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Semester: IV Subject Code: ME-208-B Subject: Fluid Machines
Course: B.Tech Branch: ME Max. Marks: 10
Date of Issue:
Date of Submission:

Instructions to the Students:
The student is required to read the question very carefully.
All the Assignments are to be done in Assignment Register ONLY strictly in the given serial order.

1.A jet of water moving at 12 m/s impinges on a concave cane shaped to defect the jet through 120 degrees
when stationary. If the vane is moving at 5 m/s, find the angle of the jet. What are the absolute velocity of the jet
at exit in magnitude and direction and the work done /S/N of water? [May, 2016, 11 marks]

2.A pelton wheel turbine develops 10 MW under a net head of 140 m at a speed of 250 rpm. Assuming the
coefficient of velocity for the nozzle as 0.99, hydraulic efficiency as 89 %, speed ratio as 0.45and jet diameter to
wheel diameter ratio as 1/9, determine, (a) the discharge required, (b) the diameter of the wheel, (c) the diameter
and the number of the jets required and (d) the specific speed. [Dec. 2012, 12 marks]

3.Pipeline 1200 m long supplies water to three single jet pelton wheels. The head above the nozzle is 360 m and
the head lost due to friction in the pipeline is 12m of water. Take friction factor (4f) = 0.02, velocity coefficient
of nozzle = 0.98, overall efficiency of turbine = 85%, specific speed = 15.3, operating speed of each turbine is
560 rpm, determine (I) total power developed (ii) diameter of each nozzle (iii) diameter of the pipeline (iv)
volume of water used per second. [May, 2016, 15 marks]

4.A metal plate of 10 mm thickness and 200 mm square is hung so that it can swing freely about the upper
horizontal edge. A horizontal jet of water of 20 mm diameter impinges with its axis perpendicular and 50 mm
below the edge of the hinge, and keeps it steadily inclined at 30 degree to the vertical. Find the velocity of the
jet if the specific weight of the metal is 75.54 kN/cubic meter. [Numerical from Modi Seth.]

5.Explain impulse-momentum equation. Give some practical applications of this equation. [May, 2016,
4 marks]