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made clay pyramids.sin previa autorización expresa de iCursea . divulgación o copia de su contenido .. why not?" In truth I was a little flattered to be asked. I duly put the date in my diary and of course I forgot all about it. before I knew it. Cualquier utilización. Again I asked myself why I had elected to spend a day with all these 'little monsters' especially when I have two all of my own to contend with! I needn't have worried of course as it turned out to be a marvellous day. C or D. "We're thinking of running a children's playscheme for a day in October half-term. Este documento tiene carácter confidencial. You are going to read an extract from a writer's journal. A handful of the children were already members of the club but the other forty five or so were from the local primary schools. only that the body tingles with the pleasure of having witnessed something so magical. kneaded bread. split into pairs. con las correspondientes implicaciones de la Ley vigente. Even with the planning meeting I had attended the week before. The leader of the youth club in our village had rung me in March saying. and each pair had been allocated a particular age group. For Questions 1-8. I don't know if you've noticed this but time has a habit of speeding along faster than a police car chasing a robber and. Mine was the 10 to 11 year olds. Would you be prepared to help?" My response was "Sure. Why hadn't I read through the copious lesson plans we were given beforehand? And wasn't the average 10-year-old more interested in the latest electronic game than making things with paper and glue? All too quickly the children began arriving. Still. It's difficult to explain those moments. One or two looked tearful but the rest were in high spirits. Extract Six months ago I made a rash promise. The children already knew the words and actions off by heart and sang so loudly it was almost enough to bring the roof down. . choose the correct answer A. We watched entertaining dvd clips. even though working as a care assistant with old people hardly qualified me for the role. There was a gang of 12 helpers including me. The look of relief on parents' faces as they handed their offspring over to us was almost comical. I say 'we' because I rediscovered my inner child and joined in all the activities with glee. decorated biscuits. the dreaded day was dawning. I worried about whether I was up to the task. B. está terminantemente prohibida. played memory games and spent some time in quiet reflection. I arrived at the youth center that morning feeling full of trepidation. The particular highlight for me was a rousing rendition of "He's got the whole world in his hands" in the closing part of the day. learned 'action' songs.

because she'd forgotten to write down the date. why not?" 1. Cualquier utilización. that the day had come round so quickly. When I got home utterly exhausted. d. and not the whole week. b. It's easy for us adults to idealise childhood and forget that some children have their own burden of anxieties and concerns. con las correspondientes implicaciones de la Ley vigente. "Sure. gave the impression she wasn't sure about accepting the job. still with modeling clay under my fingernails. está terminantemente prohibida. that she woke up at dawn. saw the children had brought their own electronic games to play with. believed she shouldn't have been asked. When the offer of the job was made the writer? a. because she witnessed a car chase on the way.. Este documento tiene carácter confidencial. c. There was one disappointment for the children and that was that the playscheme was only running for a day. Of course there were also moments of great poignancy. c. thought she had appropriate experience for the job. one of the children turned and said. When the day arrived the writer was surprised a. realised she should have done more preparation. felt she had made a mistake to agree. put the children into pairs. d. Miss?" My response was. As I said farewell to my group. I found it difficult to stop thinking of one little girl. who mentioned oh-so-casually that her mum was in hospital and would be there for a long time. When the writer arrived to start her job she a. "Can we do it again in the next holiday. divulgación o copia de su contenido .sin previa autorización expresa de iCursea . felt confident she could deal with 10 and 11 year olds. . b. c. 3. b. 2. I reflected on what a privilege it had been. d.

c. d. worried about children from the other schools. adults a. happy to stay with their children all day. c. The writer needn't have worried because a. está terminantemente prohibida. The writer's best moment a. the parents were a. 4. Este documento tiene carácter confidencial. According to the writer. d. . 6. According to the writer. occurred in the middle of the day. c. the time passed quickly. was when the day was over. was hard to put into words.sin previa autorización expresa de iCursea . glad to leave their children. don't have a stressful life. the children were quiet during the day. she had fun herself. took her by surprise. are usually exhausted by bringing up their children. think that being a child is a privilege. nervous that their children might not behave themselves. She was sad to say good bye to the children. 7. c. 5. d. b. b. con las correspondientes implicaciones de la Ley vigente. divulgación o copia de su contenido . d. d. 8. What is the writer's attitude by the end of the day? a. She could imagine doing the job again next time. Cualquier utilización. sometimes forget that children have worries too. She hopes the playscheme will be longer in future. b. c. b.. the children weren't doing messy activities. She was disappointed with the experience. b.

