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Republic of the Philippines

Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City

Report on Salaries and
Allowances CY 2015

Received by Principal Officers and
Members of Governing Boards of
Government-Owned or -Controlled
Corporations and of their Subsidiaries,
and by Secretaries, Undersecretaries,
Assistant Secretaries and Other Officials
of Equivalent Rank of National
Government Agencies

Report on
Salaries and
CY 2015

Received by Principal Officers
and Members of Governing Boards of
Government-Owned or -Controlled
Corporations and of their Subsidiaries
and by Secretaries, Undersecretaries,
Assistant Secretaries and other
Officials of equivalent rank of
National Government Agencies

Table of Contents


Introduction 1

List of Principal Officers and Members of Governing Boards of Government-Owned 9
or -Controlled Corporations and of their Subsidiaries and of Secretaries,
Undersecretaries, Assistant Secretaries and other Officials of equivalent rank of
National Government Agencies who received salaries and allowances in CY 2015
(arranged by Government Agency)

List of Principal Officers and Members of Governing Boards of Government-Owned 205
or -Controlled Corporations and of their Subsidiaries and of Secretaries,
Undersecretaries, Assistant Secretaries and other Officials of equivalent rank of
National Government Agencies who received salaries and allowances in CY 2015
(arranged in alphabetical order of their Names)

List of Principal Officers and Members of Governing Boards of Government-Owned 335
or -Controlled Corporations and of their Subsidiaries and of Secretaries,
Undersecretaries, Assistant Secretaries and other Officials of equivalent rank of
National Government Agencies who received salaries and allowances in CY 2015
(ranked from highest to lowest as to total amount received)

List of Principal Officers and Members of Governing Boards of Government-Owned 463
or -Controlled Corporations and of their Subsidiaries and of Secretaries,
Undersecretaries, Assistant Secretaries and other Officials of equivalent rank of
National Government Agencies who received Indirect Benefits in CY 2015
(ranked from highest to lowest as to total amount received)

Details of Salaries and Allowances and Indirect Benefits Received in CY 2015 by 475
Principal Officers and Members of Governing Boards of Government-Owned or -
Controlled Corporations and of their Subsidiaries and by Secretaries,
Undersecretaries, Assistant Secretaries and other Officials of equivalent rank of
National Government Agencies (arranged in alphabetical order of their


A - Government Affiliations of Private Sector Representatives

B - Affiliations of Local Government Officials in the NGAs and GOCCs

C - Acronyms used in the report

D - Subclassifications under Allowances, Bonuses, Incentives and
E - List of government agencies and instrumentalities not included in
the report

Part I



Legal Basis

1. In the exercise of its reportorial function, the Commission on Audit,
through the Corporate Government Sector (CGS), monitors and
reports annually the total amount of salaries and allowances including
extraordinary and miscellaneous expenses (EME) and indirect benefits
received by the top three ranking officials of government agencies
some of whom hold multiple positions in different agencies of
government in the same year.

2. For this purpose, the Commission on Audit issued COA Memorandum
No. 92-780, dated 21 September 1992, as amended by COA
Memoranda Nos. 2010-012 and 2016-011, dated 06 April 2010 and
04 April 2016, respectively. In compliance thereto, the CGS prepares
a consolidated Report on the Salaries and Allowances (ROSA) received
by (a) Principal officers and members of governing boards of
government-owned or controlled corporations/government financial
institutions (GOCCs/GFIs) and their subsidiaries, and (b) Secretaries,
Undersecretaries and Assistant Secretaries and other officials of
equivalent rank of national government agencies (NGAs), for
submission to the Office of the President of the Philippines and the

Report Objectives

3. The report aims to: (a) support the continuing thrust of the
government for transparency and accountability of government funds,
through regular monitoring and reporting of the salaries and
allowances received by the top three officials of each government
agency some of whom hold multiple positions in different agencies in
the same year; and (b) determine the total amount of emoluments
and benefits received by them from all the different government
agencies/instrumentalities where they serve and/or are affiliated.

Structure and Contents

4. The data as herein presented were compiled from the CY 2015
Quarterly and Annual Reports of Salaries, Allowances and Other
Benefits received by officials of NGAs and GOCCs and members of
the governing boards of GOCCs and SUCs submitted by the said
government agencies and duly verified by the .COA Audit Teams
assigned to these agencies which include: (a) Subsidiaries of GOCCs;


(b) Water Districts; (c) State Colleges and Universities; and
(d) Stand-alone corporations and national government agencies. The
ROSA also includes data on some government officials who rendered
services to their respective agencies and other government offices
during the year but received no compensation. The presentation
thereof is in accordance with the 3rd paragraph of COA Memorandum
No. 92-780, which provides that, “If the principal officers, members of
the governing board, Secretary, Undersecretary or Assistant Secretary
did not receive any salary and/or allowance during the year, the name
just the same should be included in the list but should be so identified
as not having received such salary and/or allowance for that year.”

5. To enhance and effectively monitor the compilation of the ROSA data,
COA Memo 2016-011 dated 04 April 2016 was issued. Said regulation
highlights the inclusion of indirect benefits which include benefits
and/or allowances accruing to concerned Agency officials or members
of the governing board due to the nature of their job or posting, such
as but not limited to the employer’s share in the Provident Fund as
well as the overseas quarters/housing allowance in their actual dollar
amount. Separate columns were provided for the EME and Indirect

6. The clothing, medical, family and similar allowances received in US
dollar denomination are presented in their peso equivalent using the
BSP authorized conversion rate as at the last working day of the year
(29 December 2015) and forms part of the direct benefits shown in
Parts II, III and IV hereof. Likewise, the indirect benefits received in
US dollar amounts which are presented separately in Part VI are
shown in their peso equivalent using the same BSP authorized rate as
at 29 December 2015 is shown in Part V of this Report.

7. This Report includes ROSA data for 957 government agencies which
consist of 621 GOCCs and 336 NGAs that paid salaries, allowances,
bonuses and incentives and other benefits to government officials.
The ROSA data for GOCCs were submitted by 118 regular GOCCs in
the National Capital Region, 18 stand-alone corporations in the
regions and 485 water districts while the ROSA data for NGAs include
218 regular agencies and bureaus and 118 state universities and


8. The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) submitted an incomplete ROSA
data of the agency’s top three ranking officials and members of the
governing board. The BSP did not report in the quarterly and annual
ROSA they submitted to COA, the data for indirect benefits required
under COA Memorandum No. 2016-011 dated 4 April 2016.

9. The ROSA data of the following GOCCs are not included in this Report
for the reasons stated below:

a) abolished GOCCs in mid-2014 and in 2015:
• Philippine Agricultural Development & Commercial
• NIA Consult, Inc.;
• National Agri-Business Corporation;
• Philippine Forest Corporation;
• ZNAC Rubber Estate Corporation.; and
• Human Settlements and Development Corporation.

b) non-operational GOCC and WDs as well as the five (5) WDs
that experienced fortuitous event in CY 2015, as shown in
Annex E.

10. A total of 8,311 government officials from the 957 government
agencies/instrumentalities are listed in the CY 2015 ROSA. This total
consists of 4,863 officials and members of the governing boards of
GOCCs and GFIs (inclusive of 3,612 officials of water districts); and
3,110 officials of different national government agencies inclusive of
the officials of the SUCs and stand-alone NGAs. The governing boards
of GOCCs and NGAs include 35 officials who come from the Local
Government Units (LGUs) and 303 from the private sector who sit as
members of the governing boards of said GOCCs and NGAs.

11. The following is a graphic presentation of the affiliation of government
officials and members of the governing boards in government


12. The Private Sector representatives included in this Report refer to the
officers from private companies, associations and private individuals
who are affiliated with some government agencies/ instrumentalities.
The list of private sector representatives and the position(s) they hold
is shown in Annex A. The local government officials appointed as
members of the governing boards of various GOCCs, WDs and SUCs
are shown in Annex B.

13. The data on compensation and other remunerations prepared by the
Agency and verified by the COA Audit Team, were categorized into
eight (8) major classifications pursuant to COA Memorandum No.
2016-011 dated 4 April 2016, as follows:

Major Classification of Salaries,
Allowances and Other Benefits
(with Percentage as to Total Amount)

14. For brevity and to facilitate identification, acronyms of the various
government agencies were used in the report. The list of government
agencies and their corresponding acronyms is provided in Annex C.

15. The subclassifications under Allowances, Bonuses, Incentives and
Benefits is provided in Annex D.


Guide to Users

16. The CY 2015 Report on Salaries & Allowances is divided into five
parts, namely:

I - Introduction;

II - List of Principal Officers and Members of Governing
Boards of Government-Owned and/or .Controlled
Corporations and of their Subsidiaries, and of
Secretaries, Undersecretaries, Assistant Secretaries
and other Officials of equivalent rank of National
Government Agencies who received salaries and
allowances in CY 2015 (arranged by Government

III - List of Principal Officers and Members of Governing
Boards of Government-Owned and/or Controlled
Corporations and of their Subsidiaries, and of
Secretaries, Undersecretaries, Assistant Secretaries
and other Officials of equivalent rank of National
Government Agencies who received salaries and
allowances in CY 2015 (arranged in alphabetical
order of their Names);

IV - List of Principal Officers and Members of Governing
Boards of Government-Owned and/or Controlled
Corporations and of their Subsidiaries, and of
Secretaries, Undersecretaries, Assistant Secretaries
and other Officials of equivalent rank of National
Government Agencies who received salaries and
allowances in CY 2015 (ranked from highest to
lowest as to total amount received);

V - List of Principal Officers and Members of Governing
Boards of Government-Owned and/or Controlled
Corporations and of their Subsidiaries, and of
Secretaries, Undersecretaries, Assistant Secretaries
and other Officials of equivalent rank of National
Government Agencies who received Indirect
Benefits in CY 2015 (ranked from highest to
lowest as to total amount received); and

VI - Details of Salaries and Allowances and Indirect
Benefits Received in CY 2015 by Principal Officers
and Members of Governing Boards of Government-
Owned and/or Controlled Corporations and of their
Subsidiaries and by Secretaries, Undersecretaries,
Assistant Secretaries and other Officials of
equivalent rank of National Government Agencies
(arranged in alphabetical order of their



17. The CY 2015 ROSA is prepared pursuant to COA Memorandum No.
92-780, dated 21 September 1992, as amended by COA Memoranda
Nos. 2010-012 and 2016-011, dated 06 April 2010 and 04 April 2016,
respectively. Considering that the data herein presented are a
compilation of unaudited ROSA reports submitted by the agencies

which were verified only as appearing in the books of the GOCCS/GFIs
and NGAs by the COA Audit Teams, the Commission on Audit does not
render an opinion on the ROSA either partly or as a whole. The items
of expenditures reported in the ROSA are subject to a separate
detailed audit and examination by the auditors concerned. As such,
any audit opinion thereon shall form part of the Independent Auditor’s
Report (Audit Certificate) rendered by the auditors on the audited
financial statements of their respective auditees which accompany the
Annual Audit Report.


Part II

List of Principal Officers
and Members of Governing Boards
of Government-Owned or -Controlled
Corporations and of their Subsidiaries
and of Secretaries, Undersecretaries,
Assistant Secretaries and other
Officials of equivalent rank of
National Government Agencies
who received salaries and
allowances in CY 2015.
(arranged by
Government Agency)

List of Principal Officers and Members of Governing Boards of GOCCs and their Subsidiaries
and of Secretaries, Undersecretaries, Assistant Secretaries and Other Officials of Equivalent Rank
of NGAs who Received Salaries and Allowances in CY 2015
Arranged by Affiliation with a Government Agency/Instrumentality



AFP-Retirement and Separation Benefits System
LEGASPI, NORMAN JR. CASTILLO President 1,786,674.84
CARO, MAXIMO GATBUNTON Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer 1,906,250.00
ABAN, ALMA PARAISO Group Head 1,703,980.00
LUNA, RODERICK AGUILA Group Head 1,626,994.00
LORENZANA, LIZA MANAHAN Group Head 1,583,964.00
LEGASPI, NORMAN JR. CASTILLO BOT Vice Chairman 40,000.00

Alabang-Sto. Tomas Development, Incorporated
SISON, LUIS DELA FUENTE Acting Chairman/President 15,000.00
ARCE, LILIA LUCAS BOD/Assistant Treasurer 165,000.00
PIDO, ANTONIO CANO BOD Member 5,000.00

Al-amanah Islamic Investment Bank of the Philippines
URSOLINO, IDIOSA BILARO Senior Vice President 1,083,045.28
VILLANO, JOSE QUIBRANZA Assistant Vice President 1,069,584.00
SOBRECAREY, ISIDRO ABBAS BOD Chairman/Chief Executive Officer 982,825.45
NUÑEZ, JOSE JR. ALINAS BOD Vice Chairman 29,000.00
BAUN, LILIA GENANDA BOD Member 60,500.00

APO Production Unit, Inc.
DIMARUCOT, AMANDO JR. CANSINO President 2,225,500.00
ALDABA, JAIME HEMEDES EVP & General Manager 1,619,700.00
ALORA, MILAGROS SEMBRANO BOT Chairman 2,092,600.00
MATEO, OLIVIA TEOKO Treasurer 920,000.00

Aurora Pacific Economic Zone and Freeport Authority
ERQUIZA, GERARDO JR. DUMLAO President/CEO 1,588,244.00
OLMEDO, PABLO OBEDA OIC Finance 762,952.00
SALINEL, LEO ANGELO CAMPIT Division Manager 185,250.00

* The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries, allowances and other emoluments received
by each official, the details of which can be found in Part VI - Details of Salaries and Allowances.



Authority of the Freeport Area of Bataan
CUSTODIO, DEOGRACIAS GP. Chairman/Administrator 204,000.00
GANCAYCO, PABLO M. BOD Member 269,832.59
RUBIA, ARMANDO P. BOD Member 256,000.00
ANGELES, AURELIO C. BOD Member 248,000.00
SEBASTIAN, REYNANTE B. BOD Member 242,000.00
MARTY, CONRADO G. BOD Member 234,000.00
TIBIG, PAULO M. BOD Member 178,000.00
MENDOZA, REX M. BOD Member 122,000.00

Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
TETANGCO, AMANDO JR. MAGLALANG Governor 13,957,395.37
ESPENILLA, NESTOR JR. ALDAVE Deputy Governor 9,151,340.52
GUINIGUNDO, DIWA CONTRERAS Deputy Governor 9,147,364.12
AQUINO, VICENTE SURLA Deputy Governor 9,027,307.87
SANTIAGO, MA. RAMONA GERTRUDES TIANGCO Assistant Governor 6,368,875.86
TISON, GERARDO SAMSON Assistant Governor 6,088,030.22
RAVALO, JOHNNY NOE ESTANISLAO Assistant Governor 5,564,875.92
LUNA, DAHLIA DOCTOR Assistant Governor 5,053,479.30
ASTO, WILLIE SABINIANO Assistant Governor 2,109,297.41
AMADOR, MARIA ALMASARA CYD TUAÑO Assistant Governor 588,865.33
DE ZUÑIGA, JUAN JR. DONES Monetary Board Member 7,138,342.43
MEDALLA, FELIPE MANGUIAT Monetary Board Member 7,118,722.90
ARANETA, VALENTIN ALDEGUER Monetary Board Member 6,694,766.85
SURATOS, ARMANDO LACSON Monetary Board Member 6,692,410.99
ANTONIO, ALFREDO CRUZ Monetary Board Member 6,599,532.63

Bases Conversion Development Authority
CASANOVA, ARNEL PACIANO DIMACULANGAN President/Chief Executive Officer 6,597,793.85
ZOSA, AILEEN ANUNCIACION ROA Executive Vice President 5,251,756.91
RADOC, NENA DY Vice President 4,010,001.01
BINGCANG, JOSHUA MALLARI Vice President 2,445,518.86
ATIENZA, ELEANOR LOPEZ Vice President 2,226,454.33
ESTANISLAO, ELVIRA VILLAVERDE Corporate Secretary 2,835,533.62
GARCIA, MA. AURORA GEOTINA BOD Chairman 245,686.49
GOMEZ, ELMAR MACAHILIG BOD Member 1,666,145.16
GOLEZ, FERDINAND SOLIS BOD Member 1,514,672.55
GARCIA, MA. AURORA GEOTINA BOD Member 1,380,998.08
DE MESA, EDUARDO VISDA BOD Member 996,153.27
SENO, GERARD RUIZ BOD Member 157,037.04

Batangas Land Company, Incorporated
ARCE, LILIA LUCAS BOD Member/President 26,000.00
MANALANG, LIZA LORENA BAGSAO Corporate Secretary 16,000.00
REYES, MARITA REYES BOD Treasurer 16,000.00
MORRIS, PETER JOSEPH BOD Member/Vice President 0.00
QUEBRAL, MARK ANDREW CRUZ BOD Member/Assistant Treasurer 0.00

* The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries, allowances and other emoluments received
by each official, the details of which can be found in Part VI - Details of Salaries and Allowances.



BCDA Management and Holdings, Incorporated
GOMEZ, ELMAR MACAHILIG President and CEO 652,101.33

Boy Scouts of the Philippines
AVISADO, WENDEL ELIOT Acting Secretary General 874,764.00
SALES, ARTHUR R. Acting Director II 710,372.00
VILLA, ROGELIO JR. S. Director I 974,875.00
ATINYAO, FLORENCIO B. Director I 974,275.00
PENADOS, PEDRO BESARIO Director I 800,909.00
SAMSON, IMELDA SAGUN Director I 773,909.00
PANGILINAN, RODOLFO CUBA Director I 707,909.00
MERIS, JESUS MANLACOB Director I 700,409.00
ANDIG, JOHN VINCENT F. BOD Member 2,000.00
ANG, JIMMY A. BOD Member 0.00
DE GUZMAN, DEL R BOD Member 0.00
DY, HENRY CO BOD Member 0.00
LASACAR, LEO G. BOD Member 0.00
ONA, SOFRONIO JR. C. BOD Member 0.00

* The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries, allowances and other emoluments received
by each official, the details of which can be found in Part VI - Details of Salaries and Allowances.



TUY, ORFELINA O. BOD Member 0.00
UMBAC, ARTURO V. BOD Member 0.00

Bukidnon Forests, Incorporated
ADOBO, ERNESTO JR. DISTRAJO President 180,000.00
ABORDO, REYNALDO O. General Manager 712,616.00
ESTRADA, BURT M. Manager 558,431.00
LORCA, VILMA O. Manager 558,431.00
OKIT, EDWIN R. Manager 558,431.00

Cagayan Economic Zone Authority
PONCE, JOSE MARI BALANDRA Administrator & Chief Executive Officer 1,852,422.83
ALDEGUER, NILO ANCOG Senior Deputy Administrator 1,260,843.38
CABALZA, GEOFFREY QUIMPO Deputy Administrator 1,150,457.51
BALAGAN, JOSE SR. DAYAG BOD Member 50,000.00
ESCAÑO, JAIME ROQUE BOD Member 50,000.00
TY, ALLAN UY BOD Member 50,000.00

Cebu Ports Authority
TAN, EDMUND C. BOD Vice Chairman/General Manager 3,005,228.00
UCKUNG, YUSOP J. Acting Deputy General Manager 1,761,320.50
TAN, MARIO G. Department Manager 1,754,856.84
LOPEZ, OSCAR J. Department Manager 1,697,708.00
CASTILLO, GLENN B. Department Manager 1,645,497.43
HERNANDEZ, NIMFA D. Acting Department Manager 1,490,904.22
MANCELITA, AMOR GRACIA Acting Department Manager 1,069,197.00
SARADOR, GLENN S. Acting Department Manager 1,064,706.00
BORROMEO, MARY NIMFA Corporate Secretary 1,594,852.00
FERNAN, MARINO M. BOD Member 1,109,400.00
PEDARIA, JOSELITO O. BOD Member 1,094,400.00
RIVERAL, TOMAS A. BOD Member 1,079,272.58
AKOL, BENJAMIN C. BOD Member 966,900.00
TAN, JOSE MARIO ELINO BOD Member 214,500.00

Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions
GAETOS, ROSARIO VIRGINIA CUI Executive Director 1,299,491.28
MATUTE, MARIA RITA ORETA Deputy Executive Director 1,156,986.12
MEDIRAN, MA. LOURDES DULALIA Deputy Executive Director 1,132,155.30
DIMAANO, ARTURO CRUZ Department Manager 1,045,743.46

* The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries, allowances and other emoluments received
by each official, the details of which can be found in Part VI - Details of Salaries and Allowances.



OCAMPO, ROMLEAH JULIET PULIDO Department Manager 1,022,456.77
CRUZ, AURELIA OÑA Department Manager 965,162.06

Central Bank - Board of Liquidators
HATTA, TERESITA OCAMPO Executive Director 1,218,534.00
MARCOS, NENITA CERDON Finance Officer 39,000.00
ASTO, WILLIE SABINIANO Finance Officer 18,000.00
UY, FRANCININA GRACIA RIVERA Legal Officer/Asst. Corp. Secretary 72,000.00
BELTRAN, GIL SOTELO BOD Acting Chairman 0.00
DAVID, MATTHEW MALABO BOD Secretary 72,000.00

Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines
HOTCHKISS, WILLIAM III KNOWLES Director General/ Vice Chairman of the Board 2,285,637.50
JOYA, RODANTE SOLORIANO Chief Financial Officer/DDG for Operation 2,140,544.00
BADIOLA, BEDA BORJA Asst. DG II, FSIS 1,747,924.00
SAN FELIX, FREDERICK GERONA Area Manager/ OIC, ADMS 1,442,369.00
OROZCO, ARTEMIO GARCIA Chief of Staff/ OIC, DDG for Administration 1,238,532.00

Clark Development Corporation
TUGADE, ARTHUR P. Director/President 3,686,480.00
MANANKIL, NOEL F. Vice President 2,538,799.00
SAGMIT, PERLITA M. Vice President 1,878,036.41
TEJADA, EVANGELINE G. Vice President 1,758,409.77
BANAYAT, RICARDO Vice President 1,516,061.75
TABAG, ALVEEN Vice President 1,507,821.00
MADLANGBAYAN, FRANCO ALEJO L. Vice President 335,265.00
SANTIAGO, ELISEO B. BOD Chairman 996,819.70
AQUINO, CRESENCIO P. Director 1,323,900.00
FELICIANO, MANUEL M. Director 1,323,900.00
VILLANUEVA, FRANCISCO JR L. Director 1,317,954.14
BARON, RICARDO S. Director 1,315,436.27
ELUM, FRANCIS RAPHAEL C. Director 1,301,400.00
BONDOC, ROMMEL A. Director 1,186,887.71
HONRADO, JOSE DANILO A. Director 1,033,723.83
MELO, JOSE ARMANDO R. Director 943,951.06

Clark International Airport Corporation
TANJUATCO, EMIGDIO III PALOU BOD Member/President and CEO 3,063,250.00
MANGA, BIENVENIDO O. BOD Member/Executive Vice Pres & COO 1,295,385.50
ORTILE, LAURO ANGARA Vice President 1,879,300.00
CATACUTAN, REYNALDO LOPEZ Vice President 1,601,734.00
CUNANAN, DARWIN LACSON Assistant Vice President 1,814,499.50
REYES, MILANI I. Manager- Corporate Secretary 487,236.00
BADIOLA, BEDA BORJA Senior Flight Safety Operations Inspector 74,197.00
DONINA, MISHEENA T. Officer-In-Charge 390,659.50

* The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries, allowances and other emoluments received
by each official, the details of which can be found in Part VI - Details of Salaries and Allowances.



FERNANDEZ, JOSE MA. J. BOD Member 485,923.04
GUIAO, RAMIL M. BOD Member 384,911.83
FERNANDEZ, ALIPIO JR F. BOD Member 370,454.97

Corregidor Foundation, Incorporated
MATIBAG, ARTEMIO GARCIA Executive Director 432,432.00
PEREZ, NORLA JANE PERDIDO Chief Accountant 345,000.00
BENADERO, RONILO CASQUEJO Resident Island Manager 305,000.00

Credit Information Corporation
GARCHITORENA, JAIME PINEDA President 1,592,619.83
CEDO, JOSE REY BOD Member 78,000.00
CO, ABRAHAM TAN BOD Member 43,000.00

Cultural Center of the Philippines
SUNICO, RAUL MORALES President 1,328,014.00
DEL ROSARIO, RODOLFO GRAVIDES Vice President 1,208,169.99
MILLADO, CHRIS BEDONA Vice President 1,159,143.99
BARCO, LILIAN CAMANTIGUE Department Manager 1,098,909.99
ESMERO, ASUNCION EVIDENTE Department Manager 1,089,669.99
YONZON, MAURO ARIEL SANTA RITA Department Manager 1,089,669.99
SALVADOR, EVA MARI DE GUZMAN Department Manager 1,076,791.99
RANCES, TERESA SALVACION Department Manager 1,070,937.81
CABALEJO, MANUEL BALAYSOCHE Department Manager 1,062,565.99
BERNARDO, CARMENCITA JASARENO Department Manager 1,056,497.99
ABRERA, EMILY ALMONTE BOT Chairman 58,800.00
DOLOR, DANILO LIRIO BOT Member 22,000.00
WILSON, ISABEL CARO BOT Member 12,000.00

* The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries, allowances and other emoluments received
by each official, the details of which can be found in Part VI - Details of Salaries and Allowances.



DBP Data Center, Incorporated
CRUZ, NILO SANTOS President 5,000.00
LORENZO, CECILIO DE BORJA BOD Vice Chairman 20,000.00
ROBLES, ANTHONY TAN BOD Treasurer 51,500.00
FONDEVILLA, MARIETTA MALONZO BOD Member/Officer-in-Charge 51,500.00
LIM, ALBERTO ALDABA BOD Member 51,500.00

DBP Leasing Corporation
REYES, DANILO TRUBANOS BOD Member/President & CEO 0.00
BENGCO, AGNES ZAPANTA Vice President 1,939,400.00
ROMERO, RICARDO ORDUÑA Vice President 1,455,460.00
LIM, ALBERTO ALDABA BOD Chairman 40,000.00
NUÑEZ, JOSE JR. ALINAS BOD Vice Chairman 40,000.00
BAUN, LILIA GENANDA BOD Member 55,000.00
ROBLES, ANTHONY TAN BOD Member 55,000.00

DBP Management Corporation
VELEZ, GILDA MENDIOLA President/Vice Chairman 0.00
CELIS, RODA TORALBA BOD Member/Treasurer 0.00

Development Academy of the Philippines
KALAW, ANTONIO JR. DIMALANTA President 1,443,500.96
MERCADO, GLORIA JUMAMIL Senior Vice President 1,737,237.76
MENDOZA, MAGDALENA LEGASPI Senior Vice President 1,240,731.59
DIZON, BERNARDO ACASIO Senior Vice President 1,091,468.03
ABANTO, ARNEL DIAZ Vice President/Managing Director 1,143,147.84
TABUNDA, CARLOS JR. CATABAY Vice President/Managing Director 1,072,831.52
BOLANTE, TRYGVE AYALA Vice President/Managing Director 1,045,407.78
CAJES, ALAN SALCES Vice President/Managing Director 1,044,178.05
MONDEJAR, ERMARIE ALAMO Vice President/Managing Director 985,459.68
DE ARMAS, MONINA AGRIFINA REYES Vice President/Managing Director 979,185.48
CALUEN, IMELDA CRUZ Vice President/Managing Director 957,543.34
ONA, ENRIQUE T. BOT Member 0.00

Development Bank of the Philippines
BUENAVENTURA, GIL AZANZA BOD Member/President & CEO 7,408,819.76
ROBLES, ANTHONY TAN Executive Vice President 9,261,647.90
PATRICIO, ALEXANDER AGUADO Executive Vice President 9,058,226.48
PRADO, FE SUSAN ZAMORA Executive Vice President 8,451,098.11

* The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries, allowances and other emoluments received
by each official, the details of which can be found in Part VI - Details of Salaries and Allowances.



LAGUA, BENEL DELA PAZ Executive Vice President 8,289,811.71
CABALATUNGAN, CRIS SOBERANO Executive Vice President 7,053,047.34
PALOU, MARIO BARRETO Executive Vice President 6,722,677.63
SHOTWELL, DONNA PERVERA Senior Vice President 7,131,863.51
CRUZ, NILO SANTOS Senior Vice President 6,805,751.82
JESUDASON, MA. TERESA MACASAET Senior Vice President 6,436,359.47
PERALTA, LUTGARDA BAQUIRAN Senior Vice President 6,131,865.51
DECENA, DENNIS DUQUE Senior Vice President 6,073,367.83
FABRICANTE, FRITZIE TANGKIA Senior Vice President 5,862,978.58
DIMAYUGA, JOSE GABINO DE LEON Senior Vice President 5,858,309.04
REYNANTE, RAFAEL DANILO RAMIL MAGPANTAY Senior Vice President 5,838,226.48
MARAMAG, ANTONIO OWEN SILVA Senior Vice President 5,707,637.19
ATIENZA, MA. TERESA TANEDO Senior Vice President 5,664,098.76
TORRES, AURALYN SAMSON Senior Vice President 5,575,239.95
BAUN, LILIA GENANDA Senior Vice President 5,068,634.10
FONDEVILLA, MARIETTA MALONZO Senior Vice President 4,834,628.39
SOBRECAREY, ISIDRO ABBAS Senior Vice President 2,796,328.85
AGENA, MARIQUITA LIMSON Senior Vice President 2,489,613.24
NUÑEZ, JOSE JR. ALINAS BOD Chairman 2,918,400.00
ECHAUZ, LYDIA BALATBAT BOD Member 2,918,400.00
MONTES, VAUGHN FLORES BOD Member 2,918,400.00
LIM, ALBERTO ALDABA BOD Member 2,914,800.00
LAOGAN, DANIEL YU BOD Member 2,534,400.00
SERRANO, RAUL OBIAS BOD Member 1,536,000.00

DISC Contractors Builders and General Services, Incorporated
SISON, LUIS DELA FUENTE BOD Member/President & CEO 385,581.79
CANOZA, RODOLFO GARCIA Controllership Head 911,367.67
BODAÑO, REYNALDO ACENA Division Head 844,216.41
MORTEL, YOLANDA DE CLARO Division Head 37,058.85
SALAZAR, HENRY BANAWA Division Head 26,470.62
PASETES, MIRIAM MATAWARAN Corporate Treasurer 37,058.85
JAMORA, ELPIDIO JR. CAMACHO BOD Member/Acting Chairman 5,000.00
PIDO, ANTONIO CANO BOD Member 10,000.00

Duty Free Philippines Corporation
FORMOSO, LORENZO CASTRO Chief Operating Officer 2,916,295.51
VELARDE, MARIA LOURDES DORIA Deputy General Manager 2,244,654.02
BELMONTE, BERNARDINE RAMOS Deputy General Manager 2,176,425.13
PARFAN, RUFINO GREGORIO Deputy General Manager 1,853,372.87
MANZANO, MILA MAYO Division Manager 1,909,332.91
PEREZ, JOEL RAMOS Division Manager 1,879,485.89
SAN JUAN, MARIA GILDA RELUCIO Division Manager 1,601,534.47
START, JENNIFER FERNANDEZ Division Manager 1,566,773.39
SIBAL, ZENAIDA HORTALEZA Division Manager 1,508,986.25
MONDRAGON, RAPHAEL GARCIA Division Manager 1,505,305.89
MERIOLES, CHARLES ALMONTE Division Manager 1,503,166.69
CHAN, JOHN PATRICK YU BOD Member 54,900.00

* The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries, allowances and other emoluments received
by each official, the details of which can be found in Part VI - Details of Salaries and Allowances.


MARIA OBDULIA VITUG Senior Vice President 5. DIONISIO JR.333. CHAN BOD Alternate Vice Chairman 0. the details of which can be found in Part VI .333.Details of Salaries and Allowances. SIMON PETER DIAZ Corporate Secretary 3.00 MARTINEZ. LOURDES FAJARDO BOD Member 3.028. RACQUEL DE GUZMAN Senior Vice President 4.03 QUILANDRINO.937.94 ESCAREZ.37 BOCANEGRA.00 SANTOS.33 Food Terminal.34 PINEDA.030.045. ZENEN RENAN BOWLEY BOD Chairman 7.62 PEREZ.00 GILLEGO.89 BUENAVENTURA.543.07 SACRO. APOLLO MAGBOO Vice President 4.925.33 DE CASTRO.858.783. JULIET MINDANAO Vice President 3. TOMAS Division Chief 940. MARIA TERESA MIRANDA Division Chief 982.500.656. GLORIA GEORGINA DAR JUAN Chief of Staff 6.007. MA.47 JOTA.512.00 RONDAEL. 19 . MARIA CECILIA ESTORQUE Division Chief 931.28 TRINIDAD.943. ROBERT SANTIAGO BOD Alternate Member 0.830. RHOEL ZARAGOZA BOD Member 3.727.00 Government Service Insurance System VERGARA.07 PALANCA.00 ROBLE.500. ELLEN HECHANOVA BOD Member 0. CHRISTINA DIAMANTE BOD Member/Treasurer 3.27 OLIVEROS.212.22 ABRIL. HERMENEGILDO JR.16 MARTINEZ.71 MUSICO.063. RITA MADARIETA BOD Member 7. SEVERINA LIBREA Senior Vice President 5. EDUARDO VILLANUEVA Vice President 3.82 VILLARUEL.68 MAULION. JUAN PHILIP SERAPIO Senior Vice President SALUDARES.092.629.006. CIRIACO III ABARQUEZ BOD Alternate Chairman 0.210. JONATHAN TARGA OIC Deputy Executive Director 1.648.86 RESURRECCION.99 FERNANDEZ.71 VILLARIZA.175. ARIEL PELEJO Vice President 1.742.204.308.29 URBANO. RENE RIVILLA President/BOD Vice Chairman 2.081.494.362. SATURNINO HIZON BOD Member/President 3.500. PALMON Officer 1. GLADYS CEROJANO Officer 916. AURORA ILAGAN Division Chief 985.33 MABAZZA.333. JONATHAN CANLAS Vice President 3.00 VIOLA.00 EBDANE.168. MELBA YRURETA Division Chief 1.784.331.00 LAGUNZAD.868.60 EBDANE.90 BUENSALIDA. MARIBEL STO. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.75 BAUTISTA.00 EVA. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* Employees Compensation Commission BANAWIS. NORA MALUBAY Senior Vice President 5.75 SAN PEDRO.97 JORILLO.046.942. CHAN Senior Vice President 5.92 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.474.00 GALLARDO.333.00 First Cavite Industrial Estate.081. JULIAN HERNANDEZ Vice President 1. JOSE EMMANUEL DAVID III MIGUEL BOD Member 0. CARLITO PILAPIL BOD Member 170. DIONISIO JR.00 SAN JOSE.333.070.30 VARELA. ROBERT GARCIA President and General Manager 12.333.828.28 DALISAY. AGNES ESTANISLAO BOD Member 0.513. GRACITA GILDA VALENZUELA Senior Vice President 5. RACHEL GABUTERO BOD Member 7.089.088. PIOLITO CELONORINO BOD Member 7. LUDOVICO JIMENEA BOD Member 7.697.00 JARINA.63 EVANGELISTA. JOHN GABRIEL BENEDICT III CRUZ Officer 1.500. Incorporated FUENTES. MARGIE ARCEGA Vice President 4.245.33 VICTA.411.33 REBUENO. MIGUEL BARREDO BOD Member 115. KATHERINE MAY RABUCO Officer 867.33 BALDOZ.00 PADILLA. STELLA ZIPAGAN BOD Member/Executive Director 1. HILCONEDA PIANO Senior Vice President 3. Incorporated MEJIA.568. PATRICIA GALANG BOD Member 7.266.00 VILLASOTO.33 ARCE. MA.020.953.761.500. ALEXANDER DE LAS ALAS BOD Alternate Vice Chairman 0. BRENDA PASILIAO BOD Alternate Member 0.084.389.333.758.000.500. RYAN ARCEO Vice President 1. ROSALINDA DIMAPILIS BOD Chairman 0.566.00 DE JESUS.467. LILIA LUCAS BOD Chairman 3. NEIL EDWIN CARIAGA Vice President 3.

GERALDINE MARIE BERBERABE BOD Chairman 128.00 RODAS. KENNETH DELOS REYES BOD Member 0. JOSEPH PHILIP TORRES Vice President MANTO. GIOVANNI GUEVARRA Vice President 3.00 Home Development Mutual Fund BERBERABE. LEOPOLDO JR.62 BENGO. MARILOU FRANCIA BOD Member/Assistant Treasurer 0.75 LAUDENCIA.92 MENDOZA.757. EMMANUEL LIBOON President 4. GREGORIO TIENG BOT Member 2.00 MABAZZA.14 TENG. JASON CHUA Vice President 617.409.437. MELINDA GONZALES BOD Member 185.32 RAAGAS. JOSEPHINE GUILLERMO Treasurer 0.000. ARQUIZA Vice President 3. CHRISTINA DIAMANTE Treasurer 11.058. VICTORIA TALAN BOD Member 0. MA.00 DE GUZMAN.85 YU. JOSE III PANIS Assistant Vice President 843.778.250. LEDESMA BOT Chairman 1.70 VARONA. ROMAN FELIPE SANTOS BOT Member 2.704.00 VERGARA.060. RHOEL ZARAGOZA BOD Member 7.177.753.961. JOYCE CORINE ORTEGA Vice President 3.15 HOLGADO.836. THERESA ABESAMIS Corporate Secretary 5.63 QUEROBIN.443.388.705.007.864. ROMUALDO UBALDO Vice President 980. LAO Vice President 3.05 MAITIM.00 YU. MA.495.29 PANTALEON.60 ANDRES. LOURDES FAJARDO BOD Chairman 7. VIRGINIA VALDRIZ Vice President 1.72 LACSON.000.762.74 GOZUN.200.00 AGUJA.53 LACSON.978.000. JOSEFINA CASTRO Vice President 2.309.580.466. VALERIE KATIGBAK Vice President 3.055.797.00 JACINTO.00 SAMBAJON. ARMAN DE CASTRO Assistant Vice President 588.540.912.93 ANG.09 ALVERO.400.303.102. GRACITA GILDA VALENZUELA BOD Member 78.029.07 CONCEPCION. VICTOR JR.00 GY Real Estate. RENATO TINO BOT Chairman 745.00 DE CASTRO.00 MEJIA. MANUEL PASINOBLE Vice President 3.50 GSIS Family Bank BENITEZ. RIZALDE FRIGILLANA Vice President 1.934.664.587.136.223. 20 . ELIZEA GILLERA BOT Member 2. BENJAMIN IRINEO III FELARCA BOD Member 3. RONALDO JAIME DUNGAN BOD Member/Vice President 0.00 MARTINEZ. SATURNINO HIZON BOD Member 7. SALVACION PUNSALAN Vice President 3.489. ERLINDA DABU Vice President 3.709.365.00 MANALANG.000.804.403. MARIA JOYCELYN ARO Vice President 517.832.214.00 BABASA.252. DARLENE MARIE BASCO Chief Executive Officer 7. MA.878.901. MARIO JOYO BOD Member 81. KARINA CONSTANTINO BOT Member 2. Incorporated ARCE.17 GAN.520. DANIEL JR.00 BELBIS.00 RABUCO. DANIEL DEL CORRO BOD Member 0. LUCIO JR.376.46 REYES.447. MA.168.330.69 MARTINEZ.618. YUCHENGCO BOD Member 98.21 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.401. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* YU.64 BANARES. JEAN RUSELA APILAT Vice President 3. MARIO JOYO BOT Member 2.089.212. MA.000. SONIA CHAVEZ Vice President 1.56 MARQUEZ.500.000.21 NARIO.400.14 AGUJA.000.00 REBUENO.455. FLORMIN OLALLA Vice President 1. LIZA LORENA BAGSAO Corporate Secretary 16.792.00 AGUSTIN. MARLON EUSEBIO LACAR Vice President 3.16 MATE.79 ALIP. ROBERT GARCIA BOT Vice Chairman 1.59 LOPEZ. FRANCISCO VICTOR SEVILLA BOD Member 223. ALLAN SIA Vice President 778.09 CASIO. MARY GRACE LINELL SILVA Assistant Vice President 854. LILIA LUCAS BOD Member/President 21.00 CASTRO.208.000. the details of which can be found in Part VI .91 LIM. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.000. GERALDINE MARIE BERBERABE BOT Member 2.017.306. ROMEO MEREDOR BOT Member 2.91 DAVID.185.Details of Salaries and Allowances.00 BOCANEGRA.

CECILIA SALIENTES BOD Alternate Member 60.269.984.00 LOPEZ.973. MARIO LOQUELLANO Alternate BOD Member 15.365. CRISTINA MIA SANDICO BOD Alternate Member 0.579.599.00 DEE. 21 . ELIZABETH LORZANO Senior Vice President 2.00 PURISIMA.800. JEJOMAR CABAUATAN BOD Chairman 0. FLORENTINO ELLA Senior Vice President 4.59 AGUILAR. MELINDA MENDOZA Vice President 1.000. AUGUSTO CHIONG LOPEZ Review Committee Vice Chair 30.960.671.00 TUNGPALAN. MA.00 RAÑESES.454.00 ALBA. AUGUSTO CHIONG LOPEZ BOD Member 0.00 LACSON.044.00 MIRALLES. LUTGARDA BAQUIRAN Technical Advisory Group Member 30. REBECCA CONSUEGRA Alternate BOD Member 15. JEJOMAR CABAUATAN BOD Chairman 0. TERESA SIBUCAO BOD Alternate Member 0.914. MAGLEO VELASQUEZ BOD Member 697. ACHMAD RIZALDY PANLAQUE Deputy Chief Executive Officer 4. EDGARDO GAPUS BOD Member 191.00 FERNANDEZ.000.034.00 DELOS SANTOS.00 BERBERABE. RAFAEL PAGUIA Vice President 1. TERESA MACASAET Review Committee Member 18. the details of which can be found in Part VI .00 Industrial Guarantee and Loan Fund BALISACAN.401.000. JESUS BARREDO BOD Member 1.400.709. CHITO MIL BOD Chairman 0.088. MANUEL REYES President 2.78 COSICO.00 CACANANDO.00 JESUDASON. ALBERTO ALDABA BOD Member 0.00 PERALTA.400. NESTOR OLAGUERA Review Committee Member 30.00 Home Guaranty Corporation SANCHEZ.00 VARELA.00 CRUZ.00 BINAY.00 MOTI. PROCESO JARAZA BOD Chairman 0.000.800.00 SINGSON.768.290. BUSTOS BOD Member 1.841.00 CRUZ. CORAZON GAMIAO Acting Executive Vice President 1.293. ROBERTO BUAN Alternate BOD Member 15.00 DEE.000.05 GUERRERO.976.561.436. DANILO CAMALIG Vice President 1.112.779.00 SARONA.729.07 BRIONES.472.00 CHATO. BENEL DELA PAZ Review Committee Member 50. GIL SOTELO Review Committee Member 10.00 ADRIANO.00 ADRIANO.00 DE MESA.309.59 ESPAÑA.00 BAGAPORO. DOMINGO ILAGAN BOD Member 0.452.00 FAUSTO. MA LUNA ENRIQUEZ Review Committee Member 30.00 JAVIER. TOMAS JR. SHEILA BALMEO General Manager 830.000.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.00 LAGUA. JAIME LLANETA BOD Member 1.463.00 CASTILLO.00 PINEDA.00 Human Settlements Development Corporation DE LEON.000. DANILO VALENTO BOD Member 814.400. RENATO ANGELES Assistant General Manager 1.478. ROBERT JOHN SIANSON Senior Vice President 3.866. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* DELA CERNA.983.400.382.75 LEAL. DENNIS MEDINA Acting General Manager 82.944.200.400.200. CESAR VELASQUEZ BOD Member 0. DARLENE MARIE BASCO BOD Member 472. OPHELIA LAGUNDAY Deputy Chief Executive Officer 5.49 FARIA. EMMA LINDA BABIANO Deputy Chief Executive Officer 4.356. FLORANTE ATIENZA BOD Member 780.129. ARSENIO MOLINA BOD Member 0.00 BALISACAN.00 HABITAN. FRANCISCO LOZADA BOD Member 0.572.000.428. MARILENE CABUENA Senior Vice President 3. ALEXANDER HILARIO GILO Senior Vice President 3. CHITO MIL BOD Chairman 21.00 CORPUZ. RAUL BERNABE BOD Member 1.027.000. ARSENIO MOLINA Review Committee Chairman 20.Details of Salaries and Allowances.49 ALCALA. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. ROLANDO GUMIA BOD Member 301.743.00 TAN.00 BELTRAN.00 MAGLAYA. FRANCIS TRIAS OIC Senior Vice President 534. MA.65 ACOSTA. ROGELIO LAZO BOD Member 0.00 RELAMPAGOS.00 BINAY. ZENAIDA CUISON Alternate BOD Member 15.678.37 SANTOS.090. JIMMY BATARA Vice President 2.00 LIM.741.

31 MARASIGAN.00 HABITAN. VICTOR ALON Manager 753. JOSE JR ARAGONES Manager 934.23 FUGOSO. ROSALINDA SANTOS Technical Advisory Group Member 18.00 CANCIO.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.000. EMERITO PEREZ BOD Member 681. JOSEFINO MALABUYOC Manager 886. JERRY TUGAFF Technical Advisory Group Member 24.52 REBOROSO. GINA PIANO Manager 788.000. DIOSDADO BAMA BOD Member 216. CORAZON PANIERGO Manager 633. EMMANUEL FERREROS Technical Advisory Group Member 6.000.00 ALEJANDRINO. BENJAMIN IRINEO III FELARCA Corporate Secretary 0. LAURO GUZMAN BOD Member 216.51 BORINAGA. ERNESTO JR.00 MATEO. TERESITA OCHANGCO Manager 869. GLORIA SYGENGCO Technical Advisory Group Member 30.00 RABUCO. KRISTINE NICOLAS Technical Advisory Group Member 12.00 MARASIGAN.00 John Hay Management Corporation AGBAYANI.00 VIZCONDE.00 ALANIS. LILIA LUCAS BOD Member 0. SATURNINO HIZON BOD Member/President 0.79 TAYLOR.00 Inter-island Gas Service.00 MANALO.032.95 RAMOS. DIOSDADO BAMA Vice President 862. MA. BERNARDO BOD Chairman 241.00 TENGCO.000.791. JOSE RAFAEL SANTILLAN Vice President 475.000.00 LEONES.961. ARTURO MAÑALONG BOD Member 216. JOSELITO SUGUITAN Technical Advisory Group Member 0. DANIEL MAGPANTAY Technical Advisory Group Member 6. JOCELYN QUIMPO Technical Advisory Group Member 18.00 EDILLON.64 AVELLANA.00 ALMARIO.000. LUISA SOLARTE Technical Advisory Group Member 24. SILVESTRE CARIÑO BOD Chairman 400.47 TORRES.73 SUAREZ.00 RIGOROSO.00 LEE.746.078. MA.00 AFABLE. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. TERESA SIBUCAO Technical Advisory Group Member 18.00 ORACION.00 Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation CRUZ. ELEAZAR BOD Member 216.00 REBUENO.353. TEDDY ESTEBAN FEDERIF BOD Secretary 564. JOSE JR.000.523. Inc MEJIA.00 OPEÑA.000.249.00 DELA CRUZ.000.00 MABAZZA. GLORIA FARIÑAS BOD Member 751. MA.Details of Salaries and Allowances. ALICE MALICDEN Technical Advisory Group Member 24. JOSEPHINE GUILLERMO BOD Member the details of which can be found in Part VI .474. LOUELLA DELFIN Technical Advisory Group Member 24. REYNALDO PILAY Manager 650.619.11 PASAYAN.000.000.746. MANOLITO OCAMPO BOD Member 216.000. JOSE JR.666.00 MAIPID. BERNARDO Vice President 622.87 ROBLES. 22 . DAVID NUGA Manager 875. RONIE NINAL Manager 669. JANE ANN SALVATERA Technical Advisory Group Member 0.555.655. RHOEL ZARAGOZA BOD Member/Treasurer 0. MANOLITO OCAMPO President & CEO 2.029. BRENDA JOYCE REYES Technical Advisory Group Member 6.000.00 MALVAR.00 DIMAYUGA.022.00 HERNANDEZ. CORAZON CASANOVA Manager 1. MA.603. CEASAR GARCIA BOD Treasurer 540.00 CLAVESILLAS.00 DUMALIANG.222.000.00 LOPEZ. JOSE RAFAEL SANTILLAN Treasurer 386.00 ESGUERRA. JAMIE ELOISE MANZANO President & CEO/BOD Member 2.000.00 GONZALES.000. JOSE RAFAEL SANTILLAN BOD Member 216. JAZZIE DI SILVESTRE Technical Advisory Group Member 12.264. ANTONIO HIPOLITO BOD Member 697.193. REGINA MAXIMO Technical Advisory Group Member 18. JAIME PONCIANO BOD Member 216. MA.35 GIRANG.600. MIGUEL III CARUNUNGAN BOD Member 0.00 CRUZ.00 GONZALES.00 MENDOZA.695.592.91 HERNANDEZ.000.222.00 POBRE.00 ARCE. REYNALDO REYES Technical Advisory Group Member 6. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* RECIO. LOURDES FAJARDO BOD Chairman 0.00 PERALTA.000.16 AVELLANA. ROSEMARIE GEROLAGA Technical Advisory Group Member 0.16 HERNANDEZ.088.

00 ARJONILLO.00 TOLENTINO.00 DAYRIT. MA.000.00 GUTIERREZ. DEOGRACIAS NICOLAS BOT Chairman 0. LOURDES FAJARDO BOD Chairman 10.328.00 LOPEZ. RABBONI FRANCIS BOQUIREN Executive Vice President 6. PETER ANDREW SANTIAGO Executive Director 1.249. VICTOR GERARDO JAYME BOT Chairman 33. SATURNINO HIZON BOD Member/Treasurer 10.000.R.00 GAMAB.410.000.00 MALDIA.00 PICATO.00 MEJIA.00 PICO. MARGARITA ROQUE BOD Member 5.000.379.00 CABREZA.089. XAVIER CENIZA BOT Member 0.000.00 VALLADA. ELOISA CAMUA Corporate Treasurer 36. J.87 DELAS ALAS.00 SONGCO. RABBONI FRANCIS BOQUIREN BOT Member 0. GILDA ELEPANO BOT Member 0. GIRLIE JAVIER BOD Member 0. ARNEL PACIANO DIMACULANGAN BOD Member 126.00 BULATAO.00 YAM. WILFREDO CHAVEZ BOT Member 0. CASIMIRO III ALCANTARA BOD Member 10.565. RAMON DAMASCO BOD Member/Vice President 0. RAMON JESUS PALMIANO BOD Chairman 0.44 ALPASA. MARGARITO BUSTALINO BOT Member 0.019.00 MAGLAYA.000. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.589.000. FRANCIS NG BOD Member 10. REYNALDO UGAY BOD Member 589. JOSELITO PALMEJAR BOT Member 30.00 LAPUS.00 BIAZON.46 ESPIRITU.50 PAJE. PETER ANDREW SANTIAGO BOT Member 0.00 BORROMEO.000. MARISTEL CRUZ OIC-Assistant General Manager 770. ALEXANDER LUMPIAS BOD Member 148.00 LOZADA. EDGAR OCAVA BOD Member/Vice Chairman 0.00 Laguna Lake Development Authority ACOSTA. GILBERT GERONIMO BOD Member 5. Incorporated GUTIERREZ.00 Land Bank of the Philippines PICO. REBECCA ALCANTARA BOD Member 0.000.817.000. JOSEPHINE GUILLERMO BOD Member 0.00 RABUCO. EMERSON SANTIAGO BOD Member 0. RAMIL LAUREL BOD Member 10.00 GUTIERREZ. CATHERINE MARY REYES BOD Member 212.00 CARLOS.960.00 DEL ROSARIO. MA.000. the details of which can be found in Part VI . TEOFILO JR. BENJAMIN IRINEO III FELARCA Corporate Secretary 12.00 CHUA. CATHERINE ROWENA BAÑEZ BOT Member 17. CECILIA CAYOSA BOT Member 0. JOCELYN DE GUZMAN BOT Member 0.00 Kamayan Realty Corporation ARCE.00 BANGSOY.00 MARTIN. ANTHONY LAWRENCE DADIOS BOD Member/Assistant Corporate Secretary 0.00 REBUENO.00 VILLANUEVA.110.00 ADOR DIONISIO.Details of Salaries and Allowances. ROQUE BAYONGAN OIC-Assistant General Manager 1. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* AGRANZAMENDEZ.00 YNARES.000. ANDRES CAOILE BOT Member 60. DENNIS GUZMAN BOD Member 0.016. JULIENNE BO Executive Director 55.000.00 HERNANDEZ.00 SARMIENTO. CECILIO MARTIN BOD Member 5.00 Land Bank Countryside Development Foundation. LILIA LUCAS BOD Member/President 10.00 MABAZZA.000. RHOEL ZARAGOZA BOD Member 10. LEILA CAGUINGIN BOT Member 0.00 VISTAN.000.00 YNARES.00 EJERCITO.098. JOSELITO BASCO Corporate Secretary 54. FLORIDO PLANDANO BOT Member 0.00 ARJONILLO.000. DOMINGO IMPERIAL BOT Member 0. GILDA ELEPANO President and Chief Executive Officer 3.622.00 CASANOVA. NEREUS OLAIVAR General Manager and Vice Chairman 1. JESLI AQUINO BOT Member 0.298.00 TEVES. DIVINIA LINSANGAN Corporate Treasurer 14.00 YNARES.00 PILANDO.000.000.00 DIAZ. ZENAIDA CUISON BOD Member 0.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.00 CASUELA. 23 .050. SALUPEN BOD Member 0.

ANTONIO AÑONUEVO BOD Alternate Member 0.961. JENNIFER ALMAZAN Senior Vice President 3.Details of Salaries and Allowances. REYNAULD RUIZ Senior Vice President 3.00 REYES.00 BORROMEO.00 LBP Leasing and Financing Corporation LOPEZ.00 VELASCO.750.600. YOLANDA DILLAGUE Senior Vice President 5.00 PAUL. NICON FAMARIN BOD Alternate Member 0.00 MANLANGIT. VICTOR GERARDO JAYME BOD Member 3. the details of which can be found in Part VI .00 CHENG.000.00 DELOS REYES. REYDELUZ DE DIOS BOD Alternate Member 0.280.00 PAÑGULAYAN. DENNIS PEREZ Corporate Secretary 149. GILDA ELEPANO BOD Vice Chairman 3.000. LIDUVINO SATURNO Senior Vice President 3.00 CERVERO. MA. VIRGILIO RAMOS BOD Member 0.000. ANDRES CAOILE Executive Vice President 6.00 LBP Insurance Brokerage.184. JOCELYN DE GUZMAN Executive Vice President 5. MARLA ALCAZAR Legal Counsel 1. JULIO JR. PARUNGAO.430.429. FIDELITO GONZALES Vice President 1. RAIZZA LEVASTY Risk Management Officer 1.00 MONJE.00 VILLAFUERTE.00 TAN. MANUEL HIGA President and CEO/BOD Member 2. DAISY MONTALBO BOD Member 142.00 DIAZ. NERI BOD Alternate Member 0. CASTRO BOD Vice Chairman 439.494.024.00 BORROMEO.917.00 CONFERIDO.00 CRUZ. GILDA ELEPANO BOD Chairman 273.865. REYNAULD RUIZ BOD Member 262.00 FAMERONAG.000.343. GERMAN DELOS SANTOS BOD Member 188.801.835. LUIS MEINRADO CALANO BOD Alternate Member 0.00 BORNAS. ROSALINDA DIMAPILIS BOD Member 0.000.00 CLIMACO.000. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* SARMIENTO.000. VERGEL AQUINO BOD Member 236.00 VILLAFUERTE.044.000.420. TOMAS JR. JOSELITO PALMEJAR Senior Vice President 4. JENNIFER ALMAZAN BOD Member 220.00 MACALINO. CESAR VELASQUEZ BOD Chairman 0.000. CECILIA CAYOSA Executive Vice President 6.536. DOSDOS Executive Vice President 5.454. EDWARD JOHN TANCO Senior Vice President 4. RIZA MANZANERO Vice President 1.008. Incorporated FRANCISCO.00 PICO.220.LIBI Forex 70. SILVESTRE MANUEL JR.00 MACALINO.918.00 PURISIMA. CARMELO YUTUC Senior Vice President 1.174.00 MAGNO.024. VIVIAN CHAM Head .00 BALDOZ. FELIX LITONG Corporate Secretary 81.885. JEREMIAS JR.000.00 HALOG.00 DE LEON.00 SALAZAR. CRISPINO TUBIEROS BOD Member 2.261.00 TANTAN.274.00 VELASCO.000.00 HERNANDEZ. JOSEPHINE GARCIA Senior Vice President 1.00 PICO.110.420.00 BULATAO.800.992.593. DAVID PAANOD BOD Member 188.000.580.072.00 GONZALES.00 TANTAN.450.870. ALLAN QUIMSON BOD Alternate Member 0. GEORGE REGALA President 2. MARILYN MURILLO Senior Vice President 2. YOLANDA DILLAGUE BOD Member 236.08 GONZAGA.00 LORAYES.00 DE LEON.00 PUNSALAN. CAREL DOMINGO Senior Vice President 1.755.00 CACCAM.00 ALCALA.024.990.310.00 CORPIN.00 FLETA.565. ALAN VIDAMO Senior Vice President 4.482. BARCENILLA.000.242.431. FILIPINA BALBIRAN BOD Member 5.400. DAISY MONTALBO Senior Vice President 1. TARNATE BOD Member 3.00 GUTIERREZ.00 GERON.00 UMALI. CHRISTOPHER MA.580.524.00 AGUELO. CECILIA CAYOSA BOD Member 386.738.233. TERESITA ESMAMA BOD Member 156. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. 24 .00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries. LOURDES GALSIM Vice President 1. PROCESO JARAZA BOD Member 0.613.00 TIONGSON.570. ALEX AMADOR Senior Vice President 1.65 BORNAS. ANTHONY NUNAG BOD Alternate Member 0.704.520.203. ALAN VIDAMO BOD Member 142. TARNATE BOD Chairman 314.59 CABREZA. TOMAS JR.550.00 DINGLASAN.150. DOMINGO IMPERIAL BOD Member 2.000.

892.276.351.192.444. DINA VERA Department Manager 1.87 BATE.000.46 SANTOS.010.000.40 DEMAYO.344.400.00 HUGO. HARON PANGGAGA BOD Member 165.15 LIU.422. RODOLFO SACRO BOD Member 220. EPICTETUS ENGLIS BOD Member 365. BARROA Department Manager 1.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.00 CABREZA. SIMEONA SANTIAGO President & General Manager 1. KENNETH HARTIGAN BOT Member 0.246. JOCELYN DE GUZMAN BOD Member 75.00 BORNAS. DAPHNE DOMINGO Department Manager 228.146. JOSEPHINE GARCIA BOD Member 72. LERMA BOD Member 118.665.05 BARROA.500.15 VILLARETE.00 Lung Center of the Philippines DANGUILAN.172.600.000. 25 .000.00 SUPEÑA.95 NAVARRO. JAIME MANDUCDOC Department Manager 677.00 FERARREN.000. ALFONSO DE VERA BOD Member 80.100. DOSDOS BOD Member 277.726.340.000.06 BAURA. ANTONIO JR.861.00 RAMOS.00 ALONTO. JOSEPH LEONARDO ZUNIGA Department Manager 627. REDENTOR CRUZ Acting Deputy Administrator 1.000.444.600.227.800.03 BENITEZ.099. EDUARDO CREDO Trustee 460.44 TALAVERA. JULIO JR. NESTOR DE GUZMAN Acting Deputy Administrator 1. REY ARCENAS Deputy Director 1. ANDRES CAOILE BOD Member 261. HONORITO DIEZ Administrator 2. GILDA ELEPANO BOD Chairman 0.604.799.00 ENDRACA.00 BELIZARIO. NELIA TAN Department Manager 589.84 PICO.000. FRANCISCO CLAUDIO BOD Member 113.00 ARIENDA.200.00 TIONGSON.255. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* DIAZ. JANETTE LORETO BOT Chairman 0.00 SORIANO.140. the details of which can be found in Part VI . VICENTE JR YLANAN BOT Member 0.00 GAKO.90 DESALES.100.182.00 ROLA.321. DAISY UY Treasurer 95. GUILLERMO JR.939.00 VILLAFUERTE. LUZ MALBOG BOT Member 0. ANDRES FAUSTINO Administrator 1.00 PICZON.903. RODRIGO BAUTISTA BOD Member 240.60 NAVAL.00 CANTOR. ALVIN GREGORIO BOD Member 240. EDGARDO CRISOSTOMO Acting Senior Deputy Administrator 1.405. MARILYN MURILLO BOD Member 10.61 Local Water Utilities Administration IBARRA. ANTONIO BASAS Department Manager 1.237.00 DANS. LUTGARDO CRUZ Deputy Administrator 1. REYNAULD RUIZ BOD Member 21.718.603. ROGER VIELA BOD Member 86.409.00 CERVERO.638.00 Light Rail Transit Authority CHANECO. NEMESIO TORRES BOT Member 0.174.00 CLIMACO.29 MENDOZA.00 LBP Resources and Development Corporation GUEVARRA.226. KRIDEN FABRE Legal Counsel/Corporate Secretary 75. ANNALENE MARQUEZ BOD Member 96.00 CASTRO. SULLIAN SY Department Manager 1. ELVIRA NISPEROS Department Manager 1.000. VELAS BOD Member 67. JOSE LUIS JAVIER Executive Director 1.029. ALBERTO ATACADOR BOT Member 0. ALAN VIDAMO BOD Member 21.400.00 REYES.611. DOMINGO IMPERIAL BOD Member 285.000.206. RAOUL CORVERO Deputy Director 1. MANUEL CADIZ BOD Member 215. EMERSON LIBOON Deputy Administrator 1.03 EVANGELISTA.93 PATALINGHUG.98 BALGOMERA. JORGE SR.25 OBUSAN.000.159.21 DIAZ. ROMEO DELA CRUZ BOD Member 114.200.00 SARMIENTO.335. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.00 BERNARDO.00 GO.Details of Salaries and Allowances.25 CUENCA.200. EDWARD JOHN TANCO BOD Member 259.00 BANAL.949.964. EDISON ARELLANO Acting Deputy Administrator 1.75 GARIN.00 BAUTISTA.

202.000. BOD Chairman 20. RHOEL ZARAGOZA BOD Member/Treasurer 10. ACHILLES S.000.00 MALVAR. HERMINIA DIZON Assistant General Manager 1.70 MAPANAO.00 Manila Gas Corporation MEJIA.000.320.323. WILLIAM III KNOWLES BOD Member 0.403.090. LOURDES FAJARDO BOD Chairman 10. LLONA Assistant General Manager 1.000. Department Manager 1.000.400.000.00 PURISIMA. MARIA VICTORIA VENTURA BOD Alternate Vice Chairman 0.113. BENJAMIN IRINEO III FELARCA Corporate Secretary 7. HELEN RESTUBOG BOD Member 768.000. ENRICO FRANCISCO BORROMEO Terminal Manager 1. Incorporated OSCILLADA.84 DESCANZO.400.68 OSIAS. MELVIN A.161.20 NAPULI.123. MARIA CRISTINA M.880. RICARDO JR.923.52 BOBILA. VICENTE JR.00 GERON.00 DAKAY.26 GAYOTIN. CARLOS BALBIN Assistant General Manager 1.000.702.00 CASAR. MA.Details of Salaries and Allowances.450. ALFREDO BENJAMIN SABATER BOD Member 0.00 ROXAS.00 Marawi Resort Hotel. OCTAVIO FERRY Terminal Manager 1.00 AGUSTIN.00 PAPUA.801.453. MACAKUNA BOD Member 20. Division Manager 1. BOD Member 240.70 BASANTA. CESAR VELASQUEZ BOD Member 0.00 Masaganang Sakahan. REYES BOD Vice Chairman 0.00 CAPANAS. DANIEL RAMIL BOD Member 134. 26 .00 REBUENO. JOSEPHINE GUILLERMO BOD Member 0. LILIA LUCAS BOD Member 10.00 JOYA. CESAR AUGUSTO BOD Member 280. JOYCELYN BRIGOLA Terminal Manager 1. ROY CASTAÑEDA President/CEO 1.26 GONZALES.375.796. MIGUEL III CARUNUNGAN BOD Member 10.00 LOPEZ.000. JOSEPH EMILIO AGUINALDO BOD Chairman 0.00 NG.000. BOD Member 546. Principal Engineer 929.600. YAHYA JERRY M.00 JASMIN.812. JOSE AGUIRRE OIC Corporate Board 876. DANTE BASCO Terminal Manager 1. TEOFILO JR.00 HOTCHKISS. NIGEL PAUL C.00 JIMENEZ.12 MEDALLA. BOD Member/General Manager 2.386.799.000. JOSE PERPETOU MERCADO BOD Alternate Chairman 0.000.00 BUENAVENTURA. SALUPEN BOT Member 0. OIC Department Manager 700.52 MATONDO.547.208.156. BOD Member 492.00 SALAZAR.318.116. GLENN B.000. MARIA EDITA ZABALA BOD Alternate Member 0.771.62 PONCE.569. Department Manager 1.896. RODANTE SOLORIANO BOD Alternate Member 0. BOD Member 20.081. JOSE ANGEL AQUINO General Manager 1. CONRADO BARRIOS BOD Member 131.00 CAGUIOA. ABDUL GANI .00 TAN. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* PILANDO.00 Manila International Airport Authority HONRADO. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.487. CECILIO ACENA Assistant General Manager 1. SATURNINO HIZON BOD Member/President 10.610. JONATHAN P. LEILA MAGISTRADO BOD Member 0. Incorporated TOMAWIS.70 TAPNIO. RAMON JR.95 CUIZON.00 DAVIDE. LEYBAG Senior Assistant General Manager 1.00 ARCE. BOD Member 0.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries. the details of which can be found in Part VI . BOD Member 522.00 DE LIMA.00 Mactan-Cebu International Airport Authority VILLARETE.408. AHMED G.00 ONG. FRANKLYN O. JESUS GORDON PINEDA Assistant General Manager 654.452.07 ABAYA.98 LOZADA.392.000.230.59 CASTILLO.00 MABAZZA. JOSE VICENTE BUENVIAJE BOD Alternate Member 0.00 RABUCO. MELANIE C.60 LINA.23 GUERZON. HILARIO III P. PERICLES P.374.00 LOTILLA. LIDUVINO SATURNO BOD Vice Chairman 122.

717. MA.87 YAMBAO.10 SULLANO. NATHANIEL CRUZ Senior Deputy Administrator 1.00 ESTALILLA.000.00 GALICIA. JOSE RAMON TIZON BOT Member 0.64 PARRAS. LOURDES FAJARDO General Manager 1.00 BISTOYONG. NAOMI KALAW Deputy Administrator 1.00 CAPARAS. CECILIA GONZALEZ BOT Member 1. NESTOR TADUYO BOD Member 48. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. RAOUL CHICANO BOT Member 0.00 RIVERA.00 MIGRASO. Administrator 2. GERARDO AFURONG Deputy Administrator 1. CECILIA GONZALEZ BOT Member 0. FRA 1.00 ENERIO. ALEX AMADOR BOD Member 38.672.420. ELPIDIO JR.628.454. MA.72 CLEOFAS.058.00 MAGLAYA.00 CASTILLO.00 PANALIGAN.00 National Development Company REBUENO. GERARDO AI. VIRGINIA VELOSO Acting Deputy Administrator 149.400. BENJAMIN JUCO BOT Member 0. CRISPINO TUBIEROS BOD Member 79.800.401. JOSE RAMON TIZON BOT Member 75. JACQUELINE HERMOSA Manager 1.462.Corporate Office ESQUIVEL. MINERVA SOTTO BOD Member 5.000. MA.000.88 OCTA. GENALINE RODRIGUEZ Deputy Administrator 426.00 LAGUDA.00 VALDERRAMA.00 GALICIA.440. ROBERT MAAGAD BOD Member 30.93 ALCALA.245.00 TAPIA. AMELIA PERALTA BOD Member 0. OLIVIA LAO BOT Member 0. FABIAN Deputy Administrator 975. BENJAMIN JUCO BOT Member 1.00 VALDERRAMA. ANTONIO BAQUIAL BOD Member 10.800. 27 .497.00 LORAYES.190.00 UNSON.00 National Dairy Authority CENAS.426.556.00 CREENCIA. EMMANUEL LEIDO BOT Member 0.000.165. CAROL MAXINO BOD Member 0. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* AGUELO. MIGUEL RAMON OCHOA BOD Member 78. MALCABA BOD Member 0.60 YAMBAO. REYNALDO ANTONIO DELA PAZ BOD Member 0. NICOLAS III BACABAC BOD Member 0. HELENA AGNES SANTOS BOT Member 0.379.071.00 MUTIA.40 SANTOS.00 CREENCIA.300.554.000. HELENA AGNES SANTOS BOT Member 595.000.165.60 ESQUIVEL.423.128. ZOILO JR.343.334.12 CHUEGAN.77 CAPARAS.840. MARCO ELMER ROBLES BOD Member 39. MA.400.000. JOEL CHENG Chief Regulator 1. LINGCAD Deputy Administrator 1.Regulatory Office YU. the details of which can be found in Part VI .15 ANDIN. ROSALINA LOPEZ BOD Member 0.036.05 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries. VINCENT PEPITO JR. MYLENE JOY SAGISI Acting Deputy Administrator 1.00 CERVANTES.632.00 SORIANO. RAMON KITAGUCHI BOD Member 43.00 GUEVARA.86 VALERA. GERARDO AI.86 TORRETA.501.00 YAMBAO.171. RIZALINO DELA PAZ BOD Member 0.00 YUVIENCO. LEONOR CARREON Deputy Administrator 1.00 AGBISIT.50 SORIANO. PROCESO JARAZA BOD Chairman 0. TEODORO VILLENA BOD Member 30.483.000.00 CASTILLO.13 VILLARIN SJ.566.023.00 Metropolitan Waterworks And Sewerage System .193.00 LUTERO.00 VILLARIN SJ.00 Metropolitan Waterworks And Sewerage System .000. GRACE JAGMOC Administrator/BOD Member 1. OLIVIA LAO BOT Member 490.Details of Salaries and Allowances. IRENEO MELICOR BOT Member 0.00 CABRERA.131. ZENAIDA CUISON BOD Member 0. Acting Chairman/Administrator 0. EMMANUEL LEIDO BOT Member 1.00 YOROBE. JULIUS MAPANO BOD Member 20. IRENEO MELICOR BOT Member 0. RAOUL CHICANO BOT Member 0. RONALD JOHN ATEJERA BOD Member 5.44 SEGUIN. CHRISTOPHER DY Officer-in-Charge.000.

544.40 CASTAÑEDA.874.18 LOPEZ. VICTOR GABUTAN BOD Member 456.000.201.776.876.75 RAMOS.398.60 SOMBILLA. ALINAS BOD Member 0.00 National Electrification Administration BUENO.00 LOBRIGO. VIRGILIO AQUINO BOD Member 30. TOMAS RAYMUNDO Acting Assistant Administrator 84.642. RHOEL ZARAGOZA Department Manager 1.941.114.00 KHONGHUN. REYNALDO GODOY Alternate Council Member 0. 28 .566.00 REBUENO. JOSE EMMANUEL DAVID III MIGUEL Council Member 95. CHRISTINA DIAMANTE OIC-Department Manager 833.00 SAN DIEGO.00 ACOL.884. SORIANO BOD Member 0.00 RIVERA.858. AMANDO JR. JOSE RAYMUND AMIDAR Alternate Board Chairman 186. FLORENCIO BARSANA BOD Member 0.865.00 CHIONG. ZENAIDA YGNACIO BOD Member 0.00 GERONIMO.87 CRUZ. MAGLALANG BOD Member 0.000.30 ESCAREZ.618.81 PARALUMAN.23 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* MEJIA.247.813. JOSEPHINE GUILLERMO Department Manager 136. GREGORY LIM Council Member 0.13 JARINA. EFREN JAZMINES Acting Deputy Administrator/ Assistant Administrator 232.00 PURISIMA.885.877.35 CRUZ.41 ABENOJA.45 DOMINGO. CARLOS JERICHO LORETO BOD Member 0. GOLDELIO GALAPON Acting Deputy Administrator 309.00 YUZON.60 ESCAREZ.06 SABONG.349. the details of which can be found in Part VI . JOSEPH YANCE Assistant Administrator 279.819. DOSDOS Alternate Council Member 30.00 DIMAGIBA.956.51 ARCE.00 MAGTULOY.00 PURISIMA. TOMAS RAYMUNDO Deputy Administrator/ Assistant Administrator 387. RAMON OSTAN Vice President 1.853.50 EVA.00 DOMINGO. JEREMIAS JR.60 GUINIGUNDO.618. JOSEPH YANCE Deputy Administrator 977.222.657.00 PIAMONTE.00 PETILLA.00 MONSADA.970. JOHN JOSEPH MERCADO Deputy Administrator 206.00 ABAD. ADRIAN JR.248. LETICIA GURAY Assistant Administrator 363.09 DE CASTRO. JOSE VICTOR ESPINO BOD Member 976. NERI Alternate Council Member 52.804.140.119.70 DELA CRUZ. FREDELITA CADUÑGON Council Chairman 15. JOSEPH DOMINGO BOD Member 92.00 National Food Authority DALISAY.00 PICO. UNGSON President 1.00 CRISTOBAL. EDITA SELVA Administrator 2.41 PAUL. EDGARDO RESMA Deputy Administrator 1. MA. FELIXBERTO JR. MERCEDITA AGCAOILI Alternate Council Member 33.550. GILDA ELEPANO Council Member 0.00 National Home Mortgage Finance Corporation BUSTOS. CESAR VELASQUEZ BOD Member 0. SATURNINO HIZON Assistant General Manager 1.960.354. JOSE JR.265. FRANCIS NEPOMUCENO Council Chairman 780.00 NUÑEZ.00 TAN. ZENO RONALD RUIZ Alternate Council Member 0. EUGENE ANDRADE BOD Member 596.085.988.062. RAMON JESUS PALMIANO BOD Member 0. ZENEN RENAN BOWLEY Administrator/Council Vice Chairman 1. EDILBERTO INOCENTES Deputy Administrator 1. GREGORY LIM BOD Chairman 0.69 BALISACAN.175.068. LOURDES FAJARDO BOD Member 60.00 LEE.170. EDWIN YANSON Council Member 131. ARSENIO MOLINA Council Member 0. MA. LIVIA ALICIA RAMOS Executive Vice President 1.00 BASSIG.322.489. SONIA BANAAG Acting Deputy Administrator 1.68 PANGILINAN.91 CLIMACO. ROSSAN ROSERO Acting Deputy Administrator 1. LUDOVICO JIMENEA Deputy Administrator 1.Details of Salaries and Allowances.988. LETICIA GURAY Acting Assistant Administrator 832. CESAR VELASQUEZ Council Member 0.374.01 DELA CRUZ.72 GUIZA.843. JULIO JR.74 MABAZZA.020. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. DIWA CONTRERAS Alternate Council Member 8.771.00 TETANGCO. LILIA LUCAS Assistant General Manager 1. VICTORIO MARIO ALONSO Alternate Council Member 53.463.222.919.00 PAJE.344.

