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Republic of the Philippines

Region VI – Western visyas

District V-B Mandurriao
Hibao-an Elementary School


March 14, 2017

On March 14, 2017 at 10 o’clock in the morning, while the pupils and teachers of Hibao-an
Elementary School are busy with their lessons and activities, there was a sudden and violent
shaking of the ground. Some pupils and teachers felt dizzy and lost their balance inside the
classroom. It dawned on the pupils and teachers that the school was being hit by an earthquake.
The pupils knew from experience that they should duck, cover and hold until the shaking
subsides. There was a terrible shaking for one whole minute while the children and teachers
performed the duck, cover and hold maneuver. When the shaking stopped, the principal sounded
the alarm bell for the pupils to evacuate to an open space. Everybody went out slowly of their
respective rooms to their assigned evacuation areas.

When the children were safely outside, a fire broke out inside the classroom of Grade III – Eagle.
The rescue team searched the buildings, they found one boy inside the toilet of the Grade III –
Eagle. His right leg had wounds injured by loose boards during the earthquake. The rescuer
evacuated the boy to a safe place and was taken cared of by the little medics. The little medics
also took care of those who sustained minor injuries such as abrasions and loss of consciousness.
After the rescue, the Supreme Pupil Government and the Junior Police as the bucket brigade
were the first to respond to extinguish the fire. They used the fire extinguisher and doused the
fire with bucket. Ms. Diana P. Marmolejo called the nearest fire station to inform them of the

Alex B. Brigoli
School Fire Chief