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 Full paper should be submitted strictly by January 30, 2017.
 Each team will be provided 10-12 minutes for presentation and 3 minutes
for question answer round with judges as well as audience.
 We expect authors to credit all sources used in their writings and avoid
plagiarism by using appropriate citation.
 All the members of a team should necessarily be present during the
 Data in the abstract/paper should be technically correct.
 The presentation should contain adequate number of illustrations,
methodology, figures and graphs so as to make the idea clear.
 Team members can use self-made PowerPoint presentation or animation
for explanation of any process or Tool.
 Each team should bring a soft copy (pdf format only) and 3 hard copies of
their paper at the time of presentation.
 Additional script will be restricted.
 Event committee will provide-
 Laptop
 Projector
 Microphone
 Sketch-marker& Board

Full paper Submission E-mail Id:

Urjotsav’17 Technical and Entrepreneurial fest of RGIPT


Paper Format

Page & margins

 A4size paper
 Single line space
 margins: 1 in. from both sides
 No headers & footers
 Word count: 3000(or more)

 Heading- Times New Roman -Bold-14
 Sub-headings- Times New Roman -Bold-12
 Content - Times New Roman -12
Full Paper Content

The paper should consist of the following headings-
 Abstract
 Introduction
 Research/ Advancement
 Methodology/ Procedure/Mechanism/ Design
 Experiment/ Case study
 Applications/ performance
 Conclusion/Summary/Results
 References

Contact Us:
Dilip Patidar Rakesh Khichad
+91 9828630813 +91 8303059566

Urjotsav’17 Technical and Entrepreneurial fest of RGIPT




 Poster presentation would include presentation time and an open question
answer session.
 The poster can be a research or review work, however any sort of plagiarism
would result in immediate disqualification.
 Candidates will have to bring their own posters along with them.
 Posters should have maximum dimensions of 24 inches wide (2 feet) × 36
inches high (3 feet). Please verify poster dimensions before printing your
poster. Oversize posters may not fit.
 All applicable references and conclusion should be mentioned.
 The presentation should contain adequate number of illustrations,
methodology, figures and graphs so as to make the idea clear.

Contact Us:
Dilip Patidar Rakesh Khichad
+91 9828630813 +91 8303059566

Urjotsav’17 Technical and Entrepreneurial fest of RGIPT

PITCHOUT Second round being the most interesting and one of the most professional event of the 3 day fiesta will be an amazing platform to learn. a synopsis of their Start-up covering Executive Summary. where we provide a platform to young minds to showcase their passion towards the most valuable thing a person can possess i. giving solid advices. Last date Synopsis submission is 25th January. Round #2. 4 B-PLAN Rules and Guidelines “IF OPPORTUNITY DOESN’T KNOCK BUILD A DOOR” "URJOTSAV". where participants are required to submit by given deadline.e. Each team should nominate one speaker who will represent the team. B-Plan provides an extraordinary opportunity to present yourself and your product in front of some investors who not only will invest in your start-up.SYNOPSIS First round being the selection round. In this round every start-up group will be given 3 Minutes to talk to the sponsors "our judges". and providing access to their network of contacts. In maximum 300 words. As they “an idea”.urjotsav@rgipt. but they will be also offering mentorship. Start-up’s under oil and energy domain have a great chance to receive direct funding from PSU's under the new promotion scheme oil energy start-up’s (from the 100 crore start-up fund). Submit your synopsis at abstracts. Round with subject being “Synopsis_<Team-Leader-Name>_<College-Name>”. RGIPT's annual technical and entrepreneurial fiesta bringing to you one of the biggest B-PLAN event of India. for today's youngsters START- UP is the New GUITAR. Financial Projection and Company Overview.B-PLAN PRESENTATION Urjotsav’17 Technical and Entrepreneurial fest of RGIPT . The outline of the 3 round event is as follows: Round #1.

