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Chapter 12 Multiple choice test

Chapter 12 Sound and music
SoW ref 8L Sound and heating

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There is only one correct answer to each question. Tick () the box next to the answer
that you think is right.

1 The best way to think about sounds is as
A draughts in the air
B radio signals picked up by your ears
C vibrations passing through substances
D reflections off things, like light for seeing

2 Lis was learning the guitar. Her tutor said there were two ways to make a higher pitched

Which line in the table gives the correct ways of doing this?

Change the tightness of Change the length of the
the string string
A looser shorter
B looser longer
C tighter shorter
D tighter longer


3 ’In space no-one can hear you scream’ was a slogan used to advertise the film ‘Alien’.
The idea in the slogan is true because
A distances are very large in space
B space is very cold and that deadens sound
C spacesuits stop you hearing anything
D there is nothing to carry the sound in space

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loudness and pitch are related? A amplitude = frequency = pitch loudness B loudness = frequency = pitch amplitude C loudness = amplitude = pitch frequency D there is no relationship between these four things Questions 7–9 refer to the following drawing of a human ear. Which answer correctly describes how amplitude. Which of the distances marked is the wavelength? A B C D 6 Sounds can be displayed as sound waves. Chapter 12 Multiple choice test 4 Which of the following best describes the typical range of frequencies that the human ear can detect? A 20 Hz – 20 000 Hz B 200 Hz – 2000 Hz C 1000 Hz – 10 000 Hz D 5000 Hz – 100 000 Hz 5 A sound wave can be displayed on a oscilloscope. frequency. 7 Which part labelled is the ear drum? A B C D Hodder Science Assessment Pack © 2003 Hodder & Stoughton Educational . The drawing shows a picture of a sound wave.

Which line in the table sums up how ear defenders work? Outer shell Inner padding A absorbs sound absorbs sound B absorbs sound reflects sound C reflects sound absorbs sound D reflects sound reflects sound A B C D 12 As people get older their hearing gets worse and they can’t hear high pitched sounds. Which answer best describes how this problem is caused? A the eardrum gets brittle with age B the ears get blocked by wax C the outer ear grows much larger D sensitive hairs in the cochlea get damaged Hodder Science Assessment Pack © 2003 Hodder & Stoughton Educational . Chapter 12 Multiple choice test 8 Which part of the ear is most likely to be damaged by exposure to very loud sounds? A B C D 9 The ‘small bones’ in the ear carry the sound signal to which part of the ear? A B C D 10 What units are used to measure sound levels? A micro amps B decibels C metres cubed D newtons 11 The drawing shows someone wearing ear defenders.