ROMEO SALAZAR BOD Alternate Member 0.368. DIWA CONTRERAS BOD Alternate Member 0. CIRIACO III ABARQUEZ BOD Member 109.06 LAGUNZAD.00 PURISIMA. JAIME GOMEZ Department Manager 1. RITA. TERESA SIBUCAO BOD Alternate Member 0.158.92 ANTONIO.78 VELASQUEZ. ESTRELLA ELIGIO Deputy Administrator 1.093. ZENAIDA LUNZAGA OIC Deputy Executive Director 1.00 TABIJE.00 PINEDA.876. MANUEL JR. MA.463. Department Manager 356.703.00 DAVID.50 BALBA. CECILIA SALIENTES BOD Alternate Member 0. ISMAEL DALERE BOD Member 24. AMANDO JR.726.385.00 National Irrigation Administration PADERNAL.215.678.00 National Housing Authority CRUZ.304.80 CHAVEZ.000.00 HABITAN. JANUARIO ANTONIO JR.934.00 ICASIANO.50 BINAY.635.403. MICHAEL FREDERICK DE LEON BOD Member 0.16 DULAY.873.15 GUIZA. FLORENCIO FARINAS BOD Vice Chairman 0.898.329. MELENDEZ BOD Member 0. PADERNA Group Manager 1.00 LAZARTE. ALMA TANCHUAN Group Manager 1. D. ERDOLFO BALLESTEROS Acting Deputy Administrator 1.894.00 BONTO. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.00 ABAD. LORNA DE MATEO Group Manager 1. JAIME ABARSOZA BOD Member 0. REYNA FAITH BUNAE BOD Member 0.00 AURELIO.00 PACANAN.827.00 MUSNGI. FLORENCIO FARINAS Administrator 1.00 VALENCIANO.00 KAMPITAN. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* LAPASARAN. CESAR VELASQUEZ BOD Member 0.872.00 GUINIGUNDO.96 MORABE. MA. ROLANDO GUMIA BOD Member 110.176. BLESILDA ARGUELLES OIC Deputy Executive Director 1.00 CRUZ.145.124. FLORENCIO BARSANA BOD Member 0.63 RAZO. ROLANDO GUMIA BOD Alternate Member 0. VICENTE JR YLANAN BOD Member 0. DAISY SANTILLAN Vice President 365. FROILAN REGUINDIN Assistant General Manager 1.402. LUZ MALBOG BOD Member 0.00 National Kidney and Transplant Institute DATOR. FRANCIS NEPOMUCENO BOD Chairman 0.587. FERDINAND LIM Department Manager 1. JEJOMAR CABAUATAN BOD Chairman 0.00 ALBA.00 CANTOR. JANETTE LORETO BOD Chairman 0.13 BACANI.717.096. MA. CATALINA ESTAMO BOD Member 0.00 CANTOR. FELIX MARCELO Acting Senior Deputy Administrator 383. JEJOMAR CABAUATAN BOD Chairman 0.88 CABRAL.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.28 DOMINGO.524.741.362. the details of which can be found in Part VI .367.046.146.607.00 BELIZARIO.07 BINAY.00 STA.00 CRUZ. ROSABELLA CAYLAN OIC-Vice President 1. ALBERTO ATACADOR BOD Member 0. FABELLA Group Manager MA.050.176. SINFOROSO RAMOS General Manager 391. CRISTINA MIA SANDICO BOD Member 0.197.00 DEPASUCAT.00 PANGILINAN. LUZ MALBOG BOD Alternate Member 0. FREDELITA CADUÑGON BOD Chairman 0.703.51 GARIN.00 MOMO.60 VELOSO.278.00 TETANGCO. LILIBETH CAOILI BOD Member 0. FELICISIMO JR. CHITO MIL BOD Chairman 15. JOSELITO REYES Department Manager 991. JOSE DANTE PASCUAL Executive Director 1. CHITO MIL General Manager 1.00 PAGUNSAN. SIEGFRID ERIC GARCIA Vice President 1.00 TUNGPALAN. PRUDENCIO JR. MAGLALANG BOD Member 0.00 TUNGPALAN. CHITO MIL BOD Chairman 0.460. VICTOR CRUZ Group Manager 1.00 SERASPE. 29 .791.00 REYES. SILVESTRE SR BARCIA BOD Member 168. LOURDES CAMACHO OIC-Vice President 1.98 GUTIERREZ.00 PADERNAL.00 JOSE.Details of Salaries and Allowances.00 BERNARDO. GLADYS CRUZ BOD Member 0.229.

EDGARDO DISINI Administrator/BOD Vice Chairman 1. DANILO SANTIAGO Senior Vice President 1.390. MA.306.600.155.78 FAJARDO.086.262. GLADYS CRUZ President 2. ENELITA SANCHEZ Senior Department Manager 1.262.060. VICENTE DURIAN Deputy Administrator 1.00 SEDILLA. PALAWAN ATING OIC Vice President 288. CESARIO GASPAR Manager 1.348.00 LASAM.00 ALCALA.155.463. ZENAIDA YGNACIO BOD Member 0.380.433. GILDA ELEPANO BOD Chairman 0.00 GOTIS. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.205. MANUEL II ARANETA BOD Member 0. CRISTINA CATU Manager 1.00 PAJE.703.00 LEONES.00 BALISACAN.116. EDMUNDO JR ABROGAR OIC Vice President 0.00 TORRES.806.120.00 PILANDO.514. the details of which can be found in Part VI .00 GO.780.883.155. MANUEL QUIÑONES BOD Member 402.155. MINERVA PINERA Manager 1.243. RUDY PALANAS Vice President 869. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* GAKO.459.00 ABERGAS.00 National Tobacco Administration ZARAGOZA.532. ALEXANDER PESION Senior Department Manager 1.403. MAYBELEN BACUNGAN Manager 1.00 DODD. EVERIN FRAGANTE Deputy Administrator 1.060.86 TRUONG. EMMANUEL ALEXIS GAGNI Director 1. TERESA BARBADILLO Manager 1.148.00 PALABAY.00 ROXAS. ESMERALDA GAERLAN Manager 773.817.00 PURISIMA. RAFAEL LORENZO OIC Vice President 542.00 BRIOSO.00 DE PERALTA.281. 30 . KENNETH HARTIGAN BOD Member 0.810. REX ANTONIO PARAÑAL Manager 1.936.00 MIZAL. RAMON JESUS PALMIANO BOD Member 0.155. CESAR VELASQUEZ BOD Member 0. GREGORY LIM BOD Member 0.547.00 DOMINGO.00 BONOAN.00 LOMONDAYA.486.00 PLOFINO. DADELIO CORPUS OIC Vice President 378. ESTRELLA GALIGO Manager 1. CARLOS JERICHO LORETO BOD Member 0. MA.216. CHITA CHUA Director 1.00 DELOS REYES.00 TEOXON.00 RIDULME.185. Senior Department Manager 1.Details of Salaries and Allowances.156.00 MENDIOLA.86 MOLINA. LUZVEMINDA REVELLAME Manager 700. GIOVANNI BANIQUED Manager 1.69 SEVIDAL.268. FLORENCIO BARSANA BOD Member 0.670. GONDELINA GUADALUPE President/ BOD Vice Chairman 1.843.00 CORPUZ.00 PETILLA. CORAZON RAGASA Manager 1.217.00 SARMIENTO.00 DICTAAN.642.00 MONSADA. DINAH ECHIVERRE Manager 1.00 JAPON.66 JALANDONI.00 PICHAY.00 National Power Corporation STA.183.00 CELINO.360.500. MELCHOR PAZ Vice President 1. NEMESIO TORRES BOD Member 0. MEL SENEN SEVILLA BOD Member 0.76 LOPEZ.00 AREVALO.158.00 SAMBRANA.00 National Livelihood and Development Corporation AMATA. URBANO JR.060.00 CORPUZ.532. LORNA TUASON Vice President 1.959.974. RITA.500.00 VELOSO. TEOFILO JR.477.00 ABAD.68 PICO. MARIO ELLORIN Manager 1.00 RIAZONDA.16 VALERA. ARSENIO MOLINA BOD Member 0. CABALU Vice President 1.116.689. CONCEPCION GARINA BOD Member 416.085. HERMAN CUERDO Manager 1.00 VELOSO.363. MANUEL LUIS BUAN Senior Department Manager 1.181.500.540.962.599. EDELWIN MALLARI Corporate Secretary 1.116. SUSANA EVANGELISTA BOD Member 416.222. KATAMBAYAN SAMSON Vice President 1.260. SALUPEN BOD Member 0.00 LAUDENCIA.132. EDMUNDO JR ABROGAR Vice President 1. PROCESO JARAZA BOD Member 0. ROBERTO REGINALDO Manager 1.932. VEDALISA NAVA.154.060.00 DY.525.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.

000.302.35 DALUZ. LUCIO JR.00 CAMERINO.258.466. 31 .675.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries. RAY DEAN DOMINGO BOT Member 49.00 ORTEGA. GEOFFREY DE GUZMAN BOD Member 384.050.208. JOSE JR. JUANILDA RAMOS Vice President 1.827.27 RUBIO. RUFINO GAVINO Acting Chief of Staff 51.789.00 CLARAVALL.00 ANOTA. ALCALA Department Manager/OIC President 268.Details of Salaries and Allowances.50 RIÑEN.36 ILAGAN. JOSE JESUS PURIFICACION Department Manager 1.473. NOEL ZURBANO General Counsel 1.00 NERO. PAULO GONZALES BOT Member 19.000.00 PURISIMA.00 BALISACAN.164.00 Nayong Pilipino Foundation QUESADA.356. JOSEPH ANTHONY MEDINA Executive Director 830.00 DIÑO.00 REYES.081.234.00 SALVOSA.501.597.218.175.00 NOBLE.10 Natural Resources Development Corporation MARIÑAS.175.856. LEON JR.00 HENARES. JOSE SOTTO BOD Member 384. ARSENIO MOLINA BOD Member 0.00 National Transmission Corporation BACANI.000.309.138.199.85 PANAGSAGAN.00 SALANGA. PEDRO JR JARO BOD Member 368.646.317. DINNA ONGKINGKO Department Manager 1.00 SERRANO.000. MARY JANE CRISANTO BOT Member 32. FAUSTINO ORPILLA OIC Manager 997. LUCIO JR.047.675. JOSE MARI MAYUGA Department Manager 1. EMERSON UMALI BOD Member 0.40 QUIMBO.675.00 VILLAFUERTE. JONI MARIA CARRIEDO Administrative Officer 609.00 ELVEÑA.00 GACULA. MOISES FERNANDEZ OIC Department Manager 14.976.00 DIZON.00 DOMINGO.254.675.00 LADRIDO. the details of which can be found in Part VI . MARIAN SANTOS Division Chief 678.50 TAAL. DANILO SANARES BOT Member 49. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* GALVEZ. TUIBEO Deputy Legal Counsel 1. ESMERALDA GAERLAN OIC Manager 210.442.680. APOLONIO JR.50 VALERA. BUOT Executive Director 160. GABRIEL MA. DANTE GUZMAN BOD Member 384.506. RUSTICO DE GUIA Department Manager 1. IMELDA NARCISO OIC Manager 438.258.000. IVAN ANTHONY SANTOS BOT Member 42.449. FELIX JR.00 PADILLA. EDGARDO LLUCH Corporate Secretary 1.26 SENAL. RODOLFO FLORES BOD Member 346. BUOT BOT Member 0. GENEROSO MAGUAD Vice President 1.000. GREGORY LIM BOD Member 0. ERNESTO MORELOS Department Manager 1.38 FAJARDO. RAMON JESUS PALMIANO BOD Chairman 0.006.25 TAPEL.145.175.82 VALEROS.92 QUINTIA.00 ALCAZAREN. ROGELIO ALAGAO BOD Member 352.401.70 TUALLA.00 PALAD.587.000. JOSEPH EMILIO AGUINALDO BOD Member 0.305.035. GRACE QUEVEDO BOT Chairman 49. MILAGROS CHIPECO BOT Member 37.233. LEONOR SARMIENTO Department Manager 1. JACINTO BOT Member 29.770. DE JESUS President/BOD Member 857. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.876.46 DE LEON. NYERSON DEXTER TITO QUILALA Department Manager 992.00 ABAYA. HERMOGENES ARCANO Manager 575. ALINAS BOD Member 0.000. ROLANDO TETANGCO President/Chief Executive Officer 1.24 PAJE.27 ANOTA.00 NUÑEZ.00 MENDIOLA. ZITA MARIE ATIENZA Department Manager 1.52 ALCALA.698.64 MORENO.278.00 LOPEZ. ISIDRO BANDIOLA Acting Chief of Staff 102. BIENVENIDO SR DEPUSO Department Manager 1.00 DESTURA.000.675.26 QUIMBO. PROCESO JARAZA BOD Chairman 0. ALCALA Department Manager 740.834.311.66 OMBAO. APOLONIO JR. MARLO VILLARAZO Department Manager 1. CESAR VELASQUEZ BOD Member 0.

000.37 PERALTA.07 STO. THERESA SAN PABLO Corporate Secretary 10. MA.00 LLAMADO. JOSE MARIA SORIANO Deputy Executive Director 1. GERARDO ANGALA BOD Member 5.00 REBUENO.00 DE MESA.848.046.00 Occupational Safety and Health Center CUCUECO. LILIA LUCAS BOD Member/Treasurer 10. TERESITA SOMERA Executive Director 1.000.Details of Salaries and Allowances. FAUSTINO III GUZMAN BOD Member 0.000. MARIA FE MORENO Assistant Vice President 1. the details of which can be found in Part VI .000. UTCHINGCO Director 40. ALVARO TRINIDAD BOD Vice Chairman 0.00 North Luzon Railways Corporation TOLENTINO.000.00 PADILLA.510.00 GALIMBA.00 EBDANE.000.33 ANGELES.00 RODEROS.000.684.00 CADIZ.69 SALAZAR.86 ESER.000.13 VILLANUEVA. President 1. TOMAS.79 PEBRADA. MA.007. MERLY MIRASOL BOD Member 40.00 ANTONIO.328. ARMANDO PARIÑAS BOD Member 10. AGNES ESTANISLAO BOD Member Designate 0.099.00 NOVERAS.00 ROBLE.65 MANALO.000. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.00 VARELA.767. RICARDO JR.000.664.000.51 LAGDAN. MARIA AMALIA TIGLAO Director 39. LOURDES FAJARDO BOD Chairman 10. DOMINGO Division Chief 448.00 BANAWIS.00 MONTES. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* NDC . ROBERTO EUGENIO TEMPLO Director 31. BRENDA PASILIAO BOD Member Designate 0. STELLA ZIPAGAN BOD Member 20.00 ARCE.00 GUZMAN.000. BOD Member 45. JOSE MARI BALANDRA President & CEO 20. SATURNINO HIZON BOD Member/President 10. MARNIE OCHOA OIC Division Chief 386. CHAN BOD Member Designate 0.156.00 DY.00 MABAZZA.804.00 LAGUNZAD.416.000.00 VIOLA. EVELYN VILLANUEVA Assistant Vice President 1. RENE KATIGBAK BOD Member Representative 0. JESUS DEMETRIO VENTURA Assistant Vice President 1. DIONISIO JR.55 AMATA. FAUSTINO III GUZMAN BOD Vice Chairman 20. MIGUEL BARREDO BOD Member 20. JOSEPHINE ALIPUDDIN BOD Member 5. ALVARO TRINIDAD BOD Chairman 20.000. 32 .00 LIMCAOCO.00 CRUZ.130.000.000. ROMEO DULAY BOD Member 8. MARIA BEATRIZ GUINTO Division Chief 1.32 BATU.00 GOLEZ.000.967.52 BALDOZ. BOD Vice Chairman 45. GONDELINA GUADALUPE BOD Chairman 36. PONCE.000.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.597.00 BATILLER.38 BATINO. CONCEPCION TRAJANO Division Chief 1.357.00 Northeastern Luzon Pacific Coastal Service Inc. RHOEL ZARAGOZA BOD Member 10.000.314.Philippine Infrastructure Corporation MEJIA. BOD Secretary 45. CONRADO KASILAG BOD Member/President 2. ALEXANDER DE LAS ALAS BOD Member Designate 0. MA. EDUARDO VISDA Director 23.05 GRANADILLOS.000.00 VILLO.000.651.580.053. FELIX JOSE S. A.000. NELIA GATPANDAN Division Chief 1. GERALD A. SERAFIN JR. BOD Member 40. ROSALINDA DIMAPILIS BOD Chairman 0.000.00 CAYANAN.101.00 Northern Foods Corporation MONTES.208.427.00 ANTONIO.659. LEVILINDA CRUZ Director 42.00 ABAYA. JESUS ENRICO MOISES BUENVIAJE BOD Member/Vice President 314. GERMAN JR. DEO LEO NAVARRO Assistant Vice President 1.00 NOVERAS.00 SUELLO.00 SALVADOR.000. FERDINAND SOLIS Director 0. CIRIACO III ABARQUEZ BOD Chairman Designate 0. JOSEPH EMILIO AGUINALDO BOD Co-Chairman 0.00 DY. FELIX JOSE S.000. CARLITO PILAPIL BOD Member 20. GERARDO ANGALA BOD Chairman 0.687.000.00 SAN JOSE. CONSUELO M.

ANTONIO B. CIRIACO III ABARQUEZ BOD Member 0.00 DE HITTA. BOD Member GIL SOTELO BOD Member 0.24 TORRES.425.000.00 CONCINA. JOSEFINO ISAAC Deputy Administrator 1.950.650. AUDIE P.00 SORIANO.900.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries. ROSA B.420.00 DE LEON. CONSTANTINO JR.00 BRIGUERA.00 DIAZ.900.00 TAGALOG. CEZAR BOD Member 7.900.00 CORDIAL. SATURNINO HIZON BOD Member 57.00 PILAPIL. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* Overseas Workers Welfare Administration CALZADO. WENEFREDO A BOD Member 20.20 GARON.00 POLINGA.375.900. JULIANA GAVIOLA BOD Member 75.000.425. EDUARDO SR. PROTACIO C BOD Member 7.00 LOOD. BOD Vice Chairman 213.00 LAGUNZAD. CARMELINA FRANCISCO Director 1. BOD Member 20.00 MERCADO. RAMON F. BOD Member 15. President 406. D.00 FUENTEBELLA.900.000.000.475. 33 . JOSE MANUEL II P. MARCO ANTONIO LUISITO III VILLANUEVA BOD Member 80.00 CONDINO.00 BELENO.050.00 CACDAC. P.00 LEE.000.00 FUENTEBELLA.37 CATOLICO.609.000.475.00 RELLETA.000. CARINA RAMOS BOD Member 2. Corporate Secretary 57. ANTONIO QUIÑONERO BOD Member 52.510. ERMIE LAGMAN BOD Member 290.000. ALLAN SABLON BOD Member 305. TERESITA MENDOZA BOD Member 80. RODOLFO BOD Member 20. LEO FRANCISCO T BOD Secretary 20.00 SUNGA.62 MONTAÑO.00 MEJIA. JUAN F.Details of Salaries and Allowances.00 COLLADO.00 CHAVEZ.00 AMOR. ARNULFO P.00 DELEÑA.00 REBUSTES. ESTRELLA DIZON BOD Member 30.00 FUENTEBELLA.00 BALGOS.000. WILLIAM SR. BOD Member 7. FELIXBERTO ISTURIS BOD Member 25. JESUS RICO C BOD Member 2. NANETTE CRISOL BOD Member 70.900.000.150. EVELYN B BOD Member 9.000.00 SARDILLO. CESAR G.566.708.000.00 CAPELLAN.900. MA. CATALAN. RUEL T.37 YABES.425. the details of which can be found in Part VI . H BOD Member 2. BOD Member 192. AMARO B.00 BELLEZA. BOD Co-Chairman 0. ADELAIDA LIM BOD Member 80. ROBERTO BUAN BOD Chairman 74.75 VALENCIANO. Inc. REBECCA JAYME Administrator 1.000. FELIX WILLIAM B BOD Co-Chairman 4. FILEMON DELIARTE BOD Member 80.00 CANTOR. Consultant 35.00 PEÑA.00 DEL CASTILLO. GISELA FUDOLIN BOD Member 80. HANS LEO JAVIER BOD Member 0.677. ARNULF BRYAN B.000.00 BELTRAN. BOD Chairman 12. ROSALIA VILLEGAS BOD Chairman 6.00 FUENTEBELLA.017.00 Panay Railways. RENE YKALINA BOD Member 20.000.00 CORBITO.00 Partido Development Administration VELARDE.397.615. ROSALINDA DIMAPILIS BOD Member 213. ALBERT QUEVEDO Director 1.850.23 AÑONUEVO.000.51 VELASQUEZ. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.07 BALDOZ. LUZ MALBOG BOD Member 0. JIMMY A BOD Member 14.552. JOEL BOD Member 18. BOD Member 20.675.000. BOD Member 9. AVERILL J.000.444.900.00 FUENTEBELLA.00 Palacio Del Gobernador Condominium Corporation TAN. BOD Vice Chairman 599. JESUS INES BOD Member 227.00 SARMIENTO. ANTONIO ASIS BOD Chairman 105.

VERONICA BALUYUT BOD Member 30. CADIZ Comptroller 366.00 RUGA.00 YU. MA.363.00 RUERAS. SOLON JR. ALEXANDER MANALO Department Manager 548.00 LIM. EDGAR VILLANUEVA President/Vice Chairman 2. EUGENE DE GUZMAN BOD Member 2.000.90 VALDEZ.00 GONZALES. REGINALD JEREMY INOCANDO Corporate Secretary 120.452.00 CUETO.000.529.476.00 IGMAT.000.029. DELFIN JR. Dept.00 DEMETRIOU. ALEX REY DE VERA OIC Division Manager 530. CONRADO CAMO Acting President 643.500. CHRISTINE JOY MONDELO Head Executive Assistant 180.00 Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation NAGUIAT.00 PILAPIL.40 HERNANDO.00 Peoples Television Network.232. FERNANDEZ Assistant Corporate Secretary 120.967. CRISTINO JR.866.00 NUNEZ.00 GONZALES.305. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* CORDIS. LUCIO JR.000. ALEXANDER TRIAS BOD Alternate Member 0. JORGE VERGARA BOD Member/President & COO 7.000.52 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries. CLEO BAWAYAN Network General Manager 1.325. CINDY RACHELLE EBRON BOD Member 15.019.00 CLARO.383.13 WEDINGCO. JIMSON HERNANDEZ BOD Member 151.00 WAN. RAMON ALCAIDE OIC Division Manager 541. Incorporated DONGA-AS. LINO HAMBALA BOD Alternate Chairman 0.000.00 NADAL.904.000.878. GILBERT DELOS SANTOS President 691.866. ALBERT DIZON Network General Manager 532.00 CHUA.20 MANALASTAS.42 People's Credit and Finance Corporation GENEROSO. EUSTACIO JR. 34 . CONRADO CAMO BOD Alternate Member 0. NORBERTO NAVIDAD Head Executive Assistant 470.875. BOD Member 0.00 SANTOS. GINALYN NUCUM Acting Group Head 897.00 DABI.00 BOCOBO. ROSITO T.338. PACKING BOD Member 0.237.67 SUBA. VIRGILIO JR. JOSE MARIA ESPOSO BOD Member 30. LAGTAPON BOD Member/Chairman & CEO 7. THADEO FRANCIS POPILO Vice President 2. O.428.81 IDONG.320. JESUS MARTIN NATHANIEL BERMEJO BOD Alternate Member 0. BOD Member 0. BOD Member 0.54 TORRECAMPO. JAN CO BOD Member 0.161. RICHARD SAGUT OIC Division Manager 508.338. RENE GONZALES BOD Member 10. EMMANUEL F.000.612.00 PEA Tollway Corporation ROA. Manager 569. BOD Member GARCIA.64 PONCIO. ROBERTO REVILLA BOD Member 262. R BOD Member 0.75 SARMIENTO. ANTERO S.80 CRUZ.970. BUENVIAJE BOD Member 280.44 CUETO.000. TERESA SALAVANTE Vice President 2.00 LLAGUNO. BOD Member 0. MA.88 CENTENO. AGNES DAISY AQUINO OIC Division Manager 553. PEDRO A.Details of Salaries and Allowances. ANTONIO MARTINEZ Treasurer 964.000. ERWIN MAMPARO Corporate Treasurer/Acting Group Head 1.00 JIMENEZ. JOLAN VALENCIANO Department Manager 1.778.560.857. the details of which can be found in Part VI .00 DICHOSA.35 MARIANO.00 Philippine Aerospace Development Corporation RUERAS.50 VALDEZ. MANUEL JR. MARIA CRISTINA CATALIG BOD Chairman 15. MA.70 LAIGO. CORAZON HALILI BOD Alternate Member 0.874.111. GILBERT DELOS SANTOS BOD Member 0.89 POSO.505. NOEL NARCA Vice President 1. RONALD BASCON Department Manager 1.00 REYES. LAO BOD Alternate Member 0. DELFIN JR. ANDREA MARIA PATRICIA MANGROBANG BOD Member 162.40 PAL. EDUARD DACUYCUY Asst.81 OROBIA.341.00 SARENAS.934. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.32 SARMIENTO.00 VELARDE.00 ABAD.

ROGER CADAO Department Manager 2.653. IRMA SECILLANO OIC Department Manager 2.984.640.450.298. JOSE FERDINAND II MENDOZA General Manager 3.00 NANTES.199.13 PELISCO.25 ABAD.987.05 INCIONG. ROMAN CLEMENTE Department Manager 2. JOSE SUMULONG BOD Member 2. FRANCISCO III GATMAITAN BOD Member 1.97 QUIÑONES.00 DE DIOS.075. MARISSA ORPILLA OIC Department Manager 1.338. LAURO ATACADOR Department Manager 2.44 MAMBA.549.543.00 ARCENAS.00 PORCIUNCULA. ALFREDO ESPINOSA BOT Member 0.370.736.61 SEÑERES.00 DOMINGO. CONRADO CORACHEA Assistant General Manager 2.00 GABUYO.58 PARUGINOG. RAMON LOQUELLANO Executive Director 42. TERESITA VITUG OIC Department Manager 1.109.482. GAY NADINE PICARDAL OIC Department Manager 833.217.75 RAVAGO.190.501.932.71 MALANG.949. ALEGRIA ABOGADO Department Manager ARNEL NAVARRA Department Manager 2.278.00 ROJAS.36 NOEL.030. MABEL VILLARICA BOD Member 1.052. ROMEO SAMAN Department Manager 2.784. ENRIQUITO MENDOZA BOD Member 2.990.Details of Salaries and Allowances.77 ASUIT. MARIO SICOLA OIC Department Manager 1.36 RAMIREZ.00 RESIDE. the details of which can be found in Part VI . JOSE BERNARDO JR. ORVILLE JOSE COLINA Executive Director 171.900. PAQUITO JR.031.00 JOAQUIN. RENATO ELIDO Division Chief 53.007.892.994. ERINEO SAQUILAYAN BOD Chairman 812.508. VENUS TUSING Department Manager 1.138. JOSE FERDINAND II MENDOZA BOD Vice Chairman 648.00 KRAFT.668. JOSEPH JOSE Division Chief 53.563. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* NUGUID.97 PATIAG. MARIA CIELO DIAZ Division Chief 40.02 ALVOR. RUBIN ZARATE Department Manager 2.426.675.00 MAGNO.67 YASON. ANNA LIZA PALAMOS OIC Department Manager 1.00 TETANGCO.03 MALIKSI.758.247.67 CEDRO.82 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.00 OCHOA.23 ROJAS.625.88 ROBLES. AGUSTIN LOPEZ Division Chief 2.693.00 CAPUNO.93 BUADO.22 ASEO.46 HINAYON. MAGLALANG BOT Member 0.00 PASCUAL. JOHN DEREK NARIDO Department Manager 2. JOSE FERDINAND II MENDOZA Acting BOD Chairman 144.61 CARBONEL.972.218.00 CLARETE.981. JOSEFINA ALORRO Department Manager 1.428.661.789. JOSE TORDILLAS Assistant General Manager 172. ARSENIO MOLINA BOT Member 0. FLORENCIO GARCIA BOD Member 1.438. MA.681. MAJAH-LEAH VILLAR Division Chief 21.667. BETTY BUENAOBRA BOD Member 1.67 MEDRANO. GREGORY LIM BOT Member 0. DOROTHY CONCEPCION Department Manager 2. 35 .343.352.00 CLARETE.00 TANJUATCO. MARIA SOCORRO GOCHOCO Division Chief GOCHOCO.442.625. CESAR VELASQUEZ BOT Member 0.999.967.524.725.00 Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office ROJAS. REENA YUMINA MASA Department Manager 1. ROMUALDO VILLAS Department Manager 154. AMANDO JR. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.723.29 MAGNO. FEDERICO ALIVIO OIC Department Manager 2. JULIETA FERNANDEZ Assistant General Manager 737. MERCEDES JARIÑO OIC Department Manager 2. LARRY RABANO Assistant General Manager 2.028. RAMON LOQUELLANO BOT Member 0. REMELIZA JOVITA MILLARES Assistant General Manager 2.527.000.79 DAMOLE.00 SARSONAS.285.71 CASAS.959. HSIA OIC Department Manager 2. EMMANUEL SORIANO Executive Director 42.000.600.431.89 TORRES. BETSY BORJA Department Manager 1.527.311. FLORENCIO BARSANA BOT Member 0.84 RIGODON. ALELI DELA PAZ Division Chief 104.489.11 ZABELLA.094. RAMON IKE VILLAREAL Department Manager 2.26 BAUTISTA. NAVARRO BOT Member 0.422.00 PURISIMA.52 Philippine Center for Economic Development SOLON.00 BALISACAN.900.84 GUEMO.504.000.939.115.

00 Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation BERNABE. EPIFANIO ATIENZA BOD Member 517.12 CUETO.265.316.692.035.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries. NERCUIT Administrator/BOD Member 1. ROEL MANILA Deputy Administrator 1.00 VILLARIBA.77 BERNARDO. ANTONIO II SERION Vice President 1.864. LUZ MALBOG BOD Member 0.00 GARIN. VICENTE JR YLANAN BOD Member 0. VARGAS BOD Member 582. SONIA BERNARDO Department Manager 1.563.549.00 MARASIGAN. FREDELITA CADUÑGON BOD Chairman 8.772.00 DUBONGCO.214. JOVY CAJILI President/BOD Vice Chairman 2. ARNEL DOMINGO BOD Member 32.06 BARBOSA.740. NEMESIO TORRES BOD Member 0.020. CRISTETA AFRICA OIC Manager 1.00 Philippine Children's Medical Center LECCIONES.283.339.00 JALOS. RALPH SAGUIN Manager 825.89 SANTOS.08 WAHAB.750.020. REX BATION Manager 939. TIMOTEO JR.00 MANIEBO.400.536.432. JANETTE LORETO BOD Chairman 0.99 LO. 36 .854.882.80 EHERA.765. ABUNDIO EDICIO GAN BOD Member 107. DIOSCORO ASOTILLA BOD Chairman 580.052.66 RIVERA.956.320. JOSE SANTOS Manager 952. AMELINDA SALDUA Deputy Director 1. CESAR JR COLLANTES BOD Member 120.800. ALBERTO ATACADOR BOD Chairman 0.894.00 SUAREZ.720.222.541.00 PILANDO.781. RALPH SAGUIN OIC Manager 216.00 GO.00 DELA TORRE.800.00 GUIZA.329.50 MANOHAR. FRANCIS NEPOMUCENO BOD Chairman MARVI VIRIÑA OIC Manager 221.114.406.00 CRUZ.50 LAGO.00 GAKO. TEOTIMO CAMBEL Manager 895.130.600.84 NIERVA.484. PONCIANO ABEDES BOD Member 111.027. GENALINE RODRIGUEZ Deputy Administrator 221.00 BARBOSA.85 CANJA.00 PANGILINAN.469.Details of Salaries and Allowances.00 PEÑAMORA. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.00 MARASIGAN. MARINA BADDAL OIC Manager 753.00 BELIZARIO. MA. RAMON LIMOSINERO OIC Deputy Administrator 0.302. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* NAIDAS.49 CRUZ.000.500.20 HAMOY. RAYMUNDO WONG Deputy Executive Director 1. ROMULO JR. CARLOS SARMIENTO OIC Deputy Administrator 433.46 ZIPAGAN.001.779.00 GARIN.112.930. SEGUNDO JR.519.966.00 Philippine Coconut Authority ARANCON. SALUPEN BOD Member 0. NORMAN RIVERA Senior Vice President 1. OSCAR GUIMARINO BOD Member 49.280.219. JUAN JR. MATEO BAGUNU Manager 1. LIBERTY HABANA OIC Manager 904. ALEX DE GUZMAN BOD Member 573. TEOFILO JR.15 GUERRERO. JULIUS ALMARIO Executive Director 1. MARVI VIRIÑA Manager 819.29 MAGNO. LUISITO JUINIO OIC Manager 839.00 CANTOR.33 GALICIA.166.30 HAMOY.105. HIPOLITO Acting Vice President 1.025.363.296. LUIS GOMEZ Manager 1.50 GRANADA. RAMON REFAMONTE Manager 727.00 BORRA.00 BATUGAL. the details of which can be found in Part VI . RIBAY Manager 872.95 MANOHAR.73 ROSALES.219. RAMON LIMOSINERO OIC Deputy Administrator/Manager 1. ERLENE CONCIBIDO Manager 543. REYNATO PASCO OIC Manager 486. KENNETH HARTIGAN BOD Member 0. RAFAEL PAJARILLO BOD Member 143. JARA CORAZON OCON Deputy Executive Director 1. GLENN BONIFACIO Deputy Administrator 722.626.590.95 VALERA.50 RIVERA.50 UY. RAMON REFAMONTE OIC Manager 166.511.00 BUAC. ERLENE CONCIBIDO OIC Manager 349.60 CAJUCOM.00 SARUCAM.77 GONZALEZ. EDILBERTO VILLANANTE Manager 551.

00 ORBETA.00 RUIZ. TERESO ORDASI Deputy Director General 2.22 DE VERA.660.77 PURISIMA.023. MARIETTA NOLASCO Manager 288.652.170.00 CHU.127.99 BULAON.00 Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation ORBETA. CRISTINA QUE BOD Vice Chairman 1.00 ALBANO. LORALIE CRUZ OIC.990.305. MA. 37 .229.00 PANDAPATAN.860.50 SIMS.00 CABRAL. IMELDA SERRANO Executive Vice President 2. MIGUEL JR BRIEVA OIC Assistant General Manager/Manager 939. MA.224.96 VILLEGAS. RAUL VILLAMOR BOD Alternate Member 0.00 ESCAREZ. JOSEPH YANCE BOD Alternate Member 0.338. JOSE JR ATANACIO Manager 1.08 TACANDONG.00 ADORNADO. ZENEN RENAN BOWLEY BOD Member 0. SEGFREDO ROQUE BOD Member 0.665. ABDULFATAK ADIONG BOD Alternate Member 0. LORETA GUEVARRA BOD Member 0.00 ANGELES. RODRIGO MANANGHAYA OIC Assistant General Manager/Manager 271.00 TUNGPALAN.350. MAGLALANG BOD Member 0.37 DIAZ.000.937. WILBERTO RACOMA OIC Manager 970. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. KIM JACINTO BOD Member 0.366.00 DALISAY. ANA CARMELA LIGON Executive Vice President 2. ROLANDO GUMIA BOD Member 0.798. PROTACIO TAN BOD Member 3.00 GUEVARA. ERIC MONTALBAN OIC Manager 756.20 ABORDO.64 CALAYAG.72 TETANGCO. IRIS ROPA Manager 1.124.00 HENARES.00 LAMBERTE. FRANCISCO INQUIMBOY BOD Member 200.626. Assistant General Manager/OIC General Manager 160.00 DOMINGO. LUCIANO BOD Member 0.32 YUSINGCO.191.70 MENDOZA.271.00 BALDOZ. the details of which can be found in Part VI . MABANTA Senior Vice President 4. ROMEO JR.23 VILLEGAS.00 PEREZ. EDUARDO MENDEZ BOD Member 0.20 DATAHAN. TOMAS RAYMUNDO BOD Alternate Member 0.420. SANDRA ARCE Senior Vice President 4. MARY HARRIET ORTEGA Deputy Director General 2. AMANDO JR. EDUARDO MENDEZ General Manager 130. CEDRIC REBOTON BOD Member 170.00 AYSON.699. MA.00 DELA CRUZ.00 PANADERO.990.00 Philippine Economic Zone Authority DE LIMA.895. ROBERTO NEPOMUCENO BOD Member 50. ALMA TERESA RODRIGUEZ Senior Vice President 4.140. ROGELIO WENCESLAO BOD Member 3.920. ROWENA CRISTINA LAZARO BOD Member 0.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries. CRISTINA QUE President 4. LORNA PURA OIC Manager 283.00 VELENA.00 DEL ROSARIO. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* CORPUZ. DEMETRIO JR. JUSTO PORFIRIO LLANA Deputy Director General 2.27 DATAHAN.00 BAGTAS.00 PICO.579.735.850.32 PANGA.00 ESTOPEREZ.00 SERRANO. LORALIE CRUZ Acting General Manager 768.Details of Salaries and Allowances.00 FERRER.722.591. CATALINA ESTAMO BOD Member 0. HENRY ASTOVEZA BOD Alternate Member 0. ROSALINDA DIMAPILIS BOD Member 0.139. JOVITA MORALES BOD Member 0.053. REX CONDEZ BOD Alternate Member 0. MIGUEL JR BRIEVA Manager 258. AUSTERE ABONG BOD Member 0.464.504.776. CESAR VELASQUEZ BOD Chairman 0.133.22 LAMBERTE.560.810. LILIA BAGAPORO Director General 4.021.072. ORLAN AGBIN OIC General Manager 15.776. ANA CARMELA LIGON Senior Vice President 2.18 MANALO.224. GILDA ELEPANO BOD Member 0. ASIS GENEROSO BOD Alternate Chairman 0.00 BALTAZAR. LIGAYA TOBIAS Manager 1.39 MALANOG.00 RODRIGUEZ.000.453. GREGORY LIM BOD Chairman 0.00 Philippine Fisheries Development Authority CHU.54 SINGZON.051.86 DATAHAN.00 IGNACIO.000. LORALIE CRUZ Acting General Manager/OIC General Manager 478.774.

93 AYCO.38 SIAR.508.00 PAUL.481.049.17 CABRERA. LINDA GONZALES Department Manager 1.339.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries. NERI BOD Member 0. LOURDES CAJAYON BOD Member 0. GILBERTO MONTECER President 1.36 BALDOZ.12 ASUNCION. EDDIE GABITO BOD Member 871. JANETTE LORETO BOD Chairman 0. REBECCA CONSUEGRA BOD Member 0.424. AUSTERE ABONG BOD Member 264.374. ALBERTO ATACADOR BOD Member 0. SHIELA VALDEAVILLA Department Manager 1.161.139. KENNETH HARTIGAN BOD Member 0. RAFAEL CUNANAN BOD Alternate Member 0.00 AJAYI.084. ANA THERESIA HONTIVEROS BOD Member 521. MARIFE MAGNO Department Manager 202. GENESIS MONROY Senior Vice President 2.Details of Salaries and Allowances.000.00 DORADO.00 VERGARA.317. JASPER ALBERTO H BOD Member 30.00 GAKO. MANUEL II ARANETA BOD Member 0.00 SAN JOSE. KATHERINE BRIGUERA BOD Member 0.00 BRIMON.483.250.346.26 ALIBANTO.268.088. ROSALINDA DIMAPILIS BOD Member 0. ALEXANDER DE LAS ALAS President & CEO 3.00 MARTINEZ.21 LOPEZ. GERARDO SEVILLA Assistant Director 1. JOSEPHINE GUILLERMO Assistant Director 1.60 GARIN. PATROCINIO JUDE HENSON BOD Member 0.54 MERCADO.750.00 Philippine Institute for Development Studies LLANTO.50 AGCAOILI.413.289. JOVITA VALLE Senior Vice President 998. CORAZON JULIANO BOD Member 0.38 BUHAT.00 Philippine Heart Center CHUA CHIACO.00 Philippine Health Insurance Corporation PADILLA. MELINDA CUETO Senior Vice President 3. WILLIAM TUASON BOD Alternate Member 0.23 CORVITE.059.00 ESGUERRA.483. ROBERT GARCIA BOD Member 0. MA. EMIL KIRAM BOD Alternate Member 0. CYNTHIA DE MESA Senior Vice President 625.636.309.43 BELTRAN.00 PADOLINA. SALUPEN BOD Member 0. CELERINO JR SANTIAGO Senior Vice President 746.194. TEOFILO JR.32 PANADERO. JANETTE LORETO BOD Chairman 425.00 BELIZARIO. ANA.91 PADILLA. ALEXANDER DE LAS ALAS BOD Vice Chairman 624. the details of which can be found in Part VI .000.00 LASCANO.000. FRANCISCO VICENTE FORMOSO BOD Member 612. RAMON FUENTES Chief Operating Officer 3.00 CHATO.845. AGNES ESTANISLAO BOD Member 0.715.00 SOLIMAN. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* RAGOS.02 DE QUIROS. ROBERT SANTIAGO BOD Member 0.391. ERNESTO VALECERINA Senior Vice President 3. RUBEN JOHN ANG Senior Vice President 3.914.68 ARISTOZA.910.143.28 MANZO. JEREMIAS JR.000.00 ROXAS. RENEE ANN JOLINA CATIBOG OIC Department Manager 1.00 SADAIN.432.594.88 ARAGONA. EMILIO JR.00 STA.418.942.716. GREGORIO CAMPOS Senior Vice President 2. LUZ MALBOG BOD Member 0.00 BERNARDO.12 LOPEZ.719.96 BALLESTEROS.010.00 CANTOR. 38 . THERESA EMPLEO Senior Vice President 156.63 RULLODA. VICENTE JR YLANAN BOD Member 0.00 GO. MA.831.284. EDGAR JULIO SORIANO Senior Vice President 2. JANE MELVIN-NEGRE BOD Member 2. NEMESIO TORRES BOD Member 0.758. ALEXANDER GERARD ALEMANY BOD Member 704.113. WILLIAM GONZALES BOD Member 50.174.01 NAVARRO. ADPRACION MENDOZA OIC Vice President 622.57 BARAQUEL.406. SOTOMAYOR BOD Member 1. ARSENIO MOLINA BOD Chairman 0. ANDREA SISANTE Department Manager 1.649.00 PILANDO.58 GARIN.27 BALISACAN.00 YABUT.091. MANUEL TAN Director 1.53 DOROTAN.38 BASA.28 ADARLO. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.522.250.041.

00 LA VIÑA.312.90 GARCIA. LEONIDA SYGUA BOT Member 40.141.381.00 ALCALA.00 DAYRIT.240.05 SALCEDO.000. GABRIEL LIM BOD Member 387.373. RAPHAEL PERPETUO MERCADO BOD Member 20. GREGORY LIM BOD Chairman 0. ROBERTO ABAYA Deputy General Manager 2.Details of Salaries and Allowances. VIVIAN ELERA OIC Manager 959.00 EBRIEGA.000. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. GUDELIA CACDAC Manager 1.33 TETANGCO.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.191. JOSEFINA BATIN OIC Manager 910. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* BERNARDO. MYRA CHITELLA TARIO OIC Vice President 1.711.20 GARIN.00 LLANTO. ALLAN CAPALAD OIC Manager 467.27 VILLAR.125.696.00 CAMARA.539.00 SARMIENTO. ROSA PILIPINAS MAGADIA OIC Manager 458.34 AGUIRRE.00 BERNABE. MILA USMAN Plant Manager 989.00 BALAYAN.00 OCAMPO. the details of which can be found in Part VI . MARIA TERESITA CRUZ Director 1. WILSON BARRO Director 1.00 NALIPONGUIT. MAGLALANG BOD Chairman 0. GILBERTO MONTECER BOD Member 0.000.395.00 MONSANTO.046.973.885.385. ARNEL DE GUZMAN OIC Manager 828. ELLA CECILIA GAMOLO BOT Member 35. MA.33 GONZALEZ.00 SARINO. ANNETTE LEE Plant Manager 998.000. MARIA LOURDES TAGUINOD President 1. PADILLA.613.00 Philippine Institute of Traditional and Alternative Health Care MARTINEZ. THERESA MUNDITA SISON BOT Member 40.032. JANETTE LORETO BOT Chairman 0. 39 .040.749. MELPIN AMIL Corporate Secretary 1.20 GONZAGA.285.268. ANITA CUMIGAD Plant Manager 995.00 ATIENZA.273.00 WONG.268.00 MENDOZA. MARTIN DE GUZMAN BOT Member 25.374. ESTERLINA GORGOLON OIC Manager 968.022. MARILYN BAGUINON Department Manager 1.00 CUBILLAN.111. MARIEVIC ROBLES OIC Manager 969. RHODORA SOSA OIC Manager 984. RENATO BRIONES General Manager 2. Inc. AMANDO JR. RAQUEL DELGADO BOD Member 257.00 DOMONDON. DINAH MANSILLA Director 1. VICENTE SURLA BOD Vice Chairman 0.50 INOCENCIO.000. PACITA ROSALINDA YUVIENCO BOD Member 466.582.320.00 ALVAREZ. VIVENCIO RULLAN BOT Member 30. CARMELITA BELEN CASTRO Vice President 1.03 SANTOS.469.280.00 MONTOYA. ROMEO LOPEZ BOD Member 20.790.00 GUESE.670. EVELINA MALARI Plant Manager 835. JOSE GABRIEL MAESTRADO BOD Member 30. MARIA PAZ BAJARIAS BOT Member 0.048. JAIME CARLOS BOT Member 15. Vice President 1.00 ARELLANO.133.00 RODRIGUEZ.00 MAGCASE.20 MAGNO.050.189. MARIO M.391.62 DELOS REYES. VICTORIA CONSING Vice President 1.204. FABIAN MILLAR BOT Member 30.000. ESTER ARANZAZO Manager 1.069. CRISTINA MENDOZA BOD Member 468.84 JUABAN.302.199.00 BERNARDO.000.900.066. ANGEL CHUA BOT Member 40.00 LIM.00 LEYGO.00 Philippine International Convention Center.000.00 ILAO.39 CRUZ.15 GARCIA.000. MA.376.779. WARREN DAVID ASIS BOT Member 35.529. BERNADETTE ESTRELLA BOT Member Philippine International Trading Corporation BAUA. ISIDRO CABUYAO Department Manager 1.275.606.052. JOEL SOLIS Manager 1.63 DOMINGO.00 AQUINO.369. DAVID AVELLANOSA Manager 1.000.03 ATANACIO.00 MAMARIL. CHRISTABELLA PANTE Vice President 1.00 CALAGUI. SUSAN SERRANO BOD Member 450.337.000.00 LOTILLA.383. EDGARDO CABILES OIC Manager 977.80 CAPIRAL.816.040.00 SIA.

TONI ANGELI VELASCO BOD Alternate Member 0.00 NUÑEZ. TONI ANGELI VELASCO BOD Member 16. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* ALCALA.00 MARTINEZ. ADRIAN JR. CORAZON CABRIDO BOD Alternate Member 0.00 ROSETE.57 HERRERO.851. EFREN VARGAS BOD Alternate Member 0. MARIA NIEVES MARIVES DAVID Manager 1.00 REBUENO. ROLANDO ROSARIO BOD Alternate Member 0. MA.346. CHRISTOPHER LAGDAMEO BOD Member 23.78 VELASCO.00 Philippine National Construction Corporation SISON.33 ADAN. SATURNINO HIZON BOD Member 0. GLENDA GOMEZ Senior Vice President PAJE.30 COO.Details of Salaries and Allowances. ANTONIO MARTIN BOD Member 0.00 ARCE.018. ELIZEA GILLERA BOD Member 138. MA.660.481.517.00 CRISTOBAL.542.773. TOMAS CHAVEZ BOD Member 301. ALLAN QUIMSON BOD Alternate Member 0. the details of which can be found in Part VI .00 BRUCE. MARI JENNIFER MENDOZA BOD Alternate Member 0.00 Philippine Mining Development Corporation MONDRAGON.00 PAJE. LILIA LUCAS BOD Alternate Member 0. SORIANO BOD Member 0.00 GAZMIN. LUIS DELA FUENTE President and CEO 5.72 DE VEYRA.886. SALVADOR JR.00 COO.00 CASTRO.00 CAILAO.48 Philippine National Oil Company CAILAO. TOMAS II CONCHA BOD Member 140.120. LITO ALBERTO President and CEO/BOD Member 2. ANTONIO CANO BOD Member 140. CAMACHO BOD Chairman 383.48 PANLILIO.124. LEANDRO HERNANDEZ BOD Alternate Member 0.00 UMALI.000. ANTONIO MARTIN President/Chief Executive Officer 1. LOURDES FAJARDO BOD Member 0.458.00 MEJIA.00 MENDOZA. BRENDA JOYCE REYES BOD Alternate Member 0.00 GASPAR.16 VERGARA.176. CRISTINO LAGMAN BOD Member 202.00 BARLETA.61 CAPCO.00 REBUENO.627. JEAN NILO BOD Alternate Member 0.656.035. ROSEMARIE GEROLAGA BOD Alternate Member 0.49 ALEJANDRINO.42 JAMORA. LUIS DELA FUENTE BOD Vice Chairman 192.50 CRUZ. ROBERT GARCIA BOD Member 54.308. RAMON JESUS PALMIANO BOD Chairman 0. NORA ORDINARIO BOD Member 324.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries. VIRGIL CABUNOC Manager 1. JANICE DAY EDROZO Senior Vice President 2.63 ALVAREZ.218.00 MARCOS. MIRIAM MATAWARAN Vice President 1. ELEANOR ROCHELLE SALVADOR Department Manager 1. JOSE JR. PROCESO JARAZA BOD Member 0. CATIBAYAN BOD Member 0. RAMON JESUS PALMIANO BOD Member 0. ARSENIO MOLINA BOD Member 0.702. DONATO DIONISIO BOD Alternate Member 0. MA. PONCIANO JR.27 ALFONSO. ELPIDIO JR. CECILIO DE BORJA BOD Member 0. JAIME TAN Vice President 1.00 BALISACAN.73 GOZUN.481.730.356. ROSANNA ESCAREAL BOD Member 295. FEDERICO CRUZ BOD Member 11.973. ALINAS BOD Member 0.178.00 MANALO.00 VINLUAN.043.13 MORTEL.00 CARRION.00 HABITAN. REYNALDO GODOY BOD Alternate Member 0.378.00 MONSADA. GRACIELA MANDE Senior Vice President 1.66 PASETES. 40 .755.00 DAVIS.00 GERONIMO.00 LORENZO.323.00 LEAÑO.30 PIDO.00 EDILLON. ROSENDO TULAD BOD Member 322.90 SISON.019.46 FALGUI.33 SANTOS.464. ZENAIDA ALAGAR Manager 52.759.811.595.242.320.000. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. TERESA SIBUCAO BOD Alternate Member 0. YOLANDA DE CLARO Vice President 2. ZENAIDA YGNACIO BOD Alternate Member 0. LOURDES FAJARDO BOD Member 0.433. ESTEBAN Manager 915.

492.596.102.492. LUIS DALMACIA Assistant Postmaster General 2.00 SARINO.36 LINA.36 BUCAYAN.90 ARENAS.Details of Salaries and Allowances. JULIANITO JR.587. V.246. JUAN COLLANTES General Manager 2.25 LALANTO. BOD Member 533. JOSEPH ALLAN CATIBOG General Manager 2. LINO GERARDO GUTIERREZ Department Manager 1.662.732. ZENAIDA YGNACIO BOD Chairman 0. Department Manager 339. PEDRO JR. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* CALAOR.531.00 TAGARO.78 CRUZ. RUBEN BORDADO BOD Member 333. MAMA SIMBA-AN BOD Member 632.71 ENRIQUEZ. MAURA BAGHARI Assistant Postmaster General 2.92 Philippine Postal Savings Bank.593.455.504. ANA.000.58 ADOBO.19 MONDOÑEDO.00 AQUINO. ZENAIDA CUISON BOD Alternate 0. ARGAME BOD Member 870.13 MAGLAYA. MARIA JOSEFINA MENDOZA Postmaster General and Chief Executive Officer 4. MARTINEZ BOD Member 439.802. LUTHGARDA MIDORANDA Department Manager 139. DISTRAJO BOD Alternate 195.549.000.00 PETILLA. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.44 ALCASID. JOEL LIBARIOS BOD Member 1.982.006. RENATO ROXAS BOD Member 720. NESTOR IV REYES BOD Alternate 38.229. JOYCELYN SANCHEZ Department Manager 1.00 Philippine National Railways DILAY.44 SANTICO.722.737. ROBERT SALERA Assistant Postmaster General 2. 41 . MICHAEL FREDERICK DE LEON BOD Member 0. the details of which can be found in Part VI .123.678.00 DE GUZMAN. ZENAIDA CUISON BOD Member 46. PRIMITIVO BALMASEDA BOD Member 581. POTENCIANO JR.46 SILVA.14 LIMCAOCO.821.00 PURISIMA.927.941.77 GUZMAN.773.00 MATUTINA.33 OTARRA. CESAR VELASQUEZ BOD Member 0.42 MEDROSO.588.553. FELIPE AGUDO BOD Member 690. CARLO AGUSTIN BOD Alternate 125. ERNESTO JR. MANUEL HONORIO BOD Chairman 448.379.554.198. DANTE BONDOC BOD Member 856.129.00 TUAZON.35 MAGLAYA.00 ALBAYTAR.755. RAUL TUAZON Assistant General Manager 1.742.177. TOMAS BARTOLOME Assistant General Manager 1. VICTORINO SALVALEON Department Manager 1.793.711. EVANGELINE BARCELON Department Manager 1.18 SANTOS. CESAR NAVARRETE BOD Chairman 1.00 Philippine Postal Corporation DELA CRUZ.163.64 CANLAS.80 REGIS. CESAR NAVARRETE President and Chief Executive Officer 3.22 CARLOS.52 MEJIA.314.427.99 GOTHONG.602.00 MUSNGI.988. BOD Member 649.682.985.781. APOLLO SENO BOD Member 896. TOMAS CARMELO T BOD Member 140.00 Philippine Ports Authority STA. Incorporated SARINO.38 BALA.95 MOMO. MAXIMO JR QUIBRANZA BOD Member 291. RUBEN JR.399.00 REINOSO.36 BARREIRO. ALBERTO DAVID BOD Alternate 23.714.32 CARLOS.08 CARAG. HERMINIO SR.164. ROMEO SALAZAR BOD Member 216.031. SANTIBAÑEZ BOD Member 0. CELIA ROLLE Department Manager 1. REMEDIOS AQUINO.244.790.852.956.64 MONSADA. JOHN J.365.222.228.57 HIDALGO.967. BOB D.76 MIJARES.22 LARRAZABAL. CARINA UMIAS Department Manager 1.41 ARANETA. CARLOS JERICHO LORETO BOD Chairman 0.00 TORRES.37 LACABA. ARMANDO LAZADO Assistant General Manager AMOR. GOLEZ BOD Alternate 217.434.719. FERNANDO VILLAR BOD Member 398.176. BOD Member 132. RENE KATIGBAK BOD Co-Chairman 0. DIOSDADO NAPIZA Assistant General Manager 1. FLORANTE CRUZ Corporate Secretary 1.806.61 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.369.177.25 MANUEL. RONALDO SUNGA BOD Member 1.576.

347.705.Details of Salaries and Allowances.877.420. ROSEMARIE PRESTON Vice President 1.68 MANTE.836.317.15 URCIA.349. FIDEL ALDANA BOD Member 562. EDILBERTO CANUS BOD Member 822.855. DELFIN JR. CESAR NAVARRETE BOD Vice Chairman 576.00 VILLAMORA.00 BALBIN.990.00 CANTA. JAMES SUAZO Vice President 731.00 REBULTAN.014.00 BUGAYONG.572.184.000.00 TORRECAMPO.00 ATIENZA.00 MISON. the details of which can be found in Part VI .46 DOMINGO.00 UNCAD. REYES BOT Chairman 0.21 SILOS. 42 .00 BAUTISTA.050. MAXIMO VINLUAN Vice President 573.00 RASCO. EDGARDO RAMOS Vice President 616.997.285. RODELIO SANCHEZ Vice President 101.400. VICENTE SURLA BOT Member 0.00 BASIAO.856. SALOME VILORIA Vice President 1. ALONA BALATBAT Vice President 2.00 ALARAS.60 MORTEL. MANUEL JOSE CAJAYON Deputy Executive Director 1. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.209.01 MEDINA.019.00 AUREUS.260.324.00 MORENO.96 AMBION.00 VARON.216.002. VIRGILIO TOLENTINO BOD Member 1.000. MARIO CRUZ BOD/Corporate Secretary 1. MARIANO JR. NOEHL DALAO Department Manager 1.29 ROBLES.00 MULDONG. MA.67 MONTEMAYOR.00 SARINO. REYNALDO BUSTOS BOD Member 874. AMANDO JR.446.00 PASCUAL.520.766.449.00 Philippine Rice Research Institute PROTACIO.400.035.06 LEE.00 CAMBA.92 DELA CRUZ.822. SIEGFRED BUENO BOT Member 0. RAMON JR. MANUEL CLAMOR BOD Member 999.000. MA.072. ORLANDO HULAR Department Manager 1. SAMUEL SANTILLANA Vice President 1.00 REGALADO.900.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.085.00 TETANGCO. VINCE NOGOT Vice President 1.200. MIRANDA GELIG Vice President 1.429.00 AQUINO. ESTANISLAO ROMERO BOT Member 0.00 SALCEDO. ROBERTO TABING BOD Chairman 1. JOSELITO HERRERA BOD Member 967.028. ARMINDA AFABLE Assistant General Manager 1.663. MAGLALANG BOT Member 0.55 SIBAYAN.706.86 ROMBLON. MARIA JOSEFINA MENDOZA BOD Chairman 1.477.412. VEREDIGNO PESAGAN General Manager 568. VICENTE GABRIEL BOT Member 0.100.168. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* FABIAN.812.374. VICTOR NARCISO BOD Member 516. EUGENE TAN BOT Member 0. BITUIN VALDEZ BOD/Corporate Treasurer 838. IRMA SANTOS Department Manager 909.430. RAMON BAUTISTA Vice President 755. CALIXTO MABESA Executive Director 637. GODOFREDO GARCIA Vice President 1. Assistant General Manager 1.497. EUFEMIO JR TAM Executive Director 113.269. CRISTINA AMPOSTA Assistant General Manager 1.453. RENE ENRIQUE MARTIN BOD Member 989.976.51 DE JESUS.335.00 HABITAN. LACSAMANA.102.613.782. VEREDIGNO PESAGAN BOD Vice Chairman 0. JAY BERTRAN TUNGOL BOD Member 938.53 Philippine Retirement Authority CABANSAG.642. Assistant General Manager 1.900.77 MURILLO.27 PANZO. PHILIP JOHN BALLESTER Department Manager 1.00 KAW. VALENTINO LACSON General Manager 657.115. BENJAMIN TALON Vice President 401.800.08 LORENZO.00 ATIENZA.00 JIMENEZ.249.757.175.00 Philippine Reclamation Authority ABAYA. JAIME JR BANAAG Vice President 1. PETER ANTHONY AGUINALDO General Manager & CEO 2.843. JOSELITO DELGADO Assistant General Manager 1. HIGINIO CRUZ Senior Vice President 2. CADIZ OIC.400.373.357.00 LAPPAY. FLORO CORNEJARES OIC. OJEDA BOD Member 1.249. REYNALDO DE LEON Deputy General Manager 222.08 ALIMURUNG.00 LINGAT. BELINDA GALAGNARA Vice President 227.36 ESTRADA.20 GONZALES.

00 LAPUS. the details of which can be found in Part VI .250.00 MENDOZA.785. EDUARDO JIMMY PUA Deputy Executive Director 1.00 RABUCO.00 OBIEN. LOURDES SEVILLA Manager 635.758. Department Manager 968. ELIZABETH VILLANUEVA Manager 713. VICENTE HERMOSO BOD Member/Vice President 0.045. MERCELINA MELANIO BOD Member/Assistant Treasurer 0.071.550. REGINA BAUTISTA BOD Chairman 0.234.00 ABELLO. MA.00 REGALADO. Department Manager 1.827.00 CASTILLO.464. SENEN CARLOS BOT Member 5.408. PROCESO JARAZA BOT Chairman 1.327.00 MABAZZA. MARIA LUISA RUPAC BOT Member 5. RAUL D.00 BACANI.700.64 ALAMILLO.840.026.00 BILLANO.200. LILIA LUCAS BOD Member/President 17.00 MEJIA. ROWENA D. NECITAS BAGSIT Administrative Head 1.595. HERCULANO JR.754. SATURNINO HIZON BOD Member 5. BUENSUCESO BOD Member 177.900.360. JULIE LEDESMA Department Manager 1. CHRISTINA DIAMANTE Treasurer 12.80 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.00 Philippine Sugar Corporation SALVATIERRA.00 VELASCO.659. AMOR REYES Manager 640. TRIUNFO PASCUAL BOD Chairman 378. PACIFICO MORALES BOT Member 0.00 ALCALA.00 REBUENO.664. BOD Member 430.614. BENJAMIN IRINEO III FELARCA BOD Member 5.00 BAÑAS.000. Department Manager 220. MA. CLETO BOT Member 0.000.00 KIONISALA. JACQUELINE CATRAL Vice President 156. JOYCE ANNE NERI Manager 785. VICENTE ROSARIO BOD Member 351.600. JOSE CASTELLANO BOD Member 338. ANDREW OLONA BOD Member 171.00 SOLIVEN. CESAR POBRE BOD Member 272.00 DE DIOS. MA.000.00 CORTEZ.00 POBRE.73 MARTIN.142.00 DELA TORRE.313. LOURDES FAJARDO BOD Chairman 5.00 ZAYCO.13 LIM.840. FREDDIE WEILL BOD Member 215. 43 .024.00 Pinagkaisa Realty Corporation ARCE.000.00 AGUSTIN.03 BUGAYONG.992.00 GOMEZ.324. MA. IRMA CHAN Manager 581. JOSE AVERILLA Vice President 954.00 ADORABLE.840. GELIA TAGUMPAY BOT Member 5. Incorporated CAPISTRANO.840.00 PITC Pharma.00 TRILLANA.000.000.000. AUGUSTO JR.00 ALIMON.00 SARROSA. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* QUILANG.920.00 PHIVIDEC Industrial Authority MAGNO. MARITA REYES Corporate Secretary 12.204.00 CO. JOSEPH CONRAD FERNANDEZ BOD Member 219.534. LEO TERESO A.62 ESTANTE.840. RHOEL ZARAGOZA BOD Member 5.000.00 CLARITO. ROBERTO GUTIERREZ BOD Member 203.000. TEODORO CASTAÑEDA BOT Member 5. MARIA URSULITA UBAC Manager 579.00 LEDESMA.00 RAGANDANG.68 BUENAVENTURA.00 MALABANAN.00 CRUZ. EVELYN JULIETA AGUAS BOD Member 0. RENATO BELTRAN President/BOD Vice Chairman 1.00 ARANETA.000.000.703. JOSEPH EDGAR MARAÑON BOD Member 209.000.00 REYES.00 DE LUNA.00 FAJARDO. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. EDICIO GAN BOT Member 5.00 ANGELES. ROMEO D. MANUEL N. Administrator 1. THELMA RAMIREZ Accountant 890. JOSE VICTOR EMMANUEL ARAULLO BOD Member 0.00 DE CASTRO. RAYMOND TAYOBA BOD Member 171.Details of Salaries and Allowances. BOD Secretary 294.000.00 MENDOZA. JOSE JR ABUEL President & CEO 2.000.33 MENDOZA. LUIS REY IBAÑEZ BOT Member 5.840.500. DANTE F. EDILBERTO MANTALA Officer-in-Charge 5.000.

Finance 1.139. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* LAYOG.768.804. HERMINIO SR. REBECCA ALMENE Manager 523. EFREN AUSTRIA Manager.62 LEGASPI. TERESITA MERIS BOD Member 455.185.48 CARINGAL.48 GALANG. MANUEL CALIP Vice President 3.438. JONEIL HIDALGO Manager 2. Internal Audit 1.292.185. INGERSOL JR RUECA Manager 2.363. CLOVIS TRAZO General Manager 912. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.502. JOSE ALLAN RAMOS Manager 2.25 MAGSOMBOL.074.92 SEBELLO. Plan 1.917.000.000. RESTITUTO JR GOZO Manager 2.816.249. RENATO DEBOUZET. VALERIO JOSEPH MANJARES Manager 2. GILBERT BALANE Manager 2.57 FORONDA.409. ELIZABETH GARCIA Manager. Department Manager 1.00 MAGPANTAY.669.42 LOPEZ. MA.485.964.503.668. General Counsel 3.380.45 STA. LOURDES FAJARDO BOD Chairman 25.24 CRUZ.70 TUAZON.018.713. LUTHGARDA MIDORANDA Manager 1.30 BACUD.53 AMA. ELENITA PEREZ Manager 2. MARIA CARMINA ESCUETA BOD Member 165.811.380. ASUNCION CAUBALEJO Manager. OLGA LUCERO Manager 557. MARIA LOURDES TAGUINOD BOD Member 20.90 GELACIO. JOSEPHINE PINEDA Manager 2. DATU OMAR SALAZAR Compliance Officer 653.630.Details of Salaries and Allowances.00 YUZON.426.000.473.926.446.85 BELASON.993.58 SANTIA. GRACIELA MANDE Corporate Secretary 523.496.11 CAÑITA. RIZALINA VILLALOBOS BOD Member 5. MIGUEL AGUILAR Manager 2.754.070.96 NER. Department Manager 410. Manager 2. ROLANDO JR VASQUEZ Manager 2. LUISITO MENDOZA Department Manager 1.73 BARLETA. SERGIO JR LLANTOS Manager 2.602.818.401.17 DAYLEG. CHERYL PANTALEON Manager 528.84 MATUTINA.67 TAGANAS.92 NAVALTA. VIRGILIO AQUINO BOD Member 10.596.782.902.432.79 ANN.49 QUINDOZA.321.17 VILLANUEVA.671.51 MENDOZA.79 LITERAL. RAYMUNDO BACLIG Vice President 4. BRIGITTE DEONIO.00 PNOC Alternative Fuels Corporation CANLAS. JAIME A.435. LOURDES SERAFICO Vice President 4.531.949.525.00 REBUENO.440.27 VICTORIANO. NATIVIDAD ANGELES Manager 2. AURORA FAJARDO BOD Member 25.70 TORDILLA. GEMILIANO JR.76 OLIQUINO.058. Corp. JOSEPH JOHN MONTENEGRO Vice President 2.499. CORAZON REYES BOD Member 338. DANTE BONDOC President and Chief Executive Officer 3.613.285.00 PNOC Exploration Corporation AQUINO. the details of which can be found in Part VI .422.237.38 CAPRICHO.00 BAUA. CANDIDO MAGSOMBOL Vice President 4. ANA. CAMPOS BOD Chairman 588. PEDRO JR.000. SHARON BERTHA HASMIN Vice President 2.29 CRUZ.456. CARINA UMIAS Treasurer 409.915.12 LUMBERA.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.22 PNOC Development & Management Corporation ALCASID. MA.072. FEDERICO JR DUCUSIN Manager 2.499. MARIA RITA SANTOS Manager 2. 44 .00 TIMBOL. EBERT TOPACIO BOD Member 119.526.705.116.227. Legal and Admin 1.25 NAPIZA.776. MARTINEZ President/Director 2.55 LACABA.450.882.775.705.316.00 SAVELLA.256.00 BORRA.04 DAQUER.383.39 VILLARRUZ.485.617. ARGAME President/Chief Executive Officer 4.71 SINSUAT.32 VILLAMONTE.346.440.694.761. BAUTISTA. ELEANOR ANNE ELVIÑA Manager 488. JOSE C. JULIUS EVAN PARAON Manager 2.39 ESTRELLA.96 DAPAT. AMOR CORAZON DE MESA Manager. ARNEL NOEL BOMA Manager 2.717.516.958.28 TUPAS.108.000. SABINO NEGNER BOD Chairman 578. BEN FERDINAND FERDINAND Manager 267.16 ZAPATA.353.124.

657.883. ANTONIO MARTIN BOD Chairman 227.730.00 CARINGAL. JOSEFA CATHERINE T.388. RUFINO President/Chief Executive Officer 679. RUFINO BALDO BOD Member 1.300.85 PONFERRADA. PAMELA CEA Department Manager 1.50 GUILLAN. FRANCISCO JR. RALPH PASTOR ANG BOD Member 532. RAFAEL MENDOZA BOD Member 40. CELIA V. JAMES ESMERALDA Department Manager 680.039.011.516. MARIO UNICO Department Manager 583. BOD Member 591. RALPH PASTOR ANG BOD Member 48. the details of which can be found in Part VI .00 MACONOCIDO.301.399.13 TERCERO. NICOLAS R.233.024.50 BOMASANG.00 BADA.61 RODRIGUEZ.76 BAUTISTA.950.572.21 PAULINO. BOD Member 810. MANOLITO S. Vice President 627.62 GALIMBA.DG.43 BORLAZA.841. AROLF EMPINO Department Manager 1.00 TABORA. HELENA CARIÑO Vice President 1. EBERT TOPACIO BOD Member 252.00 CUI. WILFREDO PORFIRIO II FABULA Project Manager 485.631. RAFAEL MENDOZA BOD Member 423.781. BOD Member 652. ANSARY PACALNA BOD Member 241.529. CERILA A.804.04 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.29 BANAL.83 LITE. President & CEO 2.30 IGNALAGA. MAONGCO. CARINA UMIAS BOD Member 126.34 Power Sector Assets & Liabilities Management Corporation ALZONA. JOSEPH LORETO BOD Member 412.599.251.00 GOCO. MARCIAL NICANOR VILLANUEVA Department Manager 1. MARIA CARMINA ESCUETA BOD Member 271.876.85 LEDESMA.565.74 URANZA.16 DEL PILAR.12 BARREIRO. FERNANDO L BOD Member 15.785.342. EMMANUEL JR. BOD Member 284.39 Poro Point Management Corporation GERDAN.196.449. EVELYN MEJARITO BOD Member 246. GAUDENCIO RENATO TOLENTINO BOD Member 50. RAFAEL ENRIQUEZ BOD Member 818. MITCHEL I.897.253.03 CLAVIER.37 SORIANO. F. JORGE SR. TARRIELA BOD Member 854.98 SALAZAR.49 DALIPE.28 ZULUETA.14 ZARAGOSA. MARIA VICTORIA R.535.00 IRIARTE.920.89 CAILAO. LEOPOLDO ENRIQUEZ BOD Member 1.433. MARCHELLIE OCAMPO Department Manager 1.09 MATUTINA.271.400. LOUIS JR.73 SUYOM.046.350.090. CARLOS JOSE PERIQUET President/Chief Executive Officer 2. LENIMA B.00 CORPUZ.45 BALAY. ELIZA M.559. Treasurer 678.408.971. NOEL TOLENTINO Department Manager 1.Details of Salaries and Allowances.28 NISCE. LERMA BOD Member 525. ARMANDO PARIÑAS BOD Member 673. JOHN CLARENCE LUZURIAGA Department Manager 182.264.391.81 EMNAS.03 CADANO.842. Business Development Manager 627.75 ABAD.416. MARLOU P.045.00 CRUZ. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. GRAJO BOD Member 781.187.08 SALAZAR.00 PNOC Renewables Corporation GATMAITAN.000.18 IRIARTE.05 HIDALGO.699. FERNANDO VILLAR BOD Member 361.00 PACLEB. Legal Counsel 705.722. LUIS MA. MARIA TERESA CABUGWASON Department Manager 876.018. GLADYS NAVARRETE VP for Corporate Services 1. BOD Member 686. JOEL G.219. 45 . JOSEPHINE CASSANDRA JARAULA Chief Legal Officer 1. PEDRO JR LUCERO Vice President 1.615. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* PETILLA. FLORANTE S.065. ELMER NONNATUS ADAN BOD Member 443. Vice President 745.590. Vice President 783. BOD Chairman 754.000.922.002.169.83 ARAGONES. IVES Q.066.43 GUZMAN.00 JUDAN.16 NALDA.358. Finance Manager 584. VLADIMIR S.85 VERSOZA. BERNARD PAUL MATRIANO BOD Member PARRAS.201.691.16 TOLENTINO. LOURDES SANTOS President/Chief Executive Officer 1. Vice President 726.

000.53 SAN PEDRO.525.64 ALAZAS.00 MAGLAYA. ALEXANDER BOYAGON Vice President 1.325.136.690.04 EMPLEO.256.788. ALFREDO SANTOS Sector Manager 2. MARIA MENDOZA Department Manager 1. RAMON MILLAR Chairman 916. BIDAN Corporate Legal Counsel 1.54 VALDELLON.68 LAGUA.576.00 ANTIMANO.751.861.00 PLATERO.291.257.86 CADANO. LORENZO II LOZADA Department Manager 1. LUISA ALBERTO Department Manager 1.50 FRANCISCO. WILFREDO ABAD BOD Member 20.039.784. ANTONIO AÑONUEVO BOD Alternate Chairman 22. ANA. ZENAIDA YGNACIO BOD Vice Chairman 0.00 DOMINGO. MELVIN ECAT Sector Manager 2.951. BEATRIZ IRINA DENISE CALDERON Department Manager 603.04 VILLALON. MANUEL MARCOS II MAQUINO Department Manager 1.192.00 CARRILLO. MORENO Department Manager 1.000. BENIGNO III LAGDAMEO President/Chief Operations Officer 2.305.006.374.117. GERONIMO DELGADO BOD Member 127.760.348.240.04 JACINTO.000. YOLANDA DELA PAZ Department Manager 1.000.65 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries. JOSEFINA DELA RAMA Executive Vice President 1.00 STA.00 Quedan and Rural Credit Guarantee Corporation CROBALDE.99 SARMIENTO. LOURDES SANTOS BOD Member 0.00 FLETA.00 PRADO. ELMER NONNATUS ADAN Corporate Secretary 1.296. MARIO GENE JARO BOD Alternate Member 20.758.438. ROSILIO ORPILLO BOD Alternate Member 0.40 CACANANDO.00 BUTIC.00 MARTIN. EMMANUEL JR. RUFINO BOD Member 0.00 QUESADA.000.33 TARADJI.086.04 ALFAFARA. ARSENIO MOLINA BOD Member 0.514. ANDRES CAOILE BOD Member 156. ALFREDO BENJAMIN SABATER BOD Member 0.10 ATENCIA. DANIELLE-ANNE OBARO Chief of Staff 255.984.00 CAGUIOA.000.00 MENDIOLA.472. CESAR VELASQUEZ BOD Chairman 0. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* ALZONA.280.876.04 BAUTISTA.00 MONSADA.000. MA LUNA ENRIQUEZ President/Chief Operations Officer 2.029. CARLOS JERICHO LORETO BOD Vice Chairman 0. GIOVANNI TIZON BOD Alternate Member 60.54 MANICIO.311.000.683.250.00 BALISACAN.00 ALZONA.470.24 ESTEBAN.076.04 QUEVEDO. MERLY MIRASOL BOD Member 215. MA.287.788. LEILA MAGISTRADO BOD Member 0.319.00 ABAD. ALLAN QUIMSON BOD Alternate Chairman 15.00 PETILLA.883. ARNOLD CORREA Department Manager 1.74 BELTRAN. the details of which can be found in Part VI .75 TAMBUNTING. LUIS DAMILES BOD Member 30.00 DE LIMA.826. FLORENCIO BARSANA BOD Member 0.00 LEDESMA. AJIJUL ADAM BOD Member 174.00 VILLANUEVA.636. JESUS PARAISO Chairman 326.473. RABBONI FRANCIS BOQUIREN BOD Member 128.00 Small Business Corporation ZIALCITA. RICO POBLETE Department Manager 1. ROBLES OIC President/BOD Vice Chairman 1.68 CRUZ.684. GIL SOTELO BOD Member 12. TERESITA DOMINGO Vice President 1.257.00 UMALI. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. FELIX PERRY ANDRES BOD Alternate Member 0. CECILIO JR. CAROLINE BALO Corporate Legal Counsel 945.252.120.020. ZENAIDA CUISON BOD Member 12. REX CONDEZ BOD Alternate Member DIMACULANGAN.858. GREGORY LIM BOD Member 0.284. HELEN EUGENIA VELASCO Department Manager 1. ARMANDO JR.80 RUBINOS. LOURDES SANTOS Vice President 661. BENEL DELA PAZ BOD Member PURISIMA.00 Social Housing Finance Corporation OLIVEROS. FREDERICO PASTOR Department Manager 1.393.00 PINEDA. 46 .978.Details of Salaries and Allowances. ANA RAVAGO President 2.18 ABANTO.00 ESTOPEREZ. EDUARDO TORRES Executive Vice President 1.00 ARJONILLO.00 GELLADA. RICARDO JR.

