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Thinesh a/l Saravanan


Summary of Chapter 3..

3.1 Mechanical Equipment

 Static and Rotating Equipment
 vessel, reactor, boiler, cooling tower
 Pump, compressor, turbine

3.2 Static Equipment

 Comply with FMA Regulation (CF Requirement).
 Load Test, hydrostatic test, pop test

3.3 Rotating Equipment

 Moving part and its operating condition (pressure, noise, vibration, lubrication,
mechanical seal, belting, roller, alignment, cooling system).
 Efficiency of the equipment.

3.4 Vessel

 Normally store liquid chemical.
 Include pressure vessel.
 Should have a strength of stress and strain especially at welding part.

3.5 Reactor

 Equipment for reaction take part and to produce the product

3.6 Boilers

 fuel-burning appliances that produce either hot water or steam that gets
circulated through piping for heating or process uses.
 Proper maintenance and operation of boilers systems is important with regard
to efficiency and reliability.
 Three types of boiler which are water tube, fire tube and electric

10 Turbine  Equipment that used to move other equipment such as blower. this is accomplished by spraying a flowing mass of water into a rain-like pattern. 3. . breathable air in contaminated environments. compressors  Scheduled maintenance inspections are necessary for safe and efficient turbine operation. pump.8 Pump  to transfer liquid form one location to another  pump casing provides a pressure boundary for the pump and contains channels to properly direct the suction and discharge flow. 3.7 Cooling Tower  a specialized heat exchanger in which two fluids (air and water) are brought into direct contact with each other to affect the transfer of heat.3.9 Compressors  It runs tools and machinery.  Actual intervals between inspections cannot be specified rigorously because maintenance scheduling is dependent on factors best known by those directly involved with the turbine and its particular application. provides power for material handling systems. through which an upward moving mass flow of cool air is induced by the action of a fan 3. and ensures clean.  In a “spray-filled” tower.