novelty of idea. only one member of the team will be allowed to present. Contact Us: Sharad Mehta Samaksh Chaturvedi +91 7518449708 +91 7052942499 epe14014@rgipt. You will be having 15 minutes to present your plan to judges. Guidelines:  A Team can have any number of members.  Synopsis Word Limit: 300 words  Last date Synopsis submission is 25th January. Now in round 3 let them have the full picture. time period and responses to the judges.  For round 2. Boards and projectors will be provided to you by  Other required guidelines will be provided at the time of event. 5 As you have given the taste what you are all about in round Urjotsav’17 Technical and Entrepreneurial fest of RGIPT .ac.  Use of projectors is not allowed in round 2  Projectors and boards will be provided in round  Evaluation will be based on quality of presentation.  The decision of the judges and the organizing committee shall be final and binding to all. Make sure to submit your b-plan to judges and don’t you worry about the accessories.

Final date of submission of flight/train/bus tickets is 11th February 2017. 6 CHEM-E-CAR Rules & Guidelines Deadline of Abstract/Poster submission: 30thJanuary2017 Stages of competition: 1) Abstract/Poster Submission: Details (weightage 10%) 2) Performing Round (Event day): (weightage 70%) 3) Viva/Presentation Round (Event day): (weightage 20%) Objectives: To design a chemical energy powered car that can carry a given amount of load and move specified distance. 2. 3. Schematic of vehicle c. Abstract must contain : a. General Rules: 1. These are not included for grading) 5. Cost of chemical used must be mentioned in abstract. A) Abstract Submission Round: (Weightage 10 %) – Mandatory for further selection 1. Introduction of team members b. (Train tickets are just for confirmation of your arrival on event day. Each team may have a maximum of four members. considering their abstract and model is not the same. Final date of abstract submission is 30thJanuary 2017. Cost of chemicals required Urjotsav’17 Technical and Entrepreneurial fest of RGIPT . Decision made by committee and judges will be final. Multiple teams from same institution are allowed. 4.

Car should have a proper room to keep the load. Strength test Car is expected to carry a specified payload of 0-500 grams. no chemicals can be added else after. Urjotsav’17 Technical and Entrepreneurial fest of RGIPT . Starting car Only two minutes will be given to setup the model.e.e. Subject of mail should be “Chem-E-Car_Abstract_<Team-Name>” and file name must be <Team- Name>. 1. till it has not crossed starting line). 7 d. Any type of contact with car thereafter will lead to disqualification. Creativity in car design Any type of mechanical device or push for starting the car will result in penalty. Team will be disqualified if judge deems the car unsafe for run on the given venue. B) Performing Round :( Weightage – 70%) A trial run will be given to each team. One of the organiser from team Urjotsav will measure the payload and it would be given to you to pour it in your car. Car feature and setup e. Environmental and safety features 2. Required payload will be informed 2 hours prior to start of competition. If car is initiated and not moving (i.pdf or <Team-Name>.ppt 3. The result of selected abstracts will be put up on the website&Facebook page of Urjotsav and will also be mailed to you by 25thJanuary 2017 5. In this car would be checked for emission of harmful chemicals. Feel free to contact our competition managers for any queries. if found so team would be eliminated. Once the car crosses the starting line. Only one opportunity will be given to run the car in all important Penalty will be imposed if the model deviates from abstract submitted.ppt’ format to urjotsav@rgipt. you can retouch the car if you are within your time limit of two minutes. Send your abstracts in ‘. Selection to further rounds will depend on last abstract submitted till 20thJanuary 2017.pdf’ or ‘. 6. Chemical reaction used and its detail f. 2. 4. team cannot touch their car i.

