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23 January, 2018

As per the clients requirement we had visited the M/S The Sandur Manganese & Iron Ore
Limited mines on 22 January 2018 to study the project site and availability of resource.
We met Mr. Sunil kumar .G.S, Asst .General Manager (Mines). He explained us their
requirement and took us to the mines area and showed the alignment of the proposed belt
conveyor at the quarry and unloading point. The points discussed are as under.

1. They want the total project to be handled by a single agency, since they don’t
have any knowledge regarding belt conveyor system and people to handle the
2. We had informed him that we can not handle Civil & Electrical work.
3. As we are executing the projects for the time being, we can design, manufacture
and supply of technological structure & bought out items required for the
conveyor system.
4. We have to include in our scope fabrications of Trestle & Gantries at site and
erection and commissioning of the total conveyor system.
5. The soft copies of conture map and profile has been handed over to us.
6. They are expecting the budgetary quotation for the conventional and pipe
conveyor for comparison. They will decide about the implementing the system
7. At one area the conveyor is taking 24 deg declinations. This aspect has to be
studied carefully and we have to suggest suitable remedial measures to overcome
this point.
8. The conveyor profile is down hill; hence care to be taken in the drive selection.
9. As per Supreme Court order, the project has to be completed and operation to start
with in 21 month’s from December 2017.
10. They have already approached forest officials for taking clearance for installing
the Trestle in the forest area & B.M.M in whose area around 900 meter conveyor
is coming.
11. Power is available at unloading area where they prefer to have fabrication shop.
12. In the event of us taking the fabrication work of heavy structures at site, we had
informed them to provide accommodation for our site engineers, power, water
conveyance etc.


V.R. Chandrasekaran.