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‘Enter your world of opportunities’

Northern Territory (NT) ! 16! Housing .Domicile Territory (ACT .Fees & Bonds .Victoria (VIC) ! 18! Money & Banking .Medicare ! 11! Economy ! 11! Religion Leap29.Population ! 15! Driving Licence ! 5! Regions of Australia ! 15! Social Security .Double Taxation Agreement .Queensland (QLD) .Western Australia (WA) .South Australia (SA) ! 17 ! Shipping & Relocation .Table of Contents Table of Contents Table of Contents A Leap29 Guide to Living and Working in Australia A Leap29 Guide to Living and A Leap Working in Canada 29 Guide to Living and Working in Canada Page ! 3! Introduction to Leap29 ! 12 ! Climate ! 4! Overview ! 13! Residence & Work Permits ! 4! Brief History ! 13! The 457 Visa .Australian Capital .com ‘Enter your world of opportunities’ .New South Wales (NSW) ! 19! Leisure & Entertainment .Tasmania (TAS) .Income Tax .Bank Holidays & Public ! 7! Education Holidays ! 8! Healthcare ! 21! Sport & Fitness .

cost effective and long term answer Why Use Us? We at Leap29 follow a unique quality audited and controlled 6 stage ʻsearch and selectionʼ process that is so safe and effective it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.identifies the top local talent around the globe . Leap29. Our three quality controlled and quality audited mobilisation solutions are used in combination by customers globally to acquire new talent or interim/freelance consultants for their business.Page 3 Leap29. We have grown in line with our core vision. ‘Repat’ .is the repatriation of professionals looking to return home . Integrity. Hard Work.safely secures expatriates with niche skills . Respect. Our unique method to define capability and suitability for a job has revolutionized recruitment for the people using it and is taking the global mobilisation industry by storm.essential for new or key skills transfer ‘Local’ . What We Do? Leap29ʼs expert recruitment intermediaries provide global mobilisation ʻsearch & selectionʼ solutions for thousands of companies and individuals all around the Introduction to Leap29 Who are we? Leap29 was launched on 29th February 2000. ! Our Vision The leading global recruitment intermediary demonstrated by continuous growth.ideal for nationalisation ‘Expat’ .com ‘Enter your world of opportunities’ . Our Values Passion. mission and values into the proven and substantial global recruitment business we are today. Our Mission First choice intermediaries for customers built on quality of service and value for money.

com ‘Enter your world of opportunities’ .875 as of 9 December 2010. bounding kangaroos and wallabies. Australia's population has grown from an estimated population of about 350. Australia is the 51st most populous country in the world. as it is in many other Western countries.500 troops in the Uruzgan province of Afghanistan. a beach.000 years. The Labor government's stimulus package and strong trading links with China have resulted in Australia riding out the 2008/2009 global financial crisis relatively unscathed. Population The demographics of Australia covers basic statistics. Many tensions still exist between mainstream Australia and its Aboriginal people.000 at the time of British settlement in 1788 due to numerous waves of immigration during the period since. Britain had sent more than 160. investing more in alternate energy sources. the public voted out the Liberal Party coalition and gave the Australian Labor Party (ALP) a decisive win. Prime Minister Rudd swiftly set about signing the Kyoto Protocol. pulsating cities and reams and reams of bushland. One of the country's greatest lures is its sense of space. yet retains 1. the slow march towards reconciliation was given a boost in 2008 when Prime Minister Kevin Rudd issued a formal apology to the indigenous population for the suffering of the past. most populous cities. This has  meant  some significant changes in the direction of the country. Its population is concentrated mainly in urban areas. darting dingoes.cuddly koalas. after almost 12 years of conservative rule. The first European settlers treated the Aboriginal population with appalling brutality. ethnicity and religion. Brief History Captain Cook stumbled onto Australian shores in 1770 to find an Aboriginal way of life that went back some 40. Also due to immigration. Australia has an abundance of unique animal life .000 convicts to Page 4 Overview Drenched in sunshine and glowing with affable charisma. This. By 1868. is the country's most iconic image. The government withdrew its troops from Iraq in early 2008. patch of tropical forest or piece of sandy desert all to oneself is an easy reality. encompasses a range of stunning landscapes.Leap29. the European component of the population is declining as a percentage.550. from barren deserts to tropical rainforests and rugged mountains. However. which gave way to racist and cruel policies from subsequent administrations.  Experiencing the culture of Australia's indigenous population is one of the great highlights of a visit. Australia is an enticing land of vast beaches. the world's largest island. Leap29.while the hulking form of Uluru (Ayers Rock) soaking up the reds and oranges of the outback's fiery sun. In November 2007 elections. The population of Australia is estimated to be 22. and ungainly emus .

