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The Traxxas TQ-3 Radio System

Your Revo is equipped with the TQ-3 radio system. The TQ-3 is a 3-channel system that provides up to a quarter mile range and control for up to three
servo outputs. Revo is equipped with two high-torque steering servos connected via a “Y” plug adapter (one input, two equal outputs). The TQ-3 works
in conjunction with the OptiDrive™ Electronic Shift Module to monitor and control the input and output signals for the throttle and shifting servos The OptiDrive ESM is
(channels). The OptiDrive monitors the voltage of the on-board RX Power Pack. The "Function" LED will flash red if the battery voltage is too low. designed to adapt and
work with aftermarket
TQ-3 Transmitter Revo Wiring Diagram three channel radio
systems (see page 15).
Charging Jack
Antenna Throttle Neutral Adjust (to charger)

Steering Wheel
Throttle Trim On/Off
Switch RX Power Pack
5-cell NiMH
Antenna Battery
Steering Trim


Reverse Shift Battery
Channel 1
OptiDrive ESM Channel 2 Steering Servos
Forward Shift (Electronic Shift
Module) Channel 3


Shifting Servo
CH.1 (micro servo)

Throttle Servo
Servo Reversing
To Transmission
Power Switch Battery Compartment Power Indicator (OptiDrive sensor)
Revo 3.3 • 9

10 • Revo 3.Abbreviation for nickel-cadmium. Wait or move to another area if your channel Servos . steering mechanisms.Abbreviation for nickel-metal hydride.195 Green 2035 transmitter and relays them to the servos.A routine. channels: one to operate the throttle. and much greater resistance up to six models can be operated simultaneously. clear your frequency by calling out your channel number before operating your model. and the servos.The radio frequency used by the transmitter to send instructions to your Revo. the longer the battery will last between recharges.The fine-tuning adjustment of the neutral position of the servos. capacity. Measure of the capacity of the the transmitter. Crystal (X-tal) . and can last up to 1000 charging cycles.The hand-held radio unit that sends throttle and steering Frequency band . inserted into the receiver.3 . 4 27. 6 27. The higher the number. NiMH .995 Brown 2031 OptiDrive ESM – Electronic Shift Module. Of those two crystals. NiCad batteries have very high current handling. Y Adapter – Servo cable adapter that takes one input signal and directs Neutral position . The Traxxas TQ-3 Radio System Radio System Terminology Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with these radio-system NiCad . the channel one receiver output. verbal check to make sure pack used to power the radio system in the model. capacity than NiCad batteries. RX Pack denotes the optional rechargeable battery Clearing your frequency . one to shift the transmission. They will be used throughout this manual. Each channel is to the “memory” effect. NiMH batteries generally allow higher referred to by its flag color and channel number.3 Racing Engine terms. signals to your Revo. procedures are required to reduce the possibility of developing a 5-Cell Pack – Another term for RX Pack or rechargeable receiver pack.095 Orange 2033 indicator for the onboard receiver pack (RX Power Pack). made by turning the throttle and steering trim knobs on the face of mAh – Abbreviation for milliamp hour. All Traxxas RTR models operate on a 27 MHz frequency band.145 Yellow 2034 Receiver . The system uses three one for the receiver and one for the transmitter. used in place of the 4AA batteries in the model. A peak charger designed for NiMH batteries is required Channel Frequency Flag Traxxas for optimal performance. Used to connect dual steering servos to transmitter controls are at the neutral setting. the transmitter. It is available as nobody else in your area is operating on the same channel. The onboard electronic 2 27.045 Red 2032 controller that monitors vehicle speed and throttle position in order to control the action of the shifting servo.455 MHz lower) must be and one to operate the steering. high TRX 3. battery pack. Band Color Part No. Good charging beginning on page 20. consisting of the radio system will operate on. 1 26.The standing position that the servos seek when the it to two equal output signals. the one marked “RX” with the lower number (.The TQ-3 radio system.The plug-in device that determines which channel the Three-channel radio system .Small motor units in your Revo that operate the throttle and is already being used. They can last up to 500 charge cycles. there are two crystals.255 Blue 2036 RX Pack . Transmitter . For each channel.The radio unit inside your Revo that receives signals from the 5 27.RX is a common abbreviation for the radio receiver and items associated with it.The 27 MHz frequency band is divided into 6 channels so that batteries offer high current handling. Always Traxxas part number 3037. The original rechargeable Learn terms related to the hobby pack. receiver. as shown below. Trim . The RX pack is made up of five rechargeable NiMH battery cells and is “memory” effect and shortened run times. Also includes low battery 3 27. Rechargeable NiMH Channel .