98 SEE.241. ANNICIA DAVID Vice President 1.702.702.533.572.48 CANDELARIA.78 FORNILOS.206.644. NICHOLAS CUIZON Vice President 3. IBARRA AVELINO Commissioner 2.576.05 JARA. SOTOMAYOR President/Chief Executive Officer 6.19 CAPULONG.084.215. ALLENA BOD Member 140.250. NORMAN JR.84 BUGANTE. JOSE DIMACUHA Vice President 1.902.484.558. YAHYA JERRY M.588.740. ERNESTO NAGUIT Vice President 1.43 SACAYAN.842.09 ATIENZA. MARIANITA OUANO Commissioner 1.153.663. MILAGROS MIRANDA Vice President 237.681.47 CASTILLO.00 CRUZ.000.56 BINAY.88 ONGKEKO.053. CHITO MIL BOD Chairman 0.956. ENRIQUE ESTACIO Resident Manager 517.614. UNGSON BOD Member 208.530.00 FADRIQUELA. the details of which can be found in Part VI .400. NESTOR REVERENTE Vice President 2. Vice President 3. 47 .00 Southern Philippines Development Authority TOMAWIS. GUILLERMO PILPIL BOD Member 20.400. FELIXBERTO JR.600.521.00 BUSTOS. VOLTAIRE DELA PEÑA Senior Vice President 3. MA ROSALIE RICHA ALILAM Vice President 1. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* TAGUIAN. CASTILLO BOD Chairman 66. JOSE BONOAN Senior Vice President 4. HIDELZA BONSOL Vice President 3.824.373.78 SAMONTINA.25 SANTOS.981. EMILIO JR.400.78 PADILLA.668. Administrator/Chief Executive Officer 1. EVA BORERRO Commissioner 1.704.000. ARTHUR PATUNGAN BOD Member/President 858.631.47 RESARE. JOSIE GUTIERREZ Senior Vice President 3.21 PAGAYATAN. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.400. JUAN BERNAL Chairman 3. MAY CATHERINE CAPULONG Senior Vice President 4.921. AUGUSTO CHIONG LOPEZ BOD Member 124. REGINALD GUTIERREZ Vice President 2.57 CABEROY.135.962.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries. DANIEL LANETE Commissioner 3.924.60 LEYNES. SANTIAGO DIONISIO RODRIGO Senior Vice President 3.407.00 ALIMURUNG. GWEN MARIE JUDY DUMOL Vice President 3. GUILLERMO JR M Vice President 1.00 MALONZO.00 DEE. MARIA LOURDES NICOLAS Vice President 2.00 ARCOS. EDDIE ADRIANO Senior Vice President 4. ELIZA BETTINA RECAZA Commissioner DAVID.53 SIBUCAO.72 BALBUENA.371. ANTONIO SAPLALA Vice President 3.257.30 BAUTISTA. AGNES ESTANISLAO Vice President 3.884.805.00 AGUILAR.200.00 BALDOZ. ELVIRA ALCANTARA Senior Vice President 3.415.670.735. JUDY FRANCES AQUINO Senior Vice President 4.37 ARGABIOSO.00 Social Security System DE QUIROS.725.521. JOSEFINA OLAN Vice President 3.984.407.972.271.028. SALAZAR Senior Vice President 2. MICHAEL VICTOR NEPOMUCENO Commissioner 255.00 LAGUESMA. DIANA PARDO Commissioner 3.000. DAMASO CALAYCAY BOD Member RODOLFO MA.000.46 AGDEPPA.00 VERTIDO.00 EDRALIN.556. BIENVENIDO ESTUDILLO Commissioner 2.087.07 Southern Utility Management & Services.000. ERNESTO RODRIGUEZ Vice President 1.000. SUSAN FRAIRE Resident Manager 223. RIZALDY TADEO Executive Vice President 4. ROSALINDA DIMAPILIS Commissioner 0.000.00 TORRES.Details of Salaries and Allowances.117.886.951.136. Incorporated MANCENIDO.00 LEGASPI.962.10 SAN JOSE. MARIO R.71 MENDOZA.730.00 LABAJO.60 MELGAREJO.658.108.557. GEORGE JR. JESSE JAUDINES Vice President 2.159.999.417.00 MENDOZA.09 LAYSON. JEJOMAR CABAUATAN BOD Chairman 0.59 AGAS.33 MAGANA.977. ALAN GENE OYARDO Vice President 2.057.93 VILLAFUERTE.823.92 URBANO.027. MARISSU GERARDINO Vice President 3. JOVITO CAMPOSANO BOD Member 497.574.10 CIRIACO.000.00 PONFERRADA. JOEL ABATAY Senior Vice President 2.000.554.162.32 ANTONINO.

108.40 IGNACIO.00 FONTAMILLAS.00 BALISACAN.302. PABLITO SR.390.748.00 YAP.00 SANDOVAL. the details of which can be found in Part VI . FRANCIS S.Details of Salaries and Allowances.36 KABIGTING.03 SANQUI. FORTUNATO T. JETRO NICOLAS FAROLAN Assistant Chief Operating Officer 1.470. ROBLES Deputy Administrator 1.00 FAULAN.00 GARCIA.499. JOHN PHILLIP SYCIP BOD Member 1. BENJAMIN III ESCUETA BOD Member 1.127. JOY MANALANG Assistant Chief Operating Officer 1. MARCO ARABEJO Deputy Administrator 1. MA.427. BOD Member 743.468.83 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries. RAMON DIEZ BOD Member 1.053. AUSTERE ABONG BOT Member 0.453.25 PINEDA.531. STEFANI CREER Senior Deputy Administrator 1.450.73 ESTABILLO. ARSENIO MOLINA BOT Member 0.59 BARRERA. ANTONIETTA PERNIA Deputy Administrator 1. RAUL FAJARDO BOD Member 758.127.55 PAULINO.89 CHUA CHIACO. REGINA BAUTISTA Administrator/ BOD Vice Chairman 1. LAUREN TEENA DYOGI Group Manager 714.000. RAMON ORTEGA Senior Deputy Administrator 2. ALFONSO SAN PEDRO BOD Member 1.707. HERNANI SUNGA Group Manager 349.788. RONALD BOT Member 0.182.51 DEL ROSARIO.50 ASIDO.323.430.75 DE VILLA. GUILLER BOADO Assistant Chief Operating Officer 1. ANA. BIENVENIDO ORDOÑEZ BOD Member 1.99 ALVARADO.232.00 Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (formerly Philippine Tourism Authority) LAPID.45 CAMARA.14 REYES. JOSEFINA JACINTO BOT Member 0.385. MARK TADEO Chief Operating Officer 1.00 YAMBAO. CYNTHIA CO BOD Member 525. BOD Member 921.31 ANTONIO.913. MARCIAL JR.153.00 DELA PEÑA. RONNIE ROQUE OIC Senior Deputy Administrator 1.251.00 AMARO.39 BULAUITAN. ANNE MARIE BOT Member SOSA. BOT Chairman 0.00 STA.771. MARCELINO SANTOS Senior Deputy Administrator 2.65 Sugar Regulatory Administration MARTIN.662.00 OXINA. FERNANDO JR.399.401. MARIO LOQUELLANO BOT Member 0. JESUS LEOCARIO BOD Member 308.362.420. WILFREDO SANTOS BOD Member 951. DOMINADOR JR TORRES Assistant Administrator 1.389. GERALD SAM ONRUBIA BOD Member 1.999. SANDOVAL BOD Member 351.00 PANADERO.48 SAÑO. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* ENCARNACION.186.713. ALMA PARAISO BOD Member 65.500. MA.031.83 BENITEZ.943. GLENN BONIFACIO Deputy Director General 609. WINONA MARASIGAN BOD Member 100.111.521. JOCELYN GAYTE Deputy Administrator 1.94 ARCENAS. RENATO ARZADON Group Manager 1.233. AIDA FLORENCIO Deputy Administrator 1.00 LOZADA.797.92 VILLANUEVA.312.00 Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority SANQUI.101.279.313.439.36 AGREGADO. FIDEL MILOREN Assistant Chief Operating Officer 1.61 ALCALA. RUEL JOHN TRINIDAD OIC Deputy Administrator 946.094.690.638. ADELAIDA BOT Member 0.766. RODERICK AGUILA BOD Member 97. NORBERTO JULARBAL BOD Member 124.93 SIAPNO.41 SANTOS. CATALINA ESTAMO BOT Member 0.00 CABRAL.007.137.417.172.75 GARCIA.00 ABAN. JOVEN DERIQUITO BOD Member 685. CABAÑEZ BOT Member 0. PHILIP G.408.00 INTON.00 RELAMPAGOS.00 VELASQUEZ.982.557. MA.75 MARCELO.595. ROBERTO VILLASEÑOR BOD Chairman 2. RAYMUND ENRIQUEZ Director General 133.18 ESCOLANGO. PROCESO JARAZA BOD Chairman 0.700.00 LUNA.17 Technology Resource Center LIBORO.48 SESDOYRO. RANDY BACOLOR Deputy Administrator 3. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. 48 .936.

00 MUNSAYAC.00 MANALO.00 PANADERO.479. PETEL Executive Vice President 2. LUCAS MORGIA BOD Member 66. PONCIANO JR.00 NAPA.00 STOIFL. CESAR VELASQUEZ BOD Chairman 0. GUILLER BOADO BOD Vice Chairman 0.05 VALDEAVILLA. the details of which can be found in Part VI .156.55 TORRES.00 Tourism Promotions Board ENERIO.779.37 MEDINA.00 ABAYA.000.00 ENERIO.000. ERMILANDO DIVINA President and Chief Executive Officer 1. MARICON BASCO Department Manager 1. MANUEL JR.000.312. ERMILANDO DIVINA BOD Member 75. MARGARITA FUENTES BOD Member 32.40 GABRIEL.852.238.00 SORIANO.61 TAMBANILLO. ROGELIO LAZO BOD Member 0. JOSEPH EMILIO AGUINALDO BOD Member 0.00 EBRON.315.461. MARGARITA FERNAN BOD Member 35. DYNAH GLADY NEPOMUCENO Senior Vice President 1.672.00 CANOY. EUGENIA ONG Executive Vice President 1. CATHERINE BRILLANTES BOD Member 144.000. DOMINGO RAMON III CONCEPCION Chief Operating Officer 1. MARK TADEO BOD Vice Chairman 0. TERESITA HABACON Department Manager 100.00 ORTIZ.000.Details of Salaries and Allowances.00 ENERIO.000.41 BRIONES.000.09 BELTRAN. AUSTERE ABONG BOD Member 0. REYES BOD Chairman 0.642. MA.480.92 SINNUNG. BOD Member 8.237.52 PURISIMA.334.93 BAYOT. 49 .813. EDNA GAWAT Senior Vice President 1.800. ROBERTO UY BOD Member 205. JANET WONG Department Manager 1. ROY BAUTISTA BOD Member 109. SOLEDAD EMILIA DE JESUS BOD Alternate Member 7. MARIA MONTSERRAT ITURRALDE BOD Member 35.00 RAGANDANG. GREGORY LIM BOD Member 0.200.00 SINGSON.00 LAPID.00 NUNAG.146.00 GREGORIO.982.00 TEO. EMMANUEL FERREROS BOD Member 5.05 LIPANA.00 TEH.00 ANTONINO.00 ESGUERRA.453.031. EDWIN VINCENT VILLACORTA BOD Member 35.245. MARILOU ADEA Senior Vice President 2. JAY YAP BOD Member 316. RAMON JR.00 MARTIN.11 DE LEON.00 HAMLIN.000. CATIBAYAN BOD Member 30.00 LAPID.000.00 DEL ROSARIO.000.00 Trade & Investment Development Corporation NAPA.00 JIMENEZ.076. REYES BOD Chairman 0.313.00 DOMINGO.476. ANALIZA REBUELTA BOD Member 0.00 GUTIERREZ. DOMINGO RAMON III CONCEPCION BOD Vice Chairman ATIENZA.000. ISAGANI GUERRERO BOD Member 10. VICENTE SURLA BOD Member 5.951. FLORENCIO JR.000. JOSELITO VALERIANO Department Manager 1. WILFRIDO AQUINO BOD Member 75.05 GUMARU. RAUL D.658.371. MARK TADEO BOD Member 0. SOLITA DOMINGUEZ Department Manager 75. LEAH MARIE CASTILLO Department Manager 1. ALBERT FERREROS BOD Member 0. DOMINGO RAMON III CONCEPCION BOD Member SY. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. EMMANUEL REMO Senior Vice President 1.410.375.582.357. VIDA HERNANDEZ BOD Member 39.00 TURVILL. RAMON JR.069. SONIA TELADA BOD Member 101.226.00 CRUZ.903.00 YUVALLOS.270.00 SANTOS. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* JIMENEZ.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.000. TOMASA HERNANDEZ BOD Member 83. FERNANDEZ BOD Member 8.68 AQUINO. GIL SOTELO BOD Alternate Member 5. JANE UBERITA Executive Vice President 1.000.00 ASIDO. ISABELO GUTIERREZ Senior Vice President 2. CELSO RODRIGUEZ Senior Vice President 2. IAN ALAMAR Senior Vice President 2. LUWALHATI RICASA BOD Member 0.00 MAURICIO.000.00 BUENAFLOR.619.00 VILLARICA.

000.482.516.00 MIGUEL. VILLAFANIA BOD Member 139.42 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.000. JOSE J. LUZVIMIN GARCIA Division Manager 1.181.00 RESPICIO. FELIX SR.179. SANTOS PIO-TIO BOD Member 69. LUISA CAOILI Assistant General Manager 2.218. ANGELO DACILLO BOD Member 40. ALLAN QUIMSON President/ BOD Vice Chairman 0. LEANDRO JR.00 Zamboanga City Special Economic Zone Authority ARNUCO. ESTRELLA DE LEON BOD Member 130.00 ZNAC Rubber Estate Corporation UMALI. CHRISTOPHER LAWRENCE S. HANNIBAL SUMBANG BOD Member 82.104.00 CLIMACO. ANDRES VILLA ALBA BOD Member 166.00 ESPLANA.00 PALAD.30 LOBREGAT. MA. REYNALDO CAMPOS Assistant General Manager 1. MIGUEL BOD Member 70.00 ALO. MELOSINO LUZ BOD Member 110.00 DALOPE.00 MOSOT.000.00 AGAWIN. TADINA BOD Member 157. ROGELIO AGLIAM BOD Member 70. Administrator / BOD Chairman 1.000. BENJAMIN E. BERNADETTE BELLO Division Manager 1. MANUEL REGUERRA Executive Vice President 576. EMERSON UMALI BOD Member 0.00 SUAN.00 LIM.00 SISCAR.00 CUIZONA.000.00 PAMARAN. BOD Member 115.000. SALVADOR MILAG General Manager 2. BOD Member 0.000. EDGAR BOD Member 110.00 FRANCISCO.000.84 JAYCO.40 ATEGA. OLIVER RELANO BOD Member 0.000.951. 50 .00 DE GRACIA. MICHAELANGELO HUBERO Vice President 1.00 COLLADO.00 ALCALA. JOSE CARDENAS BOD Member 95.00 WATER DISTRICTS CAR Baguio Water District ROYECA.855.000.77 TENEDERO.781.741.42 CARAME.279.00 PASCUA.000. FERNANDO ARIOTA Division Manager 1.42 LUCERO. DANIEL APARECIO BOD Member 40.221.514.000. EDUARDO NAGAYO BOD Member 10.00 PACIO.432.Details of Salaries and Allowances.00 DUMLAO.84 VELASQUEZ.595.000.328.000.00 CANA.000.209.880. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.42 PERIA.000.262. DEMOCRITO TOLO BOD Member 20.363.42 LLANES.000. G. ISABELLE BOD Member 0. the details of which can be found in Part VI .000. DARLITO PILAR BOD Member 70. BOD Vice Chairman 0. ALBERTINO C. MARCIAL SR. EMMANUEL VAFLOR President 1. EDMUNDO QUITLONG Division Manager 1. CESAR POBRE BOD Member 120. BOD Member 115.00 SORRETA.00 MACAS.000.00 EVANGELISTA.834.00 TUICO.42 RAMOS. ERNESTO SR. ANTONIO QUIÑONERO BOD Member 65. RAFAEL JR.00 GUINGONA. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* Veterans Federation of the Philippines DE OCAMPO. OPHELIA DEL PRADO Treasurer/BOD Member 0. RUBEN SARMIENTO BOD Member 157. BOD Member 52. JOSE CHAVEZ BOD Member 130. CELSO L.00 LIPARDO. MA.046.480.368. GUILLERMO VISAYA Division Manager 1.000.00 MAGSI.000.00 SANTOS. BONIFACIO GARCILLIAN Executive Vice President 1. RODOLFO BERMAS BOD Member 166.000.00 MENDOZA.00 FIANZA.00 POBRE.361. GUZMAN BOD Member 130.000.549.192.00 PALER.069. AVELINO LUCINO BOD Member 147.000. WILLIAM BELEN Vice President 1. CHARLES BRYAN CANUTO Division Manager 1.000. PROCESO JARAZA BOD Chairman 0.00 FELICIANO.865.000.

520.570. JULIA BANKEY BOD Secretary 117.55 JACOB.00 LIWAYAN.10 PILOTIN.760.336. CONNIE VILLAREAL General Manager 334.911. RENATO SALANDANAN BOD Member 378.640.616.616. LOURDES ANTERO Department Manager 918.440. JESUS CACUNDANGAN Department Manager 918.567. MA.00 PACAPAC. HILDA CASTAÑEDA BOD Member 4.00 DUCUSIN. FELINO DIZON BOD Member 407.591.00 DAOAS. LILIA BAÑEZ BOD Member 5.00 BACUSO.00 ASENCIO.00 VALERA.120.912. ESTHER GALEMA BOD Vice Chairman 18. MONICA ATUN General Manager 793. AMAPOLA MONDEJAR BOD Member 5. the details of which can be found in Part VI . PETER LEU BOD Member 363. BEATRIZ DIWA BOD Member 5. THELMA BARBOSA BOD Member 5.00 CANUTO.00 GALERA.920.640. LEONARDA OLAT BOD Member 100.00 TEBIA.80 WADWADAN. OLIVER LAFAYOG General Manager 1.25 LAGMAN.00 DIPIA-O. VICENTE ALCAREZ BOD Vice Chairman 5.616. BERNARDITA DOMINGO BOD Member 18. CESAR PACAPAC BOD Member 960. PIO JR.00 CAPUYAN.163. ESTRELLITA NISPEROS Division Manager 255.753. NORIEL CRUZ OIC Division Manager 1. MALCOM PADSICO BOD Vice Chairman 111. JOVENCIO BUHUNGAN BOD Member 14. JOHN PAHITE BOD Chairman 133.520.560.360.00 KINDIPAN.00 La Trinidad Water District TAULE.00 LACAMEN.00 Metro Bangued Water District BALBIN.313. PLACIDA TUZON BOD Secretary 5.00 TANSECO.00 ROSALES.00 SUAYAN. MARIANO JR.00 CALPITO.42 ALMACEN.06 BERAME. JOANNE JURALBAL BOD Member 378.00 BASIWA. RAYMUNDO TUANQUIN BOD Chairman 6.Details of Salaries and Allowances.088.320. RAYMUNDO CULHI BOD Vice Chairman 14. JULIET KIMAYONG BOD Member 18.00 BALDERAS. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* VILLAFUERTE.00 ARDANIEL. MARILYN GANDEZA BOD Member 5.616.440.06 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.00 PASOS. LEANIDA ASTUDILLO General Manager 1.00 MANANIG. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. JOEL ALIBCAG OIC Division Manager 156. MOILIN BRIOSO Division Manager 995.428.00 CABUDOL. AIDA CATRIZ BOD Member 5. ALEX DUMALNOG BOD Member 18.753.551.00 FLORES.180.216.00 LOZANO.00 LANG-AYAN.00 SALVADOR. EMILIO TOLENTINO BOD Member 2.560.057. IRMA BUENAFE BOD Member 1.120.00 Lagangilang Water District BALMACEDA.120.551.010.00 Bucay Water District BERNARDEZ.760. VIVECA VALDEZ Division Manager 807. 51 .616. EDGAR CAYABAS Department Manager 918.56 BALAORO.00 TAMOC.487.00 CUTIYOG.750. PARIÑAS BOD Member 5.00 CABLINAN.00 NG. MELCHOR PACURSA BOD Member 5.180.00 Ifugao Water District MALINGAN.98 MADANGENG. MARJORIE POLAHON General Manager 418.217. NENITA PILOR BOD Member 5.760. SONIA APLOSEN BOD Member 378.560.00 RONDEZ.760.600. EXPEDITO GUIMAYEN Division Manager 995.551.00 BAUTISTA. JULIET ABEDANIA OIC Division Manager 605. KARINA ROSARIO ENCISO BOD Treasurer 117. CODING BOD Chairman 6.626.160.520. LENI ALBANIEL General Manager 490.00 Dolores (Abra) Water District CALIBUSO.

BOD Chairman 223. BOD Member 30.240. General Manager 758. MARISSA MILLAN BOD Member 100. JOSE ALRE G.240.240.00 BARBERO. JOSEPH T.000. CLEMENCITA C. SERGIO C. RICHARD Division Manager 519.440.500.400. AGUSTIN BOD Member 43. ELISA B. OIC .608. SILVINO SANTIAGO BOD Secretary 5.760.280. ELPIDIO SR. San Juan (Abra) Water District BERNARDINO.760. ROOSEVELT BOD Vice Chairman 5.559.00 BARNACHEA.00 ARIOLA. BOD Vice Chairman 46. JULIE T BOD Treasurer 195.525.00 PANELO.923. PERLAROSA M.00 CARLOS. RUBEN FLORES BOD Chairman 105. TRONAIDA BARROS BOD Member 77.480.235.00 DE FRANCIA. BOD Treasurer 46. JOEL BOD Vice Chairman 26. DIONISIO BARBOSA BOD Chairman 5.00 Alcala Water District DACANAY. NOEL RODRIGO A. JOHANN VIADO BOD Secretary 88.016.00 OBAR.200.760.680.00 BRAVO. LEON M. OIC .825.926.00 DUMLAO.Division Manager 725.183. VICTORIA A.Division Manager 715.00 GO.00 Asingan Water District MONCE. BOD Chairman 30.337.00 DE JESUS.34 BANEZ. EDGARDO BILLEDO BOD Member 5. RONALD J Division Manager 569. MA. ROLANDO O General Manager 1.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.776.Division Manager 807.00 CUISON. General Manager 83.00 RACHO. BENJAMIN BOD Secretary 31. EXCELLENTE OIC .175. HERMOGENES BOD Chairman 38.50 RIVERA.00 JMENEZ. ALDEN BAUTISTA General Manager 35. MA. BOD Vice Chairman 195.500. FELICISIMA BOD Treasurer 22. LOURDES R.00 CHUA.00 DANZIL. GENESIS OIC .505.60 CRUZ.00 ONIDO.680. DIVINA GO BOD Member 69.133.00 ROMERO. GENE BEDE GUZMAN BOD Vice Chairman 84. 52 .094.194.00 ESTRADA.760.25 MANAOIS.500. BOD Secretary 46. ALEXANDER C. JUN J. General Manager 1.500.00 ANCHETA.504. APOLLO MAGALA General Manager 268. BOD Member 195.06 BERNARDEZ.00 TANGALIN. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* FRANCISCO. AURORA N.00 Region I Alaminos City Water District REINOSO.Details of Salaries and Allowances. SUSAN T. LAURA G BOD Treasurer 173.00 Balaoan Water District OBILLO.00 OBILLE.00 PISO. BOD Vice Chairman 30.Division Manager 968. ADORA E Division Manager 739.240. General Manager 855. BOD Chairman 51. BOD Member 30. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.620.480.50 SARMIENTO. Division Manager 624.00 GALINATO.880.170. ALDEN BAUTISTA BOD Member 5.00 BOSE. CHARMAINE O. CHARO DENNIS AQUINO Division Manager 916.00 PEREGRINO.480.00 GARCIA. PERLA R.880.00 DE JESUS.240.00 MALICSI.00 ORDONO. the details of which can be found in Part VI . VICTOR .00 OLIVAS. ALGERIA BOD Member 31.076.50 ROMERO.830. JULIUS CAESAR A. ALEJANDRO V. BOD Member 30.00 BARBERO.00 YAMAT.00 AGLIPAY.

00 RAMOS.00 VILLAMANCA. General Manager 859. General Manager 1.112.472.500.140. MARIA DOHNA D.040. BOD Chairman 41. ANNIE P. ELADIO V BOD Vice Chairman 43. BOD Member 43.00 AQUINO.00 GARCIA.200.00 QUILEZA.146.00 CASTRO.00 JUNIO.560. WARLITO ABELLON BOD Vice Chairman 30. BOD Chairman 147.00 UMINGA. GUALBERTO JR. MA. MAXIMINIANO P.315. HEDERMA B. BOD Member 88.520. CARLINA L.00 MAGNO.00 CASELA. General Manager 858.00 LUMANG. BOD Secretary 97.956.00 Bayambang Water District FERNANDEZ.00 DE VERA. EVELYN V. NESTOR CUBANGBANG BOD Secretary 29.00 QUINTOS. BOD Member 80. DONNABEL G Senior Accounting Processor 387. PATERNO R.00 LIGERO.800. MARIO U BOD Treasurer 43.00 RIGONAN. DOMINADOR JR. BOD Treasurer 20. CEFERINO N.160. JESUS ARIEL BOD Member 29. ROSALINA J BOD Member 80.Details of Salaries and Allowances. BOD Vice Chairman 129.00 JUSTO. General Manager 1.500.00 VINOYA. SAIDY S.500.500.00 LADERA.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.00 SOBREMONTE. MANUELA D.000.00 ALIBUYOG.804. Cashier 441. TERESA F. LEONOR C.200. General Manager 985.200.038. BOD Secretary 23.00 MILAN. 53 . General Manager 1. ORLANDO M.744. JOEL G.00 VILLANEVA. BOD Member 11.00 DE GUZMAN.000. BOD Member 129. AMADO L. MANOLITA U. BOD Member 73.832.200. ANITA U BOD Member 129.00 FERNANDEZ.00 NAFARRETE. MARIANO V.315. Utilities Services Assistant 369. OFELIA M.222.00 CAGUNOT. MARY LU B BOD Member 24. FRANCIS J.00 Binmaley Water District GONZALO. DENNIS P. AURORA VALENZUELA BOD Chairman 36.00 DELOS SANTOS. BOD Member 50.00 PANDE.00 Basista Water District SEGUIN. RODOLFO B.00 RESULTAY.040.00 VALEROS.700. ROMEO N.005.755. RODELITO R. FRANCISCO P. REMY P.00 JUNIO.040.040.820.00 Binalonan Water District CASTAÑETO.600. ELMER P. SALES. AVELINA S.00 CASTAÑEDA.00 PACIA. Division Manager 854. BOD Vice Chairman 34.00 TERRADO.211. BOD Member 23. SATURNINA M. TESSIE M.840. JACQUELINE F. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* Balungao Water District ESTRELLA. General Manager 871.00 DELOS ANGELES. F. JUAN T. ERNESTO E BOD Chairman 94.470.00 Batac Water District SAGUN. BOD Secretary 43.920.700. BOD Chairman 23. the details of which can be found in Part VI . BENJAMIN T BOD Secretary 25.200. Administration Services Assistant 365. Customer Service Assistant 369.160.00 Bani Water District MANAOIS.00 URBANO.200. JOSE J. Division Manager 867. ERNESTO BOD Member 23. BOD Vice Chairman 88.040. BOD Vice Chairman 23.00 CEREZO. BOD Secretary 129.00 ESTRADA.00 DE VERA. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.608. N. BOD Chairman 105.

080. LEONILO JR. 54 .00 VOCAL. LOLITA CASTRO BOD Secretary 39.616. ANTONIO V. BOD Vice Chairman 3.00 MENDIZABAL.00 AY-AY. ALDRIN Z.00 REYES. VENANCIO VILLA BOD Chairman 45.125.560. the details of which can be found in Part VI . Acting Division Manager 536. ROSARIO M. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* Bugallon Water District AQUINO.00 SIA. BOD Vice Chairman 66. LEOPOLDO P.00 ALVENDIA. Division Manager 947. GONZALO T BOD Chairman 180. CRISTETA N.920.105.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.753. BOD Member 34. SHERRI LYN SY Interim BOD Member 31. Acting Division Manager 455. CORAZON BONILLA General Manager 874.00 VALENCIA.600.00 SAPIERA. General Manager 1.00 CASTRO. BOD Treasurer 66. JIMMY ROSQUETA BOD Vice Chairman 35. LIBERATO C BOD Vice Chairman 197. EDMUND ALBANO BOD Member 194. MIL-GRACE BOD Member 28. ESTHER J BOD Secretary 28.180.40 MARIANO.648.00 ESPANTO.00 ZARENO.40 MATIAS. NENITA N. LEO LAGARDE Interim BOD Member 10. ROSALINO F.00 Dagupan City Water District VALLE. BOD Member 34. RODRIGO TANDA BOD Member 195.00 VALENCERINA.40 RANADA.657.00 ABRUGAR.750.360.89 UY.640.092. FRANCO C. BOD Chairman 3.351.00 Dingras Water District GUIRA. JOHN MANUEL General Manager 1. BOD Secretary 66.560. BOD Member 66. BOD Member 195. MICHAEL CORREA BOD Chairman 222.560. DANTE G.47 CABUAY. BOD Secretary 196.980.00 AREVALO. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.060.836.690. Senior Water Utilities Management 512.00 Ilocos Norte Water District TEODORO. BOD Chairman 66.00 MANDAP.800.00 BAUTISTA.800. BENJAMIN J.092.00 CHAN. BOD Chairman 34.00 OCAMPO. LEONARDO JUSTINO PERALTA Interim BOD Member 29.000.342. General Manager 1. RIZALDY T. EDWIN ROMERO Interim BOD Vice Chairman 22.00 VILLALOBOS.00 MARANAN.991.00 MENDOZA.600. JOEWELITO S.00 CHENG.572. General Manager 1.600. BOD Member 34.00 LLAMAS.180.600.46 DIAZ.027.871. ARIEL DOMINADOR BOD Member 3. JOSE JR G.500.00 REYES. ZENAIDA NATIVIDAD BOD Member 195.912. ROBERT CONRAD A. ROBERTO S.Details of Salaries and Allowances.788.288. RAMILO S. RAYMUND B.254. RUBEN DULAY Interim General Manager 189. THERESITA QUINTOS BOD Treasurer 37. ADELFO B.00 POSADAS. Acting Division Manager 750.756.40 PAGTULINGAN.417. DILIP LALCHAND BOD Member 133. G. BOD Secretary 3.00 PACQUING.640. CLARITA C.00 MENDOZA.560.00 REYNA.977. GIOVANI A OIC General Manager 161.00 MANAYAN.000.00 MARCOS.800.565.180.40 Lingayen Water District GONZALES.00 Candon City Water District ANTERO. REMEDIOS N.400. ROSALINDA RUIZ BOD Secretary 20.600.360. REVERIANA E.74 GUADIZ.40 MANSUKHANI. BOD Member 192.00 FERRER.21 DUQUE. ALMA V. NUNDINA ANCHETA BOD Member 18. GREGORIO CONTI Interim BOD Chairman 36.00 HIDALGO.

VIOLETA B.400. LILIA A. LITA Q BOD Member 14.466.905. Division Manager 1. MANUEL SIMEON R. GERARDO F BOD Member 14. LEONARDO JR.006. LEONCIO G. CONCEPCION Y. Admin/Gen. MARIO M.850. CASIMIRO G.560.664.070. MARLYN C.322.00 CASANO.600. Division Manager 922. JOEL G BOD Auditor 42.64 DE GUZMAN. BOD Secretary 126.560. MARCELO M.00 TAGARE.00 GAYAGA.658. MAGDALENA R BOD Vice Chairman 107.400. BOD Chairman 75.128.472. BOD Vice Chairman 42.048. General Manager 1.00 GASCON.Details of Salaries and Allowances.00 LIBAN. NOEMI J.106.00 CALIMLIM. NUMERIANO G.00 BAUTISTA. BENJAMIN Q.00 JUNIO.875. General Manager 1.640.00 CLAVERIA.00 BAUTISTA.00 DY. LOURDES B. EVANGELINE BALTAZAR Division Manager 682.250.00 MAMENTA. SOPHIA T. JEREMIAS M BOD Secretary 29. 55 .00 TAMBAOAN. Services Officer 334. LEONARDO BAUTISTA BOD Chairman 110. BOD Vice Chairman 34. ALLAN JAY T Interim Division Manager 432. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.127.50 PRESTO.362. BOD Vice Chairman 86. Division Manager 1. JANUARIO G.00 GARCIA. JERRY V. ROBERTO A. ANTONIO S.600.484. ERICO JOSUE B.114. JOSIE S.350. ERLINDA C BOD Member 68. BOD Treasurer 86. BOD Secretary 79.13 JAPSON. BOD Secretary 34.347. JESUS LL.84 VILLAMIL.041.484. CLAUDINE A. Division Manager 938. OIC Division Manager 561. BOD Vice Chairman 127.00 ARCE.400.668.00 Metro San Fernando Water District GALVAN. RODOLFO B BOD Chairman 51. SOFIA P BOD Treasurer 26. JOMARISOL M.00 PICARDAL.600.201.350.00 TORRALBA. ESTELA B.00 DE GUZMAN.00 Mapandan Water District DACANAY.72 QUINTOS.00 CASTRO. RUBY QUINITIO General Manager 1.00 SUAREZ.00 EUCAPOR.966. EDWIN C OIC Division Manager 263. RUTH-JO A BOD Secretary 91. LEON S. Division Manager/OIC General Manager 727.275. BOD Member 116.00 PALADO.00 PARLAN. Interim Division Manager 422.00 ARRANZ. CHRISTIAN QUITORIANO Division Manager 766.00 AQUINO.760. BOD Chairman 131.36 OSALVO.813.00 BAUTISTA. FLORDELIZA N.50 CASILANG. BOD Treasurer 126. N.00 DEL CASTILLO.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries. LUDOVICO C. VIOLETA O. BOD Vice Chairman 103. General Manager 934. ISAGANI D. Division Manager 938.400. Division Manager 1. Corporate Budget Specialist 303. BOD Chairman 41.822.400. the details of which can be found in Part VI . BOD Treasurer 86.00 VELORIA. General Manager 907. General Manager 649. BOD Chairman 140.50 ANCHETA. VINCENT EDUARD CHAN Division Manager 756.875. NAPOLEON QUERUBIN BOD Vice Chairman 91.00 GONZALES.420. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* Manaoag Water District VILLANUEVA.762. PATRICIO JR.00 Mangaldan Water District PETONIO.664.120.00 BIALA. RONALD S. MONIQUE AIZA C OIC Division Manager 70.007.50 Metro Tayug Water District MAPILI.200.00 ELARCOSA.834.850.831.00 BALAO.00 TEJANO.630.00 NEBRIDA.00 ABRAZALDO.007.566. D.00 Metro Vigan Water District BARBA.758.00 DORIA.246.

ALEJANDRO JR.00 CHAN.00 CAMACHO. EDDIE M.00 FLORES. EDERLINA GUERRERO BOD Member 4.00 San Carlos City Water District DISTOR. CESARIA AGUILA BOD Member 4.00 PATAWARAN.00 Naguilian (La Union) Water District COSTALES. CONSTANTE AGULAN BOD Chairman 30. NESTOR BLANCO BOD Member 91. MARY ANN DUQUES General Manager 489. BOD Chairman 17.786. FLAVINO JR G BOD Treasurer 34. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* PAJARO.240.860.171.280. JOSEPHINE B. BOD Member 108.20 ROMERO.500. ARLEEN H. JOVE MICHAEL F. VELBA MAMUAD BOD Member 4. JOHN HASKEL PAGADUAN General Manager 685.00 GARCIA. BOD Member 61.00 FLORA.00 Nueva Era Water District MANUEL.390. Division Manager 776. DEFING BERMUDEZ BOD Member 4. MARIETTA ROSALINDA M Division Manager 314.875.860. MANUEL E. BOD Secretary 61.000.951.00 BAUTISTA. General Manager 825. REYNALDO NABONG BOD Member 240. BOD Chairman 73.875.00 REPOTULA.00 ALBIENTO. CLARO U.475. General Manager 1.594.650.000.00 DACANAY.600.00 DACANAY.240.00 CANO.326.992.468. the details of which can be found in Part VI .50 DIFUNTORUM. LANDRICO JR.250.00 DELA CRUZ. CHRISTINE JOY B Division Manager 313.860.00 SAPLAN.00 CURAMMENG.000.512.500. TEPHANIE MAE O BOD Member 61. BOD Treasurer 12.400. ZENAIDA D. BUMANGLAG BOD Chairman 5. 56 . BOD Chairman 113.832.280. GUADALUPE TORRES BOD Member 91.392.800. MARCELO JR N.00 SANDOVAL.875. MYRA C Division Manager 302. ROWENA NATIVIDAD V.400.159.00 Rosario (La Union) Water District RIMANDO. BOD Member 105.500.00 QUITON.00 VALERA.00 MALLARI.50 QUENANO.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries. BOD Member 105.775.00 Pozorrubio Water District GATCHALIAN.Details of Salaries and Allowances.00 AYSON.848.00 LEONINO. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.00 MACUGAY.00 Pagudpud Water District RIPOTOLA. JOHN A. PERLA F.00 POSADAS. General Manager 738. PERLA O. BOD Vice Chairman 61. BOD Chairman 110. BOD Vice Chairman 91. BOD Vice Chairman 99.00 Rosales Water District ULPINDO. L. JESUS V. ELIZABETH E. NOEMI L Division Manager 314.320.694.00 CADALZO. General Manager 1.00 SINOCRUZ.00 VERSOSA. BOD Member 91.00 FAGARAGAN. BOD Vice Chairman 14. CONSTANTE BAYLAN BOD Member 240.000.00 AÑONUEVO. BONIFACIO M. ASTERIO G. MA.00 CABITAC.860.500.00 Narvacan Water District CALPITO.00 TUMAPANG.188. GLENDA CADIZ BOD Member 26. BOD Member 14. ROGELIO A. CLEOFE F. BOD Member 105. HARRY P. JENNEFER ABARIENTOS BOD Member 26.00 COSTALES. BOD Secretary 98.00 DUMAGUING. Manager 78. BENJAMIN G.000. ARSENIO NGAYAN BOD Member 240. ROSALINDA L.00 DELA CRUZ. RENANTE B. DANILO BARANGAN OIC.

CORAZON M BOD Treasurer 88.520.960. NORMA F.00 OSIO. BOD Member 31. LIWLIWA N.Details of Salaries and Allowances.800.762.00 GULLA. MARLON S.00 San Quintin Water District ANTOLIN.00 San Manuel (Pangasinan) Water District MORALEDA. MARTINA RUBY ILAC BOD Member 18. ROGELIO BELLO General Manager 602.00 Sarrat Water District GELACIO.00 LUZANO.83 DADIS. MAXIMA C.00 DE PERALTA. BOD Chairman 39.375.825.120. JOEL PASION BOD Member 70. BOD Member 28.83 AVELINA. BOD Member 42.337. ANGELINA C. NORBERTO SALVIEJO BOD Secretary 5.00 PAZ.00 BURGOS.00 RABONZA.268. MARITES R. ILDEFONSO M. BOD Vice Chairman 41.760.572. BOD Treasurer 23. General Manager 871.940.014. ALIPIO SORIA BOD Vice Chairman 21. FLORENCE SANTOS General Manager 468.00 LAZARO.97 MADAMBA. IGNACIO JR. IMELDA MADAMBA BOD Member 70.820.000.760.00 AYENTO. BOD Chairman 43.00 SABADO.00 INOFINADA. TEOFILO F. BOD Vice Chairman 28.200.040. CAROLINA C.800.00 SOLFELIX.00 MANAMTAM.600. MARLINE BARAYUGA General Manager 1.22 ORDONIO. SALVADOR SALACUP BOD Chairman 5.387. NATIVIDAD M BOD Secretary 88.060.760. MARIETTA AGAFINAN BOD Vice Chairman 17.00 San Nicolas (Ilocos Norte) Water District BONILLA.00 MAGBUAL. ANTONIA E.00 ALCANTARA.00 CORTES.00 MAGALONG. KRISTINE L General Manager 391. ESTELITA MACATIAG BOD Member 17.680.00 San Nicolas (Pangasinan) Water District GONZALES.00 PEREZ.060. BINVENIDO G.024. BOD Member 38.060. EUFEMIA LUIS BOD Member 73. DELFIN H. MILAGROS MADAMBA BOD Member 73.00 CABANERO.404.407. 57 .00 DOMINGO. General Manager 923.487.972.940.760.00 BATIN. BELARMINO C.00 BONIFACIO. JAYSON C.63 DOTIMAS. BOD Auditor 18.744.83 RESURRECCION. BOD Sub-Secretary 37. ANDRES YABES BOD Member 18.00 RODRIGO.720.075. the details of which can be found in Part VI . BOD Secretary 37. TEOFILO SABALBURO BOD Member 5.00 RAMIREZ.00 Sinait Water District YASAÑA.060. ESTRELLA AGOR BOD Member 20.00 FACTORA.000.200.00 EDER. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.00 EDROZO. TEODORO CASTANEDA BOD Member 21. BOD Treasurer 37.00 GUIRAO.700. REMEDIOS BUENDIA BOD Member 5. MARJORIE B.800. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* ARENAS.720. TEJADA BOD Chairman 25.00 RESUELLO.600. CHARITO BOD Vice Chairman 37.00 BALICANTA. DELFIN A. ARNOLD BOD Auditor 69.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.00 Santa Water District CARDENAS. YVONNE B. General Manager 936.198. BOD Chairman 48. PROSPERO PARAISO BOD Member 19.760.00 QUINTIN. BOD Secretary 33. ROSA DAYOAN BOD Chairman 21. BENJAMIN LEGASPI BOD Chairman 86.756.920.83 DAWANG. JULITA PERALTA BOD Member 5. JOVITA R.

General Manager 539. LUZVIMINDA C. BOD Member 43. PACITA BOD Member 44.00 Urdaneta City Water District DOMAGAS.520.00 MENDOZA. SHIRLEY LAZAGA BOD Member 2. Tomas Water District ALVARADO. SIMPLICIO JR.560. ARNOLD HABON BOD Member 1.437. General Manager 741. JULIANA OCIONES BOD Member 3. ANTONIO N. BOD Member 41.824. General Manager 888.833. 58 .560. BOD Member 34.00 CATUNGAL. EMILIA A BOD Treasurer 28.00 CABANDING.560.256. RIZAL O.100. SUSAN Q. BOD Vice Chairman 34. ALVEZ D.150. LOURDES I. RAFAEL O.00 LODIA.00 VILLAR.500.20 ADRIANO.00 GONZALES. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.00 Urbiztondo Water District SISON.248.00 Sta.81 PASILIAO. C. BOD Vice Chairman 34.560.500. MELVIN D. BOD Chairman 32.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries. BOD Member 11. BOD Member 34.430.824. Cashier 356.531.00 PAZ. General Manager 420. LEONOR D.00 CUSTODIO.212. MARIO BLAS SARMIENTO BOD Secretary 27. BOD Vice Chairman 104. F.00 RILVERIA.20 GINEZ. ROQUE V. Maria (Pangasinan) Water District JUNIO.11 ARCIOSA.560.730. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* Sta.00 INFANTADO.664.120.472.017. LINDA A. LETECIA F BOD Member 108. JOSE LODIA BOD Member 20.00 BODAÑO.116. the details of which can be found in Part VI . Lucia Water District FAUSTO.655.336. FEDERICO S. BOD Chairman 34. BOD Member 34.00 CALIBUSO.00 ESTEVES. AURORA T. RICARDO JR.00 PALISOC.000. GRACE MAY R. VIRGINIA HALAGAO BOD Vice Chairman 3. BOD Chairman 38. DOMINGO BRINGAS BOD Chairman 3.00 GALDONES. BOD Vice Chairman 30. GIL M.00 MARINA.00 LARANANG. General Manager 942. BOD Vice Chairman 42.344.243.240.00 VENTIGAN.00 Villasis Water District SISON.00 BELISARIO.00 AGSALUD.65 AGPAWA.00 CORTEZ.00 PESCADOR. Division Manager 673. BONIFACIO S.000.560.000.00 Umingan Water District TORIAGA. BOD Member 33.00 CABAGBAG.00 PESCADOR. LORRETA Z. MYRNA L. EDUARDO MANZANO BOD Chairman 34.800.00 LUBINA.50 CONWI.00 DOLDOL. BOD Secretary 27. BOD Member 34.313.00 MEMBRERE. BOD Chairman 116.36 Sto. BOD Chairman 64.000. BOD Member 106. AIDA A.50 GENTILE.560. MA. ORLANDO CABATU BOD Vice Chairman 26. MA. BERNARDO C BOD Member 55.945.725. CONCHITA R. General Manager 657.00 VELASQUEZ. LOURDES B. MARIE ANTONNETTE V.258.00 TRINIDAD.00 MAGAT. AURORA B. DIVINA A BOD Secretary 55.360.089. ALEJANDRO ESCOBAR General Manager 566.00 Tagudin Water District LARDIZABAL.50 GRAVIDES.000. ELPIDIO LOCERO General Manager 643. JOCELYN S. BENEDICTA PIMENTEL BOD Member 2. GENARO F. EFREN B.412.Details of Salaries and Allowances. General Manager 517. GAUDIOSO V.660.

640.00 Cabagan Water District TUPAZ. ARLEEN B.00 PAJARILLO. HILARION M. BOD Secretary 7.00 REARIO. C.00 HERMITANIO.00 SEMODIO.338. DANILO A. DIANA ROSE M.00 BAUTISTA.00 TORIO.675.00 BAJIT.00 DULAY. Utitity Customer Service Officer 99.280. BOD Chairman 17.368.00 MALAYAO. BOD Member 5. WINDELL C. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. TOMASA B.00 Aparri Water District GOROSPE.00 TUMARU. BOD Secretary 5.00 ALEJANDRO. BOD Member 21.934. JEORGE A. BOD Member 94. Accounting Processor 300.00 ALEJANDRO. 59 . DOMINADOR C. BOD Member 34.104. BOD Chairman 24.500.00 Region II Aglipay Water District ALMENDRA.280.00 TALAUE. BOD Secretary 18. EDWIN P.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.790.500. O.00 TUMOMBA.280.790. JACQUELINE M.00 GUILLERMO. ROLANDO L.00 MAGNO. General Manager 211.000. LELITA T. EDITHA R BOD Member 71.00 VEJIGA. OLIVER U. FLORINDA P.00 TORIO.00 BENITEZ.00 AGPALO. ANNABEL C.00 SISON.00 Alicia Water District TOMAS. Accounting Processor 286. JIMMY BOY O BOD Member 94.649. BOD Vice Chairman 25. BOD Vice Chairman 20. FRANCISCO S. ESTER Z. DOMINADOR A.320.920. RODOLFO G. NELLIE A. SANDEE B. BOD Member 4.251.800. BOD Vice Chairman 74.560.00 MASIGAN. BOD Chairman 5.176. BOD Chairman 74. Bookkeeper 85. ARLEEN B. Cashier 589. Accounting Processor 223.00 RAMIRO. GAY JANE M.00 TAGUINOD.103.859. BOD Member 4. BOD Vice Chairman 94. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* BARROZO. EDWIN A.00 CHAN.00 URDAS.00 LIM.500. General Manager 741. the details of which can be found in Part VI .00 SISON.00 FOZ. General Manager 538. BOD Secretary 14.309.280. BOD Vice Chairman 8.00 RAMOS. DOMINADOR C.570. BOD Member 14. MARICEL L.Details of Salaries and Allowances. BOD Chairman 10. CAMILO L. General Manager 782. RAMON F. Engineer 302.00 VIERNES.920.120.720.280. AGRIFINO JR.400.00 ALEJANDRO.00 SALES.760. ROGELIO J. BOD Chairman 31.500. FLORINDA P. BOD Auditor 5. DORIS M. Accounting Processor 196.00 PADILLA.00 ANTONIO.00 ALEJANDRO. JULIETA S.00 MARIANO.790. BOD Chairman 113. BOD Member 74.400.950. Customer Service Assistant/Acting Cashier 355.192. JUAN JR. General Manager 888.00 AGPALZA. BOD Member 94. JOSE A.410. CAROLINA R.080. Accounting Processor 432.115.600.00 BANGUILAN.973. AMALIA C. EMERENCIANA A.00 Angadanan Water District RODRIGUEZ.200. GLORIA T.00 SIYANG. MARIA LOLITA L. BOD Member 5. RODOLFO G.160.00 CASPILO. ALFREDO S. RAMON V. ETHEL S. Cashier 91. BOD Member 33. BOD Secretary 25. PRECILLA C.500.401.400. BOD Member 71.00 GARCIA. ANTONIO T.

538.160.00 SANCHEZ.701. Cashier 80.472.00 VILORIA. Accounting Processor 256.420. GENE GUZMAN BOD Member 23.627.00 BILOG.33 ALVAREZ. CLEMENTE JR. MILAGROS LUMIDIC BOD Treasurer 8. BOD Chairman 19. DOMINADOR R.00 BINBINON.400. EFIGENIA MARIANO BOD Vice-Chairman 23.00 BAUTISTA.020.00 DACANAY. LETICIA V.080. BOD Member 41. MANOLITO B.620. MARCIANA D.472.230. Administrative Service Assistant 410. RICHARD B.160. BELMER SR P.00 JANDOC. DESSA MAY V.472.825. RACQUEL DULNUAN Accounting Processor 190. MARINA T. BONIFACIA APAR BOD Member 114. MILY M.400.700.280.00 PAGUYO. PILAR D.100.00 Diffun Water District MEÑA.472.00 TEÑOSO. REBECCA ASUNCION BOD Chairman 9. GRACE R.00 MENDOZA.00 DIZON.30 CAMANGEG.00 JAVIER. MYRNA P.600.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.00 BARAQUEL.570.78 DALIMOT.742.00 ISLA.00 GRAGASIN. General Manager 910.00 DOMINGO. BOD Chairman 41.840. General Manager 885. DARWIN MARTINEZ Cashiering Assistant 28.535. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* Cauayan City Water District QUINTERO.700.425. BOD Member 20.71 SATURNO.139. ELENA GALDONES BOD Vice Chairman 8. NYMPHA ABRENA Division Manager 529. MAGIELINE R.296. DELIA REGALA BOD Secretary 8.200. ELMERIO A.00 VICTORIANO. JOSE TIMOG BOD Member 60.500.00 DALIMOT.00 BALAYAN.472.750. the details of which can be found in Part VI .400. General Manager 524. BOD Member 20.700. Accounting Processor 313. MARY JANE AGUINALDO Accounting Processor 112. BOD Member 41.00 DAQUIGAN. FELIX ASUNCION Administrative Assistant 269. JULIETA M. CARMELO BAUTISTA Division Manager 797. REYNALDO MAWIRAT BOD Auditor 23.780.500. VIRGILIO MERCADO BOD Member 114. BOD Vice Chairman 3. Utilities/Customer Service Assistant 257. ARTEMIO ABUAN General Manager 1. MANUEL T.268. FREDDIE ALPECHO Division Manager 803. CYNTHIA UY BOD Vice Chairman 108. JESUS ORIAS BOD Secretary 23. BOD Member 20.00 RIVERA. RAPHAEL UNITE Cashiering Assistant 100. Customer Service Assistant 275.00 ABELLA.00 MACKAY.900.00 DIVINA.00 Claveria (Cagayan) Water District MARTIN.780. EDWIN B.00 ASUNCION. EDGAR ABALOS BOD Chairman 129. BOD Vice Chairman 18.894.00 PLANTA. FREDIE U.00 GALAPON.600.00 SALIENTES.400.793. GUILLERMA I.08 NAVALTA.240. BOD Vice Chairman 3. S BOD Member 41.00 FORYASEN. VIRGINIA M.705.00 Cordon Water District CORPUZ.00 MABAGOS.00 NAVAL. 60 . TED FRAGATA General Manager 508.04 AQUINO. BOD Public Information Officer 8.160.160. General Manager 853.700.00 CAYABA.00 MARTINEZ. TERESITA V. ELMER SR A.00 SALVADOR.00 FONACIER.00 GUERRERO. LUZ M.00 BUENAOBRA.Details of Salaries and Allowances. CIELO M. ABRAHAM LAGMAY BOD Chairman 28.00 Gamu Water District MAQUINAD.342.00 Diadi Water District SUPNET. BOD Secretary 5.900. MARY JANE AGUINALDO Cashier 125. BOD Vice Chairman 41. Accounting Processor 242.00 BETGUEN. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.

VICKY .000.420. BOD Secretary 34.760. RICARDO T.560.480.400.00 SALES. BOD Treasurer 14. JO-ANN C. BOD Chairman 39.00 DELA CRUZ. JOSEFINA G. BOD Member 118.00 SALVANERA.354.00 LIM.500.00 HERRERA.00 JANDOC.640.520. CIELO B. ERLINDA S.00 MIGUEL. CARMELITA M.016.620. BOD Secretary 34. Accounting Processor 117. ELIZABETH C. RACHELLE R.00 BACLIG.00 SERRANO.00 Lasam Water District PASCUA.00 VILLANUEVA.288.19 CABASAL. NOEL R. MARIA ANA M. MA. KAREN B.620.976.26 MALUYO. General Manager 1.00 ISRAEL.00 CORTES.750. MARIA BOD Treasurer 1. JOSE JACOB S. EMILIO P.920. EDRALIN V.00 SIRIBAN.700.00 BACUYAG.260. Cashier 110. BOD Member 840. Customer Assistant Services/HRMO Designate 311. BOD Member 1. HERMOGENES I.450.00 MANUEL.280. BOD Member 34.00 Ilagan Water District CLARAVALL. TEODORO R. DOMINADOR Z.50 BALATICO.00 DE LEON. JULIETA M. PACITA S BOD Treasurer 5. Division Manager 786.50 DOMINGO. PORFIRIO T. WILHELMINA B.28 ELIZAGA.680. GLORIA C. BOD Treasurer 11. IMELDA S. CHARLES T.900. BOD Member 1.00 PIMENTEL. General Manager 877. Bookkeeper 94.449.67 GALACINAO.265. ROSARIO C.740. Senior Accounting Processor 330. Cashier Designate/Clerk Processor 284. ADELINA T. EVANGELINE G. CATHERINE L.00 Lal-lo Water District MEDINACELI. RAMIRO BOD Secretary 2. BOD Member 114.00 PAGGAO.00 COLLERA.00 Gattaran Water District ANDRES. BOD Chairman 41.440.120.00 ESTEBAN. MARIO B.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.00 COLLADO.00 SALIGANAN.826. the details of which can be found in Part VI .00 CASTILLEJOS.000. ESMENIA C BOD Chairman 12. RAYMUNDO G.920.221. General Manager 120. BOD Vice Chairman 31. BOD Member 97.00 MANALO.010. BOD Auditor 5. BOD Chairman 2.966. REYNOLD P.260.00 Gonzaga Water District JARA. ESTHERLYN B. HERMOGENES T.472. DENNIS C. Acting General Manager 142. BOD Member 113. BOD Treasurer 34.00 LLANTO. BOD Treasurer 1.00 MANZANO. EDUARDITO C. BOD Vice Chairman 36.00 BELTRAN. BOD Member 110. BOD Secretary 840.554. ANGELES R.400.63 MADRIAGA.996.00 Maddela Water District LADIA.920. General Manager 367.65 ELIZAGA. Division Manager 849. General Manager 838. 61 . Bookkeeper 132. Administrative Aide 90. BOD Chairman 1. BOD Member 1.Details of Salaries and Allowances.49 TORIBIO.00 ESTAVILLO.560. JOSEPH C. ROMEO E. BOD Vice Chairman 840. ANGEL A.080.00 LADIA. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. JOJI P. MARITES C. JOSE T.00 APIL. RITALINDA Q.222.00 UGTO.00 SALIGANAN. Plumber/Pump Operator 100.744. Cashier 306. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* JUNIO.560. EMERSON A. BOD PRO/Auditor 33.00 CACHOLA. Division Manager 877.715.560. JOSE MARI G. MA.

00 Ramon Water District VIZCARRA. BOD Assistant Secretary 34. PRESENTATION V. CARLOS MARCOS General Manager 555.028.880.560. ZENAIDA TOLEDO Senior Accounting Processor 289.00 VIERNES.418. BOD Chairman 191.00 Peñablanca Water District DE LEON.50 TAGACAY. General Manager 1. Assistant General Manager 486. BOD Member 191.280. General Manager 703.00 TAMAYAO. CHRISTOPHER MARK R.00 MARAMAG. JULIETA P. BOD Vice Chairman 16.560. BOD Chairman 16.00 DELA CRUZ.00 BULATAO. BOD Treasurer 16. CLARITA ALVAREZ BOD Vice Chairman 17.00 AGGABAO.00 NICOLAS.46 SEBASTIAN.920. SANIATA ALVARO BOD Secretary 34.00 NABONG. NIDA B.00 LOBO.00 MAGAOAY.560. ROMAN R. BOD Auditor 16.763.00 CALIBUAG. General Manager 912. ELAINE PARALLAG Accounting Processor 299. RENALYN J. AURORA . BOD Member 27.00 VILLANUEVA. JULIANA MARIROSE Cashier 256. FAUSTA L. JUANITO JR. Accounting Processor 46. Cashier 313. IRENEO JR. NINIA P. BOD Member 28.599.00 RAMIREZ.324. the details of which can be found in Part VI .920.280.00 ABAYA.96 FORTO. DANILO M. ROSE MARIE O.560. RUBEN S. MANUEL P.920.00 MORA.00 MALSI. GAUDENCIA DOMINGO BOD Treasurer 34.00 CLEMENTE. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* LADIA.566.599. ANTONIO ALINDAYU BOD Vice-Chairman 34. GRACELYN Administrative Services Chief 531. CONSOLACION GANER Cashier 265.00 TANGUILAN.00 GUZMAN.50 LUMAUAN. RODOLFO P.368.00 BAUTISTA. BOD Auditor 34.712.560.030.00 Naguilian (Isabela) Water District CAPUCHINO. LUZ S. ALBERT G.560. BOD Secretary 34.461.64 TAGUBA. REMEGIA TOLEDO BOD Chairman 17.667. EVELYN S. Department Manager 1. MARY JANE M. LIBRADA B.00 YAP.125.566. ADRIANO D.00 BABARAN.783. S. BOD Member 118. LORNA L.00 LIM. MILLER C.960. FEDERICO B. MYRNO MANARANG General Manager 743.00 Reina Mercedes Water District JOSUE.00 SANTOS.472.920. MILAGROS CABARUAN Cashiering Assistant 299.566.916. ELENITA GABRIEL BOD Member 17.00 CAPUCHINO. BOD Treasurer 34.329.00 Metro Tuguegarao Water District TANGUILAN. CALIXTO C.837. MONIQUE TOLEDO BOD Secretary 16.280.225. BOD Vice Chairman 34.00 BANDAYREL. General Manager 835.920.280.00 PELAGIO.00 PAREDES. PERCIVAL B.049.50 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.00 SAGUN. ANICETA EVELYN Administrative Officer 350. BOD Vice Chairman 111. Administrative Service Aide 150. COLLANTES BOD Chairman 41. Accounting Processor 249.00 CAUILAN. AMELIA M. JUANITO R BOD Member 28.880.00 MARTIN.298. BOD Chairman 41.00 ESPINOSA.380.920. WILIHADO J BOD Member 28. BOD Member 39. A.68 DIMALANTA.00 BUMANLAG.500.Details of Salaries and Allowances.837.560.00 DOMINGO.874.960. LUCIO JR.560. JOSEPH L. 62 .94 DE LEON.00 Roxas (Isabela) Water District SALUDARES. Senior Water Utilities Management 504. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. PAZ RUIZ BOD Treasurer 17.477. BOD Secretary 16.00 DARILAG.162.

BOD Vice Chairman 153. CECILIA M Division Manager 438. OIC .00 SANTIAGO.00 DELA CRUZ. BOD Chairman 73.826.918.40 PINTUCAN.00 DE LEON. BOD Vice Chairman 38. WINSTON A.800.700.00 GINES.00 RAMIRO.00 CACATIAN.01 ALEJANDRIA.96 VILLAROMAN.680. BOD Vice Chairman 38.00 Santiago Water District REYES. IMELDA T.96 RIVERA.454.744.00 DOMINGO.782.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries. ROLANDO C.811. 63 . MAGNOLIA I.00 DADOR. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* MARTIN.00 MARTIN. MA.200. BENITA S. CONRADO BOD Chairman 31. BOD Secretary 28. MARILOU A.00 Region III Angat Water District TORRES.00 DOMINGO. JEANA L.200. BOD Member 45.378. JUSTITO JR S.00 ANGOBUNG. ALFREDO GARCIA BOD Member 76. General Manager 885.098. JERWIN I.00 RIGOROSO. Administrative\General Services Officer 439. MA.00 FOZ.160.00 BAYANIN.00 CORPUZ. BOD Member 153. REMIGIO N.360. BOD Member 61.360.Details of Salaries and Allowances.613.00 Sanchez Mira Water District AGDEPPA. ARTURO S.716.00 DE GUZMAN.00 ALONZO.816.00 LANGAMAN.840.00 ANGOBUNG. RAFAEL G. BOD Chairman 39. JIOVANNI Water Utilities Management Officer 385.800.680.982. ROMEO BOD Member 31.152. BOD Member 153.736. ESTHER BOD Vice Chairman 12. ROSALIE E.625. Division Manager 796. LAURA M.340.680. the details of which can be found in Part VI .736.96 San Manuel (Isabela) Water District CASAYURAN. APOLINAR B. EDGAR P. BOD Vice Chairman 61. NICASIO JR. MARCIANO BOD Member 33.50 DAGURO. Administrative Chief 696.00 TUMOLVA.600. ANGELITO BOD Member 54. General Manager 810.120.00 BARIUAD. CORAZON P.520. Assistant General Manager 767.742.112.00 GONZALES.00 BIADO.280. NERIZA D.00 JOAQUIN. RUFINO L. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. General Manager 1.800.120. BOD Secretary 17.960. General Manager 928.680. RENATO P. FORTUNATO G.00 MATEO. DORILYN C Division Manager 438.50 BAUTISTA.360. LORETO M BOD Member 51.440. LILY T. ESTHER BOD Member 32.96 RIVERA.268. BOD Member 61.00 ARENAS.492.00 USTARE. FELINO R. AURORA M.General Manager 199.200. BOD Member 37. AURORA V. CHONA Z Division Manager 359. General Manager 1. MARIANO R.00 ALVARADO. GINA JULIET A. MARLO C. BOD Chairman 184.00 BARIUAD. Administrative Services Assistant 341. BENITA S.00 DEL MUNDO.00 VILLAROMAN. BOD Member 31. Cashier 542.900. BOD Member 45. BERNADETTE M.112.702.50 PUA.00 MATEO. DINAH L. CONSOLACION BOD Vice-Chairman 28. BOD Secretary 46.00 ONG. ORLANDO V. PRISCILLA P BOD Secretary 94. B.280. RUFINO L. BOD Chairman 17.360. BOD Member 44. BOD Chairman 111. Cashier 284.730. BOD Chairman 37.032.00 Tumauini Water District JIMENEZ.00 MALENAB. MODESTO M.00 DE MESA.

560. MANOLITA C BOD Member 138. JOAN M BOD Member 11. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. BOD Secretary 34. HERNANDO S.992. PORTIA L.00 TEOPENGCO. PEDRO A. BOD Member 94. BOD Member 20. BOD Member 1.620. MA.00 KALALANG.565. BOD Member 30.560.00 SANTIAGO. BOD Chairman 124.00 CRUZ.620.00 SORIANO. BOD Vice Chairman 481.472.00 SABLAN. ARTEMIO F.00 MUÑOZ.00 BANTUGAN. BAYANI L.00 LABUNG. BOD Member 34.00 VICENTE. OSCAR B. BOD Chairman 900.595.00 Baler Water District ALCAIDE. NOEL S.365.00 SAMANO. General Manager 1.00 SAN JUAN.00 TOLENTINO.425.00 DATU.Details of Salaries and Allowances.344. PERCIVAL C.425.965. BOD Member 166. BOD Member 41. BOD Member 103.428. BOD Member 403.344. BERNARDO P. CHARLITO GAVINO Interim General Manager 1.718.00 LIONGSON.00 Bagac Water District MANDOCDOC. JOCELYN A. BOD Member 473. LOURDES L.00 PANOPIO.166. BOD Vice Chairman 103. LEOPOLDO T.110.00 CASTRO.240. General Manager 1. BOD Member 481. FRANCISCO G BOD Member 94. REYNALDO C.040.200.00 ILAYA.425.00 LOPEZ. ERLINDA A.00 Angeles City Water District LIWANAG. ILLUMINADA M.00 RUEDA.00 DIZON. ZENAIDA D. MA.00 ANGELES. BOD Secretary 103. RAFAEL M.00 Bacolor Water District CAPILI.00 SAMBILAY.00 RUZOL. BOD Member 138. LAURA H.965.160.800.00 Balagtas Water District GARCIA.259. BOD Member 87. BOD Chairman 521.690.00 Baliwag Water District BAYLOSIS. BOD Member 2. PALERMO P. ERLINDA V. JESUS ARIEL General Manager 767. LUIS T BOD Member 1. ARTURO P. GERONIMO A. BOD Member 103. CRISTINA V. PEDRITO L. PEDRITO BOD Member 28. BOD Chairman 40. the details of which can be found in Part VI .500. MAURICIA T. CONRADO E. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* CARPIO. LUCIANA R.660.00 VALDECAÑAS.600. BOD Secretary 1.00 TUAZON.500.00 SANTOS. BOD Member 138.00 MALGAPU.425.550. BOD Vice Chairman 34.00 CASTRO.649.475.480. EDGAR C. EDUARDO P. 64 . FLORINDO S BOD Member 132.600.600. BOD Chairman 41. VIOLETA C. GRACIA G.00 EVANGELISTA.00 Balanga Water District RODRIGUEZ.120.00 FLORES. BOD Vice Chairman 34. BOD Member 24.00 BANTUGAN. LOURDES C. General Manager 794. DEOGRACIA T.525.60 SALAO. RICO J.800. BOD Member 33.690. KATHLEEN M.00 ESTEBAN.00 LUZUNG.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries. General Manager 692.166. MA.00 BANZON. General Manager 539.09 CRUZ.690. BOD Secretary/Treasurer 33.944. EDUARDO G.704.472. LILIA B BOD Member 1.

560.00 MENDOZA.707. RONALD ANTHONY GAMILLA BOD Member 34. BOD Member 118. ELENITA M BOD Member 107. ERNESTO CLEMENTE General Manager 997. CHARITO ESTEBAN BOD Member 208.600. Designated Division Manager 797. Division Manager 939.472. ERNESTO M. ANABELLE C.261. EMMA A.310. ASUNCION S.800. ALICIA A.440.578.635.00 LUGTU.04 REINGIN.906.200.53 SANTOS.00 MANGIO.560. DANILO T. the details of which can be found in Part VI .135.700.575.00 Cabangan Water District DILAG. MIRA REYES BOD Secretary 29.00 DE GUZMAN. ROBERTA U Division Manager 883. ROLANDO VILLEDO BOD Vice Chairman 37. LABRADOR General Manager 847.00 VILLASAN. BOD Vice Chairman 151.097.412.597.156. BOD Chairman 141.460.50 MARIANO.100. General Manager 1.00 BUSE. BOD Member 118.882.00 CORNELIO. BOD Member 147.00 GRAVADOR. JAHN WILFRED BOD Member 89. BERNABE GELACIO BOD Member 37. BOD Member 10.21 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.R.00 Bongabon Water District GAMILLA. ARTURO DE GUZMAN BOD Chairman 240. LOURDES BOD Vice Chairman 107. ROLANDO C. BOD Chairman 181.195.00 Cabanatuan City Water District VILLASAN. SABINA O.700.00 SANTOS.800. EMMANUEL G. ZENAIDA M. HERMINIA R. General Foreman 625.00 CASTRO. DANILO II DE RAMOS General Manager 849.658. HONORIO JR. ROBINA T.00 SANCHEZ. PETER CHRISTOPHER A BOD Member 145. BOD Chairman 124. FLORINDA B. MANUEL LAPUZ BOD Chairman 90.360.00 LIBUNAO. Division Manager 807. BOD Secretary 151.50 CANOZA.222. ERMELO C.788. Department Manager 925.087.610. LIZA DJ.00 AGUSTIN. EMERITA AGNES DG. 65 .50 ARTUZ.00 Cabiao Water District DIAZ.087.200. General Manager 1. Division Manager 837. GIL YLARDE BOD Member 34. BOD 6th Member 14.50 GONZALES. PEREGRIN TINIO BOD Member 191.224. Department Manager 946.00 SAMPOLEO.700. RICARDO B.00 LLAGAS.710.00 SANTOS. MARIO GARCIA General Manager 1.88 FLORES.649.700. Division Manager 951.50 DELA CRUZ.23 VIACRUSIS.00 MATEO.00 TOBIAS.00 GAMILLA. JOSE ADLAI G. MARICEL A.00 COTACO. CARMEN ERFE BOD Member 34.150.530.035.400.987.Details of Salaries and Allowances. MODESTA CARPIO BOD Chairman 45.00 DELA CRUZ. JOSEFINA M BOD Secretary 79.080.00 DANTES. BOY LEONCIO R.00 AGDIPA.295.00 Bustos Water District TANCANGCO.258. BOD Vice Chairman 118.560.800.00 LUZ.120. ARNULFO EGLAN BOD Treasurer 26. SANTIAGO BOD Member 107.00 DE GUZMAN. CONRADO JR. RUPERTO TRINIDAD BOD Member 208.00 DE GUZMAN.00 Bulacan Water District HERNANDEZ.00 FARIN.00 RIVERA.J.00 FABROS.247. General Manager 1. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* Bocaue Water District PEREZ.00 ANGELES. EMMANUEL DIAZ BOD Chairman 41. MA.800.00 GAMILLA. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. DANILO DIMAYA BOD Member 200. MARGARITA S. G.00 NECHALDAS.

LOSANA G. SEVERINO JR D.00 ANLAG.781. FRANCISCO B.160.00 NADURA.00 ALMAZAR.416.00 BORLONGAN. ADORACION CASTILLO BOD Secretary 110. OIC Division Manager 603.040.400.00 ESPINO. BOD Member 100. ABRAHAM C.670.861. ROMEO SR FERNANDEZ BOD Vice Chairman 110. OWEN ANDREI Division Manager 808.00 ABELLA. ROMULO BRIONES BOD Secretary 76. Division Manager 864.00 DUQUE.632.000.25 Candelaria (Zambales) Water District BASILIO. EVA M.00 LAUREANO.760. ARTHUR M.914. BOD Member 142.25 LUCTU.187.21 Calumpit Water District LARGADO.00 DIMALANTA.250. ROSANNA OIC Division Manager 447. MEDEL S. Division Manager 849.400. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.500.21 TIANGCO.Details of Salaries and Allowances.072.670.766. BOD Member 175.00 MAGALING.00 CORPUS.50 PATAG.00 LEONARDO. ENRIQUE COLLADO BOD Treasurer 20.00 SIMON. OIC Division Manager 372.560. VICTORIA T.174. EILEEN SILVANO BOD Chairman 43. EDWIN E. the details of which can be found in Part VI . NICASIO C.00 City of Malolos Water District REYES.400. GLORIA DOMINGO BOD Member 110. M. BOD Member 176. JOAN DOMINGO BOD Member 110.010. ESPERANZA BRIONES BOD Member 76.238. CARLO FACIFICO U BOD Member 146.670. JULIO II LUZURIAGA BOD Chairman 123.50 GATBONTON.744.00 DE LEON. BOD Member 175. ANTONIO PALILIO BOD Member 76. General Manager 764. Division Head 591.275. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* SANTIANO. GENARO EBALO BOD Vice Chairman 14. BOD Vice Chairman 168.670. General Manager 924. MIGUELA BAUTISTA BOD Treasurer 14.00 EVANGELISTA.118. LOURDES ELAMPARO BOD Secretary 14. BOD Member 156.00 VELASCO. MANUEL P. LUZVIMINDA M.00 CASTRO.344.24 COLLADO. BOD Secretary 100. Division Head 824. BOD Chairman 152.604.47 CARLOS. ROBERTO C.00 DELA CRUZ. PONCIANO JR. EMILIO DELOS TRINO General Manager 1. BOD Vice Chairman 100.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries. MYRNA ENCISA BOD Member 41.00 DOCTOR.21 ROALLOS. DANILO TARAMPI Interim General Manager 760. BERNARDO N.00 ALMAZAN.178.830.845.00 CLARIN.556. LIRIO C. BOD Chairman 210.521. GENEVIEVE DOMINGUEZ BOD Secretary 41. General Manager 1. BOD Chairman 111.63 PUNZALAN.781.00 Camiling Water District JULIAN.387.500.00 FAJARDO. NIÑA TERESA MANIKAN BOD Member 8.00 LUBUGUIN.492.R OIC Division Manager 427. MENIMEL T.25 MANANGU.760.158.845.00 ILARDE. JESSE DAYAP General Manager 860.00 WIGHT.760. CENNEN DEL ROSARIO BOD Member 76. ELMER N.00 DE JESUS.781.400. LOURDES HEBRON BOD Chairman 16.781.00 JAVIER. BOD Member 100. CONCORDIA J.00 SANTOS.250.25 LACANILAO. EDMAR A. RONNIE B. 66 . FRANCIS G.00 Castillejos Water District GALLARDO. EDWIN COLLADO BOD Vice Chairman 32.00 Candaba Water District VINUYA.564. PORFIRIO JR D BOD Member 149. TERESITA B.250.262.21 GABRIEL.00 MONTEJO.00 EBUENG.250.00 BUENAVENTURA.

318.752.00 SUMALBAG. BOD Chairman 8.895. TEREZINHA G. MA.040.934. ROSELLER T. RAMONETTE L. PACENCIO BOD Vice Chairman 8.562.50 ESTACIO.471.250.00 MICLAT.21 DE GUZMAN. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* City of San Fernando Water District GUMBA.253.800. ANGELO D.S.266.00 CABISINA. TERESITA A. GABRIEL C.144.00 Floridablanca Water District LINTAG. REUBEN D.640.675.590.00 OREJAS.00 BAYAN. AURORA B BOD Member 8.374.50 REYES. PIO BOD Member 8.321.00 DAVID.10 MERCED.218. BOD Member 110.100.40 RAMOS. BOD Chairman 384. LOURDES A. BOD Chairman 204. WARNITA BOD Chairman 8. GIL T BOD Chairman 155. ERMELITA E. JOSELITO A.00 SESE. BOD Member 41.85 GONZALES.00 REYES. ANGELES P. Q. EDMUNDO T. FERDINAND Z. ANTONIETTE T. GEORGE D.00 CAYLAO.00 ISIP. BENERITO H.00 LABIOS. General Manager 976.100.00 MENDOZA.310. VIRGILIO PANGAN General Manager 1. DAVID FRANCIS G. BOD Member 150. the details of which can be found in Part VI . BOD Member 27.620. BOD Chairman 41. NATIVIDAD BOD Secretary 8.843. ROLANDO T.590. BOD Member 69.00 SAN JOSE.750.00 VALDEZ.472.00 Dipaculao Water District DISPO.750.820. BOD Member 141.00 NOCUM. NORMA A.00 TAPNIO.556. BOD Member 170.028. BOD Member 355.00 Dinalupihan Water District MANALILI.33 LUBAG. FRANCISCO G.00 NUNAG.00 LOGRONIO. EMELITA J BOD Member 87.535.00 DAVID.00 ARCILLA.750.160. General Manager 1. GIL E. LILIA T. Interim General Manager 114.00 MARIANO.50 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.00 Concepcion (Tarlac) Water District ESTACIO. General Manager 846.00 GARCIA. BOD Member 129. 67 .00 CUSTODIO. ROSARIO S BOD Member 149. BOD Member 365.00 Cuyapo Water District ESTEBAN.48 GONZALES.00 TABLANTE.472. FELIPE J. BOD Member 355. SONNY D.00 JIMENEZ. BOD Member 110. ERLINDA S. JIE ANN D General Manager 77. PATRICIA BOD Member 2.00 VICENCIO. JORGE P.100.00 YSMAEL. General Manager 1. ALICIA GARCIA BOD Member 180.00 CRUZ. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. NILDA BOD Secretary 170.511.100. RICARDO JR. MARMOLEJO General Manager 626.627.00 ALDANA.250.640.00 Gapan City Water District GABRIEL.250. BOD Member 89.640. DIONICIO JR.600. BOD Vice Chairman 170. ROMULO JR. BOD Member 126. BOD Member 110.640.100.51 ACUÑA. DARIUS BOD Member 36. PABLO D BOD Member 37.Details of Salaries and Allowances. S.120. BOD Member 325. LEONIDA V. CULALA. Officer-in-Charge 164. BOD Member 41. BOD Secretary 40.825. CARMEN PENAFLOR BOD Member 138. BOD Chairman 47.00 VILLAMAR. JEFFREY C.