6 million * Climate: Average temperatures winter to summer range from 20 to 28°C Victoria (VIC) Leap29. evident in the prosperity and lifestyle of the capital city of Perth. South Australia creates a Mediterranean charm. It has one of the most diverse climates in Australia – from grasslands to countryside English settings. while sharing Australia's ethnic and scenic diversity. and the famed vineyards of Barossa Valley.4 million km2 of wild beauty. The life expectancy of Australia in 1999-2001 was 79. beaches and stunning national parks. Consequently. to coastlines with the scenic tranquillity of Pacific islands. Australia is one of the world's most urbanized countries with an urban population of 89%. southern part of the country. Rich mineral and petroleum resources drive the state’s economic growth. With 4000km of sunny coastline.000 years ago. Northern Territory (NT) The Northern Territory is 1. is famous for its wines. rugged beauty and Aboriginal art. this raw figure is highly misleading: most of the continent is desert or semi-desert and of limited agricultural value. among the highest in the world.7 years. Key facts about Western Australia * Capital: Perth * Population: 2. Key facts about Northern Territory * Capital: Darwin * Population: 223. is the nearly 5 million acre World Heritage Kakadu National Park. has its own lifestyle and unique Although Australia has scarcely more than two persons per square kilometer of total land area. famed for its unique bird life. Near the state capital. and still carries the marks of an asteroid that cannoned into the land 300. Darwin. Regions of Australia Each state.Page 5 Leap29.2 million * Climate: Average temperatures winter to summer range from 8 to 32°C South Australia (SA) South ‘Enter your world of opportunities’ . Key facts about South Australia * Capital: Adelaide * Population: 1. situated in the central.000 * Climate: Average temperatures winter to summer range from 19 to 33°C Western Australia (WA) The state of Western Australia covers the whole of the western third of the country.

900 * Climate: Average temperatures winter to summer range from O to 27°C New South Wales (NSW) The eastern state of NSW is home to ‘Enter your world of opportunities’ . from the 1800s to the present. Sydney. with as many as 175 languages spoken. Key facts about New South Wales * Capital: Sydney * Population: 7 million * Climate: Average temperatures winter to summer range from 7 to 26°C Queensland (QLD) Queensland. Victoria is Australia's most urbanized state. Page 6 Victoria. located in the southeast corner of Australia. is a melting pot of cultural diversity. Key facts about Tasmania * Capital: Hobart * Population: 500. Key facts about Victoria * Capital: Melbourne * Population: 5. Opera House and Bondi Beach. islands. Its biggest city. Set amidst snowy mountains and native bush.Leap29.4 million * Climate: Average temperatures winter to summer range from 5 to 27°C Tasmania (TAS) Island state Tasmania is a living museum of ancient Aboriginal art and early European settlements. boasts one of the most famous natural wonders of the world – the Great Barrier Reef. Key facts about Australian Capital Territory * Capital: Canberra * Population: 339. Tasmania has a relatively unspoiled natural environment and is famed for the sprawling Wilderness World Heritage Area – where the location of a cave of rare rock art is still a secret! Hobart is Australia’s least-populated capital with 200. Canberra. wide streets and boulevards. Canberra. is a city of circles and rectangles. known as the Sunshine State of surf and fun.000 * Climate: Average temperatures winter to summer range from 4 to 22°C Australian Capital Territory (ACT) ACT is a self-governing inland territory located inside New South Wales and is home to the Australian capital city.000 people. there is no Leap29. With almost 90% of residents living in cities and towns. national parks and the largest population of all the Australian states. designed by American architect Walter Burley Griffin. The garden city of Melbourne boasts the headquarters of some of Australia’s largest companies. it is a veritable showcase of architectural styles. For the adventurous. is famous for the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

and date of birth.Page 7 Leap29. Key facts about Queensland * Capital: Brisbane * Population: 4. Government / Public / State Schools * Primary school fees: AU$70 . and from late February until mid-November for universities with seasonal holidays and breaks for each educational institute. They technically offer free education. some single sex Government schools are run by their respective state or territory government. Queensland is a popular tourist destination. a unified system of national qualifications in schools. lists Australia as 0. 8th for Science and 13th for Mathematics. schools do ask parents to pay a voluntary contribution better place for fishing. Each state or territory government provides funding and regulates the public and private schools within its governing area. plus school camps. The Education Index.AU$300 per year (voluntary) * High school fees: AU$250 . The academic year in Australia varies between states and institutions.[10] Post-compulsory education is regulated within the Australian Qualifications Framework.1 million * Climate: Average temperatures winter to summer range from 10 to 29°C Education Education in Australia is primarily the responsibility of the states and territories. depending on the state or territory. on a worldwide scale including 56 countries. The Programme for International Student Assessment(PISA) 2006 evaluation ranked the Australian education system as 6th for Reading. tied for first with Denmark & Finland. diving and snorkeling. based on data from 2006. but is not involved in setting curriculum. followed by secondary education and tertiary education. performing arts. published with the UN's Human Development Index in 2008. Open government schools accept all students from their defined catchments or feeder areas. amongst the highest in the world. education in Australia follows the three-tier model which includes primary education.993. vocational education and training (TAFE) and the higher education sector. Selective government schools have wider accepted catchment areas and are considered more prestigious than Leap29. with slight variations in the inter-term holidays and TAFE colleges. Government high schools can be either open or selective. but generally runs from late January/early February until mid-December for primary and secondary schools. languages or academically selective schools * Mainly coeducational. Education in Australia is compulsory between the ages of five and fifteen to seventeen. however. excursions and extracurricular activities require additional (voluntary) ‘Enter your world of opportunities’ .AU$800 per year (voluntary) * Variety of open. and home to the Gold Coast and Brisbane. Generally. sports. The federal government helps funds the public universities. Located in the northeast of Australia.

