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Department of Systems Engineering & Engineering Management
2nd Term

Course Code & Title: SEEM 2420 — Operations Research I

Instructor and Teaching Assistants

Name Dr. NG, Chi-Kong, Kevin(伍志剛博士)
Office Room 704, William M.W. Mong Engineering Building
Telephone 3943 8305

Please consult the course website


Monday 2:30p.m. – 4:15p.m. LSK-LT1
Wednesday 4:30p.m. – 5:15p.m. MMW-LT2


• Tutorial sessions will be scheduled during the first lecture.
• Attend ONE of the tutorial sessions.
• NO tutorials in the first week.


• Linear programming: simplex methods. • Modeling issues in linear programming and network applications. duality and sensitivity analysis. formulate and solve some classes of Simplex-based linear optimization problems (P11) Ability to use the techniques.Course Description & Content This course aims at providing the fundamental understanding to the theory and algorithms of some classes of Simplex-based linear optimization. skills. and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice appropriate to the degree discipline (P12) Ability to use computer tool(s) to solve simple linear programming problems Learning Activities Activities Number of Hours (Per Week) Nature of Activities Lecture In class 0. Learning Outcomes (P1) Ability to apply knowledge of linear algebra to the basic understanding of the theory and algorithms of some classes of Simplex-based linear optimization (P5) Ability to identify. • Review of linear algebra.5 O In class Group Discussion Outside class In class Field Trip Outside class In class Project Outside class In class Assignment Outside class 1 M In class Reading Outside class 3 O In class Other Outside class M: Mandatory activity in the course O: Optional activity 2 .75 × 3 M Outside class In class 0.75 M Interactive Tutorial Outside class In class Laboratory Work Outside class 0. • Network optimization: transportation and assignment problems.

A. March 5 • In class (1. 2015 [4a] 2011. Taha. Prentice Hall. 2007 or [4b] H. Introduction to Operations Research.html • Please do NOT distribute the web password through any channel.J. 9th Edition.pearsonhighered.A.Learning Resources Notes (will be available for download from the Course Website): [1] Lecture Notes [2] Tutorial Notes Textbooks (one copy of each book has been reserved in the University Library): [3] F. e-mail. etc. 8th Edition. e. Assessment Scheme Task Nature Weight Homework: 20% • Individual homework assignments • Will be available for download from the Course Website Mid-Term Examination: 25% • Monday. Operations Research: An Introduction. Taha. Prentice Hall. Operations Research: An Introduction. 10th Edition. Hillier and G.S. Software: • TORA (in the CDROM accompany with [4a] / available on the Companion Website of [4b] • Microsoft Excel with Solver Course Website: • http://www. newsgroup.5 hours) Final Examination: 55% • Will be arranged by the University • 2 hours • ALL materials 3 .. McGraw-Hill. forum.g.

edu.1-3. in your e-mail.6.cuhk.cuhk.3. E-Mails from other personal email accounts could be treated as spam or junk mails by CUHK/Department computer servers and therefore NOT able to reach the mailboxes of your course teacher and/or course tutors.2 Assignment 4 2. 7. Please also quote the COURSE CODE and your STUDENT I.2 [4a/b] 3.1-2.5 weeks Solving Liner Programming Problems by [1] Chapter 4 the Simplex Method [3] 4.1 [4b] 2. 2.4 Assignment 1B 3.D.7 [4a/b] 3.4.4 Assignment 6 Feedback for Evaluation • Questions and comments can be sent to the course e-mail account seem2420@se.5 week OR Modeling Approach and Linear [1] Chapter 3 Programming Model [3] Chapter 2.1-3. 4 or SEEM accounts ( • You should use your @Link accounts (@link.5 week Introduction and Course Overview [1] Chapter 1 1 week Mathematical Background for Linear [1] Chapter 2 Programming Assignment 1A 1. • Comments can also be sent to the class representative(s). Chapter 7.Course Schedule (Tentative) Class/Week Topic Requirements or References 0.5 weeks Sensitivity Analysis and Duality [1] Chapter 6 [3] Chapter 6. Class representative(s) will be picked/elected later.1.1-2. you will be requested to fill out a course evaluation.1-7.4-7.5 Assignments 2 and 3 2 weeks The Revised Simplex Method and the [1] Chapter 5 Fundamental Insight [3] Chapter 5 [4a/b] 7.1-4.5 Assignment 5 2 weeks Transportation Problems [1] Chapter 7 (and Assignment Problems) [3] Chapter 9 [4a/b] 5. • At the completion of the course. 3.cuhk. otherwise. your questions/comments may NOT be answered/ for communication with the department especially for official communication.5 [4a] 2.1-5.

asp Academic Honesty • Attention is drawn to University policy and regulations on honesty in academic on the prescribed due Details may be found at • Late submission of homework will NOT be accepted. please refer to http://rgsntl. To see the list of approved models. • With each assignment. In case of illness/injury. and to the disciplinary guidelines and procedure applicable to breaches of such policy and regulations.asp?id=486 • NO make-up mid-term examination will be provided unless you can provide a doctor’s sick leave certificate (but NOT an attendance certificate).Course Rules Lectures: • Switch off your mobile phones or switch them to the silent/vibration mode during class.rgs.m. regulations. To see the guideline. please refer to http://rgsntl.cuhk. students will be required to submit a statement that they are aware of these policies.cuhk. NO backup calculators will be served. the application must be accompanied by a doctor’s letter certifying that you are unfit to take the examination. If you could not sit for the final examination. 5 . 5/ • According to the University’s regulation. • Submitting your homework to a wrong assignment box is considered as late submission. • Refrain from talking and chatting in 14)/declaration_en. assignments without such a declaration will NOT be marked. ERB) before 2:00 p. Sharing of calculators between candidates is NOT allowed. guidelines and procedures. Homework Assignments: • Please hand in your homework to the assignment box (Locker B04.cuhk. • The declaration form is available for download from: Examinations: • Candidates may be DISQUALIFIED from the examination if they use unapproved calculators. you must apply in writing to the Registrar for permission of absence.rgs. every assignment must accompany by a SIGNED DECLARATION of originality. • Final examination will be held on the date scheduled by the University and it will not be optional.