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Daily Technical Report


Pakistan Stock Market Daily

KSE-100: Buy on Dips
 The index opened negative, index remained bearish whole day and closed negative at +836.45,
40453.64 with a change of +2.11%.
 Now index will likely to test at 39600 and 38800 area.
 The index is trading below 30 DMA & 50 DMA, which is a bearish sign.
 It is recommended to take positions at 39600 and 38800 area which are the immediate supports.
 However any upside from here will visit 40800 and 41200 that will opportunity to sell.

Pivot Support and Resistance moving averages

R1 R2 R3 Pivot S1 S2 S3 MA9 MA30 MA50 MA100

40,802 41,151 41,744 40,209 39,860 39,268 38,919 41,040 41,294 41,590 43,757

Lower Central Upper
7D-RSI 14D-RSI Volume
Bollinger,20 Bollinger, 20 Bollinger,20
43.60 43.49 39,635 40,862 42,089 116,691,870

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