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A crime is an unlawful act.

Grow the spirit of heroism does require discipline and exposure to harsh. But, if the
punches and kicks aired, so violence becomes a solution to solve the problem, then
sooner or later will affect the audience that eventually gave birth to a generation that
loud, rude, and irritability.

Firstly, there is research which proves that newspaper and television affects the viewer’s
behaviors. These media channels have ability to change the attitude of their audience
toward certain topics, including crimes.

Unfortunately, the media dramatize criminal incident in the pursuit of profit and to get
more popularity. In long term, these spicing of news, ends the sympathy of people for the
victims of such incidents.

Report of such detailed description of crime stories becomes a source of training for soon-
to-be criminals.

Constant reporting on violent crime makes people more fearful. This not a deliberate
effort on the part of the media to keep people afraid, but crimes report , media provides,
resulting in the scaring of audiences. The result of the media’s reporting on violent crimes
is a constant iteration of fear, which makes people wary of each other, and of the world.

The heightened senses of insecurity people feel leads to vigilance in excess. This is bad for
people’s rationality. All these problems yield very negative social consequences.

an impression of crimes makes the viewer into a temper, and irritability , a tendency even
resolve the problem with fighting

for like-minded people might be wise to understand, but what about those who do not
think an adult? they will make an example and emulate such crimes as the things they
have seen.