transmitter. Turn on the transmitter and check the power indicator for a rechargeable batteries are solid red light. Replace with new or If you use rechargeable freshly charged batteries. be aware that when they begin to lose their charge. Revo 3. The Traxxas TQ-3 Radio System Installing Transmitter Batteries Your TQ-3 transmitter uses 8 AA batteries. If the power indicator doesn’t light red. fully charged according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Use new alkaline CH.1 Your transmitter uses AA batteries. Remove the battery compartment door by pressing the tab and running your Revo at the lifting the door up. 3. CH.3 batteries.2 CH. Install the batteries in the correct orientation as indicated in the battery compartment. or rechargeable batteries such as NiCad or NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) batteries in your transmitter. The battery compartment is Use the Right Batteries located in the base of the transmitter.3 • 11 . first sign of weak batteries (flashing red light) to avoid losing control. 2. check the polarity of the batteries. Caution: Discontinue 1. then the transmitter batteries are weak. If the power indicator light flashes. they lose power much more quickly than regular alkaline batteries. discharged or possibly installed incorrectly. The power indicator light does not indicate batteries in your the charge level of the RX Power Pack installed in the model. Check rechargeable batteries for a full charge. Reinstall the battery door and snap it closed. Make sure 4.

batteries on board. To secure in the truck. Toxic materials could be released. Monitor to remove the battery pack from the model. the battery pack is fully charged Do not completely discharge the RX Power Pack or you could damage is time to stop and recharge your battery pack . extra-long wire and In addition. The TRX Power Charger is designed 5-cell nickel metal hydride sluggish steering response to be conveniently mounted to a wall or (NiMH) battery pack. jack on the truck.S.3 . The RX and shortened radio range. Revo has a built in charging jack so you do not have 4. wind the charging To prevent losing control of To power the radio system your model.3 volts for more than 2 is in progress. them closely. Put the rubber plug back over the charging model with weak receiver of reduced voltage. * With optional DC car adapter 12 • Revo 3. flush with water. charged before running the truck. When the charger is not in use. The Traxxas TQ-3 Radio System Charging the Receiver Batteries minutes of fast charging time. Stop running and recharge at the first indication 6. a rechargeable warning signals include holder. battery voltage rises above to flash quickly. allows easy handling of the truck while the battery is charging. rechargeable NiMH receiver pack in your model. The supplied TRX Part #3032 The TRX Power Charger can be powered by Power Charger is a peak- our optional DC car adapter (sold separately). The long charger cord on the OptiDrive will flash red.3 volts. it is important to cord around the cord holder. To charge in trickle (slow) charge mode. Do not try and ready for use. Plug the charger output cord into the charging jack located under the OptiDrive will flash red. the TRX Power Charger continues to 15 seconds for the charger to sense the battery and begin to charge. it flashing). The TRX Power Charger can operate on either AC or DC power*. Plug the AC power supply into any 110-volt (U. After connecting a fully-drained battery to the charger it may take up to After fast charging has completed. “Function” LED flashes red. When the light turns solid green (not Nickel Metal Hydride batteries must be recycled or disposed of properly. 3. Improper use of the 25% brakes (failsafe mode). battery pack could result in personal injury or damage to your truck. turned off or the receiver 4. indicating that fast charging Store the battery pack in a dry location. and direct sunlight. The green light on the charger should begin If eye or skin contact occurs. your Revo is stop at the first sign of weak the cord. Battery Care the OptiDrive ignores throttle An AC power supply is supplied with the charger. seconds. models) wall outlet. Store the battery with at to continue running your least 25% charge. Anytime the 5. Visible retaining slot on either end of the cord Power Pack. other vertical surface using the supplied Power Pack must be fully #8 x 1" wood screws. Steering will still be 2. Do not exceed the maximum charge rate of 1 amp. It will continue until the battery is start charging immediately. The long charging cord allows equipped with a low-voltage Power Pack in about one the model to remain outside the car while indicator and a failsafe circuit. Do not use dischargers on the pack. the “Function” LED leave charging batteries unattended. Plug the end of the Some precautions should be taken to maintain the performance of the and shift signals and applies AC power supply into the back of the charger. detecting unit that will It features a tangle-free. Never has been achieved. Only use approved chargers for NiMH battery packs (such as the Traxxas “Function” LED on the TRX Power Charger). the OptiDrive is charge the supplied RX integrated fuse. away from heat sources 4. mode until the power is Do not burn or puncture the batteries. This may cause burns and severe right front of the truck. hour. The Do not short-circuit the battery pack. insert the end of it into the equipped with the RX receiver battery. The charging jack is OptiDrive will stay in failsafe damage to the battery pack protected by a rubber plug. Caution! Never charge batteries in an circuitry automatically shuts off the charger when the maximum charge receiver battery drops below enclosed car interior or while driving. 1.3 volts for more than 2 seconds. plug the battery pack into the charger and disconnected. The peak-detection When the voltage of the charging. it. If the voltage drops below 4. The TRX Power Charger will automatically shut off after 90 then plug the charger into the wall socket. operational and the The charger light should glow steady green (no battery connected).

