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Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Civil Engineering for Sustainable Development

(ICCESD 2018), 9~11 February 2018, KUET, Khulna, Bangladesh


First A Author*1, Second B Author2 and Third C Author3
Author’s Affiliation, University/Institute/Organization, Country
Author’s Affiliation, University/Institute/Organization, Country
Author’s Affiliation, University/Institute/Organization, Country

*Presenting Author: Email:; Phone: +8801444 111 222

The Executive Summary should be written in English using MS-Word. The header at the top
of the first page should be different than second page as shown in this templete.The authors
should use this template to prepare the manuscript. Authors fail to follow the proper
formatting may cause refusal for publication. Arial is the accepted type face for the paper.
The title of the paper should be at the top of the page at 12pt Arial with BOLDFACE
CAPITAL. The names of authors will follow the title with paragraph space of 20pt before and
10pt after the author list, as shown. The names should be separated by comma with
numbering as above. Please DO NOT use any salutation (e.g. Professor, Dr., Mr., Ms.
etc.) with the authors’ names. The affiliation/ address of the authors should follow the
author list. The presenting author should be denoted by an asterisk (*). A valid and active
email and phone number of the presenting author must be given for all notification and future

For all texts, 11pt Arial typeface in single line spacing without any indent is recommended.
Executive Summary must be typed in an A4 sized page; margins should be 1 inch (25mm)
left, right, top and bottom. The Executive Summary should not exceed 2 pages and
include Introduction, Methodology, Results or Summary of the Findings, Conclusions and
References. Figures and tables can also be used.

Only major headings with 11pt Arial typeface with Arabic numbers aligned with the left-hand
margin can be used. The headings should be formatted in 11pt BOLDFACE CAPITAL with
20pt space before and 5pt space after. Subheadings are NOT allowed in the executive

REFERENCES are allowed, however, the authors are advised to use the least-possible
number of citations in the executive summary. The In-text citation and references should
follow the American Psychological Association (APA) referencing style. References are to
be listed at the end of the paper in alphabetical order of the last names of the first authors,
and citation in the text by the Authors’ last name and the year of publication within
parentheses (Santhanam, Martin, Goody & Hicks, 2001). Some typical examples following
the APA style is also available for download at the “Submission” page of the conference
website. The styles of that document should be followed as closely as possible.

All figures, photographs and illustrations should be in black and white, and should be rich in
contrast and clearly distinguishable from each other. The figures/graphs, tables and
equations should be explicitly mentioned in the text. The placement should be as close as
possible to the text bloc in which it is first mentioned (preferably within the same page and if

REFERENCES Graves.. (2011). Centre captions directly below the figure. O’Donoghue. Marsh. Journal of Personality Assessment. 571-579. 546-551. Tables shall not contain any vertical lines.. themes and issues in international contexts. The figure/graph is followed by a single blank line as illustrated here. mention as equation (x). London: Routledge. 2 . 7-9 February 2001. All tables are to be in black and white and should be placed as close to their mention in text as Table X. Australia. Vol. (1986). O. CONCLUSIONS Please provide a brief conclusion on the basis of the results and discussions. Goody. A. N. Bottom-up steps towards closing the loop in feedback on teaching: A CUTSD project. Perth. When referring to equations in the text.. K. and Gooch.” Proceedings of the Water Forum '86: World Water Issues in Evolution. (2010). J. Leading learning: Process. Martin. Centre captions preferably directly above the table being described. Santhanam. “Central Arizona Project Start Up. Reduce the picture size to “Document Resolution” to compress any image after placement to reduce the overall file size. (1992). & Hicks. E. Figure 1: Example for figure caption Equations must be with italic letters and aligned left-hand with the text margin and should be preceded and followed by a blank line. 3 2 k  1   ui u j   t Sij  k ij  vt  c  S ij  S   ij  3   1  3  (1) The equation number shall be enclosed in parentheses and align with right-hand margin. & Clarke. & Viglione...L.. T. A Conceptual validation study of the texture response on the Rorschach. 1. S. A. 4th International Conference on Civil Engineering for Sustainable Development (ICCESD 2018) not possible to the very next page). R. A. Use “In line with Text” format as Wrap Text for figures/ graph. Paper presented at Teaching and Learning Forum – Expanding horizons in teaching and learning. ASCE. Table 1: Example table caption Margin Top Bottom Left Right 1 inch 1 inch 1 inch 1 inch 1 inch 4..S. 58(3). D. New York.Y.