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LIMBA ENGLEZĂ- Jandarmi 2011 Drăgășani
61. Look out! That wall … .
a) will collapse; b) is going to collapse; c) will be collapsing; d) is collapsing.
62. The thieves … the stolen goods behind a cupboard.
a) hide; b) hidden; c) hid; d) hided.
63. I don’t like that dress. … do you mean, the one over there?
a) What; b) Which; c) Whom; d) Who.
64. Nobody enjoys … as we do.
a) himself; b) oneself; c) him; d) themselves.
65. You want your friend to carry your bag for you.
a) Need you carry my bag for me?; b) Must you carry my bag for me?;c) Shall you carry my bag for
me?; d) Would you carry my bag for me?;
66. To study in … Paris is one of … most challenging things for … painter.
a) -/the/a; b) -/-/the; c) the/the/an; d) -/the/an.
67. I’d rather you … mention it to my parents.
a) hadn’t; b) don’t; c) didn’t; d) don’t.
68. I wish the committee … on their agenda instead of putting it off.
a) will agree; b) agreed; c) agrees; d) agree.
69. If only you … me earlier!
a) had told; b) told; c) have told; d) would tell.
70. He is … the cleverest boy in the school.
a) quite; b) much; c) far; d) by far.
71. The teacher made me … behind after school.
a) to stay; b) staying; c) stay; d) had stayed.
72. You will soon … to living in the city.
a) be used; b) get used; c) use; d) used.
73. Put … your gloves. It is very cold outside.
a) on; b) up; c) in; d) away.
74. It’s high time you … your flat.
a) will redecorate; b) redecorate; c) redecorated; d) have redecorated.
75. If he had some money, he … on holiday.
a) could go; b) can go; c) will go; d) went.
76. She … a doctor when she … medical school. She thinks she … in a hospital for most of her career.

89. c) outskirt. 88. c) asked. we wouldn’t have found our way. I woke up so late that I … had time for breakfast. But for …. …? a) didn’t it. b) isn’t she. 79. a) harder. b) boys. c) about. 77.c) will be becoming / will finish/ will have probably worked. b) at. c) -/ a. d) didn’t she. b) have been driving. b) was shooting. a) had been. c) had been driving. c) hardly. World War II broke … in 1939 . 87. a) -/ the. b) . 84. d) was saying. b) said. Andy went tot the party. b) you to help. 81. My luggage … in the car already. 82. He’s only a child. d) you helped me . … he was tired. 80./ -. c) boy. a) had been shot. Paul was angry with me … using his car. c) down. b) hard. a) outskirtes. d) skirts. d) drove. The shop I want to go is on the … of the city. b) will be. She became a teacher. c) however. A friend in … need is … friend indeed. where they left them. a) were driving.a) up. d) an easyer. a) told. d) for.d) is going to become/ finishes/ will probably work. 85. d) into. Jack … whether he was late for the meeting. 90. a) because. c) was being shot. b) despite. 78. d) is. b) outskirts. a ) your help. c) a more easily. 83. d) in spite of. b) out. c) are. a) Although. b) an easier. Many people were watching while the film … . d) boy’s. d) has been shot. a) boys’. c) doesn’t she. d) hardest. The … bicycles are in the garden. a) a more easy.b) will be becoming / finishes/ will have probably worked. 86. They … for three hours when they stopped for a rest. Give him … job to do. c) you helped.a) is going to become / will finish/ will have probably worked. d) a/ a.

She … a teacher when she … from university. b) are eating. a) on. If he had had some money. 64. . c) an. 63. My brother … for a large company. c) As soon as. 65. d) After. 76. He accepted the job just for … fun. d) mustn’t. It’s high time you … smoking. 72. b) the worse. b) have stopped. My little sister believes … fairies. c) use. a) have used. d) go. He … a letter now. 70. 73. 71. a) roofs. d) had eaten. We … dinner when the telephone rang. b) going. d) used. I wish I … better for the exams. 66. d) of going. c) were eating. d) will stop. a) stopped. c) roovs. a) worst. c) would have gone. All the … were covered with snow. the train had left. Maria suggested … to the cinema. b) get used. If I won the lottery. c) in. b) work. he … on holiday. d) -. c) has worked. You … be tired. a) writes. b) can’t. a) ate. LIMBA ENGLEZĂ – Jandarmi Drăgășani 2012 61. d) roofes. a) By the time. d) prepared. d) had written. c) to go. b) Until. a) would go. I … on an exotic holiday. d) works. You have been working all day. c) went. 62. c) must. c) wrote. 75. a) is working. a) is going to become / will graduate/ will have probably worked. 67. b) a. b) would go. 68. b) is writing. 69. a) will prepare. a) can. … we reached the station. b) of. He is … tennis player I’ve ever seen. a) could go. She hopes she … in a good school. d) went. 74. c) stop. I should … to working in a big company. b) had prepared. b) will go. c) have prepared. d) the worst. a) the.II. d) at. c) worse. b) rooves. a) go.