near the front. Slow (trickle) charge current: 22/55mA (min/max) 3. cutting it could severely shorten the radio system’s range. On the transmitter. always fully extend the telescoping antenna Spray a little window when running your Revo. 5. one segment at a time. Front of Truck Revo 3. Antenna Tip Input voltage: The antenna wire exits the cover just ahead of the fuel tank. Insert the base of the tube into the molded post on the side of the Delta Peak: radio box.6/16v (min/max) 2. Pull it down from the bottom. The TRX Charger Specifications: receiver cover is mounted on the top of the chassis. Its length is tuned to the frequency band. 10. The Traxxas TQ-3 Radio System Setting up the Antenna 1. wire to make it easier to push through the antenna tube. to prevent binding and kinking the antenna mast. Antenna Tube Don’t shorten the length of the antenna wire. Don’t push the transmitter antenna down from the top. Locate the black antenna wire that exits the receiver cover. Pull the wire straight with your fingers and then insert the end of Fast charge current: 750/1000mA (min/max) the wire into one end of the antenna tube. 10mv Maximum charge time: 4.3 • 13 . Make a habit of holding the transmitter cleaner on the antenna so that the antenna points straight up. Place the antenna tip over the top of the tube to secure the 90 minutes antenna wire. Push the wire all the way through the antenna tube.

Steering Throttle Neutral Adjustment The throttle neutral adjustment is located on the transmitter face and controls the forward/reverse travel of the throttle trigger. Change the adjustment by pressing the button and sliding it to the desired position. 14 • Revo 3.2 CH.3 The electronic throttle trim located on the face of the transmitter adjusts the neutral (center) point of the throttle servo when the servo is at rest. TU N LEFT RN RIGHT There are two settings available: TUR Shift Reverse 50/50: Allows equal travel for both acceleration and braking. adjust Shift Forward the control so that the carburetor is at idle.3 Racing Engine. Do not use the throttle trim to raise or lower the engine idle speed. Accelerate This control has been preset for you at the factory.1 Electronic Throttle Trim CH. CH. Adjust this control to make the model drive straight with no steering input at the wheel. The Traxxas TQ-3 Radio System TQ-3 Radio System Controls TQ-3 Radio System Adjustments In addition to the electronic throttle and steering trim controls. Brake Neutral 50/50 is the required setting for Revo with the TRX 3. Electronic Steering Trim The electronic steering trim located on the face of the transmitter adjusts the neutral (center) point of the steering servos when the servos are at rest. your radio system features throttle neutral adjustment and servo reversing switches. 70/30: Allows more throttle travel (70%) and less brake travel (30%). Make the idle speed adjustment on the carburetor. and the brakes are not applied (the model will roll freely). If necessary.3 .