5-2 metres. Working of Car The competition is designed to check your understanding of chemical reactions and your ability to control the product of reaction. Top View: Rammers/ Speed Breakers 8-15Metres 1. Track Details: Car should traverse a distance of 8-15 metres in a rectangular area of width 1.5 metres as shown in figure. Chemical energy is the only form of energy available for car. 7. A vehicle that goes outside the course will have its distance measured to where it went out of bounds and accordingly penalty in the form of point of deduction will be imposed. The distance will always be measured from the finish line to the front point on the car. Required distance to be traversed will be given to each team two hours prior to start of performing round. If the judges are uncertain whether the car will fit inside the box when dissembled.5Metres Height of rammers = 0. 5. 4. Dimensions of Car Car must fit in a box of 50 x 35 x 35 cm3. they may request that the team demonstrate that they can do this.7 cm. 6. Car may be disassembled to meet the requirement. Track includes 3 rammers/speed breakers equally spaced and rough patch of 1-1. Disposal of the waste in the disposal site is team’s responsibility. Provision of Chemicals Teams are responsible for bringing their chemical supplies. 8 3. Distance of middle-foremost point from middle line will be measured to calculate the deviation of car. Course Layout The foremost point of car’s initial and final position will be noted down to calculate the distance traversed by the car. Urjotsav’17 Technical and Entrepreneurial fest of RGIPT .5- -2 M etr es Rough Patch 5-6 Metres 1-1. Finish distance will be measured from the finish line.5-0.

sigmaaldrich. Duration of Run The maximum time limit for a run is 4 minutes. liquid. This will be more of a technical interview taken by our Judges. Trial Runs and Resets An hour timing will be reserved for all teams to take trial runs before the actual competition starts. or vapour. Safety Measures Each team must use appropriate safety procedures and equipment in the chemical preparation area to ensure against chemical exposures. you will be graded purely on the viva taken by judges. This chemical reactant species must be a solid. This will be a face-to-face round with judge. Use of commercial batteries or commercial engines is strictly prohibited in your car’s system.using electricity generated by dissolution of metals/non-metals in acids/bases). 10. One reset is permissible if car goes out of bounds/track layout and does not pass through rough patch. 9 (Chemical Reactions include use of pressurized air-creating oxygen through chemical reaction and allowing it to build up the pressure or application of electro-chemical reaction. 9.Economics Abstract must include the amount and cost of all chemicals required for the construction of your car. Again if car goes out of track then best of two measurements will be taken for calculation of points. The cost of chemicals should be taken from http://www. the position it has at the end of 4 minutes will be considered as its final position and time of travel as 4 minutes. (Your car shall be eliminated in abstract screening itself). The vehicle must be powered by a chemical reaction and must be stopped by a quantifiable change. and direct control. 8. spills and miss-identification of chemicals. your team will be eliminated OR position will be noted down and time of run will be calculated as 4 minutes. If the car is not moving after initiation of car for a time of one minute. The following rules apply: Urjotsav’17 Technical and Entrepreneurial fest of RGIPT .com at the time of abstract submissions. 2. If the car is still moving at the end of 4 minutes. C) Presentation/Viva Round: (Weightage – 20%) 1. of the concentration of a chemical species.

iii. ii. intermediates.If the pressure of your car is greater than 1 psig. safety glasses. emergency relief device (must be in proper location). products or mixtures. These equipment may include lab coats. Certification Policy 1 All finalists will be awarded with certification of participation. intermediate reaction species or product that is present on your car during operation. and hearing protection. Pressure related restriction:Pressurized vessels and car components represent a significant explosion hazard due to the substantial energy contained in the pressure. The following restrictions apply to cars operating under pressure: Maximum operating pressure . the team will be disqualified. For initial design purposes the maximum operating pressure can be estimated from the stoichiometry — but the actual pressure must still be measured once the car is operational.gloves. Pressure requirement . Open or improperly secured container:All containers on the car containing chemicals must be securely attached to the car to prevent the container from tipping over during the competition. pressure certification.For this they are asked to bring personal equipment. iv. including an accident involving tipping over of the car.  Proper protective measures must be taken by the team against all chemicals and other hazards. Student teams must demonstrate through appropriate pressure measurements that the pressures during normal operations do not exceed equipment specifications. Hence. reactants. Chemical containment hazard: This applies to any +91 9828630813 Urjotsav’17 Technical and Entrepreneurial fest of RGIPT . then your car should have the following: pressure gauge. in English. Contact Us: Dilip Patidar epe14018@rgipt. face shields. Electrical hazard: All wiring and exposed electrical components must be electrically insulated or covered to prevent the possibility of electrical shock or ignition of any component of a car. This includes containers holding reactants. Proper measures must be taken during chemical handling in the car preparation area to prevent human exposure to these chemicals. The lid to this container must also be securely attached to the container and must be capable to preventing escape of the chemical during any phase of the competition. 2 Top two winners will be awarded with prizes and certificates of merit. 10  Everything must be labelled with team identity and identification of item.This is the highest pressure within the vessel during normal operation. diluents. proper management system to prevent over or mischarging. every team should try to follow the given characteristics: i.  If the judge deems the car as unsafe.