lightweight that you hardly notice you're carrying them. a tent.. You can then enjoy your first meal under the stars and begin (12) . con las correspondientes implicaciones de la Ley vigente. tempted to splash out on all the latest equipment 3-put 4-on 5-in 6-unless 7-be 8-than 9-it 10. . 1. Cualquier utilización.. buying a mountaineering tent (6) .. Different tents suit different needs and there's no point (5) .. the modern material used in the manufacture of tents means camping is at least a (1) . divulgación o copia de su contenido ... appreciate the joys of camping. and remember to take a supply of food and drink with you in (11) . Don't forget to ask for permission if you're not camping on a registered site. They're easy to (3) . Most of the fun of camping lies in the chance to get back to nature. Camping Holidays Although it has a reputation for being rather basic in terms of home comforts. Talk to an expert first before spending a lot of money (4) . the basics. There's no need to take anything more (8) .. Read the text below and think of the word which best fits each space. Don't (7) . you're planning to camp in these conditions.. Nowadays tents are (2) ... You will want to see (10) Este documento tiene carácter confidencial. Always try to plan your arrival at the site long before (9) ... Use only one word in each space...what 11-case 12.sin previa autorización expresa de iCursea ... está terminantemente prohibida.. gets dark.. the local shops are closed when you arrive.. up yet still a cheaper alternative to hotel accommodation..lot 2. less hard work..... you're doing when you try to erect your tent.

1. He was ordered to leave the field for arguing with the referee. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence. 3. SUCH: It was such a nice meal in the restaurant.  AGES: It's (been ages since I) saw you. 4. está terminantemente prohibida. Cualquier utilización. including the word given. You must use between two and five words. 2. . using the word given.sin previa autorización expresa de iCursea .. DUE: The motorway is closed due to the fact that there was heavy snow the night before. Because it snowed heavily during the night the motorway is closed. Did you manage to get in contact with the boss today? GETTING: Did you succeed in getting in contact with the boss today? Este documento tiene carácter confidencial. The meal we had in the restaurant was so nice. Do not change the word given. SENT: The referee sent him out for arguing. divulgación o copia de su contenido . Example: I haven't seen you for years. I don’t care what you do. con las correspondientes implicaciones de la Ley vigente. CONCERNED: As far as I’m concerned you can do what you like. 5.

This is the doctor who cured my illness. 2Article 4. That's the man I was telling you about. está terminantemente prohibida. 1. 2. divulgación o copia de su contenido . She's suffering from a bad cold at the moment 3Modal verb 3. 3. I can't put UP with this noise anymore. I'll see if I've got his address.. They didn't play well enough to win. 1Auxiliary verb 2. We could go on a picnic or we could stay indoors. He failed his exam. Manchester United won the game in SPITE of the fact that they played with only 9 players. The missing word is often (but not always) one of the parts of speech that are listed in the following exercise.sin previa autorización expresa de iCursea . 4. There have been many MORE refugees crossing the border during the last two days. 5Pronoun 5. 4noun Este documento tiene carácter confidencial. Match the underlined word in bold on the left with the correct part of speech on the right. Wait A minute. We would have called you if we HAD known you were in. WHICH was a real surprise. The following sentences contain a missing word. 6. con las correspondientes implicaciones de la Ley vigente. Cualquier utilización. 1. 5. Write in the missing word. . I'm going to complain.

in the virtual classrooms of the future the student will (3) on their headset.. All this perhaps. They might (5) choose to pay a visit to the supermarket or the train station. from the comfort of their home: no (9) to catch the bus to college. What's more.. at least a little of their time with real people. at the computer.. and be transported into an imaginary school. or a plane to England. con las correspondientes implicaciones de la Ley vigente. Exciting? Certainly. Read the text below and decide which answer A. B.sin previa autorización expresa de iCursea . 1 A With B for C at D in 2 A Still B for C yet D already 3 A Place B put C set D get 4 A Take B do C catch D hold 5 A Although B preferably C instead D contrary 6 A Force B hit C depress D push 7 A So B such C like D alike 8 A With B to C from D for 9 A Role B duty C obligation D need 10 A Replace B restore C succeed D recover 11 A definitely B mainly C totally D surely 12 A Spend B make C have D do Este documento tiene carácter confidencial. está terminantemente prohibida. take the books they need off the shelf and (4) conversations with other computerized students. and an interesting alternative to traditional classroom lessons. (11) the need to relate to real people talking about real issues and generally learning a little more about others will always lead language learners to (12) . No More Classes The use of computers has meant students can study language programs (1) their own speed when and for how long they want . maybe getting a hand (8) a virtual English companion. C or D best fits each space.and no need to worry about the teacher having a favorite or doing (2) another boring lesson. choose their class. divulgación o copia de su contenido . Cualquier utilización. But would it ever (10) the classroom? Hopefully not. . the bank or the restaurant. At the (6) of a button they would be transported to (7) realistic settings where they could practice their English.