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Semester: IV Subject Code: ME-208-B Subject: Fluid
Course: B.Tech Branch: ME Max. Marks: 10
Date of Issue:
Date of Submission:

Instructions to the Students:
The student is required to read the question very carefully.
All the Assignments are to be done in Assignment Register ONLY strictly in the given serial order.

1.A Kaplan turbine develops 2.1 MW under a net head of 7.2 m with an overall efficiency of
87 %. It is to be fitted with an elbow type draft tube (efficiency 88 %) having its inlet 1.8 m
diameter. Determine how much above or below the tail race level should the draft tube inlet be
set so that vacuum pressure there does not exceed 460 mm of mercury. [May, 2016, 08 marks]

2.An outward flow reaction turbine has outer and inner diameters of wheel as 2 m and 1 m
respectively. The vanes are radial at the outlet and discharge is radial at the inlet. The water
enters the vanes at an angle of 150. Assuming the velocity of flow to be constant and is equal
to 3 m/s. Find (a) the speed of the wheel and (b) the vane angle at the outlet.[Dec. 2012, 12

3.A Kaplan turbine has the hub diameter of 2 m and runner diameter of 5 m. If it develops
25,000 Watts when running at 150 rpm under a head of 25 m, with hydraulic efficiency and
overall efficiencies of 90 % and 85 % respectively, determine the discharge through the turbine
and guide blade angle at the inlet. [Dec. 2012, 12 marks]

4.For a francis turbine, draw the characteristics curve and explain it. [Dec. 2013, 15 marks]

5.Establish an expression of degree of reaction of francis turbine having radial discharge
at outlet. Assume velocity of flow to be constant. [May, 2016, 8 marks]