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Private vs.

Public Cloud:
I T ’ S A L L A B O U T C O N T R O L
Cost-effective solutions that offer security, availability and agility

W H A T ’ S T H E D I F F E R E N C E ?
F eatu re Attr ibutes Pu b l ic C l ou d Private C l o ud

Computing, storage and networking
Shared computing, storage and
resources dedicated to a
networking resources; limited supply
single organization; limited supply
but scalable to demand
matched to demand

Delivered with little to no capital
Shared resources that can be
expense; consumed as an operating
consumed irrespective of location
expense that is predictable over
deliver high value return
a period of time

Control over resource utilization with Single organization retains ability
some elements controlled by the to configure and manage resources
hosting operator without restrictions

High availability configurations
High availability configurations provide provide dedicated redundancy because
shared redundancy capabilities all resources can be assigned in the
event of a failure

Because physical resources are The combination of physical and
shared, some organizations choose to logical segmentation for resources
be selective about which workloads safeguards the infrastructure at
operate here multiple layers
S E CURITY • P. 877-570-7827

expedient. but workloads can be appropriately needed to support your segmented to reduce any risk that might be associated with business. 877-570-7827 . SECURE AND SEPARATE. • Managed Backups Expedient can deliver the outcome you’re looking for in one of • Disaster Recovery its local data centers near you or one that’s further away—for • Connectivity backup or disaster recovery reasons. EXPEDIENT CITIES Baltimore (x2) Boston Cleveland (x2) Columbus (x2) Indianapolis Memphis Pittsburgh (x2) • P.WHO IS expedient? Expedient is a cloud and Making the Decision data center infrastructure A PUBLIC CLOUD SOLUTION MAY BE RIGHT FOR YOU IF: as a service (IaaS) provider Business growth is dynamic and computing demand that handles operation of fluctuates over time the information technology Security is an imperative. but predictable costs to ensure dedicated How we solve resources is strongly desired customer challenges: • Cloud Computing • Colocation PUBLIC AND PRIVATE CLOUD ENVIRONMENTS CAN KEEP (11 data centers in 7 cities) DATA SAFE. industry or government compliance mandates We work with customers Keeping costs low by taking advantage of economies of during events including: scale is appealing • Hardware refresh • Compliance and security regulations A PRIVATE CLOUD SOLUTION MAY BE RIGHT FOR YOU IF: • Moving to the cloud Business growth is predictable and computing demand is • Company growth and/or stable over time expansion Industry or government compliance mandates limit the • Disaster recovery feasibility of shared resources preparedness Accepting higher.