e. Do you have the skill required to stabilize it. Knack of Petrophysicst: A log sheet of combined logs will be provided in this round and participants have to identify the different formations present in the +91 7457970521 Urjotsav’17 Technical and Entrepreneurial fest of RGIPT . oil industry is like a patient in distress. Aptitude of Reservoir Engineer: This is the final round where participant’s aptitude will be checked by asking basic but pragmatic questions of reservoir. So it’s a great chance to prove you are a pragmatic petroleum engineer because we are the creator of our destiny! Contact Us: Md Faisal Alam epe14028@rgipt. Thus it requires a hand of an expert. Now. 2. 3. The event would consist of three rounds +91 8303059566 PETROWIZARD Rules and Guidelines Oil industry economy is continuously declining with the increasing demand of supply and in comparison to other industries it requires a lot of safety 1. If you are a sober petroleum engineer then UROJOTSAV announces its one of the most innovative event of the three day national level intercollegiate annual technical and entrepreneurial festival of Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology (RGIPT) .“PETROWIZARDS”. 11 Rakesh Khichad eche14001@rgipt. Any equation required for solving this problem will be provided. Knowledge of a Driller: In this first round participants have to identify the given instrument provided in the drilling lab along with this he/she have to write its function and application in oil industry.

FORMAL The Chairperson will ask all of those delegates who would like to make a speech and to be on the speakers list to raise their placards. the default time is 90 seconds. The Chairperson will then choose delegates to be placed on the speakers list. Roll Call – The chairperson will announce each country’s name. If no motions are made.The motion in order at this time will be in the form of “The nation of [country name] moves that [topic area x] be placed first on the agenda”. they may be added on the speakers list again by sending a note to the Chairperson saying: “the delegation of (country name) would like to be added to the speakers list”. 2. Setting the agenda . The motion requires a second and is debatable. DEBATE: 1. When the committee is in formal debate all rules of procedure are enforced. A simple majority is required for the motion to pass. the committee will automatically move to immediate voting procedures. they should answer “present” or “present and voting”. Speaking time is set through a motion from a End of List: Once the speakers list has been exhausted. 12 Praveen K Prabhakar epe14032@rgipt. after the provisional speakers list is exhausted. After a delegate hears their country. A provisional speakers list shall be established with two people speaking for and two people speaking against the motion. the committee shall move into an immediate +91 7860511041 MODEL UNITED NATIONS (MUN) Proceedings: 1. OR Urjotsav’17 Technical and Entrepreneurial fest of RGIPT . Note: A motion to proceed to the second topic area is in order only after the committee has voted on a resolution regarding the first topic area or tabled the topic. After a country has spoken.

GUIDELINES FOR PARTICIPANTS There are typically three items you need to prepare to walk into the conference. During this time delegates can meet informally with each other and the committee staff to discuss draft resolutions and other issues. 2. Closure of Debate: Once a delegate feels that they have made their country’s position clear and that there are enough draft resolutions on the floor. CAUCUS (whether to keep a formal debate or a caucus depends upon the institution) Moderated Caucus: A moderated caucus is a mixture of both formal and informal debate. the Chair calls upon delegates as they raise their placards to address the committee for a specific amount of time. Voting Procedures (Remain the same for both formal debate and a caucus): Once a motion to close debate has been approved. There are many committees and this solely depends upon the institution to decide which committees they will keep and their respective agendas. Position Paper( a Policy Statement) Urjotsav’17 Technical and Entrepreneurial fest of RGIPT . 1. the committee moves into voting procedures. Amendments are voted upon first. Once all of the resolutions are voted upon. then resolutions. which are changes to draft resolutions. Important: 1. the committee can move to the next topic. he or she may make a motion to proceed into voting procedure by moving for the closure of debate. 13 2. Rules of procedure are suspended during caucusing. it receives a country to represent. delegates may present amendments to these documents. Working Papers and Draft Resolutions: Delegations work together to create resolutions. In addition. Unmoderated Caucus: An un-moderated caucus is a temporary recess. The participants will have to first sign up for MUN-RGIPT. When a motion for a moderated caucus is passed. Once a team has registered for a conference. Each student on that team will represent that country in a different committee with different topics.