com. Revo 3. and repeat the programming steps. For transmission durability. turn the vehicle moves.2 3. The radio system must be on (receiver systems.Traxxas. you would move the channel 1 switch to correct Set the CHANNEL 3 SERVO REVERSING SWITCH to the right position. www. it will have to be reprogrammed. Set the THROTTLE NEUTRAL switch to the 50/50 setting. as shown THROTTLE TRIM until the carburetor closes. if you turn the steering wheel to the right and your Set the CHANNEL 2 SERVO REVERSING SWITCH to the right position. • Blue flashing “Sensor“ selector switch on the transmitter.1 model’s reverse speed to about position for the CH. linkage may require re-setting below. press and hold the 70% of full throttle. 1. signal pulse from sensor.3 servo reversing SET button until the Function LED flashes green are changed. solid blue or off For instructions on how to use the OptiDrive with aftermarket radio when vehicle is at rest. see pg.3 • 15 . then adjust the throttle trim and/or throttle corresponding servo. The controller is now circuit is broken. Return the 4. Moving a switch reverses the direction of the Set the THROTTLE TRIM to the center “0” setting. It may be necessary to adjust the corresponding trim DO NOT change the position of any of the servo reversing switches control after after programming the OptiDrive. you could have the OptiDrive shown. If the transmitter throttle settings are changed. and you notice a switches is twice and then release the button immediately. the OptiDrive will return to the normal servos become unresponsive). there is lower programmed and ready to go! disconnected or broken sensor. decrease in forward top speed. the servo direction. The truck must be completely green twice in step 3. proper shifting action. or to access advanced programming options. The and the programming has been completed. Pull the transmitter throttle TQ-3 servo-reversing switches for channels two and three TQ-3 Channel to Servo Chart trigger to the full throttle back to their default settings Channel Servo position. Hold it there until the and re-program the OptiDrive 1 Steering Function LED flashes green Module. OptiDrive Operation ™ • Green “Function” Programming the OptiDrive ESM 5. Each switch corresponds to a channel. The Traxxas TQ-3 Radio System Servo Reversing Switches 2. throttle or shift number of components in the transmission. and transmitter). You are now in programming mode. If settings CH. The OptiDrive module is preset at the Normal operation as If you experience any problems during programming. Controlling the shift action electronically turn solid green. servo will not move during programming even though it is connected please see our website. The engine must be shut off. moving a switch. then on again. regardless of the position of the shift operation mode. indicating that • Red “Sensor” rather than by mechanical systems reduces the the shifting servo is OK to shift a) Sensor. Indicates factory. With the throttle at neutral. transmitter. then the receiver off. Possible damaged sensor. 3 Shifting to the controller. the OptiDrive to maintain front wheels turn left. on the rotor position. Set the TQ-3 Transmitter to its factory default shift settings: The servo reversing switches are located on the front of the transmitter. For programming with 2 Throttle and braking three times. Note: The throttle aftermarket radio systems. Large adjustments to the next to the on/off switch. Depending OptiDrive module will need to be re-programmed. If settings were changed after programming the OptiDrive. the OptiDrive ESM limits the The default CH. the OptiDrive has The OptiDrive module prevents the transmission from changing If the SET button is released before the Function LED flashes entered fail-safe (throttle and shift directions while the truck is in motion. Possible transmission weighs less. If the transmitter throttle trim adjustment is changed. and throttle or shift wires. Release the transmitter throttle Shift allowed The OptiDrive ESM electronically monitors trigger allowing it to return to • Red flashing “Function” vehicle speed and controls forward and reverse neutral. The Function LED will Low battery. stopped to change directions. system reversed. constant drive engagement for smooth power delivery. it will be necessary b) Receiver has lost signal from the to complete the programming sequence again. visit our website. 12 shifting. For example. rotational mass for quicker acceleration.