79. b) Ever. c) won’t have. 77. c) called. c) waits. 83. b) glass. Englishmen have the … . c) Sometimes. recently. a) had been robbed. c) which looks. b) was being robbed. He … done it all by himself. d) Often. c) lastly. My house …. a) denied. Can you see the lady … like my friend? a) who she looks. b) agreed. b) few. c) in spite of. 80. c) didn’t she. a) up. d) into. 82. d) who looks. a) many. a) has been waiting. 84. a) lately. At five o’clock. b) late. Paul said he … her the following day. . 85. b) out. … have I got such terrible news. b) tea of afternoon. c) can. I have access to … information in your department. d) a few. 87. c) tea of the afternoon. a) Never. d) is going to become/ graduates/ will probably work. d) later. a) mustn’t have. d) was robbed. d) afternoon tea. They haven’t seen each other … . a) will call. She went on a trip with her teacher. d) carton. c) will be becoming / will graduate/ is probably going to work. d) suggested. d) shouldn’t have. b) that does look. c) has been robbed. c) admitted. Sally bought a … of milk at the supermarket. d) even. Steve … to give me a lift to work.b) will be becoming / graduates/ will have probably worked. 90. He … for the bus for half an hour . d) calls. d) doesn’t she. c) on. 88. She loves him … he doesn’t treat her very well. 81. b) couldn’t have. c) little. 89. d) is waiting. Mum told me to keep an eye … my little sister. 78. b) isn’t she. a) tin. a) afternoon’s tea. b) would call. b) although. 86. a) despite. somebody helped him. …? a) hasn’t she. b) was waiting.

d) won’t I. d)makes. b) to have been. d) had mistaken. b) are digging. c) have had. b) played/heard. The miners …for 5 hours. they hope … home by six. a)have made. 75. Henry … me for his cousin. 64. c) don’t I. 73. I was … at painting than drawing. a) cake. b) a. c)he hadn’t arrived. The music is too loud. d) have been digging. 67. they … a strange noise. a) in. LIMBA ENGLEZĂ 61.d) were playing/heard. At the end of the course. When we talked on the phone. d) pie. a) up. 74. While the kids … chess. a) mistake. b) on. b) is driving/is riding. 66. 62. a) the. 70. a) wives. a) good. c) into. Turn the radio …. 65. c) an. c) best. c) can. Money … the world go round. She was wondering why… yet. c) of. c) having been. Sarah usually …to work. d)he didn’t arrive. If you … time. d) may. b) has mistaken.c) were playing/were hearing. d) to be.Jandarmi 2013 Drăgășani II. d)-. c) wifes. but today she… her bike. c) mistook. a) hadn’t he arrived. …?” a) aren’t I. please. do the dishes! a) have. d) at. b) shall I. Their … are good at cooking. b) will have. b) gooder. b) cheese. 76. d) down. a) drives/rides. Daddy. d) wife. . 63. d) would have. d) is driving/rides. 72. He can’t focus … details. b) must. b) didn’t he arrive. 69. Don’t worry about the test. … you read me a story? a) should. b) wife’s. c) are making. a) dug. I’ve heard it’s a piece of … .b) make. d) better. c) drives/is riding. Although they have a lot of work to do. b) in. c) chalk. 71. a) played/were hearing. His dream is to become …vet. “I am your boss. 68. a) being. c) have been dug.