especially if the conference do not allow the use of technology in the Background of topic Urjotsav’17 Technical and Entrepreneurial fest of RGIPT . Contact Us: Girish Joshi Rakshit Pareek +91 88909 47171 +91 99289 83305 epe15014@rgipt. Research binder Position Paper: It is a one or two page document that is essentially a summary of your knowledge of the topic and the position your country plans to take when it enters committee. It is the best opportunity for you to explain your country policy and the key sub issues you would like the committee to focus on. It will contain four sections: 1. Opening speech 3. Possible solutions Opening speech: It typically lasts about 1 minute and 30 seconds and is the first speech you give to the epe15040@rgipt. Country policy 4. Past international actions 3. 14 2. Research binder Research binders are optional but

numerical. related to would be given to the teams. the teams would be provided with properties of mud (pH.) and keeping that in mind they have to prepare sample mud approximately matching mentioned properties or vice- versa. the blood of drilling operation. rheology. This event scrutinizes your knowledge and practical implications of drilling mud (drilling fluids) and its physical properties. etc. Rules:  Each team comprises of minimum 2 and maximum 3 members  The competition will be in 3 stages:  Preliminary  Mains  In the Preliminary round would test your knowledge (question answer round). filtrate volume. 15 MUD MASH Rules and Guidelines Drilling mud. ensures safe and effective drilling. Contact Us: Urjotsav’17 Technical and Entrepreneurial fest of RGIPT . The Mains round will be conducted as:  Problem-statement. gel strength. The team is supposed to submit the final solution of the numerical within given time restriction. The team fails to do so will be disqualified. This round will stress on very basic questions related to:  Drilling Fluid Types  Drilling Fluid Selection  Drilling Fluid Additives  Drilling Mud Properties  Drilling Fluid Function  The qualifiers will be a participating in the Mains round.  After that.

in epe14024@rgipt. It gives you an opportunity to show your brilliance in building a ‘3-D Clay Model’ representing a specific geological surface which is given to you in form of contour points. Then this topography will be represented in 3D model with appropriate scale and material. The quiz will select the resourceful and innovative minds for the next round. Round #2 Each team will be provided a problem contour lines/points sheet which would require mind's eye & knowledge of Guidelines:  A Team can have maximum 3 members.” Creativity amalgamated with understanding can solve any problem. Urjotsav’17 Technical and Entrepreneurial fest of RGIPT . 16 Prince Kumar Pulkit Sachan +91 9465039431 +91 7275477820 epe14029@rgipt. boost up your acumens and mould your visual powers in the form of 3-D models! The outline of the event is as follows: Round #1 This is an elimination round for contour sketching and 3D modelling. Petro-Modelo is an excellent stage to fire your creativity and at the same time test your knowledge of the contours and various geologic features. So. You possess creativity. you possess imagination! Why hide it! Come out and accept the challenge to show your inventiveness. There will be a short brain storming Quiz based on petroleum geographic features and contours. Following the instructions and joining the dots would result in the topography of a geological space in PETRO-MODELO Rules and Guidelines “Visualization is the key to understanding. Fuel up your minds and ignite your imaginations as Urjotsav’17 brings to you a mind- blowing event