Leap29. do research on the schools local to the area in which you are moving to as some public schools have great reputations. performing art or language high schools offer an enhanced learning environment within these categories. however. Healthcare The Australian population has a fantastic overall health record. Private schools * Primary school fees: AU$2000 to AU$2500 per year * High school fees: AU$12. private schools enjoy a prestigious reputation with academic results. with life expectancy at birth set at over 81 years of age. A Catholic school is a good choice if you are unable to afford a private school education but would like to see your child offered more choices than what some open government schools can offer. the 11th highest in the world. hence students of other religions also attend these schools The Catholic school system receives substantial funding from the federal government as Catholic schools are considered to be a vital education system outside the public sector. some coeducational * Daily mass is conducted and religion taught as a subject. sporting and extra-curricular activity options considered to be amongst the best in the country. excursions and extracurricular activities as an additional cost. fees charged are much higher than those charged to attend government or Catholic schools. Singapore and Hong Kong. Fees are compulsory. These schools are intended to provide a more academically stimulating and educationally enriched environment for students who have been offered a placement.Leap29. the United Kingdom. As a result. Private schools are competitively priced when compared to schools in Japan. school grounds and Page 8 open schools. Catholicism is not the main focus. People coming to Australia have heath checks before entering the country as another way to maintain health standards nationwide.000 per year * Mainly single sex. examine and treat ill health. However. and more than 60% cheaper than New York schools. the United States. The higher fees generally afford these schools a higher standard of school and sporting facilities than most government schools. some coeducational Private schools also receive government funding. Healthcare in Australia follows Western traditions with technical and scientific skills used to prevent. Catholic Schools * Primary school fees: AU$2000 to AU$3000 per year * High school fees: AU$3000 to AU$6000 per year * Mainly single ‘Enter your world of opportunities’ . A William M. Mercer survey of tuition fees charged by secondary schools found that Sydney schools were less than one third the cost of equivalent London and Tokyo schools. with school camps.000 and AU$20. Likewise sport. Taiwan. however. They only offer placements to the top performers in the Selective High Schools Test undertaken by students during Year 6.

participating optometrists and dentists (specified services only) Who is eligible for Medicare? People who reside in Australia are eligible for Medicare if they have one of the following: * Australian citizenship * a permanent resident visa * have applied for certain permanent resident visas and hold .com The Australian Government provides help with medical expenses and hospital care through a scheme called Medicare. Out-of-hospital services Medicare provides benefits for: * Consultation fees for doctors and specialists * Tests and examinations by doctors needed to treat illnesses. including X-rays and pathology tests * Eye tests performed by optometrists * Most surgical and other therapeutic procedures performed by doctors * Some surgical procedures performed by approved dentists * Specified items under the Cleft Lip and Palate Scheme. including specialists. however. optometrical and hospital care while being free to choose private health services. If you do not ‘Enter your world of opportunities’ . the exception is people who have applied for a permanent visa and meet the necessary criteria. spouse or child who is an Australian citizen or holds permanent resident status. What is Medicare? Medicare provides universal access to free public hospital care and assistance with doctors’ fees.a valid visa with a parent.a valid visa with permission to work in Australia or . You can choose the doctor who treats you for services provided out of hospital. To see a specialist you should first obtain a referral from a doctor (general practitioner). Doctors may choose to charge more than the schedule fee. Most temporary visa holders are not eligible to enroll in Medicare.Page 9 Leap29. Medicare provides access to: * FREE treatment as a public (Medicare) patient in a public hospital * FREE or subsidized treatment by practitioners such as doctors. What does Medicare cover? The benefits you receive from Medicare are based on a schedule of fees set by the Australian government. The government also subsidises the cost of most medicine under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS). Medicare ensures that all Australians have access to free or low-cost medical.

You may also be charged for allied health services such as physiotherapy. occupational ‘Enter your world of opportunities’ . In-hospital services In Australia there are hospitals funded by government. theatre fees or accommodation) * Dental examinations and treatment * Ambulance services * Home nursing * Physiotherapy. You will not be charged for care. You will be charged for hospital accommodation.Leap29. other than General Practitioner (GP) services. Private health insurance can help cover these costs. you will be able to choose the doctor who treats you. some or all of the outstanding balance can be covered. you might not receive Medicare benefits or might only receive a reduced amount. * Public patient If you choose to be admitted as a public (Medicare) patient in a public hospital. Medicare usually pays 85% of the Medicare schedule fee for out of hospital services. nursing care and items such as theatre fees and medicines. There are also private hospitals. speech therapy. you will receive treatment by doctors and specialists nominated by the hospital. chiropractic services. superannuation or membership of a friendly society Leap29. What is not covered by Medicare? Medicare does not cover: * Private patient hospital costs (for example. If you are a private patient in a public or private hospital. If you have private health insurance . You do not need a referral for a consultation with an optometrist. podiatry or psychology except when part of the Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) program * Acupuncture (unless part of a doctor’s consultation) * Glasses and contact lenses * Hearing aids and other appliances * Prostheses * Medicines (except for the subsidy on medicines covered by the PBS) * Medical and hospital costs incurred overseas * Medical costs for which someone else is responsible (for example a compensation Page 10 have a valid referral. eye therapy. treatment or after-care by the treating doctor. a government or government authority) * Medical services which are not clinically necessary * Surgery solely for cosmetic reasons * Examinations for life insurance. some of which operate for profit. an employer. Medicare will pay 75% of the Medicare schedule fee for services and procedures provided by the doctors who have treated you. known as public hospitals.

