period. The first difficulty that I faced was the inexperience and knowledge
about reverse engineering course such as made a scanning a product and
made a new 3D modeling for the project. Since I had not learned these in
university or any other places, it’s a big challenge for me to pick up the
method within a short time. However, with the study, research and guidance
from my supervisor and manager, I had finally known about reverse
engineering environment and managed the difficulties that I have faced
The Industrial Training Program has been beneficial and valuable to
me in order to gain knowledge and experience through the training period.
The experience gained probably will give competitive advantage to me in
seeking for jobs especially in the current unemployment issue. This program
should proceed as academic requirement for graduates.

3.2 Suggestion for Final Year Project

There are one project that can be suggest as final year project during internship at
Rapid Team Solution Sdn Bhd. Which is design customize scanner that apply what
have learn at campus. The main problem for the current scanner is there a lot of time
waste to change the location of camera based on three position inside, middle and
outer side. So the key to improve list below:
 Easy to re-located camera
 Easy to assembly
 Saving lead time
 Reduce cost

Problem occur:
 Wasting time to change the camera location
 Hard to locate camera on position properly

The suggestion improvement concept:

Casing for Projector

Hole guide for camera movement

Camera base with guide locator

Complete Design