Contact Us: Dilip Patidar +91 9828630813 Urjotsav’17 Technical and Entrepreneurial fest of RGIPT . and quality and answer responses to the judges. 17  All required materials for construction of model will be provided by the organizers. time period.  Evaluation of Model will be based on accuracy of scale.  The decision of the judges and the organizing committee shall be final and binding to all.  Structure should be built to scale in the confined.  Time limit: 90 minutes. creativity skills. team coordination.  Other required guidelines will be provided at the time of event.  Electronic gadgets will not be allowed.  Use of any type tool is prohibited.

in the air we breathe.  Registration will be open till a day before the event and can be done on website. the treasure hunt of chemical engineering. This February come discover the various interesting molecules around you which you may or may not have noticed before. in the things we see and also in the things we ignore. can rob one of knowledge. 18 deductive and analytical skills to discover ingeniously crafted clues to help them solve various riddles/puzzles through the event. The event promises a lot of fun to everyone and also a chance of winning hefty prize money. EVENT RULES  It is a team event which requires you to participate in a group of two.L. Event would consists of two rounds in which the first round will be an elimination round. and that is why knowledge is the best and safest treasure to acquire.  During round 2 on successfully completing a riddle next clue will be given through WhatsApp thereby group member are requested to ensure proper net. An elaborate grand connect will top it all off.” .  Tempering any clue or misplacing any object will lead to sudden termination of the team. It is an event to test participant's basic chemistry/chemical engineering Sharad Mehta CHEM-E-HAWK Rules and Guidelines “No +91 9214451065 epe14014@rgipt. URJOTSAV brings to you its headliner event Chem-E-Hawk. however skillful. Urjotsav’17 Technical and Entrepreneurial fest of RGIPT .  Use of any electronic gadgets in round 1 is strictly prohibited.  Inter college teams are also allowed. Frank Baum There are many molecules around us.

Rock-Hawk is mineral & rock identification event which requires pristine gauge. 19 Contact Us: Neelesh Bhargav Abhishek Sinha +91 9454766074 +91 9628377916 eche14016@rgipt.” – Mineral It’s is time to focus our eyes & unleash the knowledge. So put your thinking caps on because Urjotsav’17 provides a chance to present your skills. In this round. Derive my attitude and Reveal my identity. thorough knowledge and hawk mind. Only one who having superior skills will be able to sail through. It needs a proper & systematic anatomy of minerals and detailed physical properties. there will be a short quiz consisting of puzzles and MCQs on minerals. Get ready for it! Outline of the event: Round-1 It is the elimination round. Round-2 The final round is pure mineralogy based which requires the detailed knowledge of Crystallography. Urjotsav’17 brings a platform to show your identification skills and recall the memory. Each team will be provided with a set of unknown mineral & rock sample and appropriate identification tools to derive physical and chemical properties of the sample for identification. It’s a challenging exercise to recognize the mineral and rock just by ROCK-HAWK “Focus your Light up your memory. Optical mineralogy and other physical properties of minerals. rocks and petroleum systems. Urjotsav’17 Technical and Entrepreneurial fest of RGIPT . There will also be a viva round related to provided mineral and mineralogy with the judge(s).

20 Urjotsav’17 Technical and Entrepreneurial fest of RGIPT .

ac.  All the required tools for identification of minerals will be provided by organizers.  The decision of the judges and the organizing committee shall be final and binding to Urjotsav’17 Technical and Entrepreneurial fest of RGIPT .in epe14005@rgipt. 21 Guidelines:  Each team can comprise of 3 members at max.  All the guidelines and rules required for final round will be announced on the spot. Contact Us: Dilip Patidar Gaurav Gupta +91 9828630813 9628378515 epe14018@rgipt.  Electronic gadgets would not be allowed.  Evaluation of the event will be based on knowledge of mineralogy and identification skills.