5 million.Page 11 Some of these services are provided free when you are or have been a public patient in a public hospital.513. states are free under their own constitutions to interfere or establish a church as they see fit. Buddhism increased by 60. Hindu by 52.5 percent.044. Islam by 20. with a further 11. Some may be available free or at a low charge from a state government agency. Christianity was the only religion to decrease in population. as well as uranium (Australian ore fuels many of the Western nations' nuclear power plants). The country's service industries account for the major part of the economy. 12% declined to answer or did not give a response adequate for interpretation.563 people. natural gas. Christianity was the only religion to show negative growth. with the number of followers falling by 0. and Judaism by 6 percent. Non-religion by 27. the fastest growing religions during the intercensal period between 2001 and 2006 were: Hinduism by 55. During that same period the population of Australia increased by 1. the level of active participation in church worship is much lower than this. weekly attendance at church services is about 1. about 7. Religion In the 21st century. As in many Western countries. The traditional agricultural industry is now less Leap29.660 people. iron ore.819 people.7% of Australians declared 'no-religion' on the 2006 Census. religion in Australia remains dominated demographically by Christianity. The largest population increase was Non-religion which increased by 800. Most Australian manufacturing is concentrated in the processing of mineral products and in the iron. Nevertheless.9 percent. The Constitution of Australia prohibits the Commonwealth government from establishing a church or interfering with the freedom of religion. steel and engineering industries. Australia has vast reserves of coal (of which it is the world's leading exporter). Five percent of Australians identify themselves as followers of non-Christian religions. Economy Australia has a very diverse economy and a high standard of living.940 people.086. decreasing by 78.5% of the population. health and other public services. Islam by 58. however. The 2006 census identified that 64% of Australians call themselves Christian: 26% identifying themselves as Roman Catholic and 19% as ‘Enter your world of opportunities’ . although none ever has. You can arrange private health insurance to cover many of these services. 18. although less than a quarter of those attend church weekly. bauxite and diamonds. According to the census. with 64% of the population claiming at least nominal adherence to the Christian faith as of 2007. nickel. with governments working with religious organisations that provide education.1 percent. the relationship between the Commonwealth government and religion is much freer than in the United States. Buddhist affiliation increased by 17 percent.2% failing to answer the question and the remaining population is a diverse group that includes fast- growing Islamic and Buddhist communities. The other major export industry is mining. though in some cases only to people on low incomes.6 percent. and 19% categorised as having "No Religion".

and Australians will get down to business straight away. In the business world especially. has reached the point where most of the eastern seaboard 'Gold Coast' is now Japanese owned.   What is useful to know about Australian culture is that generally its people are open and friendly and informal in their relationships. tropical in the north. Culture Expats moving to Australia have certain advantages on their side: a sophisticated infrastructure. and a drop in international trade. Still. Climate Australia is in the southern hemisphere and the seasons are opposite to those in Europe and North America. What was so straightforward back home.   Some expatriates do find that the Tall Poppy Syndrome is still alive and well in the country. Sheep farming appears to be in long-term decline. There are two climatic zones: the tropical zone (in the north above the Tropic of Capricorn) and the temperate zone. while the temperate zone has all four seasons. The Australian economy is enviably strong despite the global financial crisis of 2008-2009. Expatriates will come to realize that Australians are very task oriented. confidence in exports and increased economic links within the Asia-Pacific region have meant that Australia has weathered the global economic downturn better  than almost any other advanced nation.Leap29. there comes a difficult acclimatization period from the familiar to the unknown. Communication via phone or email is also perfectly acceptable. Informality is preferred. The tropical zone (consisting of 40% of Australia) has two seasons. Spring to summer (October to March): Warm or hot everywhere. Japanese investment in Australia. the south has cool days with occasional rain but still plenty of sun. China's demand for raw materials has led to a growth market for Australian exports. Australians do not place as much emphasis on building the relationships before negotiations. Snow is totally confined to mountainous regions of the Page 12 important with long-term drought forecasts. stunning shopping opportunities and easy access to advice from those who’ve been through it before. as with any transition to a new country. and warm to hot with mild nights in the south. reporting positive growth throughout 2009. as is often the case in other countries such as Asia. Addressing Australians by their first name is accepted and common practice in every day communication and business relationships.  A fiscal stimulus package. summer (‘wet') and winter (‘dry').com ‘Enter your world of opportunities’ .Autumn to winter (April to September): Northern and central Australia have clear warm days and cool nights. can now take twice the amount of time. a good system of healthcare. particularly if there is a perception that they regard themselves as superior to their peers. the Middle East and Latin America. particularly in property and tourist ventures. This term refers to the social phenomenon of criticising people who are resented for their talents and achievements. Leap29.

