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DameWare Remote Support v9.

0 Installation Instructions


A). You must either disable or remove any anti-virus software your running.

B). When running the crack (DWP32) the name you use to license the software MUST BE the
name on the Administrator account e.g. for me it's nelly.

How To Install:


1. Double click on DameWareRS-v9.0 (Or if your on Windows 7, right click on it and select "Run
as administrator") and install the software.

2. Once installed, close it completely and "X" out of any "Continue Evaluation" etc windows that
may pop up.

3. Depending on which architecture your running, copy DWP32 or DWP64 into its software
installation directory.

In this example i've installed DameWare Remote Support v9.0 on a Windows 7 x32bit operating
system so the software installation directory is located at:

C:\Program Files\SolarWinds\DameWare Remote Support 9.0\DWP32

8.0 for the first time.. S C. 5. Click on: Help\About DRS.g.\Enter License\Enter Licensing Information\This server does not have internet access\Next\Browse 9. yes B. Now open DameWare Remote Support v9. "X" out of the "Purchase/Enter License" window. U G.4.lic file that has your information from step 5 on it. 9 D.lic file and click on "Open". Name on the administrator account e. yes E. . Now run DWP32 ( For x64bit you'd be running DWP64). 7. nelly F.. Now click on the DRS. Enter\Return to close the DOS window 6. U H. NOT THE EVALUATION. When the DOS window opens. here is what you type to the questions: A.

12.0 down completely. Click on "Finish". 14. The license window should say "Commercial"./ 2010kaiser . JOB DONE!!! ENJOY AND SEED!!! -nelly. If there's still an "Enter License" window open. 13. 11. Click on "Close". Click on "Next". just "X" out of it and close DameWare Remote Support v9.10.