ELIAS M BOD Member 169. General Manager 1.00 VILLANOS.348. RICARDO M. ALBERTO S.200.500. NORA J.031.968.200.00 Hagonoy (Bulacan) Water District VENGCO. DANILO BOD Member 169.087. DIVINA D. ALEXANDER FRANCISCO BOD Member 25.00 CAOLBOY. CELESTINO General Manager 1.200.400.00 SANTOS.087.161. BOD Member 85.610.00 LACSON.970. EDGARDO J BOD Member 169. General Manager 1.725.00 CORPUZ.00 OSORIO.040. General Manager 1.575.00 TOLENTINO.610. MARIO FRANCISCO B.00 MAMBA. Division Manager 917. EDUARDO P. ARIEL YANGO BOD Member 25.00 Guimba Water District LEGARDA.920. BOD Chairman 201. ALEX ABES BOD Member 43. LUCILA PADOLINA BOD Member 43.00 SAMPANG.000.840.200.00 RAMOS. RIZALINO PASCUAL BOD Member 25.00 DOMINGO. ZENAIDA V.00 SIOSON. BOD Member 166.00 LOPEZ.00 MANUEL. ARMESTO S. BOD Vice Chairman 166.00 SANTOS.00 Hermosa Water District DE LEON. MARCELINO C.00 PAYONGAYONG.00 Guagua Water District RODRIGUEZ. BOD Member 102. SOCORRO C.570. BOD Secretary 78. SOL B. MA. BOD Member 88. GIDEON S.50 JIAO.00 RIVERA.00 BAUTISTA.920. Natividad Water District VERA. 68 . MICHAEL M Division Manager 572.094.50 RONCAL. REMEDIOS R. HERMOGENES BOD Member 169. BOD Treasurer 78. MARY JANE SALVADOR General Manager 859.475.200.200.00 BOTE. JOCELYN CASTRO General Manager 876. BOD Vice Chairman 77.50 YANGO. MA.00 PEREZ. FERDINAND RAMOS BOD Chairman 32.00 AYATE. CATHERINE REYES BOD Member 25. BOD Member 88.00 TULIO. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* General M.657.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.500.200.00 INES. Division Manager 649.00 FAJARDO. RAQUEL C. ELSA PADOLINA BOD Chairman 50.00 SALVACION. EDUARDO B.Details of Salaries and Allowances. REYNALDO B Division Manager 666. EDGAR JR.00 PAJARILLAGA.657. GAUDENCIO GONZALES BOD Member 43. DALISAY OPLE BOD Member 202. BOD Chairman 60.636. BOD Chairman 105.00 TIONGSON.00 BAUTISTA.00 MIRANO. ROSSEL G. DIOSDADO BOD Secretary 166.565. General Manager 1.00 Gerona Water District TAÑEDO.33 LAPID.500.600.627.500.107. EDUARDO L.00 VELOSO.112.119.610.200. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.548. WILMA BOD Member 85.97 DAVID. GREGORIA BAL BOD Member 43. RANILO JOSE R. CONCHITA G. C.610. Division Manager 915.920.920. TERESITA BOD Member 85.532.00 ABUAN. BOD Member 77.00 DOMINGO. the details of which can be found in Part VI . SALVACION L Division Manager 585. BOD Member 168. JORGE A.000.00 LEYVA. TOMAS MAXDOLEY BOD Secretary 88.386.00 General Tinio Water District PAJARILLAGA.00 MATEO.075.000. FELIXBERTO C.490. BOD Member 88.00 SAN JOSE.

BOD Member 22.65 FRANCISCO. MOISES GALVEZ BOD Member 84.00 PILEA. LEAH LAGUATAN BOD Member 26.833.Details of Salaries and Allowances. EVELINA S.099.271.517. BOD Vice Chairman 167.00 ALEJANDRA. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.00 BULANDOS. KATHERINE BOD Member 167.660. ALICIA BOD Secretary 104.400.520.850.000.00 RIVERA.00 PANGILINAN.292.120. BOD Member 15.977.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.61 CARLOS. BOD Secretary 167. BOD Member 4. FREDDIE R BOD Member 17. VON CARLO G.00 MARCELINO.50 MERCADO.191.040.750. FIDEL D.00 Licab Water District LAURETA. FRANCIS A. BOD Vice Chairman 104. BOD Secretary 374. BOD Member 104.259.00 ESCUSA. ANTHENOR R. ADONIS JR DE JESUS BOD Chairman 34. SOLEDAD JAVALUYAS BOD Member 84.175.136. LAMBERTO SOLEDAD BOD Chairman 79.120. MARIA TERESA A.184. General Manager 800. ADELINA M.100. BOD Member 391.040.00 TEODORO.00 SANTOS.340. HERNANDO S. ANTONIO M.00 Jaen Water District ROXAS.850. EMILIANA CUEVO BOD Member 84.460.432.640.922.850.556. DAVID O. CARLITO B.00 Lupao Water District CORPUZ. BOD Member 8. VENANCIO III Q. ANNE LORELIE DE LEON OIC General Manager 530.00 BUMANLAG.00 TRINIDAD.850.072.775. BOD Member 416.860. 69 .00 DELA ROSA. CELSO C.00 SAMSON. LAMBERTO JR. REBECCA ASUNCION General Manager 660.560. CYNTHIA G. DANILO B. JULIET S. BOD Chairman 23. PEPITO BOD Chairman 424. BOD Chairman 125.00 Iba Water District SALINAS.00 MENDOZA.00 TORRES.850. PEARL MARIE ZARAGOZA General Manager 321.95 CAPITULO.713.44 GARCIA. RIZAL BOD Member 72.776.00 Mabalacat Water District DIMALIWAT. BOD Member 2. ANITA S. MARJORIE VILLANUEVA BOD Vice Chiarman 22.435. VALERIANO BOD Member 104. BOD Member 23. BOD Member 391.175.583.41 ZARAGOZA. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* DE LEON.00 FIESTA. BOD Chairman 9.00 FARIÑAS. DANE P. General Manager 1. LORES General Manager 1. BOD Member 20. BOD Treasurer 167. DANE P.00 DE PADUA. BOD Member 8. GRACIANO DV.200.00 LIMSON. the details of which can be found in Part VI .940.080. NENITA LAGASCA BOD Vice Chairman 87. EDITH ASUNCION BOD Secretary 33. CELSO MEGANO BOD Member 33.00 Limay Water District GARCIA. MARIVIC V.420.240. ORLANDO P.87 SALARIA. ROLANDO D.00 DE LEON. VENICE V.00 DELA CRUZ.00 LOZANO. General Manager 1.48 FRANCISCO. BOD Chairman 18.00 RAYO.432.00 ANGULO.175.00 TIGLAO. BOD Chairman 201.00 CAPULI.460. DIOSDADO T.43 GUMABAO.00 ALEJANDRA.175.760.00 Lubao Water District GALICIA. REYNALDO BOD Member 7.48 EDUARDO.59 GALANG. General Manager 1.00 RAMOS. LEONILA J.

ALLAN T. BOD Member 91. GLORIA G.00 CANCIO. BOD Chairman 117.250. LILIA ESMANE BOD Vice Chairman 43.022. ERLINDA PEÑA BOD Secretary 171. General Manager 991. BOD Member 156. ROMEO CANLAS BOD Member 55. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* Macabebe Water District BERNARTE. RENATO JR. MA.920. ANTONIO JR. ANACLETO A.00 CAPILI. BOD Member 125.920. MARIO P.00 Masinloc Water District EDORA. BOD Secretary 101.250.520. GASPAR C. MA. BARTOLOME JARA BOD Vice Chairman 59. BOD Member 101.749.560.20 Mariveles Water District GONZALES.600. BOD Member 91. RENE B.250. General Manager 670. ELIADORA Y. RODOLFO M.740. BOD Secretary 91.249. RICARDO BALLERAS General Manager 867.464.200.122.00 LAMAYRA.51 SANTOS.00 Mayantoc Water District BAUTISTA. BOD Member 155.00 MALLARI.00 DONATO.00 DELOS REYES.50 DEL ROSARIO.00 PAJIMOLIN.00 MOGAN.00 HERNANDEZ.Details of Salaries and Allowances. BOD Treasurer 101. MARLON F BOD 6th Member 45. OIC Department Manager 760. WILFREDO CARRERA BOD Secretary 55. the details of which can be found in Part VI .00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.864.21 JACINTO. EMERENCIANA M. ALBERTO JR.00 SOTTO. HILDA R.611.73 AQUINO.900.00 LAVARIAS. JIMMY L.800.00 IGNACIO.00 LEGASPI. LUZ B. ROLANDO PADILLA BOD Member 178.00 SORIANO. ANITA A. OIC Department Manager 793.84 LACERONA.355.928.737. CHARMAINE JOAN M. LUISITA G. AGUIRRE Division Manager 766.520. MARIANO JR.00 Masantol Water District TOLENTINO. CRISTINELA RUTH I Acting General Manager 527.28 DONATO. C. BOD Member 155. BOD Chairman 106.00 GARMA.00 PANGAN. ROLANDO B. LUISITO C.96 Marilao Water District ABAÑO.400. BOD Member 111. F. MAURO GUILLERMO BOD Auditor 176. GILBERT SIATREZ BOD Chairman 65.840.50 MACATUAL.173. General Manager 942.800. JULIETA C.00 PACIA.870. MELANIE C. BOD Member 101. BOD Member 91. LOURDES PAJIMOLIN BOD Secretary 18.00 BAGTAS.800.00 CAAG.339.920.94 SORIANO. SOTTO BOD Chairman 210.078.422.968.15 GARCIA.600. JOCELYN CALUYA BOD Member 55.611.610. PRUDENCIA CASTRO BOD Chairman 51.00 LOPEZ.735.00 RAFAEL.800. SIMONA T. CIPRIANO PASCUA General Manager 516.00 MASILONGAN.301.00 ERMITANO. OIC Department Manager 564. 70 .608.00 BUSTOS. DAVID DE LLANA BOD Member 41.67 PANTALEON.456. RENOR GUTIERREZ Division Manager 765. REBECCA RUBIO Division Manager 765.70 MERCADO.600. HUBERTO DINGLI BOD Secretary 34.00 ASCONA.28 DIEGO.920. RENE ESTELLA General Manager 946. OIC Department Manager 784. FELICIANO D.450.209.00 DIAZ. ANGELA B.832.00 FAJARDO. BOD Member 156. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. General Manager 1.00 Meycauayan Water District SANGALANG. REYNALDO SANTIAGO BOD Treasurer 178.025.00 GUINTO.

400.00 PALAD. EDGARDO SALVADOR BOD Member 83.00 BALIGSAY. MARINA B. AIMER BARTOLOME General Manager 1. MARIA NENITA I BOD Member 113.00 GUEVARRA.00 PAPA.962. BOD Member 6. AURORA BALTAZAR Foreman 373.90 PAGULAYAN. EUSEBIO SALVOSA BOD Member 86.00 SULANGI.600.00 REYES.000.800. BOD Member 129. General Manager 977. MA. 71 . MINERVA V. PAG-ASA BOD Member 101.062. LUISA CRUZ BOD Member 109. BOD Chairman 7. DOROTHY BOD Member 112.00 LEGASPI.250.00 VALDEZ.00 RECOMETA.50 GALICIA.700.250.130. CORAZON HERLABAN BOD Secretary 92.00 DIZON.146.00 Moncada Water District MINA. ANGELITA FRANCISCO BOD Member 82.137.847.200.433. CELIA M. EDMUND BOD Chairman 128.50 PASCUAL. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.503.606.740. JOSE BOD Member 112.00 DELA CRUZ. MARIO G.087.00 SANTOS.160. LEDINA MANUEL Corporate Budget Analyst 351. VILMA SANTIAGO Division Manager 803.087.300.00 GARCIA.276. JOSE PALAD BOD Member 155. BOD Member 129.960.100.00 AFANTE.90 LEGASPI.00 LEONARDO. BOD Chairman 83.877. ROSARIO BANTUG BOD Member 83.00 Morong (Bataan) Water District VIDAD. OSCAR A.00 VERGARA. ROGELIO JR. BOD Member 6.02 PASCUAL. BENIGNO P. LUCILO D. TERESITA JUAN BOD Chairman 109. ARNEL BAUTISTA BOD Chairman 92. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* ALCALA.00 PAYUMO. ROSALIE NICOLAS BOD Member 160.250. DAPHNE N.800.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.00 DE GUZMAN.700. LEONARDO DELA CRUZ General Manager 819.00 Muñoz Water District MIGUEL.00 SULANGI.00 BATOON.50 MACATANGAY. GREGORIO LACUESTA BOD Vice Chairman 92.548. LAZARO BULURAN Division Manager 818.00 Orani Water District ANDRES.600.00 FRANCISCO.000.000. HONORATO DANILO SANTOS BOD Chairman 109. DONALD Z.00 VALERO.Details of Salaries and Allowances.260. ROGELIO DE LEON General Manager 1.00 CASTAÑEDA.260.500. LORENZO TOLENTINO BOD Member 92. BOD Member 6.00 ACUÑA.000.940.50 VELASCO.50 SANTOS. AVEDEL VILLENA Production Officer 373.522.254. ARSENIO DELA MERCED BOD Member 186.684. MARIETA MENDOZA BOD Member 83.700.700. ERNESTINA ANDRES BOD Member 160.00 DALAY. DANILO SANTOS BOD Member 158. BOD Member 56. BOD Vice Chairman 69.00 RIVERA. EDUARDO I. General Manager 426.00 MERCADO.847.00 FLORO.940.600.00 DE VEGA. ISABEL BOD Vice Chairman 6.250. General Manager 813.00 Norzagaray Water District CRUZ. BOD Member 129. RENATO CAYCO BOD Chairman 97.253. BAUTISTA General Manager 1.087. MA. CERELYN L.00 DE JESUS. the details of which can be found in Part VI . TERESA BOD Member 112. MA. FELIPE N.00 Obando Water District LANDAYAN.50 Orion Water District CAJAYON. ESMERALDO Z.800.00 ALARILLA.

ISABEL O. MA. 72 .00 DY. CARMEN T. MA.440.116. MA.200. GERARDO V.200.084. BOD Vice Chairman 85. ANNE TONETTE R.129.00 AGUSTIN.200.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.892. ROBERTO N.00 JACINTO.00 ABELLO. BOD Member 94. the details of which can be found in Part VI . RUBEN DULAY BOD Member 47.800.80 AVENDAÑO. LEONIDA ADVINCULA BOD Member 93.00 LUCAS. GERTRUDES D.903.800.00 TIANGSING. JULIET TAACA BOD Secretary 88.840. LINDLEY DELA CRUZ BOD Chairman 88. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* ALARCON. BOD Member 82. GIL R. ROMEL YAP General Manager 876.00 SARMIENTO.200. MARIO S. ANTIQUERA BOD Secretary 15.200. ASUNCION A.200.450. Division Manager 15. ERNESTO O.200. ALEXANDER PARAGAS BOD Member 58.50 SANTILLAN. MARILYN C. BOD Member 82.00 DELA CRUZ.277.800.00 MONTEROLA.440.00 Palauig Water District DEL FIERRO. MARLON JOVE General Manager 1.00 Porac Water District MANALASTAS. ROSALINA YU BOD Member 88. BOD Secretary 69.329. DELIA CANONIZADO BOD Vice Chairman 15. CECILIA PADILLA BOD Member 90.840. General Manager 978.381. BOD Vice Chairman BOD Member 69. NANCY C. GERARDO LOPE General Manager 878. SIMEON A.560. JOSEPH LIBUNAO BOD Member 11. ROSALINDA M. JEAN DELOS REYES BOD Member 15.00 CRUZ.800.00 MANIAGO.00 Paniqui Water District SANTILLAN. BOD Secretary 43.00 MARCOS.96 MERCADO.00 BUENO.00 PEREZ.84 SIBLAG. BOD Chairman 43. BOD Member 82.00 TRISTE. CLEMENCIA ANOCHE BOD Chairman 15. LIWAYWAY F. ISAGANI VILLANUEVA BOD Vice Chairman 88.300.712. DOMINGO A. BOD Chairman 109.970.00 FERNANDO. BOD Member 43. FRANKLIN JR R.00 VIRAY. FELIX ABRIGOS BOD Chairman 108.16 CORPUZ. ELENITA ISON BOD Member 93. BOD Chairman 174.00 CANLAPAN.00 ANTERO.300. EMILIO DJ.175. BOD Member 145.840.00 LOPEZ.00 ENCARNACION. General Manager 1.840.200.54 DUMAGUIN.300.00 Palayan City Water District CALLING. BOD Member 145. MELINDA A. BOD Member 81. BOD Vice Chairman 94. ROSITA C. JOSEPHINE G.450.050. MA.00 RAMOS. RADEN DELA CRUZ General Manager 1.00 Peñaranda Water District ABESAMIS.024. BOD Member 43.00 Plaridel Water District CRUZ.00 ELACION.00 REYES. ELVIRA SOCORRO B.025. BOD Member 145. RODEL HERNANDEZ BOD Member 90.00 ABESAMIS.726. FE ALTARES BOD Member 15.Details of Salaries and Allowances. Division Manager 978.00 SERRANO. HYDEE O.00 GLORIA. SUSAN BOD Member 69.888.168.00 TULABOT. General Manager 1.50 HILARIO.00 VALDEZ.00 CAMITAN.593.000. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. FERNANDO JR. Division Manager 537.00 Pandi Water District SANTOS.00 CASTILLO.200.089.594.840.740. OFELIA C.36 DEL ROSARIO. CATALINO S.

General Manager 174.00 MANGASER.00 TEJADA. ARSENIO CORPUS General Manager 896.00 BUENAVENTURA. BOD Chairman 111. BOD Vice Chairman 189. DAVID DV.600. General Manager 974.Details of Salaries and Allowances. FELIPE A BOD Chairman 82.700. MANUEL E.560.400. FRESHNEL MANAHAN BOD Vice Chairman 43. LORETO GONZALES General Manager 2.121.00 MANANGHAYA.259.800. 73 .500.00 ABILLE. RELITO S.824.50 BUNDOC.744. BAYANI V BOD Chairman 112.163.04 DE SILVA.500.400.00 CONCEPCION.200. LENIUS CARPIO BOD Chairman 45.780.00 NAVARRO.752.080.232. BOD Member 46.089. PRESENTACION PRONTO BOD Secretary 34.00 San Felipe Water District PAGAL.780. General Manager 931.440.00 San Antonio (Zambales) Water District JUSTINIANO. TEODORO MAYCONG BOD Secretary 41.825. ARIEL M.00 San Antonio (Nueva Ecija) Water District AGAPITO. Officer-in-Charge 65.00 San Ildefonso Water District VIOLAGO. MA. BOD Member 97. DOMINGO BOD Member 49.880.665.130.500.00 MANUGUE. VICTOR JR GUMABAO Department Manager 1.435. ADELAIDO P.00 VALMADRID.400. BOD Member 94.00 ROSETE. TERESITA E.500. ARLENE M.933.440. CONCEPCION F.00 PASCASIO. MARY AILEEN V.00 CALLO.625.00 MOVILLA.400. PERLITO U.00 BALMACEDA. MA.040.650. BOD Secretary 169.360. LAMBERTO BOD Member 94. RESTITUTO BOD Member 93. ZELINE CANLAS General Manager 850.130.00 CANITA.00 AGAPITO. BOD Member 71.560.00 SANTOS.100.980. BOD Member 169. LINA REGOJOS BOD Member 47. VOLTAIRE A.560.60 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.00 VILLANUEVA.53 MANGLICMOT.00 GRAVADOR.00 CABERTO. ANNABELLE BOD Vice Chairman 68. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* LANSANG. BELLA S.00 DELA CRUZ.00 NGUHO.989.00 DOMINGO. EXEQUIEL POLICARPIO Department Manager 1. EDGARDO T.00 DIMLA. MARIETTA DELA CRUZ BOD Member 41. GALO ANTONIO VILLAFUERTE General Manager 1. LILIA ARENZANA BOD Member 23. BOD Vice Chairman 71.00 ALFONSO.852.164.00 CHENG.00 INDUCTIVO. CECILIA M.95 San Jose del Monte City Water District LIMCOLIOC.520.00 PASCASIO. MARIBEL G. VERONICA BOD Member 99.565. Interim BOD Member 17.00 MALIG.143. MARILYN A. the details of which can be found in Part VI .360. BOD Treasurer 71. BOD Member 169.520. NELLY FERRER BOD Vice Chairman 34. REYNALDO Interim BOD Member 18. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.34 GARCIA. BOD Secretary 71. General Manager 727. BOD Member 86.00 Ramos Water District MACARAEG.58 FRANCISCO.400. VICTORIA V.400. JOSEFINA AQUINO BOD Member 34. VIRGINIA SANTIAGIO Department Manager 1. SHERRI LYN SY Interim Vice Chairman 14.00 LOCQUIAO.00 DE LEON. CRISANTO P.00 ARINDUQUE. BOD Chairman 84. NORMITA H. REYNALDO R. TEOFILO CORPUS BOD Chairman 39.00 FLORES.00 San Jose City (Nueva Ecija) Water District FRANCISCO. URSULA M.322. BOD Member 45.27 IGNACIO.

00 RONCAL.185. 74 . BOD Vice Chairman 23. BOD Member 24.00 JAVIER.210.639. EFREN SR.00 FARIN.00 DE JESUS.160. BOD Member 24.837.00 CONCEPCION.00 NOMBRADO.146.240.207. BOD Member 90.081.50 Santa Rita Water District ZAPANTA. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* CONTRERAS.00 MAGPAYO. ERLINDA LABRADOR BOD Vice Chairman 3.472. ENRIQUE AVENA BOD Vice Chairman 449.00 RODRIGUEZ.060. DANIEL GERONA OIC Department Manager 1.940. MANUEL RABANES BOD Chairman 41. BOD Chairman 54.545.88 REYES.058. FERNANDO JR. GUILLERMA DELOS SANTOS BOD Secretary 454.200.560.525.00 TUAZON.00 DELOS SANTOS.639. LUZ S.00 MARIANO. BOD Vice Chairman 43.200.00 Sasmuan Water District CARLOS.80 POLICARPIO.800.00 VILLANUEVA.50 VERGEL DE DIOS. BALTAZAR SANTIAGO BOD Member 89. HERMINIO PENGSON BOD Member 89. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.00 Santa Rosa (Nueva Ecija) Water District BERNARDO. PRINCESS DIANE A.158.00 San Rafael (Bulacan) Water District CASTAÑEDA.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries. LUIS C.00 FARIN. ROMEO L. BOD Member 25.00 ESPINO.160. the details of which can be found in Part VI .800.480. VIRGINIA ARAO BOD Member 34.238. EMMANUEL FARALA BOD Chairman 5.112. MARVIN M. BOD Member 108.445.400.00 San Miguel Water District VIOLA.71 RAMOS.350.090.00 DIZON.Details of Salaries and Allowances. MELINDA V. GLORIA RAMOS BOD Member 34. ROMEO APRO BOD Chairman 466. MENDOZA General Manager 1.00 DE DIOS. BRIGIDA CARLOS General Manager 1. MENDOZA BOD Member 456. CARMELITA SONIA NGO BOD Vice Chairman 89.61 DIONISIO. DARWIN ASIO BOD Member 5. BEDA M.00 BABAS. NUMERIANO JR.00 CRUZ.00 ELAYDA. BOD Member 43.00 YRORITA.560.458. M. AMELIA SANTOS BOD Member 85. BOD Chairman 26.560. CARMENCITA FOGATA BOD Member 6.88 NICOLAS.00 NUÑEZ.00 SANTOS. General Manager 431.880. BOD Member 43. LYN PANINGBATAN General Manager 858.00 TARUC. MANUEL IGAYA BOD Auditor 127. SOCORRO VIOLAGO BOD Chairman 146. LUCILA M.000. VILMA ECHON BOD Secretary 5. ANA JIMENEZ BOD Secretary 34. NIDA BATUNGBAKAL BOD Member 454. JOEL FELIX H.500. BOD Chairman 82.538.00 ROQUE.00 SANQUI.00 ALVAREZ. LEONILA DE GUZMAN BOD Vice Chairman 129. General Manager 1. Z. NARCISO C. JOSE G. MARIVIC VALTE BOD Secretary 130.00 JIMENEZ.00 CAPATI. FELICIDAD ARCE BOD Vice Chairman 34. General Manager 951.636.25 VASALLO.487.240. CHARMAINE C. AMADOR I.736.160. BOD Vice Chairman 114.569.00 DELA CRUZ.560. BOD Member 109.00 OLIVO.400. SIMEON D. HELEN DE GUZMAN General Manager 589.034.00 San Narciso Water District FERNANDEZ. FRANCISCO MANAHAN BOD Chairman 106. ELENA M.00 VALDECANTOS.510. FELIPE JR.200.00 EVANGELISTA.000.80 San Marcelino Water District VILLENA.687. EVELYN ESTRELLA BOD Member 112.400.

AMELITA ADAN BOD Chairman 18. General Manager 1.232.240. Administrative & General Services Officer 378. Ignacia Water District ACUZAR. General Manager 812.90 GUEVARRA. ALICIA G. the details of which can be found in Part VI .847.073. BOD VIce Chairman 199. Division Manager 771.786.400.00 GINES. ROMEO R. EMMANUEL ENRICO E. TEODORA J. BOD Member 43.68 BUAN.200.00 MARA.00 JAVIER. CONSOLACION V.360. NENE RANON BOD Member 17.00 PEREZ.112.00 Tarlac City Water District VENGCO.200. BOD Chairman 199.741. RAMON R.832. ALEJANDRO E.00 DELGADO.00 SALAZAR.Details of Salaries and Allowances. BOD Member 18. MINA JOY A. Cruz (Zambales) Water District MUEGA.760. Senior Engineer 390.200.770.200. BOD Chairman 30. BOD Chairman 239.720.149. EMELITO M. General Manager 1. MARIA LEONORA S.800. CARLOS JR.00 DE JESUS. General Manager 879.00 LACANILAO. BOD Vice Chairman/Secretary 46.00 ESTUDILLO. ERMELO R. CARMEN LINDA G.305. LEONARDO V. ARACELI B. MARIGOLD R.00 PULMANO. SYLVIA FUNA BOD Member 151. 75 .414. RUBEN MISA BOD Vice-Chairman 17. AMELIA S.00 LACANILAO. FEDERICO MORA BOD Chairman 181.763. LINDA C. JOHN REMEL MOJARES BOD Member 151. ALMA MISA OIC . BOD Member 18. BOD Member 199.091.800. BOD Member 46.00 BONIOL.00 ROMARATE. BOD Chairman 50.00 MONTEVIRGEN.00 MENDOZA. MARCELO MOSE BOD Member 4.271.00 Sta.280. DIVINIA S. GRACE MALONG OIC .738. Division Manager 747. Acting BOD Chairman 5. NELSON L.00 FRANCISCO.General Manager 162.00 VILLAMAR. GINABELLE G.200.720. Water Utilities Development Officer 386.79 PLEYTO.861. RUFINO JR MISA BOD Member 17. DIVINIA S.800.800.00 CALIWAG.200.200. IRENE GIRON General Manager 1.00 DOROTHEO.420. ZENAIDA C.372.280.00 DATOLAYTA. BOD Vice Chairman 43. BOD Member 14.362. N. CARLITO MENDIGORIN BOD Member 151. Maria (Bulacan) Water District SANTOS.00 CATIIS. BOD Member 199. CARMELITA T. PAULINO V. BOD Member 12.00 MAYOR. BOD Vice Chairman 18.00 DOMINGO. LEANDRO JUN C. MIGUELA G.12 DALMACIO. General Manager 1. BOD Member 43. BOD Chairman 21. WINENA BELGIRA BOD Member 100. BENEDICTO G. BOD Member 46. AZENITH R.00 DEL POZO. ESTER T.00 CAPATI. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* SILVA. BOD Member 43.00 Sta.00 ABUNDO.636. BOD Secretary 239. FLOR L. BOD Secretary 43. CONSOLACION V.00 SANTOS.00 JAVIER.320.925. MA.00 DE VERA.440.00 LESACA.00 FARANIAL. Industrial Relations Development Officer 179.00 FRONDA.00 Talugtug Water District GODOY.820.00 Sta.754.00 GUTIERREZ.00 Talavera Water District LACSAMANA.780.563.00 MENDOZA. ALFREDO A.00 Subic Water District ANCHETA. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.200.720.00 AYONQUE. JOVITA I.General Manager 149.800.616.832.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.

00 LEAL.414. ELECITA L.00 CASTILLO.00 MACASAET. BOD Vice Chairman 34. BOD Chairman 41.560.089. GENEROSO BOD Member 20.560. SIMEONA BOD Secretary 69.50 FAJARDO. ANASTACIO BOD Member 34.167. BOD Vice Chairman 207. ANGELITO Y.00 DIVINO. ADELARDO BOD Member 92. JOSE T. GERENO V. FLORENTINO F. CANDELARIA S. CONSOLACION A.00 HERNANDEZ.904.00 Batangas City Water District OYAO. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* CINENSE. LUZ M. RENATO P.752.675.560. BOD Chairman 31. BOD Secretary 117.00 Atimonan Water District MARASIGAN.062. BOD Secretary 207. WILFREDO ABAD BOD Member 207.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries. JOSE DI. CONRADO S. RICARDO Z.00 TUBO.00 CACHERO.00 MONTES.560. BOD Treasurer 117. GIL P. VERGEL R. NEMESIO BOD Vice Chairman 69. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.175.00 AMURAO. BOD Auditor 34. FRANCISCO BOD Chairman 34. BOD Member 34.00 Amadeo Water District DELA PEÑA.00 PANGANIBAN.250. General Manager 1.637.000.28 VERDAN. General Manager 1. LEONARDO L.00 DEL ROSARIO. General Manager 884.792.392.00 SALAZAR.00 TOLENTINO.472.195.50 CABELLO.950. MARIANO BOD Member 87. BOD Chairman 98.175.45 LONTOC.00 ANTIMANO. LORENA M.50 DE SAGUN. ADORACION L. BOD Secretary 34. BOD Member 207.792. RODOLFO BOD Member 34.00 DE VILLA.00 MAGNAYE.00 FANDIÑO.491.40 BAYBAY. ABUNDIO T.344.560. LETICIA B. EMILIANO D. BOD Chairman 117.00 ROCILLO.00 LAINEZ. RICARDO M.00 Balayan Water District LOPEZ.00 COSICO. BOD Chairman 384.00 Alitagtag Water District RENEGADO. BOD Secretary 23.Details of Salaries and Allowances. JANET B Division Manager 820. General Manager 818.50 PALACIO.83 JACINTO. 76 .950. BOD Auditor 117. General Manager 1. WILFRIDO G.559.792.560.560. BOD Chairman 106.00 BUTOR.00 HERNANDEZ.50 Alaminos (Laguna) Water District CASTILLO.871.175. BOD Chairman 26.680. YOLANDA B. BOD Member 33. BOD Treasurer 70.160. NORMA BOD Secretary 34. the details of which can be found in Part VI . NILO B BOD Member 88.363.950.560.00 ESPINELI.187. LILIA C. General Manager 522.00 MACAYAN.950. BOD Chairman 117. BOD Treasurer 92. PRECILA J.00 DUNGCA.935.50 AQUINO. ESTER B. MYRNA B. OSCAR M.560.120.00 RAMOS.560. JOSE BOD Member 92. VIRGILIO DV.780.792.00 MARASIGAN. RAFAEL M. BOD Vice Chairman 34.400.00 AMBAGAN.950. NILO C. General Manager 824. BOD Member 92. BOD Member 34. CHARITY S.00 Region IV-A Agoncillo Water District CABELLO.187.

LUZ D.00 HILDAWA.00 CARTAGO.580. ARNOLD G Corporate Account Analyst 391. DOMINADOR JR.00 BOCAGO.694.00 VALENCIA.300.053.00 MERCADO.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.440. VIRGINIA L.680.299. BOD Secretary 384. FRANCIS B. BOD Member 99. BOD Member 31.000. MARY ANN V General Manager 880. JOSELITO B.106.00 CUNANAN. ROSELYN C BOD Member 20. RANELY S. General Manager 754.00 LIM. Division Manager 851. JOEMAR OIC-Division Manager 91.00 FAJARDO.104. ESTHER U. ROSALINA M. K. MYRNA P.00 IBAY. Administrative Assistant 464. ERVY R.00 DIAZ.392. EDISON JR.00 TAMAYO. BOD Public Relation Officer 353.000. BOD Member 352.040.50 HAIN.133. BOD Member 151. BOD Treasurer 358.660.00 LEVARDO. AGNES R BOD Member 24.104. Interim General Manager 1. A BOD Chairman 181.935.00 GILLERA.518. ROELITO C BOD Member 384.109.00 YU.00 Calauag Water District AVILA. L. RENE LUCINO B.760. Department Manager 1. RODOLFO T.560. EXEQUIEL P BOD Secretary 333.50 FARCON. PAULINA A.57 CORTES.00 SAMIANO.900.38 SUMANGA.252.000.00 AMORADO. BOD Secretary 151.000.460. NELIA C.00 ERMEDILLA. JOSE AMOR M. DELIA Z BOD Member 32.00 ERIGA.380. JULIANA S. LESLIE CLAIRE OIC-Division Manager 54. Division Manager 858.00 HEBRON. BOD Vice Chaiman/Secretary 31.104. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. Department Manager 1. JOSELITO OIC-Division Manager 63. NELSON B Water Maintenance Foreman 415.00 VARGAS.00 MERCADO.Details of Salaries and Allowances.462. General Manager 1. RESTITUTO B.00 INTOY.280.00 GARCIA. Department Manager 1.00 HEMEDES.806.00 PAMPLONA.038. CHARLYN D.77 DE CASTRO.344.917.920.200.00 BUAN.920. BOD Chairman 349. General Manager 1. ADELINA BOD Member 85. DOMINADOR JR. BOD Member 384. BOD Chairman 31.225. AMOR O.00 SANTIAGO.00 SORIANO.00 TOMAS. IRMINO BOD Member 99. Interim General Manager 1. CARMELITA B.43 FRANCIA. Department Manager 1.784.833. BOD Treasurer 31.077.128. ALICIA BOD Member 28.00 AGUILAR. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* LEYESA. BOD Vice Chairman 151.920.00 JORVINA.00 Cabuyao Water District DE CASTRO.700. LEOPOLDO JR.104. MARY ROSE A.104. R.180. ALEXANDER BOD Member 31. Division Manager 845.412. EMERENCIANA M. ANILINE B General Manager 153.00 COPO. ADORACION C.200. VIRGINIA E.115. ISIDRO BOD Chairman 102. DELIA Department Manager 1.00 Candelaria (Quezon) Water District ALVAREZ.700.584.00 DIEGO. 77 .00 Calamba Water District SUMANGA. TOMASA BOD Member 88.79 AGUILLO.00 CHUNG.00 HACA. the details of which can be found in Part VI .916. BOD Vice Chairman 396.592.360.00 ESTIVA. ADELIO BOD Member 95.00 Carmona Water District SARMIENTO. ESTEBAN II G.200.104. HURRY M.065.

FLORENCIO D. BOD Vice Chairman 3.266. AUREA D.000. NAHUM D Corporate Budget Specialist 314.821.00 PUYONG. the details of which can be found in Part VI .00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries. Division Manager 843.48 REDOMA.595.00 MANALAYSAY. ROMEO S Division Manager 775.560.00 General Emilio Aguinaldo Water District MENDOZA. BOD Member 34. EVELYN S. L. General Manager 1. PERCY R.400. BOD Secretary 144. DIOSDADO M.848.240.00 DIMAPILIS.307.00 GENEROSO.000. ALODIA FERNANDEZ BOD Chairman 41. ILUMINADA F. ALEXANDER BLANZA Senior Water Utility Maintenance Officer 894.00 GOLFO.00 LUYA.360. ANSELMO P. NENITA BLASABAS.20 DELA CRUZ.60 NATIVIDAD. BOD Chairman 254.916.00 Dolores (Quezon) Water District GAURANO.00 ANCERO. General Manager 561.360.240. ALFREDO S.560.70 BUENO. BOD Secretary 34.00 ANGUE.658. BOD Vice Chairman 22.50 MERENCILLA. JULIET MUJAL General Manager 1.80 CALVADORES. FLORAMOR D. CESAR L.080. BOD Secretary 22.00 General Mariano Alvarez Water District NACITA. BENITO G.560. BOD Secretary 3. RONALIZA R.560. ANGEL DL.00 MOJICA. BOD Member 216. JOSE JR.Details of Salaries and Allowances.08 MORATALLA. ROSALINDA P BOD Vice Chairman 34. MAGDALENA R. BOD Member 11.71 MALIMBAN.00 MANGUBAT.654.295.821.00 DAGUNO.60 CASEM.00 GURO. ANTONIETO CERILLA General Manager 700.350.00 Dasmariñas Water District SILVA. OIC Division Manager 697. MELY SUAREZ BOD Vice Chairman 138.00 TUPAS. General Manager 560. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* Catanauan Water District DE OCAMPO.000. QUIRINO S. Division Manager 1.736. CYNTHIA M BOD Member 72. JOSEFINA G BOD Chairman 41. CECILIA R. ROSALINDA PANLILLO.720. AMELIA M.200. ROSMOND I Division Manager 775.00 MANGUBAT.187. MA.00 QUISTO.080.54 MOLINES.796.00 BARZAGA. BOD Treasurer 126.00 SERRANO. PRENCESITA G. BOD Chairman 19. BOD Vice Chairman 216.560.636. Division Manager 810.400.00 BAYLON.00 Guinayangan Water District PUJALTE.00 MACARAIG. LORETO F.000. Division Manager 846.640. OIC Division Manager 769.00 SUTAREZ. BOD Member 138.00 TORRES.00 MULLET. MICHAEL INFANTE BOD Secretary 142. Division Manager 828.987.00 FABROA.00 PEÑARANDA.521.472. CRISANTO R. SANTOS O BOD Member 2. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. Division Manager 846.675.70 LEYNES. ROBERTO BOD Treasurer 14. PACITA REQUINTO BOD Secretary 25. REINA V BOD Member 198.00 DELACION. 78 .36 CAMERINO.648.920.00 RIPAS.497.000.560.520.648.00 SICO. ELVIRA G.280. GABRIEL JR.153.133.580. PEDRO C. CESARIO REYES BOD Chairman 161. ARNULFO PUJALTE BOD Vice Chairman 34. BOD Chairman 2. V.00 PRECIA.50 CASTAÑARES.80 RAFOL.472.50 GELLE.140. JOEVIC ALAGASI Supervising Engineer 879.00 DIALA.700. OIC Division Manager 588. General Manager 826. LIGAYA G BOD Member 34. RUFINO G. TERESITA E. Senior Accounting Processor 275. JESILLA A. CONRADO LASCANO BOD Member 34.

RAMON C.00 VILLAJIN.00 Indang Water District LEGASPI.320. OFELIA E.067.50 ESTEVEZ. BOD Chairman 38. BOD Member 93. CASIMIRO JR. LIEZL C. BOD Member 45.50 CAJUCOM. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.056.00 RAMOS.00 ROGADO.095.750. BOD Member 146.00 SALAZAR.00 DE VILLA. ROSALINDA R. BOD Secretary 34.00 CONSTANTE. BOD Member 45. Assistant General Manager 1. General Manager 1. MARIANITO Z BOD Member 146. RUENA D.663.600.560.239. BOD Member 288.016. MODESTO R. CELSO L.125.00 Lemery (Batangas) Water District RAMIREZ. FERDINAND MARASIGAN BOD Chairman 129.117.68 CREUS. BOD Member 164.00 ROMENA.137.040.00 AGRA. BOD Member 45. MARGIE V. ELENITA M.48 OFICIAL. BOD Member 93. HIDE MALABANAN BOD Secretary 112.00 VILLADOLID. Cashier 284. MAT WILSON B.94 MACABABBAD.137. BOD Member 93. NUMERIANO R BOD Member 93. the details of which can be found in Part VI .680. EDELISA G.00 RODERNO. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* MACALINTAL. BOD Vice Chairman 146. GLORIA M. BOD Member 90.72 MANIEBO.320.00 LITAN. BOD Vice Chairman 23. ISAGANI R.78 EVASCO. BOD Vice Chairman 34.00 MANGUBAT.00 NADURATA.051. HYDEE DE LUNA General Manager 1. BOD Member 216. ELPIDIO E. SHERILL M.00 Infanta (Quezon) Water District PRADILLADA.00 AGUILA. WILFREDO BOD Member 216.125.680.516.137.00 PUNZALAN. RICARTE ALILIO BOD Vice Chairman 112.00 RAMOS.600.00 SAN AGUSTIN.00 Lopez Water District VILLASEÑOR.000. Assistant General Manager 1. DANILO M. BENITO U BOD Member 288.850. A. MERCEDES R.680.844.73 RAMOS.965.287.560. BOD Member 45.00 DE GUIA. MANUEL M.00 MARASIGAN. PANTALEON LL. BIBIANA C.000.840. LETICIA M. BOD Member 34.26 PEÑAMORA. ELENITA F. JOEL JULIUS A. General Manager 824.00 ERANDIO.200.446.361. LUDGERO R.100. NAIDA Senior Corporate Accountant 412. BOD Secretary/Treasurer 146. General Manager 1. FELIX P.00 RODRIN.140.287.50 Laguna Water District TABANAO. MARINA L.00 LECAROS.00 RIVERA.000.200.320.407. Division Manager 766. BOD Member 345. SHERWIN NAPOLEON M.00 Lian Water District JONSON.200. MYRTLE FELISA SEVILLA Division Manager 726.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.600.320. NOEL M.092.00 MENDOZA.00 CAY. BOD Chairman 95. General Manager 1. BOD Member 45.00 VALENCIA.50 RECIO.480. BOD Chairman 155. BOD Member 34.320. ANTHONY R. RAISA B. 79 . BOD Member 24.00 Lobo Water District PEREZ.50 ASTOVEZA. General Manager 871. ANTONIO R.000. LEONARDO BITOIN General Manager 1. Division Manager 752. ANTONIO C. ALICIA GUALBERTO BOD Treasurer 112. MARGARITA DATIVA M.560.560. ANGEL O.223.00 MAGNO.Details of Salaries and Allowances.137.221.00 PEREZ.

BERNARDO C Division Manager 169.600. 80 .68 ESTRADA.822.54 CERA.00 HILARIO.026.688. EDNA M.57 BATHAN.00 AURE. BOD Member 66. BOD Secretary 79. FRANDO R.10 ORENSE. MA. Division Manager 937.200. Department Manager 1. NORMA H BOD Secretary 57.700.200.200.00 SAMANIEGO.00 Metro Lipa Water District ILAGAN. ANNA MARIE N BOD Secretary 66.600.528. CARLOS BOD Member 318. MARTIN JR L.153. Department Manager 1.21 ALVIS. BOD Vice Chairman 318.00 JULIO. General Manager 1.276. NOE P. BOD Member 297.00 PEJI.720.Details of Salaries and Allowances. AMELIA S.00 SEGISMUNDO.45 MARQUEZ.00 ANGELES.00 AURE. JOSEFINA L BOD Secretary 38. ROMEO BOD Member 14.160.00 TENA.00 MEDENILLA.600.00 NARVAEZ. BOD Chairman 66. ANGELO A.200.960.00 GONZALES.720. Treasurer/Secretary 318.00 LOPEZ. RODOLFO M. BOD Chairman 44. DOMINGO R.699.560.00 AMURAO. MA.00 CASTILLO.00 MAGUYON.600.600. NANETTE B.00 ROZUL. LEONCIO A. RODRIGO H.930. GELSON A.833. IMELDA OIC Division Manager 809.271. FELISA S.00 PEJI.751.00 SEMANA. PABLO Administrative Officer 69.675.00 DE CASTRO. Division Manager 739.621. BOD Member 66. DARLEN BOD Member 88.563. REBECCA A.600.00 Morong (Rizal) Water District SAN JUAN.600.00 REGINO. ROSITA R. RENATO P. Division Manager 789. BOD Chairman 52.600. General Manager 1.364.32 FRANCISCO.00 SERDON. General Manager 816.348. General Manager 697. BOD Member 57. DICKSON A.00 VILLANUEVA.00 Maragondon Water District MANUEL. RICARDO SR. RODRIGO P.00 VILLANUEVA. JULITO C.131. HERMOGENES M.20 DIMALIG. CHONA N.100. BOD Treasurer 6. General Manager 78. Division Manager 912. FRANDO R. MARTIN A. the details of which can be found in Part VI . Division Manager 357.00 Mauban Water District TALASTAS. BOD Vice Chairman 29.456.825. ANGELES General Manager 964.00 Mabini Water District CASTILLO. ROGELIO A Division Manager 251. RUBEN R. BOD Treasurer 38.00 Mendez Water District BOBADILLA. LOURDES M.37 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.00 DE GUIA.476. BOD Vice Chairman 57. BOD Member 57. R.00 MARAMOT. CESAR E Division Manager 187.00 ISAGA.97 MAGPANTAY.967. EVANGELINA C.859. AURORA ESCASA BOD Member 79. BOD Vice Chairman 66.00 VILLAMAYOR.592. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* BITOIN.00 RAMOS. EDUARDO D. GEMMA L.140.00 CERDEÑA.800.00 AMARILLE.00 BAQUIRAN.00 REGINO. ANTONIO A. ROSENIO B. Division Manager 627.720. General Manager 932. Division Manager 1.960. BOD Member 88.200. CESAR BOD Chairman 350.744.306.443. CLARA C.760. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. BOD Chairman 88. MODESTO FRANKLIN C. FE BOD Member 6.600. BOD Member 88.200.600. EDGARDO L.

AESA MARIE P BOD Member 88. Division Manager 872.190.870. ALFREDO M. BOD Vice Chairman 88.200.00 AFABLE. ENRICO B. SD. Senior Engineer 416.04 ARROYO. JULIA A. Division Manager 543.727.800.00 VELASCO.750. BOD Member 110.00 PASCUAL. RENATO D.00 Pililla Water District RAFANAN.467.840. BOD Vice Chairman 110. NENITA N BOD Member 78. the details of which can be found in Part VI .100. EDMUND C.00 MARANAN.00 Polillo Water District ACQUIOBEN.300. ABELARDO L.00 VILLAFRANCA. BOD Vice Chairman 15. MARIFEL B.00 CONSTANTINO.476.200.250. BOD Secretary/Treasurer 78.200. BERNARDO C.Details of Salaries and Allowances. ASUNCION D.00 SAMANIEGO.00 ROBLES. EMILIANA A.020. Senior Water Utilities Officer 619.514.728. Division Manager 825.00 AGUILAR. BOD Member 27.00 SAN PEDRO.00 SORIANO.43 PABILONIA.600. CATALINO L. BOD Member 26.00 FRANCISCO. BOD Member 13. BOD Secretary 15. General Manager 1. Assistant General Manager 804. BOD Member 27.00 Quezon Metro Water District PASUMBAL. TOLENTINO REGACHO General Manager 658. CATALINA M.00 PINGOL.00 AMORES.00 ABARQUEZ.290.00 CORTEZ.21 CALMA. LOIDA V.00 LOZANO. RONNIE M.00 MANALO.200. EDITA BOD Treasurer 88.00 ILAGAN.200.200. DANIEL M.175.600.00 DELA CRUZ.00 IBARROLA. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.00 SAN DIEGO. BOD Member 26.00 GARCIA. LILY A. BOD Member 77.258.000. BOD Chairman 16.635. BOD Chairman 97. VICTORIA G.364. BOD Member 110. GERTRUDES V.750.00 CUSI. Administrative General Services Officer 418. Division Manager 803. ALLAN Q Acting Division Manager 339. Division Manager 837.00 GIPULAN. BOD Member 95. BOD Member 31. Division Manager 824.50 LEYROS. GOZALO T.00 REGALADO.750.020.00 SABLAN.00 GAELA. ANGELINE R. KEVIN S.250. JOSE JR. FRONDIE S.00 Nasugbu Water District ROJALES. ISABELITA C Assistant General Manager 739.000.440.525. BOD Vice Chairman 78. BOD Vice Chairman 88. R. General Manager 992. General Manager 1. PACENCIA A. BALTAZAR JUAN R.00 Pagsanjan Water District PAGUIO. RONALDO M.750. BOD Chairman 127. ANGELINA L.00 DILLA. RONNIE SJ.00 MARTINEZ. PAULINO J. 81 . VIRGINIA M.320. ANDREA A.250.890. BOD Member ENDOMA. General Manager 718. BOD Chairman 105. NATIVIDAD P BOD Member 78.291. EMERITA G. MARIBEL P.459.477. ROYCE A. BOD Treasurer 110. DELTO A BOD Secretary 88.00 PASCUAL. BASILIO JR. PEDRO C.00 Pakil Water District PUSTA.085.00 TIBAY. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* KOLIMLIM.00 FIRMA.00 MASACUPAN.100. LEONCIO S. IZAR A. BOD Secretary 84.058. CLARITA I.457.00 VILLAJIN. ALEX C. General Manager 850. VIVENCIO DL OIC Division Manager 272.00 HERNANDEZ.800.250.00 ABARQUEZ. BOD Chairman 93.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.526.

General Manager 929. ROSITA D.297.496. BOD Member 360. ISAGANI R. NENITA BOD Secretary 84.960.080.145. General Manager 1. Division Manager 750. WINIFREDO F.00 DIEGO. CONSOLACION A.00 ALVERO.386. ROGER F. General Manager 1.00 ILAGAN. LUISA GRACIA B.00 SANTIAGO.452. BOD Member 110.00 SALUD.58 DE VILLA.288. BOD Secretary/Treasurer 39. MYRNA C. MELVIN T OIC Division Manager 235. RENATO A Division Manager 1. BOD Treasurer 4. BOD Chairman 629. BOD Vice Chairman 532.946. WILFREDO S.00 LUNA. BOD Member 98.00 SANCHEZ.265.00 TALAGA. CYNTHIA T. BOD Member 421.00 GUIA.00 MAGPANTAY. Division Manager 84. ROMEO PARAS BOD Chairman 105.708.422.080. GERARDO B.217. LILIAN P.00 San Pablo City Water District BORJA. LERMA S.000. PRISCILLA MACARAIG Division Manager 775.00 LANDICHO. EDWIN G. BOD Secretary 3.00 BONDAD.862.00 REYES. MARCELINO L BOD Member 55.00 DIZON.750.080.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries. ERLINDA M. NENITA M OIC Division Manager 726.00 MORGA. O Division Manager 1.400. BOD Member 89. BOD Member 374.800. BOD Secretary 532. EVELYN A Division Manager 943.00 HERNANDEZ. OIC Division Manager 72. TERESITA B Division Manager 2.00 HERNANDEZ.00 RIVERA.831.041.00 MEDINA.005.634.600.116.00 ALCALA. EDGARDO BOD Member 105. MA.00 QUITLONG. CELSO BOD Member 3.142. SIMEONA INANDAN BOD Vice Chairman 84. BARBARA RUBY C. BOD Member 4. GUILLERMO JR.044.692.52 BIYO.800. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* JOYAS.00 GUTIERREZ.00 MALABANAN.600. JAYBEE D.581.00 AMANTE. DOMINADOR JR. BOD Secretary 534.276.00 INANDAN.030.00 DE CASTRO. K.00 DE ASIS.840. AUREA MELODY A.00 CRUZ.00 Rosario (Batangas) Water District LUNA.00 RECONGCO. T. MASIKAP M.996. 82 .750. OIC Division Manager 75. JUAN BOD Member 374.00 CUARTERO.116.994. the details of which can be found in Part VI .00 ABANTE.400.600. SUSAN BOD Member 84.265.300.835.750.456. NEMESIO JR.466.00 San Juan Water District ALCANTARA.00 San Luis Water District ILAGAN. PORFIRIO BOD Chairman 45. ENRIQUE P OIC Department Manager 962. FLORANTE F OIC Division Manager 297.375.840. HAIDE L. Division Manager 761.00 MANGUIAT. CARINA PACITA BOD Member 374. DEO MEDEL B. Division Manager 862. MICHAEL M.00 AGUILA. RONNIE S.00 BALTAZAR. BOD Chairman 4.00 AGONCILLO.00 HORTAL.069. ASUNCION J.00 San Pedro Water District PILI. General Manager 374.00 ZAPORTEZA. GENEROSO B. BOD Treasurer 84. General Manager 1.50 MANGULABNAN.00 AMURAO. BOD Member 98.00 EJE.540. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. FERDINAND H OIC Division Manager 701. ELEUTERIO D.00 TEMPROSA. VICENTE M.600. General Manager 86.400. MILDRED C Department Manager 935.00 NOMBRADO.200. CRISTHIA C.600. BOD Treasurer 532.800. ARTURO S.577.Details of Salaries and Allowances.00 PRUDENTE.

BOD Chairman 103. LOLITA C. RUTH E.00 YEPEZ. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* CATALAN.195. ALBERTO L.850.00 Tagaytay City Water District AMBION.110. BOD Member 103.092.41 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.00 MONTENEGRO. RICHARD B. OIC Division Manager 58. OIC Division Manager 71.154. NESTOR A. DIANA C. Department Manager 1. NENETTE B.00 DELA YSLA.00 GONZALES. CELEDONIO S.00 BAYBAY.077. General Manager 878.00 REDEÑA.751.850. BOD Chairman 394.00 ADRICULA.000.00 TAYAO.00 MEDINA. NICANOR L. CARMELITA P. Division Manager 949.292. Division Manager 772.595. MYRNA V Division Manager 944.679.00 OLIVAREZ. SUSAN G.154. MARY GRACE E.628. RAUL I.00 DE VILLA.083.00 PALMA.288. BOD Member 72.Details of Salaries and Allowances. MICHAEL P.821.00 DELA REA.00 RAMOS. General Manager 1.878. Division Manager 774. JOANNE APRIL M.810. the details of which can be found in Part VI .851. BOD Member 349. EVELIA V.425. BOD Chairman 245. BOD Member 96.00 MENGUITA.60 SALAZAR. Division Manager 118.837.030.00 FLORES. ELEANOR G. MARITA DJ OIC Division Manager 719.00 OBLIGACION.700. EUGENE H. General Manager 1.350. BOD Member 20.00 JAURIGUE.97 RESURRECCION. Cruz (Laguna) Water District LIMONGCO. NORA I.734. EUGENIO A. BOD Member 72. BOD Vice Chairman 90.00 DE LEON. ARNEL B BOD Member 149. CARLOS V. Division Manager 954.00 ASUNCION. MELVIN R Division Manager 771.150. Division Manager 773. LERMA E.280.00 DE LEON. BOD Member 72.00 CHING.425.850.00 VIRATA. OIC Division Manager 55. BOD Member 161. LUCILA M.00 Sta.00 BEJOSANO.00 ENRIQUEZ. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. CHRISTOPHER G.000.00 MARCELO.00 Siniloan Water District REALEZA. ANNALIZA J. BONIFACIO B. BOD Treasurer 146.00 VELASCO. BOD Member 72. AGRIPINO BOD Member 161. BOD Chairman 127. ANABEL M.290.00 ZARRIS. JONATHAN C. BOD Secretary 198.802. EMILIO F ADMC .110. BOD Vice Chairman 109.767.Accounting 754. BOD Secretary 90.00 DEL MUNDO.353.000.00 PRUDENTE. Department Manager 1. LINA L.887.894. ROD A.167.200.377.00 PAREDES. ALVIN A Acting Division Manager 469. ANTONIO B.628. BOD Member 72.00 RESURRECCION.800.249. REBECCA DR Division Manager 944. NOEL BOD Member 116. General Manager 1.440.00 PANGANIBAN.000. Acting Division Manager 553. REMEGIO C BOD Member 90.460.00 RACELA.49 GERODIAS. GUALBERTO BOD Member 90.00 ALBANO. GREGORIO V.00 ALBUERO.506. REALIZA L Acting Division Manager 350.00 GAMO. 83 . JAYJAY BOD Member 85. ISIDORO V.246. BOD Vice Chairman 366.00 REGILOSO. LEAH M.140. REYNALDO Y.000.011.00 JAVIER.00 ALCANTARA. Division Manager 979.00 TRISTE.128. Department Manager 1. ERIC GERARDO P.663.00 Taal Water District SAVADERA.50 SANTIAGO. NEIL D.163. RICARDO O.00 Silang Water District DELA CRUZ.850.

BOD Member 110.14 VERGARA.400.53 BONGAT. BOD Member 120.00 DAGOS. APOLINARIO C.750.00 ABAD.414. BOD Vice Chairman 199. AMBROCIO JR R Acting Division Manager 621.89 MANGLO.89 NARVAEZ.00 DE VILLA. RONALDO S.00 BOLOR.00 Tanauan Water District SUMAGUE.400. MIRA IRIS H. Division Manager 787.00 BERDAN.00 Tagkawayan Water District FRONDOSO. RONALD P.400.414.592.120. VIRGILIO C BOD Member 120. BOD Member 20. MA.00 DEE. LILIA U. BOD Member 80.89 HERNANDEZ. BOD Member 14. BOD Member 20. Division Manager 792. FELICIANA J. BOD Member 101.00 HILAO. General Manager 1.126. Division Manager 804.009. ERLINDA M. Division Manager 832. MARIE STELLA P. BOD Member 138.160. RAFAEL B.00 LORENZO.960. EVA ASTORGA Acting Division Manager 787.768.00 PUA.145. BOD Member 199. 84 .00 LUNA. BOD Member 14. CARMELITA O BOD Member 199. CIRILO T. JOSE M.00 BOBADILLA. BONIFACIO L. BOD Member 80.240.400. MA.960.00 FERMA. JOSEPH A. Acting Division Manager 781.00 Tanza Water District BOBADILLA. MELANIE P. FELICIANA V.00 CHUA.00 BARRERA.198.400.00 MINA.186.622.50 GARCIA. ROSALIE C. Acting Division Manager 621.Details of Salaries and Allowances.00 CESA. Department Manager 936.915. BOD Chairman 145.00 DETIQUIZ.279. BERNABE G. DELIA L.00 Tanay Water District MADARANG.376. BOD Member 178. NAPOLEON B.89 MACALINDONG.160. LEONARDO B BOD Chairman 231.700. H.00 JOYA.00 ARENAL.800.187.031.748. MYRNA P. ROMEO C. BOD Secretary 120.800.23 TOLEDO.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.800.748. Division Manager 829.00 LACORTE. ALMALYN T. BOD Member 120.00 MENDOZA. NOEH E BOD Member 69.00 MACALALAD. YOLANDA C. Division Manager 797.960. ERLINDA C. LAUREANO S.152. ROGELIO C. BOD Member 86. DEMOCRITO DU BOD Member 51.400.00 NAZARETH. Division Manager 892.00 GO. BOD Chairman 178. General Manager 1. BOD Member 94.00 Taysan Water District MENDOZA.00 NIÑONUEVO. CONCEPCION CHONA M. MARIANITO JR D.560.520.800. JOSELITO L.00 MENDOZA.627. the details of which can be found in Part VI . ARMANDO H.50 OLEGARIO.728. CONSUELO I.41 ALVAREZ.00 ELNAR. EFREN BOD Member 178. KAREN P.00 HERNANDEZ.00 PATI.332. JENNET S.00 HUGO. CHRYSLER A. Department Manager 955. JULITO F.960.887. JULIETA S.378.800.414. BOD Member 20. PORFIRIO P. General Manager 1.00 VALE. BOD Member 795. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* PAGDONSOLAN.248.734. JUANA O.00 ALFAJARO. BIENVENIDO JR. BOD Member 81. BELEN H. MARCELIA R BOD Member 11. Division Manager 808.244.422. MANUEL P BOD Member 34. BOD Member 199. General Manager 1.00 RAMOS. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. BOD Member 155. BEN C.020.282. Department Manager 886.00 DE GUZMAN.160.840.43 MAESTRADO.

680. JOEL A.220. TEODORO D. ANACORETA A.384.680. ESTANISLAO C. ORESTES F.Details of Salaries and Allowances.016.640.00 VALENCIA.00 ESPARRAGO. BOD Chairman 94. EVELYN M Acting General Manager 130. NARCISA L. General Manager 28.200. ERLINDA C.898. CATALINO F.00 BISCOCHO. ESPIRIDION JR F.768. MARCELINA H. TITO S. FELIPE B.090.477.00 DE SAGUN. ALBERTO G. ROSARIO G.00 DE JESUS. Division Manager 720.00 NUESTRO.00 AURE. FRAULINE F.00 BORJA.00 Naujan Water District ALBUFERA. General Manager 1. MARITES CASTILLO Cashier 260.384.800.640. BOD Chairman 50. LYDIA C.00 AFABLE. CORAZON C. VERONICA G. BOD Chairman 36.010.32 MENDIZABAL.00 Tuy Water District FILLER. NICANOR S.00 Trece Martires City Water District OCAMPO. RENATO S.00 FRANCISCO.640. JULIE ANN G.00 FRUCTUOSO.00 Teresa Water District SAN DIEGO.00 ARANDILLA.400. BOD Member 43.968.760. INOCENCIO M.155. BOD Member 22. BOD Member 116.500. DORA BACAY Accounting Processor 295.400.00 HERNANDEZ. Accounting Processor 237.00 LABIOS.400.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries. DOMINGO V.34 CICERON.726. LINO A BOD Member 74.288. OFELIA Z.00 TABOR.00 MONTANO.640.528.49 REYES.00 MARTAL.00 TESORO. BOD Chairman 116. ELNORA SJ. BOD Secretary 43.320.00 RASPADO. General Manager 627. the details of which can be found in Part VI . MARNELLE MAALA Division Manager 658.080.322. Division Manager 360.800. BOD Secretary 82.00 MANDOCDOC. LAFAYETTE T.568.073. BOD Member 52.15 SAN ESTEBAN. LOLITA G. BOD Chairman 116.00 CALINGASAN. BOD Member 68. General Manager 1. ROSA F. Customer Service Assistant 299. BOD Vice Chairman 90.200. BOD Member 22.250.00 VILLAR.00 CALZADO. BOD Secretary 23.00 ESPINELI. BOD Member 68.975. THELMA D OIC Division Manager 233.00 Tiaong Water District ATIENZA. General Manager 805.072.50 SORIANO. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.200.200. 85 . PINKY EDNA ANNE B. BOD Vice Chairman 22. PERSEVERANDO T. OIC Division Manager 552.112. RUDOLPH R. RIO MACALALAD General Manager 728.00 ROMERO. Division Manager 729. BOD Member 80. RUTH S. ERNESTO T.00 CRUZ. BOD Chairman 82.253.00 BAJA. BOD Chairman 139. BOD Member 30.100. BOD Member 68.800.50 DELOS SANTOS. THELMA V.750. BOD Vice Chairman 43.00 Region IV-B Culion Water District TABLA.000. JOSELITO N.315.00 ATIENZA.00 SAN DIEGO. BOD Member 43. JULIET R.00 GATDULA. ABIGAIL V.400.00 MAYOLA. Department Manager 872. DAVID T.00 ARANDILLA. BOD Secretary 116.00 ANDAL.760. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* PEREZ.974. Division Manager 360.00 LOPEZ. CECILIA Division Manager 232. MARIA AURIT R BOD Treasurer 68.

ENRICO ABRENICA BOD Vice Chairman 42.575. RAYMUND U.00 BALLARES. CLARITO JARDIN BOD Chairman 0. Senior Accounting Processor 164.476.00 MUROS.525. BOD Member 37.00 MALIHAN. EMMANUEL MENDOZA BOD Member 27. LILIA GABA BOD Member 16. MARILYN PANGANIBAN Cashier 303.00 FESTIN. CARLOS M. LORSELIE E.462. BOD Vice Chairman 344.334.750.200. BOD Vice Chairman 45.010.712.750. CINDY F Corp Accountant 364. RUPERTO VILLANUEVA BOD Chairman 44. BOD Member 46. SOLOMON JONG BOD Vice Chairman 36.00 MARCELO.000.00 Romblon Water District MARTOS. WENDELL G.00 DIVINO.346.075.034.260. Assistant General Manager 1. BOD Chairman 43. NOEL LEGASON Utilities Service Assistant 371.200.00 Puerto Princesa City Water District ROMASANTA.750. BOD Secretary 351.480. JOSE F.00 AXALAN. General Manager 1.00 ACOSTA. RICARDITO DE LOS REYES BOD Treasurer 41.800.375.00 ARAGON.00 FETALVER. BOD Member 32. General Manager 787. BOD Chairman 385. BOD Treasurer 343.463.00 GOH.200.440. BOD Member 30. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* ORDINARIO.15 MABASA.00 FERNANDEZ. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.792.00 PONCE DE LEON. SUSAN F. MYRNA VILLANUEVA Accounting Processor 309.764. JACKIRI BOD Member 46. ANACORETA GALAO BOD Chairman 18.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries. ANTONIO G. BOD Vice Chairman 41.18 GADO.480. SONIA NITURAL BOD Secretary 42.587. ANTONIO JESUS R.015.00 GONZALES.024. BOD Secretary 36. General Manager 893.00 LUMALANG.016.00 MARTINEZ. MARIEL M.929. MYLENE D. MANOLO GAMILLA BOD Member 16.00 Pinamalayan Water District GALIT. LILIA M.880. Assistant General Manager 1.50 FACTOR.920.00 MEJICO. TEODORO M.335.820. DIGNA P. ABEN F. Customer Service Assistant Pola Water District GARCIA. BOD Member 33.800.200. BOD Chairman 53.00 MIRAFLOR.040. MAYLYN BOD Member 46. GODOFREDO GEROLEO BOD Treasurer 36.00 AQUINO. ALLAN B. LUCY F.00 FERNANDEZ.00 DE CASTRO.00 CODERA. TERESITA M. MARY CATHERINE P BOD Public Relation Officer 170. MITZI DAWN G Senior Engineer 388. the details of which can be found in Part VI . Accounting Processor 269. 86 . OPHELIA B.00 VIRAY.00 DELMO. MARIBETH KASILAG BOD Vice Chairman 16.360. EDNA P.00 Odiongan Water District FORMILLEZA.00 Roxas (Oriental Mindoro) Water District SIÑEL.00 DE LIMA.800.735. ALLY L.179.323.00 MONTOJO.000. Cashiering Assistant 267.00 ATIENZA.00 DAPITO.00 REYES. VICENTE D.323. BOD Member 41.040.00 YLAGAN.00 MATINING.00 CONTRERAS.00 ACLAN.00 ANDALECIO. RONNIE P. EMMANUEL BASA General Manager 476.00 FODULLA.443. ERLINDA ACERON BOD Member 15.940. RAFAELA MALAPOTE General Manager 797.09 MAGO.94 ABREA. WILMA ARCAYOS Customer Service Assistant 374.00 MANAGO.00 CARLOS. RUBY ANN M. DANILO BALDEVIEZO General Manager 235. ANTONIO L.Details of Salaries and Allowances.940.

480. VIRGELIO BOD Member 1. LUCILLE T.00 VALDEZ. REMY F.00 DANTIS. General Manager 1. BOD Member 8.080. RITCHARD RAMIREZ BOD Chairman 120. MARLYN ESMELO Administrative Service Chief 522.00 SADIO.457. PEDRITO E. MERCADER General Manager 943. BOD Member 6. BOD Member 8.00 Baao Water District ROBOSA.00 TAN.562.00 CACANANTA.420.00 ABAYAN.00 CHAN.00 PADON. JIMMY J. General Manager 662.00 REYES. JOSEPH ROBERT GERARD B.664.640.00 Roxas (Palawan) Water District RAMIREZ. MIRAVILLA VIGUILLA BOD Vice Chairman 33.590.00 GAN.00 DALUMPINES. BOD Chairman 46.564. MAGDALENA NIMFA GARCIA BOD Member 99.272. THONY ALCANTARA BOD Member 21. MANUEL C. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* MARTINEZ.240. HILARION T.131. ISRAEL EDMUNDO MENDOZA BOD Member 28.560. 87 .00 CUSAY. the details of which can be found in Part VI . BOD Vice Chairman 40. BOD Secretary 1.750.00 SO.35 CADAPAN.00 LAGUISMA.00 TESORERO. JOSEFINA D.00 MAUR. Department Manager 958. RHONA SUAN Accounting Processor 156.00 TAMBAN.25 MONTEREY.50 ZAPANTA. SELINA M.265. FERNANDO NALICA General Manager 822.899. General Manager 1.472. EDUARDO GALLARDE BOD Vice Chairman 11.821.00 JIMENEZ.080.00 San Jose (Occidental Mindoro) Water District GATUZ. BOD Member 1.00 URIETA.375. Department Manager 943. FERDINAND BARETTO BOD Member 88.032. Water Service Maintenance Man 179. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.00 LIBORO. ROSAVILLA VIGUILLA BOD Chairman 48. BOD Treasurer 40.080.973.640. BASILIA P. Department Manager 936. GERALDINE DANGAN Cashier 311. JUANCHO P. WILLIAM SR.00 CUSI. HERNANDO ORDENES Water/Sewerage Maintenance Foreman 370. MARIBEL PILON BOD Member 103. RENATO G. General Manager 776.500.368.00 DALUMPINES. MARITESS BARCELON BOD Secretary 37. BOD Chairman 10. ODILON V. JOSE JR. TEODORICO BOD Chairman 1.50 MERCENE.353.272.500.875. ZENAIDA M. BOD Secretary 44.187.20 MATEO.443. ELIZABETH S BOD Member 1.477.00 AGBAYANI.556.00 FLORENDO.00 VILLAPANDO.080.00 LANDICHO.00 GUANIO.Details of Salaries and Allowances. STEPHEN A.00 LEGA. ALEXANDER TAGUINOD BOD Member 0. LAVEGA BOD Chairman 44. DEO A.00 BONNEVIE.50 Taytay Water District DEL ROSARIO. MYRNA GOMEZ BOD Member 90.84 TAN.00 JABOLI. MARIO J.00 Sablayan Water District ABELEDA.50 SANDOVAL.640.080. MAURO A BOD Member 33. VICENTE VIC B. Customer Service Assistant 110. MARICEL DERECHO BOD Treasurer 30.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.120. CHARINA P.00 MARCAIDA.112.058. JERRY E.249.113. CARMEN ALOJADO Utilities/Customer Service Assistant 304. Cashier 201.00 DIGMA.939.640. JOSELITO OCAMPO BOD Member 33.650.00 Region V Aroroy Water District CORPUS.041.00 LEYNES.240.428. BOD Member 8. ANNAMARIE T.

CLETO B BOD Vice Chairman 8. BOD Member 34. Division Manager 805. PAZ R. AMELIA T.370.000. BOD Member 38.450.178. BOD Chairman 41. JAIME P.100.466.00 HIZO.00 Bato (Camarines Sur) Water District BONNEVIE.00 FAJARDO. BOD Member 88.00 IMPERIAL.100. ANDRES R. GLORIA BOD Vice Chairman 34.00 PILI. BOD Member 63. BEN A.00 Calabanga Water District TOLENTINO.00 SEVERO.000.600. BOD Chairman 38.00 TOLENTINO. RAMON PIERRE IV P.00 Camalig Water District JAO-OPIANO. MICHAEL B.040.100.00 SEGUI. I. JENNIT R. REY DENNIS L. BIENVENIDO E.200. ROMULO B.00 TEVES.Details of Salaries and Allowances.00 TOMINEZ. CELEDONIO JR.00 Balatan Water District SAYLAGO. RUSTICO B BOD Chairman 10.00 BARNEDO. BOD Member 33. General Manager 957.00 ROMANO. General Manager 886.800. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* CASTRO.560.692.780. BOD Member 108.00 DE VILLA. BABY LAARNI P. C BOD Chairman 129. JOVENAL RENATO B BOD Chairman 96.00 TUBALINAL. BOD Member 34.00 HERMOGENO. MERGIN B.00 ZORILLA. BOD Vice Chairman 34.250. BOD Secretary 33.000. General Manager 924. PRECIOSO L. BOD Member 35.680.00 DIAZ.500. General Manager 1.50 BOTOR. GILBERTO F BOD Member 40.593. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. Division Manager 442.00 BERANGO. BOD Member 41.00 GINETE.600. LIGAYA B BOD Secretary 8.000. EDGARDO O BOD Member 8. ALMA B.00 GAPAS. PRESCILLA B.472.50 BARCENAS.00 LAYESE.744.00 SAYSON.560. SHERRYL A. 88 .50 Bacacay Water District CALLEJA. CHRISTOPHER G. Acting General Manager 225.00 ROJAS. PIO P.00 COMIA.50 SABENIANO.00 MENDEZ.120. MARY ANN G. CONRADO BOD Member 91.392. HERCULANO V.560.380.264.00 ROMAN.592. MANUEL JR.00 BARREDA. BERNARDO N BOD Member 41. LIBERATO A BOD Member 63. MARIA PAZ G. FLORO T.000.120. BOD Chairman 75.480.00 TRIBIANA. the details of which can be found in Part VI . RANDY L OIC General Manager 108.87 CARINO.450. PAUL RAYMOND L.720.434. BOD Vice Chairman 63.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries. General Manager 1.00 Bato (Catanduanes) Water District BONGALOS.560.00 PEÑAFLORIDA. CYD CHARISSE MAE N. JEANETTE B. BOD Secretary 91.00 Bulan Water District GILBAS.200. AJERCO C. BOD Secretary 34. BOD Member 79. BOD Member 37.375.450.50 DATO. MARCIANO P BOD Vice Chairman 108. Interim General Manager 193. NORMA L. ELSIE B BOD Vice Chairman 91.00 BAJARO. HENRY L BOD Member 8.000.00 ARMENGOL.100.00 DUMALASA. CARMEN G. REYNALDO G BOD Member 38.00 LAWENKO. BOD Secretary 108.560.00 CAROCHE. BOD Member / BOD Secretary 63.800.040.926.000. JUDY . Division Manager 816.00 MUNI.

BOD Vice Chairman 72.00 VILLALUZ. BOD Chairman 13. Division Manager 882.00 MARCELLANA.00 LABALAN. Division Manager 895. 89 . FROILINDO I. General Manager 1.50 MEDIAVILLO.268. Interim BOD Recording Secretary 23. PURITA BOD Member 19. General Manager 727.000.151.00 Casiguran Water District TEJADA. BOD Vice Chairman 11.493.520.200.824. ISAIAS B. Interim BOD Member 5. BOD Member 88. SALVADOR JR. F. BOD Member 29. JANET L BOD Member 44. General Manager 941.00 MERCADO.00 HILA. EVELYN B.00 MIRAVALLES.680.00 PUSE.00 LORILLA. RUIZ H.705. EDUARDO P.307. ANNIE MARIE N. Department Manager 1.00 LAURAYA.00 ENCINAS.284. Department Manager 1.00 OGAD. BOD Secretary 72.370. EDUARDO M. BOD Member 104.000.00 BALDE.00 CU. NONA F BOD Member 17.000. ABUNDIO JR.00 LLANETA.600. General Manager 800.00 PIMENTEL.00 Gubat Water District VILLAROYA.268. BOD Member 72.00 Del Gallego Water District GARCIA.600.00 RAZO.18 BALDE.748.00 LELIS.00 LOPOS. PEDRO JR.00 UBAÑA.00 PENDOR. MELITA B. BOD Chairman 38.750.00 MENDOZA. Division Manager 855. BOD Member 88.00 Daraga Water District JAUCIAN.00 RICERO.480.067. JOSEPHINE S. DANILO B. BELEN F. ISABELO JR. CORAZON R.00 FERRER. BOD Member 30. ISUETA C.710.160. DOMINADOR BOD Member 189. ROMEO M.00 BIGAYAN. Department Manager 1. RUBEN E. MINERVA N. BOD Vice Chairman 75. JOSEPH ANGELO BOD Vice Chairman 26.166. ADOLFO BOD Member 157.200.00 Donsol Water District ARELLANO.643. NENEY V.000.00 VENIDA. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* HONRADAO. MELCHOR D.600. ANITA C.420.160. AVELINA A. JOSE O BOD Member 20. MONINA BOD Member 75. LUISA BOD Member 157. General Manager 1. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.000. ESTRELLA B BOD Secretary 11.680.00 MANZANADES.00 NICERIO. ANTONIA BF.200. BOD Chairman 75. BOD Secretary 31. JENO G.00 LAWENKO. Division Manager 860.520.540.00 MALLILIN.725. ANTONIO M. M.705. JOSE S.00 DOLLENTE.216.00 BADAGUAS. FREDDIE BOD Member 144.080.00 TOLEDO.Details of Salaries and Allowances.00 ESTRELLADO.200.233.00 BUENAVENTURA. M. ELNER L. General Manager 1. NIMFA A. Interim BOD Member 9. ROSARIO RUTH J BOD Member 25.280. ROSARIO BOD Auditor 11.00 VINZONS.200.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.898. RAMON C. MAURITO A.582.000.100. MA.520. RAMON S BOD Member 7.00 NASOL.901.520.164. MELITONA I. MA.00 ORDOÑA. BOD Chairman 83.00 FAJARDO. Department Manager 943. D. EDGARDO L BOD Member 21. the details of which can be found in Part VI . BOD Member 88.440.878. DANTE A.00 Camarines Norte Water District BOMA.463.00 JERSEY. BOD Member 72.600.00 DE LEON.

