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Chason Neri November 13, 2012

3-D Ms. Kate
The Merchant of Venice Monologue

BASSANIO Act 3, Scene 2

What find I here? *Sings*
Fair Portia’s counterfeit! Together can never be close enough for
This picture is exquisite! me
What artist captured her likeness so To feel like I am close enough to you
well? You wear white and I'll wear out the
Move these eyes? words I love you
Or whether, riding on the balls of mine, And you're beautiful
Seem they in motion?
But her eyes— Marry me
How could he see to do them? Today and everyday
Such talent the painter has Marry me
But I’m giving only faint praise of the If I ever get the nerve to say hello in this
picture, cafe
Just as the picture, as good as it is,
Is only a faint imitation of the real Say you will
woman herself Say you will
And the real woman in front of me Marry me
So beautiful, most beautiful

Here's the scroll that sums up my fate:
*Reads* Original Text
You that choose not by the view, Modern Text
Chance as fair and choose as true! Own thoughts/Interpretations
Since this fortune falls to you,
Be content and seek no new,
If you be well pleased with this
And hold your fortune for your bliss,
Turn you where your lady is
And claim her with a loving kiss.

A gentle scroll!
Fair lady, by your leave;
I come by note, to give and to receive.
But I’m in a daze,
Like someone who’s just won a contest
and thinks that all the applause
And cheering is for him, but isn’t sure
So, thrice fair lady
I’m standing here just like that
As doubtful whether what I see be true
Until confirmed, signed, ratified by you.