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System check for engineering and

construction errors after handing over a
P&ID Checking
system or sub-system from construction team
to commissioning team
De-Commissioning means taking out of active
use and dismantling of an industrial plant.
System Check Synonym for „P&ID Checking“
Solving of outstanding punch points after the
Post Commissioning
plant has been handed over to the client. Walkdown Another synonym for „P&ID Checking“

Check, if the plant meets the specifications
Performance Testing And one more synonym for „P&ID Checking“.
under normal operating conditions. Punching
A punch list is created during P&ID checking.

The phase in a project after start-up of the
Checking & testing of equipment and
complete plant in order to adjust, tweak,
Initial Operation construction to confirm that the installation is
optimize and prepare the plant for the
in accordance with drawings and
performance testing phase.
Mechanical Completion specifications and ready for pre-
What is Commissioning? commissioning OR commissioning in a safe
manner and in compliance with project
The phase in a project where the entire plant
(all systems and sub-systems) are taken into
operation. Process fluids are introduced and Start-Up (and related terms)
process conditions are established with the
Pre-commissioning activities usually start after
intent of making products.
the system achieved mechanical completion.
Rev. 01 Pre-commissioning activities include: flushing
______________________________________________________ and cleaning, drying, leak testing, running-in of
Pre Start-Up Safety Review PSSR
equipment etc. Sometimes pre-commissioning
Pre-Commissioning activities are included into mechanical
Commissioning is usually the phase in a completion.
project when design process fluids are
introduced to the systems and sub-systems. Commissioning
API 1FSC: „Static Commissioning“
Sometimes commissioning means running the
systems with a safe fluid only.
Tests and procedures that are conducted
without solvents or process fluids yet
Synonym for „Hot Commissioning“ Live Commissioning Dry Commissioning
introduced to the plant. For example control
Important Note: system sequence tests.
Design process fluids are introduced in the
systems and sub-systems. The intention of this document is to bring a little bit
Hot Commissioning of light into the different terms used worldwide by Cold Commissioning Water or solvent has been introduced into the
different companies. „To find a common systems and sub-systems. Tests and
„Operating Scenarios" denominator.“ procedures conducted with water or solvents.
Wet Commissioning
Maybe your company understands e.g. „Wet
„Operating Scenarios“ - for example running
Commissioning“ completely different than your
pumps in closed loops.
friend’s company. This is ok. Just use the
documents by your company.