age. is proximal to the city. Each applicant chooses the category they would like to apply under. These include: Skilled Independent Migration. classical music and even avant garde. Points are awarded in categories evaluating skills. The sponsoring employer can be either an Australian or overseas business with available nominated skilled positions in Australia. and is constantly working as a city to advocate for local talent by partnering with institutions in opera. The Business Migration point system now places greater emphasis on the skills of the potential business migrants. language and qualifications. Expats moving to Perth can expect a lifestyle that reflects a bold appreciation for nature and a mutually appointed respect for modernity. an Employer Nomination Scheme. hiking and jogging will adapt fast to the local lifestyle and enjoy a metropolis that doesn’t mind sitting still and watching the world go by. water sports. if the hedonistic lifestyle isn’t indulgent enough. The 457 Visa As the most commonly applied for and granted visa program for skilled workers to obtain sponsorship and employment in Australia. Australia’s oldest wine lands – Swan Valley. Perth is also a major supporter of Australian arts and culture.   So for example.   The Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) allows an Australian Employer to fill ‘highly skilled positions’ with non-Australian citizens or ‘Enter your world of opportunities’ . The city’s Mediterranean climate makes for great outdoor options. but holds its own grains of culinary genius regardless. holders of 457 visas Leap29. expats enthralled by picnicking. Perth may not have the same swagger as Sydney. Business Migration and a Holiday Working Visa. which dictates whether your application will be successful or not. Not to mention. Residence & Work Permits There are four categories for immigration and visa applications in Australia. Since 14 September 2009. Belts of waterways. With more restaurants per capita than other city in the nation. green parkland and more than 50 miles (80km) of sandy white beaches exist in perfect co-habitation with a compact central business district. and the holiday working visa is only available to those individuals between 18 and 30 and really only applies to casual employment. the current minimum score needed to obtain a visa for skilled independent migration is 105. the 457 visa program allows for employment in Australia of up to four years.Page 13 Leap29. and  is then assessed and given a corresponding individual score. The result is an airy and easy-going culture shaped around stunning landscapes and an enjoyable work environment.

com Page 14 can transfer their visas to a new employer. ‘Enter your world of opportunities’ . if over the age of 18. you must not have prohibitive restrictions or limitations placed on your current visa * You must. * You must be eligible for any relevant licenses or registration required for the nominated position * You must demonstrate that you are to be paid at least the minimum salary level that applies at the time a decision is made on your visa * You must apply for the 457 visa from outside Australia. Am I eligible? To apply for a 457 visa as an employee. writing and listening in an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test. qualifications. The Australian Government Department of Immigration and Citizenship has outlined the responsibilities of employer and employee with regard to the 457 visa in the table below: Employer Responsibility! • apply to be a sponsor to recruit overseas workers • nominate the positions you want to fill • recruit the overseas workers to fill your nominated positions • act as a sponsor for your employees applying for a visa • cooperate with department's monitoring requirements • meet costs and other obligations as part of the program Leap29. * You must meet all health requirements * You must meet all character requirements * If you are in Australia at the time of application. your application must follow that of your sponsoring employer. depending on the specifications of your visa. unless the last visa you held is a Transit visa (Subclass 771) or a Special Purpose visa.Leap29. To be considered for a 457 visa. you must meet the following criteria: * You must be sponsored by an employer to fill a nominated position * You must have skills.You may also be required to demonstrate these skills through a formal test. and you may enter and exit Australia without restriction. who may work and study if they choose. experience and an employment background that match those required for the position * You must have English language of at least 5 in each of the four test components of speaking. be willing to declare your respect of Australian values and adhere to Australian law * You must have private health insurance * You must pay all relevant. without having to lodge an entirely new application. non-refundable application fees Is it right for me? With a 457 visa you can work in Australia for a period of three months to four years. You may bring any eligible secondary applicants with you. or higher.

including most of the European Union nations. First. you are required by Australian law to leave the country within 28 days of your employment’s end. Social Security of May 2002 it has been implemented in WA. the employer must nominate a position to be filled. Holders of the 457 visa can change employers without needing to apply for a new visa. Driving Licence Australian driver licenses are administered at state/territory level. •! If you are moving to another state/territory you will need to check with the government directly as to whether they have implemented this scheme or not. the employer must apply to be a sponsor. with NSW set to follow on 20 May 2002. and regulations vary as a result. you must notify the Department of Immigration and Citizenship immediately. How to apply The 457 visa requires a three-step application process. Victoria and Queensland. All Australian states and territories are moving to grant this exemption . the USA and Japan . If you cease employment as a 457 visa holder. You will normally need to obtain a state license within 3 months of taking up residence in the state (you can use your overseas license in the meantime). the potential employee may apply for the visa. you will need to find new employment in 28 days. All you need is for your new employer to lodge a nomination and you can start working for them once the nomination is approved.whose licensing system is recognized as similar to Australia's. If you cannot find another employer willing to sponsor you. If you have held your overseas license (even from a non fully-recognized country) for a number of years. Once the sponsorship and position have been approved. or •! you hold a current overseas license and have previously held an Australian license - the exact regulations in this area can be complex and vary from state to state •! you hold a current license issued by an overseas country . you should be exempt from probationary restrictions once you pass your ‘Enter your world of opportunities’ .Page 15 Employee Responsibility ! • accepts the offer of employment from the employer • applies for a visa • meets all conditions on your visa Changes in your employment If your employment contract ends before your visa expires. You may need to do a practical test unless: •! you have a New Zealand license. Then. Canada.