Each team may have a maximum of two members. which are to be submitted before 12th February. 1. Each team should register Selection to further rounds will depend on the accumulated points of all Questions till 12th February 2017. List of Teams Proceeding to next round will be shown on 14th February. Subject of mail should be “Dyutkrida_<Team-Name>_<Question- No. Online Round There will be a series of online questions.pdf or <Team- Name>. Decision of committee will be final and abiding A.ppt’ format to urjotsav@rgipt. 22 DYUTKRIDA Problem Statement REGISTRATION STARTS: 10th January 2017 Stages of Competition: Round 1: Online Round Round 2: Elimination Round Round 3: Final Round General Rules: 1. Multiple teams from same institution are allowed.ppt 2.>” and file name must be <Team-Name>. Send your Answers in ‘. Urjotsav’17 Technical and Entrepreneurial fest of RGIPT . Final date of Submission of Answers of online Round is 12 th February 2017.pdf’ or ‘.in. 3. 2. Team submitting Answers prior to others will be given Extra points.

Minimum 5 points and Maximum 35 points can be used. in case of violation of 3rd rule. Each team will be given a choice (based on category) of case study. Each team will gamble some points to their answer.  Winner will be decided on the basis of final points. 3. Points can be used in the multiple of 5. Round 3: Final Round  Each Team reaching final event will be given 100 points. 4. RGIPT) and will be mailed to you by 14th February 2017. After the special power is given. There should be no rewriting & points should be written in FAIR WORDS. Teams will be given 35 sec to write the answer and points to +91 7052942499 Urjotsav’17 Technical and Entrepreneurial fest of RGIPT . 2.  After some questions. Facebook page (Urjotsav. Science &Eng. 4. There will be a penalty of 3 points. Feel free to contact our competition managers for any queries. if they wish. The result of selected Teams will be put up on website. 5. 23 3. C. 6. team wishing to put points on opponents answer can speak 2 lines. industry) will be shown on the projected screen. each team will be given the power to Speak and gamble some points on opponent's answer.  Questions (based on general knowledge. Contact Us: Samaksh Chaturvedi epe14037@rgipt. RULES: B. Round 2: Elimination Round It will be a 15 minutes’ quiz aiming mainly at analytics and logical reasoning & 25 min Mystery Case Study.

infrastructure. (It should include multiple energy forms) This presentation is about your attention to details. physical features. location (anywhere within India). Village Map [25%] Before any construction can begin you must have a blueprint. happiness. social.  Talk about the economics of your village.  How do you plan to make your village sustainable in all aspects (not just energy)?  How will you use technology as aid to develop your village?  Ideas for community involvement and increasing connectivity in general. environmental values and can sustain in future. So the more details you add. Urjotsav’17 Technical and Entrepreneurial fest of RGIPT . Introductory Presentation [25%] Introduce your own hypothetical green village to the world. connectivity. population. and is energy sufficient without depleting economic. Draw the most creative and unique map for your village that will suffice all the ideas you have thought so far for your village.  Energy consumption of the village should not depend on just a single form of renewable energy. specialty etc. connectivity. transport and +91 7084646635 GREEN CITY DESIGN CHALLENGE “The future of India lies in its Villages” – Mahatma Gandhi Problem Statement Design a village (having 500 households) from scratch that can generate and maintain the resources necessary to improve its level of wellbeing. more points you get. Its name. 24 Navroop Singh eche15035@rgipt. income & energy? You must have a renewable energy model.  Geography and history of your village. How your village plans to harness food. environment. resources. Mention the following points in your village’s introductory Focus on energy distribution system.

Urjotsav’17 Technical and Entrepreneurial fest of RGIPT .dwg files for AutoCAD) Conclusion [10%] How will you fit everything together? Explain how have you solved the problem statement? Also tell about what challenges do you see ahead? How will you figure them out? Time Breakup Round Time Introductory Presentation 15 minutes Village Map 5 minutes Energy System 5 minutes Conclusion 5 minutes Interview Session 5 minutes General Rules  Each team may have up-to 4 members.PSD files for Photoshop) Energy System [40%] Design the renewable energy model that your village will incorporate. 25 Use Adobe Photoshop or any similar software to draw.  You can make fully-detailed 3D CAD Design. We might be interested in your project files too.  Decision made by core committee and judges would be final. We might be interested in your project files too.  Any instance of plagiarism may lead to disqualification. Apply your planning skills to draft a map that’s not only sustainable for today but for years to come. Multiple entries from same college are allowed. Choose any one of the following:  You can make a working model under a small budget.(. Please bring them.(. Map must mark all important things clearly. Please bring them. This model should also depict the ways you are planning to distribute the energy.