3 . The Traxxas TQ-3 Radio System TQ-3 Radio System Rules Always have the transmitter and receiver turned on before you start Remember. CH. The on/off switch in the model only turns the receiver on off last to avoid damage to you must clear your frequency to be sure Brown and off. Always turn your receiver on second. TQ-3 transmitter on first and Channel 1 running.1 CH. or other source. Channel 3 make sure the on-board 5-cell NiMH battery pack is fully charged. your Revo. Red Always use new or freshly charged batteries for the transmitter. This procedure will help to prevent your Revo from receiving stray signals from another transmitter. Weak batteries will limit the range of the Look at the crystal plugged into the back of radio signal between the receiver and the transmitter. and running out of control. There are six possible channels. always turn the the engine. channel your truck is assigned to. numbered Orange The function light on the OptiDrive will flash red if the 5-cell battery 1 through 6. Loss of the your transmitter to determine which Channel 5 Green radio signal can cause you to lose control of your Revo. Never turn the radio system off while the engine is Each time you prepare to run your Revo. It does not turn off the engine. and running. Channel 6 Blue Always turn your TQ-3 transmitter on first and off last. Never turn the no one else in the area is using the same Channel 2 radio off while the engine is channel as you. Then start your engine.3 1 2 3 Always turn your transmitter on first. Each is represented by a color. Channel 4 Yellow pack requires charging. 16 • Revo 3.2 CH.

The red indicator light on the transmitter should be operation of the shifting servo. Operate the controls on the transmitter once again to be sure that the model responds correctly. Have a friend hold the model with the engine off. The Traxxas TQ-3 Radio System Using the TQ-3 Radio System 6. If the wheels are turned slightly to the left or right. Operate the shift button on the transmitter and check for rapid on the carburetor. turn off the receiver on your Revo. Also. 2. 4.3 • 17 . 1. operation of the throttle servo. The function light on the OptiDrive and shift into gear. Make sure your transmitter antenna is fully extended. Here’s how: the transmitter to adjust the throttle trigger is pushed all the way forward. the carburetor should open (slide moves out). When the throttle trigger is pulled should be checked before running the model. Once adjustments are made. Push the shift button down for solid red (not flashing). If the steering operates slowly. Push the shift 2. the brake should lock. Instead. in case of movement don’t use the throttle trim on back. 5. The servo will operate the spring-loaded shift mechanism and you will hear the transmission click into forward. Revo 3. followed by the hand-held transmitter. The switch is located in the button up for reverse and you will again hear the transmission click Don’t attempt to operate top of the radio compartment. mechanism is not loose or binding. Do not attempt to operate the model if there is any problem with the radio system or any external interference with your radio signal at your location. When looking down at model. Position Revo so that its front wheels are off the ground. check that the steering radio system to ensure that it operates properly. at your location. Turn on the receiver switch in the model. 5. you should range-test your for rapid operation of the steering servo. the front wheels should be pointing straight ahead. engine idle speed. 3. Turn on the radio system and check its operation as described in the previous section (Using the TQ-3 Radio System). the switch on. 1. A red flashing LED indicates low voltage in the problems with your radio RX Power Pack. your Revo if there are any ESM should be green. When the during shipping. The sensor LED is intermittent depending on the system or radio interference 8. slowly adjust the steering trim control on the transmitter until they are pointing straight ahead. Range-Testing the TQ-3 Radio System 4. Operate the throttle trigger on the transmitter and check for rapid The TQ-3 Radio System was pre-adjusted at the factory. rotor position. 3. then check the receiver pack to make sure it is fully charged. forward. Fully extend the chrome antenna mast on the transmitter and turn use the idle speed adjustment 7. Turn the steering wheel on the transmitter back and forth and check Before each running session with your Revo. The adjustment When the engine is running. and then walk away from the model with the transmitter until you reach the farthest distance you plan to operate the model.