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Chodakiewicz, M. J. (2017). Martial law and (Chodakiewicz 2017) said
Revolution and
government-coordinated that martial law is being
Counterrevolution in Poland,
1980-1989. Sarmatian violence spawned an imposed in response to
Review, 37(1), 2060-2065. anticommunist emergencies that occured,
underground and civil especially invasion or a
resistance. Mass terrorist attack where it
movement transformed applies military law to
itself into a series of civilians.
decentralized and
clandestine organizations.
It was nonviolent for the
most part, although a few
hardcore patriots resorted
to active and even armed
Tamura, E. H. (2017). In response to the attack, (Tamura 2017) stated that
Bayonets in Paradise: Martial
the territorial governor the attack on Pearl Harbor,
Law in Hawaii during World
War II. Joseph Poindexter placed Hawaii caused the
the islands under martial declaration of martial law
law, giving the U.S. Army by the territorial governor
control over island in which there was strict
residents' juridical, implementation of curfew
economic, political, social, and blackout hours
and personal lives. policies.
LOPEZ, M. B. (2017). Martial Searches and surrender of (Lopez 2017) cited the
Law in Polomolok 1972–1986:
ammunition were situation during the
A Study of its Effects to Local
Government and conducted by the joint implementation of martial
Policies. Journal of Asian forces of the local law in Polomolok, South
Review of Public Affairs and Integrated National Police Cotabato wherein a tight
Policy, 1(1).
and the Philippine confiscation of firearms
Constabulary during the was imposed.
months of September and
October in 1972.
Policemen and military
personnel conducted
‘house to house’
inspections to confiscate
firearms from the people
and to prevent mayhem
occurring in Polomolok.