PO Box 7788. www. Centrelink. single parents. double orphan pension. Assets which are means tested include most investments but not belongings such as antiques. ACT 2610 (local call rate 1300-654227. Financial investments are deemed to earn a certain income (adjusted annually). disability support pension. carer pension. Nevertheless. and finally to the Administrative Appeals ‘Enter your world of opportunities’ . however. if it’s turned down again.7 billion by 2007/08.Leap29. rent assistance. Some sponsors of migrants need to provide an Assurance of Support. those who are unemployed. Migrants can. the Department of Social Security. health care card. your principal home and superannuation pensions. you can ask for the decision to be reviewed by an Authorized Review Officer (ARO). A discretionary payment (called special benefit) may be paid to those who aren’t eligible for other forms of assistance but are unable to support themselves. A range of publications detailing social security allowances. Housing Page 16 In the period 2004/05. sickness allowance. sick or in special need. in exceptional circumstances. family tax payment. which makes them liable to repay the government if certain welfare benefits are paid to the migrant during his first two years (ten years for children sponsoring a parent who’s within ten years of retirement). and families with children. multiple birth payment (triplets or more).gov. sheltered employment and rehabilitation allowances. child disability allowance. contact the Department of Family and Community Services (FaCS). you can appeal to the Social Security Appeals Tribunal. although refugees and humanitarian immigrants are exempt from the waiting period.6 billion. If you apply and your application is rejected. pharmaceutical allowance. many people fail to apply for allowances and pensions to which they’re entitled. Eligibility The main beneficiaries of social security are the aged and disabled. Eligibility for most social security benefits is subject to an income and/or means test. widow’s allowance and youth training social security payments totaled $82. mobility allowance. claim Medicare benefits. your social security payments are reduced or terminated. estimated to rise to $94. If you’re found to have sufficient income or assets after a means test. benefits and pensions is available from Social Security offices and community organisations. For more information. maternity allowance. parenting or guardian allowance (if a single parent). The poorest 10 per cent of Australians receive some 600 per cent more in government payments than the richest 10 per cent over their lifetime. Canberra Mail Centre. Calls are charged at local call rates from anywhere in Australia. provides a telephone enquiry service on 13-1021. special benefit (see Benefits below) and a widow’s allowance during the two-year waiting period.facs. ‘jobsearch’ and ‘newstart’ allowance. cars. Benefits Benefits include a bereavement allowance. holiday homes. New Migrants New migrants must wait 104 weeks (any time spent as an Australian resident can be counted towards this period) before they can claim most social security payments. the minimum rate of Family Payment and.

com ‘Enter your world of opportunities’ . you’re expected to pay one month’s rent in advance. the cheaper it is. Melbourne and Darwin.350 1 Bedroom 350 . depending on the type of property and the rental agreement. the further a property is from a large city or town.600 Apartment 3 Bedroom 700 . rents depend on the region. as a general rule. Average rents tend to be highest in Sydney. and is normally higher for furnished than unfurnished properties. Usually. which are the legal maximum fees. Rents are lower in rural than urban areas and.450 Apartment 2 Bedroom 500 . and additionally.1000 Apartment 2 Bedroom House 500 .com Rental costs vary considerably according to the size (number of bedrooms) and quality of a property. Not least. It’s lodged with the Rental Bond Board together with a copy of the inspection (condition) report. Shipping & Relocation There are many customs regulations that have to be followed when shipping or freighting possessions to Australia. Prior to shipping goods. gas or telephone (or a refundable deposit). Beware of hidden extras such as a fee for connecting the electricity. city and neighbourhood. Information regarding rental bonds can be obtained from freecall 1800-422 021. and can be as much as eight months’ rent for a luxury furnished property. public transport or other facilities.Page 17 Leap29. When renting property in Australia.750 3 Bedroom House 800 . plus a bond (see below) which is held against damages. Approximate weekly rents for unfurnished properties in larger cities are shown below: Type Rent ($) Studio 250 . its age and the facilities provided. The bond is usually equal to between four and six weeks’ rent. a visa and copy Leap29. plus a deposit for electricity and gas. Tenants must also pay a fee for the lease document.1200 Fees & Bonds Most letting agencies and estate agents charge tenants a fee of two weeks’ rent for a one- year lease and one week’s rent for a six-month lease. the Australian custom authorities will require a detailed inventory listing the value of the goods. a bond (deposit) must be paid in advance.

Expatriates must be aware that all household goods and personal effects will be subject to Customs Inspection and Clearance. A Customs form (B534) issue 6/00 Unaccompanied Baggage Statement must be signed and completed in order to clear the shipment when it arrives in Australia. mining operations. collectively referred to as the big four. Australian income tax law recognizes the following general types of taxpayer: companies. There are also many city. although in certain circumstances a substitute accounting year beginning on a different date may be used. Income tax Federal income tax is levied under a two-tier system: the First Class system applies to the self-employed and companies. called Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG). Money & Banking The major Australian banks with branches in cities and large towns throughout Australia are the WBC (often called Westpac). Domicile Residents of Australia are taxed on their worldwide income and non-residents only on Australian income. car title and certification that the vehicle is in good working order will be required. Refrigerator and air conditioning equipment is thoroughly examined in line with the Ozone Protection and Greenhouse Gas Management Page 18 of one’s passport. Specific provisions apply to insurance companies. If bringing a motor vehicle into Australia. regional and state banks. Items that you have owned for 12 months or less will be under more intense scrutiny. The two main options for sending your goods to Australia are air-freight and sea. The later is the preferred option as it is considerably cheaper. primary producers. You’re considered to be resident in Australia for tax purposes if any of the following applies: Leap29. provided that one enters the country within 6 months. is for employees Tax is calculated on taxable income derived during the income tax year. although may take up to four weeks longer than air freight when sending from Europe or North America. superannuation funds and certain other businesses. These banks also have the widest representation overseas. Photocopies of passport pages including Australian entry stamp together with a full descriptive inventory in English are also required. minors. All goods can be cleared through Customs prior to the expats arrival in Australia.freight. Changes in federal taxation are usually announced in the annual budget in ‘Enter your world of opportunities’ . individuals. a purchase invoice. and the Second Class system.Leap29. Household goods can be imported duty free provided that they have been owned and used for 12 months prior to the owners departure for Australia. the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (majority-owned by the Australian government) and the National Australia Bank. Australia & New Zealand (ANZ) Bank. partnerships and trusts.