50 ALLORDE. DELIA ALABARDERO Department Manager 1.745.104.00 FRUTO. BOD Member 28. BOD Member 34. the details of which can be found in Part VI . JUAN O BOD Vice Chairman 24. BARBIE VONETTA IMPERIAL Department Manager 1. CARLO S.134. ANNELLE K.00 MARANAN.00 ALINDONGAN.760. JOSE G General Manager 200.520.291. NENITA S OIC Division Manager 373. LETECIA .00 DILANCO. PORTIA P. AMALIA D.745. BOD Secretary 154.00 Iriga City Water District CORPORAL. RANULFO SACABON BOD Chairman 225. SALUD P.850. Division Manager 809. NESTOR YEN Division Manager 498. VIC P. ROMEO B.175. BOD Member 38.00 TORRES. EDUARDO C. CICERO T.29 ABACHE.482.17 BLANCO.000.00 OSIO. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.520.00 SALAZAR.200.024.530. Interim BOD Vice Chairman 11. SHIELA C. RODOLFO JR. JOEL A BOD Secretary 24. ISABEL C.600. JAYNE J BOD Chairman 24. BIENVENIDO V. General Manager 1. Division Manager 824.800. LOURDES BALAORO General Manager 1.17 BUBAN.200.17 LORENZANA.400. EDITH C.546. DANILO . BOD Member 18. DIOSDADA V. AVE FLORINDA AÑASCO Department Manager 1.986.Details of Salaries and Allowances.440.675. General Manager 834. DANILO B.00 INOCANDO. FERDINAND SR.472.700. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* FRESNOZA.00 ZALDUA.878. BOD Vice Chairman 38. AMELIA R.812.508.00 ANONUEVO.00 RODELAS.00 GAMIL. EVA V.00 ESPINAS.General Manager 213.210.134. BOD Member 88.155. J. MARIBETH O.00 VILLAREAL. BOD Vice Chairman 5. HELEN G Interim BOD Member 14. LOREEN R OIC .412. RAYMUNDO . ARNALDO MANILA Interim BOD Chairman 11. A.17 RICO.720. M. MA.00 BAGAMASBAD. ANGEL NILO A.00 MADRID.412.560.00 TURIANO.00 TAYAG. ELSIE SALCEDO BOD Member 186.412.460.00 Jose Panganiban Water District CAMPITA.00 ANDALIS.054.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries. OIC Division Manager 345.461.00 ELORZA. Interim BOD Member 38.850. ANNALYN C.082.560. BOD Secretary 38. 90 . Interim BOD Member 1. Division Manager 785.00 MARIANO.00 ERLANO.745.17 BORROMEO.481. BOD Member 75. BOD Member 191.586. BOD Treasurer 24.200.00 DEL VALLE.00 ZAMORA. JOHN PAUL BOD Member 50.00 QUITE.400. BOD Member 77.412. G.50 CRUZATA. BOD Chairman 46. HILARIO B.700. ARNALDO MANILA BOD Member 92. BOD Chairman 41. MARIA B. BOD Vice Chairman 88.087.00 ESPINAS.50 IMPERIAL. EMMANUEL BUENVIAJE BOD Vice Chairman 191.494.266. General Manager 960.00 ECLARINAL. BOD Member 88.50 RARIZA. BOD Secretary 34.00 DOMINO. DOMINADOR JR. BOD Treasurer 33. ROMULO JR.00 Irosin Water District ORTILE. PRISCILLA G.52 CAÑO. MARIETTA H. OIC Department Manager 870.00 Legazpi City Water District BIEN.00 Libmanan Water District JIMENEZ. BOD Chairman 0.00 SAYSON.00 URSUA.00 DE LEON.00 MARZAN.657.

JOEL A. CESAR H. VIRGILIO I OIC Division Manager 275. HENRY V. CESAR H. ADOLFO L. WILMOR B. DANILO B.00 CABABAY.659.20 ABAN.320. SALVADOR N. BOD Vice Chairman 372. BOD Chairman 94.050.73 FEDERIZON.400.00 CREDO. BOD Chairman 106. BOD Chairman 34.800. BOD Member 34.00 GILLEGO.568.00 EVANGELISTA. Division Manager 967.00 DE MESA.096. Acting General Manager 251.100. BOD Secretary 34.039. ROBERTO D. LOT M.00 FELIX.00 DELA CRUZ. ERUDITA B. Interim BOD Member 0.559.00 FRANCISCO. BOD Chairman 357. ROQUE S Division Manager 734.418. ANDREA B.412.00 ESPINAS. ARNALDO MANILA Interim BOD Chairman 3. BOD Member 80. CONSORCIA P.002.806. Division Manager 998.00 PEREZ. Interim BOD Vice Chairman 77.560. Acting General Manager 718.080. BOD Member 31.914.Details of Salaries and Allowances.800. 91 . FRUCTOUSA M. JEREMIAS JR. L BOD Treasurer / BOD Member 91.400. QUINTIN III C. Interim BOD Member 4. S.839.949.966. TOMAS JR.330.00 DURANTE. NESTOR DE GUZMAN Interim BOD Member 88. ENRIQUE O. AIDA H.00 LLORIN.00 TUNGOL.860. BOD Member 80. GLENN R.690. ULYSSES B OIC Division Manager 128. Division Manager 532. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* Ligao City Water District RAÑOSA. EMMA A Division Manager 924.50 FOLLOSO.50 FEDERIZON. EDGAR E OIC Division Manager 71.00 BELTRAN.00 ORENDAIN.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.00 PALMA. Interim BOD Chairman 105.00 MORENO. BOD Vice Chairman 91. RICARDO III B Acting Division Manager 875.00 CUYO.00 BALMACEDA.030.00 ROS. FABIO JR. CESAR H. VIRGINIA I. BOD Secretary 369. JORGE T BOD Member 347.420.00 LO.00 DE LEON.00 PINEDA.500.116. VIRGINIA I.00 MONSALVE.00 BISCO. Division Manager 560.00 Metropolitan Naga Water District FEDERIZON.00 Matnog Water District CATABUI.400. NARCISO SR.125.00 LUANSING.00 NERO.00 Paracale Water District VILLANUEVA.336. ARNALDO MANILA Interim BOD Secretary 76.50 MENDOZA.850. Acting General Manager 539.800. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. AQUILES D.680. Cashier 245. Interim General Manager 248.640.00 ESPINAS. EMMANUEL G. HILARIO T.00 GONZAGA. General Manager 409.978. Interim BOD Member 4. RENATO R. SALLY Q.00 GITA. P. Interim General Manager 351.560.500.600.00 OLIVAN.560. BOD Member 34. ROGELIO JR. Interim BOD Member 91. SOCORRO B.00 MATEUM. FORTUNATO O. the details of which can be found in Part VI .00 Nabua Water District MENIOLAS.400.00 FELIX. Interim BOD Member 4. BOD Secretary 80. BOD Member 337.800. Division Manager 462.00 Masbate-Mobo Water District CATABUI.00 MURILLO. ELENA G.560.00 ESTEVE. General Manager 924. MERCY M. MARISSA M.201. QUINTIN III C. V. MARBELLA G. F.320.07 NERO. BOD Secretary 91.320.560. BOD Vice Chairman 77. JOSE L.00 LARGOZA.00 DINERO. General Manager 868.

500.680. BOD Chairman 39.575. LOLITA G Interim BOD Member 17.00 ATUN.744. ANTONIO S. 92 . GABRIEL G. ANNAFE COLLAO Division Manager 788. BOD Vice Chairman 33.00 SANTELICES. ESTRELLA R. BOD Member 36.120. CHRISTOPHER L BOD Member 5. BOD Member 20. ELIZALDE E. ARMANDO SR.00 Sorsogon City Water District BARBOÑO.O. LEO JUAN P.00 OSORIO.760. RONALDO G. RUFINA T.00 SOLANO. MARITES C.00 VILLANUEVA.146. MARIA ELVIRA P.160. ARMANDO M.00 GALIT. YOLANDA V.934. OIC .760. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. PURIFICACION I.00 OMBAO. CONSOLACION A. ROSAMONDE B. General Manager 812. DEMOSTHENES L BOD Member 6.964. Senior Accounting Processor 325. EDITHA J. General Manager 955.00 VITE.00 BERTUMEN.000.900. BOD Member 8.000. RAMIL A. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* Pasacao Water District SACRAMENTO.000.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.00 Sipocot Water District ZALDIVAR.00 MOLINA.00 DULFO.068.00 DAYAN.120.414.200. CELESTE P. EMILIA V. BOD Member 104.00 ROXAS. Division Manager 812.00 Pilar (Sorsogon) Water District ENGLISA. General Manager 880.160.00 BIHAG.890. Interim BOD Chairman 32. BOD Vice Chairman 106.00 MENDIZABAL.00 BONOS.760.00 MAGNO.00 MANUEL. BOD Member 42.00 ZARAGOZA.912.840.00 SABAS. DANTE M BOD Member 3.912.00 CLOSA. SALOME C.00 BALLESTEROS.33 CAMO.00 RANIN.00 SANTILLAN. GEMMA B Interim General Manager 57.388.00 SANTONIA. General Manager 698. Cashier 325. MAXIMINO S Interim BOD Secretary 15.00 San Andres Water District SOMIGAO.540.00 BASCUNA.33 PATO. ROSITO S. BOD Secretary 31.200.Details of Salaries and Allowances. WILFREDO C.33 ORTEGA.575.660.278. EDWIN S. SALVE N BOD Member 33.160. WILLIAM T BOD Member 33. MYRNA B. BOD Member 36. DELFIN Q.00 ABENGOZA. BOD Member 6. General Manager 1. MANUEL A Interim BOD Member 24.848. BOD Member 36.145. SONIA L. BOD Member 106. BIENVENIDO D.General Manager 508. General Manager 1.65 Ragay Water District TUAZON.600.750.192.00 Pili Water District CUNANAN. BOD Member 36.00 CUADERES.760.00 AQUINO.848.160.00 DACIAN. Division Manager 788.964.000. ROSITA L. Division Manager 812. LOIDA H BOD Member 5.00 TALAVERA. R BOD Member 5.00 REVERENTE. Division Manager 778. MERLI V BOD Member 5.950.604. CLOUIE ANN F.00 LUMABI.120.00 LEE OLIVER. Interim BOD Vice Chairman 27.875.00 MANIQUIZ. ROSALIE C. RAMON T BOD Member 3. ANTONIO I. BOD Member 7.848. BOD Secretary 88. BELLA R.00 TARDECILLA. BOD Chairman 24. NORA ELIZABETH F.00 BICOMONG.50 CAPATI.280. the details of which can be found in Part VI . BOD Chairman 127.420. PAULINO S.040. BERNADETTE E. BOD Secretary 20.

ANTONIO JR.00 Viga Water District BERCES.00 Anilao Water District ARTAJO.120. BOD Member 145.00 ARCILLA. FELIX T.00 CAM. BOD Chairman 3.00 FERCIA.00 ACANTILADO. MELITON II E.00 BONGON. Division Manager 799.93 BONGALON.500. ALFEO I.Details of Salaries and Allowances.040.500.342. BOD Chairman 0.449. Acting Division Manager 871. G.00 DEL ROSARIO. Division Manager 918. THERESA B.360. BOD Member 136.00 ESPINAS. BOD Member 15. BOD Secretary 107.00 MALNAR.960. BOD Member 136.500. ANITA B.960. PATERNO A. FLORO JR. Acting General Manager 70.00 TEMPLONUEVO. SANTIAGO B.00 AGREGADO.00 CORILLO. Division Manager 812. LUIS L BOD Member 145. BOD Auditor 4.000.00 AMATA.00 Region VI Ajuy Water District CENTENO.00 SUMAGAYSAY.00 LAO. the details of which can be found in Part VI .500.200. BOD Member 169. ANTONIO M.964.950.00 VELASCO.00 VELASCO. BOD Member 3.00 CASONO. NOEL G.750.451.00 ARANETA. ERNA L. LUDIVINA A.00 GACIAS. OIC General Manager / Division Manager 855.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries. ANDRES JR.750. Division Manager 250.00 Virac Water District GIANAN. EVANGELINE E.00 REYES.00 LACSON. CESAR LUIS A. BOD Chairman 4. Acting General Manager 0.210. General Manager 1. V. MILAGROS D. CEFERINO JR. 93 .927. SYLVIA R. JULIA CORAZON BOD Member 162.00 DIONEDA.00 BUYCO. TERESITA V.840.040. RUBY D.000. ARNALDO MANILA BOD 6th Member 76.960.960.248. TERESITA A.00 SURTIDA. BOD Secretary 15. JESUS F. BOD Member 123.00 Tabaco City Water District BIEN. ARLENE D.120. BOD Member 3.00 ARAGONES.00 BUENCONSEJO. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* FORTADES.012.964. BOD Member 3.960. BOD Vice Chairman 123. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. Division Manager 930. Division Manager 927.700. FLORENDA D.00 BAYONA. BOD Chairman 123.00 SOCITO. ORLANDO R.00 TUIBEO.500. PEDRO S.964.00 BALLEZA.750.040.900.960.00 CABILES.120. TOMAS JR M. MA.50 SAN VICENTE.080. BOD Member 4.750. BOD Vice Chairman 14. WUMO 108. Division Manager 812.00 BANTA.00 LATOSA.00 BORROMEO.00 MACENAS.00 BONILLA. GILDA B.730. PHOEBE BOD Secretary 4. S BOD Member 145. BOD Vice Chairman 0. OIC Division Manager 561. BOD Member 145. DENNIS GLENN G. KATHERINE M. SOLEDAD B BOD Member 136. CORAZON A. SAMUEL P.780. RAMON SALVERON BOD Vice Chairman 4. CANDIDO G.960. RENE U.00 ALDEA. LORENZA A.00 MORAN.456. BOD Treasurer 14. BOD Member 30. BOD Member 3. DAMONE T BOD Chairman 18. TERESITA H.800. DOMINGO T.00 ARABEJO. JONATHAN G.040. TERESITA N. General Manager 713.00 FUMERA. T. ELMER O. BOD Member 136.

052. MILDRED B. BOD Member 34.920. General Manager 719. BOD Member 79.00 CLEMENT. SALVADOR BAHAGUE BOD Treasurer 1. MAMERTO GOMEZ BOD Member 10.00 BASAS. BOD Chairman 34.50 ESPARAR.00 GUERRA.640. FELICITAS C. LOUISE B.368.00 MACANTAN. ELMA TOGONON General Manager 902.448.00 Bugasong Water District ZAMURAGA. DIONE J.00 PALISADA.200. REMY B.00 PEDROSA. DANILO V.00 PIODENA. PHYL AME C. FIDELA P.00 GIRADO. BOD Member 10.00 RETIRADO.00 TINGSON.560.00 EVANGELIO.00 LIM.00 Concepcion (Iloilo) Water District ENAR.088.200.00 Cuartero Water District SUBIERA.520.703. EXPEDITO OÑAS BOD Member 10. VICTORY NECOR BOD Vice Chairman 720. FELIX O.920.800. CYLPHA C.00 Barbaza Water District ALABADO. HERMINIA H. NENA PESAYCO BOD Treasurer 31. DOLORES ABORDO BOD Auditor 8.128. BOD Member 79.50 CHAVOSO.560. GRACIANO BUTCH C. BOD Secretary 28.200. OSEE BOD Member 79.440.00 WILSON. BOD Vice Chairman 34. MARISSA SERNICULA BOD Secretary 11.066. LEOCEL BARREDO BOD Member 11. EVELYN STA. the details of which can be found in Part VI .912.300.00 AZARRAGA.560. NESTOR P.120.200.00 BANGCAYA. CECILIA D. SALVADOR M.440. SULPICIO P.800. BOD Chairman 34.00 ASOY.00 BALASBAS.00 PASAPORTE. VIVIAN P.368. ROMANA BOD Member 1. BOD Member 10. BOD Vice Chairman 28.800. PEDRO UMADHAY Acting General Manager 114. JOSUE B.368. MARLENE ALOJIPAN BOD Secretary 1.00 Buenavista (Guimaras) Water District GABAYOYO.00 DEMOCRITO.440.00 UNDAR.680. ISAGANI MATUNDING Acting General Manager 238.00 BASADRE.368.440.00 MESIAS. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. BOD Member 28. MA.680. FERNANDO OMANIO Acting General Manager 198. JOSE ALLAN SANCHEZ BOD Chairman 29. 94 .00 YONGQUE. JOSE BARTOLO BOD Vice Chairman 15. BOD Vice Chairman 10.00 DAVA. FELINA YU BOD Treasurer 10.040.560.680. NEPTHALI BARCOMA BOD Chairman 13.00 REYES. CONSOLACION GAYORGOR BOD Treasurer 11. BOD Member 28. RODRIGO BOCALA BOD Secretary 8. YOLANDA ESPIRITU BOD Chairman 10. LORNA JOTING BOD Secretary 31.00 LEGITA.00 Calinog Water District CONTRERAS.840. JESUS EVANS C.14 BARTOLO.00 DICHOSO.00 SANTILLAN.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.00 SOTERO. GLENDA G.800. DELLIE LABOG BOD Vice Chairman 10.440.00 CARO. BOD Member 79.00 Belison Water District MACANTAN.440.00 PE.00 FACIOLAN. General Manager 1.241. OIC General Manager 294. BOD Member 87.Details of Salaries and Allowances.368. General Manager 754. BOD Member 10. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* Banate Water District BAGSIT.824.573.00 TORRECHILLA. JORGE L. BOD Chairman 10. EMMANUEL ARNAIZ BOD Chairman 1.00 LISBO.040.560.00 MODESTO.

NORMA ALOLOD BOD Vice Chairman 20. RAMON BOD Member 1.120.250. ANGELO SALCEDO General Manager 790.200.192. HERMIE Water Utilities Management Officer 443.400. ALADINO Water Service Maintenance Head 443.820. DORINA P. JOSE REXON BOD Member 25. 95 .Details of Salaries and Allowances. RAMON CALIZO BOD Chairman 14.860.385. ADELAIDA FIRMALINO BOD Secretary 40. TEOFILO ALFRED BOD Secretary/Treasurer 5.400. BOD Member 13.200. FERDINAND PERRY SUMUGAT General Manager 843. NOE VICENTE BUENAOBRA BOD Vice Chairman 40.00 PAMA HOW.00 Dueñas Water District LAMERA. ROSE ARRIOLA BOD Chairman 24. BOD Member 30.680. General Manager 938.385. BOD Member 20.00 GONZALES.00 MARTIN.600.00 BOLANTE. VIDAL AMBROSIO JR B. BOD Chairman 18.00 CRUZADA.00 CADIZ. General Manager 828. EDWIN C.00 Dumalag Water District CASTRO.128.50 SALON.144. ELSA BOD Member 76.744. MARY ROSE BOD Member 76.00 DOGELIO.323. BERTIER R. Division Manager 661. the details of which can be found in Part VI . NOE ISADA Acting General Manager 145. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.160. BOD Member 34.840.00 SALAZAR.920. GRACE Accountant 443.000.160.00 JAGONASE. MARGOT F. FRANCISCO F.440.600.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries. DANILO DALMACIO BOD Treasurer 13.00 TABERNA. ZEBEDEO S.50 PARADA. JOHN PAUL GABUTINA BOD Member 13.00 SUERTE.560.00 GANADO.00 DEMANAWA.440. ROBERTO BUENAOBRA General Manager 691. ROSELLA Administrative/General Service Officer 399.00 LARUAN.00 CATALAN.00 PEQUE.240. D.00 DIMACUTAC.00 Dumangas-Barotac Nuevo Water District BRAGANZA.00 SALAZAR. BOD Vice Chairman 15.00 PALABRICA.200.00 DIMACUTAC. INOCENCIO H. CARLOTA GENOVA BOD Treasurer 14.200. FAVIANO L.00 DUEÑAS.440.020.00 CASTAÑARES.00 JO. VICENTE ISADA BOD Chairman 13.00 FENITA.00 CASTRO.50 DIVINAGRACIA.00 DEPRA.975.00 MOSCOSO.956. VILMA P.120.385.00 BALGOS. MABELLE O. ROMEO FIRMALINO BOD Chairman 46.456.110. BOD Member 8.160.723. BOD Chairman 39. MAGDAUG BOD Member 20. SATURNINO BOD Chairman 76. FELIPE JR.00 CATALAN.00 Dao Water District ESPIRITU.896.600.00 LABANDERA. BOD Member 13. EDGAR L.88 ORCAJADA.600.00 ILACA. General Manager 722.00 GONZAGA.600.160.00 FAELDONIA. RUBEN TALABUCON BOD Member 13.00 FLORES. REMUS P.560. BOD Member 76. VILMA DUBLAS BOD Secretary 13.00 Dingle-Pototan Water District BICODO. RUFINO JR. JULY DUJALE BOD Secretary 20.572. BOD Member 111. GENEROSO P. BOD Member 34.50 DOMINES. BOD Member 6.00 Dumarao Water District HIDROSOLLO. JUANITO SALCEDO BOD Secretary 14.400. MARILYN A.00 PARI-AN. HECTOR O. AVELINA CASTAÑARES BOD Treasurer 40. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* Culasi Water District VALENTE.

C.00 MOSQUERA. WILFREDO P.00 Jordan Water District BIBANCO. General Manager 0. BOD Secretary 12. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* HINOLA.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries. LEO B. CAROLYN E.00 ROBLES.540. GLORIA G.680. RESTITUTO G. BOD Member 39.120.00 ARSENAL. JOSE ADVINCULA BOD Member 14.00 MAGNIFICO.00 DESAMERO.00 Hamtic Water District ABAPO.00 SAMSON. BOD Member 31. BOD Member 33.40 AUTAJAY. PABLO JR.680. PILAR M.00 TINGZON.200. BOD Chairman 11. RHODORA BOD Member 33. REY S.00 PACIFICAR. ELISA B. VERONICA B.00 ARAÑADOR. PATERNO JR.476.00 ASUGA. BOD Vice Chairman 6. BOD Member 10.032. BERNARDITA C.680. General Manager 516. the details of which can be found in Part VI . ADVINCULA BOD Member 14.642. BOD Member 24. ISIDRO M. General Manager 716. ANTOINETTE B. JADE B. AQUILINO BOD Vice Chairman 24. MA. EDITH B.00 MASONGSONG.680.00 Lambunao Water District LEDA. EVELYN M.128. BOD Member 31. BOD Vice Chairman 31. BOD Secretary 24. BOD Member 12.00 CORDOVA. 96 . ROBERTO M.00 ESTREMADURA. TOMAS E. RAYMUNDA B.560.00 CARTAGENA. MARLO A.00 LIMOSO. BOD Chairman 0.00 CHAN LEK. MARIANITO B. BOD Member 31.00 ABORDO.840.00 Igbaras Water District EBREO.00 Janiuay Water District BRASILEÑO.00 CRISPOLON.744. NORMA MAGBANUA BOD Member 7.00 BALDONADO. JOMARIE BOD Member 0.00 TOGONON.960.00 GANANCIAL.200. CECILIA FADRIGO BOD Vice Chairman 6.960. BOD Chairman 40.00 BRAÑA.050.00 LINGAYA.00 Lemery (Iloilo) Water District ALIMU-OT.00 LLAMAS. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. BOD Chairman 29. MA.248. SERGIO M.920. BOD Chairman 8.900. BOD Chairman 38. BETTY P. GREGORIO A.00 JURDAS. ROSEMARY E.640. NESTOR L. BOD Member 31.200.00 Estancia Water District AGREGADO.00 PANAGUITON.750.680. SOCCORO RHODINA BOD Secretary 30.960. BOD Member 24.540.968.220.800. BOD Member 25.960.00 NAVA.600.680. BOD Member 0.00 LASTIMOZA.00 CREDO. General Manager 751.400.016.Details of Salaries and Allowances.240. EMILIO G.00 BARRANCO.00 Ibajay Water District SALLADOR. RODNEY L. BOD Secretary 3. BOD Secretary 31.00 ACANTO.00 LEMANA.00 BALADJAY.400.00 VILLANUEVA. General Manager 521. REYNALDO DY General Manager 195. GEORGE D. General Manager 807. MELCHOR F. KENNETH JOHN BOD Member 7.120. BOD Member 33. BOD Vice Chairman 11.00 GALVE. BOD Member 1.520. LEONARDO L. ROMELITO MOSQUERA BOD Chairman 7.220. ELIZER N. AZUCENA A. General Manager 747.120. ROGELIO J.

allowances and other emoluments received by each official.00 HABANA.080.00 ACANTO. Department Manager 743. 97 .160.00 TE.00 Malinao Water District ILDESA.00 TORRES.022.976. OIC Division Manager 488. EVELYN L. Division Manager 812.686.022.380.640.591.00 ZUBIAGA.00 BRAÑA. ROSELLE Z. OIC Division Manager 514. MOISES G. VIOLETA G.00 ACOSTA. ELIZABETH N.00 LOCSIN.559.Details of Salaries and Allowances.00 PALERMO.080. TEODORO C. Division Manager 824.036. BOD Secretary 8. OIC Division Manager 812. ARNOLD P.00 CARBON. Department Manager 777.00 NAGRAMA. Department Manager/OIC General Manager 270. ROBERTO S. BOD Vice Chairman 311.640. BOD Treasurer 6. NANCY A.250. OIC Department Manager 603. BOD Member 10. BOD Member 334.00 ANDRADE.096.480. BARBARA S. ELENA R.800. REI B.00 CARAM. OLIVIA CORAZON OIC Division Manager 589.00 MANEJERO. BOD Secretary 10.00 Metro Iloilo Water District MOLEN.000.00 REGALADO. TSALDARIZ D. JUANITO M. OIC Division Manager 812.00 BERNABE.080. Interim BOD Member 20.703.160.863. MA. FULGENCIO JR.00 Malay Water District BERNARDO. Interim General Manager 120.788. LORNA Z. DANILO A. JANELLE L.640. EDGAR R.00 VILLAGRACIA. General Manager 626. JOEL C. MARY JEANNE M. Department Manager/OIC General Manager 231. OIC Division Manager 640. Division Manager 814.00 ALLONES.70 LAURENTE. JESSICA C.00 BALBARES.00 Mambusao Water District MANSILLA. OIC Department Manager 901. OSCAR WILSON I. ERWIN I BOD Vice Chairman 9.805.656. JOEY B.803. NICOLAS E. Division Manager 814. JESSICA MARTINEZ General Manager 350.00 CALASARA.00 SALAS. RAMON CUA BOD Member 295. Division Manager 839.00 CASTRO. MABEL S BOD Member 10.50 LEDESMA.460.00 TEMPLANZA.00 JIMENEA. ERNESTO S. JERRY P. ROMEO JR.508. OIC Department Manager 676. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* GELLADULA.00 IGUIZ. RAFONZEL G.036.240. ARNEL P.00 SUPLIDO.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.287. CYRIL R. RICARDO C. BOD Vice Chairman 6. RODOLFO MARTINEZ BOD Vice Chairman 28.00 QUIRAS.800.00 SEDOTES.00 ANDAYA. FRANKIE C.640.136.00 CASTRO.522. BOD Chairman 8. Interim BOD Member 20.00 DAJAY. AMARYLIS JOSEPHINE C. Y. BOD Member 0. BOD Secretary 325.00 ROBLES.786. General Manager 585. WARREN B.080. BYRON A.00 ILDESA. D. BOD Member 8. AMARYLIS JOSEPHINE C.00 JAVELLANA. Division Manager 842.00 SIOCO.700.556.00 ZUBIAGA.800. General Manager 621.642. OIC Department Manager 687.800. the details of which can be found in Part VI . BOD Chairman 323.00 Libacao Water District ZUBIAGA.00 GALLEGO.12 GUILLERGAN. JOSEPHINE ABAD BOD Member 334. NICOLAS ASCURA BOD Chairman 28. BOD Chairman 12. EDGAR R.080.022.00 CALASARA.00 YERRO.480.192. GIOVANNI V. Interim BOD Member 24.00 IQUIÑA. BOD Member 0. CORAZON SANTOS BOD Member 28. FRANCIS GERARD A.

MINVILUZ G. ROGELIO M.800.Details of Salaries and Allowances. VIOLETA E. VERONICA M Cashier 260. EDGAR T.00 FALCON. FLOCERFIDA S.888. Technical Assistant 668. HECTOR M. SALVACION R Senior Accounting Processor 260.00 BALGOS.00 FERNANDEZ. General Manager 623.00 PERALTA.00 GOMEZ.00 SORILLA.00 DAGOHOY. Division Manager 777. ANTONIO ASIS Interim BOD Vice Chairman 153. BOD Member 30.00 ESTANISLAO.00 SUSAYA.100.00 Metro Roxas Water District DELGADO. Customer Service Assistant 201.964.00 ESTOPEREZ. BOD Member 7.00 Pandan (Antique) Water District ORCAJADA. TOMAS JR.00 AMBAY. BOD Secretary 7. JULIETA P.640.000. RODELO GABO Interim BOD Chairman 183.50 DIOSO. BOD Member 30.00 New Lucena Water District ASESOR. MA.200.480.00 DEL PUERTO.400.271.480. BOD Member 6. EILEEN L.095.480.860.00 MARQUEZ.762. BOD Member 30.00 Numancia Water District MAGNO.220.00 BADILLES.200. BOD Member 30.964. REGNIER A.00 BUYOC.984. TERESITA S.955.480.100.032.360.520.00 CONDEZ.686. DAVE B.00 MARIN.154. ELENA R. Division Manager 806. BOD Member 30. ROGELIO T.371. UNLAYAO BOD Member 14.100. General Manager 752.00 CADUCO. Division Manager 827.00 MANCIL.89 CARREON.00 QUIMPO.00 NASA.560.100.113.00 ESPARTERO. EMILY BOD Member 4. NORBERTO N.00 Nueva Valencia Water District TORRES. MARY ANN T. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. ERNEST FRANCO OIC General Manager 540.480. Interim BOD Member 8. JESUS N.00 Miag-ao Water District MONTALBAN. GONZALO GLEN BARRIENTOS General Manager 1.640.920.00 TEJADO.00 FEDERICO. EDMUND R.360.00 DIAZ.816.00 NAVA. BOD Member 206. JENNY D. ROMMEL R.00 URETA.964. MELROSE BOD Member 3.18 FRANCO. BOD Chairman 4.472. Interim BOD Member 8.00 GAMARCHA. NORMA ALONSAGAY BOD Chairman 41.00 RELOJERO. ROSEMARIE C.00 POLIDO.273. ALLYN L.368. DIDI R.00 REYES. FELISA A. RENATO A.180. EDITA URETA BOD Secretary 197. Interim BOD Member 8.621. Division Manager 799.00 TAFALLA.076. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* Metro Kalibo Water District ISADA. BOD Member 197.00 AGUSTINO. LYDIO I. LUZ ESTERAS Interim BOD Member 113.500. NIOVADY M.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries. BOD Vice Chairman 197. Interim BOD Member 10. MICHAEL OLANDRES BOD Vice Chairman 25. RODRIGO POTOZA Interim General Manager 120.00 TE. MA. BOD Chairman 236.120.00 DELA VEGA. OIC Division Manager 933. NESTOR BOD Chairman 7. General Manager 196. LENIEL B.50 REBALDO.640. CASHEMERE DYBUCO BOD Member 34. RAYMUNDO BOD Member 3. Utilities Service Assistant 260. BOBBY F. JESUS MANGUBAT Interim BOD Member 139.300. JOVY B. the details of which can be found in Part VI .00 PARREÑO. OIC Division Manager 656. 98 .

00 ALCAZAREN. ROZO BACAY BOD Vice Chairman 19.800.440.00 Pilar (Capiz) Water District VILLANUEVA. LOLITA MERCADO BOD Chairman 34.040. HEIDI NAMO BOD Member 25.00 CAMARISTA.00 MILLAMENA. BOD Member 20. BENNIE L. SANTIAGO B. BOD Secretary 21.600. VILMA ALABOT BOD Secretary 62. MARTHA PATRICIO BOD Chairman 19.820.040. JOSE MARIA R.920.050.440.00 PAGUNTALAN.00 BADANA.440.240.00 CONTRERAS.00 PORCA. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.00 HIBALER. JULIETA BUSAYONG BOD Member 19.352.Details of Salaries and Allowances. ARLENE BARREDO Senior Accounting Processor/OIC General Manager 303. METO MIGUEL BUENAVISTA BOD Treasurer 19. General Manager 526.00 FLORES.440. DOMICIANA GELVEZON BOD Member 19. Roxas (Capiz) Water District ALVAREZ.120.00 SEBELLENO.600. OFELIA S.120.00 BANES. General Manager 0.00 JOSUE. JOHNNY LAO BOD Member 15. BOD Member 4.440. 99 .00 AUTENCIO.700. SEBEDIO BOD Vice-Chairman 4.080.440.00 Pres.560.00 Tobias Fornier Water District YSULAT.20 ENRIQUEZ. CARLITO BOD Chairman 4. REMEDIOS OMADIO BOD Member 34. BOD Member 4.600.00 CORVERA. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* Patnongon Water District RAFOLS.00 LOTILLA. MARY ANN LAGUNDAY BOD Member 19.800.00 FLAMIANO.440.240.190. JOSE HENRY S. RICHARD LOZADA BOD Member 62.00 SERVIDAD. JONATHAN GRASPARIL General Manager 767.120.560. NANCY GRACE FLORES General Manager 855. MARICON TUMLOS BOD Treasurer 62. SERENA TINSAY BOD Secretary 8.00 OBLIMA. ELWIN INVENTOR BOD Chairman 15.239.00 DELICANA.00 BACAOCO.256.800.00 Pontevedra (Capiz) Water District CAPULSO. MARTHA G.00 DIOSABAN.00 MAÑALAC. BOD Member 4.839. BOD Member 21. ELENA ABIERA BOD Member 9.560.500. JESSE VILLODRES General Manager 675. INOCENCIO C. JENNIFER P. LORNA BANTAY BOD Secretary 19. HILARIO QUILIQUILI BOD Member 34.750. MARJORIE CONTRERAS BOD Auditor 19.00 San Rafael (Iloilo) Water District MANAAY. ELEANOR SANTOS BOD Vice Chairman 62.00 Sibalom Water District DE GRACIA.00 SARABIA.21 AQUINO. BOD Vice Chairman 34. ALLAN CATALAN BOD Chairman 69.120.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries. DECIMA S. ROGELIO ESTANOL BOD Member 19. MIGUEL JR. MICHAEL T. ROBEMAR DORDAS BOD Member 15.300.00 SIN.800. ANTHONY ALCAZAREN General Manager 677.00 JUSTALERO.00 BARAQUIA.00 ABANCIO.800. BONIFACIO DOLLOSO BOD Vice Chairman 6.920. BOD Vice Chairman 21.00 San Joaquin Water District IMBANG.00 LENA. RONNIE BASINANG BOD Member 15. BOD Chaiman 25.040.00 OSUYOS.00 AULMO.00 DULLANO.00 TAN.040.00 LEDESMA. OTANES BOD Chairman 23.00 BATAN. LOURDES OSUYOS BOD Chairman 10. MA. LEANDRO ANTONIO BEBITA General Manager 837.560.040.440. ELIZABETH S.00 FIGUEROA.00 OSUNERO. the details of which can be found in Part VI .

687. General Manager 286. 100 .730.033. BOD Chairman 43. SHEILLE MARIE ALCUIZAR OIC Division Manager 95.00 Clarin Water District SANCHEZ.00 RODRIGO. General Manager 610. MARCOS SUMAYANG BOD Auditor 88.48 CUI.00 ENUMERABLES. BOD Member 18.080.670.00 ARCALES. ROBERTO BOD Secretary 34. EMMANUEL A. ANDRES L.00 MAGO. EDDIES CASTAÑARES OIC Division Manager 102.128.00 GONZALES.720.00 BUHIA.00 GENTOZALA. MARIA LIGAYA BOD Secretary 88.00 ESTARDO.200.381. BOD Treasurer 33. ISIDRO S.792. REMUS C.286.00 MILAN.50 BARCENAS.00 Bogo Water District JUMAO-AS.04 MANUGAS. BOD Chairman 41. BOD Secretary 88. BOD Vice Chairman 40.301. BOD Vice Chairman 10. TITO BOD Member 10.772. the details of which can be found in Part VI . EMMANUEL A.750.00 ALICABA.000.00 Carcar Water District REMO.080.00 PEDRANO.00 MONTERON.00 PAPA.00 GARCIA. BOD Member 38. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.080.472. BERNABE KARLO BOD Chairman 88.628.00 LAPIZ.730. DANTE B.952.33 VERALLO. BOD Chairman 10. ROSARIO S. Division Manager 753. HAZEL MARIE N.560.00 TANGKAY.24 GALICANO. RUBY ANGELICA CAMOTES Division Manager 923.960.236.00 HAYAG.960.128.00 INOT. JOSEFA SALAVACION NACUA Department Manager 1.157. BOD Secretary 10. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* Tubungan Water District TABAQUIRAO. DANILO ABAYABAY BOD Member 167.00 ALCOSEBA.960.200.00 Zarraga Water District MATUTINA. HENRY B. ALEXIS YBAÑES BOD Member 174.750.00 SOLO. HENRY ALEGUIJO OIC Division Manager 510.156. RIZALINA BOD Treasurer 88. DEMOCRITO CANAYA BOD Chairman 209. THELMA T.00 TACUYAN.00 LANOY.080.762. RAMON A.220.04 DE DIOS.200.00 PINUELA.525. BOD Member 174.459. ISIDRO W. IGMEDIO J. MARCELO PANCIPANCI BOD Vice Chairman 174. LIBERACION S.00 TRINIDAD.884.80 AMEJAN. General Manager 800. BOD Member 39. BOD Member 36. EDWARD LEFANA General Manager 1. JOVITO BOD Member 10.00 CABALQUINTO. VICTOR I. HERVY ALEJANDRO BARCENAS Division Manager 680. GLENN L. Division Manager 745.100. ANTONIO T.00 LEDESMA.00 Region VII Balamban Water District NAVARRO. VIRGINIA SEVILLA BOD Treasurer 84.00 ALBERCA.Details of Salaries and Allowances. ROLANDO A.560.200. CAMILO T.00 SABALBERINO.00 ARCENAS.00 GIMENA. FLORA E. SEVERO LEE JO BOD Chairman 101.414. OSCAR ESCALONA BOD Vice Chairman 44.00 TARIMAN. Division Manager 753. RAY G. EPIFANIO BOD Member 88. BOD Vice Chairman 34. HOUDINI ANCAJAS General Manager TALAMAN.120.430.150.590. General Manager 1.080. BOD Member 39. MERCUCIO R.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.

532.871. GERRY S. Department Manager 860. Department Manager 4.88 ELIZALDE.06 GABRIENTE. LEONILA LABRADO BOD Member 54.70 BUENDIA.00 Metropolitan Cebu Water District PAREDES.160. Customer Service Assistant 415.224.00 MIPARANUM. BOD Vice Chairman 34. Assistant General Manager 1.786. LASARO P. STEVEN J.488. ROSALITA P.389.57 TABASA. Acting General Manager 269.626. Assistant General Manager 338. MAY Y. CIPRIANA HEREDIA BOD Member 51. FERDINAND E. BOD Member 619.14 Pinamungajan Water District TUNDAG. FLORA KYAMKO BOD Member 39.472. JOSE MARIA EUGENIO V.900. GREGORIO D.00 GABAS. BOD Member 719. OFELIO TANGHIAN BOD Member 46.780.80 CABIJE. JUAN SAUL F.527.00 Dalaguete Water District OSORIO. 101 .032.308. Department Manager 1.22 RAVELO.392. JOSE EUGENIO B.707.941. TERTULIANA L.56 NICANOR. RAUL E.496. MYRA EVELYN P. BOD Member 35.476. JORGE L. ANITA C.560. CEFERINO LENARES BOD Chairman 56.800.000.040.933.00 DAYON.42 BARRIT.76 SALVACION. MARIA ROWAN E. LEONIDO P. Department Manager 1.247. ROLANDO JR. BOD Member 440.06 DELCO.43 DALENA. CYNTHIA A. CHARMAINE JANIS R.640.003. Department Manager 1. Department Manager/ Assistant General Manager 1.30 SUMAGANG.525.00 CERNA.719.31 TEÑEDO. Department Manager 1.750. Department Manager 1.00 BATOCTOY.000.160.899.037. ASTROPHEL S. DEMOSTHENES G. MARDELISA B.16 DELCO.706. NEMFA PONIENTE General Manager 1.32 LOGARTA.00 MONTENEGRO.21 MERCADO. Department Manager 1.00 SESANTE.052. EUNICE DICDICAN Division Manager 713.00 SAMSON.302.501.00 COYOCA.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.850. BOD Member 59.844.00 Metro Siquijor Water District DANDOY.171. BOD Chairman 41.374.860.243. Department Manager 1.89 MONTECILLO.000. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* Daanbantayan Water District MONTANA. General Manager 13. Department Manager 1.00 REDITO. JORGE D. RONNIE R. General Manager 822. Assistant General Manager 1.480.040.040.00 GERADO.06 LAVILLA.358.06 SINGSON. NOEMI BEJOSA BOD Secretary 46. DELIA KYAMKO BOD Chairman 56.00 COMENDADOR.06 MANLOSA.372. BOD Member 34. Financial Planning Analyst 442. BOD Member 59. Department Manager 1. LAPULAPU LABRA BOD Member 42.00 AMARILLA.033. NOEL R.663.40 LEGASPI. BOD Member 565. ROMULO R. ANTHONY CALUNGSAD Acting General Manager 711. STEPHEN D. ARMANDO H.446. Department Manager 1. MANUEL P. the details of which can be found in Part VI .779. Acting General Manager 1.05 JAICTIN. ERNESTO MORAN BOD Member 54.406.307.583.45 ANDAYA.560. ANGELO H.00 GAMAS. NOVELYN O. ERNIE T. RENATO E. Department Manager 12.182.516.560.06 KARA.Details of Salaries and Allowances. AURORA L.800.00 NAVARETTE.408. JOCELYN G. BOD Secretary 34. BOD Member 632.34 YEE. OSCAR A. MANUEL GESALAN BOD Member 59.700.510.040.00 MALINAO.00 VILLAHERMOSA.34 BALBUENA.738. P. BOD Member 43. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. LIAN G.00 MERCADO.973.90 PESQUERA. Department Manager 10. BOD Chairman 59. Department Manager 1. JENNIFER L.80 CATIEL.47 LEGASPI.

00 CAROSUS.00 Basey Water District GO. BOD Chairman 24.800. ELEONOR ARELLANO BOD Member 28.77 NUÑEZ.49 CABANTE.27 MERCADER. CRISBELLA ARELLANO BOD Member 14. JOSETTE BANDALAN Division Manager 818.00 MONTAÑO. ANTONIO S.320.00 DELIS. ARLENE V.421.760. BOD Secretary 195.600. ARTURO YAMON BOD Chairman 29. BOD Member 21.52 MAPUTI.400. DIOMEDES SUMAYANG BOD Member 27.208.000. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.00 VALE.200. ARTEMIO CABADA General Manager 333.00 Talibon Water District BATINGAL. RAMON IROY BOD Member 7. the details of which can be found in Part VI . GLORIA E.896. ANGELITO CARILORIA BOD Member 7.740. MARY DESIREE Division Manager 824.00 VILLAMOR.00 DELOS REYES. RUBEN V. Division Manager 836.440. CYRIL LUIS LABOCA General Manager 1. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* Tabuelan Water District LUYAO.249.00 EVANGELISTA.00 Babatngon Water District CAÑETE.00 TRAYA.Details of Salaries and Allowances. L.00 CAJES.320.428.134. MARIAN . OSCAR A.00 LANGAMEN. BOD Vice Chairman 41.00 PISCOS.00 SAN ANDRES.839. ROY FLORES General Manager 652. NIDA BOD Member 197.720. ERNESTO . ALAN CABABAN BOD Member 28.725.00 ZANORIA.00 Toledo City Water District ABELLANA. SUSAN L BOD Member 22.550.187. BOD Member 21.800.00 LLEGO. BOD Member 20. VIRGINIA ALETIN BOD Member 7.00 CAÑETE. BOD Chairman 50.500. DELINA Division Manager 828. Y.200. MIGUEL P. ROGELIO ADECER BOD Treasurer 22. FRANCISCO R. MA. LUISA MORANE BOD Secretary 22.00 REBAMONTAN.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.00 RUALES.800.00 ARELLANO. General Manager 828. Division Manager 830. BOD Member 41. NORBERTO D. Division Manager 838.00 COLINARES.00 REPOSAR.00 INDINO. CAMILA L.00 Region VIII Abuyog Water District MERRO.00 Baybay Water District ARRADAZA. BOD Member 41.320. CARMELITA POSAS BOD Vice Chairman 22.000. BOD Member 77. ROBERTO A.00 ANDRINO.348. BOD Member 41. ZANDRO C General Manager 252.276. General Manager 1.760. JOSE JR.664.00 RAMA.200.00 ANDRADE. CLAUDIO A.11 YU. 102 .00 LUMBAB.00 ALMACIN. ROSELLE R. HERMES ESCA BOD Auditor 22. EDRIC MONTEROYO General Manager 733.320. FAUSTINO BOD Member 199.400. BOD Member LUMACTUD.200. BOD Chairman 199.00 BALDOMAR.00 REYES.00 CAPARIDA.091.31 CANDILADA. ENRIQUE JR.150. LUCITA RIEGO BOD Member 4.531.800.558. GUILLERMO CABELING BOD Member 28.373.00 ASTORGA. PACITA BALANO BOD Secretary 7.00 ORDANIZA.420. MANUEL CABADA BOD Chairman 7.149.255. SILVESTRA B.420. BENEDICTA C.

NAME POSITION AMOUNT* FLANDEZ. NARCISO CATRE BOD Member 62.00 BALTAZAR.800. MARISSA FROILAN Division Manager 674. RICARDO DEAN Division Manager 794.525.770.040.520.00 CUÑA.00 NAVARRETE.00 ABASOLO.00 MAGLANA.000.00 MABULAY.00 CHAN.325.00 Borongan Water District HORCA.00 PURAY. BUENAVENTURA ZALDIVAR Division Manager 754. ELSIE CORTES OIC Division Manager 550. LOURDES GOMEZ BOD Member 144.000.00 CESISTA. GERARDO C BOD Member 45. BOD Chairman 19. AILEEN REYES BOD Member 138. LOPE ESPARTO BOD Chairman 46. GUIDO ATENCIO General Manager 880. BOD Chairman 5.132.00 ANACTA. ROSALINA CABUGWASON BOD Chairman 77. DOMINGO JR. EUSEBIA CHRISTINA G. YOLANDA ROSALES BOD Secretary 46.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.00 ALKUINO. EDITHA CUI Interim General Manager 1.100. General Manager 520. RODOLFO ANIBAN Division Manager 827. MIGUEL P.250. JOSE JR.00 SOLAYAO.00 TEVES. MYRA .000.00 FIGUEROA.00 REYES.192. BOD Chairman 83.184. VICTORIANO C. EPIFANIO GODOY OIC Division Manager 550.440. JULITA I.808.00 DY. LUCITA OCAMPO BOD Vice Chairman 64.00 KO.288. DANILO A Administrative Service Assistant 255. VICENTE MALINAO BOD Member 62.900.00 SALASAYO. General Manager 1.00 DALUGDUGAN. Division Manager 537.000.00 Calbiga Water District FIGUEROA. RODOLFO D BOD Member 20.325. EDGAR ROSALES Sewerage/Water Utilities Management Division Officer 497.192.Details of Salaries and Allowances.000. ROLANDO T.00 QUINAY.53 TAN. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.556.344. BOD Member 104.00 CABUJAT.00 Calbayog City Water District YRIGAN. PETRONA C.100.00 ROSALADO. BOD Vice Chairman 104. D BOD Member 14. VICENTA D.00 LENTEJAS. RALPH S.440.00 SOLAYAO. ELVIRA A.850.120. ANDRESITA Y BOD Member 65.960. LILANE P.000.00 VALENCIANO. A. MERLA ABARQUEZ BOD Member 144.325.750.014.00 DY.00 ALMARIO.700.320.225. RUEL DUMAHIL BOD Member 27. NESTOR C BOD Secretary 19. ROLANDO EVASCO BOD Treasurer 46. ZENEN APARIS BOD Member 29.00 DACURRO. FRANCISCO RAMOS BOD Vice Chairman 28. MA.240. ORLANDO B.660.212.752. NATIVIDAD P BOD Member 12.256. ANTONIO NG BOD Member 46.360. JULIA P.330.558. BOD Member 71. JOSEPH MERIDA Division Manager 821.680. BOD Chairman 104.00 DARADAL. GRACIA Q. BOD Member 4.720. the details of which can be found in Part VI .00 PEREZ.00 Catarman Water District MOLLEJON. BOD Secretary/Treasurer 51.00 BANDAL.480.00 TAMBOR.00 DULFO.150.00 ALIPOSA. ARSENIO SR.00 CASILLANO.00 LOBRIÑO.00 MONDAL. GIL PACHECO BOD Member 132. ERNESTO LETABA BOD Member 172. Division Manager 726. Division Manager 678. G.00 ADVINCULA.00 MACASPAG.000. BOD Member 6. General Manager 826. CLOTILDE M BOD Member 63.000.00 BACSAL. JULITA I.00 Catbalogan Water District UY. 103 . BOD Member 68.760.00 YBOA.00 DELA ROSA.00 SERRATO.624.50 DORADO.452.

BOD Member 5. ROLANDO D.523. ADRIATICO BOD Chairman 8. ERNESTO C.400. JULIO TAN BOD Member 17.750.400. LUZ BALITBIT BOD Member 2. Acting General Manager 326.00 LONGJAS. AMBROSIO VILLEGAS BOD Member 11.Details of Salaries and Allowances.280.00 LUMAGBAS.520. EMETERIA C.353.247. SEGUNDO F. MARY JEANNETTE CRUZ OIC Department Manager 978. the details of which can be found in Part VI .00 Isabel Water District GERALDO.568. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* General MacArthur Water District PABELLO.120.73 ECHAVIA. CONSTANCIA B.920.400. BOD Vice Chairman 47. Acting General Manager 60.00 LUMPAS. ROY ACOL OIC Department Manager 869.208.280. JOSELITO C. BOD Member 47. MILAGROS AZCARRAGA BOD Treasurer 7. BOD Member 33.00 CHUA. BOD Member 33.240.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.00 MAMOSTO.840. BOD Chairman 25.00 CUA. ANTONIO GAQUIT General Manager 723. VIOLETA CALLEJA Department Manager 158.00 DE LA CRUZ. BOD Member 47.840.00 Leyte Metropolitan Water District HOMERES.00 GIRAY.00 SALANO.640.50 SURPIA.00 MUNCADA.280. MISAGEL BOD Vice Chairman 186.20 CORRE. MIGUELITO TALBO BOD Member 14.00 MEDINA.00 SISON.00 AMAGO.00 Guiuan Water District ABRENICA. WILFREDO B.00 BASILAN. CAMILO DANALERIO BOD Chairman 36.00 ARANAS.00 TINGKINGCO.280.294. GERUNDIO NICAL OIC Department Manager 654.481.258.00 DECENA.00 PIMENTEL. 104 .00 ISANAN. CATHERINE ABELLAR OIC Department Manager 440. BOD Member 5.00 DESALES.00 MERCADER.00 DE VEYRA. GEORGIA ALACANTARA BOD Vice Chairman 14. BERNIE M.048. BOD Vice Chairman 33. ALDIN DE CADIZ BOD Chairman 218. CLARA SABARRE BOD Secretary 14. ELISA G.00 TROTA.00 URMENETA.279. ERMELINDA E.00 CALDERON. EXUPERIO ALDAS BOD Chairman 17.00 CAIDIC. ADELAIDA CALCETA BOD Vice Chairman 14.760. TEODORO JR. BOD Chairman 52. BOD Member 5.080.00 JOVEN.742.22 SIMBULAN. WILMA C.456. ALFREDO JR. JOEY TEJERO Water Resource Operator 184. EDGAR ORTEA General Manager 781. LUCENA A.00 BOLECHE.353. Acting General Manager 363.040.680.840. RUFO MAMADES BOD Member 17.632.288.00 Hernani Water District GO.00 CUI.00 AVELINO. JOCELYN M.00 Laoang Water District MENDOZA.760. RODEL P. PATRICIA VACAL OIC Department Manager 280. NUNILON MILITAR Water Resource Facilities 184.120.00 ALAMODIN.840.000. CARLOS ORTEGA BOD Member 17.760.920. PASTOR ABARCA OIC General Manager 1.00 Jaro Water District SORIMA. GONZALO JR TABIN OIC Department Manager 786.674. AMELITA SINGSON BOD Member 31.760.120. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. EUTROPIA SON BOD Member 10.50 MENDOZA. RENEN RAPAYLO General Manager 794.00 ANTIPOLO.880.112.400. BOD Chairman 5. MANOLO MAGNANAO BOD Member 25.200. BOD Member 47. ANTONIO B. FORTUNATA B.00 GONZALES.50 CALABIA.00 SAPILAN.

MORALDE Division Manager 774.00 MACEDA.00 MERCADO.00 TOMACAS. .00 ROA.392.00 DUBLAN.00 Merida Water District ANUNCIADO. MARIO CABACOG General Manager 1. PERLA GONZALES BOD Member 31.00 SOLITE.00 ESQUIBEL.961.00 BLAS. ROWENA IYOG Division Manager 784.Details of Salaries and Allowances.400. CESAR TAJO BOD Secretary 34.00 San Isidro (Northern Samar) Water District AVILA.00 Maasin Water District GERALDO.025.00 SUPREMO.128.000. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. FELICISIMA MAGLINES BOD Secretary 74.744.00 HINUNANGAN. REGIDOR DE VEGA General Manager 1. THOMAS GALECIO BOD Chairman 4.00 BASA.240.200.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.320.00 ALCANTARA. ROLANDO ISIDRO BOD Vice Chairman 33.00 AGUILAR.184.240.680.990. MA JOSIE AMOR Administrative Service Assistant 310. MARTA VILLAHERMOSA BOD Secretary 63. BRIAN SEVERO PEÑERO BOD Member 79. MANUEL SUAREZ Division Manager 736.858.65 CANO. REX PALOMA Acting Division Manager 549.00 RESUS. MA.00 LUCERO. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* LANTAJO. NESTOR MULIG General Manager 1. CERIACO MESIAS BOD Member 63. AURELIO CARILLO BOD Treasurer 63.144.00 FULACHE. BOD Member 77.00 ROSAL.880. LUCILA AVESTRUZ BOD Member 77.00 ALEJANDRIA.00 MENDOZA. EVANGELINE CENTUS Administrative Services Aide 203.175.120. MA.00 LORA.900. ALFREDO PIL BOD Member 77.900. BALTAZAR CALIPES BOD Chairman 92.00 MACAPUS.300.00 Metro Hilongos Water District FULACHE.00 BLAS.000.277.00 VILLAHERMOSA.00 MAKABENTA.658.182.078.00 GERTOS.500.400. EDITHA ROJAS General Manager 381.00 BELLO. ESTHER SAMSON BOD Member AILEEN TAGOY Acting Division Manager 563.560.00 ARONG. the details of which can be found in Part VI .800. ALBERTO REGANON BOD Vice Chairman 63. LIM BOD Member 186. DANILO URGEL General Manager VIRGINIA ARGUELLES Division Manager 810. NILO CARILLO BOD Chairman 39.128. ROQUE JR. GARRY JEFFREY GERALDO Division Manager 755. PETRINA ALCUINO BOD Chairman 75.560.00 GARCIA. JOSE TAHANLANGIT BOD Chairman 88. CHERYL ADLAWON BOD Member 63.00 MONTUBIG.00 MACION.725.00 ROCHA.433. TERESA ACEBEDO BOD Member 186. CRISPIN DORON BOD Vice Chairman / Acting BOD Chairman 90. ILUMINADO JR.00 GENSON.480. CONRADO JR. JOSEPHINE SANCHEZ Division Manager 795.00 Naval Water District ROBENTA.00 DOLAUTA.00 ROA.176.600.166.00 MEJIA. DAMIANA CANILLAS BOD Member 74. CRISANTEMA TAN BOD Secretary 63. COMEDIA General Manager 548.00 RABE. MANUEL RUBIO BOD Vice Chairman 52. ONISIMO ORBOC BOD Chairman 15.128.888.00 BARRERA. CONRADO JR.00 ZAMORA. JOSELITO QUICHO BOD Member 29. LUCILA ANONAT BOD Member 34.00 PASTOR. CHARITA ESCOBAR BOD Member 74. FRANCISCO YAP OIC Division Manager 501.725.00 Metro Carigara Water District CABALLES.00 PARENA. 105 .400. CYNTHIA BACULANTA Division Manager 784. PAMELA DOLORES FLORES Division Manager 784.00 BENUSA.640. ALICE UY BOD Member 26.900.386.

182.875. ALFIE CABAHUG Bookkeeper 85. General Manager 753. ANTONIO E.00 ILUSTRE.00 OLAYVAR. ROWENA D.00 GUMARAO.320.00 LEDESMA. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. ALICIA CAHUTAY BOD Chairman 7.182.00 CHICANO. MARIA ANONUEVO Cashier 303. BOD Chairman 23.420. BOD Vice Chairman 12.00 CENIZA.00 BARRACA.00 PLACIENTE.420.00 MAGLINTE.00 ENOY.000. BOD Member 102.452. BOD Vice Chairman 40. REYNALDO BALANQUIT BOD Chairman 26.180. BOD Secretary 106.00 DOTINGCO. BOD Secretary 24. LYDIA A.550.000.000.420.375. GRACE GONZAGA BOD Vice Chairman 6. BOD Vice Chairman 23. RAUL RAMIREZ Corporate Accountant 314.00 MORECHO.00 Taft Water District CHICANO. BOD Chairman 123. ELSA S.00 YAP.320.880. the details of which can be found in Part VI . FIDELINA AMIDAR BOD Member 11. ANICETA A.200. GRACE GONZAGA BOD Chairman 2. TOMMY PERANTE Pump Operator 83.539. BENITO D. GINA DAVID BOD Auditor 8.00 ASERIOS. BOD Chairman 48.250.00 MERCADER.180.000. MILA D. OSCAR MACALALAD BOD Secretary 3.00 Sogod Water District ENGCOY.162.00 TY. JEDY G.00 CABARDO.600. TRINIDAD O. MARICEL ESTOPACI Administrative / General Services Officer 303. ALBERT GUMARAO General Manager 282. GAUDIOSO DILAO BOD Member 20.904.280.00 San Jose (Samar) Water District SOMORAY. ELENA S BOD Member 40.00 MANZANILLA. BOD Vice Chairman 106. BOD Member 22.00 GUMARAO. General Manager 918. ANTONIO ASERIT BOD Chairman 14.880. ZALDY FRANCISCO BOD Vice Chairman 2.525.000.00 Sulat Water District SO. IRENEO SR R.968. MITADENA LAYAN BOD Member 3. BOD Member 24. LOIDA JAPA BOD Treasurer 1. BOD Treasurer 12. 106 .600.600.128.00 ROMINES. BOD Member 81.375. ARNOLD ALCANTARA BOD Member 3.600.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.000. ALEJANDRO JR. JAIME ACODESIN General Manager 494. ROSALINDA INTING General Manager 691.00 DENTE. OSITA ESPENESIN BOD Secretary 12. JAMES ELRIDGE C. MA.384. GUMARAO BOD Treasurer 9.00 TOMO.150. JAVIER A. General Manager 1.000.00 ABENIR. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* AMOR.200.300.182.00 RODRIGUEZ. SATURNINA C BOD Member 40. ROGELIO H. RECOLITO JR ANONUEVO BOD Member 21.00 DAGPIN.784.047.00 LOBOS.00 YURONG. JAMES FRANCIS C.00 OBIENA. SUSTINES M.00 BASCUG.00 LEDESMA.00 DELMONTE.00 SORRONDA.00 LUCENO. RAUL CONTRATA Engineer 303.320.00 Victoria Water Distrrict DENTE.320.00 ARDALES.00 Region IX Dapitan City Water District ADRAINCEM. BOD Secretary 40.395.840. PRECYL MAINQUE BOD Secretary 6.50 OPIMO. ALEXANDER C.00 ANONUEVO.00 DAYA.Details of Salaries and Allowances. ADELINA V.00 DESUASIDO.00 PEÑAFLOR. RONY B.

54 PIOQUINTO. ANASTACIA BOD Vice Chairman 34.332.936. HENRY R.00 EISMA.00 Liloy Water District BOLANDO. Division Manager 899. BOD Vice Chairman 7.920.00 CARBONERA.50 ZOZOBRADO.312.00 SUMAYLO. General Manager 814. BOD Secretary 13. 107 .725.00 NACARIO. BOD Treasurer 13.00 ANITO.404.128. BOD Member 0. FLORDELIZA A. General Manager 553.00 POLIRAN. VIRGILIO B. BOD Vice Chairman 158.50 TOPIA.00 MATUGAS. JUCRESIA S. LEONARDO V. PAULINA A. NESTOR R. NELIETA B. EDGAR A.085. DANIEL O.023.05 SARDUAL. JOSEPHINE B. Department Manager 1.320.587.242. BOD Secretary 33. MA.00 Pagadian City Water District YORONG. JOEVIC BOD Secretary 34. BOD Member 420.560.00 MONTANO.320. BOD Member 89.587.00 PASILAN.920. BOD Chairman 40.00 ASENIERO.00 Ipil Titay Water District BRIZ.882. MARITA H.00 PATEGA.120.00 CARIAGA.100. the details of which can be found in Part VI . BOD Treasurer 34.100. ELMER B. BOD Auditor 13.00 MORALLO.587. BOD Treasurer 119. LUCITA P. Division Manager 900. MILAGROS R.560. EMILIO RUBY O.50 JUNGAO. ANECITO G.00 MONTEVERDE.165.00 BATOON. BOD Chairman 420.00 DIGAMON.00 SERAFICA.274. BOD Assistant Secretary/Treasurer 157. AMELO J.00 MANDEG. BENSYB C.320. General Manager 1. Division Manager 899.440. BOD Member 0.440.592. KARLA SHANE P.00 CERVANTES.264. BENJAMIN JR.00 GEDORIO. Division Manager 748.50 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries. BOD Member 7. BOD Secretary 157. Division Manager 899. BERCELI S. BOD Member 420.050. Department Manager 1. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.00 TAN. PHILIP S. ZENAIDA L. OIC .00 ROMANILLOS.00 WEE. General Manager 523. ELEANOR F. FERNANDO G. Division Manager 770. MARK ANTHONY P.100.143.Details of Salaries and Allowances. BOD Chairman 106.00 PADIGOS.388. BOD Chairman 183. General Manager 1. ROSALINA BOD Member 34.750.207. LORETA T.00 ALANO. PABLITO S. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* Dipolog City Water District PALUCA. CATHERINE D.690. BOD Member 46.00 SALVACION. GIGI S. ELENA A.00 PALACAY. BOD Member 85.550. REY P. ALELI C. General Manager 1. EDILBERTO E.560. BOD Secretary 89.936.00 Labason Water District BALAIS.00 LIM.320.50 ABAYON. ANDREW R.50 LOPEZ.61 LEYSON. NARCISA P. BOD Member 64.077.General Manager 711. VICENTE B. Department Manager 1.440.00 AMILASAN.65 EVARDO.560. HELEN P.800. TEOTIMO O.00 PALANAS.00 Kumalarang Water District MASERIN. SANTIAGO P.080. RAMONA B. BOD Vice Chairman 63.00 SYBICO. BOD Chairman 15.00 BOLAY-OG. JEAN G.018. BOD Chairman 41.200. FLORENDO G.00 Isabela City Water District ALMODOVAR. BOD Vice-Chairman 89.472.680. Division Manager 341. FRANCISCO G.

88 CO.00 GENOTIVA.800.560.589. General Manager 799. Asst. EMELITA P. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.560.00 CHUA. JOCELYN M BOD Member 33. BOD Chairman 492.00 SUMAMPONG.560. TERRY L BOD Vice Chairman 40.120. BOD Member 34.00 DIAMANTE.00 HOFILEÑA.88 CICHON.00 MENDOZA. LLEWELLYN R.00 Tukuran Water District CABATIC.00 UY.139.00 LAURQUE. Roxas Water District DANIEL. AMBALI A. VALENTINO B BOD Member 6.00 BANGCALE. BOD Chairman 39. BOD Secretary 6. Manuel A. BOD Chairman 71. LEONARDO REY D.00 RASONABLE. BOD Vice Chairman 34.00 SOLLANO.00 TEMPLA.120.620. JEFFREY BOD Secretary 111.00 ARAÑEZ. 108 .00 Polanco Water District GERZON. EDSEL A. FLOSEFIDA PENASO BOD Vice Chairman 4.786.66 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.00 DIGAN. Asst. ESTRELLA B.100.00 Pres. General Manager 713.560.560. JOSE VICENTE III F. General Manager 1. BOD Vice Chairman 464.850.094.120.00 TAMPARONG. BOD Secretary 40. LILIA J. BOD Secretary 34. General Manager 1. ROSELLER P.00 CANTURIAS. BOD Secretary 167.700.00 TAOLA. General Manager 836.00 PANES.00 ALAM. RODOLFO R.000.560. General Manager 831.913.00 ALONZO.00 SABANDAL.560. BOD Member 28.00 PEÑARANDA. BOD Member 40.00 BAEL. CLAUDIA T. BOD Secretary 34. ANASTACIO B. Asst. BOD Member 0.472.00 Zamboanga City Water District VASQUEZ. ROQUE M.000.560.00 REALIZA. WILFREDO A BOD Member 33.165. MERCY C.30 CALIOLIO.00 YAMBA.066. BOD Chairman 34. PERICLES C.146. AL M. ARNULFO A. VIRGIL L. Division Manager 772. RUSTICO DUMAPIG BOD Chairman 16. ALEXANDER S. General Manager 1.00 JOTOJOT.606. EMMANUEL G.000. the details of which can be found in Part VI .492. CARMENSITA SAMIOS BOD Secretary 33.00 ROJAS. EDGARDO P. EFREN F.200.560. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* PATILUNA.00 ONG. MACRINA O.800. ESTHER CANENCIA BOD Secretary 16. BOD Chairman 47. General Manager 537.070.31 QUILAB.096. BOD Secretary 466.396.200. General Manager 1.744. EDWIN M. BOD Member 33.45 ATILANO.290.00 Siocon Water District JAVA.281.088. DIOSCORO V.00 PONTILLAS.00 GURDIEL. ALEJO JR. CARLOS JR.227.495. SALVADOR ANDREW GONZALES General Manager 330. R.00 Sindangan Water District SABANAL.00 MANAYON. BOD Vice Chairman 34. BOD Vice Chairman 129.Details of Salaries and Allowances. BOD Chairman 6. AIDA A. BOD Chairperson 41. MARCIAL E BOD Member 15. ROBERTO R. BOD Auditor 260.484. EDGARDO P. S. KAREN M.00 VISITACION.560. Asst.390. General Manager 1. CATALINA T.00 ZUNIGA. FRANCISCO B.560.000. BOD Treasurer 281. ROLANDO R. ALEJANDRO P. ESTRELLA V.125.800. BOD Vice Chairman 34.40 MADARANG.00 Rizal Water District SALBORO.476.

84 BATAR.560.000. KATHERINE VAL S. ZIMRI LOU P.00 SALOMES. MERCY O.208. EDWARD PAKINO OIC Division Manager 1.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.680.588.06 LINAAC. ESTHER G.00 GABAYRAN. the details of which can be found in Part VI .34 LAO. PERCIVAL LABIS BOD Member 33. BIENVENIDO VELEZ Assistant General Manager 1. General Manager 30.00 Claveria (Misamis Oriental) Water District NAGASAN.197. RENEE SANN R. SOC ANTHONY MAGANA BOD Member 423.37 RECTO.633.00 VISITACION. FORTUNATO JR.00 ABAD.00 Balingasag Water District UBALDE.056.680.41 MONALVAN. EDUARDO ANTONIO ROA BOD Member 461.00 OCIONES. General Manager 23.932. ALAN PLUMBER 184.00 Damulog Water District NERVES.220.00 MARCERA.625.472.70 ORENDAIN. EMMANUEL ALLEANA BOD Member 511.800.159. BOD Chairman 1. SATURNINO L. MILAGROS Cashier 298. MARY ROMUGA BOD Member 24.00 MELANDCIO.383. OMELFA CASINO OIC Division Manager 1.00 VALMORES.104.00 QUIÑONES.616.48 DEL ROSARIO.00 PELAEZ.34 GAABUCAYAN.084. Cashier 15.500. BOD Member 444.Details of Salaries and Allowances. BOD Member 31. GWENDOLYN PADERANGA OIC Department Manager 1.00 PIEDAD. Senior Accounting Processor 325. NOEL LABADO General Manager 883. ELSA PAGE BOD Vice Chairman 31.76 ELORDE.00 MAGLANA. ENRICO RAMOS BOD Secretary 34. General Manager 850.00 QUIRITAN.351.560. 109 . JOEL AMUAN BOD Member 469. Accounting Processor PADILLA.360.560.120.00 TABIL.092.14 TESORO.00 TAGARDA. LUZVIMINDA PAGLINAWAN BOD Member 12.400.920. JERRY BOD Member 12.085.00 DARAMAN. BOD Member 354. CAROLINA BACONGA OIC Division Manager 1. SULDIE DAPANAS OIC Division Manager BUSALLA. GODILLA V.228.947. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* FERNANDEZ.000.61 BASS.000.748.594.680. CRISTINA TERESA MORENO BOD Member 33. GENALIN ACASO Cashier 365.82 AMANTIAD. EVANGELINE DELA CRUZ BOD Member 22. E.776. SATURNINO L.060. ALMA SUMOBAY Senior Accounting Processor 343. BEVERLY SALVACION BOD Chairman 41. JEOSELYN COMETA Cashier 19.00 BALDELOVAR. RACHEL MEJIAS General Manager 1. LERIA BADE BOD Member 28. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.434. LERMA CLAVANO BOD Member 31.67 VEGA.500.00 ORDESTA. ALEJANDRO Q.172.680.822. ELEZAR JACUTIN Department Manager 1.586.27 ONDAP.813.00 ORO. BOD Secretary 31.680.500.00 MARTICIO. RUFA CAHANAP BOD Member 12.00 Cagayan De Oro City Water District BEJA.00 ORO.376.418.59 Region X Bacolod Water District RESABAL.00 LAO. SANDY RIANA BOD Member 470.300.700.209.75 ABAD. MILAGROS L.00 PANORIL. LEA ALERTA BOD Member 31. THEODORE DAHAN BOD Member 34.897. MARILOU BAJAS Department Manager 1. SHERONNE Accounting Processor 222.79 LARANJO. LOGIE P.120. ISACIO ABUEVA BOD Member 34.00 MAESTRE.79 BATAR. General Manager 856. ELLYN ELBETH ENTERINA Department Manager 331.

ENRICO PANAL BOD Vice Chairman 172.472.00 BALUCAN.250. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* SABURAO. BOD Treasurer 25.00 DANGGA. ROGELIO TIP Division Manager 281.00 ROBLES. RANA BOD Member 101.00 MONTEJO. General Manager 818.00 SIMEON. CEDRIC D.00 INSOY.725. BOD Member 21. FLORENTINA SABELLO BOD Member 100. CALDERON BOD Member 172. BOD Vice Chairman 26. BUENALITA BUENACOSA General Manager 975. BOD Secretary 25.31 DELOS REYES. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.00 ABUCEJO. General Manager 741. ARTURO GAMOLO BOD Member 27. ROFELY G. Senior Accounting Processor 82.00 DESABILLE. DOMINIC M.70 DE VILLA.200.520. REYES BOD Chairman 119.00 LOS BAÑOS.00 Kibawe Water District BELENO. MAXIMO BOMEDIANO BOD Member 27.00 Kapatagan Water District RAÑISES.070.00 BEJONA.600.200.725. MA.00 Kolambugan Water District INFANTE.00 EYA.00 Don Carlos Water District GARCIA.275.00 Kauswagan Water District LAGUERTA. HERMINIA CENAS Senior Accounting Processor 354.775.940.400.694.375.00 CATILLANO.832. VICENTE PESIDAS BOD Chairman 32.800. ALVIN ANTHONY REQUINA Division Manager 799.00 GONZALES. CORA T.407.00 QUINTAS.200. WINSTON O.385. ELENITA DE LIMA BOD Member 28. LUCILA TUAZON BOD Member VIÑA.00 MENDOZA. BEATRIZ M. ROMULO R. VIOLETA CALMERIN BOD Member 21.00 DETARO. DELA PEÑA BOD Member 172.453.00 GURRO.00 PEÑASERADA.22 LIM.00 Gingoog City Water District LIM.488.725. VIRGINIA MADRID BOD Member 87.000.Details of Salaries and Allowances.00 CARREON.67 OCAMPO. RONDA Engineer 345. LEONITA BARIMBAO Cashier 302.500.725. MYRNA REYES BOD Member 101.000. MELOGEN D.360. MARY CRISTY B. REYNALDO B. LOLITA TAGAB BOD Member 7. ALDEGONDA ABELLA BOD Chairman 27. RICHARD ORQUILLAS BOD Member 11. SUSAN PALAHANG Senior Accounting Processor 305. DOLORES SANGUILS BOD Member 0.470.823.980. JO ANN UGAT General Manager 1. BRANDO C.625. SERGIA HONCULADA Division Manager 834. BOD Member 9.00 VACALARES.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries. FELOMINA BALOLONG BOD Chairman 32. JAEVA CELIZ Cashier 435.388.600.00 GABIA.530.00 ALILI. the details of which can be found in Part VI . RAUL SR.657. ROBERTO JR. BOD Member 128. RESTITUTO JR.360.00 BRANZUELA.00 EMOT. LIONEL ALFREDO AMIGO General Manager 857.00 BACOLOD.097. BERNARD PALASOL BOD Member 10. Administrative Services Assistant 334.00 ABRENA.392.360. EIL SERAFIN D. LITO SR. ISRAEL BALANHIG General Manager 768.360. BOD Vice Chairman 13.00 GUINGAO.00 MANATOM. FEDELITO BOD Chairman 24. 110 .400. POTENCIANO JR.35 MEJORADA.87 LADAGA. MERCEDES DESIERTO BOD Member 27. ANGELITA PADIN BOD Chairman 172.34 BERGADO.00 RIDAO.00 GARCIA.880.00 ORA. DANILO RISONAR Division Manager 767.000.00 DUMPASAN.33 VALDEVILLA.00 ROJAS. Customer Service Assistant 159. FERNANDITO ROPEROS BOD Member 27.360.139.

360.810. Corporate Budget Analyst 338.00 MACAS.00 GUMALING. General Manager 992.00 CALAM. General Manager 880.769. BOD Chairman 23.160.920. BOD Member 125.260. ROSEMARIE DAITON General Manager 1.00 TABIOS.760. FERDINAND D. Division Manager 895.00 Misamis Occidental Water District REVELO.260.00 BAGAYAN. DEMETRIO JR.569.500.50 LAGUMBAY.306.00 SIPALAY.360. C.00 LIMITARES.392. WILLIAM N. VILMA STO. BOD Vice Chairman 77.800.00 VILLANUEVA. ROMEO Q.020.50 BAULA. ROGELIO KENTELITISCA General Manager 1. HARRISON JR. ROLANDO DELE CRUZ BOD Member 31. PERLA P. BOD Vice Chairman 25. Division Manager 698.350.105. MICAH S.200. VIOLETA N.360. Division Manager 698.00 ESTENZO. DIVINA GARCIA Division Manager 720.260. WILFREDO BOD Member 30.00 PATERES. S.00 EBARLE.760. 111 . Division Manager 895.840.050.00 Mambajao Water District CAGAS.795.080. Administrative General Services Officer 440. HERRERA BOD Member 88. NOE BOD Member 2. MANNY JAMES II A. FAITH T. EVELYN CALIXTO Customer Services Assistant 300.00 ABARQUEZ.00 ONAHON. BOD Member 31. NEMESIO G.00 DOMINGO.550. BOD Member 31. G.920. BOD Vice Chairman 163. BOD Member 93.00 TORION. REYNALDO SR. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* SUDARIA.248. JORGE C. MENRADO YURONG BOD Member 62.010.680.625.00 Maramag Water District AGUSTIN. NELPHER BOD Member 22.020.00 CATACUTAN. Division Manager 744.680.00 PANGANIBAN.00 Malaybalay City Water District AROA. VENUS INANDAM Division Manager 781. SALOME C. ALBERTINO C.160.00 GANAS.00 CONZON.00 BELTRAN. BOD Member 142.00 BONACHITA.50 MALACK.620.247. BOD Member 142.200. MARY JANE O.00 Linamon Water District SIPALAY. the details of which can be found in Part VI . JOHN CEPEDA General Manager 880. ERMITO LEYSON Water Maintainance Manager 338. CELESTINO JR. ROBERTO V.700.Details of Salaries and Allowances. BOD Member 84. CARMENCITA D. BENEFORTE DY TAN BOD Chairman 77. JUANITO C.50 ABRIOL.00 Manolo Fortich Water District PANGAN.40 DELOS REYES. REY ISIDORE T. VICTOR DEL ROSARIO Division Manager 769. LUTHGARDA CALACAT BOD Member 27. DELIA BOD Member 31. ANGELES LEYSON BOD Member 99.038. Utilities Customer Service Assistant 343. HERLYN GANAS BOD Member 88.292.00 CUDAL.160.00 BERONDO. EDNA P. ROSE VILMA JOY TUYOR Cashier 341.200. BOD Member 136.50 BONTILLA.50 FLORES. NILA SALIGUMBA BOD Member 29. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.128.00 PAILAGAO.750.550.00 VEGA. BOD Member 31.00 PESCADERO.960.00 TABIOS. General Manager 1. ELMA ABALLE BOD Member RENATO P.623. Division Manager 895. PEPITO L.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.00 OZARAGA.00 PESTOLANTE.00 CORONEL.00 GAYON. STELLA MARIE D. NIÑO BOD Member 88.00 ELLACER.699.00 MIÑOZA.270.00 NOGUERA. ROSEMARIE C. LUCIA BACALSO BOD Member 27.00 NARA.