26 Judging Points  Planning Skills  Attention to Details  Creativity  Problem Solving  Presentation Skills  Teamwork  Idea Feasibility  Believability of Village Contact Us: Urjotsav’17 Technical and Entrepreneurial fest of RGIPT .

 Conclusion: Account for the merits and demerits (loopholes) of your prototype and plans for expansion. Stage Alpha: Design & Abstract Submission Participants have to submit the CAD design (or design in any graphical form) of their prototype and an abstract vividly explaining the following points:  Idea: What will you build and how does that solves the problem statement?  Materials: Make a budget of your prototype with all the components and their price. both of us hate are the ones who do.  Build: Explain the building process precisely. Problem Statement: Design and Development of a mechatronic prototype. to improve human life in a revolutionary with subject “Tinkeronics_Stage-Alpha_<Team-Name>” File should be named as “<Team-Name>. those who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world. Note: Try to use more of graphical cues and less of bulky text.ppt” or “<Team-Name> Send your design & abstract in form of a ppt or pdf file to urjotsav@rgipt. 27 Samaksh Chaturvedi Richi Bansal +91 7052942499 +91 9465401933 epe14037@rgipt. preferably with Arduino Uno or any similar prototyping TINKERONICS Creativity possesses solutions to all problems of eche14010@rgipt. Your prototype should be an electronic/mechanical device that helps solving problem statement. Brownie points if your prototype helps saving energy. Are you creative enough to tinker around with a prototyping board like Arduino Uno and make something revolutionary out of it? Remember what Steve Jobs said.pdf” Urjotsav’17 Technical and Entrepreneurial fest of RGIPT .

Judging Criteria Following factors would be considered while judging your prototype: 1. Ingenuity of the idea. They may even ask you to dissemble your prototype. Prototype should be made only with help of team members. Decision made by committee and judges would be final. Therefore it is advised that your prototype should be creative and unique. Following that there will be an open house session wherein anyone one can come to you and inquire about your prototype. So the guy asking you a bunch of technical questions can be your judge! After open house session an inspection team will approach you and do the final proceedings of the event. choose the abstract format that suits you most. This will be a short presentation explaining what they have done to solve problem statement. Multiple entries from same college are allowed given that their prototypes are different. Any external help may lead to disqualification. How creatively does it solve the problem statement? 2. The identity of judges would remain completely anonymous to you. 2. Time breakup: Event Time Allotted Exhibition 10 minutes Open House 60 minutes Inspection 10 minutes General Rules 1. Flawlessness. Urjotsav’17 Technical and Entrepreneurial fest of RGIPT . 4. Each team may have a maximum of four members. Any instance of plagiarism may also lead to disqualification. Design. Stage Beta: Prototype Exhibition Selected teams would have to exhibit their prototype to the audience. 28 Clearly mention the names and contact numbers of all team members in your abstract. 3. Integration &Aesthetics of the design.

29 3. How well do you sell the idea? 6. Execution. Economics. Prototypes with lower capitals (cheap ones) surely fetch few brownie points. 5. Entrepreneurial Angle. Do you know the science behind your prototype? 7. How is the overall final device/prototype? 4. Is it possible to convert your prototype into a product? Will it sell? Urjotsav’17 Technical and Entrepreneurial fest of RGIPT . Based on capital invested. Technical Soundness. Presentation.

Certificate Policy 1. 2. Contact Us: Gaurav Gupta Sharad Mehta +91 9628378515 +91 9214451065 Urjotsav’17 Technical and Entrepreneurial fest of RGIPT . All teams presenting at Stage Beta of Tinkeronics will be awarded with certificate of 30 Important Dates Event Date Abstract Submission 25th January 2017 Acceptance Notification 28th January 2017 Conformation* 30th January 2017 *Confirm by sending us an image of your travel ticket by 11th February 2017. Top two winners will be awarded with prizes and certificate of epe14024@rgipt.