•! You spend at least 183 days per financial year in Australia (unless you don’t intend to take up Australian residence and have a usual place of abode outside Australia). Switzerland. Japan. then the public holiday will be on the first Monday after the weekend as it is in the UK. although double- taxation agreements contain particular articles dealing with directors. South Africa. Norway.Page 19 Leap29. Indonesia. Canada. the Republic of Korea. government ‘Enter your world of opportunities’ . the US and Vietnam. Belgium. China. Malaysia. If part of your income is taxed overseas in a country with a double-taxation treaty with Australia. you won’t be required to pay Australian tax on that income. although this sometimes. Each Australian State has their own public holidays. and of course there are many one off events and impromptu parties on a regular basis. the UK. Each state also celebrates individual festivals annually. •! You normally reside in Australia. Sweden. unless those dates fall at a weekend then the following Monday and Tuesday become the Bank Holidays as they do in the UK. the Philippines. Spain. the Slovak Republic. some are the same across the country. Fiji. Singapore. Germany. professors and teachers. The bank holidays that are the same each year include New Year’s Day (January 1st) if however the New Year falls at a weekend. then Anzac day is then celebrated a day later on the 26th. Poland. However. Thailand. France. Ireland. Australia has double-taxation agreements with many countries. including Argentina. if your stay is less than six months. which may alter this position. double-taxation agreements are designed to prevent you paying taxes twice! Under double-taxation agreements. the Netherlands. Austria. Malta. Salary and wage income earned by residents from services performed overseas is exempt if you’ve been employed outside Australia for a continuous period of at least 91 days. Kiribati. All states celebrate Christmas Day and Boxing Day on the 25th and 26th December respectively. Sri Lanka. All states celebrate the Queens birthday on the second Monday in June apart from Western Australia which celebrates it on the first Monday in October. Finland. and others have slightly different dates. Foreign employees working in Australia for Australian companies or organisations are subject to Australian tax on their earnings. the Czech Republic. India. provided the income has been taxed overseas. albeit rarely clashes with Easter Monday. Hungary. Double-taxation Agreements Despite their name. Leap29. Italy. Leisure & Entertainment Australians are well known for knowing how to enjoy themselves! Parties and informal gatherings are popular amongst friends and neighbours. certain categories of foreign resident are exempt from paying Australian tax. •! You’re domiciled in Australia and don’t have a permanent place of abode outside the country. Bank Holidays and Public Holidays There are many bank holiday dates that remain the same throughout the country although some do differ from state to state. entertainers. New Zealand. and is celebrated on the 26th each year. Anzac Day is celebrated on the 25th of April every year. Papua New Guinea. Denmark. you’re usually taxed at the (higher) rates applicable to non-residents. Australia Day also falls in January.

The days for the Easter bank holidays vary each year. The dates for Easter also vary annually. There is also an August bank Holiday on the first Monday of the month and Labour Day in New South Wales is celebrated on the first Monday in October every year. Easter Saturday and Easter Monday. Tasmania The Royal Hobart Regatta is held on the second Monday in February every year. Good Friday and Easter Monday although the exact dates change year to year. although the dates fluctuate for the Easter holidays each year. Queensland Queensland has 3 public holidays for Easter. Labour Day in Queensland is celebrated on the first Monday in May and the Royal Queensland Show is held on the third Wednesday in August annually. The dates for the Easter holidays fluctuate each year. Easter Saturday and Easter Monday. The first Tuesday in November is also a holiday as this is Melbourne Cup day. Northern Territory The Northern Territory celebrates three holidays at Easter. Easter in Tasmania has two bank holidays. Good Friday. Individual State Public Holidays are as follows: Western Australia Labour Day falls on the first Monday of March each year. Western Australia also celebrates Foundation day on the first Monday of June each year. Easter Saturday and Easter Monday. not only because there is so much going on. The large cities particularly the state capitals all have a hectic Leap29. Good Friday and Easter Monday held on various dates each year and the Australia Capital Territory Labour Day bank holiday is on the first Monday in October every year. Easter is usually celebrated in April although the exact dates fluctuate each year. Victoria Labour Day in Victoria is celebrated on the second Monday in March annually. Tasmania also has an extra bank holiday known as ’Eight Hours Day’ which is held on the second Monday in March annually. Good Friday. New South Wales There are 3 public holidays associated with Easter in New South Wales. Easter Saturday and Easter Page 20 South Australia is slightly different as they choose to celebrate Proclamation Day instead of Boxing Day on the same date. but also because it takes up almost the full month of ‘Enter your world of opportunities’ . Australia Capital Territory Australia Capital Territory celebrates Canberra day on the second Monday in March annually. Easter has two bank holidays. Western Australia has Bank Holidays on both Good Friday and Easter Monday. South Australia South Australia has a public holiday every year for the Adelaide Cup. Good Friday.Leap29. Annual Festivals and Entertainment The Festival of Sydney is one of the biggest events of the year. Northern Tasmania has an added holiday on the first Monday in November which is known as recreation day. Easter Saturday and Easter Monday. May day is celebrated on the first Monday in May and the Northern Territory also has a public holiday known a Picnic Day which is celebrated on the first Monday in August. of which these dates vary every year. although the dates vary annually. They are Good Friday. Labour Day in South Australia is celebrated on the first Monday in October. They also celebrate Easter by having 3 holidays. They are Good Friday. but in Victoria they have 3 public holidays associated with it.