NESTOR CALUNGSOD BOD Member 187.500. TITO K. C. REGELLE G.020.600. ROSALINA BOD Member 3. JINO MAGLASANG BOD Member 107. BOD Member 3.500.00 ANOOS.600.820.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.900. BLESS BOYLE MONTES General Manager 1.00 OGA. Accounting Processor 170. AL MARIANO BOD Member 108. GENARA P.00 DANAG. RAFAEL HENZON Interim General Manager 110. DELIA T.160.00 CABRERA. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* QUIÑONES. HEARTY HYACINTH E. STANLEY JR VEGA Division Manager 462.00 Tubod-Baroy Water District HERA.T.460.664.187. ALJUN JOHN SAGUN Division Manager 754.360.00 BATINO. JULITO M.000.72 MANON-OG. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.00 Quezon Water District FRANCISCO. Cashier 313.00 JANLO. the details of which can be found in Part VI . BOD Chairman 3.272.00 CLARO.68 CUARESMA.368. BOD Member 9. BOD Member 85.000. LIZARDO FACTURA BOD Chairman 38.160.00 Tangub City Water District ASTILLERO.152. Project Planning Development Officer 275.058. SAARENAS BOD Member 27. ROMEO ESTABAS BOD Member 108.160. CHARLES D.120.00 TAN. ABNER TORQUIB BOD Member 17.500. JOEL L. BOD Vice Chairman 85. BOD Member 298. LAMBERTO P.685. GEOVANNI ALFON General Manager 844. PABLO III MONTALVAN BOD Chairman 23. CHRISTOPHER JALA Division Manager 759.680.50 TAN. General Manager 960. BOD Member 179.00 Talisayan Water District PELAEZ. 112 .680.480. VICTOR ABROGUEÑA BOD Vice Chairman 31. ENRIQUE LAWAN BOD Member 30.087.00 GRIPO.00 FLORES.00 CUENCA.00 YAP.00 NERI.600.50 ROMERO. NOVAVILLA ESPRA Cashier 313.00 MORIAL.00 ECUACION. REMUS M. BOD Member 183.00 CASIÑO. BOD Member 240.31 NERI. BOD Member 85.76 MONTEMOR. JORGE III C.79 AGUA.500.50 FORTICH.00 LLAGAS.00 DADAY. MARICEL BOD Member 2.00 BALIDA.00 GUEGUE.00 DAYAK. RICHARD T.940.25 IROG.00 BALAGULAN.00 COLLANTES.Details of Salaries and Allowances.500. L. BOD Chairman 99. MAXIMINO JR.016. NENITA EMANO BOD Member 31.00 BEREGUEL.05 Oroquieta Water District QUIMNO.00 BARLISAN.900.00 MACABAYA. BOD Member 1.080. Senior Accounting Processor 296.850. PERTA F.000.00 DULLIN.00 BLANCO.200. VICADA BOD Member 85.080. NESTOR PISAN BOD Member 6. DONNA REVELO BOD Member 90. ALEIN G. CEDRONIO JR. NELSON JR. DEMETRIO SR.131.000. RAMONITO ORDENIZA BOD Vice Chairman 129. GLORIA P.504. RUBY E.00 Tagoloan Water District CASEÑAS.900.902.292.152.00 SAROMENES. General Manager 12. JESSIE M.00 SUNDO. CARMENCITO O.117. BOD Member 480. BOD Secretary 36.58 ROSAL. RUBY SANCHEZ BOD Member 22.000. BUSTAMANTE BOD Member 6. BOD Member 259. VIRGINIA A. BONIFACIO D.00 ACA-AC. PACITO OCULARES BOD Member 22. OIC General Manager 530.360.00 LORENZO.

608. BOD Chairman 12. GERARDO BOD Member 10. Acting General Manager 353. ERNESTO SR.520.809.00 SUASIN. PRESCO D.00 ABUCAY.00 PARREÑO. CONSUELO M.00 SELECIOS. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. EDWIN CAMOMOT BOD Member 129. BOD Member 3. OIC General Manager 81. General Manager 822.255.520. CARLOS F.00 PEDREGOSA.00 JUNTILLA.088. LEONILA C. BOD Member 27. SANTIAGO C. BUENA M. MANUEL S. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* LAMDAGAN.200.00 LA VIÑA. VICTORIA PARANTAR BOD Member 79. SALLY A.00 DELA SALDE.00 Braulio E.00 Baganga Water District GAMBONG. S. AURORA AGUILAR BOD Chairman 51.200. SOCORRO ESTER REGAHAL General Manager 1. FELEA FELICITAS A.080. BOD Member 22. BOD Member 27.00 DONASCO. BOD Member 7. VICTORIA OBIDO BOD Member 42.00 MACAYRA.920.200.200. EULALIA DAPLIN OIC General Manager 899. BOD Member 22.520. BOD Secretary 27.330. BOD Member 10. GERALDINE MATABALAN BOD Chairman 27.00 Carmen Water District FACULA. CELESTINA VILLARICO BOD Member 112.00 ALAMILLO. BOD Secretary 7.00 BAUTISTA. BOD Chairman 7.00 Bansalan Water District URBINA. JUANITO PARREÑO BOD Member 129.600.50 SAJONIA.080.000. GILBERT C. CELINIA VAGUCHAY Division Manager 812.802.818. BOD Secretary 12.00 PAJARILLO.103. MA.00 Valencia City Water District PALUGA.080.42 ABODILES.00 SAULOG. CESAR SINTO BOD Vice Chairman 48.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.00 GATMAITAN. BENJAMIN C.00 VILLAHERMOSA.00 Region XI Asuncion Water District NERI. AIDA COME BOD Member 129.687. FARCOLINA PAGLINAWAN BOD Vice Chairman 79. BERNABE BOD Member 7. BOD Vice Chairman 7.00 BLANCO. BOD Member 27.523. MARIANO E.423.600.103. JACKY LOU HERA Senior Accounting Processor 386.600.100.00 GARCIA. 113 . EDGARDO SAPELINO Division Manager 776. BOD Member 22. ALBERTO QUINTILLA BOD Member 129.00 MAHIPUS.124.00 ZORILLO. ROBOAM L.00 VERGARA.00 MANOS. BOD Chairman 26.140. General Manager 344.938.080.080. GLICERIA M.00 CASTINO.200. BIENVINIDO CORDERO BOD Member PESANOS.00 ALBA. LIZA M.00 BADILLES.817. ALICIA PAGLILOAN BOD Member 13.03 DEIPARINE.080.28 GORECHO. ZOSIMO SENO BOD Chairman 46.496. JANETH M.25 ABE. Division Manager 723. ANACORITA S.096. Dujali Water District RODICOL.00 BARNIDO. CARLITO M. BOD Member 22.00 BAYBAYAN. ROMEO H.520.920.00 ROBENTA. MARVIN VELOSO BOD Member 56.00 JUNTILLA.520. the details of which can be found in Part VI .520. SHERLITA MARCOJOS Division Manager 826. MA.Details of Salaries and Allowances. ARLENE G.00 RIGOR.00 BILOG.50 MACALAM.600.00 CHAVEZ.920.600. FELIXBERTO C. ROMEO VALMORES BOD Chairman 155.

REYNALDO MACARAEG OIC . RAMON SR. HILTON PINGKIAN OIC .566. ANTONIO G. OIC General Manager 83.303. CLEMENTE III C.35 HOMEZ.320.Department Manager 1.00 RELATADO.18 SARABIA.183. RUTH GUTIERREZ OIC . FELOMINO ALCE Division Manager 916.33 EBERO.308.00 Hagonoy (Davao Del Sur) Water District VENCIO.00 PAQUIBOT. LILIA GUDMALIN BOD Member 134.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries. 114 .00 JACINTO. BOD Member/General Manager 242. ARIEL LAUDE Department Manager 1.392.00 SAAVEDRA. GLENN AGAYAN BOD Chairman 19. RONALDO O.25 CARLOS.940.150. EDWIN VILLAFLORES General Manager 5.00 DOLORITOS.00 MINA.074. BOD Member 7.760. BOD Vice Chairman 5. CASABUENA BOD Member 384. LUISA LIBOT BOD Secretary 384.160.128. NOEL T. MARINA CORONEL BOD Vice Chairman 20. BOD Member 44.527.000. FLORENCE T.292. MA. General Manager 783. BOD Chairman 63.00 BERGONIA. RAMON SR. OLLITA ATILLO BOD Chairman 169. MERCEDES CADIZ Division Manager 914. EXEQUIEL BORCELAS OIC Assistant General Manager 1.00 LLANOS. BOD Vice Chairman 56. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* Davao City Water District REGALADO.00 Igacos Water District ORLANES.590. TERESITA S.00 Kapalong Water District VICADA.12 MARTEL.150. TEODORA B. RICHARD DIGAO Department Manager 1. ESTHER SARABILLO BOD Secretary 140.940.22 DACANAY.88 NOBLE.61 DELA CRUZ.00 ANG.160.42 JABINES.400.314. A.525.000.Department Manager 1.00 DELIMA.66 BANGAYAN. CORAZON P.495.92 AVILES. EMILIO DIRECTO BOD Vice Chairman 140.00 VALERA. CHARMALOU DUREZA BOD Member 384.660.Department Manager 1.71 HUSAIN.680.00 VILLEGAS.675. EDGARDO CEJAS Acting Genral Manager 530.Department Manager 1.160. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.00 VELARDE. AMANCIO GUDES Division Manager 911.364.00 DAUB.00 ALAMAZAN. MERAFLOR C.813. EDUARDO ALVAREZ BOD Chairman 460.00 MEMBRIDO. AMELIA UYANGUREN Division Manager 906. PAQUITO CARINGAL OIC .00 DATAYA. BOD Member 15.940.196. SERAFIN JR. ANTONIO GERARDO C.457.941.03 CABANAG.200.095. OSCAR DELA CRUZ OIC .637.89 TUMANDA. FLORAME L.189.298.00 MOLINA.910.625. PABLITO T. BOD Member 2.00 Digos City Water District GRAVADOR.Department Manager 1.150.160. A. BOD Member 56. ARNOLD PEREYRAS OIC . OIC General Manager 51.00 ANYOG.160.266.00 LEDESMA. ROBERTO SILVA Department Manager 1.000.840.00 CORSELES.00 RESPUESTO.764. BERNARDO DEALAGDON OIC .000.560. BELEN JUBAN Division Manager 926.00 CORPUZ.391. MA. BERNADETTE ALPAS Department Manager 1.093.Department Manager 1. ERLINDA L.Department Manager 1.25 FLORA. BOD Member 5. ROSANNA VICENTA TUMARAO OIC .03 DE LOS REYES.040.440.00 VENCIO.184.326. BOD Chairman 22. the details of which can be found in Part VI .679.255. ARTURO SALARES BOD Member 140.88 UY.548.160. NOEL CORTES Department Manager 1.46 MONTAÑA.699.800.246.00 HILAY. ABDUL MANGELEN BOD Vice Chairman 384. MARYLUTH DURANO Division Manager 926.533.160. ISAUROS BONCARAS General Manager 1.567.00 CALIDA.235.05 PETALCORIN. BOD Secretary 56.390.Department Manager 1. MILDRED GUTIERREZ OIC Assistant General Manager 1.Details of Salaries and Allowances.00 LLANOS.00 ALDEVERA. BOD Secretary 19. ERLY MAR D.398.

200. JOSELITO ELIGUIN BOD Member 20. NELLY MERCADO General Manager 1.820. MARLYN BOD Member 36.100. PEDRO R. RAFAELA S. JASON LAURENTE BOD Member 31.00 KUAN TIU.00 MIFLORES.680. JOCEL DUBRES BOD Secretary 34.284.00 Mati Water District ALBARICO.00 Panabo Water District ORTIZ. BOD Vice Chairman 6. BOD Chairman 44.200. BOD Chairman 5.00 MANTICA.100. BENIGNO A. NELIA V.800.00 AGLERON. JELLA MIE A. ADELINA MENDOZA BOD Secretary 12. BOD Treasurer 38. DOMINADOR C.00 Kiblawan Water District CAÑEDO.00 CACHUELA.250. RICARDO C.00 BRABAT.00 DAVIS. WILLIAM ALTERADO Interim General Manager 228.520. YOLANDA F.240.00 LOREJO.120. General Manager 788. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.001.100.318.00 LEE. SERGIO B.00 Lupon Water District VICENTE. BOD Member 88.00 LIBRES.120. ELSAORIA C.00 New Corella Water District DAYOC.800. HONESTO LARANJO General Manager 545.00 SAMBERE. LOURDES ESCAMILLA BOD Member 13. BOD Secretary 351. NICK TERANTE BOD Vice Chairman 30.120. General Manager 1.00 ALVE.160.00 LIM. the details of which can be found in Part VI . General Manager 871.00 NGO.200. BOD Member 69.00 Nabunturan Water District MASIGA. BOD Treasurer 6.800.840.200. AQUILINA PILONES BOD Chairman 41.800.00 CANCEL.00 JONTILANO.00 OLIVEROS. JESUS CESAR P.00 San Isidro (Davao Oriental) Water District PINEDA.800.760. BOD Secretary 38. MARY GRACE ROYO BOD Secretary 18.00 Tagum Water District GENTUGAYA. ARTURO INOJALES BOD Member 0.000. BOD Treasurer 69. SEVERA O.016.50 CASIÑO. BOD Chairman 43.29 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries. ARNULFO M.260. PROSPERO ASEO BOD Member 15.00 FLAUTA.00 SIBUGON. DOMINADOR BOD Member 38.00 PALMERO. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* ALEJANDRO.800.00 BANGOY. REYNALDO B. FRANCISCO BOD Vice Chairman 38. BOD Vice Chairman 88.00 YU.260.00 BONGAY.00 LLENADO.074. BOD Chairman 105. BOD Vice Chairman 69. EVARISTA B.800.894.00 KAPARAZ.560. EUSEBIA A.120. ERLINDA P.00 JOCSON. ROSALINDA G. BOD Chairman 67.Details of Salaries and Allowances.884. General Manager 721.00 PADERNAL.100.120. D.000.260. BROMIA C. 115 .00 ALEGRE. BOD Member 6.00 TACLOB. MARCELINO P.00 PALMA GIL.200.00 SAPLAGIO. SERGIO ALONSAGAY BOD Assistant Secretary 28. BOD Secretary 69.00 SECUYA.00 GETIZO. ERLINDA CAGANG BOD Vice Chairman 13.00 TAYABAS. MICHAEL T.00 ALVARADO. SULPICIO ALBATERA BOD Chairman 13.225. BOD Member 38. BOD Member 88. PETRONILO P.508. FELIX SR. WILBERT C. General Manager 785.480. PAULINO M. BOD Member 38.472. FELICIANO S. BOD Member 88.

260. BOD Member 36.00 CLAVERO. EMMANUEL E.00 LOZARE.00 OSORIO.00 MIRAFLOR.00 TEVES. MANUEL FORTUNATO D. MARY JANE ABING Division Manager 958. VINCENT ABANES BOD Secretary 191.58 GOLEZ. CONSUELO BOD Secretary 14. BOD Vice Chairman 36.310. Department Manager 1.50 UY. DANILO B. MARJORIE B BOD Member 372.550. the details of which can be found in Part VI . REY J. BOD Member 146.111.080. BOD Secretary 31. LEONARDO W. RICHARD LAZAGA Division Manager 825.131.625. EUGENIO G. ALBERT E. General Manager 1. Department Manager 1.35 ARAQUIL.134.00 VINGNO.131.577. ESTELLA DAWA Division Manager 859. Department Manager 1.00 SABLON. ISAIAS JR L BOD Member 378.577.747. REBECCA OBERO BOD Chairman 159.160.00 DEDAL. BOD Member 28.080. BOD Chairman 139. AVELINO BOD Vice Chairman 43.802. JUDITH S.00 NOLASCO.892. EDGARDO REY JOPIA Department Manager 1.00 LANAJA.181. ROGELIO JR. CORNELIO JR T Division Manager 1. KEITH GONZALES Division Manager 927.847.00 Banga Water District ORTEGA. BOD Chairman 36.680. PILAR MOSO Department Manager 1. LUEL CARANZA BOD Member 187.00 NICART. HENRIETTO QUIÑA BOD Member 199.840.667.617. FRANCIS JR. CHRISTOPHER REBUTA Division Manager 881.00 YAPHOCKUN.731. MERLA C. JOCELYN SUICO Division Manager 904. NORMA S BOD Member 23.071.00 BESANA.435.417.723.00 General Santos City Water District GELLANGARIN.00 LORENZO.00 MULA.213. General Manager 886.550. BOD Member 36. Department Manager 1.25 Glan Water District HIZOLER. LUZ SALUDES Department Manager 1. BOD Member 22. ROSARIO R.947. ORLINA F. FRANCISCO N.040. ANTONIO A.00 SARCON. ELENA LIM Division Manager 915.00 MALANAO. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.00 ESLEYER. ALMA LIM BOD Vice Chairman 183. NEIL B BOD Member 23.00 FERER.000.00 DE LEON.00 LECTURA.540. GLENDA AGUINALDO Division Manager 868. FRANCISCO R.400.000.00 EMOTIN.00 BAYHON. F.806.91 TURIJA. ROSITA BOD Chairman 51. LOVI A.096. MARY LOU M. BOD Member 436.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries. BOD Member 140. NEMIA R BOD Member 23.422. GERARDO MANGUBAT Division Manager 1.705.500. FERDINAND S.550. General Manager 418.00 BUDIONGAN.Details of Salaries and Allowances.00 BUENAVIDES.70 LADERA. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* ARNILLA. BOD Member 512.91 Region XII Antipas Water District TAMAYO.000.826.040.079.776. BOD Vice Chairman 150. BOD Chairman 498.155.740.25 RUIZ.120. BENJIE G. ANALITA C. BOD Member 146.634.00 LASCUNA.934. RENE S.00 City of Koronadal Water District VARGAS. General Manager 1.800.000.00 APARECE.00 MENDEZ.00 BULA. 116 .75 ESPINOSA.040.547. ARN B.00 ALOLOD.522.200.431.00 SOLOMON.79 ARRIESGADO.00 CASTRENCE.482.00 CERVEZA.00 EMOTIN.241.00 CARTOJANO.

140.648.000.00 TAN.00 MASTURA.333.00 Metro Cotabato Water District GAUDIANO. BIMBO JR. ADELA F BOD Chairman 23. FLORITA G. BOD Treasurer 192. FRANKLIN G.00 Kabacan Water District BALUNGAY.000.200. VICENTE BOD Member 44. LIBERATO O. General Manager 1.00 VILO.999.00 BALTAZAR. Division Manager 875.573. Department Manager 1. LOURDES V.Details of Salaries and Allowances.75 VILLARMA.056. ROCKY Z. CERIACO L. ANTONIO III S.467. Department Manager 1.72 LIMBARING.30 VILLARTA.70 MENOR. FAUZIAH B. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* PRIMO.200. FALGUI BOD Secretary 4.916.00 Maasim Water District PELONES. BONIFACIO O BOD Secretary 45. ANNABELLE D BOD Vice-Chairman 45. EDITHA B.250. LUZ BOD Member 11.492. BOD Member 167.038. MARGARITA F.00 BARROGA.998. CECILIA C. DALMACIO O.197. ARSENIO BOD Chairman 13.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.00 LIBRADILLA. Division Manager 853. RAYMUND SR A.740.023.00 Lebak Water District TALAGTAG.58 ERIBAL.25 ANULAO.00 DAGOY. A.790. VIOLETA P.040.10 SINSUAT. OIC Division Manager 418.00 FACIOL.00 GALVEZ.07 ROALES. BOD Member 23. General Manager 873. HENRY LITO C. the details of which can be found in Part VI .200.75 ESPESOR. AIDA BOD Member 9. BOD Vice Chairman 212. BOD Chairman 261. General Manager 1.200. LOURDES KIM M. CORAZON M. Division Manager 794.47 FRIGILLANA. FLORENCIO H.692.00 ALBA.185.412. BOD Member 145.249.80 NACARIO.35 PLAZOS. BOD Secretary 7. EUGENIO U.00 GICALE. LEONORA D. ARNOL R. VENANCIO JR E. FERDIE MAR S.040.572.040.744.00 Malungon Water District PACTES.344.00 ALFONE.460.00 ESPARTERO.300. Division Manager 944. BOD Auditor 215.600.050.000. ESTERLITO BOD Member 9. BOD Vice-Chairman 7. EDMUNDO J BOD Member 122.00 DULAY.478.00 CHUA.974. BOD Member 145.320. General Manager 1.00 DE PEDRO. Department Manager 1.00 MANALO. FIDELIZ C. GRACE M. BOD Chairman 7. BOD Treasurer 7.278.00 SOYAO.480.00 CASTILLON.00 PASION.600. BOD Member 145.00 DAPITAN.00 MANOS. BOD Member 7. PANFILO G. MABINI B.520. ARTURO N.26 MARTINEZ.640.50 APUHIN.200. BOD Secretary 199. JOCELYN A.220. 117 . Division Manager FCD 820. DOMITILA B. FROILAN S BOD Member 45.824. WINSTON L Division Manager 522. CORNELIO B. MERLITA V. FELICITAS M.250.72 LABAJO. LOURDES BOD Member 43.200. ELEONOR A. General Manager 738.00 AGNO. BOD Chairman 45.003. Division Manager 768.50 VELITA.281. General Manager/BOD Member 52.01 SAPAL.000. General Manager 714.25 Kalamansig Water District CONCHA.414. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.00 LANGOMEZ. BOD Member 23. OIC Division Manager 684.

EDUARDO M BOD Member 27.00 CASTIN. GUILLERMO JR. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* Metro Kidapawan Water District GONZALES.50 WITARA. SUSANNA A.75 CODILLA. BOD Member 9.50 MALALUAN. MYRNA R.037. 118 . BOD Secretary 67. BOD Vice Chairman 73.990. BOD Auditor 76.00 Pikit Water District BOADO.683. STELLA M.310. ELLEN D. ERIBERTA P.203. Assistant General Manager 1.50 MORILLO.00 YAP. Assistant General Manager 824. Department Manager 989. Assistant General Manager 1. BOD Chairman 10.25 GUILARAN.591. ELBEN S Division Manager 790. BOD Member 29.341. General Manager 610.50 GAPE. ELSIE N Division Manager 625.011.00 CONDEZ. QUINTIN S.426. BOD Treasurer 70.840. General Manager 1. GODOFREDO R.180. LEOLITA T. JERRY L.00 SALES.58 DAQUIPA. L. BOD Member 35. General Manager 984. JAMES S BOD Member 49. LEONARDO J.50 MARIBOJO. BOD Chairman 76. BOD Secretary 153.00 CENAR. ALAN G BOD Public Information Officer 159.75 LOBATON. AMALIA L. General Manager 1.180. OIC Division Manager 619.00 SERQUIÑA. the details of which can be found in Part VI .640.237.004. Department Manager 891.542.264.418. JEMIMA A. BOD Member 14. ROLANDO S BOD Member 29. JACQUELINE O.00 FORONDA. CORAZON G. BOD Member 28.760.389.00 DUMASIS.251. Division Manager 822.58 FULLECIDO.760. MARIVIC C Division Manager 276.760.00 Pigcawayan Water District LAO.520. GUILLERMO B.403. CANUTO JR A Division Manager 607.850.446.86 CARISMA.00 JANUTO. ROSAURO O.33 VICTORIA. SUSAN L.00 DAGA.00 JACABA. BOD Vice Chairman 159. JOVEN P. CAROL S.89 Mlang Water District CADIENA.130. LALAINE A.467. BOD Member 48. BOD Member 11. MODESTO C. ARNOLD I. Department Manager 980.Details of Salaries and Allowances.500. DERNA E.405. JOEY C.540.73 CASABAR.50 CALAWEN.80 Norala Water District PEREZ. MILAGROS P.013.60 TALAGTAG. NORMA A.467.40 DUERME.320.712. Division Manager 824.00 RAPACON. ABRAHAM S. ALFREDO S BOD Treasurer 139.00 VEGAFRIA. MAX VILORIA General Manager 988.945.720.863.00 PAZ.00 PALOMAR. PEDRO S. BOD Vice Chairman 8. AMELDA C. WILESPER LISANDRO M. Department Manager 978.860.146. General Manager 850.00 VILLARICO.030. Division Manager 600.341.40 BAYOG.00 ALFANTA. ROMEO G.673.00 PANDIO. BOD Chairman 146.00 MALAZARTE. SUSANA BOD Member 31. MA.801.360. MERLYN Y Division Manager 640. EUGENIO G.00 TONZO. RAMIL A.00 LEYSA. JOVELYN P. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. DOMINGO TOLENTINO BOD Member 55.50 BACLAYON.991. BOD Secretary 9.00 CATEDRILLA.43 ALQUEZA.00 FLORES.840. ISABELITA C.396.00 PULIDO.86 AGUILAR.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries. BOD Member 43.245. BOD Member 6.466. Division Manager 823.789.00 Metro Midsayap Water District TOLENTINO. ROBERT S.467.082.

924.640. BOD Chairman 14.423. G.00 ELEAZAR.80 MUYCO.00 FALCIS. BOD Member 8. SONIA C. NICASIO B. JOAQUIN R. LUZ R. BOD Member 156.448.00 CADUNGAN. BOD Chairman 8.080.760. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. BOD Secretary 43. NONITO P. CHERRY ANN B. SAMUEL C BOD Vice-Chairman 5.00 CAGATA.547. MARIBEL D BOD Secretary 156.600.640. PAZ B BOD Secretary 5.80 PACARDO. GREGORIO R.00 PEDROSO.920. RENE M Acting General Manager 168.00 PANCHO.222. ELSIE B. Division Manager 729. ADELA C.00 MACABAYAO.000.867.00 AGUSTINO.423. ZIEHL KEITH M BOD Member 10. BOD Chairman 43. ANA SORITA S. BOD Secretary 11. BOD Treasurer 43. General Manager 860. RUPERTO JR P BOD Member 5.00 Sultan Kudarat Water District TABUGA.800. MARILOU C.760.00 CANIESO. BOD Treasurer 107.00 Polomolok Water District TORCUATOR.960.00 CLAVERIA.00 DAYOT. Division Manager 817.240.00 GUERRERO.00 FALE.80 Surallah Water District SUBILLAGA. OLIVE L. SOLITO T. 119 .00 BERNARDO. BOD Chairman 156. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* FERENAL.476. JARED E. BOD Secretary 2. EMMANUEL G. BOD Chairman 187.400.960.150.00 DANGALLO. Division Manager 904.960. NELINDA M. ROGELIO D.00 Tupi Water District PULMONES.00 DESULLAN.00 JAVELLANA. General Manager 1.160.520. TERESITA J.600.760. BOD Treasurer 8. EUGINE N BOD Member 4.00 PAGARAN. EVACUETO C BOD Chairman 6. ANDRESITO J.00 ADRE. CAMILO C.00 Sto. LIBERTY Q. ADELA P BOD Treasurer 4.00 DEGILLA.00 JAINGA. EUFROSYN R.520.789.00 HONORICO. BOD Vice Chairman 124.97 PURAZO.Details of Salaries and Allowances.468.00 MUYANA.00 FUENTES. BOD Vice Chairman 43. Division Manager 989.00 VERALLO.640.448. D.00 ALOVERA.800. JURIE E.800.00 NUESCA. MARLENE C. ERLINDA H. BOD Vice Chairman 8. RUDITO P. General Manager 682. JOSE JR.00 DARAMAYAO.80 TONO.80 GRIÑO. ESMAEL SR. NORMA D. General Manager 1. BOD Auditor 135.040. Department Manager 771. CECIL D.80 ROBLES.00 ESPESOR. ALEX C.960. ALAN VINCENT BOD Vice Chairman 6. EDUARDO T. Department Manager 957. BOD Member 12.80 DELFIN.200.00 ACUESTA. EMILIANO C. BOD Secretary 135.600. BOD Chairman 11.640.00 Tulunan Water District FAUSTINO.742.400. Division Manager 805.600.00 NONO.960. IGMEDIO E.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.998. AMELIA A.720.00 MIRASOL.00 SUSTENTO. Department Manager 918. Niño Water District FORMACION. BOD Auditor 43. the details of which can be found in Part VI .00 DAMO. BOD Member BOD Member 7. EDGAR S.789. General Manager 370. BOD Chairman 161. ROLENDO T. BOD Member 11.000. ANITA O.

00 SIO.00 Bayugan Water District ASIS. JUVY C.00 UY. CLAUDIO T.00 LAO.340. DARLITO A.00 DUGLAS. FEDENDECIO M. BOD Vice Chairman 16.140. EMMA B Assistant General Manager 200. Assistant General Manager 951. BOD Member 18. BOD Member 10.00 LIM. Customer Service Assistant 199. BOD Vice Chairman 88. RUDYCINDO H. the details of which can be found in Part VI .00 DIMAANO. BOD Chairman 29.344. BOD Member 359. BOD Secretary 88. JORGE L. VISITACION E.871. General Manager 1. General Manager 1. JOSEFINA T. BOD Member 103. BOD Chairman 7. FLORIDA A BOD Member 42.00 ORQUINA. BOD Vice Chairman 24.000. MENILLO C.200.00 Bislig Water District SIEGA.320.980. BOD Member 94. ROLDAN L. 120 .Details of Salaries and Allowances.025. DAHLIA . Division Manager 784.380. MANUEL P.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries. AVELINO . allowances and other emoluments received by each official. NARCISO M BOD Member 14. BOD Member 103. BOD Member 267.00 LADARAN. ROBELYN T. T.790. LEAH . BOD Member 112.840.685.342.000. ABELARDO S. RAMON A.200.302.440.00 PEGENIA.790.050. I.350.00 ALTIZO. BOD Chairman 16.00 TORRALBA. JUANITO A.240. BOD Member 88. FELIX P. AIDA G.240. General Manager 1.799.00 MENDOZA. JENNIE LYNN C.00 ALVIZO. BOD Secretary 13. BOD Member 116.200.624.00 PIENCENAVES. FORTUNATO BOD Chairman 83. Acting Division Manager 771.00 FRANCO. ARNOLD L. RAYMUNDO A.00 VERGARA.000.00 RENSULAT. EMETERIO JR.00 REYES.344.392.14 LUPIDA. ANGELO D. FE L.00 ESPERE.05 GUDUYO.128.00 AVISO.054.740. BOD Member 24. FELIPA M. MARGARET C. BOD Vice Chairman 118. NECIFURA B BOD Member ELSA B.548.00 ESTACIO.00 MADULA. SOTERO M.80 JAMERO. ISIDRO JR.00 Bunawan Water District GAURANO. REMEDIOS R. BOD Member 124.50 CASTILLO.00 PANIAMOGAN. BOD Member 31. PRIMITIVA R.200.500.00 SULIT. Accounting Processor 289.00 MARCOJOS.240.624.00 GOETZ.00 Buenavista (Agusan Norte) Water District ALIBAY.320.00 CELLAN.680.00 PAWAY.00 ESTREMOS.000. General Manager 759. CRISPIN BOD Member 353. JIMUEL O.350. EMMA B. BOD Secretary 24. BOD Member 359.00 PAWAY.950.680.00 MANAMTAN. NECITA R. FORTUNATO BOD Member 22. ANSELMO L.00 YOUNG. Division Manager 784.468.00 SALVAN. General Manager / BOD Member 786.00 CABANDAY.000. BOD Member 359. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* Region XIII Bacuag Water District YU.088. General Manager 1.00 Butuan City Water District SANG TIAN.00 HORDISTA. DOLORES .500. FERDINAND F. BOD Member 25.00 JAMERO. BOD Chairman 71.

FLORITA D BOD Secretary 5. General Manager 1.434. LILY V. BOD Member 33.630.400.244.098. BOD Vice Chairman 23. WILFREDO G. ASUNCION E.420. EDITHA C.00 PUSA. BOD Member 410. ERLINDA R.934.560. YOLANDO O BOD Acting Chairman 10. RIZALITA A.00 MOSQUERA. CHITA A. General Manager 755.120. EDITA S BOD Member 22.736.096. BOD Vice Chairman 33.00 BALBUENA.00 ORPINA. General Manager 239. BOD Member 34. NELIA C.680. BOD Member 3.00 Madrid Water District DE LA TORRE. ALFREDO GARCIA BOD Chairman BAYANIN.00 KINDICA. LUZ B.58 ANGELES. BOD Chairman 102. BOD Chairman 28. BOD Member 33.00 ESTRADA.000. ANASTACIO A.00 BORGUETA.773. ROBERTO O.080.00 CORTES.368. MARY NESS A BOD Member 4.026.920. BOD Chairman 41.00 LUMAPAS.120. NORMA B. JUAN V.560. RIMELYN M. BOD Vice Chairman 2. ROMEO U.00 TRILLANES. MARGARITA D.00 BADUYA.120. General Manager 948.472. EDMUNDO M.320. ANDERSON U.00 NOHARA.Details of Salaries and Allowances.40 Metro Siargao Water District CONTE.400.00 Nasipit Water District FUERTES. LEONARDA R.58 CANLAS.00 VILLALUZ.500.00 BELARMINO. 121 . MARIA LOURDES B.82 DOLLANO.342.General Manager 265.00 NAZARENO.00 Del Carmen Water District LICUAN.744.00 LONGOS.560.00 VIOLA. FELICIDAD L. BOD Chairman 39.00 NOTE. BOD Vice Chairman 45.080. ELVI U OIC . BOD Vice Chairman 33. MAURICE Y.080.120. BOD Treasurer 10.368.368.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries. FELICULA A. General Manager 696. YOLANDO O BOD Vice Chairman 4.00 GONZALES. VICENTE CIRILO A.00 MABALAY.400.00 URIARTE. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* Cantilan Water District IRIBERRI. BOD Chairman 3. General Manager 883.00 BONONO.08 URQUIA.00 URIARTE. NOEL M.766. BOD Secretary 33.57 ARPILLEDA.58 PINGOL.120. BOD Secretary 10. LUCILA R.11 FLORES. EMOUGENE C BOD Member 9. BOD Member 25.00 Hinatuan Water District PANDILI.747.00 DUERO. CASTORIO P BOD Vice Chairman 14.00 Lianga Water District SANCHEZ. V. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.00 OROZCO.00 URIARTE.992.00 AMBRAY.00 GUILLEN.500.650.120. JOSE HINARIO JR. BOD Chairman 51.939.080.00 DE GRACIA. BOD Secretary 1. MAURICE Y BOD Member 3. CECILIA G.00 OCAMPO. SABAS E. JANELLE P. BOD Member 31. BOD Treasurer 34. CHITO U BOD Chairman 10.00 AQUINO. BOD Secretary 23. ADELINDA U.616. MENELEO O. YOLANDO O BOD Chairman 20.00 RANARA.483. ZENAIDA G BOD Member 10. LUTH M BOD Member 9. BOD Member 34. the details of which can be found in Part VI . General Manager 862. OHNELLO R BOD Treasurer 33.

JOYCE B.680.Details of Salaries and Allowances. BOD Chairman 69. BOD Chairman 189. ILDEFONSO C.353. General Manager 1.150. ORESTES R.00 ECLE. BOD Member 53.797. TEODORA P. BOD Chairman 13. General Manager 763.460.612.380.00 POLIZON. 122 . BOD Secretary / BOD Treasurer 31.110.398. ROSALINA L.568.480.600. Division Manager 957. RUDY E.00 CORPIN.78 RAVELO.560.00 ANONUEVO.903.560. MANUEL R. M. Division Manager 959.00 San Jose (Dinagat Island) Water District CAINGLET. ANTONIO JR. BOD Member 5.414. BENJAMIN JR.398. BOD Member 33.800. KUSHIELA J. CHINITA C.370. General Manager 1. Division Manager 1.00 NADA.072.475. BOD Member 31.00 BASTARECHE.50 LIBO. RODOLFO E. BOD Vice Chairman 5. JOSE MARI D. HENRY B. LILIBETH T.00 Tagbina Water District ALBARRACIN.216. Division Manager 993.00 PALOMA. BOD Secretary 34.00 GUMA.08 KONG. ALEX T. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. JONATHAN A. BERNARDO T.00 Placer Water District BUGAS. VICTOR U. BOD Secretary 5.00 RUIZ. BOD Member 53. BOD Vice Chairman 79. ALBINO JR. BOD Chairman 5.50 BAÑAS. PERLO B.365.00 DANDOY. BOD Member 2.00 TIU.905.800. BLENDA CZARINNE R.00 Prosperidad Water District METANTE.150.287.457.00 MOSENDO.540. TRIFUNA A. BOD Vice Chairman 131. JOSE M.08 BONILLA. H. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* ASTILLO. BOD Vice Chairman 34. JOSEFA J BOD Treasurer 151.00 Surigao Metropolitan Water District ENSOMO.00 LAURENTE. SEVERINO JR. the details of which can be found in Part VI . ELERITA D.141. ELMER T. FLORENTINA G BOD Treasurer 34.00 SABAÑA.00 KANG. General Manager 866.339.00 DELA MERCED. REYNERIO JR T.00 GAVERO. WILMAR O BOD Secretary 49.00 LUBAPIS.00 AMADOR.00 IMPUESTO.520.08 FILOTEO. BOD Vice Chairman 88.150. EVANGELINE A. PETER S.08 ESPINA.680. BOD Member 88.00 GICUM.00 VILLAR.334.00 ROBLES.520. R. VIRGINIA C BOD Secretary 157. CELESTINO P. General Manager 754.00 Socorro Water District CANTA.00 SARITA.520. WARLITO L. HENRY P. BOD Member 52.016.680.00 NOGUERRA. BOD Member 88.00 TARUC.120. BOD Vice Chairman 33.08 LABADAN. LILIA L.00 San Francisco Water District LUZON. BOD Vice Chairman 14. BOD Member 66.560. BOD Member 52. FE M.800. WILFREDO S. ANDRO MICHAEL C. BOD Secretary 88.50 RANARIO. ESTER D BOD Member 76. BOD Chairperson 53.00 MORA. SANDRA S.120. BOD Auditor 144.150. LOLINA Q.00 TIUJONGCO. General Manager 872. N.824. BOD Chairman 38. A. Division Manager 990.150.600.00 RIVERA.520. RUDY E. General Manager 820. DOMINGO A.400. BOD Chairman 24. WILFREDO SR.00 LAUGO.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.400.

50 GREGORIO. ERLINDA R. EFREN J. BOD Member 34.00 Maluso Water District FRANCISCO.843.040. RONALD C. Administrative/General Services Officer 369.00 IRIZARI.353. ADELFA B. CONCHITA M. BOD Member 27.00 CHIO.000.993. Recording Secretary 1. CAROLIAN N. ANNIE O. YANSON D BOD Secretary 0.000. General Manager 816.46 ELPA. NURULYN A BOD Chairman 0.600. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* BULIYAT.00 APPANG.00 PIMENTEL.00 FAJA. R. RUBEN CAMAROTE General Manager 249. General Manager 612.50 NEW.600.00 TAUP. NESTOR DE GUZMAN BOD Vice Chairman 3.600. JEFY D.500. AURELIO JR P.00 PAMARAN. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.336.00 PAMPORA.000.00 ARMM Bongao Water District REYES. JOSELITO S.00 PURCA. BOD Vice Chairman 14.700. SOLOMON . BOD Member 3. Water Utilities Management Officer 369. Recording Secretary 336. RODULFO REGANEN BOD Chairman 90.600.993. HABIB HAJIRI J BOD Member 34. BOD Vice Chairman 34. VICTORIA M.560. WALDERICO JR.00 PALAO. JUNIOR H BOD Member 6.00 Lamitan Water District QUIR.843. BOD Chairman 82.405.00 DEMAYO. MA. BOD Member 80.560.00 LAGURA.040. WINIFREDA AQUIATAN BOD Member 80.00 EVANGELISTA. JOSEFINA O BOD Secretary 51.50 SIASON. 123 .000. BOD Secretary 47.353.00 SAHIDJUAN. BOD Member 82. BOD Member 14. BOD Chairman 41. RINO R. SAIDA A.993. MELCERINA R. TALIBA I BOD Chairman 14.850. General Manager 799.560. ABDUA J.450.040.400. ISIDRO HERRERA BOD Member 7. TAJ-MAHAL A General Manager 60. NUR-AISA A Utilities Customer Service Officer 369. EFIPANIO BOD Member 82.00 Tandag Water District TY.472.00 CASINILLO. REDENTOR CRUZ BOD Secretary 3.Details of Salaries and Allowances. General Manager 769.00 TALAVERA.00 TANI.600.00 BRUSSETT.00 ALIPIO.00 JAMIRO.560. BOD Member 14.00 TAM.00 PINTO.00 RAMIREZ.00 SAHI. ROMEO A BOD Vice Chairman 14. SALIE D. the details of which can be found in Part VI . EUFRECINO TAMACA Administrative/General Services Officer 399.850.400.390.600.470.500. EDGARDO CRISOSTOMO BOD Chairman 3.00 Jolo Mainland Water District JILHANO. BOD Member 26.00 Siasi Water District MUKSAN. BOD Chairman 34.00 TRINIDAD.00 FRANCISCO. ELSA F.00 TY. Utilities/Customer Service Officer 399.232.311. ROSENDO R. ANTONIO B. JOSE D BOD Vice Chairman 27. BOD Member 27.00 DALAGAN. PILAR SUSANA E.50 LIM.938. MARLENE Y. BOD Secretary 34. CLARITA M.350. CLEOFE PATRIMONIO BOD Secretary 29.00 DAMIAO. General Manager 318.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.550.00 BAGO-OD.843.00 UY.00 ABUBAKAR. JULIUS G. BOD Vice Chairman 49. ANNIE O.040.777.00 PRADO.00 TALLA.00 BONIFACIO. ALFREDO P.

MARIO G. Senior Project Planning & Development Officer 532. GAUDENCIO G.00 PIOSCA.51 PENADO.006.00 RAMIREZ. ANACLETO S.920.167. General Manager 1.00 Region XVI Ayungon Water District JABEL. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* SUMAPAO. EVAN IRISH L. RENATO G.275.747. LEO J.00 GRAPA. PRECIOSA T. GRACE LORAINE B. FREDERICK F.280. JOSEPHINE B.910. HAROLD R.00 EJASTRO. BOD Member 335. ANGELITA L BOD Member 5. BOD Auditor 14. MARTIN SAMUEL MANUEL E.00 DURAN. DAVID BOD Secretary 374. EDGAR G. General Manager 1. RENO JOHN S.40 DELA RAMA. BOD Vice Chairman 70.00 ATA. CECILIA A. BOD Member 65.00 BAYANIN.40 CAPILLA.14 MACATANGAY.45 GEMORA. ALICE P. General Manager 636.00 PASCO.916.205. MARLO T.350.388. SAMUEL S. NONNETTE C. VICENTE BOD Member Binalbagan Water District SARAGOZA.113.402.40 Bacolod City Water District CARBON. EDITHA F. General Manager 1.623. BOD Member 67. BOD Member 5.554.80 HENARES. Assistant General Manager 1.925. C. TERESITA T.264. Recording Secretary 1. General Manager 271.00 GIDAYA. JAVELOSA.40 ENARDECIDO.50 TUALE.45 TORRE. 124 . ANTONIO B.188. MIHIRAJUL A BOD Member 6.280.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries. JOSE EMILIANO JR.525.96 TORRES.00 BALBOA. BOD Secretary 64. BOD Vice Chairman 406.400. JENELYN Y.00 MATURAN.00 COSAS.00 Bayawan Water District ABRASALDO.00 VILLARENTE.00 BALISTA. BOD Treasurer 88. BOD Chairman 6. SUZETTE EVANGELIO General Manager 940. BOD Member 99.280. BOD Secretary 24. ELSO D.751. JULIANA B. AMADOR D.00 BACANG.336.662.114. C.40 OPADA.00 TUMLAD. the details of which can be found in Part VI . P. BOD Member 74.00 Bago City Water District ESPADA.00 ANTIQUE.00 ABRASADO. RUEL ESPIRITU Corporate Budget Officer 457.200. BOD Chairman 33. TOMAS JR. BOD Chairman 121. GINALYN P.864.00 MATTI.00 VILLANUEVA.773.520.00 Bais City Water District ACAS.000. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. BOD Vice Chairman 26. ALMA L. BOD Member 5. Assistant General Manager 1.500.942. RAMANI G.567. MA.25 SABATE. General Manager 1. LORENZO V.200.188. BOD Chairman 478.00 YUTIG. VICTORIA Y. ALFREDO GARCIA BOD Member 342.812. BOD Chairman 104. MARCELINA S. BOD Chairman 85.00 DEVERO. PATERNO P.787. BOD Vice Chairman 99. NENITA R.464.989.408. BOD Member 101.Details of Salaries and Allowances. AIDA K. General Manager 755.082. BOD Member 5.325. PABLO JR. BOD Vice Chairman 88. BOD Secretary 88. Division Manager 790.00 DILAG.275. BOD Treasurer 28.00 Wao Water District CARUMBA.00 DELA VIÑA.

960. ARCELI Department Manager 1. NESTOR Department Manager 1. DEMETRIO MIGUEL D.00 JANDOQUILE. BOD Member 313. NELFA REPARADO BOD Member 14.45 QUINGCO.117. ENRIQUE O.897.50 VILLANUEVA. RALSTON B.00 VELASCO. the details of which can be found in Part VI . CARMELO GARAY BOD Member 96.18 DAQUIL. SOFRONIO Division Manager 1.393.537. JESUS PEDRO B. BAYANI Division Manager 1. BOD Vice Chairman 96.00 PABILONA.601.537.00 RAMOS.327.476.50 GAYOSO.192.00 MAXINO. BOD Member 78. BOD Member 70.400.500.00 DIAZ.840.912. FELIPE LUMAYNO BOD Vice Chairman 20. CLEONICO BOD Member 296.117.00 ESMEÑA. GODOFREDO JAYME BOD Chairman 25.980. ANTONIO VASQUEZ BOD Member 46.537. CARLO Division Manager 1.13 Kabankalan Water District PEGALIA.50 FONTELO.750.893.242. RONNIE PABUAYA BOD Member 3.776. ESTRELLITA ROBLE BOD Member 23. LOVELITA VARCA Customer Service Assistant 328. BOD Member 158.688. BOD Member 69.500.291. General Manager 795.887. BOD Chairman 180. BOD Member 155.118. LU Department Manager 1. CYNTHIA MIRASOL BOD Secretary 77. C. ISABEL LUCILLE BOD Member 255.00 BOOT.00 CAUSAPIN.00 Dumaguete City Water District DICEN. SERAFIN A. BOD Secretary 93.600.00 CONSING.107. ANGELINA G.00 Escalante Water District ARIAS. ROBERT Division Manager 1. OFELIA T.880. BOD Chairman 116. JOEL G.00 CANLAS. RODRIGO SR. MA.00 HONCULADA. ESPERATO General Manager 2.450.00 VARGAS.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.Details of Salaries and Allowances.00 JAVELOSA. CATALINA BOD Member 291.736.117.765. LOPE LUIS SR.689. ERLINDA U. RODERICK OIC Department Manager AMI BOD Member 96.718.50 BADAJOS. ANGELO S. NOE H.00 GITA. LILIAN MAGBANUA General Manager 706.905.905. RICARDO JR.575.160.364. CELWIN BOD Member 45.00 ENGLIS.00 FLORETE. JOSE PAULINO BOD Member 267. BOD Member 153.400.00 Himamaylan Water District GELLECANAO. LIBY ALILES BOD Chairman 96. NINFA T. BOD Treasurer 96. BOD Member 157. CHRISTIAN MARK Division Manager 1.00 TABANAO.50 ACUPANDA.00 CADAGAT.00 Cadiz City Water District ZALDARRIAGA. 125 . JOCELYN PANISARES Administrative Service Assistant/Cashier 315. BOD Member 22.750.327.00 AMASULA.00 TUMACOLE.537.525.600. EMMA C.50 PIÑERO. TRIO.327.280.00 FONTELO. M.00 HOYO-A. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. MARIANO TOGLE BOD Vice Chairman 96. JUNALIN A.220. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* FRIAS.18 RUSELL.00 PANCHO.00 LAGAHIT. MELISSA BOD Member 24.00 TUBALLA.50 CRUZ. MANUEL G.392.00 SENCIL. ROSEMARIE Division Manager 1.00 GOLVIO.480. BOD Member 93.00 ESMEÑA. General Manager 1. SERGIO SR.00 VERDE.00 JAVIER. L.905.795. BOD Member 10.825.00 GARGANTIEL. General Manager 997.00 ABELLO. FRANKLIN BOD Member 14.00 RUIZ.015.

BRIAN KENT I.61 DUMABOC. General Manager 726. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* La Carlota City Water District BACULNA. BOD Member 91.480.200. BOD Secretary 28. SHERWIN A. BOD Vice Chairman 36.000.00 Murcia Water District MAKILAN. BOD Chairman 41. BOD Vice Chairman 79.178.200. JANE BETH BOLINAS General Manager 870.00 Sibulan Water District MENDEZ.00 LAO. BOD Member 88.540. BOD Member 28.00 CABAJON. THELMA M. General Manager 1.00 OBORDO. ISAIAS Q. LILITHA T.240. ALFREDO T. BOD Chairman 88.00 AMADA. SUSAN DELA MERCED Division Manager 1. JOSE LUIS GAMBOA General Manager 368. HARIS N.200.50 PILAR. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. CORAZON Z. NILDA A. PRISCILLANO M. VINCENT DEQUITO BOD Chairman 30.560.246.800. BOD Secretary 88.00 FABE.300. BOD Vice Chairman 42. 126 .00 ILEM.410.00 Sagay Water District FUENTESFINA. NANCY C. BOD Secretary 72. MERLE T. ROSEMARIE MONTALVO Division Manager 976. DONATO O. JESUS ANTONIO JISON General Manager 375.75 TORRES.00 AGUIRRE.00 ALVAÑEZ. LUVISMINDA R.00 ARTICA. MERCEDITA FANUGA BOD Member 30. BOD Member 81. BOD Chairman 34.00 ESPAYOS.560. JEFFREY G.060. MARILU S.75 SY. BOD Vice Chairman 91.240.200. LINDA A.768.00 Pulupandan Water District GEROY.700. BOD Secretary 78.140.00 Manapla Water District BESUEÑA. FAUSTINO F.262.00 BELLOSILLO.67 CHIU.00 NANDWANI. ANITA C.480.993.500. MILAGROS ALVAREZ BOD Member 26. WINSTON M.840. General Manager 776. BOD Chairman 28.931. BOD Member 77.849.00 NOBLEZA. SALVADOR JR O.00 PEDRIÑA. JONAN SAMODIO BOD Member 22.00 LIM.00 AUNTAL.00 BOXALL. MELANIE G.25 JAVELOSA. BOD Member 28. BOD Treasurer 34. the details of which can be found in Part VI . BOD Chairman 51.205.00 LEDESMA. BOD Member 42.200.00 YOGORE. MARK P. RONULFO F.788. FRANCISCO M.00 VERAYO.00 POBLADOR.00 GONORA.00 JALANDRA.Details of Salaries and Allowances.00 GAMOZA. BOD Treasurer 88.680. EDUARDO JR E.200. General Manager 1. General Manager 1.560.32 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.908.80 MARAÑON.760.011.00 SUATENGCO.975.700. General Manager 936. BOD Chairman 93. MANFRED M. ALMA M.00 MONTOYA. BOD Member 79. BOD Secretary 34.800. BOD Vice Chairman 88. MARIO MATULAC BOD Member 30.175.00 La Castellana Water District YAP.00 SOLIS.240.00 ABLIR.794.800. LYDIA S.750.460. BOD Chairman 107. RUEL G. LURA A.640.416. BOD Member 34. TERESITA P.00 Silay City Water District LOCSIN. BOD Member 36.00 TAUPO. AMADOR G.560. NORBERTO V. EXEQUIEL J.00 CALINGACION.800.

772. LINA M. RAMON BOD Chairman 28.500. JOSE III PUEY BOD Member 114. REYNALDO BOD Member 103.920. ELENA J. KENNETH G.08 ACOSTA.18 FLOR. 127 . Division Manager 855.Details of Salaries and Allowances.400.220. Commanding Officer 313.646.685. MANOLITO P.850.200.805. BOD Member 83. VALENTIN SUNGCUACO BOD Chairman 110.239. DANILO MANGLUNOB BOD Member 81.00 ZARAGOZA.453.00 BANOGON.00 MAHUSAY.747. BOD Member 18. General Manager 997. JOSEPH MEDIANA Commanding Officer 872. ABRAHAM JR JOVER General Manager 526. REGINA M. PAULINO MARCELO General Manager 649.967. ALVIN ESTOQUIA Chief Science Research Specialist 1.50 STA. ULDARICO II A.00 LEDESMA. Acting Division Manager 661. LEONARDO D.451.25 LONZAME. BOD Chairman 124. Acting Division Manager 667.00 Victorias City Water District CRUZ.61 DIOS.289. RODNEY LABRADOR Division Manager 938.288. CRISTITO B. ROBERTO LOPEZ BOD Member 139. Deputy Commander 249.40 AFP Medical Center TURLA.047. ROSE MARY E. ROGELIO M.00 Tanjay Water District MERCADER.080.400. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* NABALONA. BOD Member 79.905. SHIRLEY BOD Secretary 23.658. JESUS BOD Member 103.00 RAMIREZ.00 CHUA.00 SAGURAN.00 TUAZON. WENCESLAO S BOD Member 38.96 MASCUÑANA. JOCELYN PANCRUDO Deputy Commander 877.500. WELHELMINO V.00 Talisay Water District MENDOZA.852. REMEDIOS BOD Treasurer 17. Acting Division Manager 663. MA.751.250. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.00 RECABO. PERLA MENDEZ BOD Member 81. BOD Member 71.00 JAVELOSA.205.281.500. JOSE MA.900. AMELIA INOCENCIA ACOT BOD Secretary/BOD Treasurer 131. MA.95 ECHANO.938.646.250.01 JISON.00 LIMBAGA. BENEDICTO A.536.621. DOMINADOR R.00 YBAÑEZ. ISABEL B. Acting General Manager 976. JOSELITO DELA PEÑA Deputy Commander 837.12 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.938.00 DOLOROSA.00 GELLEKANAO. ALMA R.00 BINGCO.10 RETAMAR. the details of which can be found in Part VI . BOD Treasurer 48.219.11 YUSAY.00 TRECHO. TERESITA L.24 CANONIZADO.00 JUELE.494. ANA. CARMEN ARANETA BOD Chairman 153. Deputy Commander 247.58 Sipalay Water District DUAYAN.400.00 DAVID. Division Manager 855.00 TEVES. DOMINADOR AMOS BOD Member 109.903. PETER ANTONIO BALSALUBRE Chief Science Research Specialist 1. BOD Member 83. NICANOR GERALD KATIGBAK BOD Vice Chairman 133.00 NATIONAL Advanced Science and Technology Institute BANZON.00 ESPERA.515. RODERICK D.536.250.00 BAGTAS. NORMANDO JR T.536.11 DE ASIS. Division Manager 855.00 ORTEGA.403.25 JOVELLANOS.600.00 ORENDAIN.726. CARMENCITA MILAN Chief Administrative Officer 1. BOD Secretary 103. ACHILLES BOD Vice Chairman 23. JUSTINE A.63 GARCIA. LILIA HONTIVEROS BOD Member 81.00 TIRTHDAS.946.

00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.360.093.461.172.260. THERESA MUNDITA SISON Director 1.868.00 Bureau of Animal Industry CRESENCIO.614. ANTHONY BALUGAY Chief Agriculturist 902. 128 . Deputy Commander 82.43 MARANAN.356.10 KRAFT.515.558. ALDAVE BSP Representative 30.00 DOMINGO. REYES.469. MARLYNN MAGBOJOS OIC-Chief 939.00 DELA CRUZ. TEODORO SABAS Assistant Director 1. MAGDALENA SOBERANO Director 1.733.55 RICALDE.039.398. SIMEON JR.078.898.515.55 OBLIGADO. GUALTERIO E. Commander/General Manager 413.003.000.363.00 SOMBILLA. RUBINA O.000. PELAGIO TAN Governor 1. JEREMIAS JR.23 MENDOZA. MERCEDITA AGCAOILI NEDA Representative 30. JOHN SARMIENTO Vice Chief of Staff 0.14 MANGAHAS.131.94 BADIOLA.94 LOPEZ. GREGORIO PIO JR PUNZALAN Chief of Staff 0.000. NICOMEDES PARONE Director 1.99 AMURAO.206. RAUL VILLAMOR Executive Director 1. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* AFP-Commissary and Exchange Service RAYOS. SOTOCUA Director III 282. EFREN VARGAS Executive Director 1.392. JOELL HIZON Chief Agriculturist 921.676. SOTOCUA Acting Director III 727. JOSEFINA LOPEZ OIC-Chief 871. JOANNA VALEROSO Chief Medical Professional Staff II 1.94 SANTOS. ARMIDA PULLO OIC-Chief 862. ANTONIO AÑONUEVO Chairman 65. EMMANUEL MANUEL Medical Center Chief II 1.044.72 BUTALID.72 LALES.00 Bureau of Agricultural Research ELEAZAR.00 CASTILLO. MA. CRISTINA GUZMAN Director 1.256.31 SOLSOLOY. NORA BOTE Chief Nurse 1. JOVITA MORALES Executive Director 1. MA.329.121. FELICITAS AGONCILLO Executive Director 1.00 IREBERRI.Details of Salaries and Allowances. NESTOR FLORENTE DC. RAMON CONSTANTINO Deputy Executive Director 1.690.000. EDGARDO RESTOR Deputy Chief of Staff 0.240. LUCITA PIAMONTE Governor 1. NESTOR JR.676.476.00 FALLORINA.962.84 DE LEON. ADRIAN JR.00 PAUL.008.827.057.50 ANGELES.349.94 ILAGA.99 Board of Investments REYES. Acting Director 1.06 REMO.831.94 CASUGA. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. MERIDEN ESPIRITU OIC-Chief 870. ALICIA GALACGAC Director 908.230. OLIVER MARIO BOTARDO Governor 1.449. NERI DOF Representative 30. NORMAN WILLIAM SANTOS Director 1. CONSUELO W Chief of Staff 300.00 Biodiversity Management Bureau LIM.800. MELITO MEDRANO Director 917.00 Agricultural Credit Policy Council CORPUZ.94 FLETA.338.100.295.00 ESPENILLA.470.10 MOLINYAWE.58 ANDRES.932.00 Amang Rodriguez Memorial Medical Center BUENO. the details of which can be found in Part VI .093.45 LEAÑO.00 BAUTISTA.39 AMURAO.94 MONTENEGRO.371. Ex-Officio 0.220. SIMEON JR.883.392.64 Armed Forces of the Philippines CATAPANG. VERONICA PADEN Director 1.254. NORMA MOJADO OIC-Chief 848. RONALDO M Deputy Commander 234. HERNANDO CARMELO AREZZA Chief of Staff 0. SORIANO Vice-Chairman and Managing Head. JOCELYN ALMA RODRIGUEZ Deputy Executive Director 1.76 CRISTOBAL.636.00 BONAFOS. VIRGILIO OLLEVEROS Deputy Chief of Staff 0.94 YEDRA.

416. MA. 129 .00 NEPOMUCENO. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* Bureau of Broadcast Services CRUZ. ELVIRA KABIGTING Acting Division Chief 589.872.147.700. LINO GONZALES Division Chief 884. LILIA CATRIS Deputy Commissioner 1.90 ALLANIGUE.85 ALABADO.177.714.393. GILBERTO UPAO Deputy Commissioner 1.50 DE GUIA.37 Bureau of Internal Revenue HENARES. ARIEL AGUILAR Chief 994.351.057. JOHN SILVA Director 1.00 UVERO.00 Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources PEREZ. EDILINDA GARCIA Superintendent 613.500.10 BUCAYU.880. LILIBETH ESPEDILLON OIC Division Chief 811. FRANKLIN JESUS BERNARDINO Director 746.600.534.214.321.239.00 TACLAN.840.500.00 DAVID. JESUSA DIMPNA O Assistant Commissioner 88. MIRIAM TEJADA Acting Division Chief 562.00 DELLOSA.00 Bureau of Fire Protection BARAYUGA.476.00 AALA.500.61 REPIZO.002.397.600. JOHN PHILIP PADILLA Commissioner 315.00 GUILLERMO.914.00 LACHICA. DRUSILA ESTHER ESTENOR Assistant Director 1. BOBBY VAGGAS Deputy Chief 388.80 DIAZ. ARIEL FRANCISCO Deputy Commissioner 1. SIEGFRED BUENO Commissioner 1. RODRIGO REYES Deputy Chief 942. ABDULLAH SARIP Deputy Commissioner 1.00 Bureau of Corrections CRUZ.631.226.825. JESSIE DIAZ Deputy Commissioner 1.22 FORTEZA.826. AGATON TEODORO O. the details of which can be found in Part VI . BLANQUITA DE GUZMAN Acting Division Chief 798. KIM JACINTO Commissioner 1.397.00 LEJOS.862.322. ASIS GENEROSO Director 1. ELIZABETH BUZON Acting Division Chief 821. RICARDO RAINER III GEBAÑA Director 821.00 ROMANA. MARTIN REYES Director 329.912.380. LORENZO DELOS SANTOS Deputy Chief 548. CELIA CAPUCHINO Deputy Commissioner 1.184.00 CATACUTAN.583. TITO GOMEZ Bureau Director 1.00 FLORENTINO.698.19 TABIOS.67 SCHWARRZKOPF. MARIANO AGUSTINE LONTOC Deputy Director 1.09 AGUAS. LETICIA NAPADAO Acting Division Chief 702. AMADEO JOSE III CANOVAS Assistant Director 471.00 PERFECTO.00 Bureau of Communications Services MANALILI.417.00 REYES.59 DIMACULANGAN.575. PRIMO BAUTISTA Deputy Commissioner 374.50 MARUCOT.300.224.511. EILEEN CRUZ Division Chief 902.892.384.00 RAYMUNDO. ERLINDA KALAHATIAN Acting Division Chief 634. BENJAMIN FELIPE SERIÑA Assistant Director 978.00 Bureau of Immigration MISON.708.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.152. JUN PUCHERO Acting Division Chief 68.724. DARIUS FAUSTINO Division Chief 884.00 RODRIGUEZ.738.201.54 Bureau of Customs LINA.00 ABRAZALDO.201.413. ELSA AQUINO Superintendent 278.00 AGULTO. ALAN LAGOS Acting Division Chief 465. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.176.892.00 JOSUE.00 PATAC. WILFREDO SEBASTIAN Acting Division Chief 713. ALBERTO DAVID Commissioner 808.190. TEODORA MALANCIO Assistant Director BARUELO.13 MANGOTARA. RICHARD JR WATANABE Superintendent 842.Details of Salaries and Allowances.690.00 KING.892.33 BAYATE.736. ARTURO MIRANDA Deputy Commissioner 1. ERIC ESTANISLAO Deputy Executive Director 1. Deputy Commissioner 1.541.82 SEVILLA.597.125.00 BASIG.

121.168. GEORGE TAPIA OIC-Director 964.140. LORNA ESTRELLA Center Chief 432. CAROLYN ANN CAJA Assistant Commissioner 1.827.00 TAYAG. MA.198. WILMA REAÑO Division Chief 882.028.055.322.66 ABAQUITA. CLARO BAUTISTA Assistant Commissioner 533. DEOGRACIAS CARREON Deputy Chief 1.053. FLOSIE FANLO Deputy Executive Director 1.052.78 LABELLA. DIONY DACANAY Chief 1.40 DE MATA.00 SALGUERO.960.142.78 SALCEDO.548.084. FERDINAND SANGALANG Director IV 377.885. RUEL CALLEJO OIC-Division Chief 699. JENNIFER ESCUARDO Assistant Director 1. NELSON MORENO Deputy Commissioner 1.32 CUATERNO. SILVINO QUEVEDO Director 1.50 Bureau of Plant Industry BARRON.040. ALWYN CORRALES Chief Administrative Officer 1. LEONOR VILLALON Assistant Commissioner 1.50 AVELINO. DANTE VIDALLON OIC-Assistant Director 983.351.850.Details of Salaries and Allowances.853. MICHAEL SR ESCARTE Deputy Chief 1. HERMENIGILDA ADRIAS OIC-Center Chief 400.542. RUEL CALLEJO Division Chief 205. ERLINDA AZURIN Assistant Commissioner 1.00 PENDON. JESUS RUIZ Center Chief 447.142.153.00 VIDAMO.00 FIDEL. the details of which can be found in Part VI . ARMI MANUEL Director 1.62 GESMUNDO.00 ROGERS. FERCHITO LANUZA OIC-Director III 53.740.00 CURIBA.00 ADVINCULA.136.00 BORRE. ESTELA VALDEZ Deputy Commissioner 1. MARISSA ORTIZ Assistant Commissioner 1.00 CHANG.075. 130 .36 ASUNCION.143.00 ROMA.533.00 Bureau of Jail Management and Penology MAMARIL.300. ROMEO JR.00 DEL ROSARIO.133. MARILOU LORENZANA Assistant Commissioner 1.00 GABERTAN. MARIETTA URGEL Assistant Commissioner 1. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. SONIA MAGALANG Assistant Director 977.00 DEL CASTILLO.098.126.00 ELISAN. EMMANUEL TABO Chief of Directorial Staff 296. ZENAIDA BOLOR Assistant Commissioner 1.132.00 ORTIZ. FERDINAND SANGALANG OIC-Director IV 730. NESTOR SUMOD-ONG Assistant Commissioner 1.00 REYES.053.014.405.00 ALVINA. ASPE. MA.053.740.00 VALEROSO.654.00 VERA.075.636.58 Bureau of Soils and Water Management TEJADA. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* SALES. DIVINA MIRANDA OIC-Director 716. GEALDINA EVANGELISTA Assistant Commissioner 1.922.960.590.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.075.604.936. MILAGROS BERGAMIO Center Chief 462.944. CORAZON DE VERA OIC-Division Chief 426.129. JOSE ARNOLD MAGSUMBOL OIC-Executive Director 1.00 CORPUZ. ELVIRA REGOSO Assistant Commissioner 1.054.800. NIÑO RAYMOND BERSABE OIC-Executive Director 265.558.119.828.00 BARRETTO.055.054.508.704.390.00 SICIO. JOCELYN TIONGSON OIC-Executive Director 28.00 Bureau of Local Government Finance TAN.798. CLARITO MAAÑO Director 1.580. SALVADOR MASBATE OIC-Executive Director 852.00 SIMPLE.073. SERAFIN JR PETRONIO Deputy Chief 296.00 ASPURIA. LOURDES DE MATA OIC-Division Chief 751.119.00 ROLDAN. SINDINGAN Chief of Directorial Staff 1.00 LORENZO. ELMER BRUSULA Chief Agriculturist 874.00 HERRADURA.201.46 TAPAYAN. EMMANUEL COLINA Acting Director IV 1.00 REYES. ROSARIO CHARO ENRIQUEZ Assistant Commissioner 1. VIVENCIO RULLAN OIC-Division Chief 161.954.00 GESMUNDO.035.603. JAMES HAGEDORN Assistant Commissioner CABREROS.704.497.95 REMOQUILLO.140.074.00 LAURON.153.119.00 Bureau of Quarantine SALCEDO. MARGARET MARY CEDRO Assistant Commissioner 1.81 ORCULLO.50 MAMARIL.736.

179.777. GISELLE GOMEZ OIC Director 654.777.188. SHARON PORNILLOSA Deputy Treasurer of the Philippines 1.352.379. EDNA DE LEON Agricultural Center Chief 823. SAMUEL MABILIN Division Chief 217.969. JOSE VICTOR INES BOD Member 0. 131 .700.150. GISELA FUDOLIN Deputy Treasurer of the Philippines 1. JEAN MARIONE AGUILAR Attorney IV/Acting Board Secretary 711.912.272.89 MORO. MARIA ELBEN STA.670.00 ABAYA.886.00 CONTRERAS. ALICIA DELA ROSA BOD Member 4.76 BALA.00 ALMANZA.18 DURANA. REYES BOD Vice Chairman 0.737.00 JIMENEZ. REGILITO LAMPA OIC-Director 1.62 TWAÑO.09 GEOTINA.756.580.50 CONTRERAS.296.378.949.980.00 TAMAYO.023. MARY ANN LUCILLE LIMPOT Vice Chairperson 1. CHRISTINE LACSON Deputy Treasurer of the Philippines 795.140.548.88 DUQUE.00 Career Executive Service Board ALLONES.95 PORCIUNCULA.473.718. FILEMON DELIARTE Director 1. ANTONIO JR.Details of Salaries and Allowances. NANETTE CRISOL Director 1.00 BERMUDEZ.50 OSORIO.00 MARIANO.00 CONDINO.009.315.778. DAVID JR.291.00 DIAZ. the details of which can be found in Part VI .10 Civil Aeronautics Board ARCILLA. ARTURO MIRANDA Director 176. MA.419.223.187.44 Central Board of Assessment Appeals SIAYNGCO. OIC Director 500. RAYMUNDO URBANO OIC-Director 1.32 Climate Change Commission SERING.555. BOD Member 35. LUCIA Attorney V 938.00 STA. DOMINCIANO Chief Agriculturist 873.291. ANTHONETTE VELASCO Executive Director 1. ROBERT DOMINICK ELEAZAR Director 1.00 TAN. ROSALIA VILLEGAS Treasurer of the Philippines 42. JOSEPH EMILIO AGUINALDO BOD Chairman 0.00 BELUSO.00 NILO.434. MANUEL DE JESUS Chairman 1.104. WILLIAM JR. CHARITO ROMERO BOD Member 137. THELM A AGAPET Member 961.318. RAMON JR.84 KALAW.264. EVANGELINE DE CASTRO BOD Member 102.291.00 MARIANO.00 SANCHEZ.337.892.685.52 MUSNGI.373.00 BALA. MARCELA SALONGA Director 1.97 ALVAREZ. ROBERT SANTIAGO Commissioner 1.666.78 OSORIO.308. GINA PARDE Chief Agriculturist 866. BETTINA MARGARITA L. ROBERTO DUMLAO Member 1.00 VELASQUEZ. ROBERTO BUAN Treasurer of the Philippines 1.61 ELEGIR. CARMELO LOPEZ Executive Director 1. DIMALANTA BOD Vice Chairman 56.22 CABANAG.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.344.060.589. SAMUEL MABILIN Engineer V 664.695. WILLIAM III KNOWLES BOD Member 0.32 LOOD.188.393.50 Bureau of the Treasury TAN.392.187.963. MICHAEL FREDERICK DE LEON BOD Member 17.821.058. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. ANGELITO J.774. NIEVES LIBRE Commissioner 1. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* RAMOS. ARRIOLA Director 1.00 LUCIANO. NIEVES LIBRE BOD Chairman 48. MA. ARIEL GATBONTON Assistant Commissioner 1. MA. DOMINCIANO JR.357. ANA.780.00 RONQUILLO.50 SAMAR. HEHERSON TURINGAN Vice Chairperson 1.027.71 CRUZADO.230.444.00 Civil Service Commission MARTINEZ.50 SALAZAR.492.16 LACHICA. ERWIN DELA CRUZ Deputy Treasurer of the Philippines 267. ECHICA Assistant Commissioner 1. ALICIA DELA ROSA Chairman 377. FRANCISCO III TIONGSON Chairman 149.00 HOTCHKISS.00 DE LEON. PORVENIR PASION Deputy Executive Director 1.280.888.

Executive Director 2.925. MA.226.33 SAÑO. NADEREV MADLA Commissioner 342.606.585. JUAN ANDRES DONATO Chairman 1.819.00 MIRAVALLES. CIPRIANO JR ERFE Sergeant-at-Arms 3. RONALDO ODOGAN Deputy Secretary 3.029. AL ACONG Commissioner 2.41 Commission on Elections BAUTISTA. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* DE GUZMAN.545.030.98 GALIAS.291.458.967.60 FABIA. LUCENITO NOLASCO Commissioner 164.18 ROSALES. REGINA ANGELA GOLOC Chief Emigrant Services Officer 884.814. MICHAEL GALICIA Chairperson 1. ALFREDO ALVIN SISON Deputy Secretary 3.900.138.00 Commission on Higher Education LICUANAN.49 BRILLANTES.837.910. JOSE M.50 FLAMINIANO. Supervising Emigrant Services Officer 257. MINELLA CLATARIO Commissioner 1.345.437. Chairperson 566.00 GARCIA.896.09 LIM.61 SY.92 Commission on Human Rights GASCON.00 APATTAD. MA.00 ROSAS. BALASBAS Assistant Commissioner 1.66 BAUTISTA.473.86 TAGLE.689.38 ABAS. LOURDES MAGNO Assistant Commissioner 1.14 SANGALANG.00 MENDOZA.80 TIRONA.Details of Salaries and Allowances.628. CARMELA SAMONTE Assistant Commissioner 1.434.846. ALEX JR BELLO Commissioner 1.566.316.040.00 JULIANO.411. DIVINIA MAULAWIN Assistant Commissioner 1. IVY DEMDAM Supervising Emigrant Services Officer 472.714. ROMEO II MORENO Information Technology Officer 874. LUIE TITO FERRER Commissioner 2. LORETTA ANN P.698. JULITO DUPRA Executive Director 1.46 BRILLANTES.188.091.49 ALARCON.00 GARCIA.43 YUSOPH. the details of which can be found in Part VI . ELIAS RICHOA Commissioner 180. RODRIGO JR.618. MARITA DEL ROSARIO Chief Emigrant Services Officer 827.719.581. LUZ LORETO Assistant Commissioner 1. WINNIE ROSE HARDER Assistant Commissioner 1.84 CRUZ.022. MARIA ROWENA VILLENA Commissioner 1.183. ARCADIO JR.054. MANOLO CADIENTE Assistant Commissioner 1.50 Commission on Appointments TIU. 132 .095.713. SUSAN PANGANIBAN Assistant Commissioner 1. SERRANO Chairman 206. HEIDI LLOCE Commissioner 2. ARTURO LUISON Secretary 4.493. RUPERTO SIERRA Commissioner 1.34 GUANZON. MARIA GRACIA PULIDO Chairperson 147.47 GUIA.284.390.00 CUENCO.376. IMELDA MAÑALAC Chairperson 1. ALEXANDER BUAN Assistant Commissioner 1.383.100.088.43 Commission on Filipino Overseas NICOLAS.00 VITRIOLO.462. CHRISTIAN ROBERT SY Commissioner 2.210. JOEY CUENCO Deputy Secretary 3.542.00 ENCALLADO.84 Commission on Audit AGUINALDO.345. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.822.266.00 PEREZ.832. SHERIFF MANIMBAYAN Commissioner 1.84 CHUA.77 LIM. JOSE AGUARISTO Commissioner 1.727.329. EMMANUEL MALABANAN Commissioner 448. VISPERAS Supervising Emigrant Services Officer 614. LUCILLE A. JOSE LUIS MARTIN COSGAYON Chairperson 1.08 ALAGON. PARREÑO.382.175.562.181. CYNTHIA ROSE BANZON Commissioner 1.782.458.519.819.103.932. SIXTO JR.82 TAN.404.14 QUIROL.85 TOLENTINO.83 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.00 TOLENTINO.663.180. ARTHUR DELUBIO Commissioner 2.381.504.522.230.00 AGITO.00 RONDA.900. MARY GRACE AMPIL Executive Director 1.702.977.37 ZOSA.947.740. ELIZABETH SULLA Assistant Commissioner 1.672. PATRICIA BENITEZ Chairperson 1. ISABEL DASALLA Assistant Commissioner 2.528.507.183.00 CASTILLO.

