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Production Analysis: ‘100 Tula Para Kay Stella’

and why I think it became a landslide hit
By Elaine Bueno

It was on the 16th of August (the first day of

Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino) when my friends

and I decided to kick off our PPP movie

marathon. First in our list? Jason Paul

Laxamana’s 100 Tula Para Kay Stella starring

JC Santos and Bela Padilla.

On its first day, the film didn’t had quite

numerous audience as I expected it to be

considering the fact that it is the only entry that

fits in that genre that many mainstream Filipino

moviegoers (particularly millennials) can't seem
Receipt! A 100-peso worth of ticket for a 100-
point worthy movie entitled, ‘100 Tula Para to get tired of. But on our second day of
Kay Stella’.
watching, the movie became the only entry with a

long line that formed outside it (at least in the mall

where we frequent).

Well then, I guess the ‘word had been spread’. 100 Tula Para Kay Stella was in deed an entry

you shouldn’t miss!

During his freshman year in college. he writes 100 poems dedicated to Stella (thus the title) to impress her and to make her fall in love with him. Director Jason Paul Laxamana sowed every important details very well in the first half of the movie and made its audiences reap everything on the latter part. I must say that the strongest aspect of the film is the story itself. That part didn’t only The official poster of the movie speaks for the film itself – simple yet compelling. Throughout their entire college. It succeeded on going away with the cliché (best friends falling in love with each other) and even slapped its audiences with a painful twist right . The film also included the struggles of singer wannabes – the likes of Stella and her bandmates – here in the local industry. Like a farmer. he meets this rocker chic with a black lipstick named Stella Puno (Bela Padilla). That particular part of the narrative also showcased the circumstances an aspiring professional singer like Stella is willing to undergo regardless the price she had to pay. Photo from VIVA Films made the audiences see where Bela’s character is coming. and falls for her.Simple yet compelling storyline Fidel Lansangan (JC Santos) was born with a speech defect – a defect that makes him stutter when either he’s not reading something or uses more than three words in a sentence.

by the way. the story is simple yet compelling. . as well. The script. Early 2000 feels achieved! One of the things that’ll amaze you with the film was its ability to take you back down the memory lane. The nostalgia would hit you as to the existence of Nokia phones.before strutting its way to the exit. The characters’ frequent use of terms Friendster. There’s also this instance where Fidel’s gay roommate and close friend. If you already watched the film. ang galing mo! Mark Bautista lang?” which I find funny and nostalgic all at the same time. All in all. “Wow. cassettes (though CDs are already available during that time). diskettes and posters of Sugarfree and many more iconic OPM band of early 2000 throughout the movie. it still stings. used the term (non-verbatim). you’ll get that painful slap of a twist that I’m saying and yes. Itsumo was also mentioned. Bella Padilla’s character Stella would remind you of Avril Lavigne’s get up in the music video of her hit song Girlfriend while JC’s character Fidel would remind you of Star Circle Quest’s Hero Angeles on his usual get ups in his movies. Chuck (Prince Stefan). did quite its job. and the then favorite expression olats only adds up to the nostalgic feel of the film. I must say that the production design team of the movie did a fantastic job in visually telling the viewers that the story was set in the early 2000s. The wardrobes succeeded on making its characters (even the extras) appear like those people that I had come to watch when I was in elementary.

there is no denying that the music used (214 and Balisong by Rivermaya) help a lot in achieving the film’s objective in bringing back the early 2000 feels…and the heartache we once acquired due to our unrequited love back in the days. indeed made a perfect portrayal of a nerdy. I’m not going to deny it. . This breakout star didn’t only had charms. Screenshot grabbed from the movie trailer. JC Santos. JC Santos as Fidel Lansangan Okay. grade-conscious honor student who had a speech defect and a love for poetry. making him effective and no doubt perfect for the role. One of the reasons why I chose to watch 100 Tula with my friends first is because JC Santos is in there. The Main Characters The ace player of the film.Also. You’ll see to it his passion and versatility in acting – thus.

You’ll know he did as to the way he dressed up and approach people. On the first part of the film. I must say that JC nailed that speech defect thing. He’d done it flawlessly and convincing to the point that even my friends and I adapted that three- word-per-sentence rule right after watching. . the recipient of the 100 poems. Screenshot grabbed from the movie trailer. would remind you of 2004’s Avril Lavigne and that one great crush you never had during your younger days.Personally. As a viewer who identifies herself with the character. and acting. I find JC’s character strongly identifiable. you’ll feel him and the changes he’d encountered right after being recruited to the Young Performers’ Club – an org in his new university that discovered his singing talent and even freed him from the confines of his preppy get up. Bella Padilla as Stella Puno. JC portrayed the geeky. grade-conscious honor student minus the exaggerated nerdy glasses and geeky hairstyle. His get up is just plainly preppy. it amazed me how JC transitioned into a braver and much confident Fidel. wimpy but a budding poet Fidel with just his way of talking. Also. On the latter part of the film. he was a nerdy wimpy.

music and overall feels The colors used in the film complemented well its official poster. Her get up in the movie would definitely remind you of either Hailey Williams of Paramore or 2004’s Avril Lavigne. I just thought that Bela portrayed her role effortlessly. a rebellious. Arayat as a backdrop for one of the most remarkable part of the film – the confrontation scene. Also. Upon watching. She and JC made a perfect banter on that unforgettable part of the film. you’ll definitely earn grudges on her character as she’ll definitely remind you of your crush – your ‘paasang’ crush. It is quite obvious whenever . The editing. But on the succeeding parts of the film. Her character’s sassiness would make you root for her more and more. I would like to commend her acting on her confrontation scene with JC. a decent college kid whose only flaw was his speech impediment. no doubt. It also didn’t quite escaped to my student-of-Video production’s eyes that 100 Tula Para Kay Stella used a lot of conflicting perceptual juxtaposition in editing.Bela Padilla as Stella Puno Bella’s character Stella. She made a great use of her expressive eyes and shaky voice. was just a perfect contrast with JC’s character Fidel. The film also make a good use of Mt. rock star wannabe who would rather sing with her band than study. She absolutely managed to make everyone in the movie house cry with just delivering her lines minus the theatrical and unnecessary shouting of punchlines.

The editor of the film clearly knows when to insert Balisong and when to insert 241 (in the film. JC is heart. Rico Blanco rocks. The song line from 241. Simple yet heart-breaking. The movie in my opinion is painfully true. I need tissues. Direction well executed. That’s for sure. the movie became a huge rollercoaster ride to its viewer’s trip down to memory lane. You’ll leave satisfied. I also thought that it’s a great idea to use the instrumental version of Rivermaya songs as a music score to some parts of the film. As a result. *insert wink emoticon* . “Somebody owns you now. regardless of having speech defect. I find it strongly effective most especially when Fidel was reciting his last five poems – poems that served as an irony to the sad happenings on Stella’s life on the latter part of the film. and I try to live somehow…” will haunt your miserable hearts like a ghost (you have to hear JC’s version. Movie price’s sulit. before it’s all too late. not 214). it’ll be this: Story creatively told. to make it even worse). Ambient sounds are also helpful in serving as a breath of relief for the audiences to savor the recent scene they just watched. The injection of music are also on fleek.Fidel was reciting his short poems which were all about his secret admiration for Stella. It’s a film that’ll make you realize the importance of being strong to fight for what you truly feel and to say the words you needed and wanted to say. And if I were to describe the film using the three-word-per-sentence rule. it was 241. too. I have to agree with Stella’s line in the movie that early 2000 was in deed the best era for OPM as most of the songs there are truly heartfelt. Also.

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