There is also a lot of leisure activities featured around water. particularly rugby and football matches that tend to see a turn out from the whole family. There are a number of sports at which the Australians are considered to excel and one of these is Rugby. ‘Enter your world of opportunities’ . Soccer has not yet caught on in the way that rugby and cricket have but it is becoming more popular and there are teams all over the country. The course at Barnbougle Dunes is a recent addition. The Royal Melbourne golf course came into being in 1931 and is often ranked as the number one course in the country. Sporting events are an extremely popular pastime with Australians. and although the smaller seaside towns still have plenty to keep you entertained. With the good climate and the excellent beaches.Page 21 Leap29. The Great Barrier Reef is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the world and it can be easily reached by boat for those who want to enjoy scuba diving. South Australia and Victoria all have rules as to what constitutes an enclosed space. Comedy festivals and even writing festivals are all popular yearly events in and around the larger towns and cities in Australia. Team sports are not the only ones which are attractive to the residents of Australia. Water skiing. Teams in Australia work very hard at all versions of rugby and most areas have local amateur teams and leagues. South Australia and Tasmania also have a ban on smoking in a car while children under the age of 18 are present. This means that if a certain percentage of the walls or ceilings are open. dating back to 1904. Surfing Leap29. This is closely followed by Kingston Heath which dates back to 1925 and the New South Wales golf course which began life in 1928 but has been altered many times over the years. Rugby League and Australian Rules. then the room is no longer classed as enclosed. New South Wales. having been created in 2004 and the Royal Adelaide course is one of the oldest. Australia is the largest island on the plan and as such has thousands of miles of coastline to enjoy. There are three versions of this sport: Rugby Union. all types of water sports are available. Australia is home to a number of world class golf courses and some of the best in the country date back many years. Cricket is another popular sport in the country and the national team is considered to be one of the best in the world. surfing and quieter restaurants and bars. Smoking is banned in each state in enclosed public places. such as windows and skylights. The excellent climate means that many outdoor sports can be played for most of the year and schools in Australia attach a lot of importance to sports both as part of the day and for extra-curricular activities. they do tend more towards a laid back style of activity. Melbourne is a great place to be for those who love motor racing. Australian Capital Territory. as the Melbourne Grand Prix is held there every March. windsurfing and yachting are popular ways to spend your time in and on the nightlife. no matter which sports you prefer. Art festivals. Sport & Fitness Sport is one of the favourite pastimes in Australia and as many expats move there to take advantage of the more active outdoor life there are plenty of opportunities. When spending time in enclosed spaces such as bars and restaurants it is wise to note the rules on smoking each state has. Golf is another sport which is increasing in popularity and clubs around the country sell the equipment and provide lessons for beginners.

This resort also enjoys more natural snow than other ‘Enter your world of opportunities’ . Those who are residents of the UK will recognise names like Fitness First and most large towns and cities in Australia have at least one gym. Swimming in the sea is another sport which attracts many people though care should be taken to swim in areas where it is deemed safe. Becoming a member of a gym is another option for those who are looking for an active lifestyle and there are many gym chains for you to consider. which have to rely on fake snow from time to time. Again. For something that requires a little less energy. However. Even when there is no snow. there are a number of ski resorts in the country and ever increasing numbers of holiday makers go there each year. One of the largest ski resorts is Falls Creek. it is important to stay in areas that are deemed safe. fishing can be done at sea or along one of the many rivers. Charlotte Pass is a resort which dates back even further and has the distinction of being the highest ski resort in the country. particularly in remote areas. which can be found in the north eastern part of Victoria. Thredbo is one of the most popular ski resorts and has been attracting holiday makers for more than half a century. Other activities in the ski resorts include snowboarding and climbing. An increasing number of hotels are adding gymnasium facilities which are often available to local residents for a Page 22 is a sport that can be enjoyed throughout the year in many areas of the country and there are regular competitions held on some of the beaches. The village is home to more than 200 people and each year there are more than a million tourists who choose to holiday there. there are plenty of activities to keep people happy. Swimming is also increasingly popular and many towns have a swimming pool. Leap29.Leap29. Most people will not be aware that skiing is an option in Australia as it has the image of one of the hottest countries in the world.

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