00 Commission on the Filipino Language ALMARIO.727.Details of Salaries and Allowances.503.386.725. PATRICIA BULUSAN Executive Director 732.359.61 ELEVAZO.00 Court of Appeals REYES.41 INTING.646.798.63 CEREZO. MA.08 DELA CRUZ. ORLANDO RIVERA Board Chairman 1.538.152.083.211. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.576.676. BERNAL Presiding Justice 3.00 GOMEZ.04 MAXINO.67 DELOS SANTOS. LEAH TANODRA Commissioner 809. Deputy Executive Director 927.00 Commission on Population PEREZ.112.560.142.79 CEBREROS. NELON BALAGUER Administrator 1.446.157.126. ANDRES JR.Director 1.598. ALEJANDRIA GUIA OIC . ROSALINDA DAVID Deputy Executive Director 1.558. KAREN LUCIA GOMEZ Commissioner 912.022.858.08 BATO.224.719.198. ROBERTO EUGENIO TEMPLO Commissioner 758.00 SALONGA.427.581.00 SALCEDO.826.Director 1. EULOGIO TORRES Administrator 1.00 DISIMBAN. PENDATUN BALABADAN Administrator 1.157.389. CALAYAG Associate Justice 2.00 ARMAMENTO.000. MARY AMLAG Project Evaluation Officer V 99.00 GULTIANO.67 REYES. GRACE CYMBELINE TARDAGUELA OIC. RAY RANGEL Executive Director 1.022. PAMELA ANN ABELLA Associate Justice 2.234. VIRGILIO SENANDREN Chairman 1. LORNA ENDERES Commissioner 1.00 CASTILLO.07 ROBEL. the details of which can be found in Part VI . JUAN ANTONIO III ALVARADO Executive Director 1.00 MAMAUAG. ROSMARI DECLARO Associate Justice 2.544. NORBERTO Commissioner 552.192.50 Council for the Welfare of Children LUNA. BENJIE SANCHEZ Administrator 1. LUISA QUIJANO Associate Justice 2. RAMON JR.596.50 CADIZ. MA. PAISAL IMPI Administrator 1.361.00 CALI. KATHRYN J.88 DE LEON. MAGDANGAL MENDOZA Associate Justice 2.538.81 NACIONALES. HENRI JEAN PAUL BALINGHASAY Associate Justice 2. MARC TITUS D. GWENDOLYN PIMENTEL Commissioner 631.886.602. Executive Director 604. EDGARDO LAO Associate Justice 2.163.958.174. JOSE MANUEL S Commissioner 566.00 ALEJANDRINO.63 PADILLA. 133 .00 DEL PRADO.172.004. HOMERO MATTHEW P. ROBERTO TORRES Director General 1.756. SUSANA BAGOROYO Information Officer V 943.329.389.244.95 RUSIANA.41 CARANDANG.128.03 MARCELINO.199.275. FLORDELIZA MORALDE Planning Officer IV 774.13 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.394.673. LOURDES PALOMO Chief Administrative Officer 944. MARINO Associate Justice 2.927.034.432.244.00 FLORES.00 VALDEAVILLA. SALVACION AMADOR Chief Administrative Officer 947.50 OLIVA.00 Cooperative Development Authority RAVANERA. CONSOLACION SEVILLA Supervising Administrative Officer 776.00 Construction Industry Authority of the Philippines DELA CRUZ.765.188.00 CASTILLO. LEILANI DE LEON OIC .753. PURIFICACION GARCIA Commissioner 1.642.00 AÑONUEVO. VICTORIA V. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* DUMPIT.19 LLOREN. TAJON Executive Director 1.011. EDGARDO TAN Associate Justice 2.948.000. MELENDEZ Undersecretary 9.91 CODOTCO.64 REYES.964. SONIA TELADA OIC .00 ALINDOGAN.594. PRUDENCIO JR.27 COLLAO.Director 601.313.00 DELIMA.258.684. OIC Executive Director 325.174.063.71 CARDONA. MERCEDES DESINGCO Administrator 1.546. MA.00 GANA.440. JACKYLIN DUEZA Planning Officer V 942. LILIAN GARCIA OIC .Director 1. Commissioner 542. JOSE JR.932.

99 FERNANDEZ.149.415.86 PEREZ.26 LAGUILLES.524. DADO Associate Justice 2.71 BRUSELAS. PEDRO BELEN Associate Justice 2. 134 . ZENAIDA GALAPATE Associate Justice 2.412.478. NORMANDIE BRINGAS Associate Justice 2.429.272. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* VILLON. CECILIA LIBREA Associate Justice 2. FRANCHITO NATIVIDAD Associate Justice 2. MARLENE GONZALES Associate Justice 2.458. RODIL VAQUILAR Associate Justice 2.548.40 MARIGOMEN.34 ABDULWAHID. ROMEO FANTONE Associate Justice 2.492.949.442.43 CONTRERAS.344.543.71 GARCIA.352. EDWIN DA-ANOY Associate Justice 2. NOEL GIMENEZ Associate Justice 2.096. MARILYN LAGURA Associate Justice 2.413.26 YBAÑEZ.420.492.08 CAMELLO.553.548.13 FERNANDO.026.46 BARRIOS.58 CRUZ.33 MARTIN. HAKIM S.65 BADELLES.433.478.478.222.337.497.91 BUESER. STEPHEN CAPERINA Associate Justice 2.93 LANTION. EDWARD BAYHON Associate Justice 2. Associate Justice 149.436.541. RAMON ALCALA Associate Justice 2.03 HERNANDO.553. MANUEL MEJORADA Associate Justice 2.802. DANTON QUIJANO Associate Justice 2.481.498. SESINANDO DE ELLO Associate Justice 2. JHOSEP YLARDE Associate Justice 2.464.32 MANAHAN.848.298.11 PERALTA.141. RONALDO BAQUIZAL Associate Justice 1.232.633. SOCORRO BALINGHASAY Associate Justice 2.86 ZALAMEDA. REMEDIOS SALAZAR Associate Justice 2. RAMON PAUL LAYUGAN Associate Justice 2.323.65 JACOB.88 PERALTA.512. RICARDO DE RIVERA Associate Justice 2. ELIHU ABINUMAN Associate Justice 2. AGNES REYES Associate Justice 2.548.361. GABRIEL TORENO Associate Justice 2. PRISCILLA BALTAZAR Associate Justice 2. Associate Justice 1.758. SAMUEL HUFANO Associate Justice 2. EDGARDO ALCARAZ Associate Justice 2.141.650.848.207.504.634. Associate Justice 1.26 MACALINO.204.91 ACOSTA. MARIFLOR PUNZALAN Associate Justice 2.35 INTING. AMY LAZARO Associate Justice 2.911.58 SADANG.170.503.413.58 BARZA.298. ISAIAS P. VICTORIA ISABEL ALVAREZ Associate Justice 2.477.36 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.57 LEGASPI. the details of which can be found in Part VI . JAPAR BABAY Associate Justice 2.155.57 SANTOS.26 JAVIER.304. REBECCA DG.395. OSCAR VILLACORTA Associate Justice 2.06 FRANCISCO. MELCHOR QUIRINO CABARROGUIS Associate Justice 2.567.32 DIMAGIBA.959.564.183.35 SORONGON. ROMULO VALDEHUESA Associate Justice 2.492.23 LOPEZ. NINA ANTONIO Associate Justice 2. EDUARDO JR.492. LEONCIA REAL Associate Justice 2.567.24 LOPEZ. RAFAEL ANTONIO MAGAT Associate Justice 2. FLORITO SUNGA Associate Justice 2.33 DIAMANTE.Details of Salaries and Allowances.93 VALENZUELA.222.798.067.478.089. JANE AURORA CATABIAN Associate Justice 2. FERNANDA LAMPAS Associate Justice 2.569.423.438.707. MARIA ELISA SEMPIO Associate Justice PIZARRO.983. TERESITA R.140.971.412.554.721. APOLINARIO JR. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.202.02 SISON. PABLITO ALHAMBRA Associate Justice 2. MARIA FILOMENA DUMANDAN Associate Justice 2.577. RENATO CRUZ Associate Justice 2.553.70 INGLES.232.60 SALVADOR. CARMELITA SALANDANAN Associate Justice 2.655.03 PAREDES.268.489.492.38 DICDICAN.977.72 BORJA.252. FRANCISCO PAREDES Associate Justice 2.06 CORALES. BASA Associate Justice 2.55 GAERLAN.722.260.306.395.86 TIJAM. MARIO VILLAMOR Associate Justice 2.414.060. Executive Clerk of Court 2.26 CARPIO.912. RAMON DEL ROSARIO Associate Justice 2.467.503.95 LEAGOGO.379.67 PADILLA.444.956.578.45 ROSARIO.412.802.80 SINGH. MYRA GARCIA Associate Justice 2.57 CASTILLO.222.149.655.415.65 CRUZ. MARIE CHRISTINE AZCARRAGA Associate Justice 2.512.478.232.65 DIY. GERMANO FRANCISCO DIZON Associate Justice 2.67 DIMAAMPAO.17 YAP.

91 BISTOYONG. BELEN RINGPIS Associate Justice 2. CARIDAD DELA CRUZ Attorney V 305. LUIS MEINRADO CALANO Undersecretary 1. BENJAMIN PANGANIBAN Deputy Executive Director 1.876. COYCO Associate Justice 2.366.331. DENNIS SANTIAGO Executive Director 1.074.839.224.478.387.453.96 FLETA. AMADOR SERRANO Deputy Executive Director 1. ROSELLE MORENO PMO VI 281.028.402.186. VIRGILIO RAMOS Secretary 1.583.00 SERRANO. 135 .358.48 PUYAT.593.00 YAN.91 ONGKIKO.Details of Salaries and Allowances. CAESAR AGUIRRE Associate Justice 2.00 GARCIA.00 HERNANDEZ. DENNIS NICOLAS Assistant Secretary 1. the details of which can be found in Part VI .37 PABUSTAN.900.96 PAÑGULAYAN. ESPERANZA FABON Associate Justice 2.485.348.70 CALAYAG.576. ROMMEL LUY BOD Member 1. FELIX PERRY ANDRES Undersecretary 1.96 REAÑO.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.361. JOSE CASTRO Undersecretary 1. EDILBERTO MANTALA Assistant Secretary 1.00 BISCOCHO.224. WENDEL ELIOT Executive Director 320.500.512.341. MA.594. AMELIA COTANGCO Associate Justice 2.39 GRULLA.42 CASANOVA. ERLINDA PIÑERA Associate Justice JENNIFER MOLARTE PMO VI 816. JOSE ZALETA Undersecretary 1.173.461. MARIA KARISMA BEA BALTAZAR Director III 761. ORLAN AGBIN Assistant Secretary 1. BERNADETTE FATIMA ROMULO Undersecretary 1.40 Department of Agriculture-Agricultural Training Institute SALIOT.545.23 BAUTISTA.936.403. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.84 GRAGEDA. ELMIRA CRUZ Deputy Executive Director 1.375. SANDRA LYN ASI Chief Administrative Officer 902. OPHELIA DEL PRADO Assistant Secretary 1. ANTONIO JR.21 DE LUNA.191.391.40 UY. ALLAN QUIMSON Assistant Secretary 1.296. ROSALINA LOPEZ Undersecretary 1.286. PAZ II JOSON Assistant Secretary 1.957.520.484. CIELITO MINDARO Associate Justice 2.100.00 GRAZA.220. ANTONIO AÑONUEVO Undersecretary 975.351. HERMAN ZIPAGANG Undersecretary 1. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* Court of Tax Appeals DEL ROSARIO. ROMAN GONZALES Presiding Justice 3.073.576.34 LIBAN.96 GALVANTE.260. LEANDRO HERNANDEZ Assistant Secretary 1.602.471.702.851.224.68 Dangerous Drugs Board PEDREGOSA.99 BENAVIDEZ.502. ALANO BOD Chairman 1.477.48 AGARAO.28 INOCENCIO.00 DBM-Government Procurement Policy Board-Technical Support Office SANTIAGO.799.111.15 SAN JUAN. ASTERIO PAGENTE Director IV 1.789.367.76 CATBAGAN. JUSTIN VINCENT JAYME Assistant Secretary 1.653.06 MANALASTAS.202.45 AGAWIN.284.87 Davao Integrated Development Program AVISADO. JUANITO JR.444.45 GAZMIN.567.202.38 VILLAR.00 TORRIL.376. EMERSON UMALI Undersecretary 1. MA.391. MELISSA SANTIAGO Deputy Executive Director 1.173.711.420. JOSE MARLOWE SUAREZ Executive Director 1.647.16 LACHICA.52 PALAD.14 BARRANTES.46 Department of Agrarian Reform DELOS REYES.599. PROCESO JARAZA Secretary 2.00 CAISIDO. SEGFREDO ROQUE Undersecretary 1.309.07 CASTAÑEDA.65 VICTORINO. TEOFILO QUIZON Assistant Secretary 1.145. EDGAR CALASTE BOD Member 1.720.194.251.00 REYES.38 Department of Agriculture ALCALA. HERMINIA BAÑEZ Assistant Secretary 1.38 UMALI.556.271.72 VILLANUEVA.148. LOVELL REDONDO Associate Justice 2. DAVINIO PENERA Assistant Secretary 1.465.787.277.

542.27 CASTILLO.573.301. MAXINE TANYA M Assistant Secretary 1.568. MARIO LOQUELLANO Undersecretary 1.804.493.537.16 DERIQUITO. FLORENCIO BARSANA Secretary 1.00 CANTOR.59 URBANO.574. ZENAIDA YGNACIO Acting Secretary 388. JANET BRAGANZA Undersecretary 1.330. DARA CALVO Undersecretary 725.00 VINUYA. JONAS ROQUE Undersecretary 1.810.68 Department of Energy PETILLA.970.695.597.79 ACUSAR.386.545.024. TONISITO CASUGBO Assistant Secretary 1.88 UY. SOFIA CHAN Assistant Secretary 1. RENATO BADUA OIC-Division Chief 780. ABOLENCIA Assistant Secretary 838.133.050. MATANOG MANAGANSAN Undersecretary 948. CLAIRE CATTLEYA DE GUZMAN Undersecretary 1.386.046.50 Department of Environment and Natural Resources PAJE.069.456.119.997.220. EDITHA SANTOS Division Chief 250.10 ADOBO.00 NICER.006.18 VARELA.691.00 MONSADA. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.50 AQUINO.63 AYSON. ALVIN IVAN YAW Assistant Secretary 637.511.61 RUIZ. MILAGROS CARDEÑAS OIC-Division Chief 534.455. TINA ROSE MARIE LUCIO Assistant Secretary 1. DISTRAJO Undersecretary 1. ANALIZA REBUELTA Undersecretary 1.032.56 MATEO.00 MARASIGAN.404. AMELITA DY Assistant Secretary 1. ZENAIDA YGNACIO Undersecretary 794. RENATO BADUA OIC-Deputy Director 297.00 CANDA. LUCIANO Undersecretary 1.00 AGUILOS.00 MOYA.171. RAUL BENITEZ Undersecretary 1.732.563.98 LEONES.00 MAPANDI.04 AMADOR.500. REYNALDO ANTONIO DELA PAZ Assistant Secretary 1.848. REYNALDO ANTONIO DELA PAZ Undersecretary 392.00 DELA CRUZ.513.67 CRISTOBAL. CARLOS JERICHO LORETO Secretary 889. LORETA GUEVARRA Undersecretary 1.916. MARIO CASTILLO OIC Assistant Secretary 221.094.496.410. MILAGROS CARDEÑAS Division Chief 256. ALBERTO TIONGSON Undersecretary 1. RAMON JESUS PALMIANO Secretary 1.071.00 CAPONGCOL.Details of Salaries and Allowances. ANTONIETA JAMON Division Chief 256. DONATO DIONISIO Undersecretary 1.549.00 Department of Education LUISTRO.150.480.454. MYRNA SANTIAGO Assistant Secretary 1. DINA JOANA OCAMPO Undersecretary 1.475.67 LAGUDA.860.201.390.654.618. FRANCISCO MICABALO Undersecretary 1. PATRICK TUAZON OIC Assistant Secretary 234.563.477.50 ARCEO. ANTONIETA JAMON OIC-Division Chief 536.00 PASCUA.678.96 MARCOS.00 URBANO. ZENAIDA YGNACIO Secretary 366.50 MONSADA. JESUS LORENZO RUIZ Assistant Secretary 1. MYLENE CELESTINO OIC Undersecretary 342. DEMETRIO JR.00 RELAMPAGOS.00 ABUEL.595.568.23 CHUA.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.77 Department of Budget & Management ABAD.91 ARCEO.88 UMALI.468. JOSE RAYMUND AMIDAR Assistant Secretary 1.387.03 MONSADA.483.535.047. LUZ MALBOG Undersecretary 1.68 IGNACIO.123.244.912. DANIEL SR.79 MUYOT.36 RIVERA.810.417.642.089.325.665.521. ERNESTO JR.37 TEH. ARMANDO CANULLAS OIC-Assistant Secretary 1.450.104. 136 .646. EDITHA SANTOS OIC-Division Chief 606.675.181.328.838.244. DANIEL DARIUS MACARAEG Assistant Secretary 1.748.386. the details of which can be found in Part VI .00 YANTO.50 ACOL. MANUEL DUQUE Undersecretary 1. MARIO AQUINO Undersecretary 1.406.366.546. RIZALINO DELA PAZ Undersecretary 1.00 ARIASO.064.00 HAMADA. ARMIN ALTAMIRANO Secretary 1. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* DELA CRUZ.95 GEROCHI. RICHARD EDNAVE Undersecretary 1.50 VINUYA. LAURA BANZON Undersecretary 1.98 LAGUDA.

allowances and other emoluments received by each official.55 BENSURTO.214.36 LIM. LINGLINGAY FONACIER Undersecretary 1. WILFREDO CUNANAN Assistant Secretary 405.329.32 CRUZ.528.230.105.887.67 ABUNGAN.83 THOMECZEK.193.351.50 DAVIS.011.540. MEDARDO GONZALES Minister and Consul General 978.32 PANGILINAN.32 TORRES.149. CRESCENTE RETUYA Assistant Secretary 1. ROMMEL ROJAS OIC-Assistant Secretary 674.262. CESAR VELASQUEZ Secretary 1. MARCIAL JR. MARY JO BERNARDO Assistant Secretary 617. EVELYN AUSTRIA Assistant Secretary 888. DENNIS YAP Assistant Secretary/Technical Specialist 1.99 TAN.153. MARIA ANDRELITA SACRAMENTO Assistant Secretary 1.336. Undersecretary 264.848.075.83 DEAPERA. JEREMIAS JR. MARIA Assistant Secretary 97.369. NOEL EUGENE MEJICA Assistant Secretary 1.207.569.766. MA. MARIA FE TANABE Assistant Secretary/Technical Specialist 1.549. MILLICENT CRUZ Assistant Secretary/Technical Specialist 1.256.643.548.682. the details of which can be found in Part VI .860. GIL SOTELO Undersecretary 1. RAFAEL ESPUERTA Undersecretary 1.262.000. EDUARDO JOSE ATIENZA Assistant Secretary 1.32 ENDAYA.63 ABUNGAN. LEO HERRERA Consul General 1. 137 . ALBERT FERREROS Secretary 1. MELITA STA.05 AMARO.37 RIEZA. CABAÑEZ Assistant Secretary 652. MARCIAL JR.91 HABITAN. HENRY JR. MARIA EDITA ZABALA Assistant Secretary 1.468.32 RELACION.177.32 DELA VEGA.422.87 VINGNO.50 PAUL.011.207.484.98 REVERENTE.653.83 MACARAIG. ROMMEL ROJAS Assistant Secretary 711. FRANK REVIL Assistant Secretary 877.187. JESUS SANTOS Assistant Secretary 1. EVAN PUMAREN Undersecretary 1. GRACE RELUCIO Assistant Secretary 233.77 ABESAMIS. JUAN MIGUEL TRASMONTE Assistant Secretary 465. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* GO.32 GARCIA. CABAÑEZ Ex-Officio 217. CLEOFE RAYOS Assistant Secretary/Technical Specialist 1. MA. JOSELITO ALEGADO Assistant Secretary 1. CORAZON CABRIDO OIC-Assistant Secretary 770.51 Department of Finance PURISIMA.347.933. DANIELLE MARIE SALONGA Assistant Secretary 1. SOLEDAD EMILIA DE JESUS Assistant Secretary 1. DOMINGO PRADIEZ Assistant Secretary 277.672.444.669.146.302.32 LEPATAN. ANSELMO CARIÑO Ex-Officio 105.784.64 COLLINSON.38 ABESAMIS.808. SICAD Consul General 1.511.344.037.679. RICARDO MONFERO Assistant Secretary 1. JOSE EMMANUEL PILAPIL.291.723.08 GARCIA. LOURDES BATAR Assistant Secretary 1.848.32 JIMENO.32 PAREDES. BENITO BURGOS Assistant Secretary 1.456. LUIS TEODORO Assistant Secretary 1.575. MA.96 RECENTE.677. NERI Undersecretary 1.632.011.00 CARAG.32 YABES.767.936. CARLO AGUSTIN Undersecretary 1.852.32 VALERIANO.32 DOMINGO.177.83 PRINCESA.306. CONSTANCIO JR.32 CRUZ.179. ZENAIDA ANGARA Assistant Secretary 433. LAURA QUIAMBAO Undersecretary 1.319.774. MINDA CALAGUIAN Assistant Secretary GARCIA.787. MARIA ANICETA AILEEN HORTILLAS Assistant Secretary 444.677.30 AMARO.425.32 DEL ROSARIO.513.324.516. JULIUS DELOSO Assistant Secretary 1.011.16 SANTOS.49 CIMAFRANCA.32 SEGUIS. LILYBETH RODRIGUEZ Assistant Secretary 89.65 ARAGON.16 NOLASCO.501. MA.32 NATIVIDAD. JOCELYN BATOON Assistant Secretary 873. RIVERA Assistant Secretary 1. CORAZON CABRIDO Assistant Secretary 735.264.32 DE VEGA. TERESA SIBUCAO Assistant Secretary 1.47 CRUZ. JESUS INES Undersecretary 1.511. ANSELMO CARIÑO Assistant Secretary 736.416.513.62 AUSTRIA.551.32 LACANLALE.Details of Salaries and Allowances.931.26 CUNA.97 Department of Foreign Affairs DEL ROSARIO.333.36 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.534.16 BUGARIN.020.177.50 DAVIS.47 BELTRAN. HELLEN BARBER Assistant Secretary/Technical Specialist 1. MA.010.895. MICHELLE ANGELICA DIZON Assistant Secretary SERVIGON.

JUNEVER MAHILUM Consul General 275. JOSE JR.442.500. GINA ALAGON Consul General 1.26 CIMAFRANCA.08 BASILIO.07 PALALA.38 ANGELES.48 SANCHEZ.138.337.48 OCHOA. LILYBETH RODRIGUEZ Consul General 1.159.524.48 SALINAS. WEST.88 ISLETA.151.10 RUIZ. MANUEL MORENO Ambassador 1.48 LHUILLIER. NARCISO TEODORO Ambassador 1.468. MARIA Ambassador 1.30 LOPEZ.404.59 CORTES. BAYANI VILLAMIL Ambassador 1. JOSE DELA ROSA Consul General 251. CATALINO JR. MARIA TERESA LATINA Consul General 1.563.935. the details of which can be found in Part VI . DOMINGO PRADIEZ Ambassador 1.88 BURGOS. PHILIPPE JONES Ambassador 1.36 BAJA. JAIME VICTOR BADILLO Ambassador 1.48 MEÑEZ.158. OLIVIA VALERA Consul General 1.434.55 JAUCIAN.848.845.403.88 THOMECZEK.273.489.36 BANDILLO.36 LEDDA.493. MARCIANO RAMOS Consul General 1.259.513.388. MEYNARDO LOS BAÑOS Ambassador 1.369. VICTORIANO MONDRAGON Ambassador 1. BERNARDITA LEONIDO Consul General 1.880.247.39 MANGIBIN. MELITA STA.63 AZUCENA.373.051. MARIA ROWENA MENDOZA Ambassador 1. WILFREDO RAMON Consul General 1.144.833.329.88 NOLASCO.88 FLORES.48 CUISIA. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.487.36 TEJANO.243.48 CHUA.561.481.52 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries. LAMPE Ambassador 1. PETRONILA PEÑA Ambassador 1.47 ORCINE.013. VICENTE VIVENCIO TEJAMO Ambassador 1.531. VICTORIA SISANTE Ambassador 1.491. REINANTE Ambassador 1.77 GARCIA.47 PAEZ. EZZEDIN HAMDI Ambassador 1.021.454.947. THERESA PARENO Ambassador 1.839.124.00 SORRETA.197.378. LEAH BASINANG Ambassador 1.324.382.911.464. AMELITA CUNANAN Ambassador 1. MA.68 PROSPERO.88 JAMORALIN.651. ENRIQUE AUSTRIA Ambassador 1.36 ANOTA. EDUARDO MARTIN RAMOS Ambassador 1.736.111.407.621.200.813.158. BIENVENIDO VILLAMOR Ambassador 1. BELEN FULE Ambassador 1.88 CATALLA.755.964. CHRISTOPHER BALTAZAR Ambassador 1.88 MONTERO. ERLINDA FADERA Ambassador DILEM. CARLOS CONDE Ambassador 1. RAUL SALAVARIA Ambassador 1. LESLIE JUNIO Ambassador 1.124.36 MERCADO.610. MARIO JR. IMELDA MACAPUNDAG Deputy Consul General 1.080.989.160.88 MONTEALEGRE. 138 .56 LAZARO.74 BATACLAN.827. MA. OSCAR GARCES Consul General 740. FRANK REVIL Consul General 475.36 SANTOS.145. JOSEPH GERARD BACANI Ambassador 1.707.88 DEAPERA.474. PATRICIA ANN VILLAR Ambassador 1.013.340.918. PAUL RAYMUND PASION Consul General 922.88 CALONGE. ELEANOR LUMBES Ambassador 1.324. LUMEN BANZON Ambassador 1.621.464. NATHANIEL GARCIA Ambassador 1.46 PANOLONG. KIRA CHRISTIANNE DANGANAN Deputy Consul General 1.309.25 BURGOS.417.734.45 CASTAÑEDA. ANTONIO ALBERO Ambassador 1.453.682.285.82 MORALES.36 DE LEON. JOSE EDUARDO III ENCISO Ambassador 1.81 PANOLONG.080.144.347.209.36 CUYUGAN.330. ROSALITA SAYOC Consul General 737. MA.27 AQUINO.373.824.406.155.429.682. CARLOS DEYMEK Ambassador 1.389. JOSE DELA ROSA Ambassador 1. MERCEDES ARASITA Ambassador 1.848.27 TAGO.Details of Salaries and Allowances.63 MALAYA.576.48 LECAROS.222.36 MANALO.36 IMPERIAL. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* DE BORJA.901.548.88 TUASON. NESTOR ZIPAGAN Ambassador 1.472.048.240. GENEROSO DE GUZMAN Consul General 1.10 HERNANDEZ.88 TAGUIANG. LOPEZ Consul General 1. BAYANI SISON Ambassador 1.077. JULIUS CAESAR ARAGON Consul General 1.620. ALEX GARCIA Ambassador 1.886. IMELDA MACAPUNDAG Consul General 524.245.595. JERRIL GALBAN Ambassador 1.

CONSUELO PUYAT Ambassador 1.062. RENATO PEDRO OABEL Ambassador 769.426. CRESCENTE RETUYA Ambassador 360.803.654. MA. MA. JULIO CAMARA Minister 1. VICENTE JR YLANAN Undersecretary 1.31 GARCIA.20 ANTE. RIVERA Ambassador 305.009.571.911.449. SUPLICIO MIGUEL Deputy Chief of Mission 1.73 UBIAL.565.262.57 CABACTULAN. ZABEDIN MABA Undersecretary 830.514.898.948.687.00 JUSTINIANO.451.461.243.183.47 VILLA.367.90 RELACION. ADONIS PORTO Assistant Secretary 697.36 PADALHIN.880.30 DAVID.20 BARAAN.443.36 Department of Health GARIN.88 BUENSUCESO.269.48 ASUQUE.00 AZIS.807.00 SANTOS.095. 139 .35 WEST.756.664.579.684. the details of which can be found in Part VI .229.641.035. ELIZABETH PINEDA Permanent Representative 1. ZENAIDA ANGARA Ambassador 1.706.432.98 ESPIRITU.38 SY.60 COLLINSON. LEAH TANODRA Undersecretary 843.48 REBONG. SAHID SINSUAT Ambassador 357.726.01 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.552.280.807.30 ARAGON. MARIA ANICETA AILEEN HORTILLAS Ambassador 739.489.536. WILFREDO CUNANAN Ambassador 854.31 GAKO.583.39 CRUZ. PAULYN JEAN ROSELLE Assistant Secretary 1.137.80 PUNZALAN.098.18 DAZA.607.237. JOCELYN BATOON Ambassador 383.679.037. ADELIO ANGELITO SORIANO Charge d' Affairs 1. CONSTANCIO JR.23 YPARRAGUIRRE.11 BUGARIN. NEMESIO TORRES Undersecretary 1. JANETTE LORETO Secretary 2. GILBERTO GORGONIO BARCINAS Deputy Chief of Mission 1.50 AZIS.94 LUCENARIO.983.51 CAPARAS. JOSE FRONTERA Undersecretary 1.148.35 BENAVIDEZ. IRENE SUSAN BARREIRO Deputy Permanent Representative 1.018.82 VER.88 YPARRAGUIRRE.47 GLANG. NESTOR JR FERNANDO Assistant Secretary 553. DOMINGO Ambassador 544. GRACE RELUCIO Ambassador 1. LIBRAN NIEVA Permanent Representative 150.789.79 NATIVIDAD.Details of Salaries and Allowances. EVELYN AUSTRIA Ambassador 340. JOSE VICENTE BUENVIAJE Undersecretary 1. CLARO SUAREZ Ambassador 583.77 CAGUIOA.98 BAYUGO.82 SALAZAR.902. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* REYES.638.50 SULIT. NESTOR NABAYRA Charge d' Affairs 1.81 CRISTOBAL.03 ARMAMENTO.401.347.053.10 Department of Justice DE LIMA. KENNETH HARTIGAN Undersecretary 1. LILIBETH CAOILI Undersecretary 487.397.236. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.118.94 LAMADRID.252. ALEX VILLALUZ Ambassador 545. CECILIA BALTAZAR Permanent Representative 1.50 SANTIAGO. EMMANUEL LEIDO Undersecretary 205. ESTEBAN JR. BELINDA MARIANO Ambassador 977.371.65 GO.55 PRINCESA.449.22 CONEJOS.921. WENDELL LIM Undersecretary 222.250.543.407.66 BELIZARIO. GERONIMO LIM Assistant Secretary 1.683.907.154.329. MARY JO BERNARDO Ambassador 660. LOURDES ORTIZ Permanent Representative 924.447. BENEDICTO Permanent Representative 1. ALFONSO AGBAYANI Ambassador 955. ZABEDIN MABA Assistant Secretary 810.192.513. DOMINGO JR.48 DERY. JOSELITO ALEGADO Ambassador 273. TERESITA CRUZ Ambassador 735. LOURDES ORTIZ Ambassador 352.394.456. VIRGINIA HONRADO Ambassador 1.973.84 VINGNO.552.86 GO.11 GARCIA. MA.795.578. DANIEL RAMOS Ambassador 481. ALFREDO BENJAMIN SABATER Secretary 435. FRANCISCO III FONTELERA Undersecretary 1.041. JUNEVER MAHILUM Ambassador 939. GERARDO VARGAS Assistant Secretary 1.39 JIMENO.36 CONFIADO. ELMER GUEVARRA Assistant Secretary 1.412. LEILA MAGISTRADO Secretary 1.

816.70 DIZON. VOLTAIRE TUVERA Secretary 1.553. EDUARDO GARCIA Undersecretary 615.751.728.00 BATINO.367.00 BATAC.354.202.493.287.64 FRANCIA.287.427.131.208. NATALIO III CABILI Undersecretary 1.367.93 Department of Public Works and Highways SINGSON. EMIL KIRAM Assistant Secretary 805.512. REYDELUZ DE DIOS Undersecretary 1.544. MATEO GELITO Undersecretary 1. ALFREDO GUZMAN Undersecretary 1.688.496. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* Department of Labor and Employment BALDOZ.544. RAUL CONDE Undersecretary 1. the details of which can be found in Part VI .00 QUILOP. ANGELITA GREGORIO Undersecretary 1.552.367.45 TANGO.362. ERNESTO DIZO Assistant Secretary 1. DANILO AUGUSTO B. RAFUL Assistant Secretary 1. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.518.35 TOLENTINO. HONORIO SUNICO Undersecretary 1. FLORITA RUBIANO Undersecretary 1. MA.69 LAGUNZAD.298.000. Assistant Secretary 885.49 SOGUILON.494.231.565.09 GUEVARA.516. Assistant Secretary 1.551.Details of Salaries and Allowances.68 SANTOS.195.537. CIRIACO III ABARQUEZ Undersecretary 1.63 DEVERATURDA. EUGENIO JR.996. KATHERINE BRIGUERA Assistant Secretary 1.092. PARISYA HASIM Undersecretary 1.155. ARDELIZA RAFAEL Undersecretary 1.027. ROSALINDA DIMAPILIS Secretary 1.541. AMELIA PERALTA Undersecretary 2.209. ROWENA CRISTINA LAZARO Undersecretary 1. ROY O Assistant Secretary 638.660.351. CATALINA ESTAMO Undersecretary 1.182.00 GUDMALIN.285.09 Department of Social Welfare and Development SOLIMAN.24 REYES.819. NICON FAMARIN OIC-Undersecretary 367.00 MONTAÑO. EFREN Q.59 PACANAN.744.67 BOAC. GLORIA ABRANGAN Assistant Secretary 1.886.867.11 FAMERONAG.887. ROMEO SALAZAR Undersecretary 1.372. CAMILO GLOVA Assistant Secretary 1.298. ALICIA DELA ROSA Undersecretary 123.559. RAYMUNDO JOSE G. URDUJAH ALVARADO Assistant Secretary 676.00 AZCUETA.778.652. MA.342. Assistant Secretary 431. JAVIER RANARA Assistant Secretary 1.395. FERNANDO ILAGAN Undersecretary 1.00 MEDEL. DIMAS SALES Assistant Secretary 1. RAYMUND ENRIQUEZ Assistant Secretary 1.303.88 CONFERIDO.292.166.00 VILLAR.42 MOMO.78 Department of Science and Technology MONTEJO.596.00 FERNANDEZ.298.27 MEDENILLA. REBECCA CONSUEGRA Undersecretary 1.23 YABUT.483.83 ARAGON. CAROL MAXINO Undersecretary 2. MA.00 MANALO.703.391.65 CABRAL.431.926.427.650.30 BRIMON. LORENZO FENOY Undersecretary 1.00 SANTOS. RAFAEL CUNANAN Undersecretary 690. LOURDES PLANTILLA Assistant Secretary 715.412.362.367.237.945.665. GILBERTO SENSON Assistant Secretary 1.44 TEJADA.298.48 ORIJOLA. Assistant Secretary 1.520.41 ASIS. BIENADEL ELIZABETH EVIOTA Assistant Secretary 941.431.00 JIMENEZ.960. 140 . PATRICK M. JOJI VILLARUEL Assistant Secretary 1.320.432.051.647.053.63 LIBORO.313.19 BALA.06 SADAIN.20 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.231. CORAZON JULIANO Secretary 1. MA.720.567.00 TARADJI.287.72 GUEVARA. JAIME ABARSOZA Undersecretary PIPO. ROBERT ONGKINGCO Assistant Secretary 1.70 CABRERA.86 Department of National Defense GAZMIN.409.04 YAP. ROGELIO LAZO Secretary 1.39 CHATO.76 YOROBE.863. VILMA BATUHAN Assistant Secretary 1.00 ECARMA. RODOLFO MUSNGI Assistant Secretary 1. OSWALDO CHIONG Assistant Secretary 1.00 VELEZ.107. MARIO GO Secretary 2.

583. TIGLAO Assistant Secretary 852.604.13 ALDABA.975. JOSEFINA CASTILLA Assistant Secretary 718.58 GO. BLESILA ABELLANOSA Assistant Secretary 1.314.04 DABI. ROLANDO Assistant Secretary 1.444.197.120. AUSTERE ABONG Undersecretary 1. SUSAN SEBASTIAN OIC-Division Chief 806.35 Department of Transportation and Communications ABAYA.14 ROMO.143. TEODULO JR.076.901.426.74 LANTAYONA. ADRIAN JR. BAI NARIMAN ABDULLAH Assistant Secretary 1.534. REGGIE BOISER Assistant Secretary 1. ILDEFONSO JR. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.73 LOTILLA.94 LOPEZ.446.991.399. MARIA VICTORIA VENTURA Undersecretary 1. REMEDIOS NATIVIDAD OIC-Division Chief 661.95 MARTINEZ.701.993. CATIBAYAN Undersecretary 1. JOSEPH EMILIO AGUINALDO Secretary 2.91 CRISTOBAL.056.00 ACIERTO.000.42 PATDU.791.306.30 CORTES. MELENDEZ Undersecretary 1.721.00 PANADERO.488.677.473.881. MA.59 MAGLAYA.344.946.462. ARTURO JR.589.499. ARMINA DIELLE ROALES Assistant Secretary 561. RAFAELITA MERCADO Assistant Secretary 1. JOSE ERNESTO BOADO Assistant Secretary 1.525.06 TERRADO.00 KAW.913. EDWIN RAGOS Undersecretary 1.98 MANALO. RENE KATIGBAK Undersecretary 1. NOEL MORTIZ Assistant Secretary 867. SHERIELYSSE REYES Assistant Secretary 1. TOMASITO SEPE Undersecretary 876.66 CAÑIZAL.386.058.386.553.185.35 ALCARAZ. GOLEZ Undersecretary 1. BENITO JR.00 CORVERA.244.417.305.00 ALDANA. GEFER REFAMONTE Undersecretary 116.870.511.537. 141 .166.431.505.80 BONCATO. MEL SENEN SEVILLA Secretary 550. CUNANAN Undersecretary 1. ANNELI REQUINA Undersecretary 1. PERPETUA BADAYOS Assistant Secretary 1.244. JULIETA LABASA OIC-Division Chief 680. MA.572.607.400.18 BENGZON.526.082.532.Details of Salaries and Allowances.541.402. JOSE PERPETOU MERCADO Undersecretary 1. PRUDENCIO JR.539. PONCIANO JR.488.702.594.115.27 DIMAGIBA.00 VILLARIN. PETER IRVING CIRIACO Undersecretary 1.500. MARGARET REGAYO OIC-Division Chief 648. GREGORY LIM Secretary 1.125. NORA KAKILALA Undersecretary 1.050. RAMON JR. MANUEL II ARANETA Secretary 1.50 Department of Tourism JIMENEZ.612. EUGENE TAN Assistant Secretary 879.45 RODOLFO.533. DANTE MOREN Assistant Secretary 1.00 PALENZUELA.95 Department of the Interior & Local Government ROXAS.603. REGELLANA Assistant Secretary 725.700.483.00 LONTOC. SORIANO Undersecretary 1.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.00 PASTRANA.88 Department of Trade and Industry DOMINGO. ESTER APIN Assistant Secretary 1.00 UNICO.00 ENRILE.244.078. VICTORIO MARIO ALONSO Undersecretary 1. EDWIN RETIRACION Undersecretary 1.00 AMBOLODTO. CATHERINE JENNIFER FRANCIS PAREDES Undersecretary 1.886.542.024.54 JASMIN.345.00 MANCOL.55 RAMOS. the details of which can be found in Part VI .362.674. PECISION Assistant Secretary 1. MA.352. CEFERINO SAMSON Assistant Secretary 1.76 REYES.00 CARINGAL. MYRNA MORALES Executive Director 1.307.932.42 SARMIENTO.491.548.85 Design Center of the Philippines SUNICO.423.77 GONZALES.734. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* MACALALAD. JULIANITO JR.719. CAMILLE RAMIREZ Assistant Secretary 1.417. JAIME FORTUNATO ABAT Assistant Secretary 1.203.13 GAVIOLA.96 LANTIN.10 BONIFACIO. ZENAIDA CUISON Undersecretary 1. THERESA ILAGAN Undersecretary 1.178. REYES Secretary 1.07 KAPUNAN. LINO HAMBALA Assistant Secretary 1.00 LIMCAOCO.10 BUCAYAN.186.

844.823.00 PADILLA. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.18 MATEO.802.336.239. EDNA ESPIRITU Nurse VI 283.Details of Salaries and Allowances.363.48 Dr. RUBEN CONCIO Medical Center Chief II 1.00 LAGUYO. JEFFREY BERNABE Chief Medical Professional Staff 1.725.127.28 FAMARAN.08 LEONARDO.598.00 ZAMORA. EVA SANTOS Assistant Director 1.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.512.248. RENATO TANTOCO Division Chief 916.955.109.763. CABAÑEZ ASEC-DENR 364. Administrative Officer V 253. MARILYN CABAL Medical Officer V 1.50 ILDEFONSO. ALFONSO VICTORINO HERNANDEZ Medical Specialist IV 779.00 ABRERA.157. MARCIAL JR.08 SALAZAR. 142 .909.00 Dr.000. Administrative Officer V 664. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital FLORES. CARMELO REYES Division Chief 1.270.00 LAURELES.645.50 MATIAS. IMELDA MURIEL Medical Center Chief II 199.726.178.525. ANA.542.288.458.925.706.00 GARCIA.703. ALMA MINA SANTOS Financial Management Officer II 1. the details of which can be found in Part VI . CONSOLACION PAZ Division Chief 290.616.67 Environmental Management Bureau CUNA.814.000. Rodriguez Memorial Hospital JAVILLONAR.960.00 SALVADOR.00 SALVADOR. MA.648. GLORIA VICTORIA YAP Commission Member 1. ALBERT ALTAREJOS Division Chief 290.96 Ecosystem Research and Develpment Bureau AMARO.80 NON. ARSENIA E.26 BARZA. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* DOF Municipal Development Fund Office HABULAN.782.200.210.32 DULAY.195.304.28 ENRILE.50 MAGALANG.00 ABRERA. MA. VICTORIA VENTURANZA Regional Director 190.770. ROLAND LUYUN Medical Center Chief II 1.50 ADORNADO. JUAN MIGUEL TRASMONTE Director 597. GERONIMO DELGADO Commission Member 1.789.744. DAVE ELVIN DE GUZMAN Chief of Medical Professional Services 1. MIRASOL ESTABAYA Administrative Officer V 674.458.00 BASUG.55 ABESAMIS.58 East Avenue Medical Center CORTEZ. MARIE THERESE AQUINO Nurse VII 896. JOEL GABRIEL Director 172. MICHAEL DRAKE PRAXEDES Division Chief 276. JOCELYN TIONGSON Deputy Executive Director 1.00 CRUZ. VICTORIA VENTURANZA Division Chief 464.00 CRISOSTOMO.388.956. ELLA SANDOVAL Division Chief 957. VICTORIA MARAMAG Chief Medical Professional Staff II 1. JONAS ROQUE Ex-Officio 80. MA. JOSEFINA PATRICIA MAGPALE Commission Member 1.06 PENDON.00 DEOCADIZ. ELIGIO TURBELA Division Chief 290.709. EDGARDO SAN ANDRES Medical Center Chief II 818.579.393.351. LOURDES CIPRIANO Chief Administrative Officer 1.598.32 SANCHEZ.804.39 SOLIS. JOSE VICENTE BUENVIAJE Chairman 1.435.17 ASIRIT. ZENAIDA CRUZ Chairman 1.748. MA.30 JUAN. EDEN CONTRERAS Administrative Officer V 654. HELEN GRACE BRIONES Medical Specialist IV 361.00 OCFEMIA.40 MENDOZA.00 LEONES.150. FRANCIS SATURNINO CHIANGCO Executive Director PACABIS. RODEL CANDELARIA Administrative Officer V 659. ELENIDA DEL ROSARIO Division Chief 959.639.162.703.00 SEGUI.050. Jose N.588. LOIDA PANER Chief Accountant 944. ALFREDO JACINTO Commission Member 1. LUISA GAURANO Administrative Officer V 674.623.00 SAN DIEGO.916.598.67 STA.84 TARUC. HELENA BARANGAN Executive Director 1. CLYDE ESGUERRA Administrative Officer V 664. HENRY ASTOVEZA Acting Director 81. ROSALINA Y.616.43 CORREA.661.00 Energy Regulatory Commission DUCUT.558.

47 Foreign Service Institute CRISTOBAL.047.400. TEODORO CRISOSTOMO Executive Director 1.00 LIWANAG.000. BRICCIO GARCIA Chairman 1.00 Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority GICANA.220. JASPER ALBERTO H Director III 213. MIGUEL C Chief Administrative Officer 1. DIGNA MANAYAO Division Chief 913. ALEJANDRINO JR.702.94 ORDAS.00 DELA ROSA. ISABELITA VILLAFLOR OIC-Division Chief 62. JOSE MIGUEL RUIZ Executive Director 1.861. 143 . RHODORA MONTELOYOLA Acting Department Head 158. ROMULO T Director 1.500. JUAN MIGUEL TRASMONTE Ex-Officio 54.337.433.753.736. JULIETA BAUTISTA Division Chief 900.075.78 Forest Products Research and Development Institute AGGANGAN. ALMA DELOS REYES OIC-Division Chief 10.00 BRAVANTE.590.00 EUSEBIO.623.596.00 SAHAGUN.305. ROQUE In-Charge.05 SANTIAGO.00 MARASIGAN.29 GUTIERREZ. MA.860. ROSEMARIE GUEVARRA OIC Technology Diffusion and Technology Services Division 434.095.Director General 330.50 SORRETA.00 HERRERA.795. ZENAIDA VILLAMIN Chief Science Research Specialist 366. REMEDIOS SABINAY OIC-Division Chief JULIO III SANTIAGO Assistant Director 1.37 NUESTRO.297.00 GRANADOS.90 DE VEYRA.098.82 LASCANO. RICARDO LIBOON Ex-Officio 284.218. FERDINAND BANDALES OIC-Deputy Director and Chief Administrative Officer 1.00 LANZO.60 TAMOLANG.Details of Salaries and Allowances.388.67 GONZALES.301.132.399. CARMELITA SERRANO Chief Administrative Officer 818.000.546.892.20 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.00 JOAQUIN. NELY MENIADO OIC-Division Chief 50.260.528.00 LAYADOR.00 JAVIER. ROBERT A Division Chief 1.039.080. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* CUNA.00 CALDERON.150.00 EVANGELISTA.00 BUTIC.127.274.00 Film Development Council of the Philippines SANTOS.964.00 NATIVIDAD.086.846. JEROLET CALAWAG Division Chief 900.503.950.40 OAMAR. NORLITO RABOY Executive Director 1. TERESA GALANO Division Chief 679. ANITA RAMBAYON OIC-Division Chief 49. MARIO VILLASAYA Director 2.215.00 SIBUCAO. GIRON Food and Drugs Regulatory Officer IV 680.876.977.808. FELIX B Director 1.00 GARCIA.30 PANGANIBAN. MILFLOR SALCEDO OIC Technology Diffusion and Technology Services Division 413.10 Food and Nurtition Research Institiute CAPANZANA. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.00 AUSTRIA.585.838.50 LANSANGAN.80 NARCISO.00 DE LEON. ORLANDO ALEJANDRO Division Chief 719.159.31 ACUIN.00 AMADOR. JESUS AGLIAM Chief Natural Forest Management Specialist 953. CLARO SUAREZ Director 598.109. MARIA LOURDES CABALLERO Director III 710. MARIA LOURDES CABALLERO OIC . CECILIA CRISTINA SANTOS Chief Science Research Specialist 1.144.500.00 FIDEL. EDNA DILIG Division Chief 696.479. RONALD RIVERA Director III 1.50 AQUINO.293. MILDRED M Division Chief 1.834.570. CARLOS DEYMEK Director 277. the details of which can be found in Part VI .545. DWIGHT A Division Chief 1. MARICHU CONCHA Training Specialist 819.897.142.00 Forest Management Bureau NATIVIDAD.00 Food and Drugs Administration SANTIAGO.926. Division Chief 63.00 GETES. NEMIA TAPUZ Food and Drugs Regulatory Officer IV 711. MAYUMI QUINTOS OIC-Assistant Director 1. AIDA VIVERA Division Chief 955. OSCAR JR. MARIA ANNA ROWENA LUZ GALICIA Department Head 739.

483.110. MELISSA LEONARDO Deputy Secretary 2. JOSE ALEJANDRE III PEÑAFLOR Deputy Secretary General 314.84 ROQUE.00 AVISADO.00 TAMANO. DIANA LACAMBRA OIC-Deputy Director 108.771. BARTOLABAC Commissioner 1. CECILIA SALIENTES Secretary General 1.319. ERMAR URBANO Attorney 942.739.672.000.483. GRACELDA NON Executive Director/Acting Director General 2. RIA CORAZON GOLEZ Member 1.84 RADOVAN.84 DAVID.309. JOSELITO ANDREW ROXAS Member 1.238.993.883.00 MENDOZA.480.000. MOHAMMAD AQUIL ABBAS Member 1. WILFRIDO MARK MC CORMICK Member 1.00 PAREDES.410.84 PANGILINAN.39 IGNACIO.50 PALICTE.27 CABRERA.806.095. NAPOLEON LOUIS CORPUZ Executive Director 1.746.344. JANET FLORES OIC-Deputy Director 279.00 ENVERGA. ROMULO EMMANUEL JR MENDOZA Executive Director/Acting Director General 2.000.546.416. CESAR LAPUZ Chairman 2. MA.519.00 Housing & Land Use Regulatory Board BERNARDO. NICASIO JR.688.Details of Salaries and Allowances.787.90 ARNALDO.00 ILAGAN. EDGARDO HERNANDEZ Deputy Secretary General 2.042.967. CECILIA SUMULONG Deputy Secretary General 2. AZCUNA Deputy Secretary General 2. JUAN RAMON REGALADO Chairman 1. 144 .50 PAYUMO.847.96 VELASCO. LUZVIMINDA CALOLOT Member 1.00 SUBIDO. LUIS ALVAREZ Member 1. ANGELA ESCALONA Commissioner 1.00 Industrial Technology Development Institute AZANZA.000.00 Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council ALBA.000.381.965.707. RAINIER JR.34 House of Representatives Electoral Tribunal SALARDA. LINDA MALENAB Member 1.484.74 ADASA.00 BONOAN.723.459.000. LUCAS PURUGGANAN Member 1.227.82 QUIZON.000.00 BENITEZ.251.722.611.383.707. CHITO MIL Chairman 665. FLORO ARELLANO Deputy Secretary General 2.258.10 Information and Communications Technology Office CASAMBRE.567.67 IGNACIO.931.880.819. MARIA PATRICIA VERZO Director IV 1.000.84 BANAYBANAY.31 ESGUERRA.817.00 CRUZ. JEJOMAR CABAUATAN Chairman 0.87 ANDRES. ANTONIO MARTINEZ Chief Executive Officer 1.320.00 TREÑAS. FRANKLIN PERALTA Member 1.84 MIRAL.564.660.543.00 BAUTISTA. DIOSDADO MADARANG Member 1. REYNALDO LONTOC OIC-Deputy Director 405. JERRY PEREZ Member 1.25 BINAY.000.28 House of Representatives BARUA-YAP.83 NAVALTA.889. MATTHEW PAREDES Member 1.689.517.00 PERALTA.315.927. MARILYN BUGARIN Secretary General 3.212.50 RODRIGUEZ. GIRLIE ICOGO Secretary of the Tribunal 2.00 BERSAMIN. LEONARDO III BUENAVENTURA Deputy Secretary General 2. MA.00 GASTON. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.139.849. ELIZA CUISON Deputy Secretary General 2.63 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.347.28 BUTALID. RAMON RICARDO ADEA Deputy Secretary General 2.641.045. WENDEL ELIOT Deputy Secretary General 358.146. ARTEMIO JR.818.929. DANIEL CERTEZA Deputy Secretary General 198.220.00 Governance Commission for GOCCs VILLANUEVA. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* Games and Amusement Board GUANZON.503. PRESBITERO JR.00 HORNILLA. JAVIER Sergeant at Arms 2.044. ARLENE DADA Deputy Secretary General 2.555.376.297.923.936. JOSE Chairperson 1.82 MAGBANUA.612. the details of which can be found in Part VI . BENJAMIN JR SAN MIGUEL Director III 764.517.THERESA BRONDIAL Member 1.733.

589.034. RODRIGUEZ IC Attorney III 1.13 Insurance Commission DOOC.533. MANUELA TIGPOS Sales and Promotion Supervisor V 891.Details of Salaries and Allowances.24 OJEDA.19 GEPTY. FERDINAND GEORGE ANDAYA Deputy Insurance Commissioner 1.694.87 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.543.00 BACTOL. EMMANUEL FELICIANO Commissioner 2.429.651. JOSE MARI FELISMINO IC Attorney III 1. VINA LIZA RUTH CAYABAN Director 1.04 CABRERA.237.146. DENIS CALUGAS IC Attorney III 1.194. SANDRA MORALES Chief. JENNIFER MARIA RUBIA Social Welfare Officer IV 675.410.89 LALUCES.390. Historic Sites Development Officer 343.96 ALBA.05 RIGUER. BRENALYN AVILIDA Supervising Labor and Employment Officer/OIC WWR Division 395. ALLAN BATARRA Deputy Director General 1. GINA CONSTANTE Social Welfare Officer V 894.079.847.303.00 CABUCOS. PATRICK JR.558. KRISTINE MARI ILAGAN IC Attorney III 1. Reyes Memorial Medical Center MONTAÑA.663.744.585.216.244. EDGARDO AUSTRIA OIC . LENY BENOLIGO Director 1.75 TUBILLEJA.040. MERCEDITAS CUARTERO Chief Administrative Officer 923.845. Chief.963. CARMEN GARCIA Director 1.288.713.21 TABLADILLO.941. Tourism Operations Officer 915.216.75 Intramuros Administration SARDILLO. CESAR JR.116.00 BASSIG.016.Planning Officer V 349.10 Intellectual Property Office SANTIAGO.00 ALTILLERO.037.558.369.747.00 MARTINEZ.483.43 Inter-country Adoption Board ABEJO. DENNIS BANEZ Deputy Insurance Commissioner 1.691.00 CABUSAS. MARY GRACE LUMABAN Deputy Executive Director/OIC Executive Director 1. MARIETTA VILLEGAS Chief.00 GAVAS.226.765. BRENALYN AVILIDA Chief Labor and Employment Officer 465.00 WAQUIZ.392.526. JOSEPH PICARDAL IC Attorney III 1. ERNESTO R IC Attorney III 1.658. MARCO ANTONIO LUISITO III VILLANUEVA Administrator 1. CYNTHIA RODIS Executive Director 559.487.00 Jose R.00 PEJI. Historic Sites Development Officer 210.31 PERALTA.938. ROSALINA V IC Attorney III 715. REINERIO ARCAYA Supervising Labor and Employment Officer/OIC AP Division 803.744. ELISA BANGALAN Chief Medical Professional Staff 1.428.00 PACETE. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.00 PEJI. STEPHANIE BUMANGLAG Chief Labor & Employment Officer/OIC Deputy Executive Director 889.096.197.00 RUSTIA.00 CHIONG.606.689. RAIDIS JOSE Planning Officer V 464.926.18 AREVALO.222.634.00 OLAER.148.020. AUGUSTO PASCUAL Chief.00 APATAN.00 CALIMAG. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* VILLORENTE. PLOCIOS Supervising Labor and Employment Officer/OIC LSRR 805.462. the details of which can be found in Part VI .419. LIZA TORREMORO IC Attorney III 947. PAULINA KIM CARRERA Senior Labor and Employment Officer/OIC ER Division 225.43 OSIAS.687.52 GUCE.08 VALDEZ. JOHN ARANGORIN IC Attorney III 1. EMMANUEL FORMILLEZA Medical Center Chief II 1.00 BAYSIC.390.077.630.509.627.538.16 EVASCO. EPIFANIO MISTICA Director 1.00 ALLAGA.00 REYES-NOLASCO.29 ABENIDO. FRISCO LIMBO Director 1.705.120.20 Institute for Labor Studies CRUZ. NICOLAS DY-LIACO Deputy Executive Director 1. DENNIS FERNANDEZ Deputy Executive Director 1.28 DE SAHAGUN. NATHANIEL SUIZA Director 1.00 FLORENDO.394.000. CAMILO FRANCO SAGALA Chief Administrative Officer 914. DOROTHY MARAMAG Deputy Insurance Commissioner 1.244. MARIA ISABEL DACULA Senior Labor and Employment Officer/OIC ER Division 644.95 ESCALANTE. 145 . Historic Sites Development Officer 898.00 FUNA.227. JAINAB AIMEE TAHIL Officer-in-Charge.00 PATRIWIRAWAN.390.090. NELSON PEÑA Deputy Director General 1.52 TOLENTINO. VIDA TULAY Deputy Insurance Commissioner 1.950.754.228.115.00 ARTAJO.242.37 RAZ. BERNADETTE BARGAS Executive Director 1. JOSEPHINE RIMA Director General 494.

15 Local Government Academy SACENDONCILLO.860.18 Las Piñas General Hospital and Satellite Trauma Center LOPEZ.60 ABAYA.80 AMANSEC.06 PASTRANA. JOSEPH EMILIO AGUINALDO BOD Chairman 0.00 ORTILE.49 PACIS. ROBERT NOMAR VARONA Deputy Administrator 1.551.91 Land Transportation Office TAN.477. MARIVEL CAMILON Executive Director 1.50 Land Management Bureau TALABIS.125.040. WINSTON MAYO Chairman 1.825. GENEDINE AGUINALDO Chief Administrator 854. MAXIMO JR QUIBRANZA Administrator 1. ROSENNE MARIN FLORES Director 1. ANTONIO JR.00 PABLO.06 Juvenile Justice and Welfare Council OCO.408.00 Land Registration Authority DIAZ. DIMAGIBA.258.330. EMELYNE VILLANUEVA Acting Director 1.386.040.473.789.207.790.00 ENERAN.00 LAZARO.080. ARMANDO MACARIO Director 1. NORLITO APURA Division Chief 253.03 INTON. MUHAMMAD YUSOPH ALAOYA Director I 284.91 FAJARDO.57 LEYRETANA.86 CABRERA. AGAPITO ERMITA Financial Management Officer II 955.87 AVILA.055. BIENVENIDO FLORENTINO Division Chief 937.97 CORPUS.886. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. HENRY PADILLA OIC-Assistant Director GONZALEZ. HENRY PADILLA Ex-Officio 50.500.441. RODRIGO HUELVA Chief of Medical Professional Staff II 1.562. MARIA LUISA UMALI Chief Adminstrative Officer 1. RALPH CASAUAY Ex-Officio 62.454. PAUL DUMBRIQUE BOD Member 0.449.146.Details of Salaries and Allowances.747.250. VELOSO Assistant Secretary 1. NICASIO ARANAS Deputy Administrator 1.141.065. RHANDOLFO BACLIT Director 1. THELMA TERCIÑO Assistant Director 1.15 BALTAZAR.36 ADRIAS.09 HAO. ROQUE SUPNET Director II 1.02 BALUBAR.242.045. TRICIA CLARE AQUINO Executive Director 1.144.48 PACIS.59 CRUZ.739.53 ENCISA.10 LAMPING. ENRILE Member III 1.880. EDMUNDO BORJA Medical Center Chief II 1.00 CABURAL. MA.00 PABLO.00 VECINA.733. JOSEPHINE LANGCAY Nurse VII 1. ROLANDO RIVERA OIC-Division Chief 589. RODOLFO DIWATA BOD Member 0.887. RAMON ESPINA Chief Administrative Officer 991. ROLANDO RIVERA Division Chief 254.235.88 NEGAPATAN.00 BAÑAS.782.268. SER JOHN CASSANOVA Information Tech Officer III 885.888.50 PABLO. VICTORIO MARIO ALONSO BOD Member 0.00 BALDE.899.76 VERSOZA.060.268. RONALD ANGARA Deputy Administrator 1.177.508. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* RODRIGUEZ. VICTOR BAILON Division Chief 254.205.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries. GIOVANNI CAMAGONG Executive Director 1.00 CONTI.00 Maritime Industry Authority MEJIA.009. RONALDO FRANCO Member III 1. GLORIA VICTORIA Deputy Administrator 1.00 EVANGELISTA.00 Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board GINEZ. ESTEBAN MEAÑO Director II 1. ALFONSO JR.858.00 DE LEON. MARICRIS CALIPJO Deputy Executive Director 558. EULALIO III CLEMENTE Administrator 1.00 ISORENA.125. the details of which can be found in Part VI . PORFIRIO JR RONDA Director 1.058.898.551.323.658. 146 .408.159. ROBERTO III PARADO Executive Director 1.166.548. IGNACIA GUIA Medical Specialist III 1.275.451.

00 ISORENA. Executive Director 1.594. ROMMEL ANTONIO OPERARIO BOD Alternate Member 0.00 QUIZON.00 CUENCA.383.244.601. MARCELIANO JR.00 BORLAZA.00 DELOS SANTOS. MA.50 Mindanao Rural Development Program .978.800. 147 . JANET M.00 Mines and Geo-Sciences Bureau JASARENO. Vice Chairman 375. ASUNCION HIYASMIN H BOD Alternate Member 0.609. ALEXANDER TRIAS BOD Alternate Member 0.500.00 PUERTO.00 Movie & Television Review & Classification Board VILLAREAL.364.ASABAR Division Chief 934. EMERSON SANTIAGO Assistant General Manager 924. CARLO NEPOMOCENO Observer 0.00 FUDOLIG.941.477.40 JIMENEZ. LEALYN A Program Director 0.42 CABANILLA.76 Mindanao Development Authority ANTONINO.00 PANOPIO. RODOLFO JR.80 VELASCO.00 Metropolitan Manila Development Authority TOLENTINO.00 National Archives of the Philippines MANALO.00 TAN.181.721. BOD Alternate Member 0.289. DARIO REYES Observer 0. EUGENIO H. LABAGO Division Chief 922.000. RODOLFO DIWATA Observer 0.00 LEONIO.27 NOBLE.995. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* MUSNGI. GLENN MARCELO C.696. Executive Director 1.900.481.00 CONCEPCION.992.85 CARLOS. EMMA BOD Alternate Member 0.00 NEMENZO. Chairman 1.812.35 ESGUERRA. LEO LIBERATO Director 1.623. PATROCINIO JUDE HENSON Undersecretary 1.047. ANA.00 ABUNGAN.518. ROBERT ONGKINGCO OIC Executive Director 0. FRANCIS NG Chairman 1. JUAN COLLANTES BOD Member 0.717.17 LEGASPI.225.686. ANN MARIE L. JOSE ELISEO MEDALLA Secretary 1.259.494.000.00 LAGUA.Details of Salaries and Allowances. ELMER BANDAYREL Ex-Officio 49. Director 1. EMERSON SANTIAGO Chairman 378.345.APL2 RAMOS. JONATHAN QUIMERISTA Deputy Executive Director 1.00 National Academy of Science and Technology PADOLINA.54 CARLOS.00 ALAMPAY.02 National Anti-Poverty Commission ROCAMORA.861.214. the details of which can be found in Part VI .00 BERNAL. REYZALDY B.271.870.00 DOROTAN.341.00 STA.50 MONTENEGRO.638.00 GONZALES.71 BILLEDO.44 UYKIENG. DANILO UY Acting Director 234. CORAZON TECSON General Manager 1. EMMANUEL H.372. ANSELMO CARIÑO Ex-Officio 7.331.614. FLORENCIA CASANOVA Undersecretary 1. EDUARDO SIRON BOD Alternate Member 0. ELOISA LOZANO Division Chief 927. WILLIAM GONZALES President 96.500.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries. LUWALHATI RICASA Chairperson 1.630. MICHAEL FREDERICK DE LEON BOD Member 0. JUANCHO PABLO SONGCUAN Division Chief 945. EVELYN MAE TECSON Secretary 292.378. MERCEDES BARREDO Vice President 107.50 CALVEZ. Acting Deputy Executive Director 1. AGUSTIN MILANA Deputy Executive Director 1.00 Metals Industry Research and Development Center DIZON.00 LOPEZ. VICTORINO MAPA Executive Director 1. ROMEO M.332. ALEX RAMON QUIÑOLA Deputy Chairman 1.910.00 MENDOZA. BENEL DELA PAZ BOD Alternate Member 0.

207.445. VICTORINO MAPA Commissioner 12. ERA COLMO Commissioner 1. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.00 LLARENAS.422.156. Deputy Director 1.137.533.00 National Commission on Muslim Filipino LAO.380.000.076. VIRGILIO L.80 National Commission on Culture and The Arts SUEMITH.000.605. ROLANDO S Deputy Director 483.00 DIOKNO. Chairman 153. ANTONIO MARQUEZ Commissioner 8.30 MUYOT.64 INJU. Deputy Director 1.214.00 DOLOIRAS. ALBERTO TIONGSON Commissioner 14.603.196.244. JUDITH GAMBOA OIC-Chief Medical Professional Staff 1.00 SUNICO.378.00 National Center for Mental Health VICENTE.454. ADELINA MAGLANA OIC Executive Director 1.21 DE LEON.00 ESPAÑA. VIRGINIA EUSTAQUIO Deputy Executive Director 1.564.244.84 CAWALING. PIA SCHRAMM Commissioner 8.410. MICHAEL CAMET Chief Archivist 884. PERCY ALIAC Commissioner 1.143.436.48 ASUNCION.585.494.526. RAUL MORALES Commissioner 10. Deputy Director 1.00 PAGATPAT.240.729.297.605.00 ARROYO.231. JENNIE CASTAÑEDA Chief Records Management Analyst 893. EDMUNDO T.00 MUÑEZ.79 REYES. BERNADETTE TRINIDAD Chief.256. Assistant Director 1.152.00 LITIGIO.000.124.00 PAWID.516.00 RAGOS. GLORIA JULIAN Chief Records Management Analyst 63. EPIFANIA SAGUM Medical Center Chief II 1. MERLIE PADRE OIC Division Chief 640.436.500. EDWARD A.21 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.00 BANUA.000.483. COSME MANDAHAY Commissioner 1.00 ARGABIOSO.00 ARUGAY.37 AZUCENA. the details of which can be found in Part VI . JOSE D.880. Deputy Director 1. VENUS SERRA Chief. Commissioner 12.500. FELIPE JR.000.231.00 BRAWNER.00 ALMARIO. 148 . VIRGILIO SENANDREN Commissioner 13.123.00 SUMAOANG.000. RAFAEL MARCOS Z.274.996.585. JOCELYN GILDO Chief Administrative Officer 892.968. JEREMY ROBERT M. ANTONIO M.378.422. CMPS-Hospital 1.000. LEONOR ORALDE Chairperson 1.035.958. CMPS-Community 1.886.300. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* DARLUCIO. Director 1. Infirmary 1. ROSINI CASTRO OIC Division Chief 644.00 National Commission on Indigenous Peoples QUINTAYO.36 National Children's Hospital SIMBUL.509. SANTOS.333. MARIA SERENA ICASIANO Commissioner 2.96 MILAN.00 EBRAHIM.43 SELUDO. ESMAEL WALLY Commissioner 1.00 BADDIRI.00 MAGDAMIT. MARLEA PINOR Executive Director 293.00 FRANCISCO.00 BARNS. LEONCIA AMISOGA OIC Division Chief 769.Details of Salaries and Allowances.00 LAMBAYON.83 ARAIN.682.400.244. ABDULWAHID ALIE Commissioner 876. M.844.817.436. EDILWASIF TAPSIRIL Commissioner 1. BAYANI DIMAL Commissioner 1.12 CENTENO.70 National Bureau of Investigation MENDEZ.000.597. Deputy Director 1.00 MANALO. SALEM CALE Commissioner 1.884. AURORA INFANTANO Deputy Executive Director 1.210. MEHOL KIRAM Commissioner 1. ZENAIDA BRIGIDA HAMADA Commissioner 1.378.784.000.00 CAYETANO.00 DEMUNA.219.00 SADAIN. DIONESIA OPRAS Commissioner 1.29 VILLARTA.00 DE LEMOS. YASMIN BUSRAN Secretary 1. BEVERLY ABUAN Chief.816.503. LEE TIPONES OIC Executive Director 321. MEDARDO G.00 MARQUINA. DAISY LIMCOLIOC Chief Nurse 1. BERNARDINO ARVISU Medical Center Chief II 226.

Member 17.47 BARNS.000.658.640.305.827.09 ESGUERRA.884.00 BARUT.773. POBLADOR Director General 1.129.233. TERESITA EUGENIO Director 1. CARMEN REYES Acting Executive Director 1. MARIA CRISTINA ONGLEO Director 1.926.932.64 UBALDO.00 DE JESUS.018. SINSUAT Executive Director 1.00 SOTERIO.442. JAMEL PAMBATAL Commissioner 813.02 LIDASAN.36 TUNGPALAN.643.58 JAVINES.689. AGER JR. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* MALAYANG.58 PASCUAL.954.518. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.00 GUERRERO. RIZALIO ROBLES Division Chief 907. SHIRLEY MEDINA OIC-Executive Director 694.844. Defense Research Officer 886.000.00 AUDEA. 149 .46 National Conciliation and Mediation Board MANGALIMAN.27 National Historical Commission of the Philippines DIOKNO.707.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.00 SANTOS.373.179.822.117. JAY JASPER BERDIGUEL OIC-Deputy Executive Director 404.555. ROSARIO RAGAZA OIC-Division Chief 488. RUBEN JR.21 TAGO. THERESA MERCENE OIC-Division Chief 149. NESTOR IV REYES Deputy Director General 1. SHIRLEY MEDINA Deputy Executive Director 671.50 AGUSTIN.522. ARSENIO MOLINA Director General 1. VERONICA A.00 SANCHEZ. BENAG Division Chief 888. EMMANUEL FERREROS Deputy Director General 1. the details of which can be found in Part VI . SANTIBAÑEZ Assistant Director General 1.664.287. CAROL LUZ TRINIDAD Assistant Director General 1. President 1.309. ROLANDO GUMIA Deputy Director General 1. CARMINDA R.875. MA.00 MANALO. TAHIR JR.36 EDILLON.150.73 MONTOJO.522. Executive Director 1.588.378. ROLANDO G Executive Vice-President 941.697.280.12 CANCIO. DOLORES DEANG Division Chief 912.884.153.117.36 SONGCO.00 National Defense College of the Philippines DE LEON.439. FRANCISCO FABIA OIC-Division Chief 543.222. NELIA REGALA Division Chief 896.488.142.202.36 National Fisheries Research and Development Institute BAYATE.Details of Salaries and Allowances.005.650.00 JUNGCO.428.47 DADO.21 DINIL.22 PASCUAL.143.00 BADOY.208. CONCEPCION BARBA Deputy Director General 1.423.691.359. ANALIZA FLORES Commissioner 876. ELSA FULGEN OIC-Division Chief 736.031.36 REINOSO. KENNETH VERZOSA Assistant Director General 1.295.897.063.531. Deputy Executive Director 1. JEREMY ROBERT M. ROSEMARIE GEROLAGA Assistant Director General 1. MELINDA AOIGAN Assistant Director General 1.36 MIJARES.556. MA.566.073. MUDJEKEEWIS DALISAY Scientist 1.00 FURIO. MATEO JR.00 LEE.274.500.00 National Council On Disability Affairs ZUBIAGA.00 BAUTISTA.00 RAVELO. ULYSSES MADRID OIC-Division Chief 540.47 AREVALO.00 National Intelligence Coordinating Agency ONTOG. ACUIN Deputy Executive Director 1.674. ROSTUM J.392. MARIA TERESITA LACSAMANA OIC-Deputy Executive Director 417.438.67 MUTIA.864. NOEL CAMPOSANO Deputy Director 941. ANTONIO MARQUEZ Member 15. ANDRES RHUDY JR. DRUSILA ESTHER ESTENOR OIC-Director 0. REYNALDO RAFOLS Executive Director 1.50 National Economic and Development Authority BALISACAN. FERMIN JR R.624.02 RAGAZA. MARIA SERENA ICASIANO Chairman 1.33 SANTOS.36 TANATE. LUDOVICO D.00 CLAMOR.278. Deputy Executive Director 1. MARGARITA ROQUE Deputy Director General 1. PAISALIN PANGANDAMAN Commissioner 876.500. VICTORINO MAPA Member 10.63 SANTOS.144.

282.244.40 DE CASTRO. MARIA MYLENE CARAG Labor Arbiter 1.386. ALEX ARCADIO Commission Member 1.643.468.386.76 ABELLANOSA. ANNA RICIE MORALES Labor Arbiter 1.223.664.103.20 SARMEN. ALAN ALLAGA Commission Member 1.410.532.665. MERCEDES ROJAS Commission Member 1.399.691. DOLORES MARASIGAN Commission Member 1.39 CRUZ.00 PERALTA-BELEY.20 National Labor Relations Commission NOGRALES.113.00 AGUS.00 VENTURA.176.80 CARAGAYAN.670. JANET DALANON Labor Arbiter 1. CHERRY PARCIA Labor Arbiter 716.691.386.608. 150 .521. CHRISTINE AHN Labor Arbiter 1. MA.40 RENDUQUE. CECILIO ALEJANDRO CRUZ Commission Member 605.20 PANGANIBAN-ORTIGUERRA.20 ESPIRITU. MARIA THERESA SECO Labor Arbiter 1.20 BANTUG.472.521.801.938.00 BRAZA-ORO.187. MINERVA PAEZ Labor Arbiter 1.00 CRUZ.654.472.176.00 DE GRANO.661.990.244. JOSE GALAO Commission Member 1.80 SOTALBO.643.938. GERARDO CASTILLO Commission Chairman 2. LEILANIE TIPAN Labor Arbiter 1.80 SUELO. JOSETTE ESTANISLAO Labor Arbiter 1.80 NAVARRA.540. ISABEL GALANG Commission Member 1.40 BILOG.742.728.00 COLLANTES.80 BARRERA.645. JEFFREY SUSPENE Assistant Director General 1.00 GALILA.522.521. EMMA LIZA PALOMATA Labor Arbiter 1.990.638. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* LAPUZ.509. PABLO JR. CRUZ Commission Member 1. PROCULO TAVERA Commission Member 1.793.20 GUTIERREZ.60 ALBAY.324. GRACE MANARES Labor Arbiter 1. MA.990.608. TERESA LAGAHINO Labor Arbiter 1.386.50 SARMIENTO.60 UMBAC.532.472.510.18 CALMA.594.508.472. RUTH LANDAYAN Assistant Director General 1.50 BUENAVENTURA.70 KAIMO.643. BARIO-ROD MAGOROMBA Commission Member 1.711.65 DISOMANGCOP.861. LAUDIMER IMPERIAL Labor Arbiter 1. MA. JOSEPH GERARD ESCALANTE Commission Member 1. ERLINDA TURLA Commission Member 1.00 PEQUE.52 CENIT-ESCOTO. TIBURCIO ADRIAN II SIPALAY Labor Arbiter 1. JULIE CAMAHALAN Commission Member 1. MARIVE NEIS Labor Arbiter 1.261.938.704. VIOLETA ORTIZ Commission Member 1.80 SALAS. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. HERMINIO VERGARA Commission Member 326.472.226. AGNES ALEXIS LUCERO Labor Arbiter 1.40 POSADA-LACAP.043. RAISA PACASUM Labor Arbiter 1. BERNARDINO BAURE Commission Member 487. ANGELO ANG Commission Member 1. GREGORIO III OCAMPO Commission Member 1.686.119.00 CARREON.682. GRACE MANARES Commission Member IV/Presiding Commissioner 441.472.40 GO.594.10 VILLANUEVA.479.20 TAN.40 TALON.50 UBIÑA-TAGUINOD.16 FORTUNA.818.00 SAMAR. GINA FLORES Commission Member 595.04 SODUSTA.704.00 VENUS. VILMA MARIA PLAN Labor Arbiter 1.661.60 MEDROSO.661.899.00 MALINAO.134. GRACE MANIQUIZ Commission Member 1.17 CLEMENTE. RUBEN NICASIO Labor Arbiter 755.40 MABILOG.318.386. NUMERIANO DELIZO Commission Member 1.106. NIEVES VIVAR Commission Member 1.652.522. CONSUELO FILOSOPO Labor Arbiter 1. LUDIVINA IRINGAN Labor Arbiter 716.472.661.993. CARLOS LOTIVIO Labor Arbiter 716.386. TERESA MENOR Labor Arbiter 1.Details of Salaries and Allowances.134.50 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.30 BANCE.472. MA.765.010.298.643.386.386. MARY CAROLYNN QUE Labor Arbiter 1. BERNARDITA LEAL Labor Arbiter 1. MA.386. LEAH TIOZON Labor Arbiter 1.00 PALAÑA.42 JULVE. REMEDIOS CORDERO Labor Arbiter 1.20 TOMAS.472.40 VILLENA.00 DADULA. ROMEO LIM Commission Member 1. ELENITA FRANCISCO Labor Arbiter/OIC-Executive Clerk of Court 1.40 VENUS.678.176. MICHAEL ANTHONY NAVARRO Labor Arbiter 1.176.486.50 DAYTIA. MARY ANN PLATA Labor Arbiter 716.521. BORDADO Commission Member 1. the details of which can be found in Part VI .649.507.516.386.85 LOPEZ. ROBERTON GALANG Assistant Director General 1. DOMINADOR JR.

