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Lesson Plan

Grade: 11th
Level of English: Upper Intermediate
No. of classes/week: 2
Lesson: “Famous people, famous places!”
Type of lesson: mixed, focus on writing descriptive paragraphs
Objectives: By the end of the lesson the students will have:
– Developped descriptive paragraph writing skills
– practised the adjective in different interactive and written activities
– been able to integrate the adjective in meaningful descriptive contexts
Skills: speaking, writing
Methods and procedures: conversation, group work
Materials: worksheets

Warm-up activity
Time: 5 minutes
Interaction: teacher – the class
Aims: – to organize the class
– to check and correct the students’ homework

Activity 1: Lead-in
Time: 10 minutes
Interaction: T-Ss, pair work
Aim: – to activate the already acquired details about the adjective and its
opposites in a game

• I start this activity by going through the list to check for understanding by
saying the word and asking for synonyms or examples of its meanings.
Students will need to know the meaning of all the words before they can
proceed with the activity.

The pretty girl drove a black sports car. For example. The ugly girl drove a white sports car. Afterwards. I divide the class into groups of four and give each student a copy of the worksheet. I ask the students to write sentences using two of the listed words in a single sentence.g. For an extra point. • Next. I can ask the pairs to create a short story using some of the adjectives. The first group to give an appropriate opposite gets a point. After the game has been completed. I split the students into pairs. I can ask the group to use the opposite word in a sentence. Next. • The group with the most points at the end is the winner. • I read a random adjective from the worksheet. I have the pairs exchange their sentences and write opposite sentences. Students then write down the adjective on their worksheet. Opposites . e.

rich _____________________ long _____________________ high _____________________ north _____________________ cloudy _____________________ lazy _____________________ male _____________________ first _____________________ modern _____________________ nice _____________________ fat _____________________ intelligent _____________________ interesting _____________________ sick _____________________ early _____________________ curly _____________________ full _____________________ off _____________________ cold _____________________ best _____________________ clean _____________________ far _____________________ wet _____________________ happy _____________________ good _____________________ easy _____________________ front _____________________ fast _____________________ pretty _____________________ east _____________________ married _____________________ round _____________________ black _____________________ big _____________________ sweet _____________________ alive _____________________ beautiful _____________________ cheap _____________________ left _____________________ old _____________________ light _____________________ polite _____________________ quiet _____________________ safe _____________________ soft _____________________ true _____________________ .

It was founded in 1625 as "New Amsterdam". I introduce the idea of concise sentences as being integral to good English written style. It has many important skyscrapers. It has many national and international banks. New York City is an important commercial and banking center which includes Wall Street.Developing descriptive paragraph writing skills .. New York City is an important city for immigration.adjective consolidation at the sentence level leading to descriptive paragraphs Time: 15 minutes Interaction: teacher – students. Among its many important . It is important for commerce. Wall Street is located in New York City. I ask students to group sentences. Descriptive Paragraphs Example: information about a famous city in the world: New York City „New York City is in the United States.It was first settled by the Dutch. person and describing adjectives. Based on this grouping. There is an interesting immigration museum on Ellis Island. Ellis Island used to be the entry point for many immigrants at the turn of the century.) In pairs. I ask students to group the sentences in the example based on the ideas that go together as shown in the following paragraph (i. New York is located on the Atlantic Coast of the United States of America. pair work Procedure: I introduce the topic of writing paragraphs by asking students what they consider a well formed paragraph. It borders on the Atlantic Ocean. I ask students to write a descriptive paragraph and one of the representatives of 2 groups read it aloud while the other groups take notes and write down mistakes that will be discussed afterwards.” Here is the desriptive paragraph the students need to write out of the descriptive sentences written above: New York. Today.e. The World Trade Center is located in New York City. New York City is located in New York State. I have my students take a look at the example sentences and paragraph. The Empire State Building is in New York City. It was first settled as "New Amsterdam" in 1625 by the Dutch. etc.Activity 2: Aim: .

Mississippi.  Write a paragraph about Elvis Presley using the idea groups to create concise sentences. One of the most interesting museums is on Ellis Island which served as the entry point for many immigrants who passed through New York City at the turn of the century. He was born in Tupelo. He was a singer and actor. Information about Elvis Presley (worksheet)  Arrange the sentences about Elvis Presley into idea groups. write paragraph) I choose some of the compositions to be read aloud in class. He died in Memphis. He danced erotically. create idea sentences. "All Shook Up".Teens loved him for his new style. 1935. He might have died of drug and alcohol abuse. He was born on January 8. choose subject. (i.questions. He first became popular on the local touring circuit for country-and-western have students arrange the sentences about Elvis Presley into idea groups. Time: 15 minutes Interaction: student-student. and "Don't Be Cruel". -to have students write a paragraph about Elvis Presley using the idea groups to create concise sentences. Tennessee. Elvis Presley was an American. Activity 4 Setting the homework Aims: – to check whether Ss can integrate the adjective in creative writing – to create a context without the teacher’s help Time: 5 minutes . He died on August 16. I ask students to work in pairs and create an interview that they are going to role-play after 5 minutes of pair thinking and writing. He had many hits. Activity 3 Aims: . He sang "Love Me Tender". I ask students to comment on them. He was famous for rock-and-roll. 1977. pair work Procedure: I ask students to complete a creative writing exercise by following similar steps. He started singing in church.e.  Create an interview about Elvis Presley by asking wh. He taught himself to play the guitar.skyscrapers are the World Trade Center and The Empire State Building. group sentences.. He sang romantic songs.

.  Write down a number of important facts about that place or person.Procedure: T asks Ss to think of a situation that generates creative writing having the model practised in class. Homework: Creative Writing  Choose a famous place or person.  Arrange the sentences into idea groups.  Write a paragraph using the idea groups to create concise sentences.