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Advanced Piano Voice Chords ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST Words and Music by += 0 x JOHN DEACON Fm Bom Fm (Last x only) ain Steve walks war - i - lly down. the street with the brim pulled way down 7 Fm Bom Ain't no sound but the sound of his feet; ma-chine guns read-y to go. Are you read-y, hey! Are you read-y for this? Are you hang-ing on the edge of your seat? u D> Ab Bom Coss Out of the door - way, the bul-lets to the sound of the beat. Yeah. B Fm Bom bites the dust. 1S Fm Bom. An - oth-er one bites the dust. 7 Fm Bom one gone, and an-oth-er one gone. An- oth-er one bites the dust. 19 Gm couse) I'm gon-na get you too, An - oth-er one bi 2 Fm Bom Fm Bom 25 Fm Bom How do you think I’m gon-na get a- long. with -out you when you're gone?