50 IGNACIO.643.00 National Nutrition Council-DOH FLORES.637. BEATA HUMILDA OLAQUERA OIC-Deputy Executive Director 1.95 National Meat Inspection Service MANANTAN. OTILLA NUYLES Labor Arbiter 705.354.00 OBLENA. Labor Arbiter 707.88 AREVALO. JOSE CASTRO Alternative Board Member Representative 10. JONATHAN VERGARA Division Head 707.00 PIMENTEL.378.486. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* SENO-KHO.971.336.033. DOLORES DOLADO Division Chief 941.00 AMURAO. SUSAN JOSON Division Chief 911.00 VILLASEÑOR.225.50 DOCTOR.00 ROSCOM.00 SALVADOR. RONALDO RAÑON Labor Arbiter 707.00 CRESENCIO.066. ELIZABETH DALAO Division Chief 693. RUEL MESA DE Branch Director 1. PETER NILO Administrator 1. ANN MAGANTI Labor Arbiter 707.000.63 VEGA.50 MORALES-SAPASAP.00 QUIROS.391. JOHN SANTIAGO FABIC Branch Director 1.927. MARIA JOYCE LABRA Labor Arbiter 712.000.970. MARIANE HAZEL P.50 MAGDARAOG-ALBA.517. JASPER ZACARIAS Labor Arbiter 707.477.344.13 VELASCO.00 PEPITO. PROCESO JARAZA Board Member 0.643.40 SANGCAL.643.50 MORALES-FABRO.00 BONAGUA. SIMEON JR.64 QUILLOPE.000.00 FRONDA. BLESILA PELIGRO Division Chief 897. ALMA ECO Labor Arbiter 707.70 OBSIOMA.643.840.833.540.610.00 FETALCO.00 ALCALA.00 National Mapping and Resource Information Authority TIANGCO. NIÑA BELMONTE Division Chief 475.34 CARUNGUI. PEREZ OIC Division Chief 739. MINDA SOLIVEN Executive Director 1. ANTONIO MARQUEZ Director 1.241.900. SOTOCUA Board Member 5. FE BALOSO Division Chief 909.05 FABIC. CLARITA MANLAPAZ Division Head 920. RAUL MANALO Labor Arbiter 707. HYGEIA CERES CATALINA BAGUISI Division Chief 943.50 BERNABE.000.043.09 JACINTO.092. ELIZABETH VISCO Division Chief 487.92 FERNANDEZ.00 BASAGRE. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. JOSE JR.95 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.643.84 GAWE.50 SABINIANO. ANNA LIZA FIDEL Board Member 5.00 CARANDANG.50 DELA CRUZ.38 CALLANTA. EDGARDO BERNARDO Division Chief 912. MA. NAVARRO LARA Board Member 5. TERESITA ABITRIA Division Chief 912.077.50 DELA CRUZ. LEONARDO JR. LEONARD VINZ OCHOA Labor Arbiter 707.442. EASTER FORONDA Division Head 885.209.00 DE CASTRO.897.870. MARIA LOURDES ABOLA Division Chief 1.000.Details of Salaries and Allowances.967.50 LAGMAN.643.50 MARZAN.250.062. JANUARY MAGCALAS Division Head 829.00 REAÑO.50 RAMOS.782.000.80 SANTOS. RIJALDIA NUYDA Branch Director 1.207.452. ROSSANA SANTOS Division Chief 946. KAREN KRISTINE AMAR Board Member 5.075. NIMFA MAE REMORQUE OIC-Division Head the details of which can be found in Part VI . MA.643.643. DENNIS DOMINGO Alternative Board Member Representative 5. DONNA CALUAG Labor Arbiter 707.031. RUBINA ORTICIO Board Member 5.50 National Library of the Philippines SANTOS.490.65 BELEN. ARLENE SELORIO Division Chief 953.252. CHONA MALAPAYA Division Chief 946.098. JOSE PAREDES Board Member 5.043.00 VIVAS. EFREN PEREZ Deputy Administrator 1. YOLANDA ESTANISLAO Assistant Director 1.000. MARIA BERNARDITA TREVALLES Assistant Secretary/Executive Director 1.00 NONES.000.318.65 CABANAYAN. JOCELYN AREVALO Division Chief 901. LAMBERTO BELTRAN Division Head 532. 151 .50 LUNA.73 CRUZ.695.643. CALLANTA Deputy Administrator 1.445.000. JHOLI DEL ROSARIO Labor Arbiter 707.

018.604.00 DELES. TERESITA LAGRAMADA OIC-Deputy Director 859.88 National Police Commission ROXAS.006.88 TENEPERE.50 National Research Council of the Philippines LAO.403. MONICA GARCIA Branch Chief 877.686.160.55 HORNILLA. DONALDO MARQUEZ Branch Chief 877.710.00 SAMSON.037.213. EDUARDO JR.258. PEÑA Director General 1.70 RODRIGUEZ.43 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.095. CAPITO Division Chief 901. CARLO JOSE ASAS Deputy Executive Director 925.269.00 URRO. DEBBIE ASISTIO Branch Chief 888. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. PATRICIA POLINTAN Deputy Executive Director 1.70 BOO.00 MERCADO. CESAR JR.00 DE GUZMAN. VICENTE MENDOZA Deputy Director General 1.575. LORENZO ABRASALDO Director 1. MARIA CRISELDA REBULDELA Executive DIrector 1.00 PALMERA.00 RODEROS.523. GERALDO SIAO Division Chief 1.33 National Parks Development Committee ESPINO.029.00 National Tax Research Center RODRIGUEZ.176. CONSTANCIA POSADAS Commissioner 1.579.250.00 NAGRAMPA.88 MARTINEZ.Details of Salaries and Allowances. the details of which can be found in Part VI .595.710.006.254. LUISITO TINIO Commissioner 1.00 SARMIENTO.383.00 National Printing Office ANDAYA.383.70 National Telecommunications Commission CORDOBA.336. EDGARDO VERANO Deputy Executive Director 137.145.70 REMPILLO.00 BALITAAN.992.029. RAUL S. ALICIA CARREON Division Chief 1.70 MENDIOLA.321. VIRGINIA VILLASOR Media Production Specialist V 874.687. JOSEFINA S.578. TRINIDAD ARCEO OIC-Executive Director 1.649.686.00 ACUÑA.595.018. ESTELITA MATIBAG Division Chief 908.595. MA.475.321.88 ARNOLD. ALEJANDRO SANSON Commissioner 1.00 COROCOTO. DELILAH FERNANDEZ Deputy Executive Director 1.166.686.368.383. EMMANUEL C.029. GIAN CARLO DAMATAN OIC-Executive Director 271. CARMINA BASA Director 1.908. RAY DULAY Assistant Director General 1. EMELITA DE ARAO Branch Chief 900.70 TENA.00 BROSAS.70 CALUBAG.00 CALUAG.992.00 MARTINEZ. ELIZABETH HAUTEA Executive Director 1.344.268.00 PETILLA.179.018. LEONARDO ARIAS Commissioner 0.32 CABARIOS. CARINA GALVAZ Executive Director 1.544.627. GAMALIEL ASIS Executive Director 1.321. FILONILA DATINGGUINOO Assistant Director General 1.70 SY.040. Acting Assistant Director 1.769.00 SUMAGAYSAY. ZENONIDA FRANCISCO Deputy Director General 1.00 CLAVEJO.631. ROLANDO L. Acting Director 1. MARLENE LUCERO Branch Chief 903.00 ESCUETA. EDUARDO UMALI Vice-Chairman 1.345.38 VILLALON. HEHERSON MACABANGUN Division Chief 874.352.342.00 ESPINA.383.595. MARIETA BAÑEZ Executive Director 196.70 SOLOMON. JOVITA BACCUTAN Division Chief 941.00 National Wages and Productivity Commission SY. 152 . ROSALINA PALERACIO Park Operation Superintendent V 864.73 LARAYA.849.064. MEL SENEN SEVILLA Chairman 0. MANUEL II ARANETA Chairman 0. Superintendent 474.707.00 National Security Council GARCIA.942.00 AGDAMAG. NEDINIA BELTRAN Branch Chief 747. Superintendent 566. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* RAVAL. RENIA CUSTORIO Division Chief 1.659.

401.48 SABIO. MARIA DELIA SALIDO Director 1. GREGORIO RAMON AVEDILLO Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer 1.392.00 National Water Resources Board DAVID.03 Office for Transportation Security RECOMONO.794. EFREN B.400.42 ORAA. the details of which can be found in Part VI .503.000.011. ROY CHRISTIAN L Assistant Government Corporate Counsel 1.692.00 FAJARDO. DOLORES M Assistant Government Corporate Counsel 1.473.00 BAGTAS.42 ALMADIN. MA. BEL D.878. JEANETTE TANA Deputy Executive Director 1.00 National Youth Commission TINGSON. Assistant Government Corporate Counsel 2.156.955.80 CENDAÑA.543.087.42 Office of the Civil Defense PAMA. ADONIS PORTO Member 3.412.940.736. Assistant Government Corporate Counsel 1.386. Assistant Government Corporate Counsel 1.057.769.449.48 GONZALES.707.015.332.337.00 News and Information Bureau JAMORA. EDUARDO TORRES Commissioner 110. CEDRIC REBOTON Commissioner 103. GUILLERMO III QUESADA Member 9.03 ISIDORO. IRENEO M Government Corporate Counsel 289. RAOUL CHICANO Government Corporate Counsel 2. 153 .00 SULIT.00 TAAY.56 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.296.474.01 ESTIOKO.47 VEGA. JOSE SIXTO III GONZALES Commissioner-at-Large 1.00 FLORO.000.380.Details of Salaries and Allowances.00 CANADA. EDUARDO VALIENTE Member 36.439.52 JOTA. ROLAND SABATE Administrator 1.905. ROBERTO CASTRO Deputy Administrator 1. FRANCISCO RODRIGUEZ Commissioner 18.06 CARILLO.520.00 SICANGCO.424.378.562.000.538.862. ROBERTO SISON Member 33. DOMINGO Executive Director 1.000. SHIERWIN HALILI Executive Director & COO 1.152. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* DAMO. RODOLFO C.832. RAUL D.34 CAPILI.505.42 PRESQUITO.073.184. ELPIDIO JUMALON Deputy Government Corporate Counsel 2. ALEXANDER PATINO Administrator 1.44 REYES.000. JOSE MARIE C.390.000.578.00 IGNACIO.735. DANILO SANSOLIS Director 1. EARL PIOQUINTO Commissioner 1. Assistant Government Corporate Counsel 1.17 RAGANDANG.805.041.711.432.00 TABIOS. MIGUEL FERNANDO FUENTABELLA Director 1. JORGE MARLANG Deputy Executive Director 1.00 BAGALIHOG. ERIBERTO CAMARISTA Director 1.974.10 SURIA.231. LUCIANO Chairman 42. Assistant Government Corporate Counsel 1.074. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.00 DANTES.00 MANGUNE.095.689.365.00 Office of the Government Corporate Counsel CREENCIA. WELMA TEJADA Director 1.00 CRUZ.866.380. PERCIVAL VILAR Commissioner 1.00 SORIANO.53 DIWA.62 MALLARI.435.492.134.678.80 RIGONAN. DOMINADOR JR R Assistant Government Corporate Counsel 1.96 DERAYUNAN. ALDA G. RUBEN FESTIN Member 33.134.00 RONDAIN. DEMETRIO JR. Assistant Government Corporate Counsel 2.03 GALACIA.252. JO JAN PAUL JANOLINO Commissioner 1. LIZA FIDELIS FERNANDEZ Civil Defense Executive Officer 775. ROMEO FLORALDE Civil Defense Deputy Administrator 1. DAVID LUCELO Commissioner 104. Assistant Government Corporate Counsel 2.056. EDWIN M.00 SAAVEDRA.731.00 VILLANUEVA. KATHLEEN PANGAN Vice-Chairman 3. SEVILLO JR.136. JOSE RAFAEL SANCHEZ Commissioner-at-Large 1. ELENITO MERIOLES Division Chief 916. ROLANDO GUMIA Vice-Chairman 3. JAMIE-LYN DEQUINA Director 1.710.000.00 TUNGPALAN.724.408.580.00 MANALILI.000.00 PEÑOL.070.28 JAMIAS-GARCIA.000.00 FONDEVILLA. ROBERTO TIJAM Director 1. ELVIRA PEREZ Director 1.379.244.722.301.014.

60 OBAN. SAN LORENZO Undersecretary 1.017.579.305.84 PILANDO.018.452.00 ZOLETA.602.50 PALDENG.974.089. NAVARRO Executive Secretary 1.318.08 ALANO.953.C.91 SANDOVAL.00 CABRAS.44 PIAD.520.508.269. RONALDO MONARES Presidential Adviser 1. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.36 LLAMAS.622.00 BERNARDO.707. TAMBAOAN Deputy Special Prosecutor 1.596. JAZMIN BALUYUT Undersecretary 1.81 AHORRO. CONCHITA CARPIO Ombudsman 2.00 MUSNGI.00 BALITON.05 SOMIDO. MICHAEL GALICIA Deputy Executive Secretary 505. REYNALDO PENA Undersecretary 1.011. LALAINE D.577.261.13 AGUINALDO.520.666.370.74 CATURA.277. RAMON MATEO UNZON Undersecretary 1. JOSE RENE DIMATAGA Cabinet Secretary 1.004. ROLANDO BALDOVINO Assistant Ombudsman 1.28 GERON. EDWIN F.582. 154 .60 LAYSON.28 ONG.852. MA. FRANCIS NEPOMUCENO Presidential Assistant 1.562. the details of which can be found in Part VI . EDNA ERMINO Assistant Ombudsman 304.47 DIZON.105. ASRYMAN TAROMA Assistant Ombudsman 1. Acting Deputy Special Prosecutor 1. MA.600.581.904.08 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.281.007.00 SORIANO. PANFILO MORENA Presidential Assistant 204.082. MARIA CLEOFE CATAPANG Undersecretary 1.00 AMANTE.852. Deputy Special Prosecutor 332.919.934.98 ALMENDRAS. MANALO Executive Director VILLASANTA.613. MA. AGUIRRE Undersecretary 1.876.932.543. EMMANUEL TRINIDAD Undersecretary 1.615. ANGELINA MICIANO Undersecretary 1. EVELYN ALMOGELA Assistant Ombudsman 2. ROCHELLE RAVAGO Undersecretary 1. LOURDES ANGCHAY Undersecretary 1.33 LACSON.743.097. JOSE LUIS MONTAÑO Undersecretary 1.585.000.81 CAGUIOA.526.00 RAMOS. JOHN I. Presidential Spokesperson 1.00 Office of the Ombudsman-Office of the Special Prosecutor ASUNCION.014.617.486.567. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* Office of the Ombudsman MORALES.343. MELCHOR ARTHUR HERNANDEZ Overall Deputy Ombudsman 2.52 SAGADAL.10 VALTE.828.830.370.33 PAYNOR.157.300. MARILOU ANCHETA Assistant Ombudsman 1.600. NABIL ALFAD Undersecretary 1.007. TEOFILO JR. JENNIFER JARDIN Assistant Ombudsman 1.573.Details of Salaries and Allowances.931.004.870. SEVERO SEVERO Undersecretary 1.102.582.572. CYRIL ENGUERRA Deputy Ombudsman for MOLEO 2. FELIZARDO JR.244.594.038.012.50 ARANCON.565.924. WEOMARK RYAN GARCIA Assistant Ombudsman 2. REGINALD DOLLANO Undersecretary 1. REX DEREQUITO Special Envoy 1. JOSELITO PEREZ Assistant Ombudsman 2.48 GUEVARRA.53 BAUTISTA.157. ABIGAIL DELA FUENTE Undersecretary 1. FREDELITA CADUÑGON Undersecretary TAN.77 LACIERDA. ALEU ANTONIO Assistant Ombudsman 2.610. GERARD ABETO Deputy Ombudsman for Luzon 2. MANUEL JR. ALFREDO BENJAMIN SABATER Chief Presidential Legal Counsel 1. SALUPEN Deputy Executive Secretary 1.17 CORTEZ.80 RAFANAN. ALBERTO ATACADOR Deputy Executive Secretary 1.054.24 GUIZA.80 PADIOS.997.496.35 BANAL.744. DANILO MADRIAGA Presidential Adviser 1. Acting Deputy Special Prosecutor 946.951. CATALINA. MARIBETH TAYTAYON Assistant Ombudsman 2. CORNELIO LOPEZ Deputy Special Prosecutor 1.557.666. OMAR LARRAZABAL Acting Deputy Special Prosecutor 984.312.03 Office of the President OCHOA.239.418.00 MOSQUERA. EDUARDO JR. MICHAEL FREDERICK DE LEON Undersecretary 1.492.81 FANGON.848.50 BENITEZ.951.23 CRUZ. MENARDO ILASCO Deputy Executive Secretary 953.33 PANGILINAN. MARIA CORAZON ATIENZA Acting Assistant Ombudsman 1.955.363. MARCIANO JR.615.50 TURALBA. PAQUITO JR. LEILANIE BERNADETTE CRUZ Assistant Ombudsman 2.605.63 DIÑO. IRENEO M.157.81 MEJICA.00 MANALILI.49 STA.575.007. RONALDO ALEA Deputy Executive Secretary 1.00 SERAPIO. CAESAR DAYAO Assistant Ombudsman 1.623.698.00 CARANDANG.573.578.

804.610.583.744. CECILLE AUSTERO Senior State Solicitor 1.244.503.149. REYNALDO LAGDA Assistant Solicitor General 1. ANTONIA EDITA CLARIDADES Assistant Solicitor General 155 .753.430.120.879.09 GO. ANA ESPERANZA ROLDAN Assistant Solicitor General 2. DANILO LABAYO Assistant Secretary 1.18 PAYUMO.079.670.786. CIELO SE Assistant Solicitor General 1.00 LORENA.17 GALZOTE.670.093.00 ALCANTARA.69 SATO.025.46 HERNANDEZ. MYRNA AGNO Assistant Solicitor General 1.549.17 SEGOVIA. ROBERT FRANCIS BALUNSAT Undersecretary 1.944. LESLEY JEANNE YU Undersecretary 538.35 GUILLEN. TERESITA QUINTOS Secretary 1. LOURDES ALARCON Senior State Solicitor 1.71 DIZON.00 Office of the Solicitor General HILBAY. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.17 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries. MA.031. MARSHA CLEMENTE Senior State Solicitor 1.17 GUEVARRA. LUISITO GRAVADOR Undersecretary 1.503.42 GARCIA. RAYMUND IGLESIAS Senior State Solicitor 1.703.387. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* GILLEGO.85 SADOY. ZORAYDA TEJONES Senior State Solicitor 1.207.679. RAUL JUMANG-IT Assistant Solicitor General 2.57 OCAMPO.68 RECON.17 RUAYA. JAMES LEE Senior State Solicitor 1.305. ELLAINE ROSE SANCHEZ Assistant Solicitor General 2.08 CORRO. ANDEN Undersecretary 1.00 CORDERO.244.643.00 MONTALBO. HERMES LAURIO Assistant Solicitor General 1.933. JOHN EMMANUEL FELIPE Assistant Solicitor General 2.436.878. THELMA LEE RAQUEL Senior State Solicitor 1.810.65 ACANTILADO.00 FERRER.30 MADAMBA.503.515.086.22 RAMOS.443. JOEL JAIME PEÑAFLOR Undersecretary 1. MARIA HAZEL VALDEZ Senior State Solicitor 1.477. SONNY VON NAPALA Senior State Solicitor 1. RACHEL GABUTERO Undersecretary 1.964.853.17 MEDINA.50 GALANDINES.503.70 CIMAFRANCA.601.431.17 HERNANDEZ.30 FERNANDEZ.927.Details of Salaries and Allowances.519.30 CANUTO. REX BERNARDO LEAÑO Assistant Solicitor General PUERTOLLANO.56 Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process DELES.476. MA.22 PASCUAL.17 GAITE. KARL BELANDRES Assistant Solicitor General 2.706.670. MIRIAM CORONEL Panel Chairperson 1.890. NYRIAM SUSAN SEDILLO Senior State Solicitor 1.003.878.60 LEYVA.42 BACURNAY.865. FENICAR AGLUGUB Senior State Solicitor 1.418. HENRY JR. ANTHONY DE JESUS Undersecretary 1. BERNARD GERONIMO Assistant Solicitor General 2. LOURDES CESARIO Senior State Solicitor 1. MAGTANGGOL MENDOZA Assistant Solicitor General 1.453. ARTURO CLEMENTE Senior State Solicitor 1.431.78 SAN VICENTE. DEREK RIEGO Assistant Solicitor General 1.979.453.17 GUTIERREZ.952.209.448.30 LARAGAN.331.00 ENCINAS.03 ANTONIO. RENAN ESPINOZA Assistant Solicitor General 2.308.670.30 CASTRO.130.000.46 SOLOMON.83 RONDAIN. MA.690.424.670. MA.63 YU.666.475.379.302.349.832. TOMAS MATIAS Assistant Solicitor General 2.126.46 CUNDANGAN.491.00 ORETA.523.639. HERMAN REVIL Assistant Solicitor General 1.528. ERDELYNE CO Undersecretary 240.800. VIDA GARCIA Assistant Solicitor General 2. the details of which can be found in Part VI . MARISSA MACARAIG Assistant Solicitor General 2.503.941.30 MANDIN. JANE ESPINEDA Senior State Solicitor 1.79 LEONES. SARAH JANE TAN Assistant Solicitor General 961.659.631.405.444. ROMEO DION Senior State Solicitor 1.00 UMALI-HERMOGENES. CARMINDA PUNZALAN Senior State Solicitor 1.720. MA.175. Undersecretary 633.075. MILDRED YOVELA SY Undersecretary 1.793. DANILO DOSMANOS Senior State Solicitor 1.453.503.170.539.30 SALUDARES.299. ERIC REMEGIO ORDAS Assistant Solicitor General 2. FLORIN TERNAL Solicitor General 6. DANILO A.599.17 TABAO.79 PANGA. JOSE IRIBANI Undersecretary 1.964.431.311. JOSEPH LAYAG Senior State Solicitor 1.103.69 RIGODON. NOEL CEZAR TUGADO Senior State Solicitor 1.17 ZUÑIGA.170.062. MARISSA DELA CRUZ Assistant Solicitor General 2.466.178.30 MIRANDA. JENNIFER SANTIAGO Assistant Secretary 1.034.413.

JENNIFER F Senior State Solicitor 1.500.180.500.031.528.17 SISON. ANDREW JAMES SHELLEDY Senior State Solicitor 1. MARIE CHRISTINE RENIVA Senior State Solicitor 1.Private Transport Sector Cooperative 2. CAROL ANNE ALVAREZ BOD Member Representative 7.17 MALLARI-ROMAQUIN. MARIA VICTORIA VILLANUEVA Senior State Solicitor 1. Planning and Evaluation Division 884.206. MA. the details of which can be found in Part VI .16 Office of Transportation Cooperatives CAYABYAB.500.323.206.712. MA. ALEXANDER SUAVERDEZ Senior State Solicitor 1. CARLOS GO Senior State Solicitor 1.206.00 MACALINDOL.496.17 MIRANDA.076.17 RAMOS-FABELLA. DIANA CASTAÑEDA Senior State Solicitor 1. JONATHAN MOSLARES Senior State Solicitor 857.328.17 AGNES. LEOPOLDO ABANILLA BOD Member Representative 12.324. JEJOMAR CABAUATAN Vice President 1.874. CHERYL ANGELINE DEL MUNDO Senior State Solicitor 1. ARNEL RADAN BOD Member Representative 2.148.38 Office of the Vice President BINAY. MEDEL HOMBREBUENO Chief.980.364.026.17 NAVARRO.Private Transport Sector Cooperative 5.00 DE GUZMAN.17 ONG.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.206.00 DUQUE.500.140.17 SISON.328.431. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. MELANIE PUNZALAN Senior State Solicitor 1.27 MEDENCELES-VILLALON. NELIA BANDILLA Senior State Solicitor 1.962.651. TOMAS MANGUERA Senior State Solicitor 1.413.503. Senior State Solicitor 1.17 SALVADOR.17 DE VERA.04 FANDALIAN-LEGASPI.323.17 CAGAMPANG.17 SARDILLO-SALOM.301. ROMMEL EFREN CARLOS Acting Chief.36 MARTINEZ.00 BAS.17 ABAD. JESUS BENIG Representative . SUSAN VILLARAZO BOD Member Representative 2.503. B. MAISARA DANDAMUN Senior State Solicitor 1.370.00 PUNO. GINA LYNN GRAELLOS Senior State Solicitor 1.69 INANURAN.17 YSAAC.184.491. JOAN V Senior State Solicitor 1.206.361. HENRY GERALD PFEIFER Senior State Solicitor 1.89 LINGAN.00 GALVEZ.00 CATOLIN. EDGARDO RAMOS Senior State Solicitor 1.289.321. ARLEEN TADEO Senior State Solicitor 1. MARC ABANO Senior State Solicitor 1. RAFAEL MALUPA Representative .503.333.00 MANRESA.878.00 REFUERZO.390.206. ANGELITA VILLANUEVA Senior State Solicitor 1.961.17 VARELA.036.16 LICAUCO. Admin and Finance Division 860.17 DEVESA. CIRIACO III ABARQUEZ Board Member 2.17 SORIA.17 BUSTRIA.17 IBARRA. Operations Division 761. ELMA RAFALLO Senior State Solicitor 512. BERNARDO CERIOLA Senior State Solicitor 1.00 LAURENA.00 ROJAS. FELIX CABALLERO Representative .328.391.17 CANUTO.328. CHARINA AGUIRRE Senior State Solicitor 1.392.17 ROQUE-JAVIER.85 ESPIÑA-DALWATAN. MARIA VICTORIA BIGORNIA BOD Member Representative 7.00 LAGUNZAD. JONATHAN LEDESMA Senior State Solicitor 1.991.503.145.128.003. ENCEBRIN JAVIER Senior State Solicitor 1.17 DELA VEGA. LOURDES CARMELA AQUINO Senior State Solicitor 1. JENNIFER LEAH PEÑA BOD Member Representative 2.323.503.500. ROSALIE ROBLES Assistant Secretary 1.Private Transport Sector Cooperative 2.17 REYNES. REYMUNDO JR.503. SANTIAGO MACROHON Senior State Solicitor 1. RITA CECILIA DE LEON Senior State Solicitor 1.500.17 NOLASCO-JIMENEZ. JOSEPHINE DUMAGON Senior State Solicitor 1.17 VILLAR.503.706.503.00 PLANAS.328. PENAFRANCIA C.206.241. MITZIE SILVA BOD Member Representative 12.503.133.431.00 AFALLA.17 PIMENTEL. ERMITA Undersecretary 1.500.17 PINEDA.206. CRESCENCIANA ESPIRITO SANTO Acting Chief.036.844. BENJAMIN GERARDO JR.000.323.503. CATHERINE JOY REYES Senior State Solicitor 1. 156 . MELCHOR VERGARA Chairman 1.503.500. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* ANGELES.69 REYES.900.85 LATIPH.00 CAMPO. KAREN ABAD Senior State Solicitor 1.067. DE JESUS Executive Director II 1.206. MARITA ANGELINE BINAY Director 1.206. MARICAR PRUDON Senior State Solicitor 1.328. RODOLFO GERONIMO MAGLALANG Senior State Solicitor 1.17 ARIAS.116. ENAMARIE LIZZETTE CASIM Senior State Solicitor 1.16 ALCANTARA.014.624.115.903.081.503.500.134.500.500.Details of Salaries and Allowances.310. AILEEN PINCA Senior State Solicitor 1.503.

41 GUTIERREZ. EDUARDO MANAHAN Commanding General 683. NORHAYA CACO Division Chief 885. LANDRICO JR. Division Chief 916.168. MASANGQUE Commander 1. EDILBERTHA M. VICENTE BUCTOT Acting Administrator 2. WILLIAM MASINLOC Deputy Commandant 989.00 Philippine Army AÑO.308.699.157. JOHN SARMIENTO Vice Chief of Staff.793. DEMOSTHENES CENTENO Vice Commander 1.00 VALENCIA.185. CYRUS PAUL S. Division Chief 933. EDGARDO RESTOR Deputy Chief of Staff. Division Chief 120.00 BONAFOS. Deputy Administrator 1.670.986.14 Philippine Council for Agriculture and Fisheries CAYANAN. MANUELA MALLARI Deputy Executive Director 1.21 HERODECO.060.146. CECIL REYNES Commander 1.00 TUASON.82 Philippine Coast Guard ISORENA.00 IREBERRI. REY DANIEL N.50 MAGNAYE.77 ANCHETA. FLAVIANA DE LEON Acting Deputy Director 1.21 ORENDAIN.00 TAN.069.421.343. RAMIL REGINIO Deputy Executive Director 1. PA 584.238.715.30 HISTORILLO.677. JEFFREY FAJARDO Commanding General 1.410.670.43 Parole and Probation Administration CO.150.699. VICTOR LUIS Q.359.53 VALENZUELA.35 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.84 FALLORINA. CECILE BALTAZAR Deputy Executive Director 1.287.778.406.760.00 FALLORINA. JOSE BONIFACIO ANACTA Division Chief 669. AFP 749.328.75 CHEN. GALILEO GERARDO JR RIO Chief of Air Staff 1.25 MELAD.00 CATAPANG. MANUEL GOLLOSCO Administrator 1.57 DAVIS. AFP 572.706.18 PINLAC.28 Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission NAGUIT. LUIS JR.Details of Salaries and Allowances.810.513.143. LOLITA ORTEGA Chief Administratrive Officer 941. LORNA A.047.21 EUGENIO.50 MADRIGAL. DESIREE ETOLLE Division Chief 786.60 HILARIO. AFP 1.056.78 GUILING. WILLIAM MASINLOC Officer-in-Charge 319.380.822.557. EMERALDO CARANDANG Vice Commander 719. MARY ANN G. HELEN ARLENE PASCO Deputy Executive Director 1.00 Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration MALANO.256. EDGARDO RESTOR Vice Commander 1.132. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* Optical Media Board RICKETTS.091.861.025.173.628.00 SILVA.00 Philippine Commission on Women VERZOSA.236. DENNIS LORENZO B.414.308. BENJAMIN JR RASGO Chief of Staff.793.169. CATALINO LUCERO Acting Deputy Director 1. RONALD N.076.50 MISON. ARIEL TOBIAS Executive Director 1. RAFAEL COSCOLLUELA Chief of Staff. Chairman/Chief Executive Officer 696.400. Division Head 331.541.264.260. URETA Weather Services Chief/Officer-In-Charge 1.167. Acting Executive Director 683.460.58 SANTILLAN. RONALD ALDAY Executive Director 1.526.699. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.21 GONZAGA.00 DOMINGO. OIC Department Head 742. AFP 1.089.47 MELAD.24 PADILLA. HERNANDO CARMELO AREZZA Chief of Staff. AFP 412.037.414. GREGORIO PIO JR PUNZALAN Chief of Staff. PA 762.937.884. NENEITTE L. the details of which can be found in Part VI .411. 157 .213.32 QUILILAN.94 DALIDA.453.21 NAVALTA.239.50 KINTANAR. EMMELINE LAHOZ Executive Director 1. VIRGILIO OLLEVEROS Deputy Chief of Staff. SALVADOR MELCHOR BUENO Chief of Air Staff 323.00 Philippine Air Force DELGADO. Division Chief 935.431. RODOLFO DIWATA Commandant 1.21 CHIONGSON.

600.386. MARITA A Supervising Science Research Specialist 872.41 CARDENAS.662.290.307. Assistant Secretary 1. ABE L.69 SABULARSE. Executive Director 100. LEAH J. Senior Undersecretary 1. EDUARDO BALAMBAO OIC-Executive Director 286.53 YU.681.00 MONTALBAN.357.834.836. EDGAR FENIZA Division Chief 1.535.00 CALORA. NONILO AQUINO Division Chief 1. ALEXANDER SIAPNO Division Chief 770.200.419. CARINA LANTICAN Division Chief 1.32 TULAY.00 CARLOS.288.966. Chief Science Research Specialist 1.26 CINCO.059.196. Governing Council 24.675.595.430.015.50 EUSEBIO.43 DAROYA.890. FLORABELLE UY Deputy Executive director 920. DALISAY G.17 DE GUZMAN.00 AQUINO. DEMETRIO M. ALBERT P.00 ACEDERA.00 SANIEL.675.00 OCHAVE.310. Chief Science Research Specialist 969.255.233.96 BENIABON. RICHARD E.00 JABAY.98 PILI.380. CLARITO MAAÑO OIC-Executive Director 50.92 EBORA. CARLOS PRIMO CONSTANTINO Executive Director 701.457. JAIME CARLOS Executive Director 1. 158 .48 HUBILLA.985. Energy and Emerging Technology Research and Development DAVID.368. ROWENA CRISTINA LAZARO Executive Director 378. Chief Science Research Specialist 1. ALBERT GARCIA Division Chief 1. ELGIE LUCES Division Chief 892.069.00 VILLAR.255.684. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.72 OPEÑA.10 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.325. RENE M.118.00 CARLOS. MEDIADORA CLAUDIO Member. CARMENCITA DAVID Member.651.709. ARTURO JR.801.202. Governing Council 16.202. G. Chief Science Research Specialist 434.40 Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency CACDAC. SHANDY MARFILLA Deputy Executive Director 1.078. EDWIN C.475. Chief Science Research Specialist 969.200. Chief Science Research Specialist 1.09 BACARRA. REYNALDO V Acting Executive Director 1.59 CABANGON. Chief Science Research Specialist 1. RAUL CONSUELO Deputy Executive Director 1. JOSE MARIA AGUILA Member. RUEL CARLO L Supervising Science Research Specialist 831. ERMIE MERCADO Division Chief 1.00 Philippine Council for Agriculture.04 Philippine Fiber Industry Development Authority HOLOYOHOY. the details of which can be found in Part VI .40 REBULANAN.14 BROWN. ESTRELLA VILLANUEVA Division Chief 808.901.599. RUSSEL MATA Division Chief 1.977. JOCELYN E.300. NIÑALIZA HIPOLITO Division Chief 1.752. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* YAP.995.874.50 FERNANDEZ.00 BARRON.642.180.33 NAMIA.20 Philippine Council for Health Research and Development MONTOYA. MARIA TERESA BIEN Deputy Executive Director 37.39 OPULENCIA.66 PEÑA. DANILO C. FELICIANO JR G.882.82 TANQUECO.772.900. RODOLFO O. Chief Science Research Specialist 1.576.310.273.510.330.210.Details of Salaries and Allowances.04 LEMOS. SONIA PUNTANAR Chief Administrative Officer 1.600. Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development FAYLON.56 ESCORIAL.117. MERLITA MACARAYAN Division Chief 1. Governing Council 33.937.642.00 ORBE.178.00 LIGSAY. Governing Council 16.006.76 ILAO. PATRICIO S. MARI-ANN M.00 BUENDIA. Chief Science Research Specialist 1. Assistant Secretary 1.350.332.625. MELVIN B.301. Chief Science Research Specialist 1.166. Deputy Executive Director 1.310. Chief Administrative Officer 1.099.00 ORTIZ. NELSON PIOL Division Chief 1.840.60 AMANSEC. ANTONIO DESIDERIO Division Chief 965. PETRONILO BAGUIO OIC-Deputy Executive Director 1. ERNESTO O Supervising Science Research Specialist 937.00 PADILLA.01 GUEVARA. JULIETA EBRON Acting Division Chief 367. ANTONIO MANN Member.729. CHARLES YAP Member.02 MARIÑO.069.825. Governing Council 8.00 Philippine Council for Industry.

GRACETA DE LEON Chief Finance and Admin Division 1.000.50 MILLAN.341.31 REYES. HERMINIO JR.020. SRS 1. JOSELITO CASAS Executive Director 1. ARTURO SANTOS Chief.300. CAESAR CARLOS Flag Officer in Command 1. LEONARDO ARIAS Deputy Chief 582.840.987. NINI ARCEO Director MERCADO.00 COLOMA. MARCELO JR.924.108.248. JESUS CANDADO Flag Officer in Command 868.328.28 NARAG.975.397.49 CLAVEL.857.338.138.465. MILAGROS ISABEL ANTONIO BOD Member 40.79 CUEVAS.382.60 VOLANTE.338. JESUS GABRIEL CAPILI OIC-Deputy Administrator 954.129.94 LANTO.81 DOMINGO. 159 . CORAZON MERCADO Chief Volunteer Service Officer 909.402.016.24 SAN PEDRO.550. ESTELITA SINDO BOD Member 40. CHRISTINA ALONSO Chief. ROBERT LLEGADO Director 1.856. DELFIN CAPERINA Planning Officer IV 1. SEVERINA BELMONTE Supervising Volunteer Service Officer 60.50 GARBO.23 BORNAS.175. SRS 1.986.64 VILLEGAS.680.00 Philippine Information Agency OQUIÑENA.97 SARMAGO.97 CASTAÑEDA.19 BALDOZ. POYAOAN Deputy Chief 874. ELA VICTORIA FLORES Chief Volunteer Service Officer 849.667. ANTONIA VIDAMO Chief.00 CRISTOBAL. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. HANS LEO JAVIER Administrator 1.54 Philippine Orthopedic Center PUJALTE.00 Philippine Nuclear Research Institute DELA ROSA.00 GAERLAN.075.712.415.638. AMUERFINA REYES Deputy Administrator 1.167. JOSE MARI MATA Director General 1.760. RONALD JOSEPH SAÑO Vice Commander 277.95 DOMINGO.37 BAUTISTA. ROSALINDA DIMAPILIS BOD Chairman 0.98 MAMACOTAO.725. BALANGOS Chief Executive Officer 0. RUDY REYES Chief Volunteer Service Officer 771.229. ISHMAEL CLARINO Supervising. NIMFA DIÑA Director 1.803.606.91 CARLOS.000.50 MACARAIG. RICARDO CORNEJO Police Director General 591.099.27 GARCIA.815.460. JESUS GABRIEL CAPILI Deputy Administrator 361.00 Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology SOLIDUM.649. the details of which can be found in Part VI .78 DE GUZMAN.67 PETRACHE.481. VICTOR SOLIDUM Chief Administrative Officer 1.329. BARTOLOME CAPARAS Director III 1.214.75 Philippine Navy TACCAD.506.377. VIRGILIO DELA CONCEPCION Deputy Director General 1. Science Research Specialist 1.244. PAUL CESAR NADAL OIC Chief Medical Professonal Staff II 612.00 MERCADO. SRS 1.256.20 Philippine National Volunteer Service Coordinating Agency DE VERA. RAMON MOLINAS Division Chief 898. SRS 1.522. RENATO JR.576.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.785. RONALD JOSEPH SAÑO Chief Naval Staff 850.207.838.390. BAYANI RABAGO Chief Naval Staff 259.00 ESPINA.Details of Salaries and Allowances. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* BRANZUELA. MYLENE MARTINEZ Chief.00 GALVEZ.14 Philippine National Police MARQUEZ. SICAT Medical Center Chief II 1. LIBERTY TESORERO Deputy Administrator Philippine Overseas Employment Administration CACDAC. MA.00 HIZON.222.41 CASCO. JOSE BRITTANIO JR.493. SOLEDAD SOLOMERO Chief. Science Research Specialist 266. UMALI Director IV 1.69 LARGA.92 DAAG. LAURA BARRIBAL Chief Nurse 537.052. ABDULLAH GRANDE Director 1. DANILO SANTOS Deputy Chief 454.688.31 LIBUNAO.123. ALUMANDA MOLINA Director 1.00 CONSTANTINO. MA.

301.500.00 ORTIZ.00 BUENCAMINO.134. MARCELINO ALEJANDRINO Vice President 1.00 BIYO. CARLO A BOT Member 12.363.00 YU. S.250. RAMON JR.00 NAVA.00 HO.00 CRISTOBAL.613. ANDREW ANDRES Chairman 198.993.250.517. EVA LUNAS Deputy Executive Director 1.244.648.750. MARY JANE LAMMATAO Special Science Teacher V 1.00 ARCILLA. VIRGINIA PEREZ Director III 1.750. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.000.491.301. ANGEL JR.499.306. VICTOR J BOT Member 4. LETICIA PENANO BOT Member 25.00 IROY.65 Philippine Science High School System CABATIC.306.301.306.750.00 Philippine Science High School ANDRES. MELANIE ANNE BALUYOT Special Science Teacher V 934. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* ASUNCION.000.000. LYNDON NOEL BARBOSA Commissioner 204. GILLIAN AKIKO THOMPSON Commissioner 1. ROWENA CRISTINA LAZARO BOT Member Representative 4.Details of Salaries and Allowances. DINA JOANA OCAMPO BOT Member Representative 8.000. JOSE PATROCINIO JR.250.92 Philippine Racing Commission SANCHEZ.036.306. JESSAMYN MARIE OLIVARES Chief. JOSE MALINIS Special Science Teacher V 611.905.363. EDGARDO MACALINAO Executive Director 244. JOSETTE TALAMERA BOT Member 29.68 MATEO.66 DE LARA.186.750.000.20 YAZON.491. Science Research Specialist 1. 160 . LARRY LEONES Executive Director/BOT Member 1.00 NILES. RAMON M.00 OCA.00 GUEVARA.00 LUISTRO.00 LIPANA. ALEXANDER EDADES BOD Member 35. EDUARDO BAUTISTA Commissioner 17.500.000.79 ANDAYA. RICARDO RUBIN Chairman 1. DAISY A BOT Member Representative 4. ALAN T BOT Member 17.500.049.598.50 SAKAI. JOSE LUIS REYES Commissioner 1.000.335.00 LEDESMA.00 GUEVARA.74 CANTOS. CORPUS Commissioner 187. BOT Member 21. ROD ALLAN AVESTRUZ Deputy Executive Director 1.00 ANDRADA.00 CLAVECILLA.75 MONTEJO. the details of which can be found in Part VI . BOT Member 29.00 ALAMPAY.00 GUCE.759. VICTOR VIRI Commissioner 204.00 BUENAFE.567. CONCEPCION BUHAT Chief Admin Officer 1. MA.610.00 JOSE.00 GOMEZ.564.92 NAVARROZA. ADELINE P BOT Member Representative 29.00 CASTAÑO. BERBOSIDAD Executive Director 1. WIGBERTO JR.245.371. AMADOR BALAGUER Vice President 1.00 Philippine Sports Commission GARCIA. MA.403. RICARDO SR.000.000.00 LACHICA. RAMON R BOT Member Representative 29. FELIX MABESA BOD Member 35.000.54 TURINGAN. PURA Commissioner 1.138. LOPEZ Chairman 18.551. ALYSSA P BOT Member Representative 17.134.301. BIENVENIDO JR.000.00 BAGATSING.000. ELEUTERIO Z BOT Member Representative 25.750.00 BATALLER. MARIO GO BOT Chairman 0. RICARDO FERNANDEZ President 1.00 DE VERA. JESUS BISCOCHO Executive Director 27.540.000.40 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries. GUTIERREZ Commissioner 187. ARMIN ALTAMIRANO BOT Vice Chairman 0.00 PASCUA.000. SEVILLA Commissioner 187.00 TANTOCO. ANDREW ROVIE MANGUBAT Executive Director 1.00 DEMONI.393.500.00 DE UNGRIA.250.00 Philippine Public Safety College DE LEON. GUILLERMO JR. DANILO COMELIO BOT Member 25.10 CHENG.00 SANTILLAN. WILFREDO ALCARAZ Commissioner 187. SALVADOR HABANA Commissioner 1.

JOY BANDOY Commissioner 1. Interim Assistant National Statistician 987.547. ERMINA V. ERNESTO GONZALO Administrator 2.14 ASTROLOGO. LINA V.681.128.66 TEPORA. LOURDES J.075.227.42 TAPULGO.50 ABAD.862. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* Philippine Statistics Authority BERSALES. CIPRIANO MARQUINA Commissioner 1.876.402.413. MA. PAULA MONINA G. PACKING Executive Director 109.021. ROMEO S.769.531.32 PILIMPINAS.151.00 ABUAN. MARITES NATIVIDAD Division Chief 910.401. RAYMUNDO J. NESTOR POLICARPIO Deputy Executive Director/Acting Executive Director 1.50 VILLAFLOR.57 COLLADO.322.00 Philippine Textile Research Institute ELUMBA.00 Presidential Commission for the Urban Poor PANGANIBAN.00 Philippine Veterans Affairs Office CAROLINA.064.108.00 Presidential Broadcast Staff-RTVM NADAL. Interim Deputy National Statistician 1.494. the details of which can be found in Part VI .266.84 TALENTO. DULCE B Interim Assistant National Statistician 322.384. CORAZON ILAGAN Division Chief 1. Media Production Specialist V 897. Interim Deputy National Statistician 327. LUIS ENRICO TOLENTINO Media Production Specialist V 885. DULCE AMOR DIALOGO Development Management Officer IV 660. Deputy National Statistician 1. CANDIDO JR.181. JESSAMYN O Interim Assistant National Statistician 211.392. EVELYN JINIO Supervisory Administrative Officer 646.392.00 Presidential Commission on Good Government BAUTISTA. RIC OLAYA Commissioner 1.386. Interim Assistant National Statistician 1. WILMA A Interim Assistant National Statistician 315. LEOPOLDO ESTRELLA Media Production Specialist IV 647.392.700.43 GUILLEN.075.74 ABEJO. Interim Assistant National Statistician 1. Interim Assistant National Statistician 1.189.00 AVILA. EDITHA R Interim Assistant National Statistician 328. Interim Assistant National Statistician 588.434. FERNANDO VILLANUEVA Division Chief 858.036.097.483.154.548. FE JOCSON Division Chief 904.227.26 CABALLES.23 ENCARNACION.00 VILLAFLOR.436.703.00 ORTEGO.41 REYES.00 FAMPULME. LERINA BALENA Division Chief 859. ELIZABETH MOCAS Chief Trade Industry Development Specialist/OIC-DED III 1.82 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries. RAUL ZAGUIRRE Deputy Administrator 1.273.226. HERNANI BALO Chairman 1.329.500.481.292.00 LUBID. REGINA S Interim Assistant National Statistician 1. DANILO BASTASA Media Production Specialist IV 691. JOSIE B Deputy National Statistician 872. RENE I. CELIA BALTAZAR Director IV 1.055. 161 .426. Interim Assistant National Statistician 1.586.00 QUINTANA. MA.123.00 JARABELO.61 Philippine Trade Training Center PALABYAB.106. MARIBETH C. National Statistician 1. Interim Deputy National Statistician 478. MANUEL L Interim Assistant National Statistician 733.50 LAOPAO.002.020.54 DE GUZMAN.92 ALIGAEN.68 DOMINGO. CONRADO REYES Commissioner 1.280. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.546.890.00 HUFANA.999.036.156. MELBA BELEN Development Management Officer V 921.00 BRAGA.51 RECIDE.457.50 MAGSINO. ESTELA T.227.694.72 RICO. MENANDRO BACAYO Division Chief 774.649. VALENTINO C.91 CASTRO. ROLANDO DARAUAY Division Chief 1. SOCORRO D. Interim Assistant National Statistician 823.349.00 SILLADA.222. MAY SORONGON Division Chief 1.80 PEREZ.00 ORCILLA.80 MANUEL.495. VIVIAN R Interim Assistant National Statistician 323.007.Details of Salaries and Allowances. VIRGILIO JR.200.00 ELEAZAR. J. JUAN ANDRES DONATO Chairman 597. LISA GRACE S.50 LAÑA.134. MINERVA ELOISA P Interim Assistant National Statistician 322.73 REGALA.00 DITA.65 ESQUIVIAS.39 ILARINA.168.941.976.

VIRGILIO JR. GINO ALPHONSUS ANINA Director 1.419. NGINA TERESA CHAN Commissioner 500.00 DE LAYOLA.00 REYES.00 PERALTA. CATHRYNE JONNE LICUDINE Assistant Secretary 871.639. PRESBITERO JR. CECILIA NOLASCO Assistant Secretary 387. JOSE CATRAL Member 976.63 Presidential Communications Development and Strategic Planning Office QUEZON. HERMINIO III CEBLARIO Undersecretary 1.331.00 GALLARDO.495.589.357.319.33 CUI.244.981. RENATO MELENDREZ Undersecretary 1.00 VELASCO. TERESITA LEONARDO Member 976. MARIANO CAIRO Member 976. ANDREW FELIX ARSENIO A Commissioner 616. HERMINIO JR.186.841. JAN CO Undersecretary 1.000. JULIA ANDREA RAZON Secretary 1. MA.77 VIDAL. ANTONIO ADANIEL Undersecretary 1.00 LEONEN. FERDINAND JR.544.08 PUNO. Clerk of Court 77.258. BALANGOS Secretary 1.05 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.106.83 DIAZ. MA.366.50 NARVADEZ.33 OCA.787. JOSE Member 976.98 LAZO.00 BERSAMIN. BERNARDINO ETORIAGA Undersecretary 1.096. 162 .488. ESTELA PERLAS Member 976.146. ELEAZAR DE LEON Assistant Secretary 621.207.Details of Salaries and Allowances. JESS ANTHONY QUE Undersecretary 1.481. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. RONALD CHUA Commissioner 1.722. MA.151. FRANCIS HUISING Member 1. DIOSDADO MADARANG Member 976.235.486. ARTURO DIZON Member 976.492. PACKING Assistant Secretary 1.558.519.841. ANTONIO TIROL Member 976.00 DE CASTRO.466.386.35 Presidential Legislative Liaison Office MAMBA.00 MARFIL. JOSE PORTUGAL Member 976. MARTIN JR.00 BRION.200. JENNIFER ANNE ZAMORA Head Executive Assistant 661. SANTOS Member 976.00 YU.00 CHUA.443.00 CHUA.00 ANAMA.01 Presidential Management Staff ABAD. VIVIAN RAMOS OIC Undersecretary 1.00 Presidential Electoral Tribunal SERENO. MARIVIC MARIO VICTOR FAMORCA Member 976. CRUZ Assistant Secretary 1.00 MENDOZA.02 BAGRO.494.25 BAYOT.88 BALDERAS.000. ROMMIN MUROS Head Executive Assistant 592.000.261.00 REYES. LUCAS PURUGGANAN Member 976.848.000.660.50 Presidential Communications Operations Office COLOMA.000.17 ALTEA.216. ALFREDO MEDIARITO OIC Director 450.296.642.00 PEREZ.386.00 DELA PAZ.370.089.000. ENRIQUETA E.361.244.000.50 JAVILLONAR.491.00 CARPIO. VICTORIO NOLASCO Assistant Secretary 1.00 JARDELEZA.32 GENGOS.916.610.612.27 DE CASTRO. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* AMURAO.456.380. JOSE WILFRIDO SOLIS Assistant Secretary 1.000. MANUEL NOVENA Secretary 1. CELSO JR.000.634.860.466. BIENVENIDO LORENZO Member 976.000.00 NADAL.328. VICENTE JR.741.173.000. ANA MARIA AGULTO Assistant Secretary 1.000. the details of which can be found in Part VI .00 DALEN.000. MARIA LOURDES PUNZALAN ARANAL Chairman 1.000.10 GONZAGA. RICHARD ROGER TECSON Commissioner 1. MARIA LUISA MAYOR OIC Director 1.512.494.00 SANTIAGO.507.00 DEL CASTILLO.42 SAYO.07 BERNABE.202.00 VILLARAMA.00 CASAUAY. BILIRAN Undersecretary 1. MANUEL III LUIS Undersecretary 1. LACSON Commissioner 1. DARWIN CASTILLO OIC Director 746. LORNA URSUA OIC Director 1. FELIPA BORLONGAN Clerk of Court 107.661.28 CADENA. ELIZARDO ELLAO Assistant Secretary 1.149.000. DANILO RICHARD VITALICIO Director 1.78 DANIEL.

178.301.00 LORENZO.283.677.594.57 TAMONDONG.04 MOSING.324.386. PMO VI-Chief 195.300. GUILLERMA ENGRACIA Assistant Secretary 1.30 EAYTE.407.82 GERONIMO-ANZURES. SILVESTRE AO-AS Deputy Chief Public Attorney 1. LEAH NIMFA M. FIDEL TRINIDAD OIC-Director 823. ROSA MARIA MARTINEZ Executive Director 1.537.998. WILLIAM APALING Chief of Staff 261.03 CHUA CHIACO.50 Public-Private Partnership Center of the Philippines CANILAO.364.629. ROMMEL ANTONIO OPERARIO Director 741. GRACE VALENTINE ALABATE Deputy Privatization Officer 1. PERSIDA RUEDA Chief Public Attorney 1. CARLA CONCHITA SANTOS Chief Administrative Officer 1. ELLEN HECHANOVA Deputy Privatization Officer 1.535. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* FLORES.00 AUSTRIA.30 LOZANO.497.449.796.386. DANTE MORENO Chief Administrative Officer 862.42 DEL PRADO.420.50 ANTONIO.46 CLEMENTE. FLORENCIO BARSANA Secretary 423. MARIETTA TENORIO Assistant Secretary 1. 163 .815.32 Public Attorney's Office ACOSTA. LELINA ANDRES Director 1. MARI JENNIFER MENDOZA Deputy Privatization Officer 471.00 QUILATES.012.543.860.452.140.59 Procurement Service ABAD.952. COSETTE VARGAS Executive Director 1. MARIETTA CASTILLO Chief Medical Professional Staff 1.337.408.00 AREZA.567.92 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries. ELEAZAR EDANG Deputy Executive Director 1.00 ARIAS.605.50 DELA CHICA.00 SABADO. FERNANDO CORNEJO Chief Accountant 656.20 ANTONIO.46 GESMUNDO.657.001.756.343.021.58 VALDEZ. JOSE JR.72 BRUCE. SHERRY ANN NATANAUAN Deputy Executive Director 1.32 Presidential Security Group UBANDO.126.23 REYES.886.134.00 SYQUIA. PMO VI-Chief 198.911. ANNA VICTORIA MAGAT OIC-Director 483.091. PMO VI-Chief 228. RAMON NACE OIC-Deputy Chief Public Attorney 1.567. Professional Regulation Commission DOBLE. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. ANGELINE TAN Commissioner 1.00 UDARBE. Chief.91 Quirino Memorial Medical Center DE LEON.00 ALUNDAY.518.484. V. ARISTOGERSON TRACENA Assistant Commissioner 1.787.34 RONDAEL. JOELE H.496.440. RAUL RAGUINDIN Commander 282.35 RIVERA. JOANNA VELASCO OIC-Director 1.32 LU.788.00 PANTE. DALISAY CONRINA P.00 CAPARAS. DOMINGO Deputy Commander 261. the details of which can be found in Part VI .088. CHRISTINE VELASCO Director 1.00 CATALAN.13 CONCORDIA. YOLANDA DAVID Commissioner 1. JOSE TOMAS CORPUZ Executive Director 1.402. TONI ANGELI VELASCO Chief Privatization Officer 1.02 CUENCA.00 GOMEZ.751.920.59 RICOTE.937. SIXTO JR.45 REYES.338. 193.45 ALZATE.018.500.787. PMO VI-Chief 197.Details of Salaries and Allowances. HOWARD BENITO OIC-Deputy Chief Public Attorney 371.488. JUAN ALBERTO BIBAL OIC-Director 308. FLORENTINO CARPIO Chairperson 1.835. Acctg.007. JULIETA M. RINA PILPIL Director 1.506.230. PMO VI-Chief 228. PMO VI-Chief 190. ALLAN RAUL M. ROMMEL DACANAY PMO VII-Manager 1. VICTOR MARTIN LUDAN Director 245.130. FLERIDA GERVACIO PMO VII-Manager 1.790.00 Privatization and Management Office COO.235. TERESITA J.07 MERINO.64 MERCADO.588.50 DE LA CRUZ.126. ANGELES TORIO Medical Center Chief II 1.351.352. FEROISA FRANCISCA TALQUE Director 323.

588.224.943.221.43 LAGOS.00 San Lazaro Hospital GO. LUZ MALBOG Board Member Representative 0.450.367.398.402.068.380. EDWIN RETIRACION Board Member Representative 0.315.180.362.146.551.57 PABULAYAN.743.328.139.54 CABRERA.428.646.275.603. SUSAN BALAGTAS Chief Adminsitrative Officer 1.342. FE ESPERANZA CARIDAD JAYME Medical Specialist III/OIC Division Chief 228. RAFAEL REYES Associate Justice 2. ELEONORITA ESTRELLA Chief Administrative Officer 919.463. CELIA CARPIO Director III 1.88 FERNANDEZ.637.000.66 ROSETE.131.77 VILLARICO.146.58 GESMUNDO.088. CARLO AGUSTIN Board Member Representative 0.070.938.270.104.353.126.786. RODOLFO ARPON Associate Justice 2. RODOLFO BANARIA Chief Administrative Officer/Division Chief 1.99 Research Institute for Tropical Medicine LUPISAN.66 GONZALES.95 MARTIRES.49 DELA CRUZ. 164 .731.53 ZAPATA.000.261.19 Science and Technology Information Institute ALMOCERA.743.842.869. SARAH JANE TAN Associate Justice 1.40 VILLARAMA. RODOLFO TADIOSA BOD Member 6.57 LUMAGUE.548.407.887. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* SIMBULAN. MA.00 CUEVA. MARILOU TOMAS Chief of Hospital II 1. WINSTON SANTIAGO Medical Center Chief II 1.29 BOCAR.04 REYES.114.46 CARLOS. CALALANG Associate Justice 2. RENATO TY Executive Clerk of Court 2.370. RODRIGO CASTRO Medical Professional Staff II 1. the details of which can be found in Part VI .000.72 BRUNO.587.442. JOFFREY GIL CAYETANO Executive Clerk of Court 1.28 INOTURAN. ROGELIO LAZO Chairman 0. MA. TERESA SAQUIBAL Executive Clerk of Court 2. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.80 QUIAMBAO.978.10 San Lorenzo Ruiz Women's Hospital NERY.13 Road Board Secretariat ESCALONA.108.394.440. ARISTOTLE PEDRERA Division Chief 1. ROSIE RAMIZO Division Chief 1.608.98 SINGSON.08 ESTOESTA. MA.00 LOPEZ.51 PULMA.717.46 HERNANDEZ. ADOLFO LAGMAN Executive Director 1. THERESA DOLORES CANO Associate Justice 2. ALEX DE LEON Associate Justice 2. BEATRIZ PUZON Medical Officer V/Division Chief 1.375. NAPOLEON EMPLEO Associate Justice 2.58 QUIROZ.259. ROLAND BAUTISTA Associate Justice 2.773. DENNIS ECAP Executive Clerk of Court 1.763. ESTELA TERESITA CASIANO Executive Clerk of Court 2.585.352. EULOGIA MAKABENTA BOD Member 6.846. AMPARO CABOTAJE Presiding Justice 3.00 CARAG.34 RODRIGO.962.630.268.90 BALDOS.00 CANTOR. EFREN NAVAL Associate Justice 2.732. MARIA RICA MIRASOL Medical Specialist IV 1. JAIME TOLEDO Executive Clerk of Court 2.00 DE OCAMPO.55 AMA. NOEL DIWA Medical Officer 1. ALEXANDER GAHON Associate Justice 2. MARIA CRISTINA JOAQUIN Associate Justice 2. RHODERIC TANGONAN Nurse III 776.94 Sandiganbayan TANG.00 CARANDANG. LILIA CASTILLO Medical Officer V/Division Chief 1.224.429.006.73 VALDERRAMA.88 JURADO. OSCAR JR.912.534. JOSE RICAFORT Associate Justice 2. SAMUEL REYES Associate Justice 2.Details of Salaries and Allowances. SOCORRO PATAG Director IV 1.219.690.32 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.96 HERRERA.60 ESPINO.621.10 Rizal Medical Center SAQUILAYAN.99 PONFERRADA.452. RELITO MEDINA Medical Center Chief II 1.282. TERESITA DIAZ Associate Justice 2. JOSE BENITO RUSTIA Chief Medical Professional Staff II 922.11 CORNEJO.956. CECILIA GOITIA Medical Specialist III/OIC Division Chief 290.781.

489.139.639. LUCAS PURUGGANAN Associate Justice 3.000.24 Statistical Research and Training Center ALBACEA. MA.04 DE CASTRO.248.84 CRUZ. RONALD DEL ROSARIO Director General 3.139.504. PAOLO BENIGNO IV AGUIRRE Member 500.00 CORREA. RAYMUND ENRIQUEZ Director 153. MARIA VALENTINA SANTANA Legal Counsel 2.00 CHINILLA.139. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* CENTENO.00 AMATONG.518.84 DASCIL.139. JOSETTE TALAMERA Director 1.678. MARIA LOURDES PUNZALAN ARANAL Chief Justice 3. GREGORIO Director General 3.55 LAÑA.82 BELLEN.982.95 BERSAMIN. AIDA TABIRARA Division Chief 308.50 CARPIO.433.899. IRENE RAGUDON Secretary of the Tribunal 2. JOSE Associate Justice 3.47 RIMORIN. BLAS JAMES GREGORIO Commissioner 6.769. CYNTHIA AGUILAR Member 500. TERESITA LEONARDO Associate Justice 3.02 CRISTOBAL.04 LEGARDA.541.171. TERESITA LEONARDO Member 500.84 BALAJADIA.Details of Salaries and Allowances.288. LOREN BAUTISTA Member 474. LOURDES NANCY SOMBILLO Member 500.624.22 ANGARA.210.00 GAITE.270.000. MARY ANN CRUZ Division Chief 942.00 Senate Electoral Tribunal GUEVARRA. ARTURO DIZON Member 500.531. TERESITA JAVIER Chairperson 9.60 PERALTA.478. the details of which can be found in Part VI .14 Supreme Court of the Philippines SERENO.87 ASUNCION.414.134.731.000.627.75 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.312.531.676.90 LIBORO.140.036.10 BAÑAS.36 VELASCO.344. VIRGINIA NUQUI Division Chief 886.022.435.84 DE GUZMAN. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. ANTONIETA FORTUNA Commissioner 6.239.88 DE CASTRO. VICENTE CASTELO Member 500.268. ANTONIO JR.141.084.32 VILLARAMA.00 VITERBO.59 GAÑAC.600.04 VILLAR.207.139.316.04 BRION. RODELIO TAMO Director General 3. PIA SCHRAMM Member 500.064.83 Securities and Exchange Commission HERBOSA. EPHYRO LUIS BARRIOS Commissioner 6.680.531.075.356.758. ANTONIO TIROL Associate Justice 3.049.000. ARLENE ESGUERRA Division Chief 990.222.13 OREO. VILLARUZ Sergeant-at-Arms 3. SANTOS Associate Justice 3.00 Science Education Institute BIYO.84 DOBLON.036.801. RUBY ROAN Division Chief 1.84 PINEDA.03 AQUINO.531.37 AYRAN. PETER PAUL LORICO Deputy Secretary 3. CAMILO SANTOS General Counsel 2. DIOSDADO MADARANG Associate Justice 5. LOLITA MIRANDA Division Chief 898.257. MARTIN JR.04 CAYETANO.131.032. OSCAR GRAVIDES Senate Secretary 4.171.00 IBE. RUBY DATINGGUINOO Division Chief 1.489. ZITA VILLA JUAN Executive Director 1. ANTONIO TIROL Chairman 560.00 CARPIO. EDWIN BASKINAS Deputy Secretary 3.04 GOLDING.82 Senate of the Philippines YABES.95 MAGTULIS. JOSE JR.230.171.04 BINAY. ALICIA LUMAAD Division Chief 1. MANUEL HUBERTO BADILLA Commissioner 6.84 DE GUZMAN.044. MARIA TERESA BIEN Deputy Director 1. RODOLFO NOEL SAENZ Director General 3.000. 165 .000.014. PRESBITERO JR.84 QUIMBO.032. ORLANDO FREMISTA Chief Accountant 680.04 SOTTO.000.357.236.875.998. JUAN EDGARDO MANALANG Member 25.072. ARNEL JOSE SANTIAGO Deputy Secretary 3.171.820. YOLANDA DEMABASA Director General 3. LUZ SENIS Division Chief

904.918.368.00 PURISIMA.50 BERNABE.735.922.459. IRENE MACARAIG Director General 291.341.00 FERRER. CESAR VELASQUEZ BOD Member 0.00 ISAAC.71 DE LEON. ROSANNA APARENTADO Deputy Director General 104.371. JOSE PORTUGAL Associate Justice 3.419.383.50 URDANETA.12 GUMIA. 166 .00 Technology Application and Promotion Institute GARCIA.813.446.00 BERNARDINO. FELIPA BORLONGAN Deputy Clerk of Court 2.643. LOURDES MADAMBA Director 1.303.000. LEONIDA BAYANI Board Member 27.000.461.69 REYES.00 ALBANO.70 LAPITAN.00 SOLINAP.595.00 MENDOZA.155.241.00 DIWA. ARTEMIO DULDULAO Director 966.00 MARQUEZ.692. EDGAR OANDASAN Division Clerk of Court 2. EDGARDO BRIONES Chairman 1. MA.386. LILIA BERROYA Division Chief 1.562.00 PAPA.65 LEONEN. JOVITO REY ELLOSO Division Chief 1. IRENE MACARAIG Deputy Director General 1.538.25 PEREZ.00 LOTILLA.392.00 ASPER.276.681.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries. JULIET BUNAGAN Chief Public Utilities Regulation Officer 899.000. ERNESTO LAIGO Commissioner 1.000. MA.Details of Salaries and Allowances.124.065. WILFREDO VIZON Division Clerk of Court 2.00 ABAYA.650.00 Toll Regulatory Board REYES.169.100.000. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.25 JARDELEZA.50 ISAAC. RAUL BAUTISTA Deputy Court Administrator 2. MARION IVY DELA CRUZ Division Chief 1. MA. THELMA CARBONELL Deputy Court Administrator 2.538. BAYANI GUTIERREZ Board Member 21.533. MA. BORGOÑOS.000.659.468. JENNY LIND ALDECOA Deputy Court Administrator 2. BIENVENIDO LORENZO Associate Justice THEODORE ONG Assistant Court Administrator 3. JOSE MARIA ANCHETA BOD Alternate Chairman 30.334.323. PALOMA BERROYA Board Member 36.13 PERFECTO. JOSE CATRAL Associate Justice 3.627. EDMUNDO JR.00 NG.997. EMMANUEL JOEL JOSE Director General 1.88 TE.914.265.666. DANILO COMELIO Board Member 24.118.00 ORTIZ. FRANCIS HUISING Associate Justice 3.158.211. RENE LUIS DE MESA Board Member 81.000.06 BRION.03 ARICHETA.00 VIDAL. LOURDES CABALOG Division Clerk of Court 2.64 BAHIA.612.029.05 Technical Cooperation Council of the Philippines CARIÑO.000. the details of which can be found in Part VI .744. EDGAR ISIT Director 1. CARMEN MANA-AY Board Member 90. MARIANO CAIRO Associate Justice 3.36 ANAMA. ARTURO DIZON Associate Justice 3.842. TERESITA MARQUEZ Board Member 30.246.75 DEL CASTILLO.000. ROXANNE ANTONIO Board Member 57. ONGSIAKO Executive Director 1.25 DELORINO.24 TURBOLENCIA.399.098. MARIVIC MARIO VICTOR FAMORCA Associate Justice 2.495. MARILOU PARIAL Chairman 1.00 SALUTA.00 SINGSON.00 Technical Education & Skills Development Authority VILLANUEVA.346.234.00 GONZALES. JOSE PERPETOU MERCADO BOD Alternate Chairman 0.322.300. Clerk of Court 1.00 DECENA.00 VILLANUEVA. TEODORO CABACUNGAN Deputy Director General 1. JOSE MIDAS PASCUAL Court Administrator 2. ENRIQUETA E.892.323.204.271. ISIDRO ANTONIO CRISOSTOMO Board Member 84.00 TURINGAN. JOSEPH EMILIO AGUINALDO BOD Chairman 0.000. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* MENDOZA. RAMON RIGO Board Member 90.15 Tariff Commission ABON.033.00 TADLE.068. NORA PERANDO Division Chief 1.00 LACHICA. JOSEHPINE TATEL Division Chief 903. ESTELA PERLAS Associate Justice 3.67 PASCUA. MARY GO Board Member 15.

Development Management Officer 296. NOEL BAKER Assistant Professor/Vice President 957. VIRGINIA ALVAREZ Secretary .00 Tondo Medical Center ESTRELLA.82 BLANCO.04 GALI. LILIBETH BIGORNIA Acting BOT Secretary 5.421.500.370. MARIA VI PE Chief Administrative Officer 993.00 BENEDITO.000.000.00 BEGNALEN.106.443.357. PIA SCHRAMM BOT Member 9.000. RAFAEL CUNANAN BOD Member 0.008. LAURENCE WILFRED TORRES Administrative Officer 216.00 FORMOSO. FRANKLIN VICENCIO Assistant Director 1.799.00 BOAC.70 DIÑO.00 MARTIN.196.320.94 MEDINA.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries.820.500.76 QUILANTIP.50 BRILLANTES. VICTORINO JR ALVAREZ Assistant Professor/ BOT Member 68.880.070. KENNETH VERZOSA BOD Alternate Member 0.823. RHODORA DUMLAO Chief Nurse/Nurse VII 1. MALINIS Chief.276.00 CHIONG. MARIO COLCOL Medical Center Chief II 1.00 Veterans Memorial Medical Center LEGASPI.Details of Salaries and Allowances. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* SADAIN.General 201.661.400. CRISTINA VILLACORTA Chief of Medical Professional Staff II 1. ROMAN TECSON BOT Member 9.00 STATE UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES CAR Abra State Institute of Sciences and Technology LABANEN.DOH DIOKNO.35 REYES.283.000. TURQUEZA BOT Secretary/Vice President 949. MARILYN BUSTAMANTE OIC-Financial Management Officer II 481. allowances and other emoluments received by each official. EMMY ANNE . EDUARDO GARCIA Council Chairman 27.00 DUPO. PERFECTO FESTEJO Professor/ BOT Member 432. GREGORIO JR.57 Veterans Golf Club BATAC.00 CAROLINA.27 ORNOPIA.123.385. ROBERTO MARCOS BOT Member 9.134. LINDSAY ABRAHAM Deputy Executive Director 1. MILAGROS A BOT Member 9.276.00 DUMADAG.700.204.88 MEDINA.27 CAVANEYRO. HENRY BOT Member 9.439.504. MARIA ISABELITA MALIGAYA Medical Center Chief II 1.489. ALEX JR BELLO BOT Chairman 13.00 DOMINGO.186.738.00 BARRIENTOS. ESTEBAN GACOS Financial & Management Office II 915.078. EDILBERTO VELASCO Medical Specialist IV 1. JESUS CANDADO Council Chairman 7.505.00 MILLAN. AURELIO VALERA BOT Vice Chairman/President 1. EMIL KIRAM BOD Member 0.00 UNESCO National Commission of the Philippines MIRALAO.556.11 ACUESTA. GAY ALFRED ANCHETA Development Management Officer 400.000.00 CAYETANO.00 TANATE. MARVIN VALERIO Chief of Hospital III 1.559.111. ERNESTO GONZALO Council Vice Chairman 37.00 RIMANDO.00 Valenzuela Medical Center PANAY.00 PAREDES.226. MARY GRACE HUELAR Chief of Professional Medical Staff II 1. DOMINADOR JR.271. PATRICIA A Acting BOT Secretary 87.493.439.358.00 YABUT.20 Treatment and Rehabilitation Center . NOYMINDA ALVAREZ Chief Administrative Officer 1. MARILYN BUSTAMANTE Finance Management Officer II 521.465. NONA DELA FUENTE Director 1. IMELDA MURIEL Medical Center Chief II 268.000.477.271.13 MATEO.00 ROMULO.71 MERCADO.00 TURQUEZA.236.00 ARTIENDA. the details of which can be found in Part VI . ERNESTO DIZO Council Member 35.741.00 SICAT. 167 . JULIUS CEASAR VILLACORTA BOT Member 9. Medical Professional Staff 1.000.

500.378. JULIUS CEASAR VILLACORTA BOR Member 14.00 CATTILING.500. LUCIANA MARANAN Vice President 1.750. CHARLES LUARCA BOR Member 5. ROMAN TECSON BOT Member 3.36 GONZALES. ROLPHY BOT Member 7. LORENZO M BOR Member 5.00 ROMULO.542.000. CIPRIANO G. the details of which can be found in Part VI . LORENZO M BOR Member 7.700.00 RIMANDO.00 CAYETANO. VIVIAN REYES BOR Member Representative 17.304.00 OCAMPO. AGUSTINA GUTIEREZ RDE Director 149. ROMULO H.591. NAME POSITION AMOUNT* AGALOOS.00 SANTIAGO. NANCY ANN PAWID Vice President 1.500.00 STA.645.000.00 BAHALAY. PIA SCHRAMM BOT Member 3. MALCOM PADSICO BOR Member 28.000. RONALD ORBOSIS RDE Director 182.265.00 MACARIO.30 BRILLANTES.86 PUGONG.500.00 RIMANDO.05 LAUREAN. MARILYN V. BEN DAPYOS President/ BOR Vice Chairman 1. MILAGROS A BOR Member 12. JULIUS CEASAR VILLACORTA BOT Member 3.500.00 RIMANDO.000.869.00 BACUSO.500.975.994. REMA B.00 SICAT.100.340.625.00 OSTING.243. RUTH T BOR Member 31.00 HUMIWAT. allowances and other emoluments received by each official.372.00 CARANGUIAN.00 KINDIPAN.00 VIBAS.850. CARMELITA APILIS BOR Member 17. ALEX JR BELLO BOR Member 26.00 CODAMON.00 CAYETANO. DENEESSE LOU TOLOSA BOR Member Representative 19.000. BOT Member 4. MARILYN V. BOT Member 7.00 SANTIAGO.500. TELESFORO JR.00 EUSTAQUIO. JOSEPH LINTOP BOR Member 850.00 OCAMPO.00 PATTUNG.00 ANGAGAN.00 CARANGUIAN. Vice President 107.880.500.500. ALEX JR BELLO BOR Chairman 17.445.33 FELECIANO.782.000.500.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries. ESTRELLITA MALANO Vice President 1.604.Details of Salaries and Allowances. JIMMY MAPALO BOT Member 2.000.00 BUGARIN. SERAFIN LINTOP President 1.750. 168 .00 FERNANDO.00 SICAT.000. MILAGROS A BOT Member 7.69 LUBRICA.454. MILAGROS A BOR Member 28. JULY B BOR Member 10.00 BESTED.000. BOR Member Representative 19.51 CHAGYO.00 CORTEZ.750.500. BOR Member 3. NEIVES AQUIEN President/ BOT Vice Chairman 1.557.500.291.000. CATALINA.00 BRILLANTES.750. CARLITO PAROCHA Professor/Vice President 303. ALEX JR BELLO BOT Chairman 13.27 DACLAN.000.000. RYAN BOR Member 36.750. JULIUS CEASAR VILLACORTA BOR Member 7.69 VILLANUEVA.00 Benguet State University LADILAD.677.00 MALVAR.00 Ifugao State University NGOHAYON.250. PERCYVERANDA APILADO Vice President 1. CATALINA. YVES XAVIER CALONGE BOT Member 3. GERONIMA BOR Member 5. PIA SCHRAMM BOR Member 15.997.500. MARVIN BOR Member 38.00 GUINARAN.000.36 SICAT.260.00 NGOHAYON. BOT Member 3.00 ETENG.500. BRENDALYN UNGAYAN Chief Administrative Officer 226. NAPOLEON KINGUINGAN Vice President 1. BOR Member 20.088.00 Apayao State College DACYON.07 MONDIGUING.316. BRETT GYLE O BOR Member 10.50 BRILLANTES.00 STA. JONES KILLIP Vice President 1. JOHN BALDE BOT Member 7.975. SILARDO B. NORELL JAY BOR Member 7. ROY DINAMLING BOR Member 5.00 ROMULO.47 TAGUILING. ROGELIO BOT Member 2. VALENTINE BOT Member 4. ROMAN TECSON BOR Member 15.000.500.

00 BRILLANTES. CAROLYNE DALE A BOT Member 11.500.00 IMATONG.72 DELA VEGA.271.00 STA. BOT Member 10.00 MADJACO. BOT Member 5. GABRIEL A. ROBERT ARIEM BOT Member 563. PIA SCHRAMM BOT Member 17.825.000.00 CAYETANO.00 BRILLANTES. PIA SCHRAMM BOT Member 24.50 FAGYAN.00 * The amounts herein listed are the grand totals of the salaries. ALEX JR BELLO BOT Member 29. VICTOR B. CATALINA.000. BOT Member 28. KERCHATEN Vice President 1. JULIUS CEASAR VILLACORTA BOT Member 8.000.00 CAYETANO.00 BRILLANTES.283.900. RANGER MENTON BOT Member 7.526.00 BALBIN.904.50 EKID.500.46 ESGUERRA. NATIVIDAD BALAGSO BOT Member 15. ROMAN TECSON BOT Member 17. BOR Member 5.650.000.500.193.000.308.283. BENJAMIN PALABAY President/BOR Vice Chairman 1. DIOSDADO B. LORENZO M BOT Member 5. AMADO PAGNA-AN Vice President 1.00 Kalinga-Apayao State College SAGUIBO.00 OGNIBAR. ROMAN TECSON BOT Member 20. JOSEPHINE