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Opening ceremony of S.N.

6 Leadership Development
Training ( TOT)
Good morning sir, May I have your permission to start?
………………………………Thank you sir.

Respected Chief of staff sir, all the officers from valley div training school,
officers instructors, ladies and gentleman. Good morning

First of all, On behalf of the this school and Course, I would like to extend a
warm welcome to the Chief of staff of valley Div Brid. Gen. Bharat
bahadur Khadka Sir in the opening ceremony of S.N. 6 Leadership
Development Training (TOT) course. It’s our immense pleasure and honour
to have Brid. Gen. Khadka here with us and we are very much thankful to
him for providing his precious and valuable time.

Before starting this program, I would like to inform general sequence of
today’s event. First of all, I myself will give a quick glimpse of the course.
Then, the ceremony will be continued by the formal opening of the course
by the Chief of staff sir by his opening remarks. Then after, we will have a
photo session program followed by quick refreshment

Till now we have completed the five leadership development training (TOT)
before in this school and now we are here again to conduct the sixth series
of the training with 10 officers from different units under Valley Div. The
main aim of this training is to produce an efficient and capable officers and
instructors who will achieve magnificent day to day operational knowledge
of Nepal Army profession and also able to conduct the leadership
development training for the JCOs and NCOs in their respective units and
brigades in the near future. The course will last for 4 weeks and during this
period, we will try to inculcate the basic knowledge of developing junior
leadership skills based on the different modules of staff duties, leadership,
FCBC and management. Similarly we have also included guest lecturers
from the various departments of Nepalese army to make this course
effective and interesting.

I would like to request everyone to move to the ground area for the photo session. OPENING REMARKS ………………………………… THANK YOU VERY MUCH SIR With this we come to an end of today’s program. without any delay..With this quick glimpse of the course.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . Now. Gen.Bharat Bahadur Khadka sir for the opening remarks. Sir please.... I would like to request the Chief Of Staff Brid.. Thank you.