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Matilda: ...BIG FAT BULLY!!!

[start LFO]
18. Quiet Music & Lyrics
Tim Minchin
Trunchbull: ...crush you [GO] (The Eye Of The Storm)

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you e - ver won - dered, well I have, a - bout how when I say, say "red", for ex -am - ple, there's no way of


Know -ing if "red" means the same thing in your head as "Red" means in myhead when some -one says "red"? And how

Matilda - Royal Shakespeare Company - 12/10/2010 14:01

ling at al .2 10 if we are tra. -den These sto .side my head I'm not just a bit diff . Quiet .ing to 14 say I'm not sure.vel.most the speed of Light and we're hold .12/10/2010 14:01 . but I'm try . that light would still 12 Tra .'rent from some of my 16 friends These an .der if in . at the full speed of Light. to my mind un . but I won .ries de .ly B¨ G/B C A7/C© Matilda .li-vered to me ful .ing a light.Royal Shakespeare Company .vel a .way from us. which seems right in a way.swers that come in .

18.12/10/2010 14:01 .side me would u .n't to .le and sto .di .ry I'm not quite ex .ing.ten. The noise in myhead is in .ally fade But it is .one shouts like they seem to like shout.cre . And when ev .ing it right But this noise be -comes an .ing in .Royal Shakespeare Company . my dad and my mum And the te .3 B writ .plain .day.ger. Quiet . poco a poco D‹ E¨'2 (still lots of pedal) 20 And I just wish they'd stop. And the heat and the D¨ F‹/C Matilda .ger is C/E E‹ 24 light And this burn .I'm sor .'ry .ries would stop for just D‹ E¨'2 22 once And.bly loud cresc. and the an .su .

'ry .et.den .Royal Shakespeare Company . 'ry thing is E¨9 E¨11 C Semplice (meno mosso) D¨! E¨11 28 ev . and sud . Like si -lence but not real . Just that still sort of subito p 33 qui . Like the sound of a page turned in a Or a pause in a walk in the loco Matilda .ing And my heart is pound . Quiet . ev .12/10/2010 14:01 .ly si .ing And my eyes are burn . thing.lent. shout .4 26 rall.

et.12/10/2010 14:01 .side down in your bed.lent. Their mouths are still mov . Like the sound when you 42 lie up .ple a .5 36 D 39 si .ing. And though the E peo .Royal Shakespeare Company . Qui . The words they are B¨^ B¨6 B¨‹^ B¨‹6 A&7 Matilda .et.round me. 18. Just that nice kind of qui . Like si . Just the sound of your heart in your head.lence but not real . Quiet .

Matilda . Quiet . 55 Double speed (x=e) Matilda: Tip 14:01 . And it is qui .ny more.6 47 form .Royal Shakespeare Company . And I am E¨ G‹ C 50 warm.not reach me a ... Like I've sailed in .to the eye of the 53 storm. tip it over! ( Can...). 18.