d) through. b) threw. 81. c) to lying. d) criterias. 90. 78.a) criterion. but he also drove them home. d) were been paid. a) To come. d) you helped. 79.77. a) them selves. The Smiths enjoyed … at the circus last week. a)made up. b) are paid. a) Should he phone. c) Comes. the men … 400 pounds to do the work. They suggest that harsher measures … to prevent juvenile delinquency. d) Come. d) May he phone. d) have made up. d) whom. b) criterions. … what may. a) were paid. 85. c) Can hephone. a) he paid. b) just. d) has he paid. tell him I’m not at home. c) have been paid. It’s high time they… their mind. a) though. c) criteria. c) their selves. a) are taken. . c) did he pay. d) yet. a) of laying. 89. b) whose. c) already. …. b) you to help. c) you had helped.c) will make up. 83. b) Will he phone. 82. b) themselves. a) recently. b) be. Peter made his way … the crowd to get to the stage. b) he had paid. c) who. Roger couldn’t sleep. a) which. Last year. c) thought. a) your help. a) been. We need to decide on a few definite … to select the best candidate . Our relatives have come into a lot of money …. 88. I’m not going to sign the petition. c) being. 84.b)make up. b) to lie. d) would be taken. Despite … very tired. d) them. b) be taken. 86. Why didn’t you tell the truth instead …to them. 87. c) will be taken. 80. we would have got lost. d) to be. d) of lying. Not only …the bill. b) Coming. These are the parents … children were caught red-handed last week. But for … .

b) another.? a) was Shakespeare born. d) a. Last month my brother earned .. 67. d) ought. c) did Shakespeare born. c) twice more than. b) need.. a) a lot of.. a) was been given. listen to me when I'm talking to you! a) can. Betty . . I did.. c) better. la limba engleză. a) twice as much as..Testul din anul 2017. 65. You .... pentru Şcoala de Agenţi de Poliţie Vasile Lascăr Câmpina 61. The detective provided me with . .. weather. b) well. d) twice as. d) best. You can't go out in such .. a) good. b) has Shakespeare been born. a) a. 64. My nephews speak French really .. b) gave.. b) -. d) was given. a lot of presents on her birthday. c) should. c) was giving. Do you know where . 62.. 66. b) twice more as. d) Shakespeare was born. important information. 63.. c) an.

b) little. 68. 70. 71. d) will be raining. d) am going to be.. a) after. Christmas this year.c) an.. d) a few. food left. c) were. for three hours. When we got to the chalet. your hands.. b) has been raining. 74. We would go for a walk if . it . a) have washed.. 73. d) the. b) washed. a) will be travelling. a) was raining. 69. a) the storm were not... to Egypt. I will go fishing with you tomorrow if I ... b) out for. . d) it weren't for the storm. d) forward to. 72. it's not enough for everyone.. . b) shall be.. This is . c) had been raining. free. I'm really looking . d) had washed. c) few.. b) it was not the storm... c) into.. a) much.. This time tomorrow our friends . a) am. c) will wash. c) it would not be for the storm. You will have lunch after you .

76. was born abroad.. I am three years older than you . d) who. b) must.. her generosity. She would have caught a train if she . The harder he worked . a) which. c) what. d) will have travelled. .. 80.. b) am I. d) the better were his results. I think she is going to be . b) would take. d) in.. c) would have taken. d) had to." a) can. 75.. a) for. d) is it. c) of. be cooking at the moment. My uncle. 81.. b) that. All her children take advantage .. 77. d) had taken.b) would travel. her mother. b) his results were the better...? a) isn't it. a taxi. 78. . c) the better his results were.. c) need. 79. c) aren't I. now lives here. a) took. "Where is your mother now?" "She . b) with.. c) will travel.. .. a) were the better his results.

"Where are your parents?" She asked . 82. "What will you do next week?" He asked me . . d) has been painted. c) his.. a) him. d) where my parents are. "I lived in London for ten years. b) what I would do the next week. b) he had lived.... b) where were my parents.. . d) hers. d) he would live.. d) as pretty as..a) so pretty than. b) as pretty than. He is lazy.. d) sometimes. b) often.. to the party. a) where my parents were.. 86.. 87. c) so pretty as. c) hardly. a) always. b) is being painted. b) her. c) where are my parents. studies at all.. 83. c) what would I do the next week. a) what will I do next week. 85. a) will be painted. He . . at the moment. in London for ten years. c) he was living. c) was painted. My house . d) what I will do next week." He said . John asked if he can bring a friend of . 84.. a) he lived.

. b). 90. 90. 85. c). 70. d) out. d) feets. While I .88.. 87. c). 71. 77. 79. d). 61. c). c). 83. 81. a). b). b) up. d) would walk. 89. b). You should wipe your . 62 d). 80.. 72. 73. 86. 89.. 65. If you don't know the word. a) on. 82. a). 66. 78. before you enter the house. 88. c) feet. a). d).. a). b) foots. a). c) over. a) was walking. . b). a). d). c). 67. 84. 64. 63. c) had walked. d). 74. b). in the park I met my friend. b). b) walked. c). look it . d). b). c). in the dictionary. a) foot. d). c). 69. b